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Kin’s New Way

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Chapter 6: Mission Success?

Kin laid on her stomach, pacifier in her mouth, playing with some building blocks. The past few hours seemed to fly by for her. The first hour was spent playing a game called ‘can you hear?’ It involved Kin testing her new cat ears to make certain there was no damage left over from the sound attack she suffered. After that, Heather, or as Kin knew her, Mommy, gave her a bath, taking extra special care of her.

Once her bath was done, Kin was promptly diapered, and small short-sleeved shirt put on, the bottom only reaching her belly button. Kin had then been fed a few bowls of ramen, and let go to play with her toys. Heather told her she’d be back in a short while, as Dono had a patient for her to deal with, and assigned a care taker to watch her.

While it appeared that Kin was playing with her blocks, she was actually deep in thought. She had made her decision, she wanted to stay with her new family, and that meant she would have to reveal to them who and what she was, and hope they still accepted her. Kin was banking on the fact that she knew about the retrieval team, her team mates, to get her new parent’s approval, and the fact that her bloodline was apparently worth a lot of money. All she had to do now was get to Dono and explain to him what was happening

Kin glanced over her shoulder at the caretaker, taking note that the woman was fairly old, and how she seemed to be nodding off. Kin crawled across the room, grabbing a stuffed animal along the way, and made certain that she was directly in front of the care taker. Laying back down on her stomach, Kin played with her stuffed animal, her tail swishing lazily back and forth.

Kin knew she could ask to be taken to Dono, or even use her chakra to take her to his room. However, she decided to air on the side of caution, and approach him as Kitten, get him talking, then reveal herself and what was going to happen.

The caretaker watched Kin play, her eyes following her tail, swishing lazily from side to side. The motion soon caused the caretaker to nod off into a dreamless sleep. Kin continued playing for a few more minutes to be sure, before she crawled over to the rocking chair the caretaker was in, and checked her out. The caretaker wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon.

Kin crawled across the floor to the door. It was currently shut, and Kin knew her body couldn’t support it’s own weight on her legs alone, even with chakra. So she moved over to the wall next to the door, and used her chakra to climb/crawl on the wall, just high enough so she could reach the door knob and open the door.

Just as she pulled open the door, Kin lost her balance, and with a squeal she fell on her bum. Her whole body shivered, and Kin suddenly felt a large mass enter the back of her diaper. Kin blushed fiercely, she really did need diapers now. Shaking her head, she managed to get back on all fours, and crawled out of the room.

When Heather had taken Kin to the park a day or two ago, Kin didn’t know how long ago it was given her black out, Heather had pointed out Dono’s office to her. Kin remembered the path she was brought through, and crawled as fast as she could down the hallways, being careful not to be spotted by any of the staff or hired ninjas. After several minutes, Kin found the office, however, there were two guard ninjas in front of the door. Kin sighed, there was no way she could get in without those two seeing her, so there was only one way she could enter. She’d have to play her part.

Kin let her pacifier drop out of her mouth, before crawling around the corner she had been hiding behind. The two guards noticed her instantly, one of them walking towards her. Kin sat down on her rump, feeling the mess she had made squish up against her skin, but paid it no mind as she looked up at the ninja. Said ninja knelt down on one knee before Kin.

“What are you doing out here? You should be in the playroom Dono made for you.” The guard said.

“Is Daddy in thewe?” Kin asked. “I miss him…” Kin then placed her pacifier in her mouth, her cat ears and tail drooping. Behind his mask, the guard’s face was scrunched up as he tried to resist the cuteness in front of him. He failed.

“Ask Dono if he’ll see his baby girl now, or if he wants us to bring her back to the playroom.” The guard said. The other guard nodded and entered the office. A few second later, the guard and Dono exited the office.

“Kitten, how did you get here? Where’s your caretaker?” Dono asked, as he scooped Kin up into his arms. Kin giggled, and let her paci fall from her mouth.

“Granny go nap-nap, so me came to see Daddy! I miss you Daddy!” Kin replied, snuggling into his embrace. Dono hugged her back, and carried her into his office, closing the door behind him.

The room was a basic office, desk, bookshelves, chairs, and lots of paperwork too. Dono sat down behind the desk and sat Kin down on his lap. He scratched behind her ear, causing Kin to purr.

“Are you feeling better Kitten?” Dono asked.

“Yes Daddy, me alwight.” Kin replied.

“I’m happy to hear that Kitten. In just a few days you won’t have to worry about any other mean boys or girls hurting you again like those kids at the park did.” Dono told her. Kin cocked her head to one side.

“How?” She asked.

“Well Kitten, Daddy found out that the people who hurt you were working for a big place, called the Sound village. It’s there they learn to use sound to hurt people like they did you.” Dono started to explain. Kin narrowed her eyes, something didn’t feel right.

“Your Daddy used to work with the Sound Village, however they decided to be mean, so I stopped working with them. They didn’t like that, and went after you to try to get me to work with them again…I’m sorry Kitten.”

“Me alwight Daddy.”

“Yes, thank Kami for that. Anyways, the Sound Village are planning to be mean to another village, and if I tell that village what the sound are planning, then they can stop the sound from hurting them. However, I won’t tell that village the sound will be mean to them if they promise not to hurt us again.” Dono explained. “But just to be certain, I’m going to take the meanest sound person there, and keep her here.”

“Who dat?” Kin asked, curious. Dono pulled a folder off his desk and opened it, revealing the picture inside. Kin gasped, she couldn’t help it. The picture was of Tayuya.

“You alright Kitten?” Dono asked. Kin slowly nodded her head.

“Yes, me just have accident.” Kin answered, getting her ear scratched as a reward. “Is she be mah sister?”

Dono laughed at this. “I’m afraid not Kitten. This girl has a very big potty mouth, she wouldn’t make a good sister to anyone. No, she will be here serving my guards…other needs.” Kin swallowed hard. She had an idea of what Dono meant by ‘other needs.’

“S-she have candy stick?” Kin asked. Dono got a far off look in his eyes, not that Kin could see in her position.

“Yes Kitten, she’ll get lots of magic candy sticks, she really needs to grow up fast.” Dono chuckled. Kin’s face had a look of horror on it, one that only grew as she felt something press against her padded backside through Dono’s pants. “Now then, why don’t we go find Mommy and see if she can change you, okay Kitten?”

Dono spun his chair to the side and sat Kin down on the floor. He stood up, and was about to say something to Kin, when something shot through his open mouth, through his brain, and exited the back of his skull. Dono’s body collapsed, blood pooling around his corpse. Kin opened her hand, and a blood coated crystal flew over to it form the other side of the room. Upon landing in her hand, the crystal dissolved into chakra, and faded back into Kin.

Kin was shaking, she knew she had just given up any chance of a happy family she had wanted so desperately, but she also knew that she couldn’t have ever really been happy with a man like Dono. Kin bit back a sob, before crawling towards Dono, and into the puddle of blood spilling from her body. Making sure to get lots of blood on her body and face, she then let her tears run.

DADDY!!!” The door slammed open, and the two guards gasped at what they saw. The young girl was shaking their boss, who was lying on the ground, a hole through his head. The girl was crying hysterically as she tried to wake Dono up, but to no avail.

“What happened here!?” One guard asked Kin. Kin sniffled, before pointing at an air vent.

“Something huwt Daddy, it was up thewe.” Kin sobbed. “Pwease, help me wake Daddy!”

“Lock down the building, no one gets in or out.” One guard said. “I’ll take care of the girl, and tell others to check the air vents for intruders.” The other guard nodded, and vanished in a puff of smoke. The first guard picked Kin up into his arms, and the two vanished in a swirl of leaves.


Heather washed her hands till she was sure she had gotten all the blood off them. There had been an accident at a local coal mine, and Heather was asked to help patch up the wounded, seeing as Dono Corp would gain a large sum of money for their assist.

Heather had just finished with the last worker, when suddenly one of Dono’s guard ninja appeared before her. In his arms was Kitten, who was covered in blood. This sent Heather into a frenzy.

“What the hell happened to my daughter?!” Heather quickly pulled a stunned Kin from the ninja’s arms, and quickly started a diagnostic jutsu on her. Kin was stunned by the fact that Heather had called her, her daughter.

“Dono was assassinated, this girl was in the room with him at the time. She said something shot out from the air vents, so we’re placing the building on lockdown until we find the assassin.” The guard explained. Heather finished the diagnostic, and sighed with relief, none of the blood on Kin was hers.

“Very well then. I’m taking Kitten to the bathroom to wash her off, then put her to bed. I’ll need you to escort me, otherwise I won’t be allowed to move around on my own.” Heather told the guard, who nodded. “Don’t worry Kitten, Mommy is going to get you cleaned up, and then we’ll give you a nice bottle before your afternoon nap, okay?”

Kin snuggled into Heather’s embrace. “Okay Mommy.” She said softly.


The bath had been quick and quiet, much to Heather’s despair. She had hoped Kitten would speak to her, and had even tried talking with her, but Kitten had just sat there, not saying a word, not even playing with any toys Heather put in the tub. Once she was sure there wasn’t any blood left on Kitten, heather emptied the tub and lifted Kitten out.

After drying Kitten off, Heather proceeded to wrap her up in a towel, and carried her to her nursery. Once there, Heather laid Kitten on the changing table, powdered her, diapered her, and dressed her in the yellow footed sleeper Kitten had worn on her first day there. Reaching under the crib, Heather pulled out a small refrigerator, and got a bottle of milk out. Reading the label, Heather charged the bottle with some chakra, hoping to quicken the effects.

Heather lifted Kitten off the changing table, and carried her to the rocking chair. Sitting down, Heather laid Kitten across her lap and put the bottle’s nipple into Kin’s mouth, who started sucking it. “Kitten, I sorry you had to see what you did back there…I’m afraid Daddy isn’t going to wake up, ever…it’s not safe for us here anymore. Once this all is over, we’re going to leave this place, I can take care of you on my own. After we leave, I’m going to adopt you to make it official that you are my daughter, and that you always will be.”

Kin’s eyes watered at this, and she tried to blink away the tears. Heather saw Kin blinking, and stroked her hair. “It’s okay Kitten, go to sleep, you need your rest. We have big days ahead of us after all.”

Kin continued drinking from the bottle, feeling the dreariness begin to build on her. When half the bottle was gone, Kin let her head slump down, and allowed a trickle of milk to slide out of her mouth down her chin. Heather took this as Kin being asleep, and carried her to her crib, where she laid Kin down and tucked her in. Placing a fresh pacifier in Kin’s mouth, Heather bent over the crib and kissed Kin’s forehead.

“I love you baby girl, and I’ll always be here for you.” Heather whispered. She then pulled the bars up, locking them into place, and silently left the room. After hearing the door close, Kin rolled over and started bawling into her pillow, the full impact of what she had just gave up hitting her, and hitting her hard.


“You fuck tarts in position yet?” Tayuya growled into her headset. “The security has tightened up, that means Kin must have already killed her target. We have to move now.”

“Relax, you’ll get Kin’s pussy soon enough Horns.” Zaku replied over the headset. Everyone then became deaf for several minutes as Tayuya responded to Zaku’s statement.

“ENOUGH!” Kimimaro yelled, silencing Tayuya. “Dispose of the trash on your own time Tayuya, for now we must focus on retrieving the girl. Everyone else is to attack the medical wing on the far side of the facility, while Tayuya and I infiltrate the building and retrieve Kin. We will blow up the room we find her in as a signal that we have her so you can retreat. Everyone understand.” Kimimaro went into a small coughing fit, but heard the affirmatives from everyone. “Alright then, begin the operation.”

Seconds later, explosions rang out from the far side of the facility. Tayuya and Kimimaro watched as the hired shinobi rushed towards the scene before leaping out of their hiding spot and entering the building. For the next several minutes, they searched any room they came across, killing anyone inside they ran into once confirmed it wasn’t Kin.

“Damn it, where is she?” Tayuya growled, frustrated.

“Just keep looking, the longer we’re here, the more time we have to be identified by the enemy, and that could be probamatic in the future.” Kimimaro responded, before going into a coughing fit, falling to one knee near a door.

“Whatever, I’ll check the next room, you rest.” Tayuya said, before opening the door. She then blinked, it was a giant nursery. Moving cautiously over to the crib, she peered into it and saw a form curled up under a blanket. Reaching for the blanket, she pulled it back, and gasped. “Kin?!”

Kin’s tail was wrapped around her waist, her cat ears drooping, and was gently sucking on her pacifier as she slept. Tayuya blinked as she examined Kin’s form. She was wearing a yellow footed sleeper, and a diaper as well judging from the bulge around her waist. Looking at her head, Tayuya noticed that Kin no longer had human ears there. Cautiously reaching out, she scratched Kin’s cat ear, and gasped as Kin started purring behind her pacifier.

“Kami-sama, what did they do to you Kin?” Tayuya asked, not really expecting an answer right now. Reaching out, she shook Kin’s shoulder, trying to wake up the sleeping girl. When that didn’t work, she went for the next best course of action. She would remove anything that would hinder her in retreating with Kin, and at the moment that snap-on tail was the only thing that could hinder her. Grabbing it in one hand, she began pulling on it, only to hear Kin cry out in pain. Blinking, she realized that her tail was real!

“Bastards really did a number on you, but I’m sure we can find some use for your new…parts.” Tayuya whispered in Kin’s ear, getting a purr in response. Lifting Kin out of her crib, she carried her out into the hallway, where Kimimaro was waiting. “Hey porcupine, Kin’s too drugged to move on her own, mind watching her while I fix up the charges?”

After seeing Kimimaro nod, she laid Kin up against the wall opposite the nursery, and entered the room. Unrolling a scroll from her pocket, she unsealed several high level explosive tags. She started placing the charges around the room, until she reached Kin’s crib, where she hit her foot on the mini-refrigerator. Cursing, she was about to put a charge on the damn thing, when she noticed a bottle with a label on it. Figuring it may be related to the drugs Kin had been fed, she proceeded to seal the whole refrigerator into her scroll.

Once she was finished placing the charges, she exited the room, taking note that Kin was now on Kimimaro’s back, in his ribcage, though still attached to his skin. “Everything’s set, once we get out of here I’ll blow the charges, and we’ll head back to the Village.” Tayuya told him.

“Alright then, let’s move.” Kimimaro responded. The two raced back out the way they came, and once outside Tayuya activated the seals, causing a massive fireball to erupt into the sky. Tayuya and Kimimaro began tree-hopping their way back towards the Sound Village, being joined by the rest of their squad minutes later. Zaku was the worst off, having several deep slashes on his back, but aside from that, everyone only had minor cuts and bruises.

“How is the girl?” Kidomaru asked, moving next to Tayuya and Kimimaro.

“Drugged for starters, and they even added some cat parts to her,” Tayuya responded. This was met with various responses of shock and bewilderment. Zaku, however, just shook his head.

“Never thought I’d say this, but I’d definitely bang Kin now.” Not even a second later, Zaku was smashed into a tree by Tayuya, her curse seal activated.

“You so much as think of doing anything to her, and I swear whatever pain Orochimaru causes you, I will inflict ten fucking times over on you, you understand dip shit!” Tayuya roared at Zaku. Being held by his neck, Zaku could only nod his head to respond. Tayuya glared at him for a moment before dropping him and deactivating her curse seal. “Good, now get off your ass and get to the Village before I decide you’re not worth jack shit and kill you here.” She then leaped away, intent on catching up with the others, who hadn’t stopped running.

Zaku was grabbing his now bleeding back, his wounds reopened from being slammed into the tree. Growling, he swore then and there he’d make both girls regret crossing him, even if it was the last thing he’d ever do. Once he was able to move again, he leaped off the tree branch and headed for the Sound Village.


Two figures overlooked the rubble that was once a Dono Corporation building. Bodies were all around the area, along with several fires. One of the figures turned to the other.

“What could have caused all this?” The second figure sighed.

“This looks like a ninja operation. There’s nothing we can do about it except look for any survivors and see if we can help heal them.” The second figure replied. As the two spread out to search the area, a large piece of concrete slid off a pile, revealing a woman with brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes half opened.

“Kitten…” Her head slumped forward.


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Kin’s New Way Ch. 6

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