Let's Create Diaper Commercials Together!

I’m trying something new here. This isn’t a set story by me, but a collaborative effort that I want to do as a group.

I have a website that I have set up to randomly generate some keywords. If you express interest in this topic, I will DM you 2-4 of them, and you will use them to create a fake diaper/wipe/training pant/bedwetting pant/etc. commercial in script format.

Here is an example that I rolled up and made myself-I’ll try to periodically make ones myself as well to add on.

[Talking Animals, Toddler]

We open in a CGI landscape, consisting of an open field near a forest, where we see KEVIN, 2, playing with a group of CGI animals (a BEAR, a FOX, an OWL, and a TURTLE). KEVIN is dressed in a plain blue t-shirt and a diaper.

BEAR: Let’s explore!


We have a short montage of KEVIN playing with the animals. KEVIN rides BEAR like a horse (or like a parent pretending to be a horse) through the field, crawls into a big log with FOX, sits on a tree branch with OWL, looking around at the surroundings, and crosses a stream with TURTLE. This montage has minimal dialogue, mostly KEVIN’s toddler squeals and squeaks.

KEVIN is suddenly walking when he stops, and his face starts to relax. The animals look confused for a second.

We suddenly shift from the CGI landscape to the ‘real world’ where we see KEVIN is standing in the backyard, surrounded by various things-there is an open cardboard box set up like a tunnel with a fox plushie in it, an owl plushie on top of a small slide, a bear plushie on the grass, and a hose with flowing water, a turtle plushie next to it. KEVIN is still facing the camera, with his relaxed face. We hear dialogue from off screen.

ADULT MALE VOICE: Honey? I think Kevin just wet his diaper!

ADULT FEMALE VOICE: Oh don’t worry, he’s got a HyperDry on, he’ll be good at least until naptime!

We cut back to the CGI landscape, where Kevin’s back to normal. He giggles.

KEVIN: More play!

FOX: I like the sound of that!

OWL: Whoooooooooooo’s up for some hide and seek?

We end on KEVIN with his hands over his eyes.

VOICEOVER: HyperDries. More imagination. Less wetness.

Is anyone interested in doing this?

I am!

Good to hear we have our first contributor besides myself! Your keywords have been sent. Anyone else wish to express interest?

You might have better luck commissioning something like this, rather than posting a request on the forums, to be honest.

Actually, in this case, they probably wouldn’t. And strictly speaking we don’t allow commission requests to be posted here. We’ve had too many issues in the past with it, including one former staff member who ghosted someone who had prepaid part of the estimated cost upfront.

Thank you for that information, this is not a commission, just a fun, opt-in challenge to get people to try something new. Is either of you two interested in joining Katie/RiverDiapers in doing this?

No, I’m not. See that little shield icon next to my username? It means sometimes I have to enter and respond to topics I don’t want to go anywhere near because legally I have no choice.

Fair enough, I just was making sure (and also asking Savage).