Leaky Lindsay, Tinkle Belle, and Mushy-Pants Chloe: A diapered sleepover story

The first ABDL story I ever wrote. This one is only the one chapter, as I don’t have anymore ideas for this one, but I have more stories on the way.

Three girls were having a sleepover together. Their names were Lindsay, Belle, and Chloe. They were playing a game of truth or dare, and it was Lindsay’s turn to dare Belle and Chloe.

“I dare you two to… pee your pants!” Lindsay exclaimed. This wasn’t abnormal, as they were used to gross dares before at their sleepovers, and the pee dare was relatively common. As the other two girls stood up to take position, Lindsay added, “but this time, I’ll join in too, ‘cause I’ve got a twist for you girls.”

Belle and Chloe looked at eachother, confused at the meaning of this statement. When the girls had a dare to pee their pants in the past, traditionally, the girl who started peeing last had to stay in her soaked clothes for an hour after she finished peeing as a sort of punishment. Lindsay adding herself would do nothing except soil her pink pleated skirt, as well as adding to the chance for her to stay in it if she lost.

“Alright, let’s go” Chloe said, once all 3 girls were standing up. Chloe tried to let go, but her bladder wasn’t too full to begin with and was too used to potty training to immediately pee on command. She looked over to see Belle already tinkling through her orange spandex shorts, while Lindsay appeared completely dry, although she was smiling with her eyes closed, and didn’t look worried at all. As soon as Belle’s pee began audibly dripping onto the floor, Lindsay opened her eyes and looked at Belle, and then Chloe, who was still dry.

“Looks like you lost Chloe” said Lindsay.

“Well, I don’t see any pee on you, Lindsay,” said Chloe. “What gives?”

“All I know is that I’m safe from wearing wet clothes any longer.” said Belle. “Do you have anything for me to change into, Lins?”

“I do” replied LIndsay. “And that’s where the twist comes in. What do you think of this?” Lindsay lifted up her skirt to reveal that her shirt was actually a snap crotch onesie below her skirt, which for some reason looked very puffy. Could that be…

“A diaper!?” exclaimed Belle.

“Turns out, I had already peed before either of you, but I just happened to be wearing something that would absorb it.” said Lindsay as she reached down and unsnapped her onesie, revealing a white diaper with babyish teddy bears all over it, as well as an obvious wet spot. “It’s still warm if you want to feel for proof that I just went.”

Pants still dry, Chloe walked over to feel and confirmed that yes, this pee was fresh.

“Why would you wear a diaper and onesie?” Chloe asked.

“It started when my grades began slipping about a month and a half ago,” explained Lindsay. “My mom implemented a diaper punishment: 24/7 wear and use of diapers until my grades improved. Every week I went without improved grades, I would be upgraded to thicker diapers as punishment for taking so long. I started with Pull-ups, then adult pullups, then ones with tapes, which got progressively thicker each week. Soon my mom discovered these insanely thick diapers for people who like acting as adult babies, and I started wearing those. The next week, she added boosters. I’m surprised you guys didn’t notice my waddling at school! Oh, and one time when I really pissed her off, she made this HUGE diaper out of paper towels and saran wrap, and I had to soak the whole thing before I could get changed. I also was not allowed to wear pants at home, either a bare diaper or onesie.

“Is that why you didn’t invite us over for a while?” Asked Belle. Lindsay nodded.

“Then how come you get to wear a skirt over it right now?” asked Chloe.

“Well actually, I had grown quite attached to wearing diapers over the course of the punishment, and when my grades improved, I explained to my mom that even though my punishment would be over, I still had desires to wear diapers, so now my mom is actually REWARDING me with diapers for fixing my grades. Funny, huh?”

“Punishment turned reward… these must be sweet then!” Exclaimed Belle. “I guess if you’re offering, I’ll change into one, I mean it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing we’ve done. Plus, my panties and shorts are soiled anyway.”

“I wanna try too!” squealed Chloe.

“Well actually, tradition says you need to stay in your pee-soaked pants for an hour before you can change.” Lindsay explained as she stripped her skirt and onesie, leaving her in just a bra and diaper.

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Chloe sighed. “I’m still dry too. It’s just hard to pee on command.”

“You’ll get used to peeing your pants once you wear these for a while.” Lindsay gestured to her infantile garment. “As for you, Belle, I say we start you with a taped diaper. Pull-ups aren’t as fun.”

“Lead the way.” Belle said as Lindsay reached into a nearby drawer, producing a thin, green diaper with lighter green polka dots, as well as some baby powder. As Lindsay began to help Belle get cleaned and changed, Chloe went back to trying to pee. As she was focusing, she thought about what wearing diapers would be like. She wanted to feel the thickness, and know the sensation of peeing and pooping in them. But to get there, she would have to go potty in her pants. Now she was overcome with determination, and it wasn’t long before she felt the warm liquid leak into her tight khakis and down her legs. It wasn’t much, but it was now visibly clear that Chloe had intentionally wet her pants.

The trickling sound made Lindsay, who was on her knees changing Belle, looked over at Chloe. Belle, who was on her back, looked up too.

“Good job Chloe,” Lindsay said as she went back to Belle’s diaper, taping the last tape up, and helping her stand back up. “In one hour, you will join the Diaper Posse.” She walked over and swatted Chloe’s wet butt.

“And I know what that hour will be spent doing.” stated Chloe. “I want my first diaper to be one of those paper-towel-cling-wrap ones, and we can make it together!”

“Bold choice Chloe! Belle, help me get the supplies.”

As the girls began layering paper towels onto a cling wrap shell, Chloe asked, “so how is it so far, Belle?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure this particular diaper is a bit too big for me, but that makes sense because I’m a bit smaller than Lindsay. I have to waddle slightly now, ‘cause these are puffier than regular panties like I’m used too. I also just remembered that I’ll have to go number 2 at some point as well, and I don’t know how to feel about that.”

Chloe was struck with the urge to pee again, as she had drunk water right after her ‘accident’. She also felt the urge to do something else brewing, but she was able to put that on the backburner, for now.

“I like to have gone number 1 and 2 before I change,” said Lindsay. “I want to make the most of each diaper, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting one.”

A few minutes had passed, and Chloe’s urge to pee had grown very strong at this point, and her hour of wet pants was close to ending. She just had to wait a little a little longer, but was unsure if she could, a stark contrast to her mentally taxing forced wetting earlier. The girls were close to completing the homemade diaper as well, although Chloe’s bladder was at the point of bursting. She then decided that holding was futile, and she also wanted to humor her friends. She relaxed her bladder and began to wet her already soiled pants. She had less trouble going this time due to the higher capacity her bladder held. Her khakis became almost completely dark all over by the time she finished.

“Looks like someone had another accident.” Belle teased. “Maybe you need diapers more than you thought, ‘cause you love to pee your pants so much.”

Lindsay joined in on the friendly teasing. “Yeah, it’s a good thing that we’re making this huge one for you. If you wore anything smaller you’d soak through it in an instant.”

“Oh yeah? Well you two are already wearing diapers, so you haven’t got much of a leg to stand on, you big babies.” Chloe and the other two girls shared a laugh as they finished placing the last layer of paper towels.

“Looks like your diaper is ready, and your hour is up, Chloe. Let us begin the induction ceremony!” Lindsay joked as she showered the inner padding with baby powder. Chloe undressed and cleaned herself with wipes, and then took position on top of the diaper. Lindsay pulled the padding up over Chloe’s crotch, as well as a few layers of cling wrap previously placed under the padding. Then came the process of Chloe standing up and having Belle help her hold her new garment in place as Lindsay used the rest of the cling wrap roll to wrap around Chloe’s waist and between her legs, again and again until there was enough of an outer shell to prevent leaks, and hold itself together. She then took some Hello Kitty duct tape and wrapped that around Chloe’s waist and leg holes enough times to create a seal. Under the tape, Chloe’s diaper was see through, except for where the paper towels covered, from almost up to her bellybutton, to under her crotch and ending just as high in the back as in the front.

“It wasn’t the most graceful changing process, but now we are all diapered!” cheered Lindsay as she smacked Chloe’s padded rear. Chloe tried to take a few steps, and found that the huge padding between her legs forced her knees apart quite considerably, forcing her to walk with an extreme waddle.

“Oh my goodness, it’s so hard to walk in this thing! I think I went straight into the deep end as far as thickness goes. But I’m prepared for this, I’m not going to change until this thing is at full capacity! Although I’m not the biggest fan of the pink and Hello Kitty, though.” Chloe was the least girly of her padded pals, sporting a head of long blue hair and a grey beanie.

“You’ll have to get used to super girly designs in the world of adult baby diapers,” said Lindsay. She turned to Belle. “Are you still fresh over there?”

Belle nodded. “I’m trying to decide what position to pee in. How about I put my gymnast skills to good use?” She showed off her flexibility by bending backwards until she could place the palm of her hands on the floor behind her, with her body facing up, almost like a human table. “This should do.” A faint hissing sound was heard as Belle wet her diaper for the first time. Her unique position allowed the crotch and back of her diaper to receive the flow of pee. Her diaper grew slightly darker and sagged as the faint smell of urine filled the room. The warm sensation felt great on her crotch and butt. She reset to a standing position once she was done and dramatically posed, presenting her now wet diaper.

“You’re lucky you’re so flexible, Belle. I can only imagine the many positions that only you can fill your diaper in. I can’t wait to see how you’ll mess yourself.” said Lindsay.

“I’m putting that off for as long as possible, believe me.” Belle replied. “Y’all can go right ahead, but I dread it for myself.”

“Oh, it’s not so bad,” said Lindsay. “Just wait until you sit in it and mush it around. In fact, I may be getting to that real soon.”

The urge that Chloe had put on the backburner earlier had suddenly came back to the forefront. “I think I’m close to messing also, Lins. I may have drained my bladder earlier, but I’m packin’ alot in the back end.”

“Messing first, right out of the gate? You’re not even wet yet. Another bold move, Chloe.” said Lindsay.

“And I probably won’t be wet for a while, but I have to shit now.” Said Chloe.

“As do I,” added Lindsay. “Shall we do the honors together?”

Chloe ripped a loud fart as she raised her eyebrow into a smug expression. “Might as well. Why put it off?” Chloe took a squatting position and began to push. Lindsay turned around and farted into Chloe’s face before mimicking the same position as her. Chloe just closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out in a mocking manner as the first log touched the inside of her diaper. It was a unique feeling to have her poop retained right at the exit point. Lindsay was no stranger to the feeling as she quickly and efficiently dropped a sizable mass into her already damp padding. Even though she had started after Chloe, she finished before her.

Lindsay let out one last fart before proclaiming, “And now for the next step.” She then sat down in her mess, feeling it mush around.

“Before I clear my last turd, how about I give Lindsay a change of scenery?” Grunted Chloe as she waddled over to where Lindsay sat and squatted down again with her butt right in LIndsay’s face. She bubbled out a few farts as the last mass forced itself into her now very noxious diaper. “Ahh… THAT’S better!” Chloe teased as she bumped her padded rump into Lindsay’s face briefly when she said ‘that’s’.

Lindsay playfully pushed her away while giggling, and patted the floor next to her, inviting Chloe to sit down.

“I don’t know about the whole mushing thing.” said Chloe. “I’ll just stand for now.”

“Well, well, well. Looks like we got a couple of messy babies right here.” said Belle. “Because only babies would go poop so carelessly.”

Lindsay retorted “I take that as a compliment. I’ve pottied my pants for weeks now, and if that makes me a baby then I am proud to be one!” The three girls shared a laugh. “In fact, how about I wet myself again?” Lindsay moved to lay on her belly, and soon a hissing sound was heard. She rolled over on her back to show that her diaper was now soaked up the front. She felt around and looked down at her crotch. “Still plenty more room to wet. You’d be surprised how high capacity these are.”

“How about I waddle down to the kitchen and get a drink so that I can see for myself? After all, I’m the last girl dry here.” Said Chloe, waddling out of Lindsay’s room and toward the kitchen. The others followed.

“Dry doesn’t mean much when you’ve filled the seat with mush, girl.” said Belle. “Should we start addressing you as ‘Mushy-Pants’?” she gave Chloe’s diaper a hard smack on the seat, no doubt squishing its contents.

“Ah!” Chloe yelped as she jumped in a startled manner, covering the area with her hands. “Hey! I wasn’t ready for that! Maybe we should call you ‘Tinkle Belle’, you little soaker!” She rubbed the wet crotch of Belle’s diaper, who in turn inhaled sharply. Her legs wobbled slightly.

“That has no right to feel as good as it does.” Belle started to rub herself as the girls arrived at the kitchen to enjoy some beverages. Belle let loose a small spray of pee, continuing to rub. She thought to herself, ‘Tinkle Belle is probably an accurate nickname considering how much I pee. I swear I make the most bathroom visits of anybody I know.’ She was so lost in her thought, as well as her self pleasuring, that she didn’t notice Chloe going over to the fridge to grab a few ice cubes. Suddenly Belle felt the waistband of her pamp pulled back, followed by a sudden coldness. Belle was thrust back into reality as she recoiled.

“Get ahold of yourself, Tink. Not even a day in diapers and you’re already getting off to them… Not that I wouldn’t, but man, you’re impatient.” Teased Chloe.

“I’ll help you girls with that later,” purred Lindsay. “You gotta fill those diapers some more, though.”

“My diaper is full alright, full of cold water!" complained Belle. “And I just got it warm again! I’ll get you back, Chloe!” Belle said as the shifted the contents of her diaper around.

Chloe bounced back, “you won’t get the chance, Miss Icy Diapee.”

“I can pee myself to warm it up again, but I think my bladder is mostly empty.” Belle concentrated, and produced a small stream. “That’s all I can make right now, didn’t help much.”

“I would suggest warm water, but then you won’t have much pee capacity left.” said Lindsay. “Between yourself and the ice, you’re gonna be pretty saturated."

“I do pee alot, I don’t know anybody as frequent as I am,” said Belle. “Chloe, for instance, probably goes a third as often as I do.”

Lindsay added, “She’s got a steel bladder.”

“Well that steel bladders gonna be put to the test,” said Chloe. “That was three glasses of water I just downed.”

The three girls were watching TV on the couch, although Chloe was more in a kneeling position. She couldn’t be convinced to sit in her mess yet. Also, every passing minute provided more strain in her infamous bladder.

“I’m trying my hardest to pee, but I’m getting shy again. How can I pee my pants twice with ease, but when I’m actually wearing a diaper, I can’t do it?" said Chloe.

“If you’re pee shy, then I’m totally poo-shy. I’ve been on the edge for a long while here,” said Belle. “Even though I can pee all I want.” Her diaper was very, very bloated from liquid at this point.

“Change of heart about messing, Tinkles?” asked Lindsay.

“When the urge is this bad, yes.”

“It’s all about position, you two. Chloe, lay on your stomach. Belle, take a squat.” The girls took their instructed positions, and immediately felt greater pressure on their respective straining body parts. “Now relax. Zone out if you have to.”

After a short while, Chloe exclaimed, “Oh my gosh it’s coming out. It’s finally coming!” A loud spray was heard from Chloe’s crotch as she utterly flooded her makeshift padding. The white became yellow as it soaked up her long awaited urine.

“Here it is!” exclaimed Belle as her diaper started to sag. A new smell permeated the area as a large mass was forced into her padding. She concluded with a long fart.

Both girls stood up and inspected their respective garments. Due to the clear shell of Chloe’s diaper, there was no question that she peed herself, with her massive yellow padding on full display. Belle’s mass was quite obvious as well, due to the new smell, and its sheer volume.

As Chloe patted and inspected her diaper, she instinctively and absentmindedly took a seat upon the couch. Her mess now completely mushed around inside of her diaper. She quickly shot back up, as soon as she realized what she had done. “Oh no! I forgot! How disgusting.” She began to pat her backside.

“No use in stopping here, I’m already full in the back,” said Belle as she full force butt-planted herself onto the couch, feeling her mush spread around. “This isn’t so bad, Chloe.”

“Well, I’ve already caused lots of damage here, so I guess I don’t have much to lose. Not to mention that there’s more poop on the way.” Chloe squatted and filled her diaper even further with waste. Chloe tended to poop much more frequently than she peed. Afterwards she sat down in such a way that her mess would spread only up the back, and spread it did. Her backside, from the seat of her diaper all the way to almost the waistband was now evenly coated with poop.

Lindsay, meanwhile, was enjoying a nice long pee, (about the 5th since she first changed into that diaper) as she watched these events unfold. She looked at Chloe and said. “Completely soggy in the front, completely mushy in the back. Just how a diaper should-” she froze suddenly. “I think I leaked.” She stood up and sure enough, a stream of urine was making its way out of her diaper and down her leg. She also left a wet spot on the couch. “I knew this diaper was reaching its limit, but I thought it could handle one more.”

“Do you need help?” Belle offered.

“I’ll be fine, this will be easy to clean.”

“Hey, if I’m Tinkle Belle, and Chloe is Mushy-Pants, then that leaves you to be called Leaky Lindsay!” Chloe chuckled as Lindsay gave Belle a playful look.

“Well that wasn’t very nice, Tinkle Belle.”

“What are you gonna do about it, Leaky?”

“I’ll leak on you!” Lindsay pinned Belle onto the couch, straddled her lap, and started forcibly making out with her. Belle embraced Lindsay back as Lindsay resumed peeing, leaking onto Belle.

Lindsay broke the kiss and turned to Chloe. “You gonna join or what?” Lindsay got off of Belle and layed on her back on the floor. “Now that you’re over your fear of sitting in a messy diaper, I could use some Mushy-Pants action on my face.”

Chloe didn’t hesitate as she planted her soiled butt square on Lindsay’s face and began gyrating her hips, giving her a facefull of messy diaper. Chloe was euphoric as her soaked padding rubbed against her vagina. Belle came down to start making out with Chloe, grabbing her breast while doing so. Chloe in turn began to rub Belle’s crotch with vigor. Belle let out another stream of pee, which started to leak out, as the diaper was finally past its limit.

Lindsay was rubbing her own crotch furiously, feeling the warm diaper stimulate her womanhood. She let out a muffled moan from underneath Chloe’s almost inhumanly messy diaper. Belle and Chloe were taking turns moaning into eachothers mouths as they grinded away on the face or hand that was rubbing their crotch respectively. By this point Chloe had a hand on Belle’s breast, teasing and stimulating the nipple. Pee was dripping from Belle’s diaper, some onto Chloe’s hand, and some onto Lindsay’s body below. Lindsay had a small puddle form around the leg cuffs of her own oversaturated diaper. Chloe’s homemade diaper didn’t have a chance to leak pee, as it wasn’t full enough, but her huge mess was only contained by the strong hold of the Hello Kitty duct tape.

Belle was the first to reach climax, her louder moaning, sudden stiffness and shaky legs acting as telltale signs. The combination of her mess squishing against her butt and her warm pee-soaked fluff against her vagina was enough to send her over the edge as she broke the kiss with Chloe and cried out towards the ceiling with ecstasy, her hips moving on their own against Chloe’s soaked hand. As she was coming down, she got down from her position and layed down on the floor about two feet from Lindsay, her legs still trembling. “I need a break… oh my gosh”

Lindsay was next to have her climax, about 30 seconds later. Her back arched as she let out a muffled moan beneath the messy butt on her face. Chloe came only a few seconds later, the waves of pleasure throughout her body causing her to lean forward until she was on top of Lindsay’s body, her butt lifting off of Lindsay’s face and her own head now near Lindsay’s diaper. All three girls lay silent for a short while, breathing heavily and regaining their bearings.

“Lindsay was the first to speak again. “Well, who wants to get their diaper changed first?"


Overall, I like your story. I can relate to Lindsay finding that she liked diapers, once she tried them. I distinctly remember the first time I tried my brother’s Pampers, and I’ve never looked back.

I also think most of us wish for accepting friends like Belle and Chloe. I’ve talked to, but never met, another ABDL. Without giving away too much of the story, the speed at which the diaper situation developed had me riveted, and I was done reading before I knew it.

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