Kin's New Way Ch. 5

Kin’s New Way

Twilight3 here, I wanted to say thanks for all the great reviews I got from the last chapter. I will try my best to keep up the quality of my work from the last chapter. Just so you know, this chapter will just be a build up to the end of Kin’s stay at Dono’s, so not much as much action in this chapter. That being said, on with the story!


Chapter 5: A Day in the Park

Kin was sleeping in her crib. Her bath last night had been quite fun, Heather playing with her and some toys she gave her. It had been the first time she had ever been bathed by someone else, even back when she was at the orphanage, and it had been oddly comforting. Kin had been exhausted by the time her bath was over and shortly after she was diapered and dressed in a onsie, she was out like a light.

Kin’s dreams were also strange to her. She dreamed that she was back in her apartment, but her bed was still a crib, and she was still wearing a diaper. Tayuya had come in, and took care of her for the day, and at night, when she was getting her diaper changed, Tayuya had put a vibrator in the front of her diaper. While Kin was riding out waves of orgasms, Tayuya was feeling her up and making out with her, leaving Kin in a state of utter bliss.

Kin was abruptly brought out of her dream as she felt an enormous pain erupt on her backside! She screeched and jumped up, but felt herself get yanked down. Tears were streaming down her face as something pinched her backside tightly.

“Kitten! What’s wrong?” Kin looked up and saw Dono’s concerned face. Looking down, Kin saw her tail was pinched between the wood of the crib and the lowered bars. Remembering her cover, Kin began bawling.

“Mah Taiw!!!” Kitten bawled. Dono looked down and saw Kitten’s tail being pinched. He quickly pulled the bars back up, and to his surprise, Kitten’s tail shot into Kitten’s hand. Kitten whimpered as she rubbed her now swollen tail.

Dono carefully lowered the bars and pulled Kitten’s shivering form into his arms. “I’m sorry Kitten, I didn’t see your tail there, can you forgive me?”

Kitten sobbed. “What I do? I bad? Me sowwy, no be bad again.”

“No Kitten, you did nothing wrong! I was the one who hurt your tail, it was a mistake, and I’m sorry.” Dono explained. Kitten looked up at Dono.

“Reawly?” She asked, hiccupping a bit.

“Really.” Dono answered, scratching behind Kitten’s ear. Kitten purred, leaning into his touch. He walked over to the changing table and set her down on it. “Now then, once I’m done changing you, we’ll get you your breakfast, and then I’ll tell you what we’ve got planned for the day.”

“Okay Daddy!” Kitten giggled. Inside, Kin was surprised that she needed her diaper changed, she hadn’t wet the bed in years, and it had only been because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of the headmaster of the orphanage. Kin shivered at the memory, but Dono figured it was due to the wet wipe he was using on her.

Dono finished fishing Kin’s tail through the hole in the behind, then pulled the front of her diaper up between her legs. Holding it tightly against her front, Dono then reached back and ripped the tape from the side, and pulled it tightly across the front of Kin’s diaper, and repeated the process with the other side.

“There we go, all done Kitten.” Dono said. “How’s your tail?”

Kitten didn’t say anything for a moment. “It feews, um…wike this!” Kitten held her hand out, and opened and closed it.

Dono nodded his head. “A mild throbbing. Well, once we see Mommy, she’ll make it all better. For now, lets get you some breakfast.” To Kitten’s surprise, Dono left the room without her. Popping her pacifier in her mouth Kin looked towards the door, then blinked.

I just…do I actually like being a baby? And what’s up with that dream I had? Kami, at this rate, I really won’t be in any condition to serve the Hidden Sound Village.

Kin was brought out of her thoughts as Dono entered the room, pushing a stroller in front of him. “I figured this would be more fun for you.” He explained. Kitten tilted her head to one side.

“Wha dat?” She asked. Dono smiled at Kitten, before lifting her up in his arms.

“It’s called a stroller, little ones like you get to ride around in them.” Dono explained as he set Kitten down in the stroller, carefully attaching the strap around her waist. Kitten wiggled around a bit, trying to find a comfortable position. “You alright? I made sure it had cushioning.”

“Mah tail.” Kitten said. She was having trouble finding a comfortable position with her tail behind her. She tried shifting it around, and to both Kin’s and Dono’s surprise, Kin’s tail flicked around in front of them. Kin tried moving the tail back and forth, and squealed when it did just that. “Wook wah I do!”

Dono smiled at Kitten’s happiness. “That’s very good Kitten, why don’t you play with your tail, and I’ll get us to your playroom, okay?” Kitten nodded her head, and began moving her tail while trying to catch it with her hands.

Dono moved behind Kitten and started pushing the stroller out of the room. Just a few minutes later, Dono entered the playroom, closing the door behind him. Kitten looked up at this, and saw that a high chair had been placed in the playroom.

“Kitten, could you stop playing with your tail for just a little bit? I can’t get you out of your stroller or feed you if you continue.” Dono said to her. Kitten pouted cutely, and crossed her arms, but stopped playing with her tail. Dono began tickling her armpits, causing Kitten to squeal and squirm. Dono then undid the strap, and lifted Kitten out of the stroller, and placed her in the high chair.

“Arms and tails down.” Dono told Kitten, who giggled and put her arms down, her tail squeezing it’s way through the opening in the back of the chair. Dono lifted the tray up from behind Kitten, pulled it down in front of her, then pushed the tray in, pinning Kitten’s arms to her side.

Dono then went over to a counter and grabbed a bowl down from the cabinet above it. He then went over to the refrigerator, and pulled out a baby bottle, and three jars of baby food. Kin’s eyes widen slightly at the sight.

Please tell me he’s not gonna make me eat that.’ She mentally whimpered. On the outside, she cocked her head to the side as Dono placed the bowl of baby food on the tray in front of her. “Wha dah?” She asked.

Dono went behind Kitten and tied a bib around her neck. “That is your breakfast Kitten.” He told her as he walked back around.

Kitten made a face. “Tha wook icky.” Kitten said, before Dono removed her pacifier.

“It might not look good, but it will help you grow up big and strong.” Dono told her. Kitten blinked.

“Wike the magic candy stick?” Kitten asked. She blinked when she saw Dono close his eyes, and her cat ears twitched as she heard him count backwards from ten. Once he reached zero, he exhaled, took a deep breath, and got a spoonful of baby food ready.

“This is much, much better then the magic candy stick Kitten. In fact, you’ll never need to have the magic candy stick again after eating this.” Dono told her, his voice uneven.

Kitten’s nose twitched. “Okay, me twy.” She looked at the spoonful uneasily. Dono raised the spoonful of baby food to Kitten’s mouth, and upon opening her mouth, he placed it inside. Kin closed her mouth, and Dono pulled the spoon out, leaving the baby food inside Kin’s mouth.

Kin blinked as she rolled the baby food around with her tongue. She swallowed, and couldn’t keep her disbelief off her face. “It good.” She said, only just catching herself and using babyish talk.

“I’ll remember that, it’s apple-cinnamon. I had a feeling you might like it.” Dono told her as he got another spoonful. This time Kin held no resistance as Dono fed her, occasionally making silly sounds like a train before putting the spoon in her mouth.

By the time they were done, Kitten had bits of baby food on her face and bib, but the majority of the meal was in her stomach. Dono cleaned her face with her bib, then removed the tray and lifted Kitten from the high chair.

“Alright then Kitten, today Mommy is going to take care of you, since I have some grown-up things to take care of. And guess what you’ll be doing.” Dono told her.

“Pwaying?” Kitten asked. Dono gave a small laugh as he set her down on the floor.

“I’m sure you will be Kitten, but today you will get to go play outside in the park!” Dono told her. Kin was pretty sure her heart stopped right there. “Now then, why don’t you go grab one of your favorite toys and you can bring it with you.”

Kin managed to nod her head and started crawling over to the pile of stuffed animals. ‘Oh Kami! I’m going to be outside! And my diaper will be showing! If Lord Orochimaru assigned scouts to me, I’ll never live this down!’ Kin picked out a grey cat and hugged it to herself, trying to calm down.

“A cat and a Kitten, isn’t that cute.” Dono commented. “Is this your choice?” Kin nodded her head, snuggling her face into the stuffed animal. Just then, the door opened and Heather walked in, a diaper bag over her shoulder. Kin turned to see her.

“Mommy!” Kitten, still holding onto her cat toy, crawled rapidly over to Heather from the other side of the room, and in seconds she was in her arms.

“Good morning Kitten, I brought you some play clothes for our trip to the park.” Heather told her. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a small purple t-shirt and a pair of overalls with poppers on the crotch. Kin had to struggle to keep her relief from showing, she may have to act like a baby but dressed in those clothes her diaper wouldn’t be showing. “What say we get you dressed, and then we can head out, okay?”

“Okay Mommy!” Kitten said. Heather lifted Kitten up and sat her down on the counter in the kitchen area, and started to undress Kin.

“I’m afraid I have to get to work now.” Dono said. He turned to Kitten and scratched her ear. “Be good now little one.” Kitten purred and nodded her head. Dono turned to Heather and leaned towards her. “Press this button if you need help, it’ll call some of my hired shinobi.” He told her, handing a small white keychain like device with a button on it. He then left the room.

Heather placed the device in her pocket and turned to Kitten, who was now just in her diaper. After taking a moment to check her diaper, and finding her to be dry, Heather then pulled the t-shirt onto Kitten, helping her snake her arms thru the arm holes. She the rolled up the legs of the overalls and slid them up as far as she could on Kitten’s legs.

“Can you hop off the counter Kitten?” Heather asked her. Kitten nodded her head, and hopped off the counter, allowing Heather fully pull up the overalls up Kitten’s legs. Kitten waved her arms in circles before losing her balance and falling back on her bum. “You okay Kitten?”

“I no stand.” Kitten said. It was true, Kin found that she couldn’t support her body’s weight on her legs, thanks to the chemicals running through her. Her new tail wasn’t exactly helping her keep her balance at the moment.

“That’s okay Kitten, you just sit there and I’ll finish up. And don’t worry, most little girls like you can’t stand up or walk, they just crawl.” Heather told her. Kitten nodded her head, and Heather hooked up each of the buttons on the overalls over Kitten’s shoulders. She placed a hand to her chin, thinking she forgot something, and then snapped her fingers. Going over to a drawer, she pulled out a pair of scissors and turned to Kitten.

“Kitten, mind sticking your bum up in the air so I can cut a hole for your tail?” Heather asked. Kitten giggled slightly, before leaning forward till she was on her hands and knees, and stuck her rump up in the air.

Heather knelt down behind Kitten, and felt around the back of the overalls for Kitten’s tail. Upon finding it, she carefully cut a hole in the back of the overalls, reached in, and pulled Kitten’s tail out through it. She then noticed how red it was at the end, and ran her finger tips over it, causing Kitten to flinch. “What happened Kitten?” Heather asked.

“Daddy huwt my tail when he wake me.” Kitten told her. “He said it accident when he open bed up.” Heather took a moment to decipher Kitten’s baby talk.

“He caught your tail between the bars when he went to wake you?” She finally asked. Kitten nodded her head. “Well then, let me make your boo-boo better.” First, Heather kissed Kitten’s tail, causing the girl to squirm and giggle. Then, Heather flashed through some hand signs, and green chakra surrounded her hands. Heather placed her hands gently around the red parts of Kitten’s tail, and not even a minute later, it was back to it’s original color. “How’s that feel Kitten?”

“Gweat!” Kitten exclaimed, her tail swaying back and forth. Heather watched it mover for a minute in slight awe, before shaking her head and standing up.

After putting back the scissors, she proceeded to lift Kitten up and place her in her stroller and strapped her in. After placing the diaper bag in the small under the stroller, Heather noticed the full bottle on the table near the high chair. She passed it to Kitten, who immediately put it to her mouth and began sucking on the nipple. After packing a few snacks and bottles for Kitten, Heather started pushing the stroller, her destination the park.


There was a knock on the door, causing Orochimaru to look up. “Enter.” He hissed, before finishing off the last of the day’s paperwork, for once. The door opened, and Tayuya entered, a fairly large scroll on her back.

“I have what you asked for, Lord Orochimaru.” Tayuya told him as she walked over to the desk. “You wanted to see me as well?”

“Yes I did.” Orochimaru responded, taking the scroll from Tayuya. He then pulled out a slip of paper, and focused chakra into it. A flash of light emitted from the slip, covering the entire room. Once it faded, Orochimaru spoke again. “What I’m about to discuss is a class SS secret, and is not to leave this room in any way, shape, or form under penalty of death, Understand?”

Tayuya gulped, but nodded her head. “I understand Lord Orochimaru, what is it you need of me?”

“You’ve heard of the events that took place late yesterday, correct?” Tayuya nodded. “If the words of the Diamond Spear are to be believed, it appears that I have a child somewhere in the world.” Tayuya gasped, she hadn’t expected anything close to this.

“Are your certain?” She asked.

“No, I’m not. However, the woman I loved was about to give birth before she was murdered, so I have no way of knowing if she gave birth. Her body was cremated, and my reanimation jutsu won’t work in this case…” Orochimaru paused here for a moment before continuing. “He claims that he took my baby girl, and sold her to a traveling whore house. The reason I called you here was because you were once apart of a similar group. I want you to think back, and try to remember ever seeing anyone like the woman in this picture.” Orochimaru held up a picture, but Tayuya didn’t look at it.

“Shit, please don’t make me remember that hell hole, Lord Orochimaru, please don’t-ah!” Tayuya fell to her knees, her hands flying to her throbbing curse seal.

“It wasn’t a request Tayuya, it was an order. Look at the picture, and try to remember seeing anyone that resembles her in any way.” Orochimaru growled, moving the picture in front of Tayuya’s face. Tayuya managed a nod, anything to stop the pain coursing through her body, and examined the picture.

She recognized Orochimaru immediately, he was smiling a genuine smile while he had his arms around a woman whose stomach was rather large, most likely pregnant. Tayuya studied the woman’s face. Several lines ran across her face, had long raven hair, but what really stood out to her was the black eyes, they reminded her of…

“Kin.” Tayuya breathed. The pain stopped, and the picture was pulled away from her face.

“You’ve seen someone this reminds you of?” Orochimaru asked, having not been able to hear her the first time.

“It’s no one from the that hell hole, but that woman there reminds me of Kin, Lord Orochimaru.” Tayuya said, slowly rising from her knees. She gasped, however, as her curse seal flared up, almost twice as strong as before. She lost her balance and fell face first to the floor, gasping as she clutched her seal.

“You wouldn’t just be saying this to save your lover life should she fail in the chunin exam, would you?” Orochimaru asked, walking around the desk and kneeling down beside Tayuya. To his surprise, Tayuya bit her right arm, hard enough to draw blood. She then shifted her arm a bit before licking the blood down her arm. Suddenly, a cloud of smoke erupted from Tayuya’s arm, causing Orochimaru to wave his hand to get rid of the smoke.

“My locket.” Tayuya gasped. “See for yourself, compare them.” Orochimaru looked down and saw a small, golden locket near Tayuya’s arm. Reaching down, he picked it up, and opened it, revealing a picture of Kin on Tayuya’s lap, both girls smiling happily. Orochimaru took his picture of Mitsukai and the picture of Kin, and held them next to each other, comparing them. Not even a minute later, Tayuya felt her pain vanish. Looking up, she saw Orochimaru drop her locket and return to his desk.

“You’ve got a good eye.” He said after a minute. “There are several similarities between Kin and my wife…you are dismissed, and remember, breath a word of this, and I will kill you.”

Tayuya managed to nod, before she stumbled out of the room, leaving Orochimaru to his work and ever increasing thoughts.


Kin nervously sucked on her pacifier as Heather pushed her stroller towards the park. The clothes, toy, and bottle had helped calm Kin down significantly, but she was still nervous about what was to come shortly. In order to keep her cover, she’d have to act like a big baby girl, and while she didn’t really mind anymore, it was the fact that she’d be doing so in public that scared her.

Kin suddenly felt the front of her diaper grow warm, she was wetting herself! Kin made a small attempt to stop the flow, but gave up once it became clear she really had no control over her bladder. At the moment, she really couldn’t blame herself for having an accident, she was scared about being a baby in public and how it could affect her future quite possibly.

“We’re here!” Heather said. She looked down at Kitten, and noticed her sucking her pacifier and staring off into space. “Something wrong?” Kitten blinked, and let her pacifier drop from her mouth.

“I had an accident.” Kitten said. Heather knelt down and undid the poppers on the overalls, revealing her wet diaper. Heather then stuck two fingers up a leg hole, then pulled them out and smiled at Kitten.

“It’s just a small wetting Kitten, I’ll change you later.” Heather told her as she buttoned up the poppers. She then unstraped Kitten and lifted her out of the stroller and placed her on the ground. “Why don’t you go play in the sand box, and once it’s time for your snack, I’ll call you over and change you, okay?”

“Okay Mommy!” Kitten said, and began to crawl towards the sand box nearby. Kin was in disbelief that she hadn’t had her diaper changed, and that now she had to crawl around with a soggy pad between her legs.

Kin looked around and saw it was just a regular playground type place. A slide, jungle gym, sand box, swing set, ect. Kin followed Heather’s suggested and goes to the sand box, which was currently empty. She noticed that while there were little kids around, there were some older ones, possibly ten years old, around as well. She increased her pace as she saw three of the older kids, boys at that take notice of her.

Kin sat down in the sand box, being careful not to get any sand on her tail, and grabbed a bucket and a shovel. She then began filling the bucket with sand and patted it down when it was full. She flipped the bucket over on the sand, and pulled it up, revealing a sand castle.

Kin continued doing this for several minutes until a foot stomped down through one of her sand castles. Looking up, she saw it was the three boys from before. “Well, well, well, what have we here?” The tallest one asked. A second one knelt down and grabbed Kin’s tail, causing her to squeal.

“Dat hurts! Stop!” Kitten said. The kid let go in surprise at the volume of her voice. The third one looked at her funny.

“Can’t you talk normally?” he asked. Kitten cocked her head to one side, her tail swishing behind her.

“Normahl?” She asked, putting on a confused face.

“What are you, retarded?” the tallest boy sneered.

“Wha retawded?” Kitten asked. The three looked at each other.

“She must be.” The second boy said. He looked at Kitten. “Still, she is a cat person, maybe that has something to do with it?”

“Bah, being part cat makes you look hot, it doesn’t make you retarded.” The tallest one said. “I wonder, you boys feel like having fun with her?” The others smirked and nodded their heads.

As they turned to Kitten, she suddenly let out a loud fart and unloaded into her diaper. Kitten blinked, then blushed a bit. “I had an accident.”

The three boys looked at each other, before the second one knelt back down and felt Kitten’s bum. “She’s wearing a diaper!” He exclaimed. The others blinked at this.

Kitten nodded her head. “Mmhmm! Mommy and Daddy put them on me. Mommy and Daddy say wittle giwls wike me need then.” Kitten then took her pacifier from around her neck, and popped it into her mouth and started sucking on it.

The three huddled up. “What do we do? She acting like a baby, she practically is one!”

“Let’s leave her alone for now, wait until she gets changed, then when she plays on the play set, we make our move.” The others agreed and turn to face Kitten, but found that she was gone. A quick glance around revealed her on the swings with a woman they hadn’t ever seen before.

Kin was patting herself on the back, out smarting those boys and keeping her cover wasn’t easy, but she managed, and now she was having the time of her life on the swings with Mommy.

I really do think of her as Mommy.’ Kin admitted to herself. ‘I’ve never had a real Mommy before…I’m happy being with her…can I really leave this behind? Wearing diapers aren’t that bad, and being babied isn’t that bad either. But if I try to stay, I’d be listed as a nuke-nin and I’d probably break Tayuya’s heart…Kami, I can’t decide. I’ll just try to enjoy this while I can and make a decision later.

“Having fun Kitten?” Heather asked just before pushing her again.

“Weeeeeeeee!!!” Kitten yelled, laughing. Heather laughed too.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Heather said. After a few more swings, she stopped when she smelt something. She pulled Kitten close, and took a whiff. “Did someone make a stinky?”

“Yes Mommy.” Kitten giggled. Heather scratched Kitten behind her ear.

“Well then, guess we’ll have to get you changed now.” Heather said.

“But I wike swings!” Kitten whined.

“Don’t worry Kitten, we’ll play on the swings again after we get you changed and have lunch.” Heather told her, before lifting her up in her arms and carried her off to where the stroller was left.


Orochimaru was growing frustrated, he had tested over fifty people so far, and none of them were matches to him. He glanced over at the picture of Kin, on file, and looked at the picture of Mitsukai.

Could she really be my daughter? Kin was one of my first Sound Ninjas, and among the most loyal…She did play guitar back at that orphanage I found her in, and Mitsukai played guitar to…

Orochimaru sighed, if Kin was his daughter, then he’d been so caught up in his ambition for revenge and immortality that he completely overlooked her. What’s more, he hadn’t even known of her bell technique and had considered her worthless, a pawn to be sacrificed. He would have used her to revive one of the past Hokage during the invasion.

Determined to know the truth, he took Kin’s sample, along with several others, and began running DNA tests on them. It would be several hours before the results came in.


Kin crawled towards the play set, wearing a fresh diaper and had a full tummy. She put out of her mind the thoughts of her future; she had at least a day before she needed to make a decision after all.

Kitten climbed up the small stair set, then slid down the slide. She found that she enjoyed the sensation, so she climbed back up and slid down again, giggling. Deciding to explore a bit more of the playground, Kitten started crawling under the play set, into one of the metal tunnels.

Once she was halfway thru the tunnel, however, something closed over the other end. Blinking, she turned around to exit the other way, only to see one of the boys from earlier squatting down by the entrance, his hands clasped together in a hand sign.

“Sound Style: Banshee Shriek!” The boy opened his mouth, and screamed into tunnel.

Kin’s eyes widened as the jutsu hit her, then started echoing off the walls. She let out a scream of her own, and tried to cover her cat ears, but to no avail. The metal headphones shattered, revealing her human ears, only they were smaller, shrunken. Kin’s body finally gave out, and she fell on her side unconscious, blood streaming from all four of her ears.

The boy who launched the jutsu chuckled, everything went according to his plan. He signaled his two companions, one of who came right over to him, the other crawling through the tunnel and grabbing Kin.

Just as they were about to leave with Kin, one of the boy’s heads rolled off his shoulder. Turning around, they managed to only catch a glimps of masked ninja before they too lost their heads. Heather rushed over to Kitten, pulling her into her arms and running a diagnostic jutsu on her. After a few seconds, she looked up at the masked ninjas before her.

“One of you get Devin, the rest of you help me get Kitten back to Dono’s immediately!” Heather ordered. The four ninja nodded. One vanished in a puff of smoke, heading back to find Devin and Dono, another going for the stroller with Kitten’s supplies. The last two grabbed Kitten and Heather and used Shunshin no Jutsu to rush them back to Dono’s.


“What’s happened here!?” Dono demanded, after barging into the examination room. Devin was currently examining Kitten, looking grim faced, while Heather was biting her lip, sitting nervously in a corner.

“She was attacked by some kids, they used a sound jutsu while she was in a metal tunnel under the playset.” Heather explained. “When I saw them close up one side, I started towards them, but when I saw the jutsu performed I used the device you gave me, all three boys involved are dead now.”

“Were they sound ninjas?” Dono asked.

“They didn’t have head bands, though that doesn’t say much. It’s possible they could just be related to a sound ninja and picked up the jutsu…it’s anyone’s guess at this point.” Heather said. Dono growled, before turning to Devin.

“What’s Kitten’s condition?” he demanded. Devin turned to Dono and Heather.

“All four of her eardrums are blown out. That head set I made her wear was redirecting her nerves and sense of hearing to her cat ears, while removing her human ears. This leaves her human ears even more vulnerable to sound, thus there is quite possibly permanent damage.” Devin explained.

“What kind of permanent damage?” Heather asked, she wasn’t familiar with sound based jutsu or their aftermath.

“Unless we work fast, she’ll be permanently deaf. The only thing that will save her hearing now is the ritual to completely add her cat ears. We have to fully remove her human ears, then perform surgery on her cat ears to help repair the damaged nerves and receptors.” Devin explained.

“Will the fact that we used the seals to start her transformation affect the ritual in any way?” Dono asked. Devin shook his head.

“No, it will have no affect on the process at all. From what I can see, her ears would have been complete by tomorrow at the latest, while her tail would be finished in a few hours by now.” Devin said, before he made a hand sign. “I’ll get my clansmen, and we’ll be back here within the hour. We’ll save your Kitten, she’s far to precious and valuable to let die.” With that, Devin vanished in a swirl of leafs.

“We should try and keep things quiet in here.” Heather whispered to Dono. “Help prevent any more damage from happening to Kitten…”

Dono clasped Heather’s shoulder. “She’ll make it through this, she’s made it through much worse after all.” He replied back. Heather looked up at Dono, tears in her eyes, and gave him a small smile. Dono wiped the tears away, and turned his attention to Kitten.

Blasted Sound Ninja! They won’t get away with this, attacking my baby girl. I’ll make certain it costs them, and costs them dearly!’ Dono silently swore.


Orochimaru looked at the test results of the DNA test he had set up. His face was one of complete disbelief. He bent over and rested his head on his desk, one question running through him mind.



Kin stirred from her sleep. Her vision was once again blurry, but this time it seemed like she could see translucent waves flowing across her line of vision. She blinked several times, which seemed to help, and continued to do so for a minute more, until her vision was back to normal.

“Kitten! You’re awake!” Kin winced at the volume of the voice, and instinctively moved her hands to cover her human ears, only to find smooth skin there. “I’m so happy you’re okay!” Kin felt herself get lifted up, and soon found herself staring into Heathers tear filled face.

“M-Mommy?” Kin asked. Her throat was dry, just like when she first had been put out for her cat parts. This caused her to believe that she had been out another day, and was now somewhere in day four of her mission.

“I’m so sorry Kitten! If I had been faster, you never would have had to go through all that.” Heather told her, rocking Kitten in her arms. “Could you ever forgive me Kitten?”

Looking at her face, and how much it hurt Heather to see her in pain, Kin knew what her decision was. Kin wrapped her arms around Heather, and nuzzled her head against her chest.

“I okay Mommy, I okay.” Kin told her. Heather tightened her hold on Kitten.

“Thank Kami-sama for that.” Heather said. She just held Kitten for a few minutes, then wiped a few of her tears away. “What say we get you something in your tummy, it’s been almost a whole day since you had your lunch.”

“Can I have swipy stwing?” Kin asked, excitedly.

“Yes you can Kitten, yes you can.” Heather said, before walking out of the room, heading towards the kitchen, Kin still firmly in her arms.


“Good, you’re all here.” Orochimaru stated. “What I’m about to tell you is a class SS secret…one word of this leaves the room in any way, shape, or form, and I’ll send you straight to hell, via Rashomon Gate, understand?”

The sound five, Dosu, and Zaku nodded their heads, all looking grim faced at the threat. “Good, here what’s going on.” Orochimaru started.


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Kin’s New Way Ch. 5

It’s quite good, but I did kind of see that twist coming.

Kin’s New Way Ch. 5

The twist was a little bit predictable, but overall it is a well written peice of literature that i think we all can enjoy

In my personal opinion i think Devin could be written into the story a little bit more . . . his mysteriousness intrigues me