Lake Crescent (Sequel to GreatNites on Campus)

This story is a sequel to GreatNite on Campus, which can be found:

This story takes place at the end of the first semester and exams are in full swing.

Please enjoy!


“Jace! Wait up!”

Jace turned around to see Gina, a girl from entry physics, run up behind him. Jace turned and faced her.

“Oh, hey Gina. How are you today?” Jace asked as cheerful as he could be considering he just finished a three-hour exam that started at seven.

“I’m good! But I am still having trouble with chapter seventeen…” Gina pouted.

“I am sure that Professor Williams could…” Jace was cut off.

“I was hoping that maybe I could sneak in an extra study session with you tonight?” Gina smiled flashing doe eyes to Jace.

“I mean… I was kinda hoping to take it easy tonight… Today was my last exam…” Jace scratched the back of his neck.

“Please Jace!” Gina begged. “You’re the only TA that makes any sense to me… Something about the way you teach just clicks for me.”

Jace looked around trying to come up with any excuse to get out of tutoring tonight.

“Tell you what!” Gina started seeing Jace’s apprehension. “My roommate is already gone for the semester. Why don’t you come over to my dorm instead of the library? That way you don’t have to be all professional.”

“I really only get paid for the hours listed in the syllabus…” Jace replied.

“That’s perfect! I’ll figure out a way to pay you for the study session and then you can come to my dorm!” Gina replied eagerly.

“That is not what I…” Jace began.

“Awesome!” Gina cut him off and grabbed his hand to write on. “My room is 28C, be there at five!”

Gina winked and carried on her way, leaving Jace to think about what had just transpired. Jace had just wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing; he had not had any time to himself for the last few weeks and stress was getting to him. He just wanted to play some video games and do some reading that did not involve college.

Jace looked to his hand where Gina had written her note. 5PM 28C, Gina :blush:. But she dotted her ‘i’ with a heart. Jace sighed and continued walking down the hall. He did not like all the attention he had been getting recently. His first two years of college he was practically invisible; everyone saw him as the nerdy high school kid. But now that he is a viable option, girls he never would have dreamed to talk to are coming up to him.

At first it was flattering, but as Jace became more serious with Amy he started seeing it more as an annoyance. He just wants to find time for himself and enjoy some peace and quiet.


‘You out of your exam yet? And more importantly do you want to get food? ~Jess.’

‘Out of exam. Starving. Need to change first. ~Jace Windu.’

:frowning: Amy told me that you two were working all week on potty training. She said that you were making such good progress too! Do you want help changing? ~Jess’

‘No… And glad to see that Amy is telling the world about my potty training! ~Jace Windu.’

‘Take a breath Jace… ~Jess.’

‘Sorry… stress, hungry, tired… ~Jace Windu.’

‘And wet? ~Jess.’

‘Funny… ~Jace Windu.’

‘It is one of my many talents! Was today your last exam? ~Jess.’

‘Yes. Thank God! ~Jace Windu.’

‘Awesome! We are having screwdrivers. ~Jess.’

‘I just want to eat and go to my dorm… ~Jace Windu.’

‘Too late! Ordered us food! Come to my dorm for pre-brunch drinks. ~Jess.’

‘Ugh… Can I at least change first? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Hell no! Change when you get here! You have sat in it this long already, what’s five more minutes? ~Jess.’

‘Wow… ~Jace Windu.’

‘Scoot that diaper butt! Drinks are awaiting! ~Jess.’

Jace put his phone back in his pocket. He loved Jessica, but she can sure be bossy sometimes. Unfortunately, Amy had been picking up this habit as well. Jace turned to head to the dorms instead of the cafeteria. His GreatNite sagging in his pants.



“It’s open!” Jessica called.

Jace opened the door and walked in.

“Took you long enough!” Jessica jested.

“Literally has been five minutes!” Jace replied, exasperated.

“Hopefully, that is not what you say to your girlfriend.” Jessica said handing Jace a glass of orange juice.

Jace laughed and shook his head at his friend. Jessica had a way of calming him down and getting him out of his head. He took a drink.

“Jeepers Jess!” Jace said coughing.

“What? You said today was your last exam!” Jessica replied with a smile.

“This tastes like vodka with a splash of orange juice.” Jace said pointing to his drink.

“You are not wrong.” Jessica said holding up an empty juice container. “More will come with the food.”

Jace stared to Jessica holding up an empty juice container. He then looked to her glass and saw it was only vodka. For some reason, this scene was funny to him and he started laughing, causing Jessica to join in and laugh as well. After a longer than normal time of laughing the pair eventually calmed down.

“I don’t know why that was so funny, but it was.” Jace said smiling wiping a tear from his eye.

“I am just that funny!” Jessica replied. “Cheers!”

They both drank their straight vodka, Jace suffering far worse than Jessica.

“Do you have any exam’s left?” Jace asked grimacing at his cup.

“Nope. Last one was yesterday.” Jessica replied, inviting Jace to sit on the bed.

“Nice.” Jace replied, sitting. “How long are you going to stay on campus then?”

“Till Friday, Kelly and I are driving to Lake Crescent for the holiday.” Jessica replied sitting in her chair opposite Jace.

“Things getting serious with you two then?” Jace asked raising an eyebrow.

“Ehh…” Jessica said waving a hand to brush Jace off. “I don’t want anything official just yet.”

“Still spooked from the bitch that shall not be named?” Jace asked.

“Yes.” Jessica replied blankly.

“Well, I am glad you took my suggestion. You both will love the place, it gets beautiful in the winter.” Jace said, taking a drink.

“You said that you and your mom went there right?” Jessica asked.

“Every year.” Jace answered.

“Are you going this year?”

“Nah, Amy is meeting my mom for the first time, so we are staying home for the holiday.”

“Now that is getting serious.” Jessica stated taking a long sip from her drink.

“First girl I am brining home to my mother…” Jace said finishing his drink.

“Will drink to that.” Jessica said holding her drink up to Jace before finishing it. “Good luck soldier.”

“Thanks… I am hoping she will be normal.” Jace replied.

“Who? Isadora or Amy?” Jessica asked.

“My mother…” Jace replied.

“Well, I am sure Amy will do fine. She has put up with me all semester.” Jessica said tapping her chin.

“That we can agree on!” Jace replied smirking.


Jace’s watch started going off.

“What’s that for?” Jessica asked.

“Ahh… Just something that Amy has me trying…” Jace replied sheepishly silencing the alarm.

“Trying for what?” Jessica asked.

“To keep me on schedule.” Jace replied.

“On schedule for what?” Jessica asked.

“It’s so that I get reminded to make it on time.” Jace replied.

“Make it to what?” Jessica asked.

Jessica started at Jace blankly. Jace was trying to find a way of explaining it without needed to say what it is.

“I am just messing with you! Amy told me she started you on a potty watch!” Jessica smiled. “Oh, and you said you needed to change right?”

“Yeah. I forgot about that…” Jace said embarrassed.

“Hence the potty watch.” Jessica stated referencing to Jace’s watch.

“You girls need to stop talking to one another.” Jace said, letting his body fall to its side, his head hitting the pillow.

“Never going to happen!” Jessica said looking to her phone and standing up. “Food is about to get here. You change, I’ll be back in ten.”

“I will be here.” Jace held a thumb up to Jessica.

Jessica left her dorm leaving Jace alone on her bed.


‘I am kidnapping your boyfriend for brunch today! He seems super stressed from exams, so I thought I would treat him. ~Jess.’

‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Seriously, he has been in the library non-stop I have barely been able to see him. I will swing by after I am done with my exam. Starts in ten, wish me luck! ~Applesauce.’

‘Good luck! Just so you know, daycare pick-up ends at 5! ~Jess.’

‘That is too funny! Thank you for babysitting! ~Applesauce.’

‘Anytime! Despite his general grumpiness he can be tolerable sometimes. ~Jess.’

Amy had stopped replying to Jessica. Jessica met the delivery person at the front door and grabbed the food she had ordered. She returned to her room.

“Honey, I’m home!” Jessica announced as she walked into her room. “Jace?”

Jessica looked to her bed to find Jace slumped over fast asleep in her bed. He still had his backpack on and everything. Jessica smiled noticing Jace sleep so soundly, she knew how tired he must be.

She walked over to him and took off his backpack. She noticed the writing on Jace’s hand.

“Gina?” She asked herself.

Jessica knew that Jace would never be the cheating type, but still this was clearly a girl’s handwriting. She decided not to dwell on it, figuring he would provide an explanation when he woke up.

“Aww, Jace… Dammit…” Jessica said looking to Jace’s crotch.

Jace had wet himself while laying on his side and a small amount leaked onto his shorts and Jessica’s bed. Jessica attempted to stir Jace but to no avail. The mix of being over worked and the alcohol put Jace under deep.

Seeing that she was not going to be getting her bed back any time soon Jessica went to work to get Jace changed for his nap. She rolled him onto his back and undid his pants, sliding them down little by little revealing his oversaturated GreatNite.

“What happened to potty training?” Jessica asked rolling her eyes at Jace’s GreatNite.

Jessica shook her head and walked to her dresser opening the top drawer revealing a Poof diaper that she kept from Amy’s sorority hazing. She retrieved it and moved back to Jace.

“Jace, sweetie please lift your butt up for me.” Jessica said in a gently sing song voice.

Jace did not stir.

“You are going to make this difficult, aren’t you?” Jessica asked.

Jessica unfolded the diaper and lifted Jace’s legs putting it close to his butt. She then scooted it slowly inching it under him. Finally, she got it in place.

“Don’t say I never did anything for you.” Jessica said looking at her handiwork.

She ripped the sides of Jace’s GreatNite and slid it out from under him. She folded the diaper up between his legs and fastened it tightly. She got off the bed and grabbed and extra blanket tossing it over Jace. She went to eat her own food before it went cold.

“I love you mommy.” Jace said still sleeping, talking to a dream.

Jessica turned to look at Jace. She wondered if he knew that she just changed him or if he thought it was all a dream.


Awww so cute !!! After this chapter I am very curious to see what gonna happen when Amy meet Isadora hahahaha gonna be funny seeing both babying jace changing and feeding him rsrs

Glad to see a new addition here! Looks interesting again!

You really should post this on Daily Diapers too (along with the first one). I think you would get a lot of other readers there that would enjoy your writing!

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I feel like it just wouldn’t be a GreatNite story if Jessica didn’t get drunk!

Please enjoy!


Jace awoke confused. He looked out the window to see that the sun was setting.

“What time is it?” Jace asked.

He looked around to see that he was alone in Jessica’s room. He shifted to stand up but felt a familiar crinkle between his legs. Jace pull the blanket back and say that he had been changed into a Poof diaper while he slept. This one had flowers on it; upon closer inspection Jace had found that several of the petals had faded. His stomach growled. Jace had not eaten or had a bowel movement yet today.

“Dammit…” Jace cursed and fell back into Jessica’s bed.

Jace looked up to the celling. All he wanted to do was read and play video games. Instead, he would up in a girl’s bed, without her, in a diaper. Jace rolled to his side, his saturated diaper shifting with him. He grabbed his phone.


‘Hey! You passed out and wet my bed! Had to change you while you were asleep. Figured a diaper would be best… Sleep as long as you want, I know you need it. ~Jess.’

‘Meeting Kelly to celebrate exams being over at the sorority house. You are welcome to stop by, but I saw that you have a date at five… I will require explanations when you wake up. ~Jess.’

‘Hello boyfriend! I stopped by Jess’s to meet her to go to the sorority house and saw you were sleeping. You looked so cute and I did not want to wake you, but you were almost soaked through your diaper, so Jess helped me change you before we left. Oh, and should I be worried about this Gina??? JK, but for real who is she??? ~Applesauce.’

Jace let his arm fell to his side with his phone in hand. He had a diaper change not once, but twice while he was sleeping. Jace cringed at the thought. He appreciated when Amy gave him diaper changes and even helped her when she needed it. But for him to be changed in his sleep felt so… familiar.

Jace had been changed plenty of times in his sleep growing up by his mother or the several nannies/babysitters that she hired over the years, however, he had wanted to leave that behind when he started living on campus. He wanted a fresh start and wanted to work on finally potty training.

Jace shivered. He had started to suspect that since his mother had never potty trained him growing up that he may never be fully trained. It was not a thought that Jace liked to dwell on.

He rolled to his back and stared at the celling again. He felt his stomach in his chest, he was not sure why he was feeling this way. Maybe the stress was finally getting to him. Maybe he just needed to use the restroom. Or maybe he was starting to accept his lot in life, diapered and changed by everyone around him.

He pictured Amy dotting on him how his mother had one done. Waking him up in the morning, feeding him, diaper checks, changing times. He enjoyed those times with his mother, but also enjoyed that Amy is a part of them now.

Jace started to think that he was having an early life crisis. Or that he was at a conflict with himself. One part wanting to be the typical college guy and the other that likes to be babied every so often.


Jace silenced his watch. He checked the time.

“5:15!” Jace shrieked jumping out of bed.

He had slept the whole day away and was late to meet Gina. He ran over and turned on the lights and tried to get ready. He was searching for his backpack but could not find it.


‘Hey Jess, sorry I fell asleep on you. Just woke up. Gina is someone who asked me to tutor her in physics. Have you seen my backpack? ~Jace Windu.’

‘Baby boy finally wakes up! DO you kno I gave you a diapy change twice today! Bad Baby! Very, very Bad! You were supposed to be going to the potty like a big boy! ~Jess.’

‘Are you drunk? ~Jace Windu.’


‘So… your wasted then? ~Jace Windu.’

‘I am enjoying my youth! You should come out to join us!!! ~Jess.’

‘Sure, maybe. But I promised I would help Gina study. Maybe I’ll swing by after. Backpack? ~Jace Windu.’


Jessica called Jace.

“Hello?” Jace answered.

“Heeey!” Jessica shouted into her phone. “I have Amy here and we want to know what is up with this Gina girl?”

“Oh, Lord…” Jace replied.

“Boyfriend! Are you cheating on me?” Amy shouted into the phone, also sounding tipsy.

“What? No! Gina is a girl from entry physics that I TA for, she wants me to help her study for her last exam!” Jace stated.

There was silence on the line.

“Hello?” Jace asked.

“Hey Jace…” A male voice responded.

“Barry?” Jace asked, he thought he recognized the voice as a sorority sister’s boyfriend that often bartends at the house.

“Yeah, Jess started puking and Amy went with her to the bathroom.” Barry said.

“Dude… it is like five.” Jace replied.

“College life!” Barry laughed.

“Future AA member!” Jace replied.

“That too! Look I heard what you said, I will fill Amy in on it. She assumed it was something like that, but Jess wanted to mess with you. I gotchu covered.” Barry said.

“Thanks. I owe you one…” Jace said. “Oh, do they have my backpack? It is black with blue stripes.”

“You mean the one that has Jace embroidered on it?” Barry asked.

“Yeah… That one.” Jace replied sheepishly.

“They got it here. Amy said she was going to refill it for you or something but then they stayed here.” Barry responded.

“Thanks… Alright, well let me know if I need to come get Amy. Jess is Kelly’s problem now.” Jace said.

“Will do man. Be good.” Barry said.

“You too. Thanks man.” Jace hung up the phone.

Jace looked around the room for his pants. He found them hanging in the closet. He went to put them on and found that they smelt like pee. He just needed to get back to his room and change fast so these would suffice.

Jace got his pants around his swelled diaper and left Jessica’s dorm. He hoped that he would not run into anyone and could just get back to change. He made it past the elevators.

“Jace!” Gina called from the elevator.

Jace’s heart sank. He tried to keep walking. Gina ran up to catch him.

“You didn’t forget, did you?” Gina asked.

“Nope, was just heading to my dorm quick to get into something more appropriate and then I was going to be on my way down to you.” Jace said.

“Stop being so professional! You look fine!” Gina grabbed his arm and pulled him to the elevator. “We have important studying to do!”

Gina pulled Jace to the elevator and shut the door. Jace heard his stomach grumble once more as the doors closed.


Ohhhh my this not gonna end welll

So… What are the policies on sex scenes?

I tried to find something in the guidelines, but missed it if it was there.

Here is the next chapter!


Arriving on floor three Gina pulled Jace to her dorm. Her hands around his forearm.

“I am just down the hall.” Gina smiled pulling Jace along.

“I believe you, but I can walk on my own…” Jace replied.

“Right… Silly me…” Gina replied releasing his arm.

“Hey Gina!” A girl called as they walked past a room with the door propped open.

“Busy!” Gina called as they kept walking.

“Get it girl!” She called from the room.

Gina blushed.

“Please ignore her…” Said Gina.

“Did not hear a thing.” Jace replied with a smile.

They arrived at Gina’s dorm and walked in, Gina shut the door behind them. Jace looked around and saw that Gina had prepared the room to be more like a romantic dinner than a study session. She had candles lit and a bottle of wine open with two glasses.

“What is all this?” Jace asked, a bit taken aback at the scene.

“Can I be honest with you?” Gina asked.

“I wish you would!” Jace replied.

“I am moving off campus next semester.” Gina said quickly.

“Oh, why is that?” Jace asked.

“My grades were terrible all year and I am on academic probation. My parents are making me get a job over break and making me move back home or they are going to cut me off.” Gina continued. “I haven’t been able to talk about it with anyone.”

Jace could tell that Gina was genuinely upset over this.

“I am really sorry to hear that. And I am sorry for asking… but why are you talking to me about this? Shouldn’t you talk about this with one of your girlfriends?” Jace asked.

Tears started to swell in Gina’s eyes.

“Hey! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you!” Jace awkwardly touched her arm. “If you need someone to talk to… I am here for you.”

Gina hugged Jace, pressing her face into Jace’s chest. She started sobbing. Jace looked around the room, not knowing what to do in this situation. He patted her on the back.

“There… there… no need to cry.” Jace smiled.

“I’m sorry… it’s just… I haven’t made any friends here… and I just wanted… I am sorry.” Gina pushed away from Jace and started wiping her eyes. “I should not have asked you to come over. Please, you can leave.”

Jace was unsure of what to do. He wanted out of this situation, but he also did not want to underscore this girl’s cry for help.

“You know what… You went through all this trouble… I guess I could stay for a glass of wine…” Jace stated.

“You mean it?” Gina’s face lit up.

“Yes, of course. I don’t have any exams left I can have a drink.” Said Jace.

“You are an amazing human!” Gina squeaked running to the bottle of wine.

“I am just doing what I can.” Jace gave a fake smile.

Gina handed Jace a glass of wine and invited him to sit on her desk chair. Gina had rearranged her room so that her bedside dresser acted as a makeshift table. Gina sat in her bed opposite Jace.

“So, why did you go through this whole charade of studying if you just wanted to hang out?” Jace asked sipping his wine.

“I…” Gina looked to her glass swirling the contents. “Was planning on studying… But then I got the notification that I will need to repeat all my classes next semester.”

“You are not going to take the exam then?” Asked Jace.

“There is no way I am going to pass, so I was just going to say the hell with it.” Gina took a drink.

“You should still take it. Treat it as a preview.” Jace said.

“I’ll think about it…” Gina replied taking a drink.

“So… what job are you doing over break?” Jace asked sipping his wine.

“I am working at Dandy Daycare in Lake Crescent.” Gina replied.

“Oh, I know that place well.” Said Jace.

“Yeah?” Gina asked. “I thought no one had heard of the town before.”

“My mom and I go every year over the winter holiday. She uses Dandy’s babysitting service.” Jace replied.

“That is what I was hired for! I am working in their babysitting service.” Gina replied.

“That will be fun! I always have a great time up there.” Jace said.

“Really?” Gina asked.

“Absolutely! The town is beautiful! There is a holiday market and a parade and even fireworks!” Jace responded excitedly.

“Sounds like you have a great time up there.” Gina smiled.

“I did, it is the place I think to when I want to relax.” Jace replied.

“Maybe it will be that for me too.” Gina said sipping her wine.

“I hope it will.” Jace smiled.

The pair sat in an awkward silence for an extended moment.

“I just wanted to have at least one college experience before moving back into my childhood bedroom!” Gina stated out of nowhere.

“Random… what do you mean college experiences?” Jace raised an eyebrow.

“You know… get drunk, go to a frat party, smoke weed, have a one-night stand…” Gina took a large drink.

Jace took a sip awkwardly.

“You haven’t done any of those things?” Jace asked.

“No… this was my last attempt at maybe having one… or two…” Gina looked up to Jace attempting to be seductive.

“Gina…” Jace started apologetically. “I am really flattered by all this, but I am seeing someone.”

“Oh… I am… I’m an idiot!” Gina smacked her forehead. “Of course, you have a girlfriend, you are very attractive and witty and nice and…”

Gina started to tear up again. Jace downed his glass of wine and walked over and sat next to her and put his arm around her.

“Please don’t feel embarrassed. I don’t exactly promote it and you never know unless you shoot your shot, right?” Jace tried to cheer her up.

“Yeah…” Gina replied sheepishly.

Jace sat there wondering how long he needed to stay here before he could leave without being rude. Gina downed her glass of wine and set her glass on the table. She reached over and grabbed Jace by the front of his shirt and started kissing him ferociously.

Jace tried to push her off him, but her grip was tight.

“Please Jace.” Gina moaned, she started grinding his lap. “No one needs to know… Please let me have this.”

Gina reached her hand down to Jace’s crotch and lifted his shirt, she started sliding her hand down into Jace’s pants. Jace jumped up, lifting Gina with him, and dropped her onto her bed.

“What is the matter with you!” Jace said angrily.

“I was just taking your advice and shooting my shot!” Gina replied.

“I just told you I had a girlfriend!” Jace replied.

“So? I thought all college guys cheated!” Gina said.

“Yeah, well… not me.” Jace wiped his mouth with his wrist.

“Come on, Jace… don’t you want me?” Gina said running her hands up and down her body.

“Honestly, no. I just want to leave and that is what I am going to do.” Jace turned to the door.

“Fine!” Gina yelled after him. “I bet you are gay anyway!”

“Goodbye Gina!” Jace said walking out into the hallway.

“Screw you!” She shouted as Jace closed the door.

Jace walked quickly down the hallway back towards the elevators.

“That was quick…” Commented the girl with the open door as Jace walked past.


I am really behind on updating those from the generic default ones due to other issues IRL.

generally speaking there are really only three guidelines.

  • A sex story (with or without diapers) is not okay
  • A diaper story with an occasional sex scene is fine
  • No sex scenes involving kids except within a very narrowly defined context and only with admin approval. And note admin (me) and not moderator approval.

Totally understand IRL issues.

Thank you for the reply! Definitely missed this one.

Based on those I would say I fall into category 2.

Glad I checked on this one! I believe I am in the clear.

Please enjoy!


Jace stepped into the elevator and let the door close. He pushed the button to his floor.

“UGH!” Jace called out to no one.

The elevator door opened to Matt, a friend of his from his floor.

“Everything alright there Jace?” Matt asked holding the door open.

“Girl problems…” Jace sulked as he stepped out.

“Got ninety-nine problems am I right?” Matt held out a fist to Jace.

“You got it…” Jace replied bumping Matt’s fist as he passed.

“Here man, you need this more than I do.” Matt replied holding out a small handle of liquor.

“You don’t need to do that.” Jace replied pushing Matt’s hand back.

“Nonsense, my brother! We take care of our own on floor four!” Matt slid the bottle into his pocket.

“Well, thank you…” Jace said grabbing the bottle.

“No worries!” Matt stepped onto the elevator. “Smells like you could use a change brah.”

The elevator closed. Jace burned red with embarrassment. He shuffled his way back to his dorm.

“Stupid Gina… Stupid Matt… Stupid Jessica…” Jace grumbled as he got to his dorm.

He opened his door, turned on his lights and walked in. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants down revealing a nearly full poof diaper.


“And stupid potty watch!” Jace said turning off his watch, taking it off and tossing it on his desk.

Jace walked over to his closet and grabbed a fresh Poof. He fluffed it and placed it on the floor in front of his wall. He undid the tapes of his diaper allowing to fall to his floor. It hit with a thud. He grabbed some baby powder and walked over the fresh diaper.

He put his back against the wall and pre-powdered the diaper. He then lifted it between his legs, using the wall for support. He pulled the tape too hard causing it to snap.

“Cut me a break!” Jace shouted.

Jace finished taping the rest of his diaper in place snuggly. He reached to his desk and grabbed some tape to attempt to repair the broken fastener.

“Good enough!” Jace stated completing a half hazard repair.

Jace walked over to his pants and grabbed the alcohol that Matt had given him and his phone. He unscrewed the top and drank it halfway down. He walked to his bed and plopped down on his back. He unlocked his phone to check his messages.

‘Are you still coming ove? ~Jess.’

‘I like owe you a brunch man! ~Jess.’

‘Barry explained everything. I will stop by tonight xoxo. ~Applesauce.’

‘WHERE ARE YOU??? ~Jess.’

‘Seriously dude! You are bumming me out! ~Jess.’


‘Do I need to give the baby a spanking? ~Jess.’

‘I have done it before you know!! ~Jess.’

‘I changed your diapers TWICE today and you are going to leave me hanging?? ~Jess.’

‘Jess is like seriously wasted right now. ~Applesauce.’

Jace read through his messages and ignored them. He was finally in his room and getting some alone time. Jace took a swig from the bottle and started scrolling through his social media.


Jace’s door slammed open and an intoxicated Jessica walked in it. Jace jumped at the sudden movement causing him to wet his diaper.

“What is the matter with you?!?” Jace demanded angrily.

“Uh-oh… Is wittle baby boy Jacey scawed? Did you make a tinkle for me?” Jessica asked slurring her words and stumbling.

“I am sorry Jace!” Amy said appearing from behind Jessica. “She has been a handful all night.”

Jessica stumbled forward and plopped face first onto Jace’s bed next to him.

“You really did make a tinkle in your diapy.” Jessica laughed referring to the fade-when-wet designs on Jace’s diaper.

“THAT’S IT!” Jace shouted getting out of bed. “I am not dealing with wasted Jessica tonight!”

Jace grabbed Jessica and lifted her to her feet.

“Amy, this is your problem tonight.” Jace said as he ushered them out the door.

“Jace, hold on!” Jessica shouted as Jace pushed them into the hallway.

“What?” Jace asked exasperated.

“You wet my bed today.” Jessica stated holding up a finger.

“Good night Jessica.” Jace slammed the door in her face.

“I thought you wore GreatNites!” Jessica shouted from behind the closed door.

“Shh! Jess, stop… I am getting you to bed…” Amy said quietly.

Jace went back to his bed and laid back down, finishing his bottle. Jace was feeling intoxicated. He realized he had not eaten all day. He looked over to his fridge and determined that it was too far for him to travel and continued lying in bed.

“Knock, knock.” Amy said gently opening the door.

Jace looked to Amy with annoyance and anger.

“We saw your light on when we were walking over, and she was adamant on saying hello. I brought you something!” Amy walked over to Jace with his backpack.

“You know I needed that earlier.” Jace said.

“I know… I am sorry. I was just trying to do something nice for you…” Amy responded.

“Just please don’t do it again. I told you I don’t like to be without it.” Jace replied.

“I know…” Amy looked to the floor in sadness holding Jace’s backpack in front of her.

There was a brief silence.

“I brought you dinner…” Amy said grabbing something wrapped in foil from Jace’s backpack. “I know you like the street tacos, so I grabbed you some on the way over. I figured you hadn’t eaten yet today.”

Jace looked to Amy, wanting to be angry but unable to keep up his façade.

“Come here please…” Jace said smiling holding his arms to Amy.

Amy smiled and ran to Jace’s bed dropping Jace’s backpack. She gave Jace a big hug, tackling him to his back, holding onto his dinner as she pinned him. Jace hugged her back tightly. He knew what he wanted to say but could not.

“Were you drinking?” Amy asked releasing Jace and picking up the empty bottle of alcohol.

“Oh, yeah… Matt gave that to me.” Jace chuckled. “Right before he said I smelt like I needed to change.”

“What does he know…” Amy said sitting up on Jace’s stomach. “I get to decide when my boyfriend needs to change not him.”

Amy smiled playfully to Jace, setting the tacos down on his bedside dresser. She started walking her fingers up Jace’s abdomen and to his chest.

“I am a bit tipsy; have I told you that?” Amy asked playfully.

“Go on…” Jace smiled.

“So, I would like to have Baby Goliath inside of me this evening.” Amy said biting her lower lip.

“You are really stuck on that nickname, aren’t you?” Jace shook his head to Amy.

“As your girlfriend I get to name your cock. Those are the rules. Got it mister?” Amy put her hands on her hips.

“My we are demanding tonight.” Jace grabbed the back of Amy’s thighs.

“That’s right. Tonight, you do as I say when I say it do you understand?” Amy said wagging a finger to Jace.

“Okay…” Jace chuckled. “Where did all this come from?”

“I am in charge and you need to listen to me!” Amy stated again.

Jace looked to his girlfriend and laughed. He knew what she was trying to go for, but to him she looked like a little girl making demands.

“So… I am going to eat my tacos now…” Jace said reaching to his tacos.

“Jaaaaacccceeee!” Amy whined flapping her hands. “I am trying to be domineering!”

“Oh, I get it.” Jace smirked unwrapping his tacos and taking a bite.

“Uggghhh!” Amy said flopping to Jace’s side and pouting. “You’re lucky your cute…”

“I know I am.” Jace finished his taco.

“You WERE hungry!” Amy said sitting up.

“Yeah… You were right. I hadn’t eaten today.” Jace smiled.

“You finish your tacos, and I am going to change into something more comfortable.” Amy said standing up. “Oh, and I am sleeping here tonight.”

“Naturally.” Jace smiled as he watched Amy scurry out of bed.

Amy put her hair into a tight ponytail and took off her top.

“Like what you see?” Amy winked to Jace.

“I very much do…” Jace replied feeling Baby Goliath stir.

“Hmm… I can give my boy a show.” Amy said seductively.

Amy walked toward Jace holding her shirt in her hand. She wrapped it around Jace’s bed post and lifted a leg onto his mattress.

“Is this what you want?” Amy pulled herself closer to the bedpost by her shirt slowly curling her body up accentuating her butt.

Jace nodded his head watching intently as he ate his food.

“I have been thinking about you…” Amy said as she unbuttoned her jeans.

Jace shook his head for her to continue. Amy slid her jeans down revealing her lacey green panties that matched her bra.

“Ever since I saw your cock this afternoon, I have just wanted it inside of me.” Amy ran one hand down her body while the other gripped the bedpost from above her.

“You saw me?” Jace asked finishing his food.

“Yes, silly.” Amy jumped into bed next to Jace. “When I was changing your diaper. Did you not get my text?”

“Sorry… I forgot about that…” Jace replied.

“No need to apologize baby.” Amy said as she snuggled up to Jace, her head on his chest. “I love taking care of you.”

“And I love that you do.” Jace kissed her head.

“Speaking of…” Amy began.

“What?” Jace asked.

“Don’t think I didn’t see your watch on the desk!” Amy sat up.

“Oh… well it annoyed me.” Jace replied.

Amy shook her head.

“Sometimes I swear it is like you prefer to be in diapers.” Amy smirked.

“I liked it better when you were with me!” Jace tickled Amy’s legs.

Amy giggled and pushed Jace’s hands away.

“I made it to big girl status and graduated to big kid undies. You sir are the only one that likes to keep being a baby!” Amy flicked Jace’s nose.

“Maybe I just really like the babysitter fantasy.” Jace bent over and started kissing Amy’s leg.

“Hmm… I think I can work with that!” Amy said excitedly.

Amy bounced back onto Jace’s stomach.

“Are you trying to be my babysitter now?” Jace asked laughing at Amy.

“Not trying! I am you babysitter!” Amy exclaimed.

Jace rolled his eyes.

“Hey!” Amy slapped the side of Jace’s leg. “You show me some respect.”

“Okay Amy. I’m sorry.” Jace replied with a sarcastic smirk.

“Good, now I have fed you and you already had your bottle…” Amy looked to the empty liquor bottle. “What am I forgetting…”

“Umm… Amy…” Jace began.

“No, no!” Amy held a finger to Jace’s lip. “Babies don’t get to help!”

Jace smiled behind Amy’s finger, he liked this side of her. Amy smiled back knowing that she was hitting some of Jace’s buttons. Amy wiggled her butt over Jace and scooted down so that she was sitting over his diapered crotch.

“It is on the tip of my tongue…” Amy started to grind into Jace.

Jace could feel himself rising in his diaper. Baby Goliath reaching out to Amy wanting her. Jace reached his hand down to the front of his diaper.

“Ahh, ahh!” Amy swatted his hands away. “No helping.”

“I just need to adjust…” Jace began but was cut off by Amy’s finger again.

“Do I need to put a pacifier in that mouth?” Amy asked mockingly.

“No…” Jace lowered his hands.

“Good. Now you be good and let me take care of my little boy… all… night…” Amy resumed her grinding.

Jace felt his penis try to rise, but it was pointed downwards when he began to get hard and is now stuck on his diaper. He was not sure if Amy was aware and trying to torture him or if she was oblivious to his missing member.

“Oh, now I remember!” Amy said snapping up right. “I need to get you changed into a nice clean diaper before bed. Isn’t that right?”

Jace smiled, grabbing the back of her thighs, and started to thrust into her.

“Oh my! You are one excited little boy!” Amy responded to Jace’s sudden enthusiasm.

Amy took Jace’s hands and put them down at his sides. She got off Jace’s diaper and moved so that she was in between his legs. She ran her fingers up and down his thigh. Causing Jace to shiver.

“I love to tease you…” Amy said seductively.

Amy walked her fingers up to Jace’s diaper and popped off the top tapes.

“Did you leave a surprise for me?” Amy asked in a low tone.

Jace shook his head no.

“Good.” Amy replied as she moved her hand down to the bottom tapes.

Jace’s diaper was now only held in place by the weight of its saturation. Amy slid the front forward; it landed on the bed with a dull thump. Jace’s member sprung to attention as soon as it was released.

“Looks like Baby Goliath wants to play!” Amy said smiling.

Amy pulled the diaper from under Jace and rolled it up tossing it to the floor. She then reached to Jace’s bedstand and grabbed a few wipes from his drawer. She started cleaning Jace, she made sure that all his diaper area was clean before moving on to her favorite part. She started at the base of Jace’s cock moving her hand up and down slowly, the only thing between Amy’s hand and Jace’s fully erect member a thin baby wipe.

Amy moved her hand further up Jace’s shaft slowly, enjoying the pleasure she was giving to her boyfriend. Finally, she made her way to Jace’s tip. She wiped it down carefully taking her time, making sure she got to every inch. She looked to him, Jace had his eyes closed enjoying every second of Amy’s touch.

After finishing her cleaning Amy continued to massage Jace. Moving slowly, building the anticipation. Amy looked down at Jace, his cock pulsing with arousal. She moved her hand down to her panties and felt her own wetness start to swell.

“Jace…” Amy whispered.

“Oh, Amy…” Jace moaned in reply.

“I want you inside me Jace…” Amy lusted.

Jace moaned more. Amy did not want him to finish without her. She hoped to the floor.

“Condom.” Amy demanded.

“Drawer.” Jace replied.

“On you cock, now!” Amy ordered.

Jace complied fumbling to his drawer to unwrap a condom and get it over his penis. Just as Jace finished Amy had gotten back into the bed, her panties and bra removed. Amy laid on top of Jace letting her dripping arousal cover Jace’s shaft, she was giving him a taste of what was to come.

Amy was so turned on; she could barely contain her excitement.

“Do you want me baby boy?” Amy whispered to into Jace’s ear.

“More than anything…” Jace whispered in return.

Amy reached her hand down to Jace’s penis gripping his tip. She raised him slightly and slowly slid herself onto him letting this first penetration last.

“OHH!” Amy moaned felling Jace enter her.

Amy started riding Jace up and down.

“Yes, Jace! Yes!” Amy cried as she rode him with increased ferocity.

“Oh! Amy! Yes! Yes!” Jace called to Amy felling her around him.

Jace grabbed onto the back of Amy’s thighs once more and lifted at his midsection. He pulled her in and thrusted himself deep matching his motions with Amy’s.

“Oh… FUCK! Jace! Yes! Right there, right there!” Amy moaned. “Don’t stop! Do NOT stop! Ahh! Ahhhhhh! Fuuu….”

Jace felt Amy climax all over him. He could feel her dripping down his cock as he thrusted into her. Jace grabbed the glowing Amy and moved her to her back. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her close. His penis fully erect waiting to penetrate her again.

Jace grabbed Amy’s legs and put them over his shoulders. He grabbed her hips and slid himself into her.

“AHH!” Amy moaned.

Jace thrust into Amy he could feel himself going in deeply.

“YEEES!” Amy screamed in a deep tone. “FUCK YES! JACE RIGHT THERE KEEP GOING!”

Jace pumped himself into Amy using her legs as leverage to get in deeper. He could feel himself building, he knew that he would not last much longer.

“DON”T STOP! DON”T STOP!” Amy moaned. “YES! AHH!”

Jace felt Amy climax for the second time. Jace could not hold himself back any longer. He trusted one last time hard, his cum shooting out like a rocket. With each thrust Jace could feel his cock being emptied further.

Once they finished both Jace and Amy laid on each other for a moment. Neither of them moved, they just breathed heavy with Jace inside of Amy. Jace could feel the blood start to leave his penis and he pulled it out of Amy. He stood up and walked to the trashcan to throw away the used condom. Amy lay there with a smile on her face, looking satisfied.

Jace got back into bed with Amy and laid next to her. Amy put her head on Jace’s chest and wrapped her arm around his middle.

“That was amazing Jace…” Amy said in a soft voice.

“Yes, you are.” Jace smiled and kissed her on the top of the head.

Amy smiled and hugged him closer.

“How are you so perfect?” Amy smiled closing her eyes and hugging him close.

“Because I have you to inspire me…” Jace smiled to her.

Amy and Jace laid with each other both relaxing and snuggling into each other. Eventually, Jace reached over and turned off his lamp. Amy falling asleep on top of Jace while he drifted into his own slumber.

“I love you.” Jace whispered to Amy.

He did not hear a reply and looked to see that Amy had fallen asleep. Jace put his head back to his own pillow allowing himself to fall asleep, the girl he loved sleeping in his arms.


Oh my

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Amy woke up and looked up to see Jace sleeping. She smiled and snuggled up closer to him.

“Uh-oh…” Amy stated as she felt something cold on the sheets. “Jace! Wake up!”

“Good morning.” Jace said groggily smiling to Amy.

“Jace, you wet the bed!” Amy said throwing the covers off sitting on her knees away from the wet spot.

Jace looked down and saw two wet ovals on his sheets.

“Looks like you did too.” Jace slid off the bed standing up.

“Oh…” Amy’s face got red.

“And you were trying to pin it all on me!” Jace laughed.

“No, I wasn’t…” Amy said embarrassed.

“Uh-huh…” Jace said sarcastically getting out of bed and walking to his dresser.

Amy sulked on the corner of the bed.

“Would you like one of these for the day?” Jace asked holding up a GreatNite.

“No… I don’t need a diaper…” Amy replied angerly standing up.

Amy started stripping the sheets.

“Are you mad or something?” Jace asked.

“Sort of!” Amy replied ripping the sheets off. “I haven’t wet the bed in months!”

Jace stepped into a fresh GreatNite and pulled it between his legs.

“It was only an accident. I wouldn’t dwell on it too much.” Jace reassured her.

“I know you are right…” Amy sighed finishing removing the sheets.

“I tend to do that a lot.” Jace smiled returning to his dresser to gather the rest of his clothes.

“Woah! Hold up there, cowboy!” Amy said turning to see Jace. “You wet the bed last night, that means that you are in Poofs today.”

“Come on Amy!” Jace protested. “You wet the bed too!”

“Jace, I don’t want to argue with you this morning, I am not the one still potty training, am I?” Amy asked Jace.

“That is so not fair…” Jace replied looking to the floor.

“Life isn’t fair baby boy!” Amy announced as she dropped the soiled sheets into his hamper. “Lay down, I will grab it for you.”

Jace walked to his bed defeated as Amy went to Jace’s closet to pick out a clean diaper for Jace. Amy looked in Jace’s closet and saw that he only had one case of Poofs left. She grabbed a pirate themed diaper that had little boats that would fade when wet.

“You are running low on diapers.” Amy stated as she walked to Jace.

“My mom told me she ordered a bunch for me.” Jace replied sliding his GreatNite off before assuming the position for a diaper change.

“I was kinda hoping we would be able to surprise your mom over break having you potty trained.” Amy said as she slid the diaper under Jace.

“I’m sorry…” Jace said turning his head.

“Will you stop apologizing!” Amy stated pulling the diaper into place and taping it shut. “There leak proof for at least six hours.”

“Thank you!” Jace smiled looking back to Amy.

“You are very welcome!” Amy smiled back. “You know, I don’t mean to brag, but I have been getting pretty good with diaper changes.”

“You could definitely give my mom a run for her money!” Jace said sitting up and giving Amy a kiss.

“Speaking of you don’t seem very packed to leave today.” Amy said looking around Jace’s dorm collecting her own clothes.

“I’m packed!” Jace replied putting jeans on.

“What have you packed?” Amy laughed.

“I have my dirty clothes, my backpack and my computer. Thank you very much.” Jace stuck his tongue out to Amy.

“That is all your bringing?” Amy asked surprised putting her clothes on.

“Yeah, I am going to be back here in a few weeks anyway. Why should I bring my whole room?” Jace answered logically.

“I… Well, I can’t argue with that.” Amy laughed.

“Are you packed?” Jace asked.

“Yup, suitcase is in my room, packed yesterday.” Amy replied smugly.

“Aren’t you prepared!” Jace replied.

Amy smiled back. Jace finished gathering the items he intended to bring home while Amy finished getting dressed.

“Want to swing by Jessica’s on the way out?” Amy asked.

“I suppose. Won’t be seeing her for a while, might as well say goodbye.” Jace said nonchalantly.

Amy waited for Jace to finish and they left for Jessica’s room. Amy knocked softly on her door. There was no response.

“Maybe I should text her.” Amy said pulling out her phone.

“HEY!!!” Jace screamed pounding on the door. “TIME TO WAKE UP!!!”

They heard a crash from the room and a scramble to the door. Jessica took a few moments to unlock and open the door.

“Must you be so loud?” A hungover Jessica asked from her doorway.

“Yeah! Sucks doesn’t it!” Jace said pushing his way into Jessica’s dorm. “You seriously have not unpacked from when you moved in?”

“Busy, busy Jace… Good morning love.” Jessica gave Amy a hug.

“Good morning Jess. How are you doing?” Amy asked.

“Ask me in an hour…” Jessica replied.

“We just came over to say goodbye. We are heading out in a few minutes.” Jace said.

“Fun stuff!” Jessica replied. “Going to meet the mother! Are you nervous?”

“A little…” Amy confided.

“You shouldn’t be nervous…” Jace sighed.

“Isadora is pretty harmless. Just remember she is the woman who chose not to potty train her son and you will be fine.” Jessica said putting her hands onto Amy’s shoulders.

“Jess… Don’t fill her head with stuff.” Jace replied.

“Thanks for the advice…” Amy replied.

“And on that note! Goodbye Jessica; will see you next semester!” Jace said walking out the door.

Jessica let the door close before looking to Amy.

“I am going to miss you so much!” Jessica hugged Amy.

“I am going to miss you too! I promise I will text!” Amy replied.

“I know you will.” Jessica smiled. “Now go have fun with Jace. And try to get him to relax. But more importantly I want you to relax as well understand?” Jessica said.

“I promise I will.” Amy smiled back taking her leave.

The door shut behind Amy.

“Poor girl… Isadora is going to eat her alive.” Jessica said returning to her bed.


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Please enjoy!


“Punch bug green!” Amy reached over from the driver’s seat and hit Jace in the arm.

“Can we PLEASE stop playing this game?” Jace asked annoyed.

“No way, man! That is half the fun on a road trip.” Amy replied smiling returning to driving.

“I still think you made it up…” Jace said crossing his arms.

“Awe… are you going to pout now?” Amy teased. “I am surprised you never heard of it, it is like and international past time.”

“If the internet had not proved me wrong, I would not believe you.” Jace replied.

Amy smiled. They drove a beat in silence. Jace’s stomach growled loud. Amy looked over to Jace.

“Something you want to share with the class?” Amy asked.

“Sorry, my stomach has been upset since we left.” Jace replied rubbing his stomach.

Amy looked to Jace and frowned.

“Do you need to go potty?” Amy asked.

“Maybe, why don’t we pull off at the next exit.” Jace suggested.

“Sure!” Amy replied. “Do you mind grabbing me a juice from my bag? I am super thirsty.”

“Oh, yeah, one sec.” Jace rummaged through her bag.

“They are at the bottom.” Amy said focusing on driving.

“Got them. Mind if I have one?” Jace asked.

“Of course, can you open mine for me?” Amy asked.

“Here you are.” Jace replied handing Amy a small can.

Amy took it and drank it down, Jace doing the same.

“These tastes weird.” Amy commented on the drink. “What did you grab?”

Jace looked to the small can.

“Go Juice.” Jace replied setting the can into the cup holder. “Never tried these do you like them?”

“WHAT?” Amy shrieked scaring Jace.

“What’s wrong?” Jace yelped surprised at Amy’s response.

“Jaaaaaaaaceeeee…” Amy whined. “These are detox drinks!”

“What are detox drinks?” Jace asked.

“They make you poop!” Amy replied.

“Uhh…” Jace stammered.

“Well, you said that you might need to go potty… Definitely going to need to go now…” Amy replied.

“How long does it take for these to kick in?” Jace asked concerned.

“Like ten minutes. Hopefully, we find a place to stop.” Amy said looking at the road signs.

“Look!” Jace said pointing to a sign. “There is a gas station in five miles.”

“Think we can make it?” Amy asked sitting up in her seat.

“I mean I can make it.” Jace said putting his hand to his chest elegantly. “You… ehh.”

“You are such a little brat!” Amy replied.

“I am your brat!” Jace grinned to her.

Amy smiled to Jace before refocusing on the road. They drove in silence for the next few miles.

“So… not to critique your driving…” Jace began. “But do you think we could hurry up?”

“Starting to hit you too?” Amy asked.

Jace shook his head in agreement.

“How bad is it right now for you?” Amy asked.

“I would say about a seven but it’s getting worse. You?” Jace replied.

“I am at around a six.” Amy replied.

Jace turned to look back to the road.

“Only two more miles.” Jace said bouncing slightly in his seat.

“Mhmm…” Amy shook her head in agreement, pressure starting to swell in her belly.

Jace started tapping his hands on his legs, attempting to distract himself. Amy had sweat starting to form on her brow. Amy sped up slightly.

“Almost there.” Amy said as she began to exit.

“Yup.” Jace replied, his eyes forward.

They pulled up to a lighted intersection, they went to make a left turn; they had a red arrow. Amy had started to tap her thumbs on the steering wheel her body was a bit shaky. Jace stared intently at the light willing it to change.

The cross-traffic light had turned yellow. Jace let out a sigh of relief. Amy started bouncing.

“Come on…” Amy said concentrating, she started to inch the car further.

The cross-traffic light turned red. Amy stared to pull forward. The light turned green, but the turn arrow remained red.

“Are you kidding me?” Amy shouted to the light.

“Just give it a second…” Jace assured his desperate girlfriend.

Amy continued to inch into the intersection. The arrow turned green; Amy floored it through causing her tires to squeal. She quickly turned into the gas station parking lot. It looked run down and dirty, but right now neither of them cared.

Amy slammed on her brakes stopping the car. Quickly she put it into park, unbuckled and got out of the car; Jace was close behind her. They ran into the gas station.

“Restroom?” Amy asked desperately.

“Only have the one, on the side of the building. You’ll need the key.” The attendant handed a plunger with a key tied to the top of it.

Amy looked at it for a second not wanting to touch it.

“Thanks!” Jace said grabbing the key and Amy quickly walking out the door.

“Jace, I really need to go first…” Amy said as they fast walked to the side of the building.

“Amy, I really don’t think I can hold it.” Jace replied reaching the door.

“I don’t think I can either!” Amy replied, jumping on her heels.

“How do you want to decide?” Jace asked unlocking the door.

“Seriously?” Amy stated pushing Jace away and walking into the bathroom locking the door behind her.

“Come on Amy!” Jace pounded on the door.

“You are wearing a diaper!” Amy shouted back.

Jace could hear her going through the door.

“I don’t want to do that! Please! How long are you going to be?” Jace asked.

“This is going to take a while!” Amy called from the bathroom.

Jace started to pace, trying to hold it in. He had sweat forming on his brow. He started breathing deeply.

“Come on Amy…. Come on Amy…” Jace was trying to distract himself.

Jace thought that maybe sitting down would help. He walked back to the car and found that it was locked.

“Really?” Jace said angerly.

He walked back to the restroom.

“I need the car keys!” He said through the door.

“Just a minute, please!” Amy called.

Jace bounced up and down. He knew he was about to lose this battle.

“Amy… Please hurry!” Jace whined.

“Jace! Just wait a second!” Amy called.

“Amy! I can’t hold it much longer!” Jace whined.

“Then just go in your diaper!” Amy screamed.

Jace looked around and saw two middle schoolers walking by who heard Amy’s comment. Jace blushed and turned back to the door. Jace grabbed the door handle and squeezed tight hoping that it would be enough to distract him. He heard the toilet flush.

“Finally!” Jace said.

He heard Amy wash her hands.

“Hurry up!” Jace screamed.

“I’m done!” Amy said pushing the door open.

With Jace gripping the handle so tightly this sudden movement caught him off guard and he fell backwards. He tried to steady himself on the handle, but it was no use Jace hit the ground with a thud. Jace sat there his eyes squeezed shut.

“I am so sorry! Are you alright?” Amy said to Jace.

Jace did not reply he sat there with a contorted look on his face. He was still gripping the door handle.

“Jace? What’s wrong?” Amy asked concerned.

“Give me a minute…” Jace replied.

“Are you pooping!” Amy cried.

This caused the teenagers that were walking by to laugh.

“Please… just let me be…” Jace replied.

Jace could feel his mess fill the seat of his diaper. It was pushing its way up his back. There seemed to be no end in sight. Jace sat there filling a diaper more than he thinks he ever has in front of his first ever girlfriend.

Sure, this had happened before, but back then Amy was in the same mess with him, so they shared the embarrassment. Now it was just Jace sitting on the sidewalk pooping his pants like a toddler.

“Is baby gonna cry!” Called one of the middle schoolers.

“Come on Jace.” Amy said putting her hand under Jace’s shoulder.

“Not yet…” Jace said refusing to move.

Amy tried to shield her boyfriend from the middle schooler’s teasing by leaning in front of him. Amy saw Jace push into his diaper.

“Feel better?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…” Jace replied relieved.

“Better get you changed huh?” Amy spoke to him in a reassuring manner.

“Yes please…” Jace blushed and turned away.

Amy helped Jace stand up and helped him waddle into the bathroom.

“You stink!” Jace replied.

“You’re one to talk.” Amy replied. “Wait here, I’ll grab you a change.”

“Thank you…” Jace replied as Amy left.

Jace started to pull down his jeans. He noticed that he had leaked at the leg cuffs.

“Eww…” Jace said as he stepped out of his pants.

He lifted his shirt up on his back and looked in the mirror. Thankfully, he had not had a fully blown out diaper. He rolled his shirt up so that it would stay in place while changing. Amy came back into the bathroom and locked the doors.

“Did you get it on to your pants?” Amy asked setting her diaper bag / backpack down.

“Yeah…” Jace said ashamed.

“No big deal!” Amy said as she grabbed a changing pad, wipes, and a fresh diaper from her bag. “That is what I am here for!”

“Thank you…” Jace replied.

“Scoot!” Amy said as she rolled the changing mat out.

Jace stepped aside allowing the mat to roll out onto the gross bathroom floor. Jace waddled his way over.

“Want some help?” Amy asked.

“Please…” Jace whimpered.

Amy stood up and grabbed Jace by the hands. Together they lowered Jace gently onto his back. As Jace laid down he could feel his mess squish further out the top back of his diaper. Amy started to undo the tapes of Jace’s diaper.

“You really had a blowout!” Amy said referring to Jace’s seeping diaper.

“I’m…” Jace was cut off.

“Ahh! Don’t you apologize. I told you to use your diaper, didn’t I?” Amy stated.

Jace became quiet.

“Good!” Amy smiled as she went to work.

Amy pulled Jace’s diaper forward revealing his massive mess.

“Oh, baby! What did you eat?” Amy asked teasing.

“Tacos…” Jace said shyly.

“So, you are telling me this is all my fault?” Amy asked as she was wiping down her boyfriend’s dirty butt.

“I mean…” Jace said with a rising intonation while shrugging.

“In my defense, I did not think I would be cleaning a poopy diaper when I brought you tacos last night.” Amy smirked. “Butt up.”

Jace lifted.

“I also did not intend to have a poopy diaper today, so we are clear.” Jace said holding his body in an arch.

“Oh Jace, you blew out the top too…” Amy said disappointed. “Honestly, I wish we could just give you a bath…”

“Is it really that bad?” Jace asked.

“Honey, you were so full I am surprised you didn’t leak more.” Amy said as she reached to Jace’s back and cleaned the mess from his back.

“Oh… Do you have a GreatNite?” Jace asked still holding his pose.

“Yes…. Why?” Amy raised an eyebrow.

“Because I can make a Soggy Bottom!” Jace replied laughing.

“A what now?” Amy asked genuinely confused.

“Can I stand up?” Jace asked.

“Sure.” Amy replied.

Jace stood up and walked to Amy’s diaper bag and grabbed out a GreatNite and walked over to the sink. Amy watched her boyfriend with a poopy bum waddle around the tiny bathroom, unsure of what he was doing.

Jace took the GreatNite and put soap into it. He rubbed it so it covered the pull-up completely. He then moved to the sink and ran water into the GreatNite, enough so that it was wet but not soaked. Jace rubbed it again to create suds. He stepped into the GreatNite and pulled it up to his crotch.

Jace started rubbing the outside of the pull-up like he was washing his hair. Amy started laughing.

“What?” Jace asked as he continued his work.

“I just… That never occurred to me! That is ingenious!” Amy said.

“You don’t grow up in diapers without picking up a few tricks!” Jace winked to her.

“So, now what do we do with your Soggy Bottom?” Amy smiled to Jace.

“Now it’s just a change like regular!” Jace replied as he laid back down on the changing mat and scooted his butt back to Amy.

Amy ripped the sides of Jace’s GreatNite. Jace lifted his butt. Amy saw that Jace’s Soggy Bottom did a surprisingly good job cleaning him off. She wiped off just a few more spots before she finished.

“I am impressed.” Amy said unfolding the new diaper and placing it under Jace.

“They are my very own invention!” Jace smiled to Amy.

Amy pulled the diaper up and tapped her boyfriend shut. This diaper had the hearts as its patterns. Clearly one more aimed for girls than for boys. Jace stood up and started to dispose of the soiled diapers. Amy started folding up the changing mat and packing the supplies back up.

“Did you bring extra pants by any chance?” Jace asked.

“No… I am sorry. All your clothes are buried in the trunk.” Amy replied. “I do have this… It’s better than nothing.”

Amy held out a purple skirt with a bright pick elastic waistband. Jace looked at it with apprehension.

“It is this or nothing Jace.” Amy said pushing the skirt to him.

“Fine…” Jace replied as her grabbed the skirt. “Matches the diaper.”

“That’s the spirit! We are only going back to the car anyway.” Amy smiled putting her backpack on as Jace finished putting the skirt on.

“How do I look?” Jace asked looking at himself in the mirror.

“You look sexy!” Amy said slapping his ass. “Now let’s go!”

Jace and Amy exited the bathroom and walked back to the car. The crowed of middle schoolers had grown across the street as soon as he walked out, they all started laughing.

“Ignore them.” Amy said as she opened the backseat to put her bag in.

“Let’s just go…” Jace said as he got back into the car.

They drove the rest of the trip without incident.

Amy pulled into Jace’s childhood home. They saw the lights were on. Jace stepped out of the car, still in Amy’s skirt.

“Ready?” Jace asked.

“You bet!” Amy replied.


I went back and forth on the mother… Let me know how you think she turned out!

Thank you for the kind words! Please enjoy.


“OH MY! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” Isadora ran over to Jace as he walked through the door grabbing his cheeks and kissing him.

“Mom… stop…” Jace protested.

“What you move out for a semester and are suddenly too big for kisses from your mommy?” Isadora prodded then seeing Amy. “Oh! I see now, you are embarrassed to get kisses in front of your girlfriend.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Harrison!” Amy called from behind Jace.

“Oh heavens! Please come in! Just drop all your stuff there we’ll deal with it later.” Isadora said waving her hands and ushering the couple to the kitchen. “Are either of you hungry?”

“Starving!” Amy said, Jace tried to stop her. “What?”

“She is going to make you a feast now.” Jace whispered.

“Lovely! I just made up a few things in case either of you would be hungry. Please sit.” Isadora pointed to a small table.

There were three chairs, one looked normal. The other two, however, were made of plastic and looked to be converted highchairs made to fit older people. One was baby blue and looked to be more worn, and one was pink. There were no trays, but there were slots for them to be attached.

“Mom! Seriously?” Jace said.

“What?” Isadora asked innocently stirring a pot on a stove. “You said you were bringing home a girlfriend, so I wanted to make her feel like she belonged.”

Jace turned to Amy.

“I’m so freaking sorry!” He whispered to her.

“It’s fine Jace…” Amy whispered back, then turning to Isadora. “Thank you, Mrs. Harrison that was very thoughtful.”

Amy walked over and sat in the pink chair and scooted into the table.

“You are quite welcome dear.” Isadora grinned back to her.

Isadora moved from the stove and grabbed a bowl of tossed salad. In a swift move she grabbed plates from the kitchen and silverware from the drawer. Finally, she brought it all to the table, everything fell perfectly into its place.

“Holy wow!” Amy said wide eyed. “You are like Mary Poppins!”

“Aren’t you just a peach!” Isadora smiled, dishing out salad onto Amy’s plate. “So, what are you studying, love?”

“I am doubling actually.” Amy said as she began eating the salad. “In business and economics.”

“Oh wow! That is impressive, what do you plan to do with that?” Isadora asked.

“I am going to become a CEO.” Amy replied matter of fact.

“Now that’s a girl that know what she wants!” Isadora said returning to the kitchen. “I like her Jace! She’s a keeper.”

Amy smiled widely.

Jace was… confused to say the least. He knew she would pull something like the highchair stunt; however, he did not expect Amy and his mother to be getting along. He was expecting her to rag on Amy the entire time.

“Jace, are you going to stand there all night? And why are you wearing a dress?” Isadora asked peaking her head around a wall.

“I can answer that!” Amy’s pointed a finger in the air. “We had a little accident on the drive home, and we packed Jace’s pants at the bottom of the trunk, so we improvised.”

“Oh, Jace. Did you make a stinky?” Isadora asked like it was a normal topic of conversation.

“Yeah… but we cleaned him up nice. And he showed me what a Soggy Bottom was!” Amy replied.

“Oh my, it was bad enough that he needed a Soggy Bottom?” Isadora asked.

“Unfortunately, but it was the cutest idea I have ever seen!” Amy laughed.

Jace stood in the doorway and listened as Amy recounted the dirty diaper story to his mother as though she were catching up a parent picking up her kid from daycare. Jace walked to the table and sat in his blue highchair staring blankly in front of him. Jace started to eat his salad.

Isadora served up dishes of soup and a Cornish hen main dish with fixings. Amy’s eyes were getting wider and wider as she kept bringing out food. Jace noticed and laughed.

“Ma! Enough already! We are going to explode!” Jace said as he patted his stomach.

“It was all very delicious!” Amy said shaking her head in agreement.

“I did it again…” Isadora laughed and scoffed at herself standing in front of the sink. “I am sorry children; I have a knack for going overboard.”

“That must be where Jace gets it from!” Amy laughed.

“I am sorry Amy! Please forgive me!” Isadora put her hand to her head in an overly dramatic way.

“It is fine!” Amy giggled at her antics.

Jace smiled. This was a common routine in the Harrison household, his mother loved to be over the top with her dramatics. It was a fun thing that she would do for him when he was living here. Since he has moved away, he has started to miss it. He was happy to see that Amy was enjoying herself.

“Alright kids!” Isadora put he hands onto the counter facing Jace and Amy causing them both to jump.

“Don’t do that!” Jace said. “What do you want?”

“I have one more treat for you…” Isadora pouted.

“Jace!” Amy giggled. “Let her finish.”

“Fine! But no more food!” Jace shook his head.

“No more food I promise!” Isadora held her hand and crossed her heart up causing Amy to giggle more. “But I need your help! I bought a Disney+ subscription and I have been dying to watch the baby thing everyone has been talking about!”

“The Madalorian?” Amy clapped her hands excitedly. “We love that show!”

“Jace… do you think you could set up the den with the projector while Amy helps me with the dishes?” Isadora put a hand on her hip.

“Of course, he can!” Amy jumped up excitedly. “Come on, Jace! Let us get to work!”

“I am liking you more every second!” Isadora laughed at Amy’s enthusiasm.

Amy collected some dishes and rushed them to the kitchen. Jace stood up and looked to his mother.

LOVE HER! ” Isadora mouthed to Jace, nodding her head towards Amy.

Jace smiled and shook his head. He stood up and started walking to the den.

“I know that walk.” Isadora said. “Jace, when was the last time you had a diaper change?”

“He’s probably due for one.” Amy replied to Isadora, grabbing more dishes.

“Amy, do you mind finishing up the dishes while I change Jace?” Isadora asked drying her hands off.

“Of course, Mrs. Harrison!” Amy replied cheerfully.

Isadora walked over to Jace and grabbed his hand walking him to a back room. Isadora stood a few inches taller than Jace yet.

“I can do it myself…” Jace replied.

“Can and should are different things!” Isadora replied cheerfully.

She walked him into Jace’s bedroom.

“All the women in my life are literally insane…” Jace said as he looked around his room.

While Jace had moved out Isadora had done what Jace had feared and converted his room into a nursery. All the furniture was designed for an infant, but it looked as though it was meant for someone Jace’s size. He looked to his wall with the mural and saw that she had two cribs facing head-to-head.

“What is with that?” Jace asked pointing to the second crib.

“You didn’t think I would make Amy sleep on the floor, did you?” Isadora asked guiding Jace to the oversized changing table.

“We are both adults’ mother…” Jace sighed as he lifted himself up onto the changing table.

“And you certainly behave like it too!” Isadora congratulated Jace as she undid the tapes of his diaper.

“Please don’t make Amy and me sleep in cribs…” Jace said as he lifted his butt up for Isadora to wipe him clean and remove his wet diaper. “It is humiliating…”

“If you would rather sleep on the floor then so be it.” Isadora stated as she placed a fresh diaper under Jace. “I added a stuffer in case you fell asleep during the show.”

“I am not going to fall asleep.” Jace said setting his but down in the extra padded diaper.

“Humor me.” Isadora replied, taping the diaper shut. “I have a new outfit for you!”

“Is it something that is going to embarrass me deeply in front of my first and only girlfriend leaving scars that will take years of therapy to work through?” Jace asked.

“Naturally!” Isadora said gleefully.

She reached into a drawer under the changing table and grabbed a white and grey striped long sleeve snap crotch onesie with a picture of Baby Yoda on the chest. She then held up matching pants with a butt flap held up by buttons that had Dark Side written on the butt.

“You have got to be kidding me…” Jace said getting up from the table.

“Nope! I got them special for tonight, and you are going to look so adorable! I even got Amy a matching set in pink!” Isadora replied.

“Mother!” Jace shouted. “You need to stop doing these things! I have moved out for college… I have a girlfriend now…”

Isadora started to tear up.

“I know… I just thought…. Maybe for one last holiday…” Isadora sniffed.

“Ugh… alright fine. Give it to me!” Jace said grabbing the clothes. “But you can’t make Amy wear it!”

“I promise I won’t!” Isadora held up her hand and smiled. “You get dressed. I am going to help Amy.”

Isadora left. Jace looked to his clothes and smiled. He did think they were creative.

“There he is!” Isadora called as Jace walked back to the kitchen.

“Awe! Jace! Oh my God! You look so cute!” Amy squealed.

“You like them?” Isadora asked.

“I love them!” Amy replied.

“Would you like a pair?” Isadora asked and raised an eyebrow to Jace.

“Seriously?” Amy asked excitedly.

“You bet.” Isadora winked. “I got you and Jace a matching pair.”

“You are the best! Jace did you hear that!” Amy bounced.

“Yeah… I heard.” Jace replied, realizing that his mother had just won at a game he did not know he was playing. “I am going to set up the projector.”

“Why don’t we finish in here and then I can show you to the room?” Isadora said to Amy.

“That would be lovely! Thank you!” Amy turned and smiled to Jace.

Jace shook his head and walked to the den. Jace got to work setting up for a movie. He pulled up the couch and two beanbag chairs with sleeping bags. Jace started it up and looked to his makeshift movie theater. He was proud of himself.

“Are you guys almost ready?” Jace called.

“Ready!” Amy hopped to the den and pecked Jace on the cheek.

Jace saw that Amy had her hair tied up in pigtails that fell on either side of her head. As she walked past Jace noticed that she smelled like baby powder and had a slight crinkle. Jace looked to his mother with a confused expression.

“Is everything ready Jace?” Isadora asked.

“Yeah…” Jace looked back to Amy who had taken up residence in one of the bean bag chairs. “What did you guys do?”

“Nothing that Amy did not ask for or admit that it was for the best.” Isadora stated, taking a seat on the couch.

Jace waddled over to Amy and sat in the bean bag chair next to her.

“Amy?” Jace asked.

“What’s up buttercup!” Amy said touching his nose.

“Why are you wearing a diaper? Did my mother put you up to this?” Jace asked.

“Oh no, not at all!” Amy replied gleefully. “Isadora was helping me change into the pajamas she got for me and asked me if I considered wearing a diaper, we had a really great talk about everything. I told her about the hazing, and you know who, and how we got together. She makes a lot of sense; her and I agreed that it would be better if I joined you in diapers for the time that I was here. Like seriously Jace, I know I tried to push you to potty training, but I am sorry! Isadora is amazing she even styled my hair! Do you like it?”

“I do like it… I have just never seen you wear it this way.” Jace replied.

“I don’t usually wear it like this because I always thought it made me look young, but Isadora explained that wearing it like this makes me more feminine and powerful.” Amy replied.

“If you say so…” Jace looked back to his mother.

Isadora took a seat on the couch behind Jace and Amy.

“Come one Jace! Let us start the show!” Isadora said.

Jace started the projector. Jace sat back in his bean bag, feeling uncomfortable about Amy’s sudden change in attitude towards being in a diaper. He knew how his mother could get and how easy it was to get caught in her trance.

As the show started Isadora took a book that was sitting next to her and tucked it under the table.

Manipulative Psychology

By: Isadora Harrison


Manic morning!

Please enjoy!


Jace woke up and saw a mobile over his head, a camera hidden in its middle. The mobile was playing soft music as it rotated around, the little figures swaying as they moved. There was a faint light provided by a nightlight plugged into the wall.

Jace looked up and saw that Amy was sleeping in the crib next above his, they were head-to-head. She was curled up tightly around a teddy bear a pacifier in her mouth. She was sound asleep, snoring slightly sounding like she was purring.

Jace smiled to his sleeping girlfriend. She looked so peaceful and relaxed. Jace looked down to himself, he was tucked in tightly and felt just the right temperature of warmth. He took a deep breath and exhaled sinking into the soft mattress of his crib.

He looked to the wall and saw a small clock, 10:18 PM it read. Jace yawned and tried to get comfortable again. He started to drift off back to sleep until he felt a light tapping on his head. He looked up.

“Did I wake you?” Jace asked in a quiet voice.

“Yeth…” Amy replied from behind her pacifier rubbing her eyes.

“I am sorry. Please try to fall back asleep.” Jace responded closing his eyes.

“Jace…” Amy poked him again, taking her pacifier out… “I gotta go potty.”

“That is what your diaper is for…” Jace yawned.

“It’s hard to go laying down…” Amy replied.

“Okay…” Jace sighed rolling to his tummy. “It is easier to go if you get like this.”

Jace got on his hands and knees with his but slightly pointed downwards.

“Like this?” Amy asked trying to mimic Jace, her pacifier hanging off a clip.

“That’s it.” Jace encouraged. “Now just relax and let go.”

Jace and Amy held their positions for a silent moment, both were looking towards their respective diapers.


Jace looked up to see that Amy had a relaxed look on her face.


“Are you peeing too?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…” Jace replied giggling.

After a minute or so they had both successfully emptied their bladders and filled their diapers. Amy plopped down on to her stomach with her arms outstretched reaching through the bars that were separating them. Jace did the same, interlocking his finger’s with Amy’s.

“Jace…” Amy whispered squeezing his hands.

“Yes…” Jace replied in a gently tone.

“There is something that I have been thinking about and wanting to tell you for a while…” Amy replied. “But every time I try, I lose my nerve…”

“Go on…” Jace replied.

“Jace… I…”

The door creaked open. Both Jace and Amy jumped and let go of each other’s hands burying their faces into their pillows.

“Hey kids…” Isadora whispered, tiptoeing towards the cribs. “I know that you both are sound asleep, but I thought I heard some chatter on the baby monitor.”

Amy gasped quietly. Isadora reached down in each of Amy’s and Jace’s crib and leaving an item behind.

“I thought a late-night snack could help get you both back to dreamland…” Isadora gently closed the door as she left.

Neither Jace nor Amy moved for a minute.

“Did you know she had a baby monitor on us?” Amy asked.

“No…” Jace replied.

Neither of them moved again.


Amy’s stomach growled.

“Maybe I could use that midnight snack…” Amy whispered.

“I think I will too…” Jace said.

The pair rolled to their side and found a warm bottle of what appeared to be milk inside of it. Jace sighed and grabbed his.

“I am sorry Amy… You can unscrew the top.” Jace said.

“Meh… college life, remember?” Amy said as she put the nipple into her mouth.

“College life.” Jace laughed putting his lips around the bottle.

It took Amy some time before she figured out the rhythm to get the liquid flowing from the bottle to her mouth. Once she got it going, she let the warm fluid flow into the back of her throat and down to her stomach. The sucking motion and warm liquid felt calming to her. Her eyes started to close.

Jace started sucking his bottle and got the liquid to flow immediately. This was a familiar action to him. He put himself into his usual feeding position and drank down the warm liquid. Finally, Jace felt relaxed.

The next morning Jace awoke the morning sun hitting his face as it pierced the bars of his crib. He looked up to see Amy, however her crib was empty. Jace saw that the bars had been lowered and the bed made.

Jace sat up.

“Amy?” He asked.

He stood up to lower the bars to his crib letting him out. Amy walked in.

“Morning boyfriend!” Amy said cheerfully with a large grin on her face.

Jace sat on his knees as he watched his girlfriend bounce over to the crib. She had her hair tied into two short pigtail buns towards the back of her head, looking like poofy panda ears. She had thick leggings on with a skirt and a tan knit sweater on top.

“Don’t you look cute!” Jace smiled to Amy.

“You really like it?” Amy blushed letting Jace out of his crib.

“I do! I think you wear it very nicely.” Jace replied stepping out of his crib.

“Your mom is making breakfast, so she sent me in here to get you. You slept in so no time for a shower.” Amy said ushering Jace to the changing table.

Jace climbed up to the changing table.

“You will just need to deal with a stinky boyfriend I suppose.” Jace snickered.

“Do I have a stinky boyfriend?” Amy lifted an eyebrow.

“No…” Jace looked away.

“Good!” Amy hoped and smiled.

Amy pulled Jace’s pants down exposing his onesie. She undid all the snaps and slid the onesie up to Jace’s stomach. She saw that Jace had wet heavily during the night. She undid the tapes and peeled Jace’s diaper back.

“Jace Harrison! You put Baby Goliath away this instant!” Amy whispered, blushing.

“I’m sorry!” Jace laughed. “I can’t help it!”

“What are we going to do about this?” Amy said pulling Jace’s penis to one side and then releasing it like a spring.

“Not that!” Jace yelped reaching his hand down to his crotch.

“Hmm…” Amy said putting a finger to her lip and tapping it.

Amy looked to the crib and walked over to it. She reached into the mobile and turned off the monitor.

“What mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Amy turned back to Jace with a sinful grin.

Jace got an excited look on his face. Amy walked over and grabbed some wipes. She left Jace’s diaper underneath him and started cleaning off his testicles. She worked gently before making her way to the base of his shaft. Jace’s body tensed.

“Ahh, you like that baby?” Amy asked working her way further up.

“Very much…” Jace quivered.

Amy made her way to Jace’s shaft with the wipe. She cleaned all around it making sure to clean the top of his member. Jace moaned softly. Amy smiled seductively; she could fell her own arousal making her diaper moist. She felt naughty giving her boyfriend a tuggy while his mother was in the other room, but the exhibitionist in her felt this was too hot to stop.

Amy looked to the changing supplies and grabbed a bottle of baby oil.

“Ohh!” Jace moaned surprised by the cold liquid.

“Shh!” Amy giggled; she reached her hand over to cover Jace’s mouth.

Amy returned to pumping Jace, the oil lubricating him making it much easier. Jace started to suck one of Amy’s fingers. Amy bit her lip, she was rubbing Jace up and down faster and faster. She could feel his pre-cum start to drip out of his tip.

Amy increased the speed in which she was pumping. She was stroking Jace’s entire shaft. She could feel him start to pulsate, feeling the pressure build. Jace sucked harder indicating he was about to blow. Amy took her hand out of Jace’s mouth and quickly brought Jace’s wet diaper back up, pointing his cock into the saturated material.

Jace shot his load hard, he came so fast after Amy started with the baby oil. He breathed heavily enjoying the afterglow of an old fashion. Amy removed her hand from Jace’s cock leaving the heavy diaper on top of him. She grabbed more wipes and started to clean her hands smirking at a job well done.

“You’ll just need to pay me back later.” Amy whispered in his ear and kissed his forehead.

“Anything for you.” Jace pulled her in kissing her on the lips.

“Now! Where were we.” Amy said standing up wiping her hands on the front of her sweater.

Amy pulled down the front of Jace’s diaper and found that Baby Goliath had returned to its normal tiny size. Amy giggled at it; she still could not believe how small Jace was un-erected. She cleaned Jace off with ease. Jace instinctively lifted his butt up for Amy. She put a fresh diaper underneath him and sprinkled him with baby powder before tapping him shut.

“Look! I picked the out for you!” Amy replied, she was holding a pair of jeans with easy slip on elastic waist band, a white onesie with a bear on the butt, and a knit sweater that matched hers. “We match!”

“Oh boy…” Jace bemoaned as he sat up and removed his onesie.

“Jace, if you aren’t more fun today then you can just stay here!” Amy stomped her foot.

“Stay here?” Jace asked.

“Oops!” Amy squeaked and ran out the door.

Jace watched Amy in confusion as she ran away. He got dressed, snapping everything into place and raced after Amy.

“Amy what are you talking about?” Jace called as he finished getting ready.

“Good morning Jace.” Isadora said.

Amy sat in her highchair, Isadora putting the tray in front of her.

“Do we really need the trays?” Jace asked.

“Amy?” Isadora turned to let Amy answer.

“Jace, really, Isadora and I agreed that this will be so much better for us to eat with them. It’s just practical.” Amy said like she was explaining something obvious.

“See Jace, better to just do what she says and not cause a fuse. Thank you, Amy.” Isadora replied, tying a bib around her neck.

Jace walked and sat in his highchair. Isadora walked up and closed the tray putting a bowl of oatmeal in front of him. Isadora walked behind Jace and tied a bib around his neck mirroring Amy.

“Would you like some help?” Isadora asked Jace.

“I got it!” Jace shooed her away.

“Boys can be so difficult sometimes.” Amy laughed exasperated to Isadora.

“You’re telling me!” Isadora replied.

Jace started to eat his oatmeal quietly, his face turning red. Isadora sat on in her chair between Jace and Amy.

“Okay kids, Amy I know you already know, but Jace I have a surprise for you.” Isadora smiled.

“What is it?” Jace asked his mother confused.

“We are going to Lake Crescent!” Amy squealed and kicked her feet.

“For real?” Jace asked excitedly. “I thought you said we weren’t going this year.”

“Consider it an early present from me to both of you.” Isadora grinned.

“That’s awesome! We should tell Jess!” Jace replied.

“I already told her!” Amy said excitedly kicking her feet. “Her and Kelly are meeting us at the lodge later tonight! The lodge Jace.”

“Mom, this is… Thank you!” Jace said.

“Jace. Amy.” Isadora grabbed each of their hands. “Life is stressful, and I know you both are trying your best to be the best big people you can be, so please have fun this week okay!”

“Okay!” Jace and Amy replied in unison.


I feel a reunion with Gina coming on…

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Had to adjust a bit! But we are back on track.

Please enjoy!


“There’s the lake!” Jace said pointing out the window.

“Wow!” Amy stared wide eyes with twinkles in her eyes. “It’s like something from a movie.”

Amy looked to the frozen lake and saw a tiny village that was perched on a hillside overlooking the water. The sun was just starting to set on the town giving it a golden glow. Close the shore they could see that there was a space cleared for people to ice skate. Next to it was a shack serving food and drinks. Amy could not contain her amassment.

“Jace when you described this place, I never imagined it would be this pretty!” Amy said leaning over and grabbing Jace’s arm.

“I am glad you like it! This is my favorite place.” Jace replied.

“How long until we get there?” Amy asked.

“Not much longer, probably about twenty minutes.” Isadora said.

“Are you in a hurry?” Jace asked jokingly.

“I’m just excited.” Amy smiled.

“The lodge is on the bottom of the hill; you can walk to the lake and market from there.” Isadora said to the back.

“What do you want to do first?” Jace asked.

“How about we get you two changed first. We have been driving all day and I bet you both have droopy drawers.” Isadora looked into the child viewer.

Jace looked to Amy apologetically, but Amy was paying no mind. She was too interested in studying the town. They drove behind a hill and into a woody snowy landscape.

“This is so cool Jace!” Amy grabbed Jace’s arm. “It is like something out of a fantasy!”

They took a windy road, short stone walls dotting the sides.

“Here it comes!” Jace smiled.

“What?” Amy asked confused.

“Amy, watch in front of us.” Isadora said.

Amy leaned in the center and looked through the windshield. They came upon a stone with spires and towers as though this was a fortress to be protected. There was a large opening that was being monitored.

“This wall was said to be originally constructed to keep the forest trolls from eating children…” Isadora grumbled in a low cracked voice.

“Stop trying to scare her mom!” Jace retorted. “They just built it when they were building the resort.”

“I think I will believe it keeps the trolls out.” Amy smiled back to Jace.

They pulled up to the crossing guard.

“Good evening madam.” The guard greeted. “May I ask the name of the party?”

“Harrison… and guest.” Isadora replied.

The guard radioed the name in. A few seconds went by before there was a reply.

“Welcome back, Mrs. Harrison. We have your room ready. Your guest will need to register at the front desk.” The guard replied.

“I already took care of that over the phone!” Isadora snapped back.

“Correct madam, but since she is not related to you, they will need to do an ID verification at the desk.” The guard replied.

“Well, this is ridiculous!” Isadora replied angrily. “You had better tell them that I will want to speak to someone about this.”

“I will let the desk know you are on your way… trust me.” The guard replied as he lifted the barrier arm allowing them to enter.

“I am sorry for all the grumpy talk kids!” Isadora said in a cheery voice as though she did not just scream at an attendant.

They pulled up to the lodge.

“Good evening Mrs. Harrison!” The valet greeted opening her door.

“Take care of everything.” Isadora snapped. “Come on kids, to the front desk.”

Jace grabbed his backpack and Amy hers as they waddle slightly behind Isadora. They approached the front desk.


‘SOS! SOS! ~Jace Windu.’

‘Copy! ~Jess.’

‘Please save us from my mother. ~Jace Windu.’

‘You guys here already? ~Jess.’

‘Yes, and my mom is on some kind of Karen war path. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Rough buddy… Where you at? ~Jess.’

‘Approaching front desk. ~Jace Windu.’

‘Sweet, need to talk to your mom anyway. Will run interference! ~Jess.’

‘Owe you! ~Jace Windu.’

Jace put his phone back into his pocket and caught up to Amy and Isadora.

“I booked everything in advance for a reason! I did not want to need to go through this when we got here!” Isadora screeched. “We have been driving all day!”

“Mam, we just need to do a simple ID check. Miss, do you have your identification?” The attendant asked.

“It’s fine Mrs. Harrison…” Amy replied embarrassed about this sudden outburst.

Amy slid her ID over. Isadora did not like how Amy took charge suddenly.

“Ahh, see this is why we do this. Miss. Applegate was registered as a child, but she is old enough for an adult card.” The attendant replied.

Isadora huffed behind Amy.

“What’s going on?” Jace asked.

“Nothing. They just screwed up our reservation.” Isadora replied.

“Oh… What happened?” Jace asked.

“Your girlfriend seems to know what she is doing. Ask her.” Isadora went to retrieve it.

“Miss.” The attendant said to Amy. “It says that on this reservation there is one more child listed. Is there a possibility there was a mix up with that one as well?”

“Yes!” Jace replied raising his hand.

Isadora did not like how this was all happening, she had plans to follow through with. She saw Jace’s wallet sticking out of his back pocket. She reached down and grabbed it, his thick padding making it so that he did not feel her, she quickly turned away.

“I am so ready to have this updated!” Jace said smiling. “I have been waiting forever for this!”

“Finally get to graduate to a big boy huh?” The attendant joked.

“Absolutely!” Jace replied not caring for the comment.

He reached for his wallet.

“Something wrong?” Amy asked.

“I think I dropped my wallet in the car. Hold on one second.” Jace turned to run back to the car.

“Oh! Jace, you need to be careful!” Isadora said catching Jace.

“Sorry mom, but I dropped my wallet in the car, and I need my ID to update the registration.” Jace replied.

“Here is your wallet! I found it on the ground over there.” Isadora said handing Jace’s wallet back.

“Thanks…” Jace replied looking for his ID. “No! no! no! Come on!”

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Isadora asked.

“My ID is gone!” Jace replied.

“I bet someone took it to use it to get their card age upgraded!” Isadora planted the idea into Jace’s head.

“I bet you are right…” Jace replied.

Jace turned back to the attendant.

“Problem?” Amy asked.

“I lost my ID…” Jace said defeated.

“I am sorry sir, but without an ID I cannot update your registration.” The attendant stated.

“Isn’t there something that we could…” Amy began.

“You heard her Amy, let’s not argue.” Isadora said. “Can we have our cards now?”

“Sure…” The attendant replied sliding three cards two red and one blue.

“What is the difference anyway?” Amy asked.

“Amy, Jace!” Jessica called. “Long time, no see!”

“I missed you so much!” Amy ran over and hugged Jessica.

“I see that you have embraced your inner child with Jace.” Jessica smiled patting her butt.

“Isadora said…” Amy began.

“I know what Isadora must have said.” Jessica cut her off. “I am just happy you are having a good time, are you having fun and more importantly relaxing?”

“Oh my gosh… Jess I slept so well last night, and Jace and I have been having so much fun!” Amy replied.

“I am just happy you are happy.” Jessica smiled back.

“Hey Jess.” Jace said hugging his friend.

“Glad to see you in such good spirits.” Jessica replied.

“I am just happy to be here with Amy…” Jace scratched the back of his neck.

Jessica grabbed his arm gently and smiled.

“Jessica! So lovely to see you.” Isadora said.

“Isadora, a pleasure as always.” Jessica replied.

“I was just going to get the kids up to the room for a change. Aren’t you meeting them later?” Isadora asked.

Jace made a face to Jessica.

“I actually had a question regarding my thesis project. And I wanted your input.” Jessica replied stepping between Isadora and Amy.

“Can it wait Jessica? We just got here and…” Isadora was cut off.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Harrison! Jace can show me the room…” Amy grabbed Jace’s arm and smiled.

“I really…” Isadora was cut off again.

“I have a specific question. About the thing.” Jessica said blocking Jace and Amy.

“Ugh… fine… Jace, Amy can you wait in the room please?” Isadora asked.

“Sure, thing mom!” Jace replied running to the elevator.

“Bye!” Amy said running after him.

Isadora grabbed Jessica by the arm and walked her over to some couches and pushed her down onto one.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Isadora demanded angrily.

“What? You said that I could still see them.” Jessica responded.

“If you bring up your thesis or my study in front of them again, I swear I will pull your name off the study.” Isadora responded.

Jessica looked down. If she were able to get her name on a study with a published psychologist like Isadora it would set her up in her career.

“I don’t want that…” Jessica responded.

“Now what is so important?” Isadora asked.

“Here…” Jessica said holding out two vials of clear liquid. “The refill of the suggestive drug you wanted.”

“Excellent.” Isadora said grabbing the vials. “They are not lasting as long as you told me you would.”

“Be lucky I was able to get any at all… I had to call someone I would have rather left alone.” Jessica replied rubbing her arms.

“Jessica, in a week this will all be over, and we will both get what we want.” Isadora replied putting the vials into her purse.

“Just go easy on that stuff… The first amount should have been more than enough.” Jessica said.

“I didn’t expect Amy to be so… difficult.” Isadora replied through pursed lips.

“Don’t forget what we agreed to! I want her to be happy and comfortable.” Jessica said becoming a little more demanding towards Isadora.

“Yes… she will be comfortable.” Isadora said impatiently. “Now, I will get her the next dose. You do your part when she comes to you.”

Isadora turned to walk away.

“I am liking this less and less…” Jessica replied.


Hopefully this chapter and the next solves all the back story plot so that we can finally get back to Gina! It has been forever since we have seen her… What was she doing again? Was she supposed to do something?

Please enjoy!


“I am going to beat you!” Jace called running down the hall.

“No fair! I have little legs!” Amy called back trying to keep up with her boyfriend.

Jace got to the hotel room and fumbled to get his card in the door. Amy ran up next to him and body slammed into him.

“Oof!” Jace said catching himself.

“Ha! Win!” Amy said as she got her key in the door.

“You cheated!” Jace whined.

“I didn’t cheat! I just used my ass-etts!” Amy replied shaking her butt to Jace.

Amy opened the door and walked in.

“Oh, wow!” Amy said looking around.

The room opened to a large kitchen and dining area. There was floor to ceiling windows that had a view of Lake Crescent. Amy walked across the room to a balcony; she opened the door and stepped out. She put her hands on the railing and smiled out to the frozen Lake.

“Jace, this is beautiful!” Amy said.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Jace smiled as he stepped next to Amy, putting a hand around her waist.

Amy let herself fall closer to Jace.

“You are wonderful.” Amy said kissing Jace.

Jace turned Amy towards him and slid his arm behind her neck. He pulled her close looking into Amy’s eyes. Amy returned Jace’s gaze letting herself be enveloped by the moment. Jace brought his head in close pulling Amy. Their lips touched, Jace feeling Amy’s soft lips against his. They savored the moment, finally resting on each other’s foreheads.

“Can I keep you?” Jace whispered to Amy.

“You better.” Amy whispered back hugging him tighter.

“Amy… there is something that I have been wanting to say to you too…” Jace said.

Amy looked up to Jace with loving eyes fixed on his.

“It’s like you said, every time I try, I lose my nerve…” Jace continued.

“Go on…” Amy encouraged.

“Amy… you mean the world to me and I… I…” Jace looked down to his pants.

Amy took a step back.

“Oh, Jace! You’re leaking.” Amy said looking to a growing wet spot on Jace’s leg.

“Oh, no…” Jace looked down and saw himself leaking down his pant leg.

“Come on… let’s get you cleaned up…” Amy took Jace’s hand and led him into the living room.

Amy went to her backpack and grabbed a fresh poof diaper, changing pad, wipes, and powder. Amy unfurled the mat.

“Lay down.” Amy instructed.

Jace did as he was told. Amy slid down his pants and then unsnapped his onesie.

“Thankfully, your sweater is dry, but we are going to need to get that onesie off.” Amy instructed. “Let me help you.”

Amy grabbed Jace’s hand and lifted him up into a sitting position. She helped him take off his sweater and put it to the side. Then sliding his onesie off leaving Jace in only a diaper.

“I really liked this onesie too…” Amy said setting it aside.

“I’m sorry…” Jace said turning red.

“Why are you apologizing?” Amy asked untapping his diaper.

“Because I leaked…” Jace replied.

“Did you try to leak?” Amy asked wiping him down.

“No…” Jace replied.

“Then you don’t need to apologize! Just keep being cute!” Amy smiled. “Butt up please!”

Jace lifted his butt as Amy removed his soiled diaper and replaced it with a clean one. She powdered his front and then taped him shut. Amy handed Jace his sweater.

“Thank you…” Jace said putting his shirt back on.

“You are welcome.” Amy smiled standing up.

“Do you need a change?” Jace asked.

“No, I am still dry.” Amy responded.

“Amy… Why are you going along with my mom?” Jace asked looking up to Amy.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

“I just mean the diapers and the crib and the highchair… Like what’s really going on?” Jace asked.

“I… Just thought… Isadora and I agreed that it would be better.” Amy said shaking her head sitting on the couch.

“What are you talking about?” Jace looked to her curiously.

“I just mean. Well, you are in diapers… can’t I be too?” Amy replied looking as though she was confused by her own words.

“Amy, is something wrong?” Jace asked standing up walking to Amy.

“No… I’m fine…” Amy replied.

“Hey kids! Sorry about the delay.” Isadora said walking through the door.

“Hey mom… I think that Amy might be starting to get sick.” Jace said.

“Oh, no. What’s wrong dear?” Isadora asked.

“Just… a little lightheaded is all.” Amy replied.

Isadora walked to them.

“Let me look at her.” Isadora replied.


“Shoot, Jace that is the valet. Can you please get it?” Isadora asked.

“Umm… sure.” Jace said standing up looking to Amy with concern.

Jace walked over and opened the door.

“Oh! Sorry to catch you at a bad time sir…” The bell hop tilted their hat.

Jace looked down and realized he had opened the door without any pants on. He turned red with embarrassment. Jace tried to hide behind the door.

“No, problem! Drop the bags at the front.” Isadora called.

“Yes, mam!” The bell hop replied, unloading the bags.

Once finished, the bell hop looked over to Isadora who was busy tending to Amy and then back to Jace.

“Is this a bad time to ask for a tip?” The bell hop asked.

“Oh… uhh…” Jace said reaching around his body.

“I get it…” The bell hop said walking out the door. “Your wallet is in your OTHER diaper. Have a good night.”

The bell hop left Jace closed the door on him and ran back to Amy and his mother.

“Is she alright?” Jace asked.

“Of course, I am alright.” Amy smiled back to him.

Jace looked to Amy with confusion and then to his mother for an explanation.

“She just got a head rush when you two ran up here.” Isadora scolded. “Jace… Amy is just a little girl and can’t play as rough as you alright?”

“I don’t understand…” Jace replied.

“I am fine Jace! I just have tiny legs is all.” Amy replied giggling. “We need to get back to Jessica!”

“If you are sure…” Jace replied.

“Jace, she is fine.” Isadora replied sharply. “I would come with you, but since Amy is registered as an adult now, I guess I am no longer needed.”

“That’s not true!” Amy whined.

“It is fine.” Isadora smiled. “You two have fun.”

Jace looked to his mother a look of intrigue on his face.

“Come on Jace!” Amy said hopping up. “Jess is waiting.”

“Are you sure you are alright?” Jace asked Amy.

“Yes! Jeepers Jace, you worry too much.” Amy replied.

Amy walked over to Jace’s bag and grabbed him new jeans.

“Come on already!” Amy said tossing him the pants.

“You better get going sweetheart, she sounds like she means business.” Isadora said smiling.

As soon as Jace had his pants over his diaper Amy grabbed his wrist and started pulling him to the door.