Kin's Re-Education Ch. 2

Kin’s Re-Education

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Chapter 2: The Consequences

“…can see, this girl willfully committed the murder.”

Kin gave a muffled groan as her eye lids slowly opened. Her body felt stiff, as if it had been in one position for too long. Kin tried too push herself up from the seated position she was in, but found she couldn’t move her arms. Looking down, she saw she strapped in a straight jacket! Memories of the mission and her capture came to the forefront of her mind, and Kin’s head shot up in alarm.

The room she was in was fairly large. A brief look around told her she was in a court room. She was strapped into a chair, restraining her further from the ankle locks and the straight jacket. She could also felt cold between her legs, and figured she must have wet herself while she was out.

She was seated in front of a wooden table, and a man sat beside her dressed in a business suit. Beyond him, Kin saw there was a second table with two other people seated there, and further down was a group of people seated in a raised box, a jury. Looking in front of herm she noticed a raised platform, where a woman sat dressed in black robes, a judge most likely.

What got Kin’s attention the most was the fact that not everyone in the room was human. The judge had large bat-like wings folded behind her back, several members of the jury had animal tails, faces, or wings, and the man standing before the jury looked more like an upright panther then a human.

Said panther-human raised a hand and pointed at Kin, still facing the jury. “This so called little girl has trained and committed herself to lie, cheat, steal, and kill for the rest of her life. She has trained for several years so far, and has been and active killer for the past year. She gave her most recent victim no chance to repent for his crimes and allowed her emotions to cloud her judgment, showing she’s even incompetent at doing her job right. Members of the jury, Kin Tsuchi is guilty and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Make certain she can’t harm another living creature ever again.”

As Kin listened to this, questions spiraled around in her head. Who were these people? Why were they holding her here? Didn’t they have a shinobi village too? Why should they care about the life of an enemy ninja? How did they find out so much about herself? But when she heard the panther man finish speaking, her eyes widened at the implication. To make certain she never harmed anything ever again, that would mean they’d have to cripple her, or even…

Kin let out a whimper, suckling her gag-like pacifier for comfort. Her whimper was loud enough to gain the attention of everyone in the room. The judge leaned forward in her seat. “We’re glad to see you’re awake young lady, you body had a negative reaction to the sedative we gave you. You’ve been unconscious for three days now.”

Kin’s eyes widened at that, and she desperately pushed herself as far away from everyone else in the courtroom, fear clear in her eyes. The judge took this in strides. “You have nothing to fear from us Tsuchi, we will not harm you. I know your world does not think highly of demons like ourselves, but here in the Land of Peace we are a civilized and peaceful people. As far as your incident with the medicine, should you be found guilty for your crimes here, your sentence will be reduced.”

The judge’s words did little to comfort Kin, as the girl began struggling to get out of her seat and restraints. Sighing, the judge turned to the jury. “You have seen the evidence and heard the arguments, you are now free to converse amongst yourselves until you can reach a verdict.” The jury rose and left the room via a side door by the booth.

Kin was straining in her chair, trying to pull her arms and legs apart, but her straight jacket kept her arms crossed and the ankle shackles kept her ankles together, while the chair’s straps kept her firmly seated. Kin then felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up at the man next to her.

“You should save your strength.” The man, her defense lawyer, told her. “You’re most likely going to be found guilty, so you’re going to have a long day ahead of you when they admit you to the psychopathic ward. The best I could do for you is an insanity by reason of mental disease or defect, which is better then prison, as they are co-ed in this land.”

Kin tried to yell, but the pacifier gag kept her words jumbled and muffled. She was about to continue her efforts to get free, when the door opened and the jury returned. Kin’s attention turned to them as she subconsciously began suckling on her pacifier.

The judge looked at the jury in surprise. “That was fast.” She commented. “My order of coffee hasn’t even arrived yet. Well, has the jury reached a verdict?”

A humanoid bird woman stood up. “We have your honor. We find the defendant guilty, by reason of mental disease or defect.” Kin’s eyes widened at this, and she let out a loud “MMMMPH!”

“Verdict accepted.” The judge turned to Kin. “Kin Tsuchi, taking into consideration the medical incident that befell you upon your capture I will be reducing your sentence. I hereby sentence you to a term of no less then four years at Waldrin’s Asylum. You will remain there until the doctors deem you mentally competent by the terms of our land. Guard, remove her gag and prepare the teleportation seals to transfer the prisoner to the asylum.”

Kin felt the straps around her mouth loosen and immediately spat the pacifier out. “LET ME GO! I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRO-” She was cut off as she vanished in a flash of white light.

The judge sighed again. “I’d like to thank the members of the jury for their service. Lets hope we can help this little girl live her life properly.” Murmurs of agreement were heard around the court room. “Court adjourn.”


In a flash of light, Kin appeared in a white room with seals carved into the walls, floor, and ceiling. Kin rolled onto her side and vomited, her trip having disoriented her beyond her limits. She proceeded to spit out what little vomit was stuck in her mouth; having not eaten anything solid for over three days, she mostly vomited liquids.

A door opened behind her, and Kin rolled over to face it. A woman with brown skin, dressed in a white nurse outfit entered the room, looking at a clipboard. “Prisoner 2478; Kin Tsuchi.” She read out loud, then looked down at Kin. “Have an upset stomach I see, not surprising when using that type of transportation.”

The nurse walked over to Kin and knelt down. She reached behind her when Kin spoke. “Please let me go, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“If you didn’t do anything wrong you wouldn’t be here now Kin.” The nurse replied.

“How does everyone know my na-” Kin was cut off as a pill was inserted in her mouth. Kin’s eyes widened as she the nurse clamped her jaw shut. Feeling the pill on her tongue begin to fizz, Kin drew her legs up and quickly rammed her feet into the nurse’s leg, hoping to throw the nurse off balance enough to lose her grip on her jaw. Instead, Kin gave a muffled cry of pain; the woman’s leg felt like solid rock!

The fizzling pill dissolved completely in her mouth, and Kin blinked at the minty flavor steam that spread through her mouth. She also felt all the saliva and vomit residue in her mouth dry up. The nurse removed her hand from Kin’s mouth. “Sorry for the scare little one, just wanted to get that yucky-ness out of your mouth. Now lets get you to the other room and we’ll shower you down.”

Kin felt herself be lifted up by the straps on the back of her straight jacket. Once she was on her feet, she was dragged into the next room. The room was grey in color, but had many bars with shower curtains around it. By each curtain was a large hose. Kin was lead to the far side of the room, where she saw three other people: one was another nurse, the other two were muscular men in heavy grey shirts and sweats.

Kin was suddenly slammed face first into the wall. She gave a small yell in pain as the two men grasped her by her shoulder, holding her against the wall. Kin started to struggle, but stopped in surprise when she felt the sleeves of her straight jacket loosen. Not a moment later the jacket was pulled off Kin, leaving her in just a diaper. The men grabbed Kin’s arms before she could use them while the nurse pulled off her diaper, leaving Kin nude, save for the collar that suppressed her chakra and the ankle shackles.

“Get off me!” Kin yelled. She was lifted up and away from the wall, and saw two of the nurses with the giant hose in hand. “What are you-”

A high power jet of water erupted from the hose, slamming into Kin. The former sound kunoichi cried out in surprise and pain as the cold water slammed into her. The nurses sprayed Kin’s body down for several minutes, getting both her front and back sides, Kin screaming the entire time. By the time they were done, Kin’s long dark hair was sticking to the back of her body, said body dripping wet and shivering. The first nurse then walked over to Kin’s limp body and checked her thoroughly for anything she might have hidden under fake skin or in her throat. Once she was done, she nodded at the men holding the limp girl.

As the two nurses were putting the hose back in its proper place, the first nurse and the men holding Kin dragged the physically exhausted girl out a nearby door. They entered a small chamber with air vents on the ceiling and floor, a small panel on the wall in front of them next to the door. The nurse walked over to the panel and pushed several buttons on it. A rush of hot air came down from the ceiling, blowing off the water on Kin’s body and evaporating the water soaked into her restrainers clothes. After a minute in there the nurse hit the panel again, and the air died down.

Exiting the chamber, the group entered a hallway with white walls, a marble floor, and a padded cart with leather straps on it. Kin began to struggle as the men dragged her to the cart, but having been sprayed for several minutes under high pressure water, she was physically drained. The men laid Kin out on the cart and quickly wrapped her wrists in the leather straps above her head, tightening them as hard as they could. After that, one of the men held her legs down while the other removed Kin’s ankle shackles, and proceeded to strap her ankles as tightly as he could.

Two more straps will tightened, one just below Kin’s chest, and one just above her knees. The men then began wheeling Kin’s cart down the hallway while the nurse walked along side them. Kin struggled weakly against the straps, but to no avail. “This isn’t right.” Kin said with a small sob. “I’m not crazy. I’m not a bad person.”

The nurse pulled out a purple pacifier and stuck it through Kin’s lips, causing the girl to blink in surprise. “I know you’re not crazy Kin, but you aren’t well. We’re here to help you get better, as you can’t seem to do so on your own power. Just relax now Kin, you’ll be with us for four years; best not to get off on the wrong foot.” The nurse explained. Kin was about to spit out the pacifier when she suddenly tasted it. “We know you like grapes, so we ordered this paci just for you. Just suckle on it for now and calm yourself down, it’s for the best.”

Deciding that her words wouldn’t do anything to aid her at this point, Kin bit down on the pacifier’s nipple, and focused on trying to get out of the straps. Unfortunately for Kin, the straps were too secure for her tired body to escape from. That did not stop her from trying, however, as the men wheeled the cart into another room.

This room was set up as an examination room. There were several cupboards, a counter, and a sink along one wall, several machines along another, a large dresser and closet against the third, and the last had a rectangular indention in the floor with seals drawn into it. The men wheeled the cart onto the indention and the seals lit up, glowing around the wheels of the cart. One man gave the cart an experimental push, but it would not budge.

“So who have we here?” A voice called from behind one of the machines. Kin turned her head and saw an old bearded man walk forward, dressed in a white lab coat and glasses. “A rather young girl with a beautiful figure to boot. Am I going to do a physical on her today?” Kin flushed furiously, and redoubled her efforts to get free.

“No doctor, we’re just here for the blood work and clothing.” The nurse said as she walked to the dresser.

“I see, what can you tell me about her?” The old doctor asked as he began moving some of the equipment.

“Prisoner 2478; Kin Tsuchi. An outsider found guilty of committing murder, sentence to four year minimum here for re-education. After using the memory dump, the higher ups have determined that she will under go age regression therapy, seeing as she didn’t have a good childhood to begin with.” The nurse read off her clipboard as she pulled out a white diaper, a bottle of baby powder, some diaper rash cream, and a small purple t-shirt that would not even reach Kin’s belly button.

“I’m not familiar with that therapy. Mind explaining?” The doctor asked as he began attaching tubes and needles together on a device. Kin also listened intently, subconsciously suckling her pacifier.

“It’s basically where we regress the patient’s mind to think like an infant’s or toddler’s would. From there, we simply re-educate her in what’s appropriate behavior, essentially re-raising her from babyhood. Once Kin has finish her first week here, so long as the side effects of the memory dump have worn out by then, she’ll be moved into her own little nursery room and get to be the little girl she was.” Kin’s eyes widened through the nurse’s explanation.

When the nurse carried the supplies over to the cart Kin was strapped to, Kin spat out her pacifier. “I AM NOT GOING TO BE SOME FUCKING BABY!” She screamed. The nurse frowned at her and pulled out another pill. Kin tried to keep her mouth closed, but the nurse pried it open and tossed it in. The pill fizzled and dissolved on Kin’s tongue, forming many suds in her mouth. Kin turned her head and spat out the suds that were forming for several minutes.

“That language is not appropriate for a little girl like you Tsuchi.” The nurse scolded as she applied diaper rash cream to Kin’s privates. “It’s behavior like that that got you in here. If you continue acting this way, you’ll find yourself here for more then your four year sentence.”

“I’M A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD KUNOICHI, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO CURSE ANY TIME I FUCKING WANT TO!” Kin screamed again. The nurse popped another pill in her mouth and quickly finished powdering Kin, while the girl spat out more suds.

“Actually Kin, you don’t have any rights here anymore. Rights are like privileges; if you’re bad, you lose then; if you’re good, you get them back. And right now you’ve been a very bad girl.” The nurse explained as she unfolded the diaper. Sliding it under Kin, she said, “But I understand you’re scared, especially concerning what that despicable man did to you and those children at your orphanage.”

Kin’s eyes widened for what must have been the twentieth time since this mess started. Spitting out another mouthful of suds, Kin lifted her head up to look at the nurse. “How do you know about that? And how do you know so much about me?” She demanded.

The nurse pulled the front of the diaper up between Kin’s legs, and pulled it tightly over Kin’s front. Making sure each flap was fully extended, the nurse reached back behind Kin and pulled the rear flap up till its edge touched the front’s edge. There was a brief white flash, and the two flaps merged together, giving no indication they had ever been separate at all. The nurse repeated the process on the other side, and then the diaper glowed white and shrank to fit Kin’s form more firmly. Once the glow died down, the nurse inspected the diaper, and finding it to her liking, gave the front a brief pat before grabbing the t-shirt and pacifier.

“I suppose I could answer your question, but only if you promise to be a good girl and keep you pacifier in your mouth.” The nurse said. Kin glared at the nurse, but seeing as this was the only way to gain any information she use, opened her mouth. The nurse placed the paci back in Kin’s mouth, and Kin began sucking on it, looking at her expectantly.

“Well, after you were brought in, the report on your crime and capture was filed. In order to understand you better, we used a machine to do what we call a memory dump. A memory dump allows us to view all the memories of a person’s life, even their subconscious ones. That’s how we know your name and what you’ve been through.” The nurse explained as she pulled the t-shirt apart.

Kin, not wanting to risk another one of those pills, settled for glaring at the nurse, as she slid one of the t-shirt cloths under her. “Now don’t give me that look, it was for the best that we looked through your memories, so we could understand you better. Personally, I find that Zaku character you hug out with to be rather obnoxious.” Kin could only nod her head in agreement as the nurse placed the second part of the t-shirt over her chest and shoulders. The fabrics touched, and merged again into a solid t-shirt, one that barely managed to cover Kin’s chest.

“Okay, I’m all set. Just need to get the needle in.” the doctor announced. The nurse nodded her head and, to Kin’s surprise, grabbed Kin’s head and gently moved it to the side away from the doctor. Before she could do anything, Kin felt a needle pierce her neck. She let out a gasp, her pacifier falling from her mouth.

“What are you-” Kin was interrupted as the pacifier was put back into her mouth.

“We’re just draining your blood from your body dear, nothing to be worried about.” The nurse said calmly, as she watched Kin’s blood flow through a tube into a machine.

Kin began to panic, and started thrashing around on the cart. “You can’t! I’ll die!”

Sighing, the nurse picked up the pacifier that fell from Kin’s mouth, and attached some straps to it. Sticking it into Kin’s mouth again, she strapped it around her head, muffling Kin’s protests. “You have nothing to fear, we are merely taking enough blood to create blood gems for you. The blood gems will replenish any blood you’ve lost in case there’s an accident, it’s standard procedure for prisoner sent here for a year’s sentence or more.” The nurse explained.

Kin didn’t stop struggling, though as time went on, they grew weaker and weaker. Her eyelids began to grow heavy at the blood loss, as the nurse began running her hand through her hair. “How much more blood do you need?” The nurse asked.

“Just a bit more.” The doctor answered. “The seals inside this machine doesn’t just create a blood gem, but actually replicates the gem. She’ll probably only need to go through this process once more in two years, and that’s only if she goes through this batch of gems.”

Kin’s head slumped down barely a minute later, her breathing shallow. The doctor removed the needle from Kin’s neck and pressed some buttons on the machine, while the nurse used medical chakra to close up the needle puncture. The machine let out a whirling sound for about a minute, before a slot opened up, and several dozen ruby red gems were inside.

The nurse took one gem out of the slot, lifted Kin’s t-shirt up a bit, and placed the gem over Kin’s heart. The gem glowed brightly before slowly sinking into Kin’s skin. The nurse looked up at the men, who had been standing quietly aside for the time. “This gem will replenish Kin’s blood supply as well as much of her strength back. Grab one of the straight jackets; we need to get it on her before she wakes up.”

The men nodded, and one of them went to the closet while the other began removing Kin’s wrist restrains. The first man returned with a dark purple straight jacket with straps and buckles on the back, but this one had no bottom to it. The man behind Kin finished removing the restraints on her upper body and slowly lifted her upright.

The man with the jacket slid up behind Kin and threw it over her head, holding it up in front of her. The nurse and the other man filtered Kin’s arms into the arm sockets; the man behind her pulled the jacket back against Kin’s body, and began buckling the straps. Upon finishing the third of five buckles, Kin began waking up.

The nurse and the man beside her quickly grabbed an arm each, causing Kin to become fully alert. Kin struggled to free her arms, but the grips were too strong. She tried turning from one side to another, but that was a mistake as the nurse and the man held her arms in place across her body, making it easy for the man behind her to finish buckling the straps.

The man beside her pushed Kin back down onto the table while the other man and nurse replaced all but the arm restraints, keeping Kin pinned to the table. Kin thrashed around as hard as she could, but both the table and straight jacket’s straps held. The doctor, who had been fiddling with another machine and a gem, turned to them. “Is she ready for the branding seal? It’ll work just like the collar around her neck.”

“Yes, bring over the device and we’ll prepare to remove the collar.” The nurse said. Kin stopped struggling at that; this was the chance she needed! She could perform the substitution jutsu without handsigns, so it was just a matter of timing. Kin grinned behind her pacifier; if she was good at anything it was her aim and her timing.

The doctor carried over a device that looked like a small jackhammer, but the end had a kanji in steel that translated to “Seal.” The steel began glowing red, and the doctor brought it about an inch from Kin’s neck. The nurse unlocked the collar from Kin’s neck, but did not remove it, thus leaving the chakra repressed. With her hands on the collar, the nurse counted down. “Three…Two…One…NOW!”

The nurse removed the collar as the doctor brought the device down, successfully branding the neck. The problem was it wasn’t Kin’s neck, but the man’s from behind her. As the man cried out in pain, Kin wobbled on her feet behind the cart she was just on, before losing her balance and falling forward, bashing her head on the metal bar before hitting the ground.

The second man quickly jumped onto Kin and held her down while the doctor jabbed at her neck, this time successfully branding her. Kin cried out as she felt her chakra get sealed away once again. The nurse, having finished removing the restraints from the man on the cart, walked over to Kin and pulled her up by the straps on her straight jacket.

“This is what I’m talking about! You are such a naughty and selfish little girl: for all you know that man could have had a condition requiring his chakra to remain active or he would die. But you didn’t think of that did you?” The nurse scolded Kin. Carrying the girl, the nurse hopped up on the cart, and pulled Kin over her knee. Pulling down Kin’s diaper, she asked the man, “How old are you?”

“Forty-eight.” Was the gruff reply.

The nurse nodded her head as she massaged Kin’s bum. Kin had been in this position before, so she knew what was about to happen, yet that brief burst of chakra she used for the substitution jutsu disoriented her for some reason, making it difficult to for her to connect thought with movement; the bump to her forehead didn’t help.

“Very well then.” The nurse announced. “For being such a naughty girl, you will be spanked forty-eight times. After that we’ll bring you to your room.” She removed her hand from Kin’s bum, and Kin barely managed to brace herself before the hand came down on her backside.


Kin’s eyes shot open as she yelled out in pain, her pacifier muffling it. The nurse’s hand felt like it was made of solid cement! Kin cried out again as the hand came down a second time, and again the third time. By the time the nurse was done, Kin was bawling like a baby, her backside black and blue.

The nurse ran a brief diagnostic jutsu on Kin’s bum, revealing nothing alarming or in need of immediate repair. The nurse pulled Kin’s diaper back up her legs, and the diaper glowed white again as it readjusted itself around Kin’s waist. Flipping the sobbing girl around in her arms, the nurse lifted her up for a moment before turning around and laying her back down on the cart. The man who wasn’t branded helped the nurse strap Kin’s body and legs back down, while the doctor helped unseal the branded man’s chakra.

Pulling a tissue out of her pocket, the nurse began cleaning Kin’s face. “There, there baby girl, it’ll be okay. I’m sorry I had to spank you, but you really did deserve it. The next time you want to try something like that, remember how you feel right now.”

Kin was now whimpering, suckling on her pacifier for comfort this time. Her bum was throbbing and felt like it was on fire; each throb the fire grew hotter. The nurse turned to the branded man. “You feeling okay?” The man nodded his head. “Alright then, just help us mover her to her room and lock her in, and you can have the rest of the day off.”

Both men nodded their heads, and moved to either side of the cart. The nurse turned to the doctor. “Need anything else?” The doctor just waved a hand at her as he examined a blood gem under a microscope. “Alright then boys, move out!”

The seals on the indented floor flashed once, and the men rolled the cart out of the indention and out of the room. Kin was still whimpering and sniffling as the cart was rolled into an elevator. As the elevator rose, the nurse was running her hand through Kin’s hair, whispering comfortingly in her ear.

Two minutes later, the elevator doors opened, and the cart was rolled down another long hallway. Opening the steal door at the end of the hallway, they rolled the cart down a second hallway, this one with multiple steel doors on both sides. Stopping on the forth door on the right, the nurse opened the door with a key card, and the men wheeled the cart in.

The walls, floor, and ceiling were padded, white in color. There was a window near the ceiling, with three bars horizontally and vertically over it. On the floor was a light blue pillow and a pair of ankle shackles bolted to the floor. The men undid the straps restraining Kin to the cart, lifted her up, and set her down on the padded floor. Pulling her forward a bit, the men locked Kin’s ankles into the shackles before pushing her backwards onto the ground. The nurse moved the pillow till it was under Kin’s head.

“Alright you two, just take the cart and that will be all.” The nurse said. Both men nodded, and wheeled the cart out. Turning back to Kin, the nurse pulled out a scroll, and summoned a large baby bottle full of a red-ish, orange-ish liquid. “Since it’s to late for the dinner cart, you’ll have to settle for a nice warm bottle of soup. Now say ‘ah’.”

The nurse released the straps on Kin’s pacifier. Taking both the straps and the pacifier in one hand, she placed the bottle’s nipple in Kin’s mouth. Kin, however, just turned her head away, causing the nipple to slide out of her mouth. The nurse tried again, but with the same results. After trying three more times, the nurse sighed.

“Have it your way.” Was all she said. Flashing through several handsigns, the nurse ran her hand around Kin’s jaw, down and around her neck, and down part of her spine. Kin gasped as her jaw locked up, open, and found she had no strength to move her upper body. The nurse turned to the scroll and summoned another device with a small, long tube attached to it. Unscrewing the cap of the bottle, she screwed the device onto it and took the tube in her hand.

Dropping the bottle and device on the padded floor, the nurse carefully filtered the tube down Kin’s throat. Kin’s eyes were wide; she had the impulse to gag but couldn’t. the nurse flicked a switch on the device, and the soup in the bottle drained through the tube, down Kin’s throat, and into her stomach. After several minutes of this the bottle was empty, and the nurse carefully pulled the tube out of Kin’s throat.

“I’m afraid we don’t permit hunger strikes here Tsuchi.” The nurse said as she began putting her supplies away. “Too much risk of prisoners trying to commit suicide and escaping their punishments. One way or another, everyone sentenced to this facility will serve out their time, be it their sentenced time, or longer if the psychologist deem it necessary.”

The nurse put away her scroll and began running her hand over Kin’s body parts. “At this point, the best you can do is follow the program and try to be a happy baby girl, otherwise un-pleasantries like what happened today will be more common. Seeing as I’m not going to be your caretaker, they may not be better or worse then today.” Once done with running her hands over Kin, she placed the pacifier back into Kin’s mouth, and stood up. Walking to the door, she turned around and said, “I hope you enjoy your stay here at the facility, prisoner 2478, Kin Tsuchi. I’m sure you’ll make an adorable baby girl.” The nurse exited the room and closed the door behind her, a single ‘bling’ indicating the door locking.

Kin laid on the floor there, arms locked in her straight jacket, legs locked in shackled, her sore bum locked in a soft and puffy diaper, and a pacifier in her mouth. Her head tilted towards the window, Kin gazed at the moon through the bars, her mind racing over everything that had happened over, to her, the past two days.

Her body began to tremble as her rage began to build. It wasn’t fair! She was just doing her job as a kunoichi of the sound village, what she was trained to do! And after doing her job, she thrown into some nut house as if she was insane?!

Kin spat out her pacifier and let out a scream of fury, and began thrashing around the padded floor, trying to escape her restraints. Every few failed attempts would cause her to scream out in frustration again, be it failure in escaping her straight jacket, failure to escape her ankle shackles, or the failure to be able to express completely how she felt. Kin would be up for several more hours until she fell into unconsciousness due to exhaustion.


Well, there’s chapter 2. Hope you enjoyed it, I’ve seen a number of prison and hospital movies, so drawing on those and adding a naruto spin on it, I think I did pretty good. As you all can see, Kin did have a mental breakdown or two, but her spirit isn’t broken just yet…yet. Till next time, leave a review and tell me what you think!

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wow, a classic story by you, I hope you keep up the great work, and your steady developement into a well polished writer.