Kyler's Little Space

Wednesday, 14th 2008

My eyes were blurry as I try paying attention to my class, I yawned tiredly as the teacher was speaking as my other classmates wrote stuff down, and some just secretly chatted or were on their phones. Boredom hit me as I tap my pencil on the table lightly, as then time went by I felt the need to use the bathroom, but I didn’t want to go to the bathrooms because it’s disgusting in public schools. So I sat quietly without saying a word, time ticked as I really had to use the bathroom so I fidgeted a bit, moving my body weirdly trying to hold my piss in. Then I saw a boy’s eyes on me, like he is confused but knows what’s going on. I realize that’s the guy who was top ten in the football league, he wins everything. I quickly look away as I take a deep breath trying not to make eye contact with him again.

Then I felt something warm touch my legs, I am pissing my own pants! My eyes widened as bit my lip nervously not knowing what to do. Few minutes later the bell rung and I got up quickly and paced out feeling the pee running down my legs then the same boy from earlier taps me as I look behind,

“Hey, uh, you have a wet spot on your pants, thought I would let you know.” He tells me as this gets awkward as I laugh nervously not knowing what to say,

“Uh… sorry. I spilled my water and it got over me… I am so sorry.” I lied trying to cover it up but instead he gave me the most stern look, I gulp.

“Uh huh. What about I help clean you up?” He asked as my breathing got slower as I bit my lip and quickly stopped,

I blushed

“No no I am okay. I can take care of um myself.” I replied and about to walk away as he picks me up and walks me down the hallway. I squirmed a little.

Sorry if this is short. Writers block.


It’s a good start. Hope you get over your writer’s block.