Lady Triumph & Her Titanium Toy (Illustrated)

This story is a sequel to ‘Lady Triumph’s Diaper Drone’. It can be read and enjoyed as a standalone, but if you want context for some of the setup, I’d recommend reading that story first!

To avoid spoilers for what happens in the story, I put the illustration at the end.

Titanium Boy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, reminding himself that he’d asked to come here.

He still wasn’t exactly sure why. The ideas were repulsive. Diapers? Domination? That wasn’t his thing. And yet… the image of his friend, bound and helpless, voluntarily… it kept rattling around in his head, an image he couldn’t forget.

Lady Triumph had instructed him to take off his armor before she would talk, but her own costume - the purple and red variant she’d been wearing when controlling Spark - was still firmly in place, emphasizing her ‘heroic curves’.

Without his armor, he was just another person, and Lady Triumph was… not. Consent aside, he would be helpless if she did have any untoward designs. He trusted her, though. That wasn’t what scared him.

“You asked for this meeting,” Lady Triumph pointed out.

“Well… yeah. You said you could… teach me,” he said, looking down at his feet. He was just in the elastic black undersuit he wore beneath his armor, which covered most of his body with skintight fabric that was always a comfortable temperature. Without his armor didn’t mean he lacked any tech on him whatsoever.

“You want to learn why someone would submit themself,” she stated.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“That wasn’t a question.”

Something squirmed inside him at her tone. “O-okay.”

“I’m going to ask you a couple questions,” Lady Triumph said. “I want you to answer honestly. How much do you know about BD/SM play?”

“Only, like… it involves handcuffs? And spanking, I think, and whatever I saw you doing.”

She chuckled. “It’s more complicated than that, but at least you don’t have any wrong ideas. Do you trust me?”

“You’ve saved my life a couple times. I’ve saved yours. Even when we disagree, you’ve never hurt me,” Titanium Boy said. “I trust you with my life.”

She frowned. “Then what about last week?”

“I misjudged, because my friend was in trouble. I won’t do it again.”

Lady Triumph nodded. “Do you masturbate?”

He blushed. “I mean, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.”

“That wasn’t an answer.” Her gaze bored into him, insistent despite his desire to avoid confessing, despite how obvious the truth was.

“Yes,” he said.

“How often?”

He looked away. “Like… once a day, or so? Before bed, usually.”

“Look at me.”

Titanium Boy looked up, meeting her gaze.

She returned his stare with her own. “How would you feel about being a machine, like one of the bots that you use for combat?”

He shook his head. “I don’t follow.”

“Just an object that commands can be given to,” Lady Triumph clarified. “No autonomy of your own, because you’re just a tool to be used.”

It took him a little consideration, but the answer didn’t surprise him. He just wanted to be sure that it wasn’t his immediate preconceptions that turned him away from the idea. “I don’t think I would enjoy that.”

Tapping a perfectly manicured finger on her lips, she considered that for a moment. “Alright. Let me try something else, then. How would you feel if you were someone else’s toy?”

That sent a shiver down his spine that he couldn’t explain, and a blush rose up from his neck and overtook his face. “I… um…”

She saw his reaction, and didn’t relent. “A precious little plaything. Helpless, at the mercy of whoever is having fun with you, but cared for and loved. A favorite object.”

“I…” his throat was dry. “Okay, um. I’m not sure. I think… I don’t know.”

She smiled, quirking an eyebrow. “Would you like to try?”

“… yes.”

Lady Triumph nodded, her expression appropriately triumphant. “Before we continue, do you know safe words?”

He thought back. “You said it was, ‘Orange?’”

“That was between me and them. We’ll start with the basics. If I ask for a check, ‘Green’ means all good, ‘Yellow’ means you want to slow down and talk, ‘Red’ means stop immediately. You can say those whenever you want. That trumps everything else. If you want to stop at any point, you just say ‘Red’ and I will. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” It was simple enough.

“Okay, repeat them back to me.”

It seemed redundant, but he did. “Green means all good, Yellow means slow down, Red means stop.”

“This is a learning experience. I’ll go slow, but I can’t read minds, and I can only force you to be honest if I get my magical whip. If you’re not having fun, then you will tell me. Understood?”

Her tone broached no question, and Titanium Boy nodded.

“Alright, then. We’ll start simple. If you’re a toy, then I want to play dress-up with you.” Getting up from her desk, she simply walked over to Titanium boy, crouched slightly, and picked him up.

Their difference in physical ability was reinforced as she carried him, tucked under one arm. She was only about eight inches taller than him, enough to be noticeable without being dramatic, but her superhuman strength really did allow her to carry him as though he were just a plaything in her arms.

They went out of her office and into the first room on the left, which was decorated like a nursery. Titanium Boy remembered the diaper around his friend’s waist and shuddered, thinking about being trapped like that.

Lady Triumph sat him down on the ground, smiled, and then started pulling up his shirt.

“H-hey!” he protested automatically.

She paused. “Safe word?”

“Green, sorry. You just surprised me.”

Nodding, she continued, pulling off his climate-controlled nanofiber shirt. Shoes, socks, and pants came next, and then her fingers reached under the waistband of his boxers, tugging them down and tossing them aside.

Lady Triumph giggled, pointing between his legs. “Ooh, it’s anatomically correct!”

He blushed, feeling that shiver again.

“Now, what should my dolly wear?” she tilted her head. “Hmm… It could be a girly dolly, or a silly dolly, or a baaaby dolly…”

At that last one, Titanium Boy’s cheeks turned a little pinker, and the shiver returned. Why don’t I dislike this?

“A baby dolly!” she declared. “That’s it. You’ll be my cute, little baby toy.”

Lifting him up with one arm, she carried Titanium Boy over to a big wooden chest on the ground. Setting him down, she dug inside, ‘hmm’ing as she explored options, and finally came out with a puffy pink diaper.

“Aww, won’t you look so cute with this on?” she asked.

“I gue-”

“Dolls don’t speak,” she pointed out, quickly.

Oh god. I shouldn’t like this.

He sat back, mouth closed, as Lady Triumph laid him back, slipped the diaper beneath his hips, and folded it snugly around his waist. The tapes rustled as she stuck them down, smoothing each one out with the palm of her hand so the adhesive would make maximum contact.

It felt… nice. Secure. Soft. Maybe a little restrictive in his movement, but he was used to wearing a tight-fitting suit of armor, so a little bulk between his thighs wasn’t much of an issue.

Next, though, came the pink pajamas. They had booties, snaps on the butt, and a big logo on the front that read ‘Lil Baby Dump Truck’ with a cartoon image of the truck unloading a haul of… mud, presumably. Lady Triumph hefted him, slipped his feet into the pajamas, pulled his arms through the sleeves, and zipped it up in the back.

“And, there we go! One cute, puffy lil baby doll!” she declared. “Now, though… Hmm. I don’t know what games to play with you.”

He frowned. “Can I-”


“Sorry, er… yellow? I wanted to ask something.”

Instantly, her doting, teasing demeanor dropped. “Of course. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just… had an idea, I guess.” He blushed. “Do you want to, y’know, treat me like a toy and make me do stuff?”

She raised an eyebrow. “I want you to have fun. If that’s too much for you, we can scale it back a bit.”

“No, I just…” he looked her in the eye. “My armor has a software override function to be given commands by a third party. I designed it in case I got incapacitated, but, well… What?”

Lady Triumph’s eyes were sparkling with glee. “Well, then, I think you might just be my baby action figure.”

It took a little while to get everything set up. Titanium Boy had to reprogram his armor to allow for external control even while the operator was conscious and cognizant, and he had to show Lady Triumph how to operate it. As an extra safety feature, he designed the suit to revert to the wearer’s control if he said the word ‘Red’ into the microphone.

Then, still wearing his footie pajamas, he got armored up. No helmet, but the rest of the full, mechanical power armor covered him from head to toe. It squeezed the diaper a little bit, but the suit was designed to accommodate changes in body type, should he need to let someone else use it.

He stood in front of her, armored up, unable to move. When the motors were locked, the suit might as well have been a cage.

“Let’s see…” Lady Triumph said. She had a remote control that offered precise, accurate, and detailed inputs into commands. “So if I wanted you to sit…”

She pressed a button, and he immediately sat down on the chair behind him, the suit controlling his motions. He folded his hands in his lap, servos whirring slightly as they moved.

“And if I wanted you to stand back up…”

He stood, at attention.

“And… ooh, there’s detailed sensory input, so I can do this…”

At the punch of a button, Titanium Boy felt a sudden vibration erupt around the crotch of his diaper. He yelped and turned pink, but he couldn’t otherwise move in response to the pleasure, and he definitely didn’t want to tell her to stop.

She did, anyways, giggling at his disappointed expression. “This is just an aside,” she said, “But seriously, I need one of these for Spark. This is amazing.”

Cheeks turning pink, Titanium Boy said, “Um… so they’re kind of expensive, but if you don’t need the bulletproof armor I can probably-”

“Ahem, toy’s still don’t speak.”

“Sor- er- mhhm.”

She smirked, and then went to work with the controls.

He really was completely and utterly at her command. She marched him around the room, programmed a routine that would force him to curtsy, and even made him serve a pretend tea party to a half dozen stuffies, all the while narrating his action.

It was… a complicated feeling. On the one hand, by all rights he felt he should have been disgusted, but every part of him was enjoying it. It was a thrill. She owned him, for as long as he wanted her too.

“And then the dolly went over to Mr Stuffbun,” Lady Triumph said, as he was made to walk up to a particularly large stuffed rabbit. “And said, ‘Oh no, Mr Stuffbun, I’m going to have an accident’ !”

He was caught off guard as the armor moved, forcing his legs to spread and making him squat down. The only thing missing from his pose was a scrunched up face, he would have to provide that himself.

“Hmm,” Lady Triumph commented. “I suppose that’s one limitation of the remote. I sure hope my toy still works.”

Her tone was pointed, and Titanium Boy knew what she expected him to do. So, he scrunched up his face, grunted a little, and pushed.

Shame and satisfaction all filled him at once as muck and mush filled his diaper. It squelched, barely enough room inside his armor, forced to squish all around, and as he did, the vibration turned on and he gasped.

Held in place, he couldn’t do much except whimper, biting his lip as the stinky muck bulged inside his armor and the arousal overcame him. In the middle of his mess, he gasped, eyes rolling back as the orgasm drove him through wave after wave of pleasure, a reward for his obedience.

As he came around to his senses and looked around the room, though, the smirk of Lady Triumph wasn’t what he saw.

Instead, there were flashing red lights and an expression of concern.

“Bad guys,” she said, looking up at the alarm. “We’ll have to cut this short. No more time for play.” Walking to a wall, she pressed a panel and it flipped around to reveal a computer screen with a camera display. Men were lining up around the manor, holding knives and clubs that seemed to glow blue in the camera feed. “ Shit.”

Still squatting down, since he couldn’t otherwise move, Titanium Boy said, “Sublimite? Your weakness?”

“I don’t know where they got that much,” she said. “I can’t fight them all.”

“I’ll handle it,” he said. As he spoke, the smell of his mess hit him, the air finally having had time to travel up through his suit and escape around the neck. No time to change, I’ll have to later. “Red.”

Nothing happened. He still couldn’t stand.

“Er… red. Red red red.”

Lady Triumph looked down at her controller. “I can’t give over control.”

“What? Bring it over here, let me see.”

She carried the display over, and he read the screen. “Oh, goddammit.”


“I’m stupid. I programmed it to lock controls when I said red, not to pass them back. Shit.”

“Can you fix it?” Lady Triumph looked back at the security feed.

“Yeah, if I could type. Or I could tell you how, but it’ll take a while.”


He groaned. “You’re going to have to pilot me. They don’t have guns, so it’s okay I’m missing my helmet.”

“No, not like this. I never put anyone in danger while-”

“Triumph, this is hero stuff. Send me in.”

She swallowed once, and nodded.

Her piloting control wasn’t as smooth as his own. It never could be, it was a remote interface, but it was smooth enough. He ran out the door, muck squelching around his thighs, thrusters kicking in as soon as he cleared the grand hall and could fly out the door.

“I count eight bogies,” he said, looking down at the scene. “Possibly enhanced-”

One of them leapt at him, jumping twenty feet up and forty feet over to do so. They clashed, and he took several hits to the chest before the suit finally kicked into gear and drove a fist into the henchman’s face, dropping him to the ground.

Definitely enhanced.”

Lady Triumph’s voice came through a speaker around his neck. “Sorry, it’s hard to do attack commands through this.”

“There’s some preprogrammed options!” he shouted. “Go with- shit!”

He dropped suddenly as the thrusters cut out, and for a moment he thought the suit had failed, but then he realized it was on purpose. Two more henchmen were leaping at him, and had he not dropped, they would have closed with him in midair and hit from both sides. Landing, a second went by before his arms shot up, blasting both with a ray of sonic energy.

“Bots?” Lady Triumph asked. “How do I-”

“I didn’t bring them!” he shouted. “Fly! Fly!”

A charging brute nearly took him off his feet before he took off in the air, his thrusters burning the thug’s hair. Lady Triumph caught up on the controls and hit him with a blast of energy that sent the man unconscious, leaving only four left.

With a spin, he punched a thug who’d leapt up behind him in the face, that he hadn’t even seen coming.

Three left.

Those goons were the toughest three, it seemed. Or, at least, the smartest. They’d stuck together, not leaping off all on their own in hopes of getting an unlikely sucker punch. Raising their glowing blue clubs, the three of them closed, making sure to stay cautious in case of a surprise energy attack.

No need for surprise. They were strong, but they weren’t Lady Triumph strong, and his armor was. Charging forward, thrusters giving momentum, Titanium Boy’s armor simply tackled the nearest one, driving him to the asphalt driveway with bone cracking force. He spun, fists flying out to send sonic lances at the other two, who hadn’t expected such a sudden rush. He caught both, and they went down.

His stance entered a relaxed neutral state, and he sighed. “Looks like that’s the last of the- shit!”

One of the goons hadn’t gone down, and rather than charging, they just flung their knife at his head. Titanium Boy couldn’t react on his own, and Lady Triumph wasn’t fast enough with the controls to input a ducking maneuver in the few milliseconds she would have. It’d need to be a preprogrammed move, which she didn’t know the command for. There was no way he was going to dodge in time, and-

He curtsied.

The knife sailed over his head, and then he sent a massive lance of sonic power at the last goon, knocking him out cold.

“Okay, is that it?” he asked.

“I think so,” Lady Triumph said. “Let’s get you back inside.”

“Right, please. I want to get this bug fixed before-”


The alien, not-quite-right pronunciation of words could only be from the Venutian Vigilante, a visitor from another world who fought with the heroes often. They’d once been part of a hive mind, or something, Titanium Boy could never remember the details.

“Um… yes? Spin me around!” Lady Triumph turned him to face the ally. “I just took care of them! Now I need to go inside and let Lady Triumph know it’s safe, so I’ll just be going this way.” He nodded his head to the right, and Triumph steered his body to the left, turning and strolling. “I mean, um… this way.”

“We heard the distress signal,” the Venutian Vigilante said, “But were delayed in arriving. We are sorry we could not help more. Are you alright? You appear distressed.”

“Play it cool!” he hissed, body strolling towards the house as he tried to look back at the Vigilante. “I’m fine! I’ll just be going back inside now, you can… leave.”

Getting closer, the Vigilante said, “You smell… strange. Does that mean you are wounded, human?”

“No!” he yelped, not realizing how much the stink of his diapers had spread. “I just, it’s… erm… The waste containment system of my armor is leaking.”

“Ah, yes, we see. Good luck, then. We will let the league know that you are safe.”

“Thanks,” Titanium boy said, entering into the manor and shutting the door behind him.

As soon as he was inside, the armor opened, and he was able to waddle free, though the footie pajamas and diaper still clung to him. “Oh, jeez. That was close.”

Lady Triumph was running up to meet him. “Are you alright? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to put you at risk, but-”

“Yeah, it’s fine. This was… I mean…” He looked for the right words. “I think I understand.”

“Oh, yeah?” She smirked. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

He nodded, feeling a bit sheepish. “Yeah.”

“Well… I need to get those goons cleaned up, and you need to get your mushy little tushy cleaned up, but I’ll make you a little deal. You don’t orgasm, you don’t even touch yourself under your own control, and I’ll be happy to play with you as much as you like. Alright?”

He swallowed, excitedly. “Yes. Yes.”

Her grin was enormous, and just a little bit scary. “Okay then, my little Titanium Toy. In that case, you’ll be flying home without a change tonight. I want to see how far this remote control can operate from.”

Art by Owen ap Nudd

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