Last day of spring

So this is the second part of the story, its a prequel but its definately the second part. anyway let me know what you think

Sarah stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, and headed for her bedroom. A smile crept across her young lips as she saw what was on her bed. Her best friend Mel had laid out some cloths on the bed for Sarah. This is one of the things that Sarah loved about Mel, she took care of her. For some reason, that Sarah couldn’t explain, having Mel mothering her thrilled her. She felt the familiar sense of excitement growing between her legs, the same feeling she got anytime Mel spoiled her. She longed for the soft embrace of Mel but would never risk her friendship. Sometimes the urge to kiss Mel would become un bearable, and it would be all she could do not to act on these urges. Needless to say, the only treatment she could figure was to get some personal time and let her fingers relieve her stress. Which had almost proven humiliating as one time her feelings had over whelmed her in Mel’s house. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided that Mel’s bathroom would be have suitable privacy for her to relieve her tension, but it resulted in Mel walking in on her, luckily her hands weren’t in a compromising position. Although part of her wished that Mel had caught her in the act, it would have been exciting, and she was curious to how Mel would have reacted. Just thinking about these things made a wave of pleasure flush over her body. She had to stop herself from touching her most intimate of areas, normally she would have given into the urge but she hadn’t the time. She had to get ready for the biggest party of the year, her party. It was her 18th, and not to mention the last day of school.
She was glad that Mel had chosen her clothes, Mel had the best taste, and always knew what to wear on every occasion. She had left a beautiful white dress out for her. Sarah giggled when she saw the bra and panty set that were left out for her. The bra and panties were white, the bra had a teddy bear embroided on each cup and the panties also had a bear embroided on the crotch. Sarah figured that it was part of her birthday present, she knew that Mel had a real quirky sense of humour so figured it was just a joke. Although the more she looked at the panties the more she wanted to wear them, she had an affinity with all things cute and cuddly and this was possibly the cutest pair of underwear she owned. She quickly pulled the panties up her long legs and let them rest neatly on her hip bone. She loved the feel of new panties, the way they clung to her body. It felt so nice. She put the bra on and hooked it in place. She walked over to the mirror and noticed how cute she looked. She could easily be mistaken for a tween, a big chested tween, but a tween non the less. She giggled and then started the long process of doing her hair and make up.
Mel sat downstairs in the kitchen. She was all ready for the party, she hadn’t made a big fuss about it. She had dressed casually because she wasn’t really interested in hooking up as she knew that Sarah was going to drink a lot and was much happier to take care of her friend then letting some boy into her pants. She wasn’t really interested in boys much, she did like men but all the guys who went to school with her were just horny boys. When she would go clubbing she normally would go home with an older man, in his late thirties to early forties. They knew how to threat a lady. But she even grew tired of them sometimes. She had a lingering feeling of lust towards her best friend Sarah, well it was more then lust, she loved Sarah with all her heart, they were best friends after all. But sometimes she wanted to touch and taste Sarah but she was able to keep the feelings at bay.
Mel remembered the first time that she got those feelings for Sarah. They were both eleven, and Mel was just going through puberty, so she was beginning to notice boys….and girls. The day had been going swimmingly and they were having lots of fun playing in Mel’s room. At about nine o’clock Mel’s Mom came in and told the girls to get ready for bed, once Mel’s Mom left the room Sarah burst into tears.
“What’s wrong Sarah?” Mel asked.
“I can’t go to sleep” cried Sarah.
“Why not?” Mel asked again.
“Cos I got a problem” Sarah wailed
“Well whats your problem?” Mel asked softly
“I cant tell you Mel, its to embarrassing” sobbed Sarah
“No you can tell me Sarah, we are best friends, there’s nothing you cant tell me” cooed Mel
“But if I tell you, you wont want to be my friend” Sarah cried
“Look Sarah, I’ll be your friend no matter what your secret is” promised Mel, as a smile crept along her young lips.
“Promise?” asked Sarah
“Yes” nodded Mel
“Ok well for the last few months I’ve been wetting my bed, and because of that I have to wear goodnights to bed” Sarah blurted as a fresh batch of tears escaped from her eyes. Mel just looked at how helpless and innocent Sarah looked. She smiled at Sarah and embraced her in a big hug. And the rest they say is history, she had been in love with Sarah ever since. She found the idea of Sarah wetting the bed and having to wear pull ups to bed so arousing. She was saddened when Sarah had grown out of it. Although it had lasted long enough, Sarah only stopped a year ago, and still had a half pack of goodnights in her closet. Mel was glad that Sarah didn’t get rid of them but also wondered why she hadn’t. She put those thoughts out of her mind as Sarah walked into the kitchen, she was fully dressed and done up, she was like an exotic princess making her grand entrance at a royal ball. Mel glanced at the clock and it read 7 pm, that day dream had really taken a hold of her.
“Wow, don’t you look awesome hun” admired Mel
“Aww thanks Mel, you think my hair is ok?” Sarah asked.
“Yeah it looks fabulous, did you find my surprise?” asked Mel as she winked at Sarah.
“Yeah and I love them” replied Sarah as she stuck her tongue out at Mel and flashed her skirt up for Mel’s benefit. Mel just giggled “Well I’m glad you like them sweetie”
The party kicked off at around eight thirty, some guests had arrived earlier but it didn’t get into the swing of things till later. Sarah was having a great time, all the boys were paying her lots of attention, she was in the lime light. She was drinking lots to, maybe a little to much. She stopped caring what people thought of her and was making out with any guy that she came across. Mel had seen everything. She didn’t drink so she always looked out for Sarah, and would keep a close eye on her. So she could see that Sarah was about ready to pass out, and the guy she was with now was already taking advantage of her. She crossed the room to the couch where Sarah was being seduced. She could see that Sarah was semi conscious, so she pushed the boy off her and grabbed her by the wrist. The boy, whom Mel didn’t know followed roaring obscenities at her, calling her a dyke and other insults. This was his biggest mistake. Mel just turned to one of the jocks who happened to have a crush on Sarah and told him the what this strange boy had planned. The jocks didn’t need any more encouragement. They grabbed the boy and brought him outside.
Mel felt a bit guilty feeding him to the lions but he brought it on himself. Sarah had woken up a bit by now and stumbled to the bathroom, loosening Mel’s grip. As soon as she reached the toilet she hurled her guts up, Mel didn’t hesitate to take care of Sarah, she rubbed her back and kept her hair out of her face. Sarah was in an absolute state. She was in the toilet hurling for what seemed like an age before Mel was satisfied that Sarah had no more left in her. Mel helped sarah onto her feet and lead her to the bedroom, Sarah was regaining her motor abilities and was looking a bit better by this time. When they got into Sarah’s room, she stopped Mel and closed the door.
“Mel I need to talk to you ok” slurred Sarah.
“Ok babe what’s up?” asked Mel
“Look we’ve been friends for a long time now, and well hiccup I need to tell you something” slurred Sarah again.
“Well go ahead.” smiled Mel, finding the way her best friend was talking hilarious
“Well I like you, I want to be your girlfriend” admitted Sarah drunkenly as she grabbed Mel and kissed her full on the lips. Mel’s head was racing, she was really happy, but was unsure whether or not this was real, it could just be drunk talk. She decided to end the kiss and find out tomorrow whether or not Sarah was being serious, or just ranting on drunkenly.
“Well I like you to hun, now lets get you to bed and we can talk more in the morning.” instructed Mel, then she heard a splashing noise and looked to Sarah who was clearly pissing herself. Mel looked at Sarah’s face and could see Sarah wasn’t totally aware of what was happening. She looked sort of pleased with herself, but Mel reasoned that it was just a drunken stupor. But Mel thought she still looked so hot humiliating herself in front of her. This began to make Mel wet and was tempted to shove her hand down her pants right then. She knew she couldn’t but she would take care of herself later. Sarah stopped peeing, and then just slumped onto the bed, she was out. Mel checked to see if she could wake her but to no avail. She stripped Sarah down and changed her so she wouldn’t stink to bad in the morning, also as not to ruin the dress. Even though she was a bit bigger then Sarah she still found it difficult to undress her, but with a lot of trouble and effort she finally got the job done. It was about half 3 when she had finished cleaning up sarah and had tucked her in so the party had withered away by then. No body was left, she was surprised at this but sort of glad, now she could clean up and not have to worry about people asking about Sarah. It would also give her privacy with Sarah in the morning. She looked around the house and it was fairly thrashed, Mel sighed and started to pick up rubbish. She wasn’t feeling to tired anyway so she figured it better to be productive then to be tossing and turning all night, also it would give her time to think about Sarah. She wasn’t sure if she would talk to Sarah about what she said, she thought it could have been drunk talk. Would it be worth it? It could ruin there friendship forever. She was very conflicted. She decided that she would talk to sarah and see how things go.
It took Mel 2 hours to clean up the mess, she was a fast worker. Her mind was still racing though, she couldn’t stop thinking about sarah, and how hot it was when she had wet herself. Mel was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. Her hand slowly crept down to her black panties and worked there way inside. She felt a bit bad about masturbating over her friends humiliation but she couldn’t stop herself. Her fingers stroked her erect clitoris and she moaned softly. Her left hand slid under her bra and rubbed her nipple till it went hard. She stopped touching herself and undid her bra, letting it fall slowly to her side. She grabbed and massaged both her supple breasts, then with her right hand she resumed caressing her clitoris. It felt so good, she was getting caught in the moment, and slid two fingers inside herself and probed every inch of her most intimate of areas. It felt so good and she couldn’t keep it in anymore. She erupted in a spine tingling orgasm. Her vision began to swim and she lost all self awareness. She kept her fingers probing and with each stroke a new orgasm erupted, and with each orgasm it was like a cannon bellowing in her stomach. She was close to passing out when she finally stopped, gasping for air. She was paralyzed with pleasure and totally unaware of anything happening around her. She felt void of energy, like she had given it all up for that intense orgasm, and soon she fell into a deep slumber.