Last Summer in Diapers

Two brothers discover they enjoy being diapered at night and wetting their diapers in the morning. The older brother also discovers that he enjoys getting spanked on his diaper bottom.


“Oh, crap! I did it again,” muttered Luke, after he woke up and felt his soaking-wet pajamas. “That’s the third time this week.”

By now, 11-year old Luke Anderson knew the morning routine for bed wetting. He got up, took off his wet pajamas, and walked naked into the bathroom. There he cleaned up his private parts with a wet washcloth. After he returned to his room, he quickly stripped the wet sheets off his bed. When he saw the plastic mattress cover, he blushed with embarrassment. He knew his mother had been smart to put the plastic cover over the mattress, but he felt ashamed. At night, the plastic cover crackled every time he moved, constantly reminding the boy of his wetting problem.

Luke gathered up the wet sheets and pajamas, and walked naked to the laundry room. He loaded his soggy things into the washer, tossed in a detergent pod, and started the machine. It was summertime and he knew he would have to stay naked until the sheets were washed, dried, and put away. That meant another bare-bottom breakfast in front of his mother and his brother Timmy. Eating breakfast in the nude was the boy’s punishment for refusing to wear a diaper at night.

“If you’re not going to wear a diaper at night, then you’re not going to wear any clothes in the morning until your wet things are washed, dried, and put away,” his mother had said. “It’s your choice. Diaper nights or bare mornings.”

Luke, a stubborn boy much like his late father, had chosen bare mornings. He didn’t especially like walking around the house in the nude, but in his mind, staying naked was far less embarrassing than wearing a diaper.

A few minutes later, Timmy entered the kitchen, wearing only a wet disposable diaper. The 9-year old was an occasional bed wetter and his mother diapered him every night as a precaution. In the morning, the boy usually ate breakfast in only his diaper. Timmy had gotten used to diapers and didn’t mind wearing them around his mother and brother. Quite often, he would wet his diaper a second time while eating. The warmth felt good and it was easier to pee in his diaper than take it off and use the toilet.

“Hey, you wet your bed again, didn’t you?” said Timmy, when he saw his brother sitting naked at the kitchen table. “You should wear one of my diapers to bed. They’re fun to wear and mom said they would fit you.”

Luke looked at his little brother and smiled. He had to admit that Timmy looked cute in his diaper. He loved how the diaper padding stuck out so conspicuously on the boy’s bottom. Luke wished he could be brave enough to wear a big thick diaper on his bottom, too. A disposable diaper would certainly put an end to wet pajamas, wet sheets, and bare-bottom breakfasts. The thought of wearing a diaper excited the boy, but it also terrified him. What if his friends saw him in a diaper? They would probably tease him and call him a baby.

When Mrs. Anderson entered the kitchen, she smiled when she saw her sons sitting at the table in their usual breakfast attire—one shamefacedly naked and the other happily diapered. She was quite certain that Luke’s bed wetting was caused by the recent death of his grandfather. In the absence of a father, the grandfather had become a surrogate father for both boys. Luke was especially attached to his grandfather and his passing had triggered restless sleep and bed wetting.

“Are you sure you don’t want a diaper tonight?” asked the mother. “Wearing a diaper would be a lot less embarrassing than having to parade around the house in your birthday suit, wouldn’t it? You don’t have to wear your diaper to breakfast like your brother. You can take it off in the morning and put on your regular clothes. What do you say? Will you let me diaper you tonight?”

Luke looked at his mother, took a deep breath, and said: “OK, mom. You can put me in a diaper tonight, but only if you take off that stupid plastic mattress cover. It’s too noisy and if I’m going to wear a diaper, I don’t need it anymore.”

“It’s a deal,” said Mrs. Anderson. She picked up the naked boy, gave him a reassuring hug, and gently patted his bare behind. “Tonight your bottom will be in a diaper and the mattress cover will be in the storage room. You can get dressed now. Your bare morning is over.”

“It’s OK, mom,” said Luke. “I’ll stay naked until everything is put away. Remember, we made a deal last week—either diaper nights or bare mornings. I have to keep my part of the deal and stay bare.”

Mrs. Anderson smiled and hugged her son even tighter. Luke was thoroughly enjoying his “bare hug” and didn’t want it to end. He felt safe and secure being naked in her arms. He wondered if he would have the same feeling tonight when he was naked and being diapered like a baby.


After Timmy took his nighttime shower at 9:00, he scampered naked into his mother’s bedroom, went over to the bed, and lay on his back. His mother opened the bottom dresser drawer and fished out a white disposable diaper. She always kept the diapers in her room so Timmy’s friends wouldn’t see them. As soon as the boy saw the diaper, he lifted his legs up and slightly over his head. He didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed as he waited to be diapered. Wearing a diaper to bed was as natural to him as wearing underpants during the day.

Mrs. Anderson slid the diaper under his Timmy’s bottom. After he lowered his legs and spread them apart, she pulled the diaper between his legs and snugly over his genitals. She finished by fastening his diaper tapes. There were two tapes on each side. After his mother gave him a good-night kiss and patted his diapered behind, Timmy scampered off to his room. His diaper rustled slightly with each step, which brought a smile to his mother’s face.

At 9:30, Luke took his nighttime shower. After he dried himself, he walked naked to his mother’s bedroom. His heart was beating so hard that he thought it might come out of his chest. He was both embarrassed and excited. He was about to be diapered like a baby.

“OK, mom, I’m ready for my baby diaper,” said Luke, after he entered her bedroom. He had seen his brother diapered many times, so he knew exactly what to do. He went over to the bed, flopped down on his back, and lifted his legs up and slightly over his head. “Did you ever think you’d be putting me in a baby diaper at my age?”

“They’re not baby diapers,” his mother reassured him. “They’re youth diapers.” She fished out a diaper from the dresser drawer, unfolded it, and slid it under Luke’s bottom. After he lowered his legs and spread them apart, she pulled the diaper between his legs and snugly over his genitals. She finished by fastening his diaper tapes.

After Luke stood up, his mother watched him struggle with the sensation of being in a diaper again. The boy could feel the thick padding between his legs and rubbing against his penis. It felt strange, nothing at all like his underpants. He looked down and cautiously touched the front of his diaper. The thin plastic barrier felt so smooth over the thick padding. When he saw the yellow wetness stripe, he blushed with embarrassment. By morning, that stripe would be blue, letting everyone know that he had wet his diaper like a baby.

“Why don’t you go to your room and put on your pajamas now,” said Luke’s mother. “Once you’re in your pajamas, you’ll forget all about the diaper. Then you can come to the living room for our usual nighttime chat.” She gave the boy a loving pat on his diapered bottom.

Luke exited his mother’s room and walked down the hallway towards his room. His diaper rustled with every step, reminding him of his babyish status. He didn’t know which was worse—the rustle of a diaper or the crackle of a plastic mattress cover. At least his mother had kept her part of the deal. She had removed the plastic cover earlier in the day.

In his room, Luke immediately went over to his mirror. His white diaper stood out in stunning contrast to his suntanned body. Seeing himself in a diaper for the first time was a life-changing event. Instead of feeling ashamed, Luke thought he looked cute in his toddler-like diaper. He turned around and examined his rear end. He smiled when he saw the thick diaper padding sticking out on his bottom. He wiggled his diapered fanny and smiled again. He looked like a toddler. He felt like a toddler. He wanted to be a toddler. All thoughts of wearing pajamas over his diaper evaporated.

“I’m not going to wear pajamas anymore,” Luke announced, when he entered the living room wearing only his diaper. “I’m going to sleep in my diaper and eat breakfast in my diaper, just like Timmy does. We’ll make that part of the deal. Once I’m in my diaper, I can’t wear anything else until after breakfast. Is that OK?”

“Suit yourself!” said Luke’s mother. “It looks like I’ll have two toddlers romping around in their wet diapers tomorrow morning. Come sit on my lap, little toddler! All toddlers like to be hugged.”

Luke smiled sheepishly as he sat on his mother’s lap. She put her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He felt happy in her arms, just like yesterday when she had given him a naked hug. They sat and talked like this until 10:00, Luke’s bedtime. Mrs. Anderson was amazed at her son’s transformation. Just yesterday, he had stoutly resisted her attempts to diaper him. Tonight he seemed to embrace his diapered status, not even objecting when she called him a toddler. Boys are such strange creatures.


The next morning, Luke woke up in a wet diaper. He looked at his wetness stripe. It was blue. He checked the bottom sheet of his bed. It was dry. The diaper had worked perfectly and hadn’t leaked a drop. No more naked trips to the laundry room! No more bare-bottom breakfasts! He lay on his bed for several minutes, enjoying the sensation of being in a wet diaper instead of a wet bed. Then he decided to go to his brother’s room. Timmy was already awake, so Luke slipped into bed beside him.

“Hey! You wet your diaper, didn’t you?” said Timmy. “I saw your blue pee stripe. I wet my diaper, too. See how high my blue stripe is!.” The boys got out of bed and compared their wetness stripes in the mirror. Luke agreed that Timmy’s stripe was higher than his. Of course, Timmy had gone to bed earlier, so he had a head start on wetting himself.

The boys jumped back into bed and started wrestling. Timmy managed to get on top of his brother, but when he got tickled, he wet his diaper again. The new warmth in Timmy’s diaper greatly excited Luke, so he returned the favor. He sat on his brother’s chest and peed in his diaper, too. Timmy laughed when he felt the warmth creep into his brother’s diaper. Luke laughed, too. It was the first time he had ever wet a diaper on purpose.

“Now we’re genuine blue stripe boys,” said Luke, as he wiped away tears of laughter. “Let’s wet our diapers together every morning. We’ll have a contest. Whoever has the highest blue stripe in the front will be the winner. The loser has to stay in his diaper until he poops in it.”

“Yeah, and the loser has to bounce up and down on the bed, and squash poop all over his butt,” said Timmy. ''Mom’s going to barf when she cleans up that messy butt."

Pretty soon, the boys were called to breakfast by their mother. Their pee-filled diaper crotches sagged noticeably between their legs, causing them to walk with a toddler-like waddle. Their mother asked the boys if they wanted to get out of their diapers before eating. Both Luke and Timmy said no. They were enjoying the soft squishy wetness of their diapers and wanted to stay in them as long as possible.

“Guess what, mom?” said Timmy while eating. “We’re going to have a diaper wetting contest tomorrow. Whoever has the highest blue stripe in the front will be the winner. The loser has to stay in his diaper until he poops in it. Then he has to bounce up and down on the bed and make his butt all messy.”

“That’s very interesting,” said Mrs. Anderson, trying to stay calm. It was bad enough that she had two boys in wet diapers. She wasn’t about to deal with boys in messy diapers. “I’m going to have a contest, too. The first boy who makes a mess in his diaper will be the loser. He’ll get a spanking on his bare behind. The winner will get a spanking on his underpants. Who wants to have a messy diaper and spanking contest? We can start today if you want.”

Spankings! The boys looked at their mother in disbelief. Luke and Timmy were occasionally spanked on their underpants, but neither boy had ever experienced the ultimate humiliation—a bare-bottom spanking. Luke was quick to understand what his mother was trying to do.

“No thanks, mom,” said Luke. “We don’t want to be in your spanking contest. We promise we won’t poop in our diapers. Right, Timmy?” Timmy nodded his head affirmatively.

The boys kept their word. They never pooped in their diapers. They did continue to have diaper wetting contests in the morning, but they changed the rules. The boy with the highest blue stripe in the front was the winner. He got to pour a tall glass of cold water from the refrigerator into the loser’s diaper.

Cold water poured into the back of a diaper was tolerable. Cold water poured into the front of a diaper literally took the loser’s breath away…and caused immediate shrinkage of a certain part of his anatomy. It also caused the loser’s diaper to sag more in the crotch area, forcing the him to walk with a full-diaper waddle. Luke and Timmy loved playing the game. Both boys thought losing was almost as much fun as winning.


June rolled into July and the nighttime routine in the Anderson household rarely varied. At 9:00, Timmy would take his shower, scamper naked to his mother’s room for his diaper, get a good-night kiss and a loving pat on his diapered bottom, and dash off to bed. At 9:30: Luke would take his shower, walk naked to his mother’s room for his diaper, and then, wearing only his diaper, accompany his mother to the living room for some one-on-one time.

Luke enjoyed his quality time with his mother in the living room. He was often reluctant to go bed at 10:00. On several occasions, he simply refused to leave. His mother would pretend to be angry, grab the boy, pull him over her lap, and playfully spank his diapered bottom. The thick diaper padding protected Luke’s behind from major damage, but because of the diaper’s plastic backing, the spankings sounded loud—WHAP WHAP—and painful.

“Thanks for spanking me,” a smiling Luke would say after each fanny warming. “I deserved it.” Then he would hug his mother, get his good-night kiss, and scurry off to bed.

“What an odd boy!” his mother thought. “I think he actually enjoys getting spanked on his diaper. No doubt about it. Boys are strange creatures.”

In early August, Luke stopped wetting himself at night. He broke the news to his mother one night after he was already diapered.

“Mom, I haven’t wet myself at night for a week now. My diaper is wet in the morning only because Timmy and I have diaper wetting contests before breakfast. I probably don’t need diapers anymore, but I want to keep wearing them. I feel safe when I sleep in a diaper. If I have an accident, only the diaper will get wet, not the bed. Can I keep wearing them?”

“You can keep wearing them as long as Timmy needs them,” said Luke’s mother. “Once Timmy stops wetting himself at night, I’ll stop buying disposables. It costs a lot of money to buy diapers for two big boys.”

Luke’s happiness was short lived. A few days later, Timmy announced that he’d been dry at night for over a week. Luke knew his diaper days were numbered. It left him profoundly sad and a little scared. His mother sensed his unhappiness and his insecurity.

“I’ll keep diapering both of you at night until the diapers are used up,” said Mrs. Anderson. “Once they’re gone, you’ll have to sleep in your pajamas. You’ll be fine and we can still have our nightly chat in the living room.”

About a week before school started, the boys were down to their last two diapers. The routine that night was the same as previous nights. At 9:00, Timmy took his shower, dashed naked to his mother’s bedroom, was diapered, got his good-night kiss, and went to bed. At 9:30, Luke took his shower and walked slowly to his mother’s room.

“I can’t believe this is my last night in a baby diaper,” said Luke, after he flopped down on the bed and lifted his legs up and over his head. “Mom, I’m scared. What if I start wetting the bed again?”

“You’ll be OK,” said Luke’s mother, as she slid the diaper until the boy’s bottom. “You haven’t wet at night for several weeks now. You just lack confidence.” She pulled the diaper snugly over Luke’s genitals and fastened the diaper tapes. “There, you’re in a baby diaper for the final time. Let’s go to the living room for our nightly chat.”

Once in the living room, Luke’s mother picked him up, sat him on her lap, and hugged him, just as she had done the first night he was diapered. About 15 minutes later, Mrs. Anderson felt a strange warmth creeping into her son’s diaper.

“Luke, did you just wet your diaper?” asked Mrs. Anderson. She stood her son up and examined his diaper. It was soaked. “I can’t believe you did that. Shame on you! I think my wet little boy deserves a good spanking on his diaper bottom.”

“Just think, mom!” said a grinning Luke, as he went over his mother’s lap in that childish bottoms-up position. “This is my last spanking in a baby diaper. Make it a good one!”

Mrs. Anderson gave her son 20 spanks on his diaper-covered bottom. She spanked hard, but Luke didn’t mind. Deep down, he felt he deserved a spanking. After all, he was 11-years old and he had just wet his diaper on purpose. It was only fitting that he get spanked on his diaper, too.

“Thanks for spanking me, mom,” said Luke, after he got off her lap. He rubbed his bottom. “Boy, you really spanked hard. My butt feels nice and warm. My diaper feels wet and warm, too.” He gave his mother a hug and got a goodnight kiss in return.

Once in bed, Luke’s wet diaper and the warmth of his freshly-spanked behind reminded him of that warm summer night he had first slept in a diaper. He hoped that memory would never fade.

“I wish I could sleep in a diaper every night,” Luke thought to himself, as he rubbed the front of his wet diaper. “I love how it feels after I wet it. Maybe I can use my allowance money to buy my own diapers. I wonder how much they cost? I wonder if mom would diaper me every night? That would be so cool.”

Such are the dreams of a boy in a diaper. Such are the dreams that turn a boy into a diaper lover.

Re: Diaper Brothers

So, I’m just going to put this out there that I had serious reservations about releasing this from the moderation queue, and I still do as I literally couldn’t read the whole thing because it’s so horribly dry and lacking in substance.

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Re: Summer Fun in Diapers

I did a major revision of the story and added dialog to make the story less “dry.” Comments are always welcome.

Re: Summer Fun in Diapers

I did a few minor changes. Hope you enjoy them! Comments always welcome.

Re: Summer Fun in Diapers

I did a few changes to the story and added a new part regarding the boys in weekend diapers. Enjoy!

Re: Summer Fun in Diapers

Enjoy the new revision to the story!

Re: Summer Fun in Diapers

Well I like that mom put her foot down about the messy diapers thing.

I look on it this way Luke and Tommy aren’t really kids they are two guys who are spending time with a professional who’s only well purpose seems to be to change their diapers and say “truly boys are the strangest creatures on earth” every couple of minutes.

Re: Summer Fun in Diapers

Just published a new story called “Diaper Punishment for a Naughty Boy.” Hope you enjoy it.

Re: Last Summer in Diapers

I did a title change and a revision of the story. Hope you enjoy it!

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If you’re going to revise stories, and want to focus on getting feedback to help with improvement, I’d recommend posting in the “Board Members Stories” section. Most people expect a “complete” story to be complete. You’re less likely to get as much helpful feedback if people think you’re done, and aren’t going to work on the story any more.

Just a thought.

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Uh… I know for a fact that I moved this once before to the regular story forum, something weird is going on here.

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Now that you mention it, I think i remember that too.


Re: Last Summer in Diapers

Sorry about the confusion. When I first published the story, I wrote it without dialogue and it was critiqued as being “dry.” After a revision with dialogue, I had a few grammatical and syntax errors. Those have now been corrected, so this is the final version. It’s the first story that I’ve written, so please excuse my inexperience. If you want, you can post it under Completed Stories. That’s where my second story “Diaper Punishment for a Naughty Boy” is posted.

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If it’s definitely the final version I’ll move it back to Completed Stories :slight_smile:

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Hell no. :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to remain true.

The “dry” critique is from the lack of uh, character, to the characters; the lack of story beyond each night in diapers.

-What do they actually ‘chat’ about during their nightly chat? Is it anything more than a plot excuse to have Luke’s mother spank him?
-Does she not realize that her spankings are causing no effect other than to arouse the interest of an eleven-year-old? Clearly, it’s done with playful intentions… which is… odd for a mother/eleven-year-old.
-Their mother keeps the diapers in her room so their friends won’t see them; likewise, Luke is potentially embarrassed about his friends calling him a baby, but there’s no mention of their friends at all.
-Their mother frequently smiles after patting their “diaper bottom” or seeing them naked at breakfast, or seeing them squirm in their diapers. But uh… why? Most mothers don’t relish in their children’s issues or punishments. And your habit of continually reiterating the fact that they’re diapered; example; ‘diaper(ed) bottom,’ only adds to the confusion. Again, Victor97’s post makes sense; as the entire narrative comes across as a little creepy when viewed as a mother and her two prepubescent sons sharing enjoyment of diapering, nudity, and spankings; which is exactly as it’s presented.

I can see clearly that the narrative focuses almost exclusively on the diaper-wearing. So is it safe to assume that this falls into the fantasy/fapfiction category? If so, you’ve only got a a few errors here and there; “his Timmy’s bottom” for instance.

For a first story, it’s okay. But just to clue you in, we’ve read a lot (read: a metric shit-ton) of fapfiction/personal fantasy. So pardon what seems like total lack of appreciation for your efforts. If you take some time to read a few other stories around here, you’ll find that plenty of them have depth far beyond the simple inclusion of diapers. I think I speak for several of us when I urge you to steer toward ‘story’ versus ‘diaper content.’

I appreciate you revising your story, that’s a good start.

Re: Last Summer in Diapers

I’m not going to pile on here, if for no other reason than Vearynope pretty much hit all the down points I’d be inclined to make.

Here’s what I’m going to do: admit that my first AB story was pretty damn awful too, except that for all my ham-handed clunky fap problems, I set out to turn a standard diaper story trope and turn it on its head. In my case, I took the “call your sibling a baby, get babied as punishment” trope and turned it into an emotionally stimulating story of a father loving his daughter and the daughter learning how to have empathy. It was still clunky as fuck, but it wasn’t just another half-baked diaper fap story.

My point? There’s nothing wrong with recycling a well-worn diaper story plot - if you put the effort into putting your own spin on it. Oh, and yeah, it helps immensely if you’re highly descriptive as you move along, showing people seemingly irrelevant details as you move through the plot, developing realistic and meaningful dialogue, and especially spending time on characters’ internal dialogue, how they think and feel about the given situation. These are the things that make your story come to life.

Re: Last Summer in Diapers

Just out of curiosity, is OP German? His handle might lead one to consider he might be.
I’ve definitely read worse, and I thought there was a certain charm and earnestness to it that helps it along.

Little details like the Mothers correction on youth diapers vs baby diapers - shows op was at least thinking in terms of how his characters might interact in a real world setting, and while there are places where it could use improvment, there are at least hints OP was considering his characters in a wider sense.
For a first attempt I’d say good try, we all evolve and your skills will get better too.
As for advice, the tried and true ‘show don’t tell’ (which I think everyone has said to one extent or another)

Personally I’d like to see more by the author

Re: Last Summer in Diapers

Both his location in his profile and his IP say Arizona, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility.

I’ve definitely read worse, and I thought there was a certain charm and earnestness to it that helps it along.

Little details like the Mothers correction on youth diapers vs baby diapers - shows op was at least thinking in terms of how his characters might interact in a real world setting, and while there are places where it could use improvment, there are at least hints OP was considering his characters in a wider sense.
For a first attempt I’d say good try, we all evolve and your skills will get better too.
As for advice, the tried and true ‘show don’t tell’ (which I think everyone has said to one extent or another)

Personally I’d like to see more by the author

This version is a vast improvement over the original, and that actually brings up an interesting point about why editing the first post each time is a bad thing. You can’t tell which comments go with which version now. Obviously my original comment goes with the first one based on the original time stamps but the others look even more out of context without a copy of the revision they belong to.

Re: Last Summer in Diapers

I enjoyed reading the story. For a first time writer, the story was well written and easy to read. If the writer has finished revising the story, it probably should be posted under “completed stories.”

Re: Last Summer in Diapers

Thank you for your nice comments. Yes, I have finished revising the story. If the moderator wants to move the story to the “completed stories” section, that would be OK with me.

Don’t forget to read my other stories: “Diaper Punishment for a Naughty Boy” and “Alex and Caleb in Diaper Detention.”