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The facts shown in this article don’t quite match what I’ve been hearing, but the basic stuff is there. Anyone living near where I am is probably sick of hearing about it every 30 minutes, but I wanted a bit of outside perspective.

LAUSD Lead Problem

So they skip around not ordring in new pipes and assume that running 30 seconds of water from all of them will flush out the lead. Smart move there. I am sure ordering new pipes and what not will be a lot cheaper then the law suits I am pretty sure are coming the state’s way now.

I wonder where the state will get the money from to pay off any lawsuits that spawn from this. :roll:

LAUSD Lead Problem

They know that there will always be lead in the water, but whilst the pipes are not used over night the water that sits in them accumulates more. Assuming that 30 seconds is long enough to clear the length of pipe in question then the policy is reasonable.