Kin's Re-Education Ch. 3

Kin’s Re-Education

Well, the long awaited chapter 3 is here. No telling when the next chapter will be out, now a days I’m just typing on whatever story my muses choose. Well, lets get on with the show.


Chapter 3: Adjusting

[i]A young girl walked down the dirt road, several large paper bags in each hand, and a guitar case swung over her back. She had black hair that reached mid-back, and equally black colored eyes. The girl appeared to be seven years old, and was currently running through a mental checklist of her supplies.

Lets see; snack bags, check. Drink pouches, check. My pay to the headmaster, check. Supplies for Zoe and me, double check. I think you’re good to go Kin.’ Kin thought to herself.

Kin continued walking down the dirt road for several more minutes before reaching her home, if it could be called that. The place was an orphanage, one run by a former Stone Ninja who was retired due to injuries sustained in the third shinobi war. Unfortunately for the children there, the headmaster was not a kind or caring man, but a greedy, selfish, and abusive man.

The headmaster had strict rules for the way the orphanage was run. While he pocketed the funds sent to care for the children, the children would be sent out to gain money for the orphanage workers to use to buy what they, the orphans, needed. Failure to do so, or bringing in the least amount of money, resulted in a night with the headmaster himself. The punishment, well, to him gender didn’t matter, and anyone unfortunate enough to have a room near his office could hear the victim’s screams late into the night.

Money was always an issue. Food, laundry, and the orphanage’s health conditions were the primary concerns. Furniture was rarely replace, only donated clothes were added to the circulation, and the dishes and glasses used for meals were hand cleaned by the orphans themselves. The headmaster also had strict rules about the youngest of children too. Potty training would start at the age of two, and those who struggled would be punished continuously. Anyone older who had toiletry problems would also be severally punished. Those who could not help themselves due to a medical condition tended to disappear shortly after the condition’s discovery. The same would be said of others with medical conditions.

Kin snuck around the back of the orphanage, and entered through the back door. Not bothering to close it behind her, Kin swiftly but quietly made her way up to her room. Once there, she quickly hid her bags under her bed, just as one of the staff members knocked on her door.

“Collection.” Was all the guy said.

Kin swung her guitar case off her shoulder, and placed it on her bed. Unzipping a pocket on top of the case, she pulled out a small pouch and tossed it to the staff member. The man weighed it in his hand.

“Seems pretty light.” The man commented. “Maybe we’ll be spending some quality time together. The headmaster does allow us to have fun every now and then.”

“Bills.” Was all Kin said in response. The man blinked, and looked inside the pouch to several yenny bills inside, each of them a high value. The staff member grumbled under his breath as he left the room, slamming the door behind him. Once he was gone, Kin sighed in relief, it was no secret that that man had a thing for her, which was why she’d go the extra mile and send a second pile of money to the headmaster’s hand directly, just incase the man claimed she brought nothing back.

Over the next two hours, kids visited Kin’s room for snacks she had bought with the extra money she earned playing her guitar in the park. Everyone was only served three square meals a day, no snacks permitted unless you were ill, and the meals were not that filling. This had lead to several of the orphans to begin stealing food from the market place, but those who were caught were usually given a night in one of the staff member’s room, not for the stealing but for being caught.

It was finally bedtime at the orphanage, and that’s when Kin heard a knock on her door. Opening it, Kin found a small girl standing outside the door. She had blond hair, forest green eyes, and appeared to be only four years old. Kin smiled at the girl.

“I got everything inside Zoe, come on in.” Zoe smiled, and scurried inside.

Closing the door behind her, Kin made her way over to her bed, and pulled out the bag with her supplies in it. Emptying it out on the floor, two bags of diapers, two bottles of baby powder, and several folded odor proof bags fell out. Opening the smaller sized bag of diapers, Kin turned to Zoe, who had her night gown up and her panties beside her.

Kin grabbed the bottle of baby powder and quickly powdered Zoe up. Once done with that, she began diapering the girl. “Thank you Kinny.” Zoe said. Kin smiled down at Zoe.

“It’s no problem. You’re still young, and you’re near the headmonster’s room, how can they expect you to keep your sheets clean at night with what goes on in there?” Kin replied.

Zoe giggled at the monster comment. “He is a meanie.”

Kin finished taping Zoe’s diaper on, and pulled her own panties down. “Unfortunately little sister, there are a lot of meanies out there.” She said as she began diapering herself.

Zoe nodded her head, but a frown grew on the child’s face as Kin began diapering herself. “You no hafta wear diapers Kinny, so why you no get toys?” She asked.

Kin was still smiling as she finished taping the diaper shut on herself. Getting down on her knees, she began hiding away the supplies as she responded. “I know you’re not comfortable with wearing diapers yourself Zoe, so it’s no problem for me to wear some with you. Even big girls like me wear them, some older then me, and some even during the day. As for toys, well, I’d have to hide any toys I got from the others, so why shouldn’t I buy a diaper to wear with my little sister and make her feel more comfortable?”

Zoe smiled as Kin crawled into bed next to her. Kin wrapped her arms around Zoe, and Zoe placed her hands on Kin’s wrists as she snuggled into Kin’s embrace. Minutes later, the pair were asleep…only to be woken by the room’s door banging open.

“KIN!” The headmaster roared. Kin’s eyes shot open, and she tried pushing Zoe under the covers, except she couldn’t move her arms. She looked down at Zoe, and screamed.

Zoe had bugs crawling out of her empty eye sockets, her skin was pale, most of her intestines were pressing against Kin’s bare stomach, and the grip she had on Kin’s wrists were like iron shackles. Kin struggled to get free of Zoe’s grip, but found it too strong. She could only scream in horror as she saw the headmaster decend on her and what was once Zoe.[/i]


Kin screamed as her body shot up off the padded ground. Unable to keep her balance, Kin fell on her back, panting as sweat drenched her body. She tried to wipe her forehead clean, but found her arms stuck. Looking down at herself, she saw her straightjacket, and the memories of her situation flooded back to her.

Tears began rolling down her face, and before she could stop herself, Kin began crying. Her crying changed into full blown bawling as she felt her bladder release it’s contents into her diaper. Everything seemed so horrible right now to Kin, both when she was awake and now her nightmare too.

While the nightmare may not have been entirely accurate, most of it had been. When the headmaster had discovered Kin and Zoe together in bed, yes, they both had been diapered, but it had been Kin’s first time wearing one since babyhood, and only due to the insistence of Zoe. While Zoe hadn’t been Kin’s biological sister, the two of them had stuck together long enough that they considered each other family.

Having been discovered diapered and sharing a bed, both Kin and Zoe were sent to the headmaster’s and staff member’s bedrooms respectively. While Kin had managed to work the next day, despite how severally traumatized she was, she didn’t see Zoe again for a month, and only saw her remains hidden in the building’s basement.

Kin didn’t know how long she had bawled for, but slowly and surely she began to calm down, leaning into the hand stroking her head. ‘Wait, what?’ Kin looked up and saw a man kneeling beside her head. The man had black long black hair tied into a ponytail, sapphire eyes, and wore a white gi with a red sash around his waist.

“Feeling better Kin?” The man asked.

Kin glared at the man. “I’m locked up in a straight jacket, forced to crap in a diaper, treated like I’m some demented child for doing my job, and I just had a nightmare about being raped with my sister’s corpse in my arms. Of course I’m not alright!” She yelled.

“The nightmares are to be expected.” The man replied, in a tone as if he were talking about the weather. “When someone undergoes a memory dump, it’s common for them to dream about their past experiences. For prisoners and people with bad pasts in general, we keep them locked up in rooms like this for a week or so incase their dreams are warped into nightmares, so they can’t hurt themselves or damage any furniture or equipment.”

Kin took a moment to process that information before speaking. “Does that mean I’ll be let out of this jacket after the week done?”

The man gave a small laugh and patted Kin on the head. “Afraid not Kin-Kins. According to your chart, you’ll have to complete you’re regression program before you’re allowed out of jackets completely. Once you’ve reached the halfway point you’ll be swapped out to a lighter jacket division, one without chakra inhibitors in it.”

Kin growled in response, and opened her mouth to yell when a though occurred to her. “Chakra inhibitors? Why would I be locked in a straightjacket with chakra inhibitors if my chakra is sealed away?”

“So escape attempts like the one you tried fail.” The man replied. “While you did manage to perform a seal-less substitution jutsu, your jacket’s inhibitors disrupted the flow enough to disorient you even after you succeeded, thus making it easier to catch you Kin.”

Kin wiggled on the ground, trying to shift into a better position to face the man. “Everyone knows my name, but I don’t know anyone else’s.”

The man smiled at Kin. “That’s because you’ve yet to meet anyone important yet. I, on the other hand, am your caretaker for your time here. My name is Elric.”

“Well Elric, do you think seeing a thirteen year old girl locked up in a straightjacket and forced to wear and use diapers for doing job is right?” Kin asked, hoping to gain an ally in this place.

Elric smirked at her, knowing what she was trying to do. “No, I don’t think it’s right. But I’ve seen your memories, and I can tell this is the only way you’ll be able to get the help you need.”

Kin growled. “I don’t need any help. I’m a kunoichi, I do the jobs clients pay me to do. There are probably millions of kunoichi and shinobi out there, so why are you going after me? Do you people get off on going after kids like me, or is it just people weaker then you?”

“None of those, there just haven’t been very many ninja who come to this land and commit crimes here like the two of us.” Elric replied.

For what must have been the third time in the conversation, Kin’s mouth was open to yell when the meaning of the words spoken came to light. “Like us? You mean you were a ninja?”

Elric smirked. “Chunnin of the Hidden Mist Village. I pursued a family of bloodline users out here and killed them, which landed me…in this very room if memory serves.”

“You were loc-” Kin was silenced as a pacifier was stuck into her mouth.

“You suckle on that and I’ll tell you my story.” Elric told Kin. Seeing this as the only way to gain any information, Kin nodded her head and began sucking her pacifier. "Good girl. Now then, after I killed the family I was sentenced to fifteen years in here. This land is the closest thing to heaven on earth, as it has a unity of demons, humans, angels, and half breeds, all of who live in peace and harmony. In order to maintain this peace, facilities like this, and stricter laws are in place. My actions threatened their way of life, so I was locked up and re-educated accordingly.

“I had been taught in the Hidden Mist that a person with a bloodline is an abomination to the human race, and that to even be near them would bring damnation onto you when you died. In here I learned the truth of the origin of bloodlines: they come from demons, angels, and even the terrible Lucifer and great Kami.”

“Mh?” Was Kin’s muffled reaction.

“Hard to believe, I know, but every few years a new bloodline is created in this land, and is granted to a family that has proven itself to abide by our laws.” Elric said. “True, not all of them are amazing or battle efficient, but abilities to locate hidden water reservoirs and powers to help farmers grow their crops more efficiently, those are powers that can help you and others live easier and, if done correct, comfortably.”

Kin suckled her pacifier as she processed this bit of information. This Land was filled with not only demons and half-demons, but angels as well, and they even created bloodlines here too! She knew Orochimaru would kill to get the person who created these bloodlines, and that would be her ticket to get back in his good graces once she was released from, or escaped, this prison.

“Anyways, the people here re-educated me during my stay here, undoing all of programming the Hidden Mist ninja academy and public schools did to me. When I was released they offered to help me find a job in this land, but I wanted to go back to the Land of Water and spread the knowledge of the origin of bloodlines.” Elric paused for a moment there. “When word reached the Mizukage of my preaching, he set a bounty for my head. I eventually escaped the Land of Water and returned here, and after undergoing the rebirthing process, I was permitted to take a job here.”

“Webiwth?” Kin asked through her paci.

Elric smiled at Kin before white youki, demonic energy, engulfed his body. Kin cried out in surprise and quickly wiggled her body as far away from the youki as possible, having heard of the effects it has on humans. When the youki faded, Kin’s pacifier fell from her mouth.

Elric’s skin was covered in white fur and black stripes. Behind him was a long, thin white tail. His face had changed to resemble that of a tiger’s; even his human ears were replaced with tiger ears! Elric’s fingers seemed to have grown longer, and his nails had become claws.

Grinning at Kin’s god-smacked expression, Elric spoke. “The true name of the process is the ascension ritual, allowing a person to ascend to either an angel form or a half demon form. We call it the rebirthing process because it’s a chance to start anew, some people even take new names.”

A thought crossed Kin’s mind that caused her to gulp. “D-do you f-f-force people to reb-birth?”

Elric smiled at Kin as he picked up her pacifier and gently placed it back in her mouth, noting she immediately began suckling on it. “No, we don’t force prisoners like yourself to rebirth, though we do offer it midway through their re-education process, especially those in the regression process like you are.” Kin’s scared face was quickly replaced with one of anger at the reminder of her situation.

Elric was once again engulfed in white youki, that once receded revealed his human form. He then rubbed his nose. “Speaking off, I think there’s a baby girl who had an accident in her diapie.” Kin’s face flushed, whether it was from embarrassment or anger was up for debate, as she gritted her teeth. Suddenly, her eyes widened as the plastic front of her pacifier fell to the ground, and Kin spat the rubber nipple out of her mouth. “Opps, don’t worry, I got another pacifier here just in case.”

Kin watched as the man reached into a diaper bag next to him, one Kin hadn’t noticed until now, and pulled out another pacifier. She watched as he infused it with chakra before placing it in her mouth. She was about to spit it out at his face when he grabbed her jaw with a glowing green hand. Kin’s eyes widened as she felt herself begin to suckle on the paci uncontrollably.

“There we go.” Elric said as he removed his hand. “Now you just relax and I’ll get a clean diapie on you in a jiffy, okay baby girl?” Kin tried to yell at him, but without being able to open her mouth anymore then it was for her paci, it came out as a loud grunt. As Elric began pulling changing supplies out, Kin began twisting her body around, trying to rub her face on the padded ground to get her paci to fall out of her mouth. When she finally managed to do so, she was distraught to find her jaw suddenly clamp down on the rubber nipple, preventing it from falling out.

Kin suddenly felt herself being lifted up, and looked over to see Elric sliding a changing pad under her. Elric set her down and slid a finger across each side of the diaper, causing it to flash and split into the front and back flaps. He pulled the front of the diaper down, causing Kin to blush furiously, and briefly lifted Kin up to remove the soaked diaper. Taking a wet wipe, Elric ran it across Kin’s front, causing her to squeal and jump, only to wince as her ankle shackles pulled violently against her legs.

“Sorry.” Elric mumbled. “I’ll give you more warning next time.”

Kin glared at Elric, still unable to stop suckling her pacifier, as he continued cleaning her diaper area. Elric then proceeded to apply baby powder to Kin’s skin, and carefully rubbed it in. Kin moaned as he rubbed the powder in, and as it had been a few days since her last ‘release’, she found herself lifting her bum up, causing Elric’s hand to press against her nether lips.

Elric immediately pulled his hand back. “That’s is not appropriate for a girl your age, especially a baby girl like you. I know you feel you need a ‘release’ several times a week, but that’s not allowed here, that’s why the diapers are designed as they are; no outer friction when rubbed against something.”

Kin made a whining noise. She knew she must look pathetic, and that she felt pathetic too, but without the use of her arms and limited use of her legs, she was desperate. It was her one method of coping with stress, at least when Tayuya wasn’t around, and the events of the last few days stressed her out more then her so called team mates could ever hope to.

Elric slid a fresh diaper under Kin, pulled the front of it up between her legs, and then tightly over her front. Pressing the front and back flaps together, they merged together as the diaper flashed white and fitted firmly to Kin’s form. Wiping his hands clean with a wet wipe, Elric put away the changing supplies and pulled Kin’s pacifier from her lips.

Despite not having the pacifier in her mouth, Kin’s mouth continued making sucking motions. “Help meh.” Kin managed to get. Elric raised an eyebrow at the possible double meaning of that statement, and reached into the diaper bag. Kin’s eyes widened as she saw him pull out a baby bottle before she began trashing around on the ground. “NO!”

“Sorry Kin-Kins, but it’s time for your breakfast, and this special formula is just what a baby girl like you needs to grow big and strong.” Elric replied. Despite still thrashing around on the ground, Kin’s eyebrow twitched; Elric was getting a little too into his role as a baby’s caretaker, and she was his unwilling baby.

Elric placed a hand on Kin, just below her neck but above her chest, and managed to hold her down. Shifting his position and posture, Elric placed Kin’s head on his lap and the bottle’s nipple into Kin’s mouth. Kin unwillingly began sucking on the bottle, causing the formula inside to enter her mouth. She tried not to swallow, and some of the formula spilled down her chin, but once Elric pinched her nostrils shut, Kin had no choice but to swallow.

Tears rolled down Kin’s face as she unwillingly drank from her bottle. It wasn’t fair! Less then a week ago she was in her own apartment, in her own bed, and making love to her girlfriend. Now she was strapped in a straightjacket, her ankles bolted to the floor, laying there in a diaper and drinking from a baby bottle! And she was going to repeat this everyday for four years! IT WASN’T FAIR!!!

Elric mentally sighed as he saw the tears roll down Kin’s face. He knew from experience that it would take time to adjust, and he’d seen several people, of various ages, who were unable to adjust, break under the stress they experienced. Most of them eventually came back, and were even more successful then the majority of the who converted without breaking, but a few didn’t. He knew he had to be careful with this girl while she was awake, as he could control the mood then, but he could do nothing about her nightmares, which could very well break her alone.

Once Kin’s bottle was empty, Elric replaced the bottle with her pacifier and shifted under her till she laid across his lap. Looking into Kin’s tear filled eyes, Elric could see a stress, helplessness, and a bit of fear look back at him. Carefully lifting Kin into his arms, he gently began rocking her as hummed a tune he had once heard. Time passed, and Kin’s eyes soon drifted closed.

Elric continued rocking her for several more minutes to be certain she’d fallen asleep before carefully sliding out from under her. Setting her head on a pillow, Elric flashed through some handsigns and gently placed his hands on Kin’s cheeks and jaw. The rate at which Kin sucked her pacifier slowed down, but did not stop.

Sighing, Elric reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a pink baby bonnet, and began filtering Kin’s long, flowing, black hair into it. Once done, he carefully tied the bow under Kin’s chin, and placed her head back down on the pillow. He then took a moment to clean Kin’s face with a wet wipe before rubbing her shoulder comfortingly.

“Don’t worry my little kitten, I’ll take care of you like you were my own daughter, I swear this to you.” Elric whispered. Grabbing the diaper bag, Elric stood up and exited the room, the door giving a ‘bling’ as it clicked shut.

Kin’s eyes immediately flew open as she began thrashing around on the ground again, trying to escape her restraints. Despite her efforts, the straps on her straightjacket had no give, she could barely move her arms an inch, and her ankles felt like they were burning as she continued shifting around on the ground. Finally, the soreness in her bum, and her need for a release she could not provide herself, pushed her past her limit.

Kin spat out her pacifier and screamed, “SON OF A BITCH! YOU BASTARDS! YOU-” The door to the room swung open, and Elric swiftly entered the room.

“That stunt you pulled while I was changing you,” he started, “generally requires a punishment, but I felt pity for you so I didn’t. But after that outburst, you more then deserve this.”

Forcing Kin down on her back, Elric sat down on her stomach as he grabbed Kin’s pacifier and attached several straps to it. Elric swiftly forced the pacifier into Kin’s mouth, silencing her as he strapped it around her head. Getting up briefly, he turned around before sitting back down on her stomach, now facing her legs.

Elrick reached into the diaper bag and pulled out an unlabeled bottle. Swiping a finger over one side of Kin’s diaper, he pulled the side of the diaper up and proceeded to sprinkle powder onto Kin’s front. He resealed the diaper and got off Kin just as the powder’s effect kicked in.

Kin’s eyebrows shot into her hairline as she felt a powerful itch appear over her crotch. She began thrashing around as she tried to get into a position rub the front of her diaper against something, anything, but there was nothing she could use to help her.

Elric glanced back at the thrashing girl and shook his head as he left the room. He’d check in on her in a few hours, when he’d try feeding her some solid food for lunch.


Well, that’s all for chapter 3. Taking an interesting turn, but there’s more to come. Next chapter will give a brief overview of what’s to come for Kin, and a brief look at the Sound Village.

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I hope your muses (or probably the stimuli you receive as imput) may go in this way, becase it’s not bad at all.
Maybe, if it’s allowed to ask, make it a bit more intense and disturbing: more bugs out of empty eye sockets, more from Kin’s past.

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I am really liking this story and hope it goes on for awhile.

good job

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great work, great characters, great storyline, plus the right mix of diapers, fun, and humiliation makes you one fabulous professional writer in the making.