Kin's New Way Ch. 4

Kin’s New Way

Twilight3 here. This next chapter will be a blend between events in the Sound Village, and events with our favorite little Kitten. For those of you who can connect the dots at the end of the chapter, you get a cookie. I think this is an original view for…well, just read to find out; I’ve already accomplished originality with a mission that involves a ninja to be put in diapers as part of the mission specs. Enjoy!


Chapter 4: Discoveries

“There we go Kitten, all done!” Dono said. This diaper change had taken longer then past ones to perform, due to the fact that Kitten’s tail was just above her bum, but low enough to warrant a hole in the back of her diaper. “Lets get you to your playroom, and I’ll start dinner for you.”

Kitten opened her mouth to say something, but then her stomach let out a loud rumble. Kitten blushed as Dono chuckled. “You don’t need to be embarrassed Kitten, you haven’t had any real food to eat for two, maybe three day.” Dono told Kitten as he lifted her up. Kitten nodded her head and started sucking on her pacifier, Kin’s mind going a mile a minute.

Shit, two to three day? How long was I out for? Now I don’t have an accurate idea of when the attack will take place, much less when to kill Daddy…’ Kitten’s eyes widened slightly. ‘Did I just call him…forget about it Kin, you’re a kunoichi of the Hidden Sound, you lost any chance of having parents when you put on your headband…I guess, for now, I can at least attempt to enjoy having something of a family…I wouldn’t mind that nurse as a Mommy.

Dono managed to push open a door with his foot, and walked in. As he set her down, Kin looked around the room. Sky blue wall paper with rainbow colored stripes on the wall, a rocking chair in the corner, a toy chest against the wall, a small shelf of kiddy books, a pile of stuffed animals in another corner, and a small kitchen area with a little table, which she assumed was for snacks.

“Kitten, do you know what food you eat?” Dono asked. Kitten tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes, and sucked on her pacifier. After a minute, she opened her eyes.

“Those swipy swings.” Kitten said through her pacifier. Dono, not understanding, knelt down and removed the pacifier from her mouth.

“Could you repeat that?” he asked.

“The slipy strings, Daddy said they cheap, wike me.” Kitten said. “What cheap mean?”

Dono frowned. “Kitten, from now on, I don’t want you to call that man Daddy, I’m going to be your Daddy, and I’m going to take care of you from now on. And don’t let anyone call you cheap Kitten, if anything, you’re priceless.”


“It means you are worth so much, that no one could ever do anything to make anyone want to get rid of you, not now, not ever again.” Dono told Kitten. Kitten gave a big smile at that, her tail twitching on the ground a bit. Dono pulled out a piece of string, and tied it in a loop to the pacifier, before hanging it around Kitten’s neck like a necklace.

“Now then, why don’t you go play with your new toys while Daddy looks for these slipy strings, and don’t worry about having any accidents okay, just use your diaper, that’s what it’s there for.” Dono said, scratching Kitten behind her cat ear. Kin made a sound from her throat, akin to a purr, she had never felt anything like she was now, and it felt good. Kitten nodded her head, and tried to stand up, only to fall to her knees. “Try crawling, moving on your hands and knees. It’s what little ones like you do to get around, same as real kittens.” Kitten nodded her head again, and started crawling towards the pile of stuffed animals.

Dono stood up and left the room, quietly closing the door behind him. Walking a short distance to the kitchen, Dono called several cooks over to him. “What can we do for you sir?” The head cook asked.

“My new daughter mentioned that she ate slipy strings that were cheap. Any ideas what they could be?” Dono asked.

“Spaghetti perhaps?” One cook suggested.

“I forgot to mention, she came from a guy that wastes all his money on alcohol, and cans of spaghetti would most likely seem too costly, though getting her to try spaghetti would be an idea.” Dono stated.

“How about ramen?” One cook suggested, gaining everyone’s attention. “My daughter just came back from the Hidden Leaf Village, stated they have the best ramen around, she’d addicted to the stuff now. The downside to that stuff is that it makes you short, slows down growth hormones, or something like that.”

“Sounds about right, the ramen that is.” The head cook stated. “Ramen can be bought at incredibly cheap prices in cups. I can make a bowl of ramen for her for the next few days, but after that it would be best to mover her up to spaghetti, maybe with meat balls as well.”

“Alright then, get started on a bowl, I’ll check on Kitten and make certain it’s ramen she was talking about.” Dono said, before turning around and walking out of the kitchen. Upon entering the play room, Dono was shocked to see Kitten crawling on the ceiling, giggling like mad.

“Daddy!” Kitten crawled on the ceiling till she was above Dono, before dropping off the ceiling. Dono gasped, and only just managed to get his arms out to catch her. “I can cwimb without hands again!”

“So I see.” Dono managed to say. “Kitten, would you mind warning me when you want to climb without your hands? I’m not used to seeing little girls crawling on the ceiling, and I’m sure you must be tired after doing that.”

“A wittle.” Kitten admitted, rubbing her eyes. “I’ll say when I want to cwimb.”

Dono smiled and scratched Kitten’s ear, earning more purrs. “That’s my baby girl. By the way, were those slippy strings you told me about called ramen?” Kitten’s cat ears perked up at that, and Kitten gave a squeal of delight. “I’ll take that as a yes. It’ll be ready in a little while, so in the mean time, why don’t you show me what toys you like?” Kitten nodded her head feverishly, and when Dono set her down, she crawled towards the pile of stuffed animals, Dono following shortly behind.


“What is Zaku’s current condition?” Orochimaru asked. He had called Tayuya, seeing as she was apart of the incident that injured Zaku, to give him a report on Zaku and Dosu’s current conditions, they were vital to his plans after all.

“The shit head stopped crapping blood two days ago and has resumed his training with Dosu…” Tayuya trailed off at the end. Orochimaru looked up from his paperwork.

“Do you have something to add Tayuya?” Tayuya shook her head.

“No Lord Orochimaru, it just personal, that’s all.” Tayuya answered.

“Do tell.” Tayuya felt her curse seal pulse painfully once, and knew she had to answer.

“T-those shit heads were talking about Kin on their breaks, laughing about how she was probably crapping herself right now. I’m…sexually involved with Kin, so it’s taking all my will power not to kill those two, especially since they talked about what they’d do to her if they ever got her on a changing table. The only thing keeping me from killing them is the fact that they are needed to go to the chunin exam under your orders, and that’s it.” Tayuya explained fully to Orochimaru. Orochimaru chuckled.

“Ku ku ku, how very amusing. Well, you can take solace in the fact that those two will not survive the chunin exam. Once I have Sasuke, they will have served their purpose.” Tayuya tensed at that.

“And what of Kin, will her purpose have been served once the chunin exam is over?” Tayuya asked. Orochimaru opened his mouth to respond, but paused for a moment, then closed it.

Kin does have natural skill and talent that most ninja aren’t born with, should I really waste her on reviving one of the past Hokages?’ Orochimaru asked himself. Looking up, her saw Tayuya biting her lip, fidgeting nervously in place.

“It…depends…on her performance.” Tayuya perked up instantly. “If I believe she is able to serve the Sound Village further, and progress further, then she will live, assuming she isn’t killed during the exam, that is.”

“No worries about that, Kin’s bell technique causes hallucinations, not genjutsu, which makes it impossible to dispel. I took her once to our prison to assist in an execution, hallucination is only the first phase of her technique. Next comes body paralysis, followed by permanent paralysis of certain body parts to full body paralysis, and eventually death. If we can tweak it to happen faster, then she could easily become one of our best ninja, even without a curse seal.”

Orochimaru stared at Tayuya, he hadn’t been aware of this. Such a technique could greatly benefit the Hidden Sound Village, not to mention himself. “Well then, you’ll just have to aid your lover in tweaking the technique once she returns from her mission.”

Tayuya blinked. “Do you mean I can have one-on-one training time with Kin before the exam?”

“Yes, this technique interests me, if it does as you say.” Orochimaru stated, before waving Tayuya off dismissing her. “And by all means, rub it in her team mates faces, it might motivate them to create something useful.”

Tayuya grinned evilly at that. “With pleasure, Lord Orochimaru.” Tayuya spun on heel, and left the office.

Orochimaru returned to his paperwork after hearing the door close behind her, only to look up as a sound nin slammed opened the doors and rushed in. Before the nin could utter a word, he found himself wrapped head to toe in snakes, two of them snapping their jaws right by the nin’s face.

“I trust you have a reason for barging into my office, a very good reason at that.” Orochimaru stated, irritated.

“L-lord Orochimaru, it’s the Diamond Spear, he’s defected from the Stone Village and wishes to join us!” the terrified nin announced. Orochimaru dropped the pen in his hand, then clenched his fist and emitted an enormous amount of killer intent. The snakes vanished from the nin as Orochimaru stood.

“Where is he?” Orochimaru demanded.

“The admissions hall.” The nin stated.

“Give the order to clear out the hall, except for the Diamond Spear and anyone with him, and make certain they don’t know about it.” Orochimaru ordered.

“You intend to interview him yourself?” The nin asked.

“No, I intend to kill the bastard.” The nin’s eyes widened.

“But sir! The Diamond Spear was the reason that the Hidden Stone Village dominated the third shinobi war until the yellow flash appeared! He could be a great asset to-” The nin stopped speaking as Orochimaru’s kusanagi blade was pressed against his throat.

“That bastard will die, his crimes against me are unforgivable, and I will never allow him to take from others what he’s stolen from me. Now do what you’re told, and if you ever question me again, you shall be the medical wing’s new experimental rat.” Orochimaru snarled. The nin managed a small nod before he ran out of the office. Orochimaru walked out of his office and headed towards the admission’s hall.

I’ve waited a long time for this, you will pay for taking away the only woman I ever loved, and our unborn child.


The head cook walked into the playroom, a tray with a pot of ramen and several bowls and chop sticks. He stopped, however, at the sight before him. Kitten had apparently found a large ball of yarn, and had somehow become completely tangled up in it. Kitten was currently rolling around the floor, trying to get her arms loose, even her tail had yarn around it. Dono was currently sitting in the rocking chair, laughing at the sight before him.

“Ahem.” Dono and Kitten looked up. “Dinner is served.” Dono got out of the rocking chair and moved over to Kitten. Instead of unwrapping her, he merely scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the table. As he set her down in a chair, the cook put poured a bowl of beef ramen and set it and a pair of chop sticks in front of Kitten. “I brought some extra bowls, in case you or a visitor wanted any.” The cook said, before leaving the room.

“Daddy! How I eat wike this?” Kitten whined, fidgeting in her seat.

“I’ll be feeding you.” Dono stated. Kitten’s eyes widened.

“But, I supposed to eat mysewf, I not bother Daddy, or get pushed around.” Kitten said. It took Dono a minute to translate that as, “But I’m supposed to feed myself, Daddy would beat me if I bothered him about food or eating.”

“I thought I told you not to refer to that man as Daddy, Kitten. I’m a different person then he was, and a much better one then he was. I will be taking care of your every little need, and that includes feeding you. And when I can’t be here, I’ll have your new Mommy or some caretakers look after you. As long as you’re with me, I’ll make certain you’re never hurt again.” Dono told her.

Kin could only nod her head before Dono started feeding her. Kin was feeling an emotion she wasn’t familiar with, and she was struggling to name it. ‘I feel good…his words were reassuring…and he’s taking care of me…is this what it’s like to have family?’ Kin was brought out of her thoughts as the door to the playroom opened up, and Heather walked in. Kin decided to be cute.

“Mahmmy!” Kitten cried out, spilling a mouthful of ramen all over herself. Heather laughed at the sight while Dono got some napkins and started cleaning her up.

“It’s nice to see you to, my little Kitten.” Heather said, walking over and scratching Kitten’s ear. Kitten purred again and leaned into Heather’s touch. “You should be careful Kitten, that ramen seems hot, and could really hurt you if it gets anywhere on you but your mouth.”

Kitten giggled. “Siwly Mommy, I no put swipy stwing down my diapie.” Heather blinked for a moment, before laughing as she realized what just happened.

“Kitten, I said ‘but’ as in, ‘no where except,’ as in, ‘has to be.’ I wasn’t talking about your cute little rump.” Heather explained. Kitten made an ‘O’ face, and Dono took the opportunity to put another mouthful of ramen in her mouth. Kitten blinked, the quickly chewed her mouthful, before swallowing. “I think I’ll have a bowl myself, it’s been a while since I’ve had ramen.”

Kitten watched as Heather sat down and poured a bowl for herself and started eating. Dono asked for a bowl himself, and continued feeding Kitten while Heather poured him one. Inside, Kin felt that feeling unidentified feeling grow stronger, and came to a decision. ‘I don’t care if this isn’t how a family feels, I like this feeling, and I got a few days to enjoy it. Until the time comes, I’ll be the best baby girl they ever had if only to enjoy it for as long as I can.


The Diamond Spear, Kevin, had a bad feeling. After deserting the Hidden Stone Village, due to being accused of treason for failing in the war, he left for the Sound Village, which he had heard was accepting missing nins. However, the hall was clearing out now, while he and his two loyal team mates were told to remain.

“I don’t like this.” One nin said.

“Me either, we should go.” The other said. Kevin nodded his head in agreement, and the three turned to leave. Before they had even taken two steps, the ground beneath them rumbled, and two giant snakes erupted from the ground, each one coming down and biting one of the other nin’s heads off, literally, before vanishing in puffs of smoke. Kevin braced himself, knowing who his opponent now was.

“I’ve waited a long time for this, Diamond Spear.” Orochimaru stated. He was standing on a balcony above Kevin, his Kusanagi blade in hand. Kevin looked up at him, and sneered.

“Orochimaru, if I’d a known you were the Otokage, I’d of sent flowers every year on Mitsukai’s birthday.” Kevin said, drawing a growl from Orochimaru.

“You have no right to breath her name you bastard!” Orochimaru growled, before using shunshin no jutsu to speed towards Kevin. Kevin stomped one foot down on the ground, and a sword made of crystallized earth popped out of the ground. Kevin grasped the sword and blocked Orochimaru’s attack.

“And she had no right falling in love with a Leaf Village scumbag like you!” Kevin growled as he put his weight into his blade and pushed against Orochimaru’s.

“I tried to become Hokage to ensure her safety! And when that didn’t work, I planned on leaving to start my own village, but you turned around and killed her!” Orochimaru roared. He pulled back one arm. “SHADOW SNAKES!”

Six snakes erupted from Orochimaru’s wrist and headed straight for Kevin’s face. Kevin stopped pushing against Orochimaru’s blade, causing the Otokage to fall towards him while Kevin fell to the floor. Once his back was on the ground, Kevin pulled his feet up, and slammed them into Orochimaru’s stomach, launching him into the air.

Kevin dropped his sword and went through some hand signs. “Earth Style: Crystal Dragon Jutsu!” A dragon head made completely of crystallized earth launched out of the ground and straight for Orochimaru. The Otokage flashed through his own hand signs, before opening his mouth and unleashing a giant sound wave. Upon contact, the dragon shattered into a million pieces, the wave continuing on towards Kevin, who managed to use a replacement jutsu to escape.

Orochimaru landed on the ground and closed his eyes, trying to sense where Kevin went. Five minutes later, Orochimaru opened his eyes, and leaped up to the ceiling just as the ground floor became skewered with spikes of crystallized earth. Orochimaru dropped down to the balcony, only to turn and block Kevin’s slash with his blade. The two started exchanging blows with their swords, each contact causing sparks to fly.

“You always were a patient bastard, that’s how you got Mitsukai to betray us!” Kevin roared!

“You were the ones who belittled her, chose to inhibit her growth! All because she had the bloodline and you didn’t! I never cared about how valuable her crystals were, it was her I loved! You held her back so no one would learn of her bloodline, but that only made her try harder!” Orochimaru roared back.

“That didn’t give her the right to betray her village.” Kevin yelled.

“She wasn’t even an official ninja of the village!” Orochimaru shot back.

“But she was adopted into our clan! We gave her a home when she had nothing! And you made her bite the hand that fed her and betray us!” Kevin yelled.

“You were only using her for her bloodline, her techniques, she realized that and went to me for help, and I accepted. Anyone in the village would have used her for the same thing, that’s why she came to me.” Orochimaru responded.

“And that’s why I killed her! She was to be our back up plan if we lost the war, and now the village is still in economical crisis!” Kevin answered.

“Then why didn’t you just capture her?!”

“She had her child, the Leaf Village would have demanded we turn her over to them if they ever found out about her!” Orochimaru’s eyes widened.

“She gave birth to the child?” Kevin grinned evilly.

“A beautiful baby girl, probably grow up to be the spitting image of her mother. I didn’t stay around at that whore house long enough to find out. I’m sure she’s just like her mother, sucking every cock that’s offered to her.”

Something snapped inside of the Otokage. Orochimaru roared in fury as he swung his blade, cutting straight through Kevin’s crystallized sword and severing his hands. Kevin cried out as he looked at his bloody stumps, while Orochimaru swung again, this time taking out his legs. Kevin crumbled to the ground as Orochimaru stabbed his blade next to him and pulled Kevin up.

“WHERE IS SHE!!!” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand. Kevin looked at him with hate in his eyes.

“Don’t know, it was a,” Kevin coughed up a bit of blood, then continued, “A traveling whore house, she could be out of the elemental nations by now.” Kevin laughed. “The great Snake Sannin, the Shodaime Otokage, his daughter is a nameless prostitute!” Kevin continued laughing even as Orochimaru dropped him to the floor.

Orochimaru bit his thumb, before flashing through some hand signs. “Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon!” A large, black gate rose up from the ground in a puff of smoke. Orochimaru picked Kevin back up. “You know why these gates are so powerful? It’s because they are the gates to hell, this one is to the ninth level of hell, where Satan himself resides.” He paused a moment to allow that information to sink in. “I’ve heard he doesn’t take kindly to visitors without thirty pieces of silver.”

Kevin’s eyes widened as the doors opened, black smoke erupting from the gate, the temperature in the area drastically rising. He began to struggle, but without hands or feet, he could do nothing as Orochimaru reared back the arm holding him. “This is for Mitsukai!” Orochimaru hurled Kevin into the gate, where a giant crimson hand reached out and grasped the screaming man. The hand retracted into the gate and Orochimaru quickly formed a hand sign to close the gate. Once shut, the gate vanished in a puff of smoke.

Orochimaru collapsed to his knees, panting. Using the Rashomon gates drained him of a tenth of his chakra, and opening and closing the gates took a fifth each. It wasn’t the use of all that chakra that kept him on his knees though, it was the information he just received.

I have a daughter…could he really be telling the truth?’ Orochimaru’s mind was going a mile a minute. ‘Sometimes the truth hurts worse then a lie, so there’s actually a good chance he was right about Mitsukai. There’s no way of finding out from her, her body was cremated and I destroyed any chance of my reanimation jutsu working when I tried to revive her with the experimental version, losing her forever……’ Orochimaru growled in frustration. ‘Fine then, once the invasion is over, I’ll begin searching for her. Until then, I can at least look through my own village and kunoichi forces at the off chance my daughter’s here…maybe I should check for a son too, just in case my child is a boy…damn that bastard, hope he’s suffering in hell right now.

“Lord Orochimaru!” The Otokage turned around, and saw his Leaf Village spy, Kabuto, running towards him. Orochimaru stood up, brushed his clothes off and faced Kabuto.

“Shouldn’t you be in the Leaf Village right now, what good is a spy who’s not where he’s most useful?”

“Got called to heal a Lord’s daughter, it wasn’t that long a trip from here to there, and I got three more days until I’m expected back. What happened here?”

“Nothing that you need to concern yourself with.” Orochimaru stated. He was about to walk out, when two ideas popped in his head. “But I could use your assistance with something.”

“Name it Lord Orochimaru!” Kabuto immediately responded.

“I need you to find Tayuya, then head over to the medical wing, bring blood samples of everyone in the village, shinobi or civilian and seal them in a scroll. Tell Tayuya to deliver the scroll directly to my hand as I need to speak with her privately. Once you’re done with that check on Kimimaro, his disease has been growing progressively worse.” Orochimaru ordered.

“Any age group in particular?” Kabuto asked, not liking the idea of dealing with such a huge file. Orochimaru paused, thinking for a moment.

“Between twelve and fifteen. And word of this is not to be heard by anyone else, understand?”

“Perfectly Lord Orochimaru.” Kabuto responded, pushing his glasses up his nose before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Orochimaru stands there for a moment, deep in thought.

If my child is in the village, I will find them, and even if they’re not I will find my child after the exam.


Kitten was licking her lips clean of ramen, since she was still tangled in the yarn. Next to the dates she had with Tayuya, it was the best dinner she ever had, and even then it was surprisingly close to judge.

“Did you enjoy your ramen Kitten?” Heather asked. Kitten nodded her head feverously.

“Me wike awot!”

“I’ll be sure to remember that. Tomorrow, for lunch we’ll try another type of slipy string, called spaghetti, and see if you like that.” Dono told her. Kitten opened her mouth, but then winced. “Are you okay?”

“My tummy huwts.” Kitten said, before letting out a small fart. Heather moved over to Kitten, knelt down, and flashed through some hand signs, causing her hands to glow purple with a diagnostic jutsu. Running her hand on Kitten’s bare stomach, she scanned for anything abnormal. After a minute, she smiled.

“You just need to make a poopie, it’s been over a day since you probably did one, that’s why it’s painful. Once you go, you’ll feel much better.” Heather explained. Kin blushed, messing herself in front of two people was not something she expected to do, despite having to wear diapers here. She knew she could get out of the yarn, but it would require chakra, and she’d blow her cover. Knowing she had no choice, she did the only think she could think of.

Kitten started whimpering, fidgeting in her seat. “It huwts Mommy, I can’t make a messy.”

“That’s okay dear; I know how I can help you out?” Heather said. She sat down and pulled Kitten onto her lap, and started rubbing her tummy, slowly applying pressure. Kin’s eyes widened as she realized what was happening, and knew she was helpless to stop it from happening. Barely a minute later, Kin’s body was pushing a large, solid mass into the back of her diaper. Kin grunted as she felt another press on her stomach, and felt another load coming out. Once that was done, Kin felt the front of her diaper grow warm, and started chewing her lip. Upon seeing this, Heather slipped Kin’s pacifier into her mouth allowing her to suck that while she worked on finishing Kin’s bowel movement.

A minute later, Heather stopped applying pressure and just settled to rubbing her stomach. “Feel better Kitten?” Kitten let her pacifier drop out of her mouth.

“Icky.” Kitten said. Kin felt the mess squished against her bum, and while she could tolerate it if necessary, she’d prefer to get out of it and into a fresh diaper a.s.a.p.

A fresh diaper?! I mean panties! Kami, all this baby stuff and chemicals running through my body must be messing with my head.

“Well, don’t worry, well get you out of that dirty diaper, and give you a nice bath. After that, we’ll get you into a fresh diaper, your cat paw mittens and booties, and we’ll put you to sleep in your crib.” Heather told her. “Okay?”

“Okay Mommy!” Kitten said. Heather lifted Kitten into her arms and stood up while Dono collected the dishes.

“I’ll be in to say goodnight.” He told them. Heather nodded her head and walked out of the room.

As she was being carried, Kin’s mind wandered. ‘Thank kami I still have over a month before the chunin exams, I may need the time to restore my muscle control, maybe even potty train myself again, I doubt I’d be permitted to continue as a kunoichi if I needed diapers…maybe they’d let me be a med nin like Mommy…’ Kin blinked, before a smile found it’s way onto her face, and she snuggled into Heather’s embrace. ‘Yes…just like Mommy.


My muses smacked me out of bed this morning, so I’ve spent the last few hours writing this chapter making corrections where I can see I need them. There’s also something I have to say, and it’s important, so I’ll underline it.

When Kitten is talking, the letters replaced are “R” and “L”, with L it’s the first L in the word. When she talks through her pacifier, I also add “A” and “H”, both usually next to each other.

Anyways, it’s still the season for giving, so I’m posting this now. I don’t know when I’ll next post something, but reviews and comment do encourage me. In the mean time, I’m getting my first meal in 8 hours. Later!

Kin’s New Way Ch. 4

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Kin’s New Way Ch. 4

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