Laceys Big Change

Lacey’s Big Change was written and copywrited to buttercup-baby.
All characters, places and events are pure imagination. Any resemblance
is a coincidence. Do not alter story in any way.

Chapter One

“Hello, Mr. Dawson, Can you send Lacey down to the office with all her things, someone is here to see her”

“No problem, she will be there in a few seconds:”

“Thank you. Lacey, you can go, do page 67 for homework”

“Ok no problem”

I wonder what was going on. I never get into trouble, why are they sending me down to the office? With my stuff too, well at least I’m getting out of the rest of the day, it’s only first period. A half hour of school, that’s the best way to do it. When I got down to the main office there was a dingy, proper looking woman there who came to greet me.


“Yea that’s me, what’s going on, why was I called down to the office?”

“I’m going to need you to come with me”

“What the Hell?! I’m not going with you, I don’t even know you! You’re crazy lady!”

“Lacey calm down, I have some very bad news but I would like to discuss it in my office, where you will be more comfortable”

“I’m comfortable here thank you very much”

“I’m afraid there has been an accident, and your father didn’t make it, I’m sorry”

I couldn’t believe my ears, what was I hearing? Not my father, it can’t be!

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”

“Lacey, please come with me to my office, we will discuss it there”

I felt defeated, what was I supposed to say to the news she just gave me? I followed her to her car, a nice new black Lexus, its interiors smelling of vanilla. The car ride felt like it took years, but really took only moments. She stopped at a big white building with a great big sign that read “Children’s Aid Society” She parked in a spot only a few feet from the main doors. I silently followed her through the double doors, up an elevator and to a room marked “Mrs. Rivers”. I trailed behind her through the door and was issued to seat myself in a big swivel chair opposite of hers.

“Lacey, As I already told you your father has been in an accident and unfortunately died instantly from impact. I am sorry about the news but we will have to get right down to business. I believe your father will be easier to talk about now then it will later once the news has sunk in. I have already looked through all of his files and he has left an accidental life insurance policy that you can claim when you are 21. Seeing as how you are only 13 and cannot live on your own we have some details to work out. Do you have any family that you can stay with?”


“None at all dear, I’m sure you have someone, aunts, uncles, cousins?”

“No one at all, my father doesn’t really have any friends that I know of and it’s always been just him and I, we never visited anyone and he has never said anything about relatives”

“Okay thank you Lacey. There is a couch in the next room with a television. You can go into there until I come get you.”

I walked into the next room and flopped into a big squishy green couch. I turned on the television to Ellen, I liked to watch her. I wasn’t in the mood and ended up staring into space for almost three hours when the door opened.

“Lacey, I have good news”

I stared at her with a blank stare; I don’t think anything could be good at the moment. I think she sensed my feelings and continued on.

“There is a couple who is looking to adopt a girl between the ages of 12-15, and as you fit the category they are willing to come and meet you today! This is great news as you have an unusually short wait. Of course, if you are not comfortable with being in a permanent family already we can always put you in foster care until you adjust, and then find you a permanent home. So what do you say?”

Frankly, I didn’t know what to say. I could meet the people and if I didn’t like them I could go to foster care, but why would anyone want to move around from house to house?

“Sure, I will meet them”

“This is great! They will be here at Five o’clock. If you want in the mean time, there is a McDonalds across the street, I could give you five dollars and you can get yourself something to eat.”

“I have money”

“Oh, Okay, just make sure your back by five.”


I walked down the hall to the elevator and then out the big double doors. I didn’t know what I felt about moving in with a new family, or even meeting a new family so soon, one that can take the place of my father so quickly. I walked in to McDonalds, noting how cold it was. School is over in a week, the weather was hot and humid, and walking into a cooled place was always refreshing. But today it wasn’t, it seemed like my whole life was turning cold, nothing was going right. I ordered a Big Mac combo and sat down at a table and ate. I stayed there until two o’clock, sipping on my coke. My butt was getting sore from the hard seats so I grabbed myself an Oreo McFlurry and headed back across the street.

“Hello Lacey, you can go sit where you were before, just make sure not to spill any of that ice cream on the furniture.”

I turned on the TV and started watching one of my favorite shows, the Weekenders. I know I’m a little to old to watch cartoons but after school shows are boring, and cartoons catch your attention so quickly. After I finished my ice cream I walked back into Mrs. Rivers’s office and asked her where the bathroom was. She pointed down the hall. I walked to the bathroom and did my business; I had to pee real badly. While I washed my hands I stared at myself in the mirror, trying to see if I was the reason my father died. I wasn’t too bad in the looks department. I was 5’1" and about 110 pounds. I was the average size for someone who just turned 13. I had strawberry blonde hair that went a little past my shoulders and had a nice curl right at the end. My eyes were like saucers, full of sadness at the moment, and were bright green. My eyes tended to change color, usually a green but they always turn bright, bright blue when I cry, I liked that about my eyes, I didn’t need contacts to make them look pretty. I also had a few freckles on my nose that ran along the top of my round cheeks. I wasn’t developing in any way yet. It kind of made me mad. All of my friends already had there periods and breasts, but I didn’t. The most I could wear was a training bra, but what was the point if I didn’t need it? I didn’t have hair on my legs yet or under my arm pits, but I also didn’t need to worry about using deodorant because I never smelled. Some people thought I was pretty, but I thought I was just average.

After I was done washing my hands I went back to watch TV. When Lizzie McGuire was done I heard the door open.

“Lacey, I would like to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Grandee”

A young looking couple walked in and…Oh My God! My Teacher? My gym teacher was the person that was going to adopt me?!

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 2

“Hi Lacey, We’re the Grandee’s. You already know me of course, and this is my husband Adam.”

“We are so sorry to hear about your loss Lacey, we will try our best to make you feel right at home, and help you in any way we can.”

I stared at them in disbelief. In what alternate universe do children get adopted by their teachers? Wow, I can’t believe what is happening right now.

“Lacey, say hello” Said Mrs. Rivers with a reassuring smile.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Grandee.”

During the time that they were there Mrs. Rivers asked them many questions about what they do for fun and what they plan on doing to entertain me. In turn, they asked me about my hobbies and interests. The interview lasted for about 45 minutes, which seemed like 45 days to me.

“Lacey, could you please go out into the hallway so I can have a word with Mr. and Mrs. Grandee?” said Mrs. Rivers, which sounded more like a command rather than a question.

I waited outside for 10 minutes when Mrs. Rivers came back out and asked me about how I felt about the Grandee’s. I liked the idea of staying with someone familiar but also didn’t like the fact that it would be awkward. I didn’t feel ready just yet be in a permanent home, but it was better than moving from house to house.

“They seem like a nice family, I would be delighted to stay with them, permanently”

“Perfect, you can go back and have a seat on the couch, the adults will work everything out. You have nothing to worry about.”

There is nothing to worry about. Yeah right! My father just died and I’m being placed with my teacher. What happens to my stuff? How far away will I be from my old house? Will I see my friends? So many questions kept popping into my head I was beginning to feel ill. I went in and the ‘adults’ were in Mrs. Rivers office dealing with what I assumed papers.
I lay down on the couch and began to watch cartoons again. Seven o’clock Mrs. Rivers came to wake me up and told me I was going to be spending the night there until someone can bring me to my house to gather my belongings to move in with the Grandee’s. She led me to a room with 8 cot-like beds, 3 of them being used by other confused looking children. She gave me a pink night gown I could put on, since I didn’t have any clothes except for the ones I was wearing. Once I was changed and laying down in the cot I stared off into space. Not dreaming, but pondering. What was my life going to be like now? I didn’t have anyone, except for my teacher. And who said they were really going to like me? Or treat me right, the way I should be treated? Unwillingly I dozed off into a deep sleep, which I found unusual, since it was only 9 once I was settled and I usually go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 o’clock. I needed the sleep though, there was a big tiresome day ahead of me, which I wouldn’t find out until later.

“Lacey, Lacey wake up”

I opened my eyes, groggy and irritated that I was shaken awake, I didn’t like mornings very much.

“What time is it?”

“It’s six o’clock, but I thought you would like to be woken up before the other children.”

“I don’t like mornings lemme sleep”

“Lacey you had an accident”


I sat up in the cot and could feel, and smell the predicament I was in. I peed in the bed. What was happening? This has never happened before, and especially shouldn’t happen to me, a thirteen year old! I was in a panicked state at that point. I covered my face with my hands and began to cry, not loud sobs but more of a soft drizzle of tears.

“I’m soo sorry! I didn’t mean to! I will clean it up I promise”

“Lacey it’s okay dear. This happens to many children, believe me, your not the first! Just go and clean up, your clothes were washed there on the shelf right next to you. The bathroom is right there, there is a shower with shampoo and soap, the towels are hanging on a rack above the toilet.”


“Better hurry up though, you have a big day ahead of you”

A big day? What did she mean by that? All I was doing is getting my stuff out of my house to bring to the Grandee’s. Oh well. I grabbed my clothes and hurried to the bathroom, so I could avoid being noticed by to many people, as the huge wet circle on the back and side of my night gown was very noticeable. I got into the bathroom and there was already a towel and a mini bar of soap and small container of a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. On top of a towel was a flowered thing that I didn’t notice when I first walked in. I grabbed it and studied it closely. A diaper, those things you always see on TV, happynights or goodnights or something like that. Did this lady seriously think that I was going to wear that? She was out of her mind! One little accident and she starts to treat me like a 3 year old that cant make it to the toilet, yeah right, I’m 13! I got into the shower and washed up. I got out, dried and got dressed; luckily she included my underwear when she gave me my clothes. I grabbed the diaper and threw it into the waste basket next to the toilet. I put my towel in the hamper that was there and no that there was also a disposable tooth brush and a new dollar store brush I could use.
I brushed my teeth and hair and walked out of the steamy bathroom.

“All ready lacey, do you have everything?” Mrs. Rivers said giving me a quizzical look

“Yes, I do”

“Everything that you should have on, do you have everything I gave you?”

“Yes Mrs. Rivers I do” I said getting irked by her comments about the diaper.

“Ok then dear, you can go downstairs in the lobby and wait for Mr. and Mrs. Grandee, they will be here to pick you up and bring you to your house.”

“Okay, um, where is my backpack? It has my key”

“It’s on your cot”

“Okay thank you”

I walked over to the cot that had my backpack on it. They removed the dirty sheets and were letting it dry out. I sure did make a mess, there was a huge spot on it, that still looked soaked. I grabbed my backpack and went down into the lobby. Right when I got to the double doors Mr. and Mrs. Grandee’s car pulled up, an Ford Explorer SUV that was black. Mr. Grandee rolled down his window and motioned with his hand to come.

“Come on sweetie, hop in the back”

I walked to the SUV slowly and opened the back door to get in.

Laceys Big Change

Chapter 3

I opened the back door and got in, placing my backpack on the seat next to me.

“Hi Sweetie, how have you been holding up?”

“Ok I guess…”

“Well it’s a start, we have a busy day ahead of you, so since my husband can’t get the time off we can drop him off at work and then we can go to your house, does that sound like a plan?”

“Yes, that’s good”

“Atta Girl, that’s the spirit!”

I sat in the back seat, feeling awkward not knowing what to say, the whole car was silent, except small talk about work and business trips between my new ‘parents’. When the car stopped at a large brown brick building with a sign that read
“World Connections” Mr. Grandee got out kissed his wife and said goodbye to me, calling me kiddo.

“You can come sit up here if you want Lacey, that way it won’t be so lonely, sitting back there by yourself.”

I got out and then got into the front seat, after fastening my seat belt we were on the way to my house.

“Do you want to stop for breakfast?”


“What do you want; there is a McDonalds and a Burger King near here.”

“Umm, McDonalds is good, I like the Egg McMuffins”

“Me Too”

“How much longer until we get to my house?”

“About an hour, his work is pretty far away isn’t it?”


We got out of the car when we pulled up to Mickey D’s and I went to get a table while Mrs. Grandee ordered the food.
While we were eating she told me that her husband worked for a large internet company and did a lot of traveling, he was rarely home. She said sometimes his work took him as far as Europe and China; I was amazed, I wish I could do something like that someday. She told me during the summer sometimes she went with him, which meant that we would have a lot of vacations.

“What would you like to call me Lacey? Mrs. Grandee is too proper, that is my mother-in-laws name, not mine. You can call me Angela and my husband Adam, or you can call us mom and dad, whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“Umm, can I stick with Angela and Adam for now?”

“Of course sweetie, are you ready to go?”

“Yup, I’m all set”

After we were in the car Angela turned on the radio and I snoozed off a bit. I can’t say I was sleeping because I had my eyes open, but I was completely out of it, not really knowing what was going on around me, I was thinking about the great times me and my dad had together.

“Lacey, what happened?”


“Look what you did to your pants and the seat? Why did you do that?”

I looked down and saw that I had another accident, oh man, what was happening to me?

“I’m really sorry!” I said through sobs, although I don’t think she could understand me. I was red from embarrassment and tears streamed down my face. What was I supposed to do now; she probably didn’t want to adopt me after this.
She pulled over and looked at me right in the eye.

“Lacey did you know that you were going to the bathroom?”

“No, I’m sorry, please, I didn’t mean to, please don’t be mad, I will pay for your seat to be fixed, it was an accident!”
Maybe I should have worn the diaper that was put out for me at the Children’s Aid building.

“It’s ok Lacey; do you usually have problems like this?”

“No, I peed in the bed last night and that was the first time ever, and now this! I don’t know what is going on, I’m sorry”

“Don’t be sorry, you’re going through a tough time, I understand completely, if it helps at all I was a bed wetter until I was 15. I understand what it feels like.”

“I didn’t mean it”

“I know you didn’t, it’s really okay, but I’m going to need you to do me a favor”

“Okay anything”

“Can you wear protection for me please, that way it saves you the embarrassment of wet pants”

“What kind of protection? Like diapers?”

“Not exactly, we can get you something like a pull up if you want”

“Okay, I will, but will anyone notice?”

“No, not if it’s like a pull-up, come on, there is a Wal-Mart right there, we can get you a new pair of pants and some pull-ups.”

“I can’t go into there with wet pants!”

“You can wear my coat around you, it’s not noticeable in the front, and the coat will cover the back.”

Angela handed me her coat to tie around my waist and we headed into the Wal-Mart. First we headed to the clothes department and I got a pair of jogging suit material shorts, but it’s kind of stretchy. Then we headed toward the diaper aisle.

“Ok it looks like they have two choices for you. You can get goodnights and they have flowers on it, or you can get Tena pull ups and they are for adults.”

Mrs. Rivers had out a goodnight so I opted for that choice.

“I will take the goodnights”

“Okay, you would be a medium/large so let’s get you a package of those.”

“Those should fit, can we go now?”

“You can go to the washroom and change first, that way you won’t get a rash from your wet pants.”

I went to the bathroom with Angela and she handed me a plastic bag that she got from a clerk, I put my wet clothes in there, opened a pack of travel wipes that we grabbed, wiped myself, used a bit of travel baby powder and then opened the pack of goodnights. I took one out and looked at it. It did look thick in the crotch and in the bum, I put it on and it felt funny. It felt secure, warm, but was like a baby diaper.

“Does it fit okay?”

“I guess”

“Here let me see”

I opened the stall and Angela walked in and surveyed the goodnight.

“Looks like it fits good, turn around” She said while she snapped the waist band and leg closures. “Looks perfect, get your shorts on and let’s roll”

I put the shorts on, even though Angela denied it, you could tell my bum was puffier than normal. She grabbed the tags to the shorts the wipes, baby powder and opened package of goodnights and headed to the counter. I grabbed the bag with my wet clothes in it and followed her. The cashier gave me a funny look, knowing where the goodnight went and why everything was open. I just blushed and looked away, hoping she wouldn’t say anything. After everything was bagged and paid for we walked back to the car.

“So, how do they feel?” Angela asked me once we were driving again.

“They feel different, bulky, but warm and soft too.”

“So they feel okay?”


“Let’s just hope they work”

“I sure hope so” I said while looking out the window, I couldn’t afford to have another accident, all of my confidence and pride will be completely destroyed!

Laceys Big Change

Chapter 4

20 Minutes later we arrived at my house. I was anxious, yet nervous to go into there, it was my house but why did I feel like I had no right to be there?

“Do you want me to come and help you?”

“It doesn’t matter” The words slipped out of my mouth before I could really think about what I was saying. Did I really want Angela going through my stuff, my personal stuff with me? I went to the kitchen and grabbed 6 garbage bags and went up to my room. Boy was I going to miss it; my purple and pink walls, my closet with my secret hide-away place and all of my furniture.

“Just pack what you need sweet heart, we will go shopping in a few days to redo the guest bedroom in our house.”

I started going through my night stand and my shelf unit, grabbing cosmetics, purses, journals and craft sets that I had bought over the years while Angela went through my closet and drawers and put all my clothes into garbage bags. In less than an hour I had everything packed that I needed to bring with me. I had 2 garbage bags of clothes, one of dirty clothes and shoes and 2 bags of everything else.

“Okay do you have everything that you need?” Angela asked me

“Yeah; do you want me to go make a pot of coffee for you, I’m going to go grab myself a glass of orange juice.”

“Okay, only make 2 or 3 cups worth though, that will be fine, while you do that I’m going to go put these garbage bags into the car.”

I carried down two garbage bags and put them into the front door. Then I went into the kitchen, made the coffee and poured myself some juice. I waited while the coffee finished and Angela poured herself a cup and we went back upstairs.

“I know this is going to be hard, but is there anything that you want of your fathers?”

“Yeah” I said while choking back tears.

I walked into his room and started to cry, it smelled like him, it looked like him, it reminded me of him, and I didn’t like that. In this room was everything my father was into, everything he was and wanted to be, everything that I wanted to be.
I sat on his bed and Angela sat beside me and tried to comfort me. I didn’t really want her too but having her hug me close made me feel a little better. I had to go pee, but I decided I was going to go in the goodnight. I didn’t know what it felt like but sitting there I couldn’t just go, I tried but it wasn’t coming out. Once I was calmed down I got up and went to my dad’s closet. He had a cedar chest in there so I pulled it out and once I had it open instead of sitting I crouched down. While crouching I tried to pee again and it started to come out; once I was done I then sat and it felt mushy. I kind of liked the feeling; it was warm, like a mushy pillow permanently on my bum. I went through the chest; it had all of my dad’s personal belongings; I started to get emotional again so I stopped and closed the lid.

“Um, this is all of my dads personal stuff, I want to keep all of it, can I just keep the entire chest?”

“Of course, we can put it into your room, would you like to get anything else?”

I thought, the chest had stuff from my communion, picture albums, scrap books, his diaries, places he worked, souvenirs from places we traveled, and I had everything I wanted except for one thing. I went to his dresser and opened his drawer. I grabbed his big t-shirt that I made for him when I was 8. It had my hand prints on it and said “I love you daddy” on the back. I put it on top of his jewelry box that sat on his night stand and put them both in the trunk.

“I’m ready now”

“Okay let’s go”

“Wait a sec, one more thing”

“What is it?” Angela asked with curiosity

“I had an accident” Which was kind of a lie, since I did it on purpose, but I didn’t want to say that.

“You can tell”

“How?” I asked, feeling quite embarrassed

“Your saggy in the front. Go to the car and get a new one, the powder and the wipes and go to the bathroom and change, I will bring the chest to the car.”


I went to the car and got the stuff I was supposed to. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my shorts. I felt the goodnight; it was mushy and did swell up a bit. I mushed it and finally pulled it down; it made a plop sound when it fell on the tile. I wiped and powdered, put the new one on and pulled my shorts up. I threw the old one in the trash and headed downstairs. I got a granola bar out of the cupboard and locked the door on my way out.

“All Ready?”

“Yeah, are we going to your house now?”

“We have to stop one more place, and then we can”

The car pulled out of the driveway and I wondered; where were we going?

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 5

“Now” Angela said, looking me in the eye.“I know you probably don’t want to do this, but we have to. We have to go pick out a casket for your father and identify his body at the morg.”

I looked at her with what I can imagine are the saddest eyes anyone has ever seen. I didn’t want to go see my father dead, or pick out a casket where he would be buried, it would only make the suititation permenant.

“Ok” I said quietly.

“We will go pick out the casket first”

We pulled up to a small funeral home and went inside. I was kind of out of it so Angela told the lady at the desk what we were looking for. We were led into a small room containing about 6 caskets. I picked one with a white interior and Mahogony wood. After we were done looking Angela talked to the lady again and had me sign a couple of papers. We went back to the car and headed to a big place, what I assumed was the morg. We walked in and while we were being lead to wherever my dad was I still had a little hope in me.

“Maybe he isn’t dead, maybe they have the wrong person and he is just at work right now”

“Oh Sweetie, I wish he was” Angela looked at me like she could cry, although I didn’t really understand why.

“Here we are, I will leave you two alone” The man said.

We walked to a steel table with a white lumpy sheet on it. Angela lifted up one corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was my father, my father! I started crying really loud, feeling terrible. I ran to Angela and buried my face in her and continued to sob while she held me.

“sssh, it’s ok. It will be alright”

“No it won’t” I pulled away from her. “I hate this, I hate not having my house, my father, I hate everything right now”

“It will get better I promise” Angela said in a reassuring voice.

I started sobbing really loudly and Oh My God, did I do what I think I did? I pulled away again and ran; I ran like there was no tomorrow. All I saw was flying colours, when I got to the car I stopped there. I did do it, I peed in my pants again, without even knowing it. I hated everything that was happening right now, I was disgusted with myself. I was still crying a few minutes later when Angela came out of the building, jogging to get to me.

“What happened sweetie, are you okay, why did you run like that?”

“I peed in my pants again! And I don’t know why!”

“It’s okay, we can go home and change, sssh, don’t cry sweet heart, you can go lay down when we get home” She whispered softly into my ear as she was rubbing my back and hair.

We got in and I silently cried all the way to her house. We pulled into a great big house, it was a little old, probably 15 years, but it was really big! It looked like a mansion to me, with a balcony and everything. When I was getting out Angela told me to wait a minute so I sat there with the car door open. She went into the back seat and grabbed the powder, wipes and a goodnight and gave them to me.

“Go in and change, then you can take a nap, you look exausted”

“Thank-you” Was all that could escape my mouth.

We walked through a gate and into the back yard, and wow! Was it amazing!! There was a huge inground pool with a shed, garden, trampoline, fire pit with seats around it and a huge deck with a barbecue and a patio set. There was also a balcony in the back too. Angela opened the back door and led me through the kitchen.

“You can change in that bathroom”

I took the stuff into a bathroom that looked like a closet because the door was wood and slided just like a closet door, although it was big inside. I changed and threw the old goodnight into the trash, washed my hands and left the powder and wipes on the counter.

“I’m all done Angela”

“Okay sweetie come on” Just when she was about to turn around I hugged her, I think it took her by suprise.

“Thank you for taking care of me today, I really Appreciate it.”

“I would help you any day my Lacey”

She picked me up and settled me right in front of her holding my bum with both hands. She grabbed the bottle of gatorade that she had sitting on the fire place mantel and managed to carry that and me up the stairs and into a HUGE room that was red and gold. She placed the gatorade down and then on the huge fluffy bed that was covered in a red and gold royal patterned duvet. She rolled the duvet down to the foot of the bed and covered me with a red throw.

“There you go, sleep well, get rested.”

“Okay, thanks”

She smiled and walked out of the room.

I looked around, there was a walk in closet that was open, sliding glass doors that led to the back-yard balcony and 2 dressers, with a night stand on each side, a lamp on each then in one of the corners there was a stand up lamp, two gold coloured chairs (the couch kind, like a loveseat, but for one person) with a red throw on one, I was using the other with a table in front of them. I was looking out into the back yard while I drifted into sleep.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 6

When I woke up I was a little disoriented. I looked around and saw that I was in Angela’s room. As everyting came back to me I felt an emptiness in me. I lay in the comfy bed for several minutes before I decided I wanted to get out. My goodnight was wet, and was quite swollen, I could see that I peed alot, even the bum seemed mushy. I looked and noticed that the back of my shorts were wet, the goodnight must have leaked. I didn’t want to go downstairs in wet shorts so I went down the hall and saw my bags at the door of the bedroom at the end of the hall. I went and looked into the bedroom, yipee, I got the bedroom that was attached to the front balcony! On top of my stuff was half the pack of goodnights, but that’s it. I guess the rest and the powder and wipes are in the downstairs bathroom. I grabbed the goodnight and went to a door on the left side of the hall, the bathroom. I went in and took the wet goodnight off, putting it into the small waistbasket by the toilet. I looked in a cubbard and found a pile of towels and clothes. I grabbed a cloth, wet it and wiped myself. After the dry goodnight was on I took my wet shorts and the cloth and put them in the hamper that was in Angela’s room. I went to my bag of clothes and grabbed the big white shirt of my dad’s, and after taking off the small one I was wearing I put the large one on. I walked downstairs to find that Angela wasn’t in the living room. I looked in the kitchen and she wasn’t there either. I started to get scared, did she leave me here all alone in an unfamiliar house?


“Angela?” I called louder, starting to cry.

“Lacey, your up, what’s wrong?” She asked; like she didn’t know!

“You weren’t inside, I couldn’t find you, I got scared”

“Oh there is nothing to be afraid of, Me, Adam, and a couple of our friends are outside, your dinner is on a plate outside, come on and eat”

She picked me up like she did when she was bringing me up to bed, and brought me outside. I lay my head on her shoulder and hoped that the tears that were in my eyes from before would dry up before anyone noticed. When Angela went outside I all of a sudden became very self-consious; aware that I was only wearing a large shirt with a goodnight underneath. You couldn’t see the goodnight but it felt like everyone out there could. When she went to put me down I held on to her neck so I wouldn’t drop, I didn’t wanna go out there.

“I wanna sit with you” I whispered into her ear.

She didn’t say anything but kept holding me. When she sat down I kept my legs around her waist. Now I was sitting on her lap with my head still in her neck and my back to the table.

“Teresa, Bill, this is Lacey”

“Hi Lacey” They both said together. I found out later that they were a married couple; Bill was Adam’s business partner and Angela and Teresa were best friends.

“Hi” I said softly, lifting my face so they could hear me.

“Here’s your food sweetie” Angela told me, while Teresa passed her my place, which was at an empty seat on the other side of the table.

“Im not that hungry” I said, looking at her.

“Will you please at least eat your burger, it doesn’t have to be on a bun”

“Fine” I said, not wanting to argue. I put the burger on a bun anyways, It would be gross without it. I ate it in about 5 minutes, still facing Angela. She told me if I was thirsty I could go inside and grab a coke so I got off her and went to the fridge. When I came back I went right back to her and sat on her lap again, but this time I wasn’t facing her and I was sitting on her knee. I listened to the adults talk and gulped down the pop. I went pee in my goodnight, Angela must have felt it getting mushy becuase she rubbed my back and when I turned around she gave me a smile. Oh well, I didn’t wanna waste my time going to the bathroom, when there was a bathroom attached to my butt. After a little while longer I was getting restless.

“Can I go play on the trampoline?”

“Of course, just make sure you be careful, stay in the middle of it”

“I will” I said, getting up and walking over to the trampoline. On the way there when noone could see me I grabbed the front of the goodnight and mushed it. Hmm, pretty wet, put I could probably pee in it again, the one before was way more full! I got on to the trampoline and bounced up and down, forgetting that I was only wearing a shirt. I started doing flips and everything, wow was this fun!! When I did a set of 6 flips in a row I heard clapping. I looked at the patio and they were all watching me, I didn’t realize that they were, and I was only wearing a shirt! Oh My God! I was only wearing a shirt, which means they all saw my wet goodnight! I didn’t wanna make too big of a deal out of it, after all, I did have to cope with wearing them; but I didn’t wanna jump on the trampoline anymore. I walked back over to the patio.

“I’m all done” I said.

“Ok sweetie, you were pretty good on that thing, did you have fun?”


“You were really good” Teresa piped up.

“Agreed, ok ladies, we’re leaving now, we’ll be back in a few” Adam said. Him and Bill got up and went out the front door and left.

“Where did they go?” I asked

“They went to a bar to meet a couple of their buddies, they will be back soon”

“Oh” Is all I had to say. “Can I have some maccaroni salad?”

“Of course, go grab a paper plate from inside, and if you want there is more pop in the fridge.”

I went inside and grabbed a plate and another coke, got some maccaroni salad and gobbled it up, I guess I really was hungry.

When I was eating I had to go pee, but didn’t want to go inside, and I also didn’t wanna have an accident. My leg was bouncing up and down, then they were crossed, and I kept grabbing myself so I didn’t go.

“Lacey sweethart, do you have to go pee?” I was quite embarrased that Angela would ask me that in front of Teresa.


“Well, I want you to go pee-pee before you have another accident, your already wet”

Oh my gosh! She was talking to me like I was 2! And in front of another person! Just so she would stop I went inside and went pee, changed the goodnight and went back outside to finish my food.

“Did you make it to the potty?”

“Yes” I said giving her a dirty look, although she chose to ignore it.

“Did you change into a dry diaper?”

“There not diapers, there goodnights”

“Oh yes, sorry sweetie, but did you change?”

“Yea” I said, still very perturbed.

While I sat eating, I listened to the conversation. Appearantely, Teresa was coming with us tomorrow to shop for my room and she was gonna help decorate. I also learned that Adam and Bill had to go into a town 4 hours away so me, Angela and Teresa were gonna go in our car and meet them there that evening. The things you learn when you have big ears.[] I also learned that my father’s funeral was being taken care of by Angela and it was gonna happen in 2 days, that I wasn’t so happy to hear. I was getting tired and was falling asleep at the table. Angela picked me up and took me upstairs to another room with a fouton in it. She pulled it out and gave me a pillow and blanket to sleep with. After checking to see if I was dry she kissed my forehead and sat next to me and rubbed my back until I fell asleep. As I lay there dreaming Angela and Teresa were in the living room talking about me.

“Isn’t she precious?” Angela said.

“Yeah, she is really cute, like a little doll, but why is she wearing those pull-up things?”

“She has had a few accidents and appearantely wet the bed, it’s a way to keep her dry. I would get her actual diapers so she didn’t have to change as much but I doubt she will want to go into public in them.”

“So get them for when she is sleeping, or car trips, stuff like that” Teresa suggested

“That is a good idea, it will probably cost me less.”

“Yea, and you won’t have to change her as much”

“True, but diapers or not, she is just the sweetest little thing, but she is acting younger than a 13 year old.”

“Her father just died though Ang, be glad she is looking to you for comfort. I would rather have my daughter act younger than she is rather than have her rebel against me or something equally as terrible”

“That is also true, I am already attached to her”

“Hehe, she is a clingable person, she has a aura about her”

“Yea, she does”

The two went on and on about me until the boys got home and Teresa and Bill left. Angela and Adam went to bed an hour later.

I woke up in the middle of the night, afraid of the dark, especially in this unfamiliar place. I cried in my bed, rocking myself back and forth, trying to get back to sleep. I heard a light go on, a toilet flush and then saw Angela in my doorway. She didn’t say anything, nor did I. She wrapped her arms around me and rubbed my back and rocked back and forth until I fell asleep again. Angela went back to her room to also sleep until the morning.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 7

I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. I pulled down the covers to see that my goodnite was very full.
I mushed it around a little, it was still warm, I must have just peed in it. I still had dad’s shirt on, I smelled it and had a few flashbacks. I remember when I was 6 he used to always put me on his shoulders and then walk around with me on them, it was always so fun. When I was 7 and lost my first tooth he took me out to dinner at a fancy resturant to celebrate. I missed him alot, but I didn’t want to cry anymore, it didn’t help any. I got out of bed and went downstairs to find Angela in the kitchen.

“Morning sleepy head.” Angela said as she greeted me.

“Morning, what time is it?” I asked.

“Almost 9. Your breakfast is on the table right there, eat up and then you can go have a shower and get dressed. Teresa is going to be over in about an hour to come help shop for your room.”

“Okay” I said as I sat down.

I ate all of my bacon, eggs and 3 pieces of toast, boy was I hungry. When I was done Angela took my plate and I went upstairs to have a shower. I took off the big shirt, and threw my wet goodnite in the trash. While I was in the shower washing my hair I heard someone open the door and two seconds later shut it again. When I got out I found a green sweat suit with a white top and a goodnite on the counter. There was also a brand new toothbrush and a hairbrush for me too use. I brushed my hair and found an elastic in one of the cabinets. I put my hair in a high ponytale, dried off and put the goodnite on. I didn’t really want to wear it but it was there, and I didn’t want to have an accident in my pants again. Once I was dressed with my teeth brushed I went downstairs and saw that Teresa was already there.

“Good morning Lacey, How are you today?” Teresa asked me.

“I’m good, how about yourself?” I asked in return.

“Doin great!” She anwsered.

“Hey Angela, I don’t have any deoderant and I don’t wanna be smelly today, can I borrow some of yours?”

“Of course sweetie, it is in my room on my dresser, go put some on and come downstairs so we can leave.” She said.

I went back upstairs and went into Angela’s room and found the deoderant. I put some on and went back downstairs. I got my shoes on and we all went out into the car. I got into the back seat since Teresa was with us. I didn’t say much in the car ride, just made some small talk. We slowed down and backed into a parking space in front of Wal-Mart.

“Well, let’s go to the bedding department first.” Teresa said.

We walked to the back of the store and I was excited, I got to redo my room!! Yay! I was told I could pick out a bed in the bag. I was looking around and found a completely white bed in the bag with bubblegum bubbles all over it, it was really cute. It had a monkey blowing a bubble on the pillows and pink bubbles all over the blankie with monkeys on the sheets. I loved it! We then went to another part of the store and I picked out a bunkbed with a real bed on top and a desk at the bottom. Angela said that they because she was a teacher, she could get me a really good laptop and pay it off every month so it wouldn’t be that expensive. We got bubble-gum pink paint and a border that matched my bedset. I got a pink beanbag chair and a pink area rug. My room was going to be really cool! There was even long curtians for the balcony door that matched my bedset. I kind of felt bad that she was spending so much money on me, but then again, it was her choice. She also bought me a dresser that matched my bunkbed and also a television stand. She got me a 27" tv that was on sale for only $150, that was a pretty good deal. Right when we were ready to check out Angela pulled me aside.

“Lacey, I have to ask you a question.” She said to me in a serious tone.

“Okay, what is it?”

“Well, we are going on a car ride today, about four hours. I was thinking, would it be alright, and would you be okay with the idea, of you wearing actual adult diapers instead of goodnites. I know that they only hold about one accident, and I don’t want you to have a leak.”

“Umm, Yeah it is okay. But as long as when I get out of the car I can change, I don’t want anyone to know about my problem.”

“Noone will, they will also be good for bedtime.”

“Yeah, I guess I can.” I said to her. I wasn’t really sure, but I didn’t want to make her angry.

“Good girl, I am really proud of you for being such a big girl.” She said and gave me a one-arm hug. I really hate when she talks to me like I am two.

I went with Angela to the diaper section really quick while Teresa got in line. We ended up picking out a small Cloud diaper. We got in line with Teresa, paid for everything and went outside. We didn’t bring home the bunkbeds, tv stand or the dresser though, they were going to deliver that tomorrow. Luckily she had the SUV, she luckily could fit it all in one load. I was pretty smushed in the backseat, but it was a small sacrafice for what I was getting. On the way home we picked up some Burger King and then got to the house. We brought everything inside and ate in the living room. All of a sudden I had a strong urge to pee, I got up really quick, almost spilling my pop and ran to the bathroom. I tried pulling down my pants but I didn’t make it. I just stood there and started crying frustrated with myself for not getting to the toilet on time. Angela came in and tried comforting me.

“Shhh, sweetie, it was an accident, it is okay.”

“N-no it-t’s not, i am su-such a bab-by.” I cried to her.

“No you are not, don’t say that hunnie, you are going through a rough time, it’s okay, really, don’t even worry about it.
Come on, just pull your pants up and when you are done eating you can try one of your new diapers.”

“Ok-kay” I said as she wiped my tears with the bottom of her shirt.

We went out of the bathroom and I sat down and finished eating. This might sound weird, but even though I don’t like having accidents, I do like the feeling of the wet goodnite. It feels warm and safe, like nothing bad could happen to me while I am in it. When we were all done eating (I had a whopper, yummy) Angela told me to go into her room and wait there. She came up with the package of goodnites, some baby powder and wipes.

“Now” she said “You can do this yourself mostly, I want you to take your goodnite off, wipe yourself, put some babypowder on so you don’t get a rash and pull the diaper up. When you are done, I can help you tape it.”

“Okay, that sounds good.” I said to her. I took my wet goodnite off, and put it on the floor next to me. I wiped myself and rubbed some powder on. I opened the package of diapers and took one out. It was white and pretty thick. It had a plastic cover and two big white tapes. It was really soft inside. I opened it and lay it on the floor. I sat on top of it and pulled it between my legs then lay down.

“Okay Angela, I’m ready.” I yelled.

She came out from the hallway and knelt on the side of me. She grabbed the front and adjusted the diaper a little. She did up the tapes and I got up.

“Awe, you look soo cute!” She said to me.

I just blushed and stood there. I put my pants on and Angela took my wet goodnite to throw in the trash. I grabbed the wipes, the package of Cloud diapers and the powder and put it in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. You could definately tell I had a diaper on! My bumm was soo puffy! It felt so nice though! I pulled my pants down and looked at just me, I did look pretty cute in it. I looked like an oversized baby!

“Told ya you looked adorable!” Angela said from behind me. I jumped a little, I didn’t know she was there! She scared me.

All I could do was blush. She picked me up and put me over her shoulder. I yelled at her to put me down but she carried me down the stairs, with my pants still around my ankles.

“OOh Angela she is soo cutee!!!” Teresa said when she saw my diapered fanny in the air.

When Angela put me down I pulled up my pants and sat on the couch. We just sat and talked for about half an hour when Angela said we should leave. She told me to go to the fridge, and grab the two gatorades that were in there so I had a drink. After I got that, Angela got a pillow and blankie for me in case I wanted to sleep, she also had a backpack for me with a goodnite, 3 cloud diapers and my cleaning stuff in it. I got into the car and set up my pillow and blankie. I put my backpack on the floor and my gatorades in the cup holders. I lay down and put the blankie over me. We started driving and about half an hour later I fell asleep.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 8

When I woke up I didn’t know what time it was or anything. I lay there for about 20 minutes just listening to what Angela and Teresa had to say. I didn’t really feel like talking, and I didn’t want Angela to know that I was up. I found myself thinking about my dad. For the rest of the ride I silently cried to myself. Thinking of all the things that me and my dad used to do together, I wanted him at my graduation, I wanted him to be a grandfather. Everything was just so surreal. I’m laying in the backseat of a car that isn’t my dads, I’m wearing a diaper, and I am with my teacher. It was so confusing. I just want to die, that way I can be with my dad again. I know it is bad to think about that, because I do have it good right now, I am with a loving family, opposed to in an orphage, but, I wanted my daddy. I cried until I had no tears left. I hurt all over, especially my heart.

I felt the car pull to a stop and I pretended to be asleep again. Angela picked me up and carried me into a building. I opened my eyes just a little bit and saw that we were at the Hilton. Teresa had all the bags since Angela’s arms were in use. Oh crap! I realized that I was in a wet diaper [I peed in it some time in the car] and there was people around! I know that the way I was being carried that people could tell. My pink skort just didn’t cut it. I figured that it would cover the diaper better than pants, but when it is being lifted up by someone’s arms it doesn’t really cover anything. I was so mortified I didn’t know what to do! I could get down and walk so noone would see the diaper anymore, but the people who already saw it would know, and I would be crinkly. Or I could just stay in Angela’s arms and I wouldn’t be so embarrased. We got up to the check-in counter, and they had to verify our information. Teresa was angry because they overbooked, and now we couldn’t stay on the cooperate floor with Adam and Bill. Angela said that she was taking me to the bathroom, she grabbed my diaperbag and headed to the handi-cap stall.

When we got in there she lay me down on the ground. She pulled my bottoms down and undid the diaper. I was blushing, hopefully she didn’t notice. She wiped and powdered me, and put on a new diaper. Ugh, I didn’t want to wear another one, I wanted a goodnite! I couldn’t say anything because I was pretending to be asleep, so it kinda sucked.
Angela set me on the counter leaning against her as she washed her hands, and then took me out to the counter again. I learned that we had a discount because they made a mistake, but we were staying on the 7th floor, instead of the 2nd.
We got into the elevator and into our room. I was put onto the bed and tucked in. I was hungry. I lay there for a bit just to make it like I really was sleeping then I sat up.

“Hey sunshine” Angela said to me.

“Have a good sleep hunny?” Is what I heard from Teresa.

“Yeah I did, I was tired, but now I am hungry.”

“No worries” Angela said, “We were just about to wake you up, we are leaving for dinner in 10 minutes, as soon as the boys get here.”

“Oh okay. Where are we going?”

“To a little resturant called the Grape Vine.” Teresa anwsered me.

Me and my dad used to go to the Grape Vine all the time. Tears welled up in my eyes, I put my face into the pillow to hide my red, wet eyes.

“Awwe baby, what’s wrong?” Angela asked me.


“Sweety just tell me, c’mon I am here for you.”

I sat up and looked her in the eye, she sat down next to me and started rubbing my back. “Well, it’s just that me and my daddy always used to go to the grape vine for special occasions, that was our favorite resturant” Then I started crying even harder. She pulled me into a hug and rocked me. It made me feel a little bit better. I lost control of my bladder, but didn’t even care. Angela wiped my tears away and sat me on her lap and cuddled me. The boys walked in, all ready to go out for dinner.

“There’s my girl. How ya doin Lacey?”

“Good” I said in a muffled voice.

Angela gave him a look and he cleared his throat in a weird way and said it was getting late, so we better go. When I looked around the boys were dressed in business suits and Angela and Teresa were in dresses, I guessed I missed when they changed. I felt very childish, with just a pink pleated skort on and a t-shirt that said ‘Sugar’ on it, with some pink flip-flops on. I wanted to dress up too, but I didn’t even have nice clothes to wear. Oh well. We got to the resturant and we were escorted to a table that was already full of people. I guess the whole company went for dinner too. I was the only kid, which made me feel even more small. When it was time to order, I was given a colouring page with a kids menu on the back. I ordered chicken fingers, with fries and a coke. I wasn’t really spoken to except by Angela, Teresa,
Adam and Bill. The only time I was recognized is when I got a short introduction from Adam, but that was it. By the time dinner was over I ate all my dinner, had 3 glasses of coke, a piece of cheesecake and a bowl of chocolate ice-cream. I had a huge stomache ache. During dinner I peed in my diaper twice more, and I really had to poop.

“Angela” I whispered to her, tugging on her arm.

“Yeah sweetie?”

“Umm… I gotta go potty” I said again.

“Just go pee in your diaper hunnie, that is what it is for.”

“No uhh… I gotta….uhh… go poo-poo” I said in a nervous voice.

“Ooh okay, it is okay, you can go here, when you are done we can go change you”

“NO! I am NOT a baby! I want to go in the toilet!” I said that a little bit too loudly, and I got a few stares.

I was so embarrased! I ran to the bathroom and went into a stall! I remembered that I had to go poop so I pulled my skort down and started to untape the diaper but it was too late. I was so frustrated with myself, I can’t believe I didn’t make it! I just pulled my skort back up and sat on the toilet. Angela came in looking for me. She knocked on the stall but
I didn’t say anything. She knew it was me and tried to get me out.


I was so angry! It was her fault for making my dad die! It was all her fault. I didn’t forget to tell her that when I yelled at her. That lasted for abotu 10 minutes. I wanted to run away. I ran out of the stall and tried to get out of the door but
Angela blocked it and held me in a tight hug. I punched and kicked her but she never let go. Finally I was so weak I just hugged her back and cried. I apologised over and over again, about how sorry I was. She said it didn’t matter, just not to do it again. I promised that I wouldn’t and she told me it was time to go. She walked me to the car and put me in the back seat, told me she would be right back and locked the car doors. I was kinda scared all alone in there, not to mention that I was uncomfortable, as I was in a poopy diaper, and it smelt. Angela got in the backseat with me, and then Adam got in beside her. Teresa was driving, and Bill was in the front seat with her. Angela cuddled me in the backseat while Adam cuddled her. It was like one big family.

I fell asleep and was carried in by Adam. The boys went to their room and left us girls alone. Teresa changed my diaper while Anglea had a shower, and I was put in just a nightie and a goodnite. I was tucked into bed and was ignorant to anything else that happened that night. It was a good thing too because during the night Adam and Teresa switched rooms. I don’t know what happened, but I am sure that I wouldn’t want to know.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 9

When I woke up I was in the car. I sat up and felt that I was wet. I had to pee so I just let go. I felt down there and it was mushy; I was pretty wet. I sat up and Angela looked at me with a smile.

“Morning Sweetie, how did you sleep?”

“Otay… I’m still really ti-ti-reed.” I said through a yawn. “Umm… I need a… uhh…” I could feel tears well up in my eyes… I still wasn’t used to the whole diaper deal.

“You need a change?” Angela finished my sentence for me.

“Yes please.” I said quitely, my cheeks burning with embarassment.
Teresa stopped the car and Angela and I got out and she lay me down in the back of the SUV and proceded to change my diaper. She commented on how I was getting a little bit of a rash and applied lots of cream so it would heal and not hurt. When she was done she just left me in my nightie and I hopped out of the back.

“Can you please sit in the back with me?” I asked Angela.

“Sure, no problem hunnie, I don’t mind.”

We both got into the back and I just set my head into her lap.

“Is today the day?” I asked her.

“Yeah it is, that’s why we left so early, it is still only 6am.” Angela anwsered me.

“Please Angela, I don’t wanna do this! Please!” I started to really cry so I grabbed her close and buried my face into her stomach.

“You have to baby, I know, it was your daddy, it is going to be hard, but we have to. You know he will always, and I mean ALWAYS, be watching out for you!”

“Nooo. He shouldn’t have died! It should have been me!” I screamed.

“Lacey, you are on earth for a reason! God doesn’t want you to go; it isn’t your time yet!” Angela yelled back at me. I started sobbing then, I hated when people yelled at me.

“Awwe sweetheart, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, I know it is hard on you.” At that she lifted me on her lap and I cuddled into her arms like a little baby. I tried to calm myself down, but it didn’t really work. She ran her fingers through my hair and rubbed my belly. All though this I cried silently. I put my thumb in my mouth and after a half an hour I feel asleep in her arms, and it stayed that way until we got to Angela’s house.

I woke up at the feeling of Angela moving me. I looked out the window and we were back at the house. I went to the back of the car and grabbed my diaper bag, and brought it into the house. I sat on the couch and waited for the others to come in. While they were putting things away I was lost in thought. At this funeral, my daddy’s funeral, it would be the last time I would see him. I didn’t even know how big it would be, all I could think of who would go was Angela, Adam and I. When they were done putting things away Teresa went home and Angela helped me pick out an outfit. I was wearing one of Angela’s old dresses, it was just plain black and it went to my knees. I grabbed a pair of black panty-hoze and my black mary-janes. When everything was laid out on my bed Angela told me to get into the shower while she made breakfast. I didn’t even want to wash, I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I just sat on the shower floor and let the water run over me. I know I wasn’t clean but I didn’t care. When I was done I went back to my room and saw a pull-up and my spice-mice shirt at the end of my bed, along with a pair of slippers. I put them on and went down to breakfast. After that I went upstairs got dressed, Angela did my hair, Angela got ready and Adam came home and got ready. During this time nothing much happened, I didn’t say one word until we go to the funeral, I think my mouth forgot how to work.

When we got to Janisse Bros. Funeral Home I lost it. I started hyperventalating, I wet my pull-up and didn’t want to get out of the back seat.

“Lacey, Honey, Come on, your daddy is just through these doors.” Angela said in a calming voice.

“That is not my daddy, it is a dead man, I want my daddy back! I want him now!” I screamed.

“Screaming is no way to deal with this problem Lacey, don’t you want to see him one more time?” She tried to persuade me. It took almost half an hour to get me out of the car, by this time Adam was already inside the building. Angela brought along my diaper bag and led me to the bathrooms. She waited while I got changed and then I went into a little room. I felt sick to my stomache. The room had a funky smell. I saw a coffin at the other end of the room, and suprisingly, more than just Adam walking around. It looked like every single teacher from the school showed up, same with the Children’s Aid’s workers, along with Bill and Teresa. Basically I spent the public viewing time making small talk with aquantances and hanging my head so I could feel some what alone. After 4 hours of me sitting there only to get up to use the bathroom everyone left except for Angela, Adam and I.

“Lacey darlin, are you going to go up to the coffin?” Angela asked me in a soft voice.

“No I don’t wanna, don’t like dead people.” I responded.

“Well Lacey, this is the last time you get to see your daddy, just go say a prayer, but I just want you to know even if you are to scared to go up there, no matter what, he will always watch over you.”

“Mhm.” I mumbled. I was thinking hard. I decided to go up in the end and just kneeled at the casket for half-hour praying for my father, I knew he was up in heaven with all the angels and God. I knew he was going to be alright. When I got up to leave I noticed that my pull-up was wet. I didn’t care though. I took my fathers hand and held it. It was cold, and rigid, but it was still his hand. I felt a connection with him, one that I know will last for the rest of my life.

After a short mass we drove to the cemetary and had his service. It went pretty quickly and before I knew it I was alredy on my way back to my new home. By this time my pull-up was cold and was starting to itch.

“Sweetie, do you want to go out for dinner, go through a drive-thru or do you want me to cook something at home?” Adam asked me.

“I don’t want to eat anything.” I said in a lonely, sad voice.

“You have to eat something. Tell ya what. How about I get a big tub of ice cream, your choice, and you can have that for dinner.” He offered.

“Sure.” Was my response. We stopped at a convience store and I got a tub of Rocky Road Icecream. We then went home, Angela changed me into a diaper and a nightgown, I got a bowl of ice-cream and lay on the couch. I only finished about half of it when I cried myself to sleep, and didn’t wake up until the morning.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 10

My father’s funeral hit me pretty hard. For the next week I did nothing but sit around in my room, or the laundry room, and cry. There were so many memories of him. I knew Angela was starting to get worried about me. The only time I saw her is when she changed me or when she brought me a small portion of food. I wasn’t eating very much. But I had to eat something, just to keep me going. I was wearing diapers 24/7 and I had it changed about once around dinner time, and when I wake up. Today I woke up and I was wet again, figures. I put on some slippers and went downstairs in just my tank top and sagging diaper.

“Morning cutie.” Angela said in her usual morning cheeriness.

“Mdhnfem.” I mumbled back.

“So, do you want cereal or eggs?” She asked me

I didn’t reply.

“Come on sweetie. I can’t help you if all you do is hide and you don’t talk to me. Please baby, just say something, tell me you need a change, or you want some ice-cream, anything.” Angela said desperately, for about the tenth time this week.

For some reason I just felt the sadness in her eyes, her’s probably just as great as mine. She has me, the little girl she always wanted, but I’m ruining it by not talking. Sure, my daddy died, and I will always miss him, forever, but it is time to move on.

“Um Angela?” I asked her in a very soft voice.

“Yes?” She said with a hint of excitement.

“I miss my d-dad-daddyyyyyyy” I wailed.

“Oh Lacey I know. It’s okay, I will always be here for you!” She said to me, as she started crying too.

I hugged her really close, and she picked me up and sat on the couch with me. This was the best cry I had yet, becuase I had someone to cry with. After about an hour I was my cold diaper was starting to get uncomfortable.

“Can you change me please?” I asked her, looking at her with my puffy red eyes. I didn’t notice at the time but I had my thumb in my mouth.

“Okay, stay here I will be right back.” She anwsered me.

She went to the bathroom and emerged with a diaper, wipes, baby oil and some baby-powder. I lay down and she procedded to take my diaper off and change me. When she was done I sat up and she wrapped her arm around me.

“Thanks… mommy.” I said to her, then putting my thumb into my mouth.

“Anytime darling.” She said, getting teary again. “How about some eggs?”

“Okay.” I anwsered.

Angela got up and I head her crack 2 eggs and put them in the frying pan. About twenty minutes later she came back out, picked me up and carried me to the kitchen. I was put down and I went to sit in the chair. I dragged myself closer to her chair and leaned on her, staring at my eggs.

“Come on Lacey, you got to eat.” She said.

“Um, can you, well, I mea–, uhh… I want yo----.” I stuttered, trying to get my words out.

She picked up the fork and procedded to feed me. Scoop by scoop, all the scrambled eggs made it into my mouth, with a fair amout of them falling into my lap. After she was done feeding me she got a cloth and wiped my mouth. She went to put the cloth away and was rummiging around in the cubbards for something.

“I know it’s here somewhere.” She said to herself. After at least 10 minutes she finally said, “Aha, found it.”

A bottle, she had a bottle. I wonder where she got that. She went to the fridge and put some chocolate milk into it. She closed the top tight and came to pick me back up. She carried me to the living room and sat on the LayZboy recliner. She set me so I was laying across her lap with my head in her arms. She fed me the bottle. We weren’t saying much, but I felt a real closness to her. It was like nothing in the world could harm me, as long as I was in her arms, everything was safe. When the bottle was almost finished I felt myself go pee in my diaper and drift off to sleep.

When I woke up I was in my room. (Which was finished by Adam and Angela previous that week) I smelt something funky. I must have pooped in my diaper while I was sleeping. I felt my bottom, and sure enough, it was saggy and mushy. The front was also yellow with pee. I was still in my tank top and just a diaper. I went down the stairs only to see that Angela wasn’t there. I started to get worried, but decided to check everywhere before I started panicking. She wasn’t on the front porch, the car was there, she wasn’t in the back and she wasn’t in the bathroom or laundryroom. I decided to go check upstairs and she wasn’t in that bathroom, I looked in her bedroom and she was fast-asleep. I crawled into bed with her, put my thumb back into my mouth and waited until she got up.

“Lacey, when did you wake up? What time is it?” She asked.

“It’s 6:04pm and I woke up about an hour ago.” I anwsered her.

“Did you go pooper-dooper in your diaper?” She asked me with a playful smile.

“Maybe.” I stated. “But I feel yucky, so can you please change me?” I asked.

“Of course hunny.” She anwsered.

We went to the downstairs bathroom and I lay down on the floor. She took my messy diaper off and started to wipe me.

“My, my, you are messy little one.”

After about a whole container of wipes were gone I was finally clean. She didn’t put a new diaper on me but started running the water into the bathtub. While I was sitting on the floor I felt the urge to go pee, and to my horror, realized that I already started on the tile floor. I bolted up and sat myself on the toilet.

“I’m sorry!” I said to Angela.

“Oh no worries. It’s just a little spot, nothing a wet cloth won’t clean.” She said to me, trying to make me feel better, as there was more than just a ‘little’ spot.

She went to grab a rag and I sat on the toilet. She came back in and turned the bath water off.

“Okay” she said, “Hop in!”

I got in and started making a mustache with the bubbles. She finished cleaning up my mess and then looked under a sink and grabbed a bagful of unopened toys. She started opening them and put them all in the bathtub. They were bath toys. Little boats, floating fish, ducks that make quacking sounds.

“Where did you get these? And the baby bottle?” I asked her. “Do you have a little sister or something?”

“Actually…” She started. “You are the only young person in the family, everyone is grown up. I have all this stuff because we planned on adopting a toddler or baby, so we pretty much have everything. Toys, playpen, bottles, soothers, everything a baby needs.” She finished. “But, when we saw you we would rather have you live with us than another child, because you are just too cute!” She said grabbing my nose.

I giggled and started playing with the toys.

“Stop playing and wash up or I’m going to have to do it for youuuu!” She said leaving the bathroom. I saw her put the garbage in the garbage and then return back to me.

“Okay. You leave me no choice!” She grabbed a washcloth puppet with a frog on it.

“Mr. Froggy needs to clean Lacey all up!” She said in a deep voice.

I couldn’t stop laughing. “Your so silly!” I said to her.

She washed me this way, and I let her. When it came time for my hair she put soap in it and put a cloth over my eyes, started emptying the tub, and ran the water over my hair. After I was all clean she wrapped me in a towel and led me to my room.

“Hmm, what to wear to bed…” She said.

“My footy sleepers! And a diaper!” I said to her.

“Okay perfect.” She went to my drawer and grabbed out my pink footed sleeper and when to the bathroom to grab a diaper. She put some baby-powder on my skin and pulled the diaper up, she taped it snuggly and helped me step into my sleeper. She zipped up the leg and front and she brushed my hair.

“When do you go back to school?” I asked her.

“Actually, not for another eight months. Because I adopted, I get to go on maternity leave.”

“Oh that’s cool.” I said

“Yeah, it means I get to spend more time with you.” She anwsered.

“When you do go back, are you, are you going to tell everyone? About me I mean?” I asked her, worried.

“Of course not! Your my daughter, I would never do that!” She said to me and after kissed me on the forehead.

We went downstairs to get some pizza. I had two slices, but I ate them by myself this time. After we were done I put the dishes away for her and grabbed the dirty bottle that was in the sink and showed it to her. She went into the bottom cubbard again and grabbed another one, this time it was green with zoo animals on it. She put regular milk into it though.

“Can you heat it up?” I asked. “My daddy always used to give me a cup of warm milk before I went to bed, to help me sleep” I said, getting teary again.

She warmed it up and when it was done we went to the living room. Setting ourselves back on the recliner she fed me the warm milk, and boy, was it good. The bottle was done but she just sat there and rocked me. I could here the television going but it was some stupid CSI show that I hated. I felt my eye-lids get heavy and I started drifting off. I put my thumb in my mouth but Angela took it out and replaced it with something just as good to suck on. A soother.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 11

When I woke up I was in my bed. I looked out the window and it was still dark. As I became more and more awake I heard voices coming from Angela and Adam’s room. They were whispering so I got up and sat at my door so I could hear better.

“I don’t care Angela! She is acting like a 2 year old for Christ’s sake!” Adam whispered.

“It’s harmless! At least she isn’t out doing drugs! I work at a high school Adam. I see what most girls do, and I would rather have all them in diapers then doing what is ‘cool’ these days.”

“I don’t care about the diapers, it’s that fact that you bathed her, fed her a bottle and now she is in her room in a wet diaper sucking on a pacifier.” Adam retorted.

“She is a good kid Adam. She does alot of things for herself, I offered to do those things for her, she looks like she needed some love. She called me mommy today, do you know how much that touched me? She just lost her father… she is finally starting to feel comfortable. If it takes me having to bathe her to make her feel loved then so be it.”

Adam sighed, “Well, it’s just not normal Ang.” He said.

“I know, but would anyone be normal after they lost everything, and after their only family died?” Angela asked.

“I know, I know. I’m just not used to seeing a 13 year old in a wet diaper. And to hear that she was drinking out of a bot—”

“Well… you could look at it a different way.” Angela cut in.

“And what would that be?”

“We did want a baby girl didn’t we? If she stays this way, well, it is the baby we wanted. Maybe there is a physical difference, but if the mindset is the same, it is like raising her from infancy.” Angela said.

“I don’t know Ang. I’m tired and I have to spend the entire time tomorrow at work again, let’s just go to bed.” Adam said.

“Okay, we can talk about this tomorrow.” Angela said.

“Night sweetie.” Adam said kissing her.

“Sleep well baby.”

I didn’t know what to think of this. Adam didn’t want me, and the only reason Angela wanted me is because I was like the baby she never had. I knew what I had to do. Tomorrow when I wake up I will make sure to change my diaper before Angela sees me, that way she will think I am dry. I will wear a goodnite and if I do have an accident, I will change without her knowing. that way they will think that I am grown up. No more baby stuff, no more hugs or kisses. I will become a new person, a grown up person. That way Adam will like me, and hopefully Angela still will. I could do that, or I could run away. At least if I ran away I could find a family where everyone loved me. I don’t know, I am just so confused. I went to my bed and started to cry.

“Daddy.” I squeaked, “I need you.”

I woke up to the feeling of something cold on my behind. I rubbed my eyes and opened them, and saw Angela changing my diaper.

“Well good morning sleepy head.” She said in a cheery voice.

I realized what she was doing, realized that I had wet the bed, and I quickly got up and walked away from her.

“Silly Goose! I’m not done yet.” Angela giggled.

“No, it’s okay, I can change myself. I don’t need a diaper in the daytime, I know how to go to the bathroom thankyou.” I said to her, in the most grown-up voice I had.

“Well, uh, okay.” Angela said, looking hurt and stunned at the same time.

She walked out of the room and downstairs leaving all the diaper changing supplies on my bed. I put them away after I finished wiping myself and I went to take a shower. I wanted to be grown-up. Adults take showers every morning, so that is what I was gonig to do. Even when I lived with daddy I had a shower every other day, right before bed. Once I was out of the shower I grabbed a goodnight and put it on, after applying some baby powder. I know it is for babies, but I was starting to get a rash, well, I think that’s what it was, it was all red and it hurt alot. I brushed my teeth, put my hair into a ponytail and I put on a pair of jeans with a yellow top.

When I went downstairs Angela had pancakes ready for me on a plate.

“Do you want me to cut them up for you?” Angela asked.

“No thanks, I can do it myself.” I said, acting like a real snob.

I sat down and poured syrup all over my pancakes. I ate them and cut them just fine. When I was done I went to the bathroom. I didn’t have to go but I was going to sit there until I did, that way I didn’t have an accident. I was in there for about 10 minutes when there was a knock at the door.

“Did you fall in?” Angela asked me.

“Nope, just going to the bathroom.” I anwsered.

“Well, okay then.” She said. I could hear the sadness in her voice, I was being pretty mean, but I didn’t care.

I couldn’t go so I just pulled my pants back up and went to the living room. I grabbed the remote and turned the television on to the documentry channel. It was about some old boring guy. I wasn’t paying attention, but it was an adult show, so I was watching it. Angela came in and joined me.

“Do you want some apple juice sweetie?” She asked.

“No, and if I do, I can get it myself, I’m not two you know, I’m 13.” I replied, giving her a dirty look.

Just then I felt warmth spread in my goodnite, I knew I just had an accident. I got up and ran to the upstairs bathroom as fast as my legs would carry me. I heard Angela call my name, but I ignored her. I grabbed a new goodnite and put it on after pulling down the old one. I took the wet one and just got out the door when I saw Angela right in front of me.

“Awwe, did you have an accident baby? It’s okay.” She said.

“No, it’s not, and I didn’t have an accident, this was from yesterday thank-you very much. And my name isn’t baby, or sweetie, or hunny, or darling, it’s Lacey, and that’s all you are allowed to call me.” I sneered.

I ran to my bedroom and shut the door. Angela came in.

“Ever heard of knocking? You know, I’m 13, I deserve some privacy.”

“What has gotten into you today?” She asked me.

“Nothing.” I said to her.

“You know Lacey, I love you and you can tell me anything.”

“You might, but Adam doesn’t love me.” I said, getting a little teary. I put my back towards her so she wouldn’t see me wiping my eyes.

“Oh.” She said softly. “So that’s what this is about. You heard us talking last night huh?” She asked.

“Mhm. I just thought that, well, if maybe, I acted like an adult he would love me.” I said facing her, my eyes read and now streaming with tears.

“Ohh sweetheart. Adam was having a bad day yesterday, he still loves you no matter what. Everynight I hear him talk about how glad he is to have you hear.”

“Well he wasn’t glad yeterday.” I said. “If you want, you can send me back, and I can go with another family.”

“I wouldn’t do that if you begged me to.” She pulled me into a hug. “We both love you very much Lacey. You can be who you want to be. If you like drinking out of bottles, and cuddling with me, if you like wearing diapers all the time then that’s fine, we are both okay with that.”

I looked up at her. “Really?” I asked.

“Really. So, how about we get this off and I put you in a diaper, and we can go watch a movie?” She asked me.

“Sounds good, but, can I have a baba?” I said, somewhat shyly.

“Of course.”

I lay down on the bed and she pulled my pants down. She pulled down the goodnight and folded it up, no use in wasting it. She went to get a diaper and supplies and came back. I lifted my tush and she put the diaper underneath.

“Ooh ouch, you got a rash.” She said to me.

“I know it hurts.”

She rubbed some rash ointment into my skin and it felt cool and soothing against my warm skin. She powdered me and taped the diaper up. After carrying me downstairs in just my shirt and diaper she put me down on the couch.

“Go pick a movie out of the cabinet and put it in the dvd player while I get your bottle ready.” She said, walking to the kitchen.

I picked out ‘Sleepover’ and put it in. I pressed play just as Angela came back in the room. She sat on in the Chair and I sat in her lap. I lay in her lap and she fed me the bottle. It was apple juice, it was good. After I was done I sat up and smushed next to her. I lay my head into her arm-pit and she rubbed my back. I put my thumb in my mouth and watched the movie.

I must have dozed off because when I woke up I was laying on the couch and it was 4:57pm. I slept a long time, almost 6 hours.

“Why good afternoon Lacey.” I heard someone say. I looked next to me and saw Teresa sitting in the LayZboy.

“Where’s Angela?” I asked.

“She went to go pick up a pizza. She should be here any minute.” Teresa said. “Do you need a change? Angela told me to ask.” She said, looking a bit red herself.

“Yes please.” I said, a little reluctantly.

I went to the bathroom to grab a diaper, wipes and some baby-powder and brought it to her. She changed me quickly, Angela did a better job, but I wasn’t going to say so. Just as I put my dirty diaper in the garbage Angela came through the door.

“Pizza!” She yelled.

“Yay!” I said. I ran to the living room and Angela set it on the coffee table.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed napkins. I came back and dug in. I must have had 5 pieces at least, and they were pretty big too. After I was done Angela grabbed a cloth and wiped my mouth off.

“Can I have a drink please?” I asked.

“Sure.” She said.

I went to the kitchen and went to grab a glass when I saw that one side of the cubbard was full of sippy-cups and bottles. Wondering what it is like I grabbed a sippy cup and filled it with kool-aid. I went back to the living room to find Teresa talking about some girls she caught smoking.

“Eew, smoking is gross!” I said.

“Yeah it is, I don’t ever want to catch you doing that!” Teresa said.

“I will give you a spanking if you do!” Angela said joking around.

The conversation shifted to the Teacher’s union and other boring junk so I decided to go outside.

“Can I go play on the trampoline?” I asked.

“Of course, just make sure your careful.” Angela warned.

I went upstairs and put a pair of shorts on and went to play on the trampoline. After about an hour of jumping I went back inside. I grabbed my cup and went to get more juice and told Angela I was going on the computer.

I signed on messenger and had about 50 messages pop up from my friends, wondering where I was and if I was okay. I told them everything except for the diaper part. Many wanted to make plans, especially my best friend Lexi. I told her she could probably come over tomorrow, and that I missed her. I was on the computer forever and finally I needed a diaper change, and I was getting tired. Just then Angela popped her head in the computer room.

“Bedtime sweetie.” She said.

“Okay.” I said my goodbye’s and went to my room to find a new diaper laid out on my bed. She changed me and then tucked me in.

“Can you read me a story?” I asked her.

“Sure, how about Little Red Riding Hood? That’s the only one I know off the top of my head.” She said.

“That’s my favorite fairy tale.” I said.

Angela sat down next to me and told me the story the best she could remember, and it was pretty good. After she was done she kissed me on the forehead.

“Goodnight baby, see you in the morning.” Angela said to me.

“Night mommy.” I said back.

She shut off my light and went downstairs. I fell asleep, having sweet dreams for the first night since my daddy died.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 12

“Lacey” A voice whispered, shaking a sleeping child awake. “Come on sweetheart, wake up”

I woke up with a start and bolted upright. The voice scared me, as it was only Angela who usually woke me up. I looked around and finally my eyes located Adam standing above me. He was already dressed in his suit.

“Come on, I want to show you something.” He said.

“Whatimeizit?” I asked him, still groggy.

“It’s 5:30.” He anwsered.

“Why are you waking me up so early? I’m tired!” I said to him.

“Oh come on sleepy head, I wanna show you something!” He said to me.

Adam reached over and picked me up. He put me on his back and put his hands under my bumm to hold me up.

“Someone is a squishy tushy this morning.” He said, laughing.

“I know!” I said back.

We procedded down the stairs and he carried me out into the back yard. He put me down and I just stood there. After he sat in the chair he motioned for me to come over. He set me in his lap and cuddled me.

“You see that? The sun is rising. Isn’t it beautiful?” He asked me, pointing to the horizon.

“Yeah it is! I love it! It is so pretty!” I said to him, amazed by the sight.

“Just like you my little princess.” He said to me.

I was beginning to like Adam alot. I thought he hated me, but I knew he loved me. I wanted to stay in his lap forever. We sat in silence while he rubbed my tummy and cuddled me. His watch beeped just after the sun was up.

“Uh Oh! I gotta go or I’m going to be late for work.” He said.

“Awwe, just say your sick! Pweasse!” I said to him, giving him a pouty face.

“Sorry munchkin, I can’t. Tell you what, how about we do this again tomorrow?” He asked me.

“I would love that!” I told him.

“Okay perfect, let’s get you back up to bed so you can get a couple more hours of sleep.” He took my hand and led me up the stairs back to my room. I climbed under the covers and he gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Sleep well Lacey.” Adam said to me.

“Bye-Bye, have fun at work.” I said.

He left my room and I rolled over. I drifed off to sleep only to wake up at Noon.

When I woke up my diaper was completely soaked. I walked downstairs and saw Angela watching television.

“Morning Sweetie, sleep well?” She asked me.

“Yuppers, I slept like a baby.” I said to her.

“Good to hear. Hey, did you give Alexia our phone number?” She asked me.

“Oopsie, I forgot to tell you. Yeah I did, I wanted her to come over today.” I said to her.

“Oh, I don’t think she is, she called to say that she’s very sorry, she can’t make it and hopefully she can next week. Now I get what she meant.” Angela said. “She seemed kinda weirded out by talking to me, just because I’m her teacher.” She giggled.

“Hehe, Oh well, maybe another time.” I said.

The day was uneventful. I ate lunch, watched television, played on the trampoline and went on MSN. That was about it. I made it to the toilet once, and Angela fed me a bottle and gave me a bath. At dinner time she made Meat Loaf, which was delicious. She cleaned me up and I went to bed early. While I was in bed I did some thinking. I was doing a good job with getting over my daddy’s death. Maybe I could go back to school soon. Of course, I would want to get out of day-time diapers by then, but I could do it. I could be back at school next month. I decided to take it up with Angela tomorrow, and even talk to Adam about it in the morning. My head was jumbled with ideas, things I would have to do to go back to school and so forth. Finally, I fell into a deep sleep.

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Laceys Big Change

Chapter 13

I woke up to Adam shaking me awake.

“Lacey, Come on, Get up.” He said, in a whisper, as to not wake up Angela.

“Mhm,” I grumbled.

I sat up and followed him down the stairs and on to the porch. We both sat on the steps, and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I really like sitting outside in the morning with you,” I said to him.

“Ditto darling. It really is nice.”

“Adam?” I asked him, looking into his eyes, only to meet his gaze. “Can I go back to school?”

“Do you think you’re ready?” He said, anwsering my question with one of his own.

“Well, I wanna work on getting to the toilet on time, but, yeah, I wanna go back. I miss my friends, my teachers, I miss being busy.”

“If you want to, I’m sure Ang can help you with your day time accidents. I think going back to school would be good for you.” He said, putting his arm around my shoulder and rubbing my back.

“Okay, I think I will talk to mommy this morning then.” Was said in the middle of a yawn.

“Well that wou–” He started, but got cut off by the creaking of the screen door opening.

Angela walked out with the cordless in one hand, she was in a robe and her hair looked like it hadn’t been brushed in ages, it was kinda funny. I just couldn’t help but giggle.

“Jeremy is on the phone.” She said, referring to one of Adam’s co-workers. “And just what are you laughing at little missy?”

“You look funny with your hair all messy.” Was heard through my giggling fit, I put my hand over my mouth to stiffle them.

“Well, you don’t look so hot yourself now do you?” She said, with a big grin on her face.


“Oh don’t worry about it.”

In the background you could hear Adam talking in a muffled voice, he got up and walked in the house, but you could still hear the occasional “Mhm” coming from him. He walked back out, gave Angela the phone and looked at us.

“I have to go in now, there was a huge system error, I will probably have to stay late today.” He said to us.

“Awwe! Okay, bye bye,” I said.

“Bye sexy, call me when your on your way so I can have our dinner ready,” Angela said, giving him a kiss on the neck.

Adam came over and gave me a hug and a peck on the forehead and he was off.

We both went inside and Angela got me a bowl of Lucky Charms and I ate it while she sat and watched, having a piece of toast herself.

“Can I go back to school?” I asked her.

Angela looked at me, with a suprised look; I didn’t know it at the time, but it was a look of relief at the same time.

“Of course you can!” She exclaimed. She looked happy, and I was also, she liked my idea, that was a big relief.

“I thought you might be mad.” I said to her.

“Why would I be mad?”

“I don’t know…” I replied, becuase, I didn’t know why, in fact, it seemed pretty stupid to even think of that.

I finished eating breakfast and we both went upstiars.

“Okay, I figure you want to make it to the potty on time, so potty training boot camp starts today. Soldier, lay down!” She said with a grin, putting her hand to her forehead in a salute. I giggled and lay down. She took off my night time diaper and then cleaned me up a little.

“Okay, step,” I stepped into the goodnight she was holding out in front of her.

I went to my dresser and took out a denim skirt and a yellow t-shirt with Tweetie on it, and got dressed.

“Ready?” Angela asked me.

“Yeppers mommy!” I said.

We both went downstairs to watch some television. I was getting bored, and also thinking of my dad. He would be proud of me right now, at least I think.

“Angela?” I asked her.

“Yeah?” She asked, her eyes still glued to the television.

“What do you think my dad would say? If he saw me right now?” I looked her in the eyes, and she met my gaze when I was finished speaking.

“I think he would be very proud of you Lacey,” she said, I just looked at her, and for once I felt okay talking about him.

“I really miss him,” I looked down and got rid of the tears in my eyes, and looked up, to find Angela’s eyes just as watery as mine.

“I know sweetheart. But you know what? It’s okay to miss him, it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to talk about it.”

“Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t be having fun, like I shouldn’t do anything he can’t do, because he isn’t here to enjoy it with me.”

“Now, how do you think he would feel if you sat around all day moping? I bet he is really happy right now becuase you decided to go back to school.”

I looked at Angela with a few tears still in my eyes, but kept listening.

“Lacey, I know it’s hard to talk about him, and I know it’s hard to go every day without your dad. I understand, I really do, I lost my mom when I was 17, it is very hard, especially at your age. You have to make the best of it though sweetie, and talking helps. It really does.” She said, she had more tears than I did.

“I know, I just want to be strong though, like, if I don’t talk about it, than that’s a good thing, and if I do, than I am doing something bad. I just wanna do the right thing.”

“You are, you are going back to school, you made good decisions the whole time we have been together, you are the perfect daughter, and I am sure he can see that.”

“You think so?” I asked.

“Positive.” Angela said as she leaned over to hug me.

I started crying real hard, and so did she. We both sat there and hugged. After a while I was calmed down, the same for Angela, so she rubbed my back one last time and we sat up straight.

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Laceys Big Change


For two weeks straight I worked on getting to the toilet on time, and I made it, with only a few close calls. But those were all in the first week, the second was accident free. I was also being treated as more of an adult, opposed to a little kid. I rarely used baby things any more, like bottles, or being bathed by Angela, which I was a few times. Although, it always seemed when I was having a tough time, being fed by a bottle, or some cuddle time helped to calm me down.

In ways I was becoming a young adult. Living with Angela and Adam seemed like a whole new adventure for me, I went through rough times, and grew up a lot. I knew though, going to school tomorrow would be the beginning of the rest of my life. With dad dying it seemed like I couldn’t live without him, like I would never have a normal life again, but I was. I couldn’t wait to see my friends, or my teachers. I wanted to be normal again.

The toilet flushed and I walked out of the bathroom.

“Hey Mom.” I said to Angela, who was sitting at the dining room table, doing some work, because she was going back the week after I started school, which was tomorrow.

“Hey Lacey, all ready for tomorrow?” She asked me.

“Almost,” I replied, "Just have to get my school supplies ready.

“Okay go do that then,” she said.

I walked up the stairs to my room and sat on my bed. I always loved shopping for school supplies, one of my favorite things. I took all my pens, pencils, erasers, white-out and art supplies and put them in the right cases. I unzipped my new 5-star binder and put some things in there too. I opened up a fresh pack of paper and took in a whif, I loved the smell, it smelt fresh. I used to always get my school supplies ready with my dad, and right now, this reminded me of him. I can still here him saying,

“Come on now, you know you can’t put your red pens next to your black ones!”

I chuckled and continued putting things where they belong. Once everything was done I put it in my new backpack and went downstairs.

“Okay I’m ready to go,” I said to Angela.

“Okay then, let’s go, get your shoes on,” was her reply as she got up from the table and walked to the front door.

We both slipped our shoes on and went out to the car. Once we were buckled in Angela started the engine and we drove down the street. I looked out the window and watched all the trees pass me by. They were pretty, some with pink buds, others with big leaves. I saw a squirrel run up one of them to his family. 'Probably the dad squirrel, bringing back dinner," I giggled.

“What’s so funny?” She said with a smirk.

“Oh nothing” I said back, still smiling to myself.

We finally came to a big stretch of land, with a black iron fence enclosing it. We pulled up to the gaits and drove through the winding grey cemented road, until, finally, we came upon my dad’s tomb stone.

“I’ll wait here, okay?” Angela said to me.

“Okay,” I said getting out of the car and walking over, first remembering to grab the bunch of roses that were sitting between us.

I sat down on the too-long grass and started at the slab of grey cement.

“Rodger Waters” It read in bold print at the top. “Beloved father of Lacey Waters, you will be missed.” Was right under. Then came a poem in italic font,

“If tears could build a staircase, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven, and bring you down again.”

I stared at the stone, and tears came to my eyes. I wanted to go up to heaven and bring him back, but I couldn’t do that, the most I could do was look to him for guidance, which, many can’t say now, even when their parents are alive."

“Hi daddy.” I sad to the tombstone, feeling a little aqward, but at the same time, natural.

“I really do miss you. I’ve been good, I can make it to the toilet on time. – How’s heaven? I bet it’s nice up there, Angela said that you are probably sitting with Jesus right now playing poker. I hope you are, I know you used to love poker. – I hope that you are having a good time. I know I am. – Angela and Adam are really nice dad, I am with good people, but they could never replace you. – I start school tomorrow, did you know that? You probably did, but I was just telling you anyways. – I brought you roses, just like the ones we used to grow in the garden at home. You will really like them. – I also help Angela with their garden, but ours was prettier. – I miss you a lot. Do you remember that song we used to sing? The one that you sang to me when I was sad? I wish I could hear it now. Sometimes, I sing it to myself, becuase it reminds me of you, is that weird? – Well, I hope not. This is a really pretty place daddy, you must be pretty happy. I’m sorry for anything I ever did to you, I know I was a pretty big brat sometimes. – I hope you don’t mind me calling Adam dad, I do sometimes, but he will never be a great dad like you were. I really want you back sometimes, I want you to hold me in your arms, or make your famous pancakes on Sunday’s. I want to be back in our old house. – I know that can’t happen, it’s okay daddy. I know you are watching over me, I hope I don’t dissapoint you, I try my best to live up to everything you wanted me to be. – Anyways dad, here’s your flowers, I love you.”

I placed the flowers in front of his tomb stone and kissed it, hoping that he would feel the love. I got up and looked for a while longer, finally turning back to the car and getting in.

“Ready to go?” Angela asked me.

"Yeah, I’m tired, I think I’m just going to go to bed when I get home.

The sky darkened quite a bit while I sat there, and the trees now cast long shadows over the road. It would be scary to me if I wasn’t so peaceful. I saw the beauty in the big strong branches, swaying in the wind. The moon was rising, and was a thin sliver of silver in the mass of dark blue. Some stars were scattered about, but you couldn’t really see them, probably because I live in the city. Angela’s hand patted my leg and rubbed it, I took it and squeezed it tight. She looked over with a sparkle in her eye, and a smile. I smiled back and went back to looking out the window.

Once we turned down our street, and the house came into view we saw that Adam was home already.

“Dad’s home early,” I commented.

“Yeah, I guess he is.” Angela replied.

We pulled up into the driveway and I got out and walked inside.

“Hey sweetheart, how was your day?” Adam asked me.

“It was good, how come your home early?” I replied.

“Becuase I went and picked up a special going back to school present for you.” He said.

“Oooh really? What is it?” I asked him.

“Well, two suprises, but conditons. For the first one, you can’t take to school with you, and you have to be responsible for everything.”

“Okay!” I said getting more excited by the minute.

“The second one, you have to work for, which means, chores and helping around the house, so you can use it and keep it.” He said.

“Okay! Show me!” I said excitedly.

He walked into the laundry room holding a big fluffy thing with a red boe tied around the top of it.

“Awee!! A puppy! Thankyou!” I said as he passed it over to me.

I took the fluffy thing in my hands and put it close to my face. He stuck out his tiny pink tongue and licked my nose.

“Daddy it’s so cute!” I said. “Hello Bubble!” I said to him.

“Well I see you already have a name, ready for your second suprise?” He asked me.

“Yeah!” I said, passing Bubble to Angela.

He went back into the laundry room and came out with a small box.

“A cellphone!?” I screeched.

“Yeah, all yours, but like I said, you need to help around the house a bit to help pay the bill.”

“Of course! Wow! This is awesome!” I said in a squeaky voice. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste and hugged him tight. “Thankyou!” I said again.

“No problem, but it is getting a little late, how about you go make Bubble a bed in your room, and I will set up his dish and everything, and then get ready for bed yourself?” he said.

“Okay.” I said.

I took Bubble from Angela and ran up the stairs. I didn’t make a bed for him, becuase he was going to sleep with me.

“Now you stay here little feller!” I said to him as I put him down on my bed. I got a tiny bark in return.

“Awe!” I said as I patted him on the head, and as he rolled over, couldn’t help but sit there for a few more minutes rubbing his belly.

Since I already had a shower that day I just took all my clothes off and put them in the hamper. I got a goodnite and put it on, since I still had accidents at night. I slipped a nightgown on and went to brush my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail. After I was done I took Bubble and brought him back downstairs.

“What if he pees the bed?” I asked Adam.

“Well,” He started, “You just have to clean it up then don’t you? Take him out now to go to the bathroom though.”

I brought him to the backyard and played with him for a bit. He finally went to the bathroom so I took him back inside.

“Okay kiddo, juice and animal crackers are on the table, eat up and it’s time for bed.” Angela told me, referring to my bedtime snack.

I put Bubble down and Adam showed him where his food dish was, and he began to eat too. I got up real quick and went to get the box with my cellphone in it. While I was eating, I fiddled around with it, and tried to read the manual, but it was too long and boring, so I just decided to learn everything myself. It was pretty cool, it had a pink outer, and a walkie talkie thing on it, Adam told me it was called a T4, whatever that meant. Trying to be silly I called the house.

“Hello?” Angela anwsered after a few rings.

“Can you hear me now?” I said through giggles, referring to the popular cellphone commercial.

“Yes I can, and it’s bedtime, so get done.” She said, walking into the kitchen with a smile, and hung up the phone.

I finished up and then went to get Bubble. I picked him up and brought him up to my room, with Angela and Adam close behind.

“Do you have to go potty first?” Angela asked me.

“Nope,” I said to her.

“Go try anyways.” She said to me. I put Bubble down and went to the bathroom, and I guess I did have to go pee. Once I was done I went back to my room and got into bed, and put a barking Bubble next to me.

“Maybe you should let him stay downstairs for now, he might be scared up here.” Adam told me.

“Aweeee Okay then,” I responded with a pout. I gave him one last kiss and put him on the floor.

Angela pulled the covers up higher until they were under my chin. “As snug as a bug in a rug,” she said.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” Adam said, giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“Goodnight,” I replied.

“Night babygirl, sleep good, you have a big day tomorrow.” Angela told me, kissing me in the same spot Adam did.

“Night night Angela, see you in the morning.” I said to her.

Adam picked up Bubble and they both procedded towards the door.

“I love you guys,” I said real quick, just as they were headed out.

“I love you too.” They said in unision.

Angela shut my light off and shut my door half way. I rolled over and hugged my pillow, and sleep took over me.

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Re: Laceys Big Change

Lacey doesn’t even acknowledge her birth mother. Where was she?

Re: Laceys Big Change

My favorite story so far :slight_smile: did this author do any other stories ???

Re: Laceys Big Change

She has written at least three other stories that I remember reading. One of them is here, I’m pretty sure:,72.0.html

The other two were on ADISC, but it looks like they no longer have a story section or you have to be a member to see it, which I’m not.

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The story forum is still there - it’s just members only.

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Well that is retarded. Fuck them then.

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Yeah, pretty much. I don’t think anyone wanted that change.