Lady Triumph's Diaper Drone

Titanium Boy could not believe his eyes.

He knew that Lady Triumph had fallen off the hero wagon. Her crimes had been subtle at first. Things that almost weren’t bad enough to be considered evil. Working with villains to accomplish a common goal for the greater good. Refusing to intervene in certain conflicts that she claimed were too ethically dubious.

Now, it was undeniable. He’d allowed their friendship to blind him, he’d taken too long to act, and now she’d fallen to true depravity.

The figure his nano-probe was showing him was none other than Spark, the electric lad. One of the greatest up-and-coming heroes, and certainly one of the most popular. Without the bio-scan confirming this, though, Titanium Boy never would have known it.

Spark, his ally, his friend, was on his hands and knees, body covered tightly in a bright pink, rubber suit. His hands were covered with balled rubber mittens, and rigid straps hooked his ankles to his legs so that he could not possibly stand. A shock collar was tight around his neck - ironic, given his powers. Around his head, a hood covered everything except his mouth, with glossy, thick blinder goggles that would limit his vision to only a foot or so in front of his face. Even his mouth, though it was the only part of his body not covered by skintight rubber or plastic, was held open with a hard red ball gag.

According to the metal detector in his probe, a hard, steel cage was locked around Spark’s… Titanium Boy didn’t like to think about that.

The most depraved thing, though, was the immensely thick, bulging area around his midsection, wrapped between his legs. By the outline, Titanium Boy knew that it was an enormous diaper, pulled tight against Spark’s body by the rubber suit.

It would have been hellish to be inside. His range of motion was minimal, his vision was reduced to nearly nothing, and it was unclear if he could hear anything. He was perfectly restrained, and with all the rubber, his electrical powers would be all but impotent.

And Lady Triumph was standing over him, holding a simple remote control. “Drone. How long have you been in your diaper?”

Spark could barely respond with his gag, but he moaned over it. “Thfbbteef…”

Thirty? Thirty what? Titanium Boy thought, watching his probe’s video feed on a heads up display.

“Only thirty hours? You know you won’t be given a change for a week,” Lady Triumph giggled. Her own hero costume, formerly one of heroic blues and reds, had been traded in for a shocking leather outfit of deep purple and crimson. “You will push into your diapers, now.”

Spark was compelled to obey, though by what mechanism, Titanium Boy couldn’t tell. Lady Triumph’s powers were the classic variety - super strength, flight, invulnerability. She was no hypnotist, or at least she hadn’t been.

And yet, Spark bent down even more, his massive diaper waving in the air, and he began to grunt softly as he obeyed the command.

Lady Triumph giggled. “It’s good that your suit contains your smells,” she commented. “So that the only one who has to smell your little messes is you. Otherwise, you might be so repulsive that you wouldn’t be worthy of serving me.”

Oh, god, Titanium Boy realized. The rubber suit had some sort of enclosed, circulating air system. With even just a little mess, it had to stink something awful, and if Spark had already been in that outfit for more than a day…

He had to get him out.

“Going into stealth mode,” he said aloud, and his metallic suit turned dark black as he approached Lady Triumph’s manor.

Security was light. Her manor was no fortress - though she’d gone the way of evil, Lady Triumph hadn’t yet acquired the posse of minions that all supervillains seemed to accrue over time.

He was able to get past the cameras without them noticing, using his probes to watch out for blind spots he could slip through. All the while, he watched the torture of his friend unfold.

Spark was forced to crawl behind Lady Triumph, though she would occasionally stop and send an electric shock down his collar, making him squirm and gasp in pain. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to it, she just inflicted pain for the sake of it as they crossed her manor, into her office.

There, someone was waiting for her.

Titanium Boy stopped, focusing his attention on the probe’s video feed. Triumph had slammed the door shut, and his probe had to peer through the crack on the floor, able to see only waists and below - including all of Spark, since he was on all fours. Who is this intruder?

“Lady Triumph,” the rumbling basso voice said, spinning around in her own desk chair. “You’ve been avoiding my calls, but this is urgent. You… have company, I see.”

“She cannot see nor hear you,” Lady Triumph said. “And I’ve been too busy to talk.”


Lady Triumph continued, “My voice is the only one in her ears. Drone, go sit in the corner and find something to hump while I conduct my business.”

Compelled to obey, Spark crawled off to the corner, whimpering softly as he began to grind on the leg of a chair, impotently humping it through his layers of rubber and thick, disgustingly full diapers.

“You have her well trained,” the visitor commented.

“She never disobeys, no matter what,” Lady Triumph replied. “Why, would you like her to give you a little… service while you’re here?”

“That’s not to my… interests,” the visitor said, simply. “Now, for the little… present that you wanted to have arranged for the league.”

“They can’t find out about this,” Lady Triumph said. “You know they’ve got ears everywhere. If anyone hears what we’re planning-”

The figure chuckled, voice almost impossibly deep. “They won’t. I’ve seen it… seen to it. Not a single hero knows what we’re… planning to do to them.”

They’re talking about the League of Heroes, Titanium Boy realized, watching the feed - though all he could see was Spark, in his pink bodysuit, humping fervently as he’d been forced to do.

“Then why the meeting?” Lady Triumph demanded.

“The… How do you say, the price has gone up.”


There was a tense pause, and all the while soft whimpers came from the corner as Spark tried desperately to feel something between layers of muck and impossibly tight rubber.

Finally, the visitor continued. “The… bakery… said that they needed some ‘special ingredients’ to make what you want in time. It’ll be twenty percent more.”

“Dammit,” Lady Triumph said. “Fine, pay it. Pay whatever they want, this has to go off without a hitch.”

“I thought you’d say that,” the visitor chuckled. “Fine. That’s all I needed from you.”

Lady Triumph sounded annoyed. “And you had to come all the way here to talk to me about it?”

“You insisted on not leaving a paper trail,” the visitor said. “And it wasn’t out of my way. I was never really here.”

And, with a blink, their shadow vanished from the frame.

“Well that just pisses me off,” Lady Triumph said, to nobody in particular. “Drone, I’ve got some work to do. Come under my desk and make your mouth good for something while I work.”

Spark ceased his humping, rolling onto all fours and crawling in the loose direction of her desk. She sat down, just on the edge of where the camera could see, unhooking Spark’s gag and slipping down her panties so that Spark could put his face beneath her leather skirt.

Lady Triumph started making little satisfied noises of her own, and Titanium Boy cut off the camera feed. He didn’t need to see that.

His suit was a technological marvel, and it let him breach the locks on the doors silently, nanobots climbing inside and turning the pins without tripping any alarms. As the exterior shifted colors, camouflage keeping up with the color of the walls, he snuck through the home and towards the office.

As close as he was, he no longer needed his probe’s camera to hear what was going on. Lady Triumph was making noises that were positively dripping with satisfaction, her voice a low purr.

“Yes… yes, that’s perfect…” she whispered. “Show your owner how you want to serve her… Show me how all you’re good for is filling your diapers and making your owner feel so good.”

That’s it. No more delay, it’s time for a rescue.

Stepping forward, Titanium Boy raised a metal-clad leg and kicked down the office door. “Lady Triumph, your wicked ways have come to an en- Crap!”

Her reaction time was remarkably good. Before he could finish the statement, she had flung a heavy blade at him from beneath the desk, and he had to duck to avoid the attack.

Tucking and rolling, he came into the room, combat bots deploying from the back of his armor. Lady Triumph had no explicit weaknesses, but she wasn’t resistant to sonic attacks, so he had the bots unleash a pulse of hard sound against her, making the former hero stagger.

More blades flew. Considering her powerset leaned towards physical, her use of ranged attacks just felt unfair, and as the hardened knives flew through the bots, they turned it into a straight one-on-one fight.

Titanium Boy braced himself for a hard charge, but instead she bent and grabbed Spark, hauling him bodily to the side of the room, so that he wouldn’t be in the line of fire. There wasn’t a lot of room for combat, and even one or two blows could easily turn the sway of the fight, and yet she’d taken time to get him away from the battle. It was almost… defensive ?

He got it. Her control over him had to be tentative, easily broken. She was worried he would free Spark’s mind and turn it into a two-on-one fight.

That was the plan, then. In a straight battle, Lady Triumph had the edge, but with Spark backing him up he would have a strong chance of winning.

Dodging to the side, thrusters making him quick and light, he dove past her reach, rolled next to his rubber-clad friend, and shot his hand out, ripping the rubber hood free.

In that instant, Spark’s vision was cleared, his hearing returned, and he could suddenly look around and see-

“Greg?!” he yelped, face turning bright pink.

With the rubber head gone, the smells that had been contained inside the rubber were released into the room, and Titanium Boy gagged, pinching his nose. “ We don’t use our real names in the field,” he reminded, spinning to face Lady Triumph. “Now help me take her down and we’ll get you out of here.”

To his surprise, though, Lady Triumph wasn’t preparing an attack, she was just staring. “ Greg, what the fuck are you doing here, attacking me in my office ?”

“What am I doing here?” his eyebrows shot up. “You kidnapped Spark, and you’re planning to attack the League! I came to stop you!”

“The league- They know about this?” Spark’s expression turned afraid, and his blush deepend. “No, no, no-”

“Shh, it’s alright sweetie,” Lady Triumph said quickly. “Greg… Titanium Boy, whatever. Who else knows you’re here?”

“The Redeemer knew I was looking for Spark,” Titanium Boy said. “But I hadn’t reported his disappearance to the league yet. I wasn’t sure until my probe caught wind of his bio scan, and then there wasn’t time to send for help before the rescue.”

“The resc- Jesus christ, haven’t you heard of just calling and asking what’s going on?” Lady Triumph crossed the room, stalking past him and crouching next to Spark. “Hey, baby. Do you want out of there?”

“I… I don’t know,” Spark mumbled. “Um… give me a minute?”

“I’m confused,” Titanium Boy said. “What did you do to him?”

“Goddamned straight-laced-” Lady Triumph got to her feet. “I’m her mistress, you dolt.”

Her? ” he frowned. “ Mistress?”

“When we’re playing, her name is Suzy,” Lady Triumph said. “Though, at the moment she doesn’t get a name, she asked to give up all her control for a week.”


“You’ve never even heard of bondage play, have you?” Lady Triumph sighed.

He looked down at Spark. Or… Suzy? “Spark, how do I know you’re not being controlled by her?”

“I… oranges,” Spark replied, blush so deep that he almost looked sunburnt.


“It’s our safe word,” Lady Triumph rolled her eyes. “You want to get clean, baby?”

“Just… Can I get some water?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Lady Triumph crossed to the little wet bar on the side of her office. A couple bottles had been broken, but the water pitcher was still intact and she poured a cup, bringing it back to Spark… Suzy… and helping her drink. “Is that better?”

“Yeah…” Suzy looked up at Titanium Boy. “Greg, I asked to be here. If you tell anyone about this, I’ll freakin’ kill you.”

“Wait… what about the attack on the league?” he asked. “I heard you planning-”

“A surprise party.” Lady Triumph threw up her hands. “It’s my tenth anniversary of joining in a week, I’m throwing a celebration but I didn’t want anyone to know. I don’t want anyone to get me gifts.”

“Then why was he talking all suspicious?”

“Luis’ first language isn’t english, you ass. He didn’t know all the words.”

He frowned, feeling particularly awkward. “I… I guess I just really don’t understand this.”

“No, you don’t.” She stepped up close to him, her gaze sparkling. “You don’t ever get tired of having to be in control all the time? Having to be in charge?”

“I mean…” Titanium Boy frowned. “I need to be a symbol for the people.”

“And isn’t that exhausting?” She raised an eyebrow. “Can’t you see the appeal of letting someone else handle your decisions for a while?”

“Uh…” Titanium Boy didn’t know what he was feeling. It wasn’t bad, it was just… a bit of whiplash.

“Well, then.” She smirked at him. “If you want a little lesson in why it could be so appealing, come back in a week. My little toy needs some special attention now that someone ruined our scene, but I’d be happy to give you a little entry tutorial.”

Why is my throat dry? He swallowed. “Um…”

“Just think it over, while you are on your way out.” She pointed at the door. “Speaking of which…”

“Right, sorry. On my way out.”

“Good.” Lady Triumph turned her back to him, facing spark. “And if my little drone thinks she’ll get an early diaper change because of this, she’s sorely mistaken.”

Spark, or Suzy, or whatever they wanted to be called, smiled in delight and squirmed.

Titanium Boy locked the doors he’d opened on the way in, leaving the manor in a confused haze. I… guess I have a lot to learn.

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