Learning Fatherhood - 4

Chapter 4’s up!

This took me 3 weeks to write and revise. The rest of the time, well…after a full day of typing reports, I really didn’t feel like staring at a word processor any more.

This was actually intended to cover a longer period of time, but I reached what I feel is a good chapter length, so the rest of the lapsed time is going to spillover into chapter 5.

I’m probably going to have some problems after chapter 5, however - I need to find a way to smoothly accelerate the rate at which this story is going. I mean, it’s going to take (will take me?) 5 chapters to cover 2 days, and I have this story planned to last for at least a year in story time (with a possible sequel which I will use to skip several years, ADA style). Which means I have to really buck up, or I’m going to end up with 700+ chapters. NOT a good thing.

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I heard muffled giggling.

Someone – the gigglers, I presume – was dripping cold water onto my face, rousing me from the depths of slumber.

“Who did that?” I sleepily stretched, yawn, and opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw when was a mass of purple fur covering my face.

“What the heck?!” I yelled as I shot upright. The -thing- fell down onto my lap, accompanied by a hastily-smothered burst of laughter

The offending object turned out to be a very familiar purple dinosaur with green spots, it’s face stuck in an idiot’s grin. It’s owner, however, appeared to be nowhere in sight. I noted, however, that one of my closet doors was suspiciously open a crack.

I picked the stuffed toy up and seriously asked it “Barney, what were you doing on my face?”

More giggling came from the closet.

“What’s that you say? What? Barney, how did you mistake my head for a sofa?!”

A fresh burst of laughter came. I quietly slipped out of bed, talking more nonsense to the stuffed toy, and crept over to the closet. The constant giggling got louder as I approached the cupboard, till I reached out and yanked the doors open.

“Gotcha!” Reaching out, I grabbed the two happily shrieking little girls in the closet and carried them over to the bed, where I began administering a healthy dose of my infamous tickling fingers. They collapsed into helpless laughter, rolling and squirming around, until Chloe fell off the bed with a thump.

“Oh my gosh, are you alright?” Chloe was sitting on the floor, looking slightly dazed. I quickly picked her up and examined her head.

Thank God, no bleeding. I didn’t even feel a bump.

“Well, Chloe, you might have a big bruise there later, but I don’t think there’s anything serious,” I informed her. She nodded, seemingly a bit preoccupied. A few seconds later, her lower lip quivered and she began to tear.

“Chloe, what’s wrong?” I gently asked her. She just gave me a pleading look, and I lifted her off the bed and hugged her.

“Uncle Alex, look!” Claire exclaimed. She was pointing at a very large, dark spot where Chloe had been sitting.

I then realised that the hand which was supporting Chloe felt wet.

No wonder.

“Oh Chloe, it’s okay,” I put her down on the ground and took off her wet pants, revealing a very, very soaked diaper… I hesitated, then removed the it as well. Judging from what had happened, there probably wasn’t any more use for it, and it must have been uncomfortable for her.

“Claire, come here.” I’d better check her too, in case it happens again…

Claire was pretty wet, but her diaper was in a much better state than Chloe’s.

“Come on, Chloe, lie down on the mat…Claire, have you peed this morning yet?” She nodded her head.

“Yes, while you were tickling me,” she said matter-of-factly. Which caused her sister to flush slightly.

“Oh, was that when you wet yourself also?” I asked Chloe as I used a baby wipe to clean her up.

“No, it was when I fell off the bed,” she replied embarrassedly.

“I’m sorry,” I apologised as I helped Chloe stand up, and she gave me a hug in return. I stripped the bedsheet, which was starting to stink, off the mattress, then groaned as it revealed that the pee had gotten into the mattress itself.

Which meant I had to sun it.

Which meant I had to squeeze it through the door, drag the heavy thing into the hall, and out into the garden. And, if it rained today, probably meant I would have to deploy the sofa bed in my living room.

Which, all in all, meant a whole lot of trouble.

Well, in a way, I guess it was my own fault…

I went to the children’s suitcases and lugged them into my room. I then called Chloe – who was still undressed below the waist – over.

“Now Chloe, you’ve been having some problems going to the toilet, right?” She blushed and nodded.

“Can I ask what happened?” She looked puzzled. “I mean, do you know when you have to go pee?”


“Ok, then what happens? Does it come out before you can get to the toilet?”

“Sometimes,” she slowly said. “But I can still go to the toilet myself!” She loudly declared.

“OK, but the rest of the time?” She looked away and shrugged. “You don’t think you need to pee but it just comes out, right?” Chloe flushed and nodded, slowly.

I sighed. “Do you like being in diapers?” I asked her.

“NO!” She exclaimed loudly.

“Well, I’m afraid that until I’m sure you’re not going to wet yourself and can make it to the toilet on time, you’re going to wear them, OK? But,” I added quickly as I saw her starting to turn red and cry, “Only at night or when we’re going out. When we’re at home, I’ll let you wear panties.”

“I don’t want to wear diapers!” Chloe began to cry.

“Chloe, do you want to have wet pants when you’re outside?”

“I can go to the toilet myself!” She sobbed out.

“Yes, but sometimes, you don’t know when you have to go, and then you have an accident, right? Do you want that to happen in public?”


“And you were very wet when you woke up this morning, right? So you have to wear diapers at night and when outside. But when you’re in the house, you can wear your panties, OK?”

Chloe wasn’t happy, and continued to cry, and I finally embraced her until she calmed down. After that, I dug a set of panties, a blouse and a pair of shorts. I then called Claire over from where she was playing with her doll.

I kept the questions simple for her.

“Claire, do you know when you have to go pee?”

“No,” she replied, not bothered much by it. “Sometimes.”

“Well, because of that, Uncle Alex is going to have to make you wear diapers when we go outside, OK? But do you want to wear your big girl panties, or diapers when you’re at home?”

She thought for awhile. “Diapers!” she finally exclaimed.

Oh well. Looks like Claire, at least, has no interest in being potty-trained again.

“You sure? That means that you don’t get to wear your big girl panties at all, you know,” I wanted to be certain. “You will have to wear them all the time when we go out, so are you sure that you want to wear diapers at home, too?”

“I want to wear diapers,” she definitively stated. I recalled that she was a late potty-trainer, and had shown no interest in underwear at all until Jess had forced her into wearing panties by taking away her training pants.

Looks like she still has no interest in non-absorbent undergarments.

“OK, then, I’d better get you changed, hmm?” Claire smiled and held out her arms to be picked up. Although the changing mat was just a few metres away, I obliged and carried her over.

In fact…hmm…

“Chloe, come here,” I called her from where she was lying on the bed.

“Yes, Uncle Alex?”

“Have you ever changed Claire’s diaper before?” I asked.

“No, mommy and daddy always do it,” she said.

I waited for either of them to start crying.

When nothing seemed to be forthcoming, I told Chloe “I’m going to teach you how, OK?”

“Why?” she whined.

“Well, sometimes I’ll be very busy, and so I’ll need your help as the Big Sister to take care of Claire, right? That includes changing her diapers when she’s wet. So, I need to teach you how, alright?” And, if I’m lucky, Claire might actually be influenced to get herself toilet-trained.

“First, take off the tapes,” I instructed her. She did so.

“Then, pull the front cover down…”

“No!” Claire suddenly grabbed the front panel and held it down. Chloe tried to pull it away, but Claire was adamant.

“Claire, what’s wrong? Let your sister change you, alright?”

“No! I want you to change me!” she exclaimed.

“Come on, Claire, I need to teach Chloe to do this for you, so that next time if I’m busy she can help you.”

“No! I want you,” Claire insisted, beginning to cry.

I exchanged a puzzled look with Chloe. Then Chloe stepped back, and I took over.

“Never mind, Chloe, you just look this time, alright?” I proceeded with the diaper change, sprinkling baby powder over Claire’s diaper area before securing a fresh diaper on her. I had no idea why Claire was being obstinate, but well…

I helped Claire to her feet. “OK, girls, lets go get some breakfast!”

I fixed all of us bowls of cereal with milk, which the kids ate with gusto. While they were eating, I told them the plans for the day.

“OK, today morning, we’re going to unpack the suitcases into your room, OK? Your beds and things should arrive tomorrow, so for tonight, you’ll still have to sleep in my room. Later, we’ll have to go out and look for new schools for both of you-”

“We won’t be going back to our old schools?” Chloe interrupted, looking worried.

“Yep. Your old school is much too far away. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll make a lot of new friends, alright?” She didn’t look convinced, but nodded anyway. Claire seemed indifferent, however. I guessed she was too young to really care.

Breakfast passed quickly, after which I turned on the TV and let the children watch cartoons while I went to clean and manhandle the mattress into the garden to sun. After sprinkling some baking soda on it – I heard it would absorb the smell – I went to pack the children’s things into their room.

About two and a half hours later, while I was sorting through the mail which had accumulated over the past several days, Claire came and popped her head into my room.

“Uncle Alex?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Chloe had an accident,” she gravely informed me.

I sighed.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t really surprised.

I guess it’s just lucky that I didn’t carpet my house when I wanted to last year. I don’t think I’d be able to drag that out to sun.

I went to the living room, and saw Chloe, crying and red-faced, standing in the middle of a yellow puddle around her feet. Her shorts was also – very obviously – dripping wet. She looked at me and burst into a fresh round of tears.

“Oh, Chloe,” I sighed. “Wait here awhile, alright?” I went to fetch a large towel from the kitchen.

“Now, step onto the towel,” I instructed Chloe. I took off her shorts and panties, and used the towel to wipe her feet and legs dry so she wouldn’t track urine all over the house. After that, I sent her into the toilet to wait for me while I used the towel to wipe up the last of the mess. I rinsed out the towel and wet clothes before tossing them into the same tub of disinfectant I was using to soak the bedsheets in.

I checked my watch, which indicated it to be around noon. I asked Claire “Are you hungry?”

“No,” she replied.

“Well, we’ll be going out for about fifteen minutes for lunch and to go buy some groceries, alright?”

“OK!” She seemed pretty excited about it, then she sobered a little. “Uncle Alex, is Chloe OK?” she asked, looking worried.

“She’ll be fine. She’s just going through a phase right now.”

“I miss my mummy,” she abruptly stated plaintively, tears beginning to leak out of her eyes.

Like they started to appear in mine as well.

“I know, dear, I miss her too,” I picked her up as she started to cry in earnest. I walked back to my room, still carrying her, and paused in front of a family portrait photo that had been taken three years ago.

“Claire, see?” I pointed out the faces of her parents to her. In the photo, she was just a babe being carried by Jess, while a sleepy-eyed Chloe peered at the camera from Shane’s arms. Claire quietened as her small fingers reached out and caressed the photo, before she wailed once more and returned to soaking my shoulder with tears.

I went to find Chloe in the room toilet, and found her sitting on the toilet bowl, still crying.

“Hey, hey, Chloe Monster,” I bent down and used my finger to rub away some tears. “It’s alright, I’m not angry with you. I know children sometimes have accidents, OK? It’s normal.”

“But I – I wet myself like a baby!” she hiccuped, even as she slipped off the toilet seat and crowded up to me, seeking reassurance. I reached the arm not holding Claire around her and held her close, patting her back. I somehow manoeuvred the arm under her and lifted her up, and was walking out of the toilet when she began to struggle.

“No! No! I want to stay here!” She wriggled free, dropped to the ground, and hastily climbed onto the toilet seat again.

“What’s wrong, Chloe? Do you still need to go?” I was puzzled by this odd behaviour.


“Then why are you still sitting on the toilet?” Then it hit me. "Chloe, are you scared that you’ll have another accident when you get off?

Chloe nodded fearfully.

“Chloe, there’s no need to be afraid of that; you just went, remember?”

Her eyes immediately filled with tears again, which proceeded to roll down her cheeks.

“It’s embarrassing, I know, but don’t you want to get cleaned up? We’ll be going out soon, you know.”

After some persuasion, Chloe reluctantly got off the toilet seat and I helped her into the bathtub, using the shower faucet to rinse her off. Claire calmed down enough by this time that I put her down, although she still clung to my leg.

“OK, Chloe, we’re going out for lunch,” I said as I towelled her legs dry. “So I’ll need you to wear your diaper, OK?”

Chloe vehemently shook her head. “I don’t want to!” she shouted.

“Do you want to have another accident while you’re outside? What if someone you know sees you?” I pointed out. I could see her fear of embarrassment competing with her dislike of wearing the diaper warring with each other. “Chloe, no one will notice that you’re wearing a diaper, OK? I’ll let you wear one of your panties over it, so no one can see the diaper. Alright?”

Chloe thought awhile, then reluctantly nodded.

“And you, Claire,” I bent down and checked her diaper. “Hmm, I think I’ll change you after lunch, OK?” Claire shrugged, which I took for ‘whatever’.

Chloe lay down on the changing mat, where I dusted powder onto her and took out a diaper. She raised her legs up on command as I slipped it under her, then let them down as I brought the front of the nappy up and taped it securely on. As I did so, I noted once again that the tapes were at the end of the ‘sticky zone’ on the front of the nappy.

Well, that’s one thing I intended to buy when I went out. Bigger diapers. Chloe and Claire were wearing the same size – in fact, the diapers had been bought for Claire’s night wetting, before the accident – which probably accounted for Chloe’s frequent leaking. I let Chloe choose a set of panties and helped her into them, before I put her into a baby-blue dress and tied her hair up into a ponytail – the only hairstyle I knew how to arrange.

Well, what did you expect? I’m a straight, single guy with short hair and has no experience in hairstyling, hairdressing, or anything along that line.

“Chloe, Claire, can you get your bags from your room and bring them here please?” They ran off and came back quickly, Claire carrying a purple, furry one with (horrors) the big purple grinning idiot dinosaur on it, and Chloe with a pink ‘Barbie’ bag.

“Lets see…” I placed 2 diapers, a water bottle, and a handkerchief into each bag. I thought awhile, then packed in an extra set of clothing for both of them. I also put the wipes and powder into Chloe’s bag.

“Here, kids,” I passed them their bags, still unzipped, and pointed out the contents of each bag to them. Chloe protested when she saw the diapers in her bag, but didn’t complain after I warned her that if she didn’t want to carry it and had an accident outside, she’d have to stay in the wet diaper until I returned home.

I took out two of my name cards and placed them into side compartments of their bags. “Chloe, Claire, look. This is important. This card,” I displayed one to them “has Uncle Alex’s name and phone number on it. If you ever get lost, go to any policeman, or security guard, and give him this card. He’ll call me, and I’ll go and find you immediately. Alright?” Both nodded.

I straightened. “Alright, then, out, out out of the house! Lets get moving, before the tickle monster comes for the slowest person!” The girls ran, happily shrieking, out of my door and to my garage, where they slipped on their sandals and scrambled into their car seats. I buckled them in, turned on my engine, and drove out into the bright noon sun.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this! And to those people who enjoy my work, REALLY sorry about the length this thing is taking, and thanks for your positive comments! Also, if anyone spots any inconsistencies, I would appreciate if you could PM me with them, so I can amend it if necessary. Due to the interval between writing chapters, even I tend to forget minor details.

EDIT: As usual, even after ALL the pre-posting editing, I read through it again and caught some mistakes. So if you see any of those, feel free to point those out too. Thanks!

Learning Fatherhood - 4

This is definitely a very high quality story :smiley: Keep it up Casper! :slight_smile:

Learning Fatherhood - 4

Awesome, just awesome. I jump for joy every time a new chapter of this comes out.

Learning Fatherhood - 4

This is a really good story, of the sort I like, with only one major problem… how (in)frequently the chapters come out :stuck_out_tongue:

Pacing is a difficult thing- not going so slowly the plot seems nonexistent without going so quicky that there’s no time for things like characterisation. At the moment, the balance seems right but the first chapters kind of have more ‘space’ to go slowly without the context of later chapters. Good luck with trying to up the pace in a way that feels natural.