Kin's New Way Ch. 1

Kin’s New Way

Summary: Orochimaru has problems with one of his suppliers before Konoha’s invasion. So he sends Team Dosu to deal with him, with Kin under an unusual cover. How will this affect the Naruto series?


Chapter 1: Kin’s Cover Mission
“Damn it, why does this always happen?!” Zaku roared, Kin and Dosu watching in amusement and frustration respectively.

Team Dosu was training for the chunin exam, which would be in two months. They had a specific job that, if completed, they would instantly be promoted to chunin and each be trained by a member of the sound four, Orochimaru’s personal bodyguards. Currently, they were on a training field doing target practice, and Kin was owning the ‘superior breed of ninja,’ her male team mates.

“Zaku, I’ve been hitting my marks since I was five, I’ve had eight years to improve since then.” Kin told him. “Do you really think you can out do me when it comes to marksmanship?”

“Of course, male ninja are always superior to you kunoichi.” Was Zaku’s honest answer. Dosu nodded his head in agreement, which caused Kin to growl.

“What about Lady Tsunade, Lord Orochimaru’s old team mate? She is feared throughout the elemental nations for her strength, something even Lord Orochimaru hasn’t been able to copy, much less improve upon.” Kin stated, smug with her answer.

“That hag is old news, she’s just a washed up drunk with a gambling addiction. But if you really want to put her on the pedestal of ‘best kunoichi,’ be my guest.” Zaku stated, grinning a now fuming Kin.

“That old bat could still slap your sorry ass around shit-head.” A voice said from above. All three looked up and saw a familiar, red headed, flute wielding kunoichi.

“Tayuya?! What are you doing here girl?” Kin called, smiling. Tayuya leaped down into the clearing, approaching the team.

“Orochimaru-sama wants you three for a mission, especially you Kin. You three are to report to his chambers immediately.” Tayuya informed them. Kin shrugged her shoulders while Zaku and Dosu looked at each other.

“Lord Orochimaru gave us the next two months off to prepare for the invasion, why would he suddenly call us for a mission so soon after, much less this close to our assignment date?” Dosu asked, being the most logical of the group…aside from his sexest opinions.

“That’s simple, he didn’t. Tayuya here wants the two of us to get in trouble while she gets some of Kin’s pussy. No way am I missing that.” Zaku stated, a perverted grin on his face stretching from ear to ear. Not even the killer intent from both Tayuya and Kin made it fade.

“And you wonder why I prefer women over men Tayuya.” Kin growled. Turning to her team mates, using that term lightly, she said, “Do you really want to take the risk of pissing off Lord Orochimaru, Tayuya said he needed each of us, especially me, there, so even if Tayuya was going to ‘get some pussy’ it would be at another time, not on Orochimaru’s time.”

Dosu and Zaku looked at each other, before nodding their heads, agreeing with that logic, before all four of them leaped to the trees, heading for the Otokage’s tower. “Fine, but I want video of you two.” Zaku said.

Kin tripped on a tree branch, falling back a few steps while Zaku and Dosu passed her by. Tayuya helped her up and they were soon right behind the boys. Kin held out her hand to Tayuya, who nodded her head in understanding, summoning a wooden flute from a summoning scroll she had. Kin focused chakra into the flute, took aim, and fired it at Zaku. A scream rang out through the Sound Village.


“Sorry for the delay Orochimaru-sama, but we had to take Zaku to the hospital, the sick little pervert needed to be taught a lesson.” Tayuya said, as she, Kin, and Dosu entered Orochimaru’s office. Orochimaru stood up, moved in front of the stacks of paperwork covering his desk, and faced the group.

“I see, there wasn’t any permanent damage done I hope, he is needed for the invasion.” Orochimaru stated. Kin moved forward.

“Don’t worry, Zaku will be able to participate, I just fired one of Tayuya’s old flutes at him on the way here. It was embedded in his backside, so he’ll walk funny and crap blood for a week or so, but he’ll still have plenty of time to train for the mission.” Kin explained. Orochimaru tok note that Dosu was standing several feet away from Kin and Tayuya. He chuckled.

“Ku ku ku, how amusing. I assume you did this while he was tree jumping, correct?” Kin nodded her head. “Excellent, that is exactly why I need you for this A ranked mission Kin.” Kin’s eyes widened at this.

“Lord Orochimaru, I’m honored you believe I can do an A ranked mission, but so close to the invasion? Isn’t that a bit risky my lord?” Orochimaru just smiled at her.

“Kin, you will not be killed by this mission, nor scarred for life, provided we do everything right. This mission is in regards to one of our suppliers, and you will have to infiltrate his facilities.” Orochimaru threw them each a folder, containing a bio on the target.

Inside was a picture of a man, early forties by the looks of it. He had short, black, slick hair, and blue eyes. The man wore a business suit and was about 6’5 in height. He was a supplier of the Hidden Sound Village, but certain trade disagreements seemed to have led to him cutting off all trade to the village. The mission was to infiltrate and assassinate the man, before handing over his influence to Orochimaru. Kin looked up.

“If I may, I’m starting to see why you would request me for this mission Lord Orochimaru. But there are plenty of other people more capable then me in silent assassination, why do you need me specifically?” She asked.

“Because his estate is incredibly well guarded. Lord Orochimaru must have a disguise that will only work for you if he’s asking for you specifically Kin.” Dosu said, still reading the file.

“Precisely. Dono Corp. is a powerful supplier for the village, without that business we won’t have everything we need for the invasion and will have to cancel it. It would be years before Konoha would host the chunin exam again, and Sasuke will most likely be promoted this time by those foolish council members, thus we loose our chance at him.” Orochimaru explained. “Kin is in the right age range and physic for her to infiltrate the facility. Domo has a bit of a fetish involving young ladies, so you are perfect for getting through his security and terminating him undetected.”

“What kind of fetish are we talking about?” Kin asked, getting a sick feeling in her stomach.

“He likes taking care of little girls like you. Your cover will be that you were be abused by your father, who will be a sound nin in disguise, and he will sell you to him for a low rate, so as not to draw suspicion. He will take you back to his estate, and baby you up while you-”

“Forgive me for interrupting, Lord Orochimaru, but did you say he was going to baby me up? What does that mean, precicely?” Kin asked, now feeling confused more than sick.

“It means exactly as it sounds. His late wife was barely 5’1, and she had a fetish for being babied. Since her passing, Dono has bought young girls for himself to baby and kills them when they get too big. He dresses them, feeds them, bathes them, diapers them, the whole nine yards, as you kids say now a days. There will be some preparations we have to make before you undertake this mission though, and we have a week to prepare you for it.” Orochimaru explained.

Kin face was utter shock. She never dreamed she’d have to do something like this as a kunoichi. Tayuya, seeing Kin’s current state, took over. “What does she have to do to prepare? And how is she to kill the target if she’s has nothing but a diaper on?”

“I see you guessed his favorite outfit for his baby girls. Dono has a playground on his estate, it has a stone pit there, she can grab some stones and hide them on her person, then use them to kill the target. Kin, you have a natural talent when it comes to marksmanship, so for the next week you’ll be in the hospital learning from med nins where are the best places to strike to kill, even with a stone. You’ll need to learn how to kill a target without your chakra, seeing as he has his own ninjas on his payroll. They would detect your chakra level instantly, so we’ll be putting a chakra suppression seal on you, though it will only last for five day. It will be on that fifth day that a small battalion will attack and you will kill him, escaping in the confusion. Any questions?”

“No sir.” Kin said in a small voice, her hair casting shadows over her face so no one could see her expression. Orochimaru walked up to her, lifting her chin up so she could look in his eyes.

“Nothing will happen on this mission that will cause permanent harm to you, you’re to valuable to me to risk losing. Complete this mission along with your chunin exam and I will make you a member of the sound five.” Everyone’s eyes widened at this. Kin’s face then hardened in determination.

“Yes sir, Lord Orochimaru, I will not fail you.” Kin said.

“Excellent, your training begins at 9:00 sharp tomorrow morning. Report to the hospital at that time.” Orochimaru told her.

“Yes, Lord Orochimaru.” Kin said, bowing to him. Orochimaru grinned.

“Good, you’re dismissed Kin, I must go over the battle plans with these two, among others.” Orochimaru said. Kin nodded her head and left the room, closing the door behind her.


Kin laid in her bed, looking out her window at the star filled sky, the moon’s soft light shining down on her. She was thinking about her mission, how she was going to accomplish it and still maintain her dignity. Having thought for several hours now, coming up empty handed, she moved her thoughts to how she would accomplish it.

Kin shifted under her covers, the silk sheets running over her bare skin. Kin never slept with any clothes on, so if she was ambushed not only would they not be able to grab anything she had on, they would get a view of her body. If they were male, she would be filled with female furry while they saw her well developing body.

Kin decided that she’d visit a daycare center in her spare time, to see how she was supposed to act. She knew she shouldn’t act completely like a baby at first, it would have to be a gradual thing. Kin just needed to know what to do, how to act, when the time came.

Just then, the door to her room creaked open. Kin quickly pulled the covers over herself while pulling a kunai out from under her pillow, ready to defend herself against the intruder.

“Easy girl, it’s just me.” Tayuya said as she entered the room, closing the door behind her. Right now, Tayuya only had a long grey colored shirt on that ran down to her knees.

Kin sighed in relief, letting the covers slide off her and placing the kunai under her pillow again. “Hey girlfriend, what brings you here?”

“I wanted to check up on you, what with this dumb-assed mission you were handed and all.” Tayuya said, sitting down next to Kin on her bed.

“I’m fine, this mission is embarrassing, but the reward out weighs the cost. I’ll see if I can’t head to a daycare center sometime and-”

“Check in for practice?” Tayuya teased.

“Cute.” Kin answered. “I do need to observe how toddlers act and what they do if I’m to be convincing in my cover. Of course, I can’t start acting right away, but I do need to learn this so I can please him and get his guard down.”

“That’s actually a good idea, but I doubt you like doing this shitty mission.” Tayuya said.

“Nice choice of words.” Kin answered dryly. “You’re right though, I don’t like this mission, what I have to do and everything.”

“It’s frustrating?” Kin nodded her head. “Well then, how about we work out those frustrations.” Tayuya pulled her shirt off, revealing her own nude body. A grin appeared on Kin’s face as she tackled her girlfriend, sending the two on the bed in a tangle of sheets and aggressive passion.

No one in the apartment complex slept well that night.


Twilight3 here. A friend made this challenge to me: Get Kin in diapers 24/7, like it, and make it believable. So I started thinking about it, and before I knew it, my head was full of ideas. I’m going to take a small break from Maylu’s New Life, just so I can get these out of my head. Unlike “Maylu’s,” I don’t see an end point yet in this story. Anyways, please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

Kin’s New Way Ch. 1

A bit of out-of-character reactions here and there, and a bit of non-factual information (as far as the series is concerned), but I’m a huge Tayuya fan, and it was well-written, so I’m looking forward to more.