Learning a Lesson

When writing the story R.O.O.M. I learned that it is hard to write about the character at school, because it created too many people / characters in the story. Stupid me has done it again. I placed a story in a school and to make matters worse, I have the story happening in two classrooms instead of just one. Ahhhhhh. One would think that I would learn from my mistakes, I guess I didn’t. Now I have to deal with the frustrations of what I have gotten myself into.

Re: Learning a Lesson

Okay I did learn one lesson writing R.O.O.M.

I now always keep at least one chapter between what I have written, and what I have posted. So, for example, if I post chapter 3 of a story, I am already working on at least chapter 5.

This allows for better story continuity and flow. It is also frustrating at times. I just finished another chapter and so dearly want to see what the readers think about it, but I have to wait. Waiting is hard at times. But, I have found with this approach I do end up going back and changing previous chapters, where I wouldn’t when they were already posted.

Re: Learning a Lesson

I wrote a story that took place at both a high school and a university. Twice as many characters. It did help that I didn’t write classroom stuff at the university.