Kin's New Way Ch. 3

Kin’s New Way

Twilight3 here, and so is the long awaited chapter 3. It’s taken me a while to figure out a good direction for this story, but now that I have one, I can continue. I think you all will enjoy this chapter, I really do :smiley:

Chapter 3: Unexpected Developments

Nurse Heather softly closed the door behind her. Turning around, she faced her black haired, blue eyed boss, Dono. Behind him stood two hired shinobi. “What is my baby girl’s condition?” Dono asked.

To his surprise, Heather gave him a hard look. “Can you find the man that fathered this girl?” Dono blinked, Heather never did anything like this, that was why she was his best nurse and medical nin.

“Yes…why?” Dono asked, cautiously. He didn’t like Heather’s tone, and even he stayed away from her during that time of month.

“This goes against everything a doctor stands for, but I want you to kill that man. This girl never went to school, has the mindset of a five year old at best, has been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, and can’t talk like a girl even half her age!” Heather answered, killer intent slowly radiating off her as she spoke.

Dono just stared at Heather. “How bad is she?”

“She doesn’t understand about half the things she was called, usually curses, she still has accidents, so diapering her wasn’t a problem, she can’t form a proper sentence, and she can’t speak certain words properly. In essence, she is like an overgrown toddler.” Heather explained.

“And how is she physically?” Dono asked, wanting to know as much as he could about his new baby girl before meeting her.

“I managed to use some medical jutsu to determine past as well as present injuries. She just had a few scrapes and bruises, along with a dislocated shoulder presently. In the past, however, I’ve been able to find multiple stab wounds, large bruises caused by blunt objects, and even vaginal damage.” Heather answered, her fist clenched tightly.

Dono glowered at this. “How long ago…”

“Estimated time of first penetration, seven years.” Heather growled. Dono slammed his fist into the wall next to him. “If anyone deserves to be pampered by you Dono, it’s this girl, she will never be normal compared to others in her age group.” Dono turned to his escort.

“Find the bastard and kill him, I want his head on a pike in the center of town tomorrow morning! I’ll pay you the usual rate, but you can keep anything you find of his. See anything that might comfort a child, bring it here first.” Dono ordered. One of the men nodded and vanished in a whirl of leaves; the other remained, but was shaking in silent fury. Dono turned to Heather. “What is she doing now?”

“I managed to find out what her mother called her, Kitten, and she responds to that. She’s currently drink the B-formula bottle. I managed to diaper her, and dressed her in a yellow sleeper. I added some cat paws and booties, some cat ears, and a snap on tail. She positively loved it…she called me Mommy.” Heather looked down at the end.

Dono took her hand in his. “Once she grows up, if you so wish, you can adopt her as your own.” Heather’s head snapped up, shock clear on her face.

“You’d…” Heather was at a loss for words.

“Never had a girl like this before, she deserves happiness.” Dono replied. Heather nodded her head, a few tears falling down her face. She quickly wiped them away and apologized for the show of emotion. “I’d be worried if you didn’t show any emotion from this case Heather, you have nothing to apologize for.”

“Would she enjoy being part cat?” Dono and Heather turned to the remaining shinobi.

“What do you mean Devin?” Dono asked the ninja.

“As you know, the animari clan specializes on human-animal gene splicing, therefore allowing our ninja to gain animal traits to strengthen our clan. For a small fee, we could alter Kitten to become part cat.” Devin explained.

Dono turned to a stunned Heather. “Do you think she’d like that?” Heather’s mouth opened and closed several times before she found her voice.

“She-she probably would, but what kind of alterations are we talking about?” Heather finally managed. Devin rubbed his chin, through his mask, in thought.

“Well, since she is to be a baby, we won’t add claws to her hands or feet, but I believe a tail and cat ears could work for her. Once she grows up we could add the claws and even give her cat eyes, which would enhance her vision.” Devin explained.

“Would it be possible to do the eyes now?” Heather asked.

“Yes, but in order to add the ears, eyes, and tail, we’d have to activate her chakra system. It’ll take more chakra to adjust to the all three changes, so it could be dangerous. Adding these will also make her chakra more potent, more powerful, it’s one of the reasons why our clan is sought after by all shinobi villages.” Devin explained. “That’s why it would be best to do the eyes after the tail and ears, gives her reserves plenty of time to restore themselves and adjust to her new chakra.”

“Is there any way to slow the process and do all three?” Heather asked. “I just don’t want her looking in the mirror and seeing that bastard of a man look back at her.”

Devin nodded his head in understanding. “Instead of doing the usual ritual, we can use a sealing process to make the parts merge with her skin, the eyes though we would have to use the ritual for, no question.”

Dono nodded his head. “Do it. Is there anything you need to know about her before you begin?”

“Just what chemicals she has in her and what chemicals she will be exposed to during this process. Using the seals, it should take about four to six days.” Devin explained.

Dono nodded and motioned to follow him. As the three walked, Heather explained the muscle relaxant Kitten would be taking, giving her the mobility of a toddler at best. Kitten would also be taking a chemical that would reduce her bladder and bowel control till it was non-existent. Devin stated that the chemicals wouldn’t hinder the problem in any way. Once they reached the room, the found Kitten just finishing her bottle, yawning cutely.

“She does look adorable dressed like that.” Devin commented. Kitten tilted her head to one side, her cat ears drooping slightly.

“Who dey?” Kitten asked, looking at Heather. Dono’s face tightened upon seeing the truth behind Heather’s examination report.

“Well my little Kitten,” Heather started, causing Kitten to giggle, “The man with the face is your new Daddy, the other one is a friend of ours, who knows magic.”

“Magic?” Kitten asked. Inside, Kin started getting a little worried.

“Yes, I use magic called chakra. Watch this.” Devin walked over to a nearby sink, and filled it with water. Making hand signs, the water suddenly rose out of the sink, and flew slowly around the room. It circled around Kitten once, who stared in awe at it, before dropping back in the sink. Dono and Heather clapped at the performance, Kitten following their example.

“Kitten,” Dono spoke for the first time, “We can use this magic chakra to make you just like a real kitten.”

Kin thought fast, denying it without time to think up a good reason would raise suspicion, so she did the only thing she could. “Weally?” Kitten asked.

“Yes he can.” Heather said, walking up to her. She started playing with Kitten’s ears and tail. “He can make you have real cat ears and even give you a tail!”

Kitten looked at her. “Will it huwt Mommy?” Kin knew she was stretching it, asking that, but she needed to know.

Devin walked over to her, taking a sebbon needle out. He gently took her arm in his hand, and pricked the skin, just enough to draw blood. “That is how much it will hurt, but it will last for almost a week…seven days.” Devin explained, then remembering Kitten’s low level intellect.

“Do you think you can be brave and handle that Kitten?” Dono asked. Kitten slowly nodded. “Devin, do what you must.”

Devin nodded and placed a hand on Kitten’s head, and formed a one handed hand sign. He concentrated for a minute, before he looked Kitten in her eyes. “You’ve used chakra before.” He stated. Dono and Heather looked at each other, then at Kitten.

“Mommy…showed me how to cwimb, no hands, so I could weave Daddy when he’ angwy. When Mommy left…” Kitten sniffled here, “Daddy had a fwiend draw on me, now I no cwimb with no hands.”

“I see, and how much did you climb without your hand before Mommy left?” Devin asked.

“Evewy day.” Kitten sniffled. She knew there was no way to hid her chakra from them now, so best to make them think she once used it without knowing what it was.

“I see, your Mommy must have been a ninja once, and intended to train you. Performing the tree climbing exercise at such a young age, your magic chakra would have grown, even with it being sealed away.” Devin explained. “Can you show me where that person drew on you?”

Kitten nodded her head, and placed a handover the right side of her chest. “Here!” Devin nodded his head and turned to Heather. Heather nodded in understanding, went behind Kitten, and unzipped the sleeper. With a little help, she pulled Kitten from the sleeper, leaving her in only her diaper, paw gloves and booties, and cat ears.

Devin placed a hand on Kitten’s head again, and slowly, black lines began forming on Kitten’s right shoulder, forming the kanji for “seal.” However, a larger, more complicated seal began to form on her left shoulder, going down to the bottom of her stomach. Deven examined the second seal while Kin tried to hid her surprise, she hadn’t known about that seal on her.

“Interesting,” Devin started, “It appears that there’s a second seal here, this one for a bloodline.” Dono, Heather, and Kitten’s eyes widened at this.

“Can you tell when this seal was put on her?” Dono asked, his suspicion of this girl growing by the second.

“About as old as she is, most likely after birth.” Devin explained. This put Dono more at ease. “I’ll have to release both these seals to be able to change her.”

“Can you tell what kind of bloodline Kitten has, if it would be dangerous to release it?” Heather asked.

“Mommy?” Heather turned to Kitten. “Am I in twouble?” Heather’s eyes softened. She picked up Kitten’s pacifier and gently slipped it through her lips.

“No, you’re not in trouble. You just let us worry about this, we’re doing this for you sweetie.” Heather answered. Kitten nodded her head feverishly, and began sucking on her grape flavored pacifier.

“From the design on this seal, it’s a chakra related bloodline, but not one I’ve ever seen.” Devin started. “Chakra related bloodlines tend to allow the use of a particular element, and in a certain way, all beyond what a normal shinobi could do. This kanji, however, says “Crystal,” so I really have no idea what it means.”

“There’s only one way to find out. Release the seals.” Dono ordered.

Devin nodded, and bit his thumb. Drawing blood, he swiped it over the chakra seal, and after shooing Heather away, formed several hand signs. The seal began to glow, and Kitten’s eyes widened as she felt her chakra come out to the surface. A blue glow surrounded her body, lasting for nearly a minute before it faded. Devin looked at her.

“Amazing, she must have been doing the tree climbing exercise for months, she has at least high genin chakra! Once she has her new cat parts, it’ll jump to high chunin levels.” Devin said. Kin filed that information away for later. “Should I continue?” He looked at Dono and Kitten. Dono nodded his head, and Kitten did too, but much slower.

“We sweepy.” Kitten said around her paci. It wasn’t a lie, she never drew all her chakra out like that before, so she was feeling drained.

“Here, lets lay you down Kitten, and you can try and take a nap.” Heather said. Placing a hand behind Kitten, she gently eased her down onto the table. Kitten nodded her head at Heather, then closed her eyes, gently sucking her paci. She was out in less then a minute.

Devin swiped another bleeding digit over Kitten’s second seal, and flashed through some hand signs. The seal glowed brightly against Kitten’s skin, then the sound of glass shattering filled the room as the seal broke. “That’s odd, never head a sound like that when unsealing a bloodline. May I check something Dono?” Dono nodded his head, yes.

Devin took one of Kitten’s hands in his, and formed several one handed hand signs. Kin’s chakra came out of her hand, but as it left her body, it grew into a dark gold color, then solidified. Devin stopped drawing out Kin’s chakra and examine the solid mass.

“Crystals…” Devin murmured. His eyes shot open a minute later as he turned to Dono and Heather. “This girl possesses the Crystalist bloodline she’s a decendent from the Village Hidden in the Miracles!”

“Miracles?” Dono asked. Devin nodded his head.

“Yes, the Hidden Miracle Village, and the Land of Miracles itself was said to be blessed by both Kami and Satan. They both bestowed bloodlines upon the people of that land, and Kitten’s is one from Kami. These Crystals are nearly impossible to break if she learns to make her chakra dense enough, not to mention worth a tens of thousands of zenny!” Devin exclaimed.

Heather and Dono’s eyes widened. Devin took a small bit of crystal into his hand, before walking to Dono and placing the larger chunk into his hand. “These shards are enough to cover payment for changing the girl, I need to go back to my clan house to get the proper parts for Kitten. I’m going with cheetah parts, it will increase her speed drastically once she learns to use chakra to power her limbs, which she should. Her bloodline will remain a secret between us, but it will no doubt get out one day.” Devin explained. “Make sure she doesn’t wake up for the next twenty hours, the trip to my clan and back will take six hours, and the operation will take nearly fifteen hours. It’ll be best that she’s asleep for this, especially changing her eyes.”

Dono nodded his head. “I understand, she’ll be kept asleep for the next twenty-four hours, to be safe.” Devin nodded his head, and vanished in a puff of smoke. Dono and Heather looked at the sleeping Kitten. “We have quite the little angel on our hands, don’t we?”

“Yes we do.” Heather responded. “Do you intend to use her for profit once you’re done babying her?”

“I’ll take what she leaves behind from her training, but that’s a few years off. I don’t mind waiting, if these crystals are as valuable as Devin claims, this chunk should last me for a good two years.” Dono explained. Heather nodded, figuring it was the best she would get from him. “Sedate her.”

Heather nodded her head and moved to a drawer near the exam table. Pulling out a, IV and drip, she wheeled over a stand and attached the drip bag to the stand. Moving the stand over to Kitten, she felt for the vein by her wrist, then inserted the IV and attached the drip. Kitten whimpered lightly in her sleep, but it faded and she continued to suck her paci.


Kin moaned softly, her body was stiff, yet sore at the same time. She could feel her chakra being slowly drained from her, but not in a life threatening manner. Pain was evident on the top of her head, her backside, and her eyes were really itchy. Rolling onto her side, Kin felt something akin to head phones attached to her ears. She also felt something soft on top of her head, and something else lower on her body.

Opening her eyes, Kin had to blink a few times to remove the blurriness from her vision. Her vision, to her surprise, was better then it ever had been before. Glancing around, she saw she was in a large crib, and that the room she was in appeared to be a nursery. Looking down at herself, she found she was still wearing her paw mittens and booties, a diaper, and also a new purple nighty that just covered her chest. She also noticed something long and furry along her leg.

Kin reached out to grab it, but found she had to strain to move her arm, open her hand, and grab the thing. Kin was surprised that she felt herself grab what ever it was. Bringing it close to her, she realized it was a tail! The tail was a dark yellow, almost gold in color, with black spots. Concentrating slightly, she could sense her chakra flowing through the tail.

Straining to raise her hand up, she managed to run her hand along the head phones and up to the top of her head, where she felt a furry pain of cat ears! Kin’s mind was going a mile a minute as her hand dropped to her side, Kin subconsciously sucking on her pacifier rapidly.

Okay, I have cat ears, tail, and most likely eyes too. I’m having trouble moving, so I must have been drugged, and judging by how long my vision was blurry, I must have been out for more then twelve hours.

Kin gasped as she felt the front of her diaper grow warm. She was wetting herself! She tried to stop, but found it impossible. But what really perplexed her was how much she actually like the feeling of wetting herself. The knowledge of what she was doing down there disgusted her, but the actual feel of it was sooo good.

Looks like weakening my mobility wasn’t the only type of drugs used on me.’ Kin though as she felt herself finish wetting her diaper. ‘Lord Orochimaru’s report never mentioned any of the other girls getting furry parts…so maybe I’m the first. This was unexpected, I can only guess at this point how I’ll be affected by all this.

Just then the door opened. Kin turned her head to the door, and saw Dono walk in. Dono walked over to the crib and looked in. “Hello Kitten, I see you’re finally awake. How are you feeling?” Kin hid her surprise, she actually heard him through her cat ears, not her human ears.

“Tiwed…I thiwk I had an accident Daddy.” Kitten said around her pacifier, with a whimper. Dono smiled at Kitten as he lowered the crib’s bars and picked Kitten up.

“Don’t worry Kitten, that’s why you’re wearing diapers. Because you have accidents, the diapers will keep you from making a mess that’s hard to clean up.” Dono explained as he carried Kitten over to the changing table. “Understand?”

“Yes Daddy.” Kitten replied, as she was place on the changing table.

“Now you hold still while I change your diaper, okay? Once I’m done, I’ll take you to your new playroom until your dinner is ready, okay?” Dono asked.

“Okay Daddy.” Kitten responded, lying still on the changing table. As Dono untapped the sides of her diaper, Kin suppressed a shudder. It brought her back to before Orochimaru had found her at the orphanage, when the headmaster used to play with the children…gender hadn’t been an issue.

Kin knew she’d have to face being touched by this man for the next few days, and even let her body be exposed at times, all in order to keep her cover. She already got animal parts attached to herself, she could handle a few more day, at least that’s what she kept telling herself.

As Dono began finishing up changing her, Kin’s thoughts turned back to her team back at the sound village. Figuring they’d be laughing at her current position, she moved her thoughts to Tayuya. As she remembered the good luck present Tayuya gave her the night before her mission, and hid a smirk behind her pacifier. She could only imagine how Tayuya would react to her new cat parts.


How may of you saw that coming? I’ll give a cookie to whom ever can guess what happens next chapter, and to be fair, I’ll tell you that next chapter will take place with members of the sound village. Think about the wording I used in the last sentence too. Happy Holidays from Twilight3.