Kin's New Way Ch. 2

[b]Kin’s New Way

Chapter 2: Mission Start![/b]

One week had gone by since being assigned her undercover mission, and Kin had done everything and more to be prepared for it. The first five days consisted primarily of studying under medical nin. Kin learned about all the human body’s pressure points and many vital spots that lead to quick deaths.

When she wasn’t studying, Kin was on the training field practicing her marksmanship. She had bought some marbles and grabbed handfuls of small stones. She then proceeded to train in hitting specific points on human dummies, all without chakra. When she reach the point that she could repeatedly hit the same point on a dummy, she moved on to trying to ricochet off other objects and obstacles blocking her targets. She was doing exceedingly well in that field, Orochimaru himself had said so.

Whenever she needed a break, Kin would go to one of the local daycare centers, as she had planned, and observed how toddlers and infants acted. It was on the second day that she was approached by one of the staff and asked what her purpose was for being there. Kin explained that she had an upcoming mission that required her to take care of one of the Rice Lord’s children while he was away, and that she was observing how children of that age group acted. The lady had smiled at her and told her “There’s nothing like hands on experience.” Since then, Kin had started working with the staff caring for the little kids. She soon had a soft spot for them, and would play games like ‘horse’ with them.

It was on the sixth day that something out of the ordinary happened. Zaku, wanting to pay Kin back for the wound on his backside and pride, went to Orochimaru and recommended that Kin get some practice on acting like a toddler and/or infant. He explained that a simple way was to have her spend a day at a daycare center. Orochimaru agreed, surprisingly, and that morning Kin found herself escorted to another daycare facility, where she was striped of her clothes and left in only her panties and a small T-shirt. Kin swore she’d get her revenge on Zaku, one way or another, even though that day did help her gain experience for acting the part. Day seven was spent going over her medical books and doing some light target practice, each target having Zaku’s face on it.

The next morning, Kin met a jonin at her door, who gave her some rags to wear as apart of her mission. The jonin also helped her dye her black hair blond, so as to not be recognized in the future. The two then proceeded to tree jump out of the village, and several hours later, reached the destination point. Once there, the jonin performed the sealing jutsu to surpress Kin’s chakra. Kin then suggested that the jonin ruff her up a bit, to make her cover look even more convincing. The jonin agreed and minutes later, Kin found herself on the floor, tears streaming from her eyes, and blood running from a wound on her right shoulder. The jonin gave her shoulder a minor patch up job before knocking her out, waiting for the client/target to arrive an hour later.


Dono, the proud owner of Dono Corporation, was excited. Why? Because he was getting a new baby girl today. No, his wife wasn’t pregnant, his wife had died years ago. He was going to buy a new baby girl. Opening the folder on his lap, he looked over the profile of his new baby girl.

Instead of it being an infant, the picture show a thirteen year old girl, blond hair, black eyes, just like his late wife. Her father had been abusing her, she had been to the hospital several times according to the file. She was very shy, slightly depressed, but overall easy to manipulate, something he intended to take advantage of.

One odd thing, he noticed, was that she didn’t have a name. This had first sent alarms off in his mind, but the ninja investigating her stated that the father had sent her to the hospital under different names each time, he himself only referring to her as ‘bitch,’ ‘brat,’ and ‘whore,’ among other things. Dono would ask the girl herself what her name was once he met her.

Dono felt his carriage slowing down, signifying that they were getting close to the meeting point. He cast one last glance at the girl’s photo, memories of when he babied his wife coming to the front of his mind, before closing the file. The carriage stopped, and Dono got out.


The jonin sat on a tree stump. He had gotten changed into some raggy street clothes, and had a glass bottle of sake in his right hand. The bottle had been half full in the first place, it was now down to about one tenth of that left. He looked up, moving slightly slurred to act his part, as a carriage approached. He got up as his client got out, meeting him half way.

“You the guy (hic) that’ll take my bitch?” The jonin slurred. Dono narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, I’m the guy who will take this child and give her a better home.” Dono answered. His eyes became even more narrowed as the man before him threw his head back and laughed.

“A better (hic) home? Her? Please, that (hic) bitch will just be in the way, you’ll nev-(hic)-er get anything done. But hey, you (hic) want her, pay me and she’s yours.” The jonin said, before taking a swig of his sake. Acting like he expected more, he held it to his lips longer than what was left of the liquid, before moving it to his eye, looking up into the bottle. With a grunt, he tossed the empty bottle over his shoulder, barely missing Kin. Dono bit back a growl at the man’s behavior.

“Fine, here it is, five-thousand zenny. Take it and never come back!” Dono snapped his finger, and a ninja appeared, dropping a bag of zenny at the jonin’s feet, before walking past him and gathering Kin in his arms. The jonin opened the bag and looked into it.

“Whoopee! I’m rich! That little bitch was worth something after all!” The jonin laughed. Grabbing the bag, he started running toward the town, at civilian speed of course, and with a slight stumble in his step.

Dono entered his carriage, the hired ninja placing Kin’s head on his lap, laying her body next to him. Shortly after, the carriage started moving, and Dono was stroking his hands through Kin’s hair. Kin woke up, but hid it from Dono, nuzzling into Dono’s touch.

“…Mommy…” Kin murmured. Dono’s eyes softened at that.

“Don’t worry, baby girl. Daddy will take care of you, that man will never harm you again.” Dono whispered softly. Kin didn’t respond, but willed herself to sleep, she was going to need her wits about her if she was to pull this off.


Nurse Heather looked over the medical charts in disapproval. The girl Dono had brought in had a dislocated shoulder, along with many other scrapes and bruises all over her body. The nurse had managed to clean all the wounds, leaving only the dislocated shoulder left, after that she’d get the girl some decent cloths to wear before Dono arrived to pick her up. It was around then that the girl started to wake up. She walked over to the examining table.

“I see you’re finally waking up.” Heather said to the girl. Said girl just moaned as she moved to clutch her shoulder. “Relax honey, I can fix your shoulder up in a jiffy, but it is going to hurt, so brace yourself.”

The girl on the table opened her eyes, and Heather nearly gasped at what she saw. The girl’s black eyes were filled with emotions, sadness, pain, hurt, and a sense of longing if Heather wasn’t mistaken. Biting her lip, she moved her hands over the dislocated shoulder and began pushing down on it. The girl yelped, rolling to the side and right off the examination table. Heather quickly ran over to the girl, who was now clutching her shoulder, sobbing softly. Kneeling down, Heather carefully pulled the girl into her arms, whispering apologies and telling her everything would be alright. Minutes later, the girl had calmed down.

“I’m sorry, I should have given you something to hold onto before I fixed your shoulder. I see if I can’t fine something for you Miss, um…” The girl just looked at her, blinking every now and then. “I hate to ask, but what’s your name?”



“That’s what Daddy calls me.” Heather bit back a growl at this.

“Does he call you anything else?”

“Brat, and whore too.” This time Heather did growl, and the girl scooted away from her. “Did I say something wrong?” She asked, fear in her eyes.

Heather’s gaze softened. “No, sweety, those are just really bad words, words that should never be used to describe someone.” The girl’s face twisted in confusion.

“Describe?” Heather’s eyes widened at this.

“You don’t know what ‘describe’ means?” The girl shook her head, no. “Didn’t they teach you anything in school?”

“What’s school?” Heather’s eyes widened again.

This girl doesn’t know what school is? If she never went to school, then she would have a mind set of a four year old, six at best. And yet she has the body of a thirteen year old.’ Heather sighed. ‘She’ll never be in the same learning group with people her age. The poor child, I wonder if I can ask Dono to deal with that man, this girl will never fit in because of him.

“Hey lady?” Heather snapped out of her thoughts as she felt a tug on her shirt, as she noticed the girl was now in front of her, actually sucking her thumb. She pulled it out before asking, “Are you alwhight?”

Heather’s mind was going a mile a minute now. ‘This girl can’t even talk properly, and is still sucking her thumb?! She must have a mind of a four year old, her’s is so undeveloped, she must have been forced to learn what little she knows just to survive with that, that monster!’ Heather felt another tug on her shirt, and saw the girl staring at her in wonder.

“I’m fine sweety, I just had to think about something, it’s nothing you need to worry about.” The girl before her seemed to pause for a moment, before nodding her head, going right back to sucking her thumb. “You shouldn’t suck your thumb like that, it’s not healthy.”

The girl stopped sucking for a moment. “But Daddy told mhe to pwactice.”

Heather was confused. “Practice?” At this, the girl nodded her head up and down rapidly.

“Yes, fow the magic candy stick!”

“Magic candy stick?”

“The one he keeps in his clothes, he has them over his wegs.” Heather’s face grew pale.

“W-what does this candy stick look like?”

“It’s always change, big to small to big again. I get to suck on it, and if I do good, he lets me dwink what comes out it. Daddy says it will help me be a big girl.” Heather’s face had a look of horror on it, as she watched the girl start sucking her thumb again.

Fuck asking, I’m demanding Dono kill that monster!

Heather took a few deep breaths to compose herself. “Tell me, did Mommy ever call you something different?” The girl’s face turned sad as her thumb dropped to her lap.

“Mommy went away awong time, she don’t come home.” Heather’s face softened at this. “Mommy used to tell me I was a cat, that I sweep like one. She called me sowething wike that.” Heather though about that for a moment, before snapping her fingers.

“Did she call you Kitten?” At this, the girl’s face lit up, and she let out a squeal of delight. Heather laughed at this. “Alright then, we’ll call you Kitten.” Kitten gave another squeal, before jumping at Heather, trying to hug her, but banged her shoulder into the table side. Kitten howled in pain as she fell on her side, Heather rushing to her, pulling her gently into a hug as Kitten cried. Several minutes passed, when suddenly, Heather felt something wet on her leg. She looked down and saw Kitten had peed on her. Seeing that Kitten wasn’t done crying, Heather did nothing, just held her close.

Minutes more passed, before Kitten finally settled down, her head resting on Heather’s shoulder. “Feel better now?” Heather asked. Kitten just nodded her head, not saying anything. “Ok then, lets get you back on the table here. I’ll get you fixed up in a minute, but first we need to clean up, you had a little accident on me.”

Kitten looked down at Heather and herself, before looking at Heather again. “I’m sworry.” Heather smiled at the girl.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, accidents happen. Tell me, does this happen to you a lot?” Kitten turned her head away. “I see, well that’s ok. We’ll just get you some protection to wear, so next time you have an accident, we won’t have a mess to clean up.” Heather smiled at Kitten, who gave a small smile back, her cheeks slightly pink.

Heather carefully pulled Kitten into her arms, before lifting her up and gently setting her down on the examining table. Pushing a button on the side, two safety bars sprung up on either side of Kitten. Heather moved behind a screen that was placed in the room, and quickly changed into a fresh nurse uniform. Walking out from the screen, Heather moved to some of the drawers on the other side of the room and grabbed some supplies, wet wipes, baby powder, a small shirt, and a diaper. Gathering them into her arms, she carried them to the examining table and placed them on a tray next to it. Opening the bag of wet wipes, Heather grabbed one and gently ran it over Kitten’s crotch. Kitten squealed and kicked her feet.

“That cold!” Kitten said. Heather just smiled at her.

“Sorry Kitten, I should have warned you first.”

Kitten just went back to sucking her thumb, so Heather just went back to work cleaning her. A minute later, Heather threw away the fourth wet wipe, and reached for the baby powder. Opening the seal on top, she sprinkled some powder onto her, however, the seal was a little to open. The cap fell off, showering Kitten’s lower body with baby powder, some of the powder rising up, causing both girls to sneeze a bit. Murmuring an apology, Heather carefully lathered what powder she could onto Kitten’s sensitive body parts and rear, before she started cleaning Kitten with wet wipes again.

Once that was done, Heather picked up the diaper. She thought it was cute herself, white plastic outside, soft cushioning inside that was sure to make Kitten’s bum look big, two clear but strong tapes to secure it, and there was even a small picture strip on the front with stuff animal kittens on it. It was perfect for the little Kitten.

Opening up the back flaps, Heather carefully lifted up Kitten’s legs as she slid the diaper under her. Setting Kitten’s legs down, Heather checked that the pad was squarely under Kitten, before pulling the front of the diaper up between her legs. Opening the side flaps, Heather pulled the diaper tightly against Kitten’s front. Holding it with one hand, Heather reached around to the back flap, ripped open the tape there, pulled it tightly, and planted it firmly to the front of the diaper. Heather repeated the process with the other side, before checking for leaks. Finding none, she turned to Kitten.

“How does that feel Kitten?” Kitten wiggled her rump a little, causing Heather to giggle a bit.

“Soft.” Kitten answered.

“Do you like it?” At this, Kitten nodded her head vigorously.

“Yeah, can I have these more?” It took Heather a minute to decipher that roughly as, “Can I wear them more often?”

“Yes you can, you’ll be wearing these from now on.” Kitten squealed in delight, causing Heather to laugh. “Well Kitten, it’s about time we fix your shoulder. After that, I got this cute little outfit that’ll be perfect on you.” This caused Kitten to squeal again before laying still on the table. “Aren’t you the brave one.”

Heather carefully moved each of Kitten’s hands to the bars on the side of the table, which she clamped her hands down on. Her hands over Kitten’s shoulder, Heather paused for a moment, before snapping her fingers. She scurried out of Kitten’s sight, before coming back with something in her hand. Kitten felt something be placed around her head, before Heather tapped her on the uninjured shoulder. Heather opened her mouth and pointed at her. Kitten got the message and opened her mouth, and Heather placed a pacifier in it, before tightening the strap around her head so it wouldn’t fall out even if Kitten opened her mouth. Kitten ran her tongue over the binky, and realized it tasted like grapes! She instantly started sucking on it, causing Heather to laugh again.

Heather placed her hands over Kitten’s dislocated shoulder, and quick as a flash snapped it back into place. Kitten flinched, but otherwise did nothing. Heather patted Kitten on the head before going behind the screen from before, coming back out with some clothes in her arms. Setting them down on the tray, Heather pushed a button, and the bars slid back into the table, causing Kitten to look up.

“Slide your cute little rump over here.” Heather said, patting the edge of the table. Kitten giggled, before sliding over, her legs now hanging off the table side. Heather grabbed a dark yellow, almost golden colored sleeper, and helped Kitten worm her way into the arm and leg holes. Heather reached down and carefully zipped up the side, sealing her in. Heather then grabbed some cat paw mittens and bootees, and placed them on Kitten’s hands and feet, zipping them up so they’d stay in place, she couldn’t take them off if she wanted to. Heather unstrapped the pacifier from Kitten’s head, but let her keep sucking on it as she placed a pair of cat ears on top of her head. Helping Kitten up, she bent her over and attached a snap-on spotted tail just above her waist. Guiding her to a full length mirror, she saw Kitten look at her new outfit.

“How do you like your new look?” Heather smiled. Kitten looked herself over and gave a squeal of delight before turning around and hugging her.

“Thank you Mommy!” Heather gasped at this. She had always wanted to be a mother, but was born with a defect that prevented her from ever having a child. To hear Kitten call her Mommy was like a dream come true. Heather hugged her tightly, and the two stood there together for several minutes.

Heather was the one to break the hug, though she smiled down on Kitten, who immediately popped her pacifier back in her mouth after the hug was over. “What say we get you something to fill that tummy of yours, ok?” Kitten nodded her head vigorously, and Heather led her back to the examining table. Helping her back up, Kitten laid down as Heather popped the bars back up, so Kitten wouldn’t roll off again. “Wait right here and I’ll get you some milk.” She told her.

Heather went to the far side of the room, where a refrigerator was that held special supplies. Opening the door, the inside had many shelves, each labeled with some different medical supply. Reaching one of them, she opened it to find several rows of bottles. Carefully looking at the labels on each bottle, she finally found the one she was looking for. Grabbing it, she slid the shelve back in and closed the door, before heading back to Kitten. Handing the bottle to Kitten, she watched as she looked it over, turning it over in her hand, before touching the nipple top. Squeezing the bottle slightly, some milk came out. Kitten’s eyes lit up in realization, and she quickly put the nipple in her mouth, rapidly sucking the bottle. Kitten curled herself into a ball, her cat ears falling slightly, giving them a drooping look, and her snap on tail seemed to wrap around her waist.

Heather wished she had a camera, Kitten looked so adorable it was taking all her willpower not to glomp her and yell ‘Kawaii!’ Heather then felt a buzz in her pocket. Turned out to be her pager, and she knew what that meant, Dono was here.

Patting the girl on the head, she said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes Kitten, just stay here and drink up your milk while I’m gone, ok?” Kitten nodded her head, not taking her lips off the bottle. Heather went to the door and walked out, closing it behind her.


Well, that worked out better than I hoped it would.’ Kin thought to herself as she drank from the bottle. ‘I thought I was screwed there when she asked me for my name, at least Kitten is close enough to my real name I can respond to it. And now I can adapt easier to being this guy’s baby girl faster. If I play my cards right, he’ll let his guard down around me in no time.’ Kin paused from her bottle for a moment, moving her pawed hand down to her rump, running it over her padded backside.

I’m so not looking forward to using this diaper…but, it’s not as horrible as I thought it was going to be.’ Kin paused, then blushed at what she just thought. She started drinking her bottle again. ‘What am I thinking, I have to crap in this thing………But it does feel comfortable when it’s not being used. (Sigh) well, if things keep going like they are right now, this won’t be a totally unpleasant experience, it’ll almost be like a mini-vacation. Well, here’s hoping.’ On that final thought, Kin squeezed the bottle, taking a large gulp out of it.


Chapter 2 end! Twilight3 here, and I must say, that chapter was the one I had the most fun writing ever! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did typing it. If so, leave a comment and let me know. Oh, and before I forget, Kin was doing a little babyish talking, so I purposely misspelled some of the words, so no need to point out those parts as grammar mistakes.

Kin’s New Way Ch. 2

I liked it. Kin’s really good at acting, I see.