Laura's Child Prologue

This first part is background for the story; the next chapter will be more exciting.~~~~~~~

Arthur Jordan always thought that when he was growing up he rather resembled the tv cartoon character Arthur: round, rabbity, and wearing glasses. He was much more interested in classwork than sports, and with his iq he had no trouble passing all of them. His mother died when he was ten, leaving him with a distant father; and fortunately, his older sister Laura to care for him. Laura was five years older than he was, and went out of her way to make sure his home life was as normal and loving as possible, although ‘normal’ seemed a bit much considering the death in the family. Arthur’s father meant well, but his military position made him distant and authoritarian. He also had a hard time coping with the fact that his son was a nerd.

Laura also was far better at paperwork than athletics, although she was a little more popular than her brother due to the fact that she was somewhat pretty. Both siblings were very interested in the sciences. Laura graduated from medical school, then helped Arthur through. The sister and brother, thanks to their father’s connections, became a team, working on some highly classified medical projects for the army. As Arthur became older, he lost his pudgy, rabbity look, and became quite handsome, and he also became very wealthy thanks to his medical breakthroughs during his government work.

A woman who also worked at the army lab fell for his quiet personality, brains, and the kindness his sister raised him to have. Arthur married Michelle, and less than two years later, they had a baby girl, Ashley. Just when Arthur thought he was happier than he’d ever been before in his life, tragedy struck. The little family was in the car, Arthur driving, when a drunk driver shot out of a side street, crashing into them and killing Michelle and the baby. Arthur, of course, was devastated, and he withdrew from the world, except for his work, which was his only consolation because it kept him too busy to think about much else.

While Arthur threw himself into his work, staying at the lab for longer and longer hours, Laura took care of him, making sure he had regular meals, and that his big mansion was tidy. Eventually she sold her own house and moved into the mansion, taking a suite on the quiet second floor, beginning to run the household and its staff. One day, when Arthur was particularly upset, Laura found him sitting in the den staring at a photograph of Ashley, tears running down his cheeks. “At least Michelle could have a baby,” Laura said quietly, tears in her own eyes. Arthur asked what she meant, and Laura told him something she’d kept secret ever since high school. Several of the high school jocks managed to catch her alone and raped her, doing it brutally enough that she was damaged inside. Many years later, when Laura saw her doctor for an exam, she discovered that the damage was great enough that she could never bear children.

Arthur, seeing his sister in such pain, promised her that he would find a way for her to have a child to love and care for. His first thought was adoption, but Laura told him she’d looked into it and was told that it was very hard for a brother and sister to adopt a child together. It was then that he thought about the research they were doing, and an idea began to form in his mind.