Kingdom Hearts: Xion's Second Chance

Kingdom Hearts: Xion’s Second Chance

Hey all, been a little while since I posted anything, I know. Been playing KH Coded, and beat every aspect that wasn’t downloadable, and was inspired to write this story. This is my idea of one avenue the series could go down, with my own twist of course.

Also, I’ll be trying out a new type of writing; italics text will be when Xion is narrating. I’ll ask that you hold off on telling me if you hate that till second chapter, as ‘Xion’ will be doing mostly narrative this chapter, reviewing the series from her perspective…I think that’s about it. So I guess all that’s left to say is, on with the show!


Chapter 1

[i]The tome you’re about to read contains my life story. Perhaps existence would be a better word to use. In any case, this tome contains my experiences, emotions, and inner most thoughts and feelings. Read at your own risk.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning. My name is Xion, and unlike most people, my birth into existence wasn’t normal, if it can even be called birth. You see, I didn’t meet the requirements to qualify as a human until nearly four months ago, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

My creation was in a place called Castle Oblivion. Sounds like the perfect vacation place, huh? Anyways, what makes my creation so different is the fact that my physical body was made up of memories.

The memories were taken from a boy name Sora. He wields a weapon known as the Keyblade, which is why he was chosen for this. My body took on the physical appearance, bar a few alterations, of his strongest memory, which was his childhood friend Kairi. Like Sora, I too can use the Keyblade, and that was half the reason for my creation.

In this realm, there are many other creatures in existence then just humans and your regular run-of-the-mill animals. Two such races are known as the Heartless and non-existent beings, or nobody for short. Heartless are creatures born from darkness, and travel from world to world, stealing hearts from any and all creatures who have them in an attempt to fill the void the lack of there own creates.

The reason the Keyblade is important is because it is the only weapon that can not only permanently destroy a heartless, but can release the hearts they’ve collected. Because the Keyblade has a unique energy signature, the Heartless swarm to the area it is, in hopes of stopping it’s wielder while they’re young, inexperienced, injured, weak, you name it; they just want the wielder gone.

Now when a Heartless steals a heart from someone, they too become a Heartless except in the rarest of cases, only once I believe. The stronger the heart, the stronger the Heartless created, however, if a heart is really strong, a nobody is created from the body left behind. If that heart was strong enough, then that nobody takes on a humanoid form, and even retains the weapon that was closes to their heart.

The people who created me were nobodies, and formed a group known as Organization XIII. They are easily identified by the black trench coats they wear, which protects them from the darkness within the dark corridors they traveled through. While the corridors were convenient for world travel, the darkness within them threatened to force regress nobodies of humanoid figures, into basic Dusks, hence the protection of the trench coats.

My creation was so I could assimilate the nobody of Sora, named Roxas. Sora…there really isn’t anyone like that boy. Any information we know about the heart, that applies to the majority of the beings in existence, seem to either become twisted or just not apply to him at all. Same could be said for his friend Kairi, though she’s one of the seven Princesses of Heart, a being without darkness anywhere in their heart, so she at least has an excuse. Both have lost their hearts, hence the creation of their nobodies, and yet through each other they managed to regain them. It baffles me to this day.

In any case, had I succeeded in assimilating Roxas, we would have formed a Sora that the leader of the Organization, Xemnas, could have complete control over. Of course, up until nearly eight months of my existence, I didn’t have a clue I was any different from the other nobody members.

Learning I wasn’t even a nobody was a big blow to me, but explained why my treatment in the organization was as it was, despite how big a role I had with my Keyblade. I was constantly pushed to my breaking point and beyond in my training, and often belittled verbally. Despite my best efforts, I was always looked down upon, save for three members.

Worst still was upon learning what I was meant to do; I realized I had feelings for my target. Roxas and I had become friends during the first two months of our creation and he had done a lot for me. He was the first to ever reach out to me…

Roxas was the person I could turn too if I had any problems. When I was having trouble summoning my Keyblade, Roxas convinced the higher ups to partner us together, with the promise of at least double the quota of Heartless. He worked so hard to meet the quota while I couldn’t use the Keyblade, and he visited me whenever I was ill.

We were both there for each other. I…I wasn’t all that strong, so I wanted more power to be able to have his back. In chasing that power, I ran away from the organization for a time, chasing after the man impersonating a member of the group. I had originally been ordered to track down and dispose of him, but he had soundly thrashed me in battle, and upon learning who it was, it wasn’t surprising.

It was Sora’s other childhood friend, Riku. He’s truly an amazing person, he entered the door to darkness without fear, and faces his problems head on. It’s little wonder he’s a Keyblade wielder. The only flaw in his character that I’ve seen is that he tries to do everything himself, even if he could become overwhelmed. We have a big brother, little sister relationship now.

Through Riku I gained the knowledge of my birthplace, and from there the purpose of my creation. Between those times, the organization had managed to capture me, and with a few modifications I was sent back on missions. I reaffirmed my connection with Roxas during that time…

When I was running away, the first time that is, which was before I was ever modified, and he thought I was the imposter, due to my keeping my hood drawn…I’m rambling. Roxas had such a determined look on his face as he chased me around the town, literally flying through the air with his magic as I warped away from him. When I was cornered, and my hood fell off to reveal my face, he was stunned only for a second before he rushed me and wrapped me up in a hug. He was even crying, saying how worried he was about me.

It amazes me how even though he was a nobody, he could convey such a large amount of emotions and dedication to me. What’s amazing about that is that nobodies feel emotions on such a low level, they’re practically non-existent, no pun intended. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, but I turned my Keyblade on him; I wasn’t ready to return. I still had to get stronger, and I couldn’t lead the Organization to Riku, which was why I needed to fight. My determination didn’t make a difference though.

I was forced back by Axel. Sure he was mostly friendly, but his loyalty was to the organization first, his friends second. I ran a second time, and after he brought me back again, Xemnas modified my body to the point I was little more then the puppet he was expecting me to be…

God, even to this day that experience haunts my dreams. Being shackled eagle spread in the air, naked, he fused pieces of armor to my skin. When one suit was done, it would sink into my skin and the process would start again, the last one being the worst due to the amount of armor he used.

All the while, I had these tubes entering my body through my ears, mouth, nostrils, and…my front and backside. These were the devices that stripped away my free will, painfully so…I had enough control to escape before all the enhancements took, but I couldn’t override the primary order; assimilate Roxas.

That feeling of helplessness is a real fear for me, even to this day, and Xemnas isn’t the biggest cause of it. They say don’t get wrapped up in what-ifs, but if Axel, whom I had trusted, hadn’t have captured me a second time, or even a first, I’d never have gone through any of that…never had hurt Roxas. That’s why it took me so long to forgive him.

Because the enhancements weren’t complete, I wasn’t at full strength when my body attacked Roxas. He wasn’t alone in that battle either, I was fighting for control from the inside, though I’m not sure it made a difference…Roxas won the battle, and I faded away, asking him to correct the mistakes I was unable to, and telling him how much the time I spent with him meant to me.

The next thing I know, I awoke up in Castle Oblivion, in one of those weird flower pods. From what I understand, the pods are used for healing; Sora was placed in one when his memories were messed up, and the pod sustained him for nearly a full year while he recovered.

As it opened, and I walked out, I noticed six other pods, and people coming out of them. One of them was Namine, Kairi’s nobody and whom I had only spoken to once. I didn’t recognize the blue haired girl, or the tall guy, but there was a boy who looked a lot like Roxas there. I’d later learn their names were Aqua, Terra, and Ventus, in that order.

Axel was the next person I saw. I was surprised to see him there, but I also held something of a grudge against him for what he’d done to me, and what his actions had ultimately caused, so I ignored him for the time being. Roxas was there as well. The instant I saw him, I ran to him, tackled him to the ground, and kissed him with as much emotion as I could manage.

What made this awkward later on was the fact that we were all naked.

Turns out Ansem the Wise, a foremost expert of hearts, had encoded data of all of us into Sora’s heart while he was trying to restore his memories. Using that code, King Mickey, ruler of the Disney Kingdom and a Keyblade Master, a man named Cid,who was a tech wiz from the world of Radiant Garden, and a powerful wizard called Master Yen Sid were able to summon or restore us in these pods in Castle Oblivion.

What was truly amazing was the fact that each nobody and I were now real humans with hearts! None of us knew how it happened, and to this day we still don’t. Ansem the Wise was truly a genius when it came to the power of the heart, and even he stated that no one would ever truly everything about how the heart works. To this day, he was right.

After Yen Sid magiced some clothes up for us, to our relief, we were briefed on the situation. Thanks to information obtained by King Mickey, we knew something bigger then Xemnas , bigger then anything we or the others had faced, was coming, and we were needed to prepare to face it. What’s more Xehenort, the complete human whom Xemnas was spawned from, was aligned with this force.

The three people I hadn’t been familiar with, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, were trained by an actual Keyblade master, and had combat experience with Xehenort, Keyblade Master Xehenort. As disciples, they had been granted special armor that was resistant against darkness, much like the Organization trench coat, and helped them travel through space safely. I’d later learn that they could transform their Keyblades into vehicles fit for space and planetary travel.

These three were there at the beginning of the crises we were then facing. Thankfully, it would be years before it would arrive, whoever or whatever it was, so we had time to train and prepare.

We all spent four months at the castle, recovering and learning to cope with the changes we were experiencing. A woman named Aerith, a healer from Radiant Garden, was kind enough to help with our therapies. If it wasn’t for her, we’d all have taken years to recover, and she had been a big help in the war to come.

For me, Roxas, Namine, and Axel, it was learning to deal with our new emotion range. I also had to relearn some of my motor skills, due to the mental strain I had experienced fighting Xemnas’s enhancements. I wasn’t alone in that field; the two male Keyblade knights, Terra and Ven, also needed help as they both hadn’t been in their proper bodies for a long time, much less in control of them.

I also joined Terra and the female knight and actual Keyblade master, Aqua, in some therapy sessions. While Terra and I had both been slaves in our own bodies, Aqua had been in the realm of darkness for years, fighting countless Heartless. She had developed a case of paranoia, and quite possibly something called PTSD from how many close calls she’d had. I offered what support I could, but it was really her bond with Ven and Terra that helped her in the end.

My therapy was to deal with the abuse I suffered during my Organization days. Always being called a worthless puppet, my performance on the field degraded, the physical encouragement Saix, the Organization’s second in command, would at times give me, and last but not least, the time Xemnas modified my body…I had a lot of issues to deal with, and the nightmares and night terrors I’d suffer didn’t help me any.

As a result, I developed an embarrassing problem; I wet the bed every night, regardless of if I had a nightmare or terror that night. At first I tried to hide it by burning my sheets, using the magic I had learned during my Organization days, but I over did it, and my mattress caught on fire. Aerith was the one who discovered it, and me being to embarrassed to tell the truth, fibbed and said my nightmares caused me to accidentally unleash my magic while asleep.

The result of that fib turned out better then expected. Later that day Master Yen Sid called me to his temporary office, and from there he began instructing me on how to better control my magic. He tested me on what I knew, and even taught me some new spells. I bring that up because I found a use for the aqua spell I learned.

I’d splash my wet sheets and night clothes with the aqua spell, and then manipulate all the liquid on my sheets into a ball, which I’d drop into a bucket next to my bed, leaving the bed as dry as the night before. I wasn’t skilled enough to move the ball of water very far, hence the bucket, which I would then simply take to the bathroom attached to my room there and dump into the toilet before jumping into the shower.

I got along okay with what I called the Nobody crew, consisting of Axel, Roxas and Namine. Didn’t speak much with Namine, as we had little in common, and she didn’t make much effort either. It took a while, and a long talk with Axel before we started rebuilding our relationship. He told me how he died, giving his all to clear the way for Sora to reach the Organization’s HQ, after losing everyone he cared about…Anyways, Roxas and I goofed around for a time, just like old times, though I sensed something was on his mind.

Aside from Roxas, I found I got along better with the Keyblade Knights, as I began to call them. I learned Ventus had had his heart damaged before it was mysteriously healed. Terra had darkness in his heart, it had slipped in due to his desire to be the best, though that was out of a desire to protect those he cared about. I learned he had also been possessed by Xehenort, hence his physical therapy.

Aqua I learned quite a bit from. Castle Oblivion was created by her! This place was originally her home world, as it was with Terra, and Ventus as well after his heart was damaged. She had created this structure to protect Ventus while his heart was missing. She was also a Keyblade Master. I asked what the difference was between a wielder and a Master, and she answered it was mostly just access to secret information and a life long commitment to the responsibilities of wielding the Keyblade.

Like all good things, my progress in recovering soon came to a screeching stop. It was late at night when I went to grab a glass of water, having just woken up from another nightmare, when I heard noises coming from Namine’s room. Thinking she was having a nightmare, I peeked in…I wish I hadn’t.

Namine was in the room, and in her bed, but so was Roxas. The two were making out! They still wore pajamas, thank god for that, or I would have lost it completely. Not able to bring myself to confront them right then, I banged my fist on the wall next to her door before taking off the kitchen, like I originally intended. When I passed through the hall again, I peaked in, and saw no signs of Roxas.

I was feeling so many emotions, so many intensely, that I didn’t get back to sleep that night. Dead tired, I walked to the dining hall for breakfast just in time to see Roxas and Namine kissing with a strip of bacon between their lips. I turned around and went back to my room after that.

Why would he choose to be with Namine instead of me? As far as I knew, the number of times those two had spoken could have been counted on one hand. Were as Roxas and I had fought together, looked after the other when ill or injured…cared for each other so intently.

I thought over everything I knew about myself and Namine. I realized I was angry, no, pissed off. After everything I had done, Roxas chose Namine over me? What’s more, Namine had powers to alter the memories of Sora and Roxas, so maybe she was using them to manipulate Roxas’ affection. That enraged me even more, and so I stormed off to find her.

I caught her just after coming from a therapy session, dragged her by her hair into a private room, and screamed at her. She yelled back, trying to counter my accusations. To the claim of her powers manipulating Roxas, she claimed she no longer had them, and that Master Yen Sid had confirmed that, which was why she was learning healing spells and medicine. She said I was just jealous of her, to which I agreed and asked what was so special about her that Roxas would choose her?

Then she said if I couldn’t be happy about the two of them being together, I should just stay away from them. I was about to scream at her when Roxas showed up. Seeing Namine’s condition, as I had been physical in dragging her into the room, he had immediately rushed to her and doted on her. Seeing the concerned look in his eyes he’d always shown me, I couldn’t take it, and ran from the room.

Back then my feelings for Roxas were so strong, they had bordered on obsession. When I would remember the times we’d share in the organization, simply seeing his face would set my heart fluttering, and seeing him smile his smile would cause it to melt. The fact that none of those things could apply to me anymore made me angry, jealous, hurt…I began fantasizing Roxas dumping Namine, while having a few dreams of ending her myself.

That was when darkness entered my heart.

With my emotions still hard to control, the Heartless were drawn to me and my dark thoughts, even through the barrier Master Yen Sid had set up, anticipating such a thing. This concerned everyone, and as a result, Riku was called in to help find the source that was able to pierce the barrier set up.

Find it he did, he had watched from the shadows when I summoned them one day. Not intentionally of course, I had had a rough night and a rough session when they appeared around me. I made quick work of them, but Riku confronted me after I finished the last one.

After we went to a private room, I spilled everything to him; my nightmares, my wetting problem, my issues with Roxas choosing Namine over me, and my suspicions of Namine using her powers on Roxas. He never said a word, just sat there listening while I poured out all my feelings, secrets, fears, and insecurities. The few times I broke down crying he would pull me into a hug and rub either my back or hair until I could continue.

Even back then, I always thought of Riku as something of a big brother. He was always the one I could turn to with a problem, or simply vent with. And he always lived up to that role…it’s something I’ll forever be grateful for.

When I had finished pouring my soul out to him, we discussed a few things. Like with Terra, I’d get special training to help me control the darkness in my heart, because unfortunately, once darkness enters your heart, it never leaves. Riku also taught me how to better wield my Keyblade, as I had always favored magic to physical combat.

It was two weeks after we first started training that Riku noticed something was wrong. I had made some ground with containing and controlling my darkness, but with the exercises I was using, I should have had a lot more control. We went over every detail of my past, trying to figure out why my control wasn’t improving, not even considering the fact that it was because I was a girl. Eventually, we found the answer.

The difference between me and the rest of the keybearers was that I had never gone through my awakening process, or the ‘Dive to the Heart.’ It was something of a ritual to earn the right to wield the Keyblade’s true power. Because of that, even though I wielded the Keyblade, it was not the weapon of my heart, and without such a weapon, I could not combat or control the darkness within me fully.

That was when Riku brought up something I found interesting; the weapon of my heart didn’t have to be a Keyblade. If I could find another weapon, I could use that instead of the Keyblade. And to be honest, it was tempting; I had been harassed back in my Organization days because of my ability to wield the Keyblade. That weapon had caused me so much grief, did I really want to continue wielding it?

In the end, I decided to stick with what I knew and was comfortable with. I’d later reflect that even if I hadn’t wielded the Keyblade back in the Organization, and even if I had been an ordinary nobody, I still wouldn’t have been treated all that well. A date was set, and Master Yen Sid, King Mickey, Riku, Ven, and Terra would be assisting should something happen with my darkness during my awakening with Aerith on standby.[/i]


Xion walked down the hallway through Castle Oblivion. She’d long since abandoned the Organization trench coat, and now wore a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, and black boots. Xion was mentally preparing for the trial to come when a hand clasped down on her shoulder. Looking up, she saw Terra.

“Ready to dive into your heart?” He asked with a smile.

“As I ever will be.” Xion answered with a sigh. A second hand clasped onto her other shoulder.

“Hey, it can’t be worse then mine. I had part of my heart missing when I first went through my dive.” Xion looked to her right and saw Ventus smiling at her. Her left fist clenched, and a dark aura began pulsing around it.

“Xion!” Terra barked. Said girl blinked, then cursed when she saw her hand. Clenching her eyes shut, she focused on the mental exercises Riku had taught her, and slowly the darkness around her fist vanished.

“What happened Xion?” Ven asked. The girl was silent for a moment.

“Jealousy.” Xion finally said.


“I think I understand now.” Terra said, causing the pair to look at him. “Xion has feelings for Roxas, yet when he didn’t return them and instead showed them to Namine, she grew jealous and that is what let the darkness into her heart. Because you look so much like Roxas, she subconsciously reacted.”

“How come it’s never happened during our therapy sessions?” Ven asked.

“Because I wasn’t as nervous as I am now.” Xion answered. “The whole reason you’re all being asked to help is because dives while you have active darkness are different then normal. Riku told me about his dive, and how much damage he did to the area around him. It was lucky he did it in the Agrabah desert.”

“Why would he tell you that if he knew it would make you nervous?” Ven asked.

“So that I could mentally be prepared should the worst happen.” Xion answered. “Riku has been straight up with me, even since the first time we met and he wiped the floor with me. That’s something I admire and respect about him.”

“That he beat you in battle?” Terra asked.

“Hell no, Riku shot any confidence I had after beating me like that.” Xion replied. “It’s that he told me how to get better that I respect. Riku…well, I’ve read a lot of books lately about relationships and…I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think I see Riku as an older brother, someone that I can be honest with and who helps guide me when I need help…is that right?”

“Sounds about right.” Ven said. “I know I consider Terra like a big brother, and he’s done exactly that before Xehenort came along.”

“You gonna tell Riku how you feel?” Terra asked.

Xion smiled up at him. “I’ll tell him when I get through with my dive.”

“That’s the spirit Xion.” Ven said. “And here, this should help with my looks.” Ven slapped his hand on his transformation pauldron, and his knight armor appeared, including the helmet over his face. “Better?”

“Yes.” Xion sighed. “I’m sorry Ventus.”

“Please, we’ve been recovering together for the past few months. You’ve earned the right to call me Ven.” Ven said.

“Thanks Ven.” Xion said, smiling at him.

“We’re here.” Terra stated. The trio looked at the large double doors before them.

“Well, here goes nothing.” Xion said, before pushing the doors open.

The room was large enough to fit a three story log cabin in. Like the rest of the castle, the walls, floors, and ceiling were white in color. Unlike the rest however, all along the room were black ruins painted on with ink. The pattern had five smaller circles surrounding a sixth.

Master Yen Sid, King Mickey, Riku, and Aerith were already in the room. Yen Sid stepped forward. “Are you ready to proceed with your awakening Xion?”

“As I will ever be, Master Yen Sid.” Xion answered firmly.

“Very well then, please sit in the center circle, and summon your Keyblade.” Yen Sid stated.

Xion nodded her head in understanding. Both Terra and Ven patted her on the back before taking their places in the circle as Yen Sid directed, Terra engaging his armor. Riku took the time to come over and ruffle Xion’s hair, causing the girl to giggle and bat his hand away before hugging the surprised Dark Keyblade Master. Xion smiled up at Riku, who returned the gesture and patted her back before they both took their places.

Seated on the ground in the circle, Xion summoned her Keyblade and rested it across her lap. She looked over and saw Mickey and Aerith smiling encouragingly at her before turning her attention back to Master Yen Sid.

“Begin meditation Xion, and your journey will begin.” Yen Sid instructed.

“Yes Master Yen Sid.” Xion replied, closing her eyes. Opening one for a moment, she said, “And thanks for everything.” Evening her breathing, Xion slowly felt her body relax, her mind becoming at ease, drifting…drifting…drifting…


She was falling, falling through darkness. No matter where she turned, all she could see was darkness. After a short time, she finally looked up and saw a dark pillar emerging from the darkness. Her body shifted position, and she landed on the pillar a minute later.

The moment her foot touched the pillar, light erupted beneath her, the darkness shedding from the pillar. Looking down, she saw the pillar was made up of enormous, illuminated stained-glass. Beneath her feet, the surface of the pillar was sea green in color, the center of which had the image of Sora. Around that image were smaller plates with images of Riku, Roxas, Aerith, and to Xion’s surprise Demyx.

“Did I really care that much about him?” Xion asked herself. Sure, she had bonded with the Organization’s water manipulating and Sitar player while Roxas was in a coma, but did those short weeks leave that much of an impact on her?

So much to do, so little time.” A voice echoed in Xion’s head. “Take your time. Don’t be afraid.

Suddenly a loud crack rang out, and three pedestals rose around the rims of the pillar. On one pedestal, a silver sword with gold handle appeared floating above it. On the second, a red shield with a black surface and a red Mickey head figure on the center of it appear. On the last pedestal, a green rod with a blue Mickey head on top appeared.

Power sleeps within you.” The voice stated. “If you give it form, it will give you strength. Choose well.

“So this is the choice part Riku told me about.” Xion whispered to herself. “Well, let’s see the options.” She walked over to the shield first.

Power of the guardian, kindness to aid friends, a shield to repel all.” The voice stated. Xion moved to the next item, the sword.

Power of the warrior, invincible courage, a sword of terrible destruction.” The voice stated. Xion moved onto the last item, the staff.

Power of the mystic, inner strength, a staff of wonder and ruin.” The voice stated.

Xion moved back to the center of the pillar. “Riku said that whatever item I chose I will gain strength in, but I will also be required to give up something.” She said out loud. Closing her eyes, she thought about her existence.

“I care about the few friends I have, so logically the shield would be the right choice.” Xion stated. "But on the other hand, magic can also be used for defense as well as offence. Magic can also be used outside of battle, but so can strength. But…do I want the strength of a warrior for the rest of my life?

"No…no I don’t. I…I don’t want to fight the rest of my life. I-The only reason I’m preparing to fight now is because I owe my existence and my second chance at life to Sora and the others. Once Xehenort and this new enemy are gone, I really want to live in peace.

“I’ve made my decision! I choose the power of the mystic, and give up the power of the warrior!” Xion called out. The sword and shield vanished while the staff appeared in her hand.

Is this the form you choose?” The voice questioned.

“Yes.” Xion said clearly.

You’re path is set.” The voice said. The pillar suddenly shook, and without warning, shattered to pieces. Xion let out a cry of surprise as she fell through the darkness a second time.

Above her, she once again saw a pillar, only this time Riku was the prominent figure on it, holding his Keyblade ‘The Way to Dawn’. The pillar’s glass was a soft blue in color. Xion landed upright on the pillar’s surface. Around her two black portals appeared, and two Shadow Heartless and two Neo-Shadow Heartless appeared.

There will be times you have to fight.” The voice said.

Feeling cocky, Xion said, “Stick a label on that and file it under ‘Shit I already know!’” She’d later swear she heard the voice chuckle.

The two Shadows attacked first, one crawling across the floor, the other charging forward before leaping at Xion. The girl easily spun to the side and swung her staff down hard upon the shadow’s head, causing it to slam onto the Shadow on the ground. Xion leaped away from the pair.

“Strange, my attacks would usually destroy a Shadow Heartless in one blow.” Xion stated to herself. “Is it because I’m not using my Keyblade, or because I gave up the warrior strength?”

She had no time to ponder it as both Shadows leapt at her. Jumping back once more, Xion pointed her staff at them “Fire!” A ball of fire appeared before the staff, and shot forward, slamming into both Shadows, causing them to dissolve into nothingness. “At least my magic is stronger then ever.”

Her instincts screamed at her, and Xion rolled forward, missing one of the Neo-Shadow’s claw swipes. The second one leaped at her, but Xion got down on one knee and slammed the staff into its center before hefting it above her head. “Thunder!” A bolt of lightning shot down from above, striking through the Neo-Shadow and hitting the staff, and dissolving the Heartless.

Seeing her staff retaining a charge from her lightning attack, she pointed it towards the charging Neo-Shadow. “Blizzard!” A blast of icy magic, combined with the electrical charge of the thunder spell, shot out of the staff, engulfing the Heartless. Ice encased its form for a second before it dissolved in black mist.

Light shined behind Xion. Turning, she saw a second pillar in the distance, and stained-glass steps leading up to it. Not feeling winded in the least, Xion took off towards the steps. Upon reaching the next pillar, she grimaced at the sight of who was on it.

Decked out in the Organization trench coat was Roxas, his OathKeeper and Oblivion Keyblades in hand. The stained glass was an orangey-gold color. Suddenly, white portals appeared, and two Dusks and two Samurai Nobodies appeared.

Not waiting, Xion pointed her staff at the Dusks. “Aquara!” A small geyser shot out of her staff towards the Dusks. One slithered around it while the other was pushed back by the blast. Xion quickly touched the top of the staff to the now wet floor. “Thunder!”

Lightning shot out of the staff this time, following the water and shocking the two Dusks until the shattered into white dust. A Samurai shot forward, bringing down both of it’s blades on Xion. “Reflect!” A silver barrier surrounded Xion as the blades cut across her, pushing her back. The barrier shattered, sending pieces at the Samurai and damaging it as much as its attacks would have damaged Xion.

Spinning twice to gain momentum, Xion swung her staff at the Samurai, catching it in the under arm and causing it to shatter to dust. Xion shrieked as a blade slashed down her back. Spinning around, she blocked the second strike with her staff, causing it the stagger back off balanced.

“Gravity!” A purple sphere appeared over the Samurai before engulfing it, forcing it to its knees. “Fire!” Xion shot a fireball at it, causing it to shatter into dust. Exhaling, Xion winced at the wound on her back, when a green glow appeared behind her.

Mana pools exist on all worlds.” The voice said. “They will heal your body and restore you health. But be warned, to much could cause irreversible harm.

“Thank you.” Xion said to the voice as she made her way to the mana pool. She sighed in relief as the wound on her back healed and her magic regenerated. She stayed in the pool for a full minute before exiting, feeling as refreshed as she normally did when she exited the shower.

Another set of stairs appeared before her, leading to yet another pillar. Xion climbed the stairs to the pillar and looked at the surface. The stained glass was grey in color, and the figure on it was, to her surprise, herself. The left part of her body was in the Organization trench coat, while the right was in the white armor Xemnas had forced fused to her skin.

Xion shivered at the physical reminder of what she went through, until a glimmer caught her attention. There, in the center of the pillar was her Kingdom Keyblade, floating upright just above the pillar’s surface. A light suddenly shone behind Xion, causing her shadow to lengthen till it reached the Keyblade.

The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.” The voice said.

Xion’s shadow suddenly disconnected from her feet and rushed to the Keyblade. Rising up, it took physical form, becoming the Organization trench coat, covering a figure within it. The figure grasped the Keyblade with their right hand, and swung it once.

“Who are you?” Xion demanded.

“I…I am number fourteen.” The figure answered.

Face the shadow of your past.” The voice stated. Number XIV took a battle stance, Xion doing the same.

“Face my past?” Xion said. “I was weak in the past, alone more often then not, and with out confidence in my abilities. I’m not alone now, I have confidence in myself, and I’m stronger then I ever was. I can do this.”

Number XIV suddenly shot forward with surprising speed and slammed the Keyblade onto Xion’s staff, causing the girl to fall to one knee with the force. XIV swung the Keyblade, knocking the staff out of Xion’s hand before slamming her heel across Xion’s face.

“Fire!” Xion raised a hand and shot the fireball at XIV, forcing her to leap back to avoid damage. Xion rushed to her staff, and picked it up to parry a swing from XIV’s Keyblade, and kick her in the stomach, forcing her back.

“Okay, maybe this won’t be so easy.” Xion admitted.

Re: Kngdom Hearts: Xion’s Second Chance


Back at Castle Oblivion, a clear egg-shaped shell of magical energy encased Xion’s body. A dark aura was surrounding Xion’s body, lashing out against the shell to no avail. On her lap, the Keyblade was shaking.

“Xion has reached the final stage of her awakening.” King Mickey announced from his place in the circle. “Her darkness is trying to stop her from successfully awakening. If it succeeds, it will consume Xion’s heart, and she’ll become a Heartless.”

“Is there anything we can do to help her?” Ven asked.

“At this point, only Xion can determine her own fate.” Yen Sid answered. “For now we must keep her and the darkness contained. Should we fail at that, we will be forced to engage her in combat.”

“Xion’s stronger then most would expect.” Riku stated. “She took to my training like a fish to water. If anyone can overcome the darkness in their heart, Xion can.”

Six pair of eyes turned back to Xion’s body, the dark energy still relentlessly attacking the magical shell.


XIV was swinging her Keyblade rapidly at Xion, the girl dodging where she could, and blocking with her staff when she had too. XIV suddenly swung down, and Xion blocked with her staff before pushing it to the side.

“Fire!” Xion shot a fireball at XIV, only for the girl to spin once and counter-attack with a swing of her Keyblade. “Reflect!” The silver barrier shattered as the Keyblade swiped through it, the shards attacking XIV. Seeing her chance, Xion shot forward and swung her staff at the hand XIV was holding the Keyblade with.

The staff connected with XIV’s fingers, causing the girl to yelp as she let go of the Keyblade. Xion moved to capitalize on her advantage, but found herself suddenly off balance. She had overshot the force in her lunge, making it harder to turn quickly. XIV’s hand clenched the chain of the Keyblade before it flew out of reach completely, and whipped it down at Xion.

The Keyblade impacted against Xion’s head, sending the girl face first into the floor. XIV grasped her Keyblade with both hands, and made to stab Xion. The girl rolled away, causing the Keyblade to hit the pillar’s surface. XIV quickly followed Xion and continued stabbing the ground, Xion continued rolling away.

“Gravity!” The purple sphere engulfed XIV, hardly causing any damage, but it did slow her down, which was what Xion was aiming for. Slamming her staff into the ground, the force helped her leap to her feet. Turning the staff at XIV, Xion yelled, “Blizzard! Cure!”

A green glow surrounded Xion, helping heal from the head blow while three icy snow flakes shot towards XIV. The girl blocked the flakes with her Keyblade, though the force pushed her back. She was about to charge forward when Xion spoke.

“I understand what you are now.” XIV stopped her charge, pausing to hear Xion speak. "You’re more then just my past. The way you fight, I once considered fighting like you do. Saying ‘screw it’ to the world and just attacking with reckless abandon, because you have everything to lose.

"Back then, before I knew the truth, I was scared if I didn’t do well enough I’d be turned into a Dusk. But Roxas…he and Axel helped support me, and prevented me from making so many mistakes on the field. If it hadn’t been for them, I’d have most likely been killed by the Heartless.

“I may have everything to lose now too, but we have one key difference.” Xion noted XIV face palm. “No pun intended…ahem. The one difference we have is that I’m willing to put everything on the line to do my part to repay my friends for giving me a second chance. That’s why I’m going to win, because you fight for yourself, and I fight for my friends!”

XIV seemed to have enough because she charged forward. Xion took a battle stance, closed her eyes for a second, and then opened them. “Zantetsuken!” Xion flashed forward, her staff out in front of her. The staff tore into XIV’s side, sending the girl spinning in the air as Xion landed on her knee, staff still in front of her. She had finally performed the technique Riku had been trying to teach her, and it had paid off in spades.

Slamming into the ground, XIV laid motionless on the ground. The Keyblade in her hand vanished in a flash, reappearing in the center of the platform. Xion rose to her feet and made her way over to it. Shifting the staff to her left hand, she grasped the Keyblade with her right and swung it once. A surge of magic rushed through her body, causing her to gasp in surprise.

The magic settled, leaving a warm feeling that made her smile. “I did it.” She whispered.


The darkness around Xion’s body diminished slowly, until it vanished completely. “Did she do it?” Ven asked.

“Certainly looks like it.” Terra stated.

“Maintain the barrier.” Yen Sid ordered. “We won’t release it until we are certain Xion isn’t a threat.”

Xion’s body suddenly jerked, the Keyblade vanishing from her lap. “Something’s happening!” Riku yelled.

All eyes turned to Xion as her body began flailing around wildly. The skin around her face turned deathly white, when suddenly silver liquid shot out of her pours. The liquid splashed against the barrier, and quickly filled it. All five members maintaining the barrier felt a sudden strain as the liquid pushed against the barrier.

In a sudden flash, the barrier shattered, and the liquid flooded out onto the floor. The group looked at Xion, only to find something unexpected. “What the?”

In Xion’s place stood a white armored figure, in each hand was a large golden blade with red rims along the handles. On the helmet was the symbol of Nobodies. Aerith’s eyes widened, as she recalled the therapy session she’d had with Xion. “Isn’t that the armor Xemnas forced on Xion?!”

That was all the warning the group got, as Xion’s armored form shot forward, aiming it’s blades at Yen Sid. As it brought its blade down, Terra and Ven intercepted each blade with their own Keyblades. King Mickey appeared between them, and shot a sphere of light into Xion’s armored abdomen, forcing her several feet back.

“Zantetsuken!” Riku’s form flashed by, slashing Xion’s armor and sending it crashing to the floor.

“Xion’s will is still in there.” Yen Sid announce, his eyes closed and his hands clasped together.

“Try to hold her off as long as you can.” Riku ordered. “If she starts growing bigger, then we know we’re losing her. If she breaks through the ceiling…take her down.”

The group’s grips on their Keyblades tightened at that statement. Xion’s armored form pulsed once, and grew several inches larger. Aerith bit her lip from her side of the room, but pulled out a wooden broad staff. She would be better prepared for whatever happened with it.


A puppet without their strings.” Xion spun around to see XIV get to her feet.

“You intend to keep fighting?” Xion questioned, taking a battle stance with her Keyblade in front of her, and her staff behind her shoulder.

A puppet without their strings is weak.” XIV’s distorted voice. Her feet left the floor and glided backwards to the edge of the platform. “Can you defeat a puppet with her strings attached?” XIV suddenly fell backwards off the platform.

Not wanting to lose sight of her enemy, Xion rushed to the edge of the platform when a huge, white figure rose from the depths of the darkness. All color left Xion’s face as she realized what she was looking at before her. It was the final armor transformation Xemnas had fused to her body.

The armor resembled Sora’s most recent clothes. Black jacket like armor covered the torso with matching colored shorts-like armor. Where skin was supposed to be there a mixture of white and pale pink armor. Yellow boot like armor covered the feet, while a pink, black, and white helmet adorned its head. In its hands were Keyblade shaped blades, minus the keychains, composed of yellow, pink, and white colors. Around its neck was a yellow, iron ribbon with both ends pointing straight up in the air.

Xion’s arms fell limp to her side as she faced the armor that ruined her existence. Out of all the forms she had fought Roxas as, this one scared her the most. The physical size represented the amount of pain she had gone through with all the armor fused into her skin; the thing was eight stories tall for crying out loud!

But what worried her most was not the creatures size, but the memories the sight invoked. When Roxas had defeated the rest of her armored forms, there had been instant where she had been freed of Xemnas’ control. But then that final armor rose to the surface, and she lost every single bit of self control she had left. Before she had tried to aid Roxas from the inside, but in that final stage, she truly was just a puppet.

The armored giant before her represented her feelings of helplessness manifested physically. Before Xion could mentally recover from seeing her worst experience before her, the ends of the iron ribbon lit up. Golden rays of light shot out, aimed at the general area Xion was standing.

Three shots hit, and added with the surrounding eruptions from the blasts hitting the ground, Xion was launched back over half the platform. Crashing onto the surface, she gasped for breath as she massaged her throat, where one blast caught her. “Cura.” She rasped, before being engulfed in a green light.

Seconds later, she stood up only to see the armored giants with both its swords clasped together, each glowing with white light. Suddenly, a ray shot up into the darkness from the swords. Xion’s eyes widened as she remembered this attack. “Shit!” She exclaimed.

Rays of light suddenly began shooting up from the ground all around the platform. Xion ran, dodged, and rolled around the platform as fast as she could, just barely avoiding all of the rays. The girl looked up at the armored giant.

“You got the drop on me before, but I won’t let that happen.” Xion yelled. “It’s clear I don’t have a choice now, I will defeat you! If not for myself, then to make certain you don’t harm the people I care about most!”

She pointed her Keyblade and staff at the giant. “Double Firaga!” Two large fireballs erupted from her weapons, and slammed into the armored giant’s abdomen. The giant let out a grunt before swinging one of it’s swords down at Xion.

The girl rolled to the side, just barely missing the fissure of light formed from the blade’s impact. Pointing her Keyblade at the giant, she yelled, “Blizzaga!” Five icy flakes slammed into it’s abdomen, freezing over the surface. Pointing her staff at it, Xion yelled, “Thundaga!”

A ray of lightning shot out of the staff, ramming into the ice covered abdomen of the giant. This emitted a groan from the giant as it doubled over. Xion rushed forward with her staff and Keyblade, and leaped towards the giant’s head. The head suddenly shot up, and Xion was thrown back by a sphere of dark energy.

The giant rose to its full height. Xion landed on her feet, and tried to charge forward, only to find something was pulling her back. Looking down, she saw a white vortex drawing her into its center. With her feet firmly on the ground, she found she didn’t have the strength to lift them, or fight the vortex’s pull.

A golden ring of light encircled most of the platform, causing Xion’s eyes to widen. She knew this attack, and how it had devastated Roxas when it hit. Before she could come up with a guard, light shot up from the ring, and bolts of magical energy shot up from the ground.

Xion screamed as the bolts smashed into her body. Were it not for the vortex beneath her, she would have been thrown into the air by the force of the attack. When the attack was over, she collapsed on the ground, her body bruised and patches of her clothes missing from the force of the last attack.

“Cure.” She moaned softly. There was a brief flash of green, though it visibly did little to improve the girl’s physical condition. Struggling to reach a kneeling position, Xion looked up in time to see a blade coming down at her. Slamming the tip of her Keyblade down onto the pillar’s surface, Xion managed to propel herself out of the way of the attack, though the aftershock pushed her farther back, towards the edge of the platform.

“I can’t keep this up.” Xion stated, upon coming to that realization. “I have to do something now, while I can still move.” Wracking her brain, a plan slowly formed. It was risky, but it was all she had at the moment.

Xion forced herself to her feet and slowly made her way to the center of the platform. Crossing her staff and Keyblade in front of herself, she called out to the giant. “Come on, hit me with that attack again! It’s all you need to win, right?”

The giant seemed to agree with Xion, as a vortex appeared beneath her feet, sticking her in place. The ring of golden energy circled the platform, before light rose into the air. Xion pointed her staff and Keyblade towards the armored giant. As the bolts of magical energy came at her, she called out, “Reflega! Reflega! Reflega!”

The magical bolts shot turned silver and dissolved as it passed through the barriers. When the attack was over, hundreds of shards remained from the magical bolts. “Magnera!” Xion called out. Pushing her magical manipulation to the limit, she formed the diamond of magnetic energy to appear between her Keyblade and staff. The shards of damaging magic from the reflega were flashing, wanting to fade, but through sheer will power, Xion kept them in existence as they were pulled between her weapons.

Xion gritted her teeth at the effort it was taking to maintain the magics in front of her. Summoning lightning magic, bolts of lighting flickered between the weapons, several touching the reflega shards. Seeing the armored giant raise it’s blades above its head for an overhead swing, and feeling her magic levels depleting quickly, Xion knew this was her last chance. She pointed her weapons at the armored giant’s chest.

“THUNDAGA!!!” Xion screamed. A ray of lightning soared out from between Xion’s weapons, carrying and magnifying the power of the reflega shards as it slammed into the armored giant’s chest. The giant roared in pain as the blast tore through it’s armor and ripped out it’s back.

Almost simultaneously, Xion and the armored giant collapsed onto the pillar’s surface. Sparks of light drifted of the giant’s body as it slowly dissolved into nothingness. Xion panted heavily from her position on the ground, she was completely spent.

“I did it.” She breathed. “I actually beat it…ahh, it hurts…so tired……”

Xion’s head slumped down on the grass beneath her, bordering on unconsciousness. It was for that reason it took Xion several minutes to realize that the ground hadn’t had grass on it before. Rolling over onto her back, she realized that wasn’t the only thing that changed.

No longer was there darkness as far as the eye could see. Above her was blue sky with white clouds. Forcing herself upright, she noticed she was no longer on the pillar, but in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by forest. Xion blinked in confusion. “Riku didn’t say anything about this.”

“Because he didn’t know about this himself, child.” A voice from behind Xion said. Unable to turn around, Xion let herself fall back, and looked at the figure behind her.

The creature behind her appeared to be made of some form of yellow energy. It was humanoid in figure, and appeared to be a female adult. It’s hair stood out most to Xion, though, as blue bolts of lightning hung down from it’s head like hair. The being walked over to Xion and knelt down.

“Maybe this will help.” The being said, and touched Xion’s shoulder with her foot. Xion felt a jolt of electricity run through her body, causing her to leap to her feet. She wobbled, but managed to stab her Keyblade into the ground in front of her to help her keep her balance.

“W-Who are you?” Xion asked.

“You’re very polite.” The being said. “Most would ask what I am, not who. My name is Raikou, and I am the spirit of the element of lightning.”

“The spirit of lightning?” Xion questioned.

“Yes.” Raikou stated, as she moved to stand in front of Xion. “Every form of electrical energy, be it nature, man-made, magical, or even spiritual, I am that energy manifested.”

“I…had no idea elements…had spirits.” Xion gasped. Raikou placed a hand on Xion’s shoulder, and she felt a surge of magical energy flow through her body. When Raikou removed her hand, Xion cast a Curaga spell on herself, and found she could stand upright again, though her body’s aches remained. “Thank you…Lady Raikou?”

Raikou threw back her head and laughed. “Lady Raikou? Oh that is funny Xion. We spirits must interact more with you humans, this is quite fun. Please, call me Raikou.”

“Okay Raikou.” Xion said. “May I ask where I am?”

“You are currently in the Land of Spirits.” Raikou answered. “Few non-spirits have ever been here, physically or in spirit form like you currently are. It’s an honor actually to be here.”

“And to what do I owe this honor?” Xion asked.

“Well Xion, I was impressed by your last attack in your awakening process.” Raikou stated. “Truthfully, me and the other elemental spirits have been watching you for some time. We were sad to see you die the first time, and yet you were revived, and made human to boot by the efforts of your friends.”

“Uh, thanks for the compliment.” Xion said. “But why have you been watching me for so long?”

“Well Xion, every now and then we find a person or creature that has a unique affinity to our elemental alignment. As it so happens, you have an affinity to almost all of us spirits. Such a thing has never happened before.” Raikou explained. “And looking through time with help from Jikoku, we also found that there had never been a creature created quite like you before either. At least, as you first were.”

“I guess I can see how that would interest you and the other spirits.” Xion said. “So what does this mean exactly?”

“We spirits judge the beings that have this unique affinity with us, and if we approve of them, we grant them the ability to summon and manipulate our element with their will power.” Raikou answered. A smirk appeared on her face. “Kasai and Mizu aren’t exactly thrilled with what you’ve been using their elements for outside of battle, even though Mizu is impressed with your progress.”

Xion blushed at that. “I can’t help it. I’m doing everything I can to stop my night time accidents, but nothing has worked thus far. Aerith gave me a physical, but couldn’t find anything wrong with me. We both believe it’s my nightmares, my past memories that cause it, and there’s not much we can do about it. Only with time will it stop, or so Aerith believes.”

“I understand Xion.” Raikou stated. “None of us hold your past against you, nor your wetting problem. In fact, we all greatly respect you for your efforts to get a grip on your mental status and to repay your friends for your revival, despite the fact you don’t want to fight. It is for that reason that several of us have decided to lend you our element powers.”

“You have?” Xion asked in surprise.

“Yes, but I have to ask you something first.” Raikou stated. “Do you think you’re ready for any of our elemental powers?”


“Do you believe you can wield our elemental powers responsibly, and not abuse them at this current point in time?” Raikou asked.

Xion opened her mouth to answer, paused, and then closed it. Could she really control the raw power of elements and not misuse their powers as she was now? An image of Roxas and Namine kissing flashed through her mind, causing her to clench her fists angrily. At that moment, she had her answer.

“No, I’m not ready.” Xion answered. “I’m still getting used to my new emotional range, and trying to gain control of my emotions. At this point, my jealousy of Namine’s relationship with Roxas would most likely cause me to electrocute her to death if I gained your element’s power now. I…I still need time to mature.”

“That’s a mature decision right there Xion.” Raikou stated with a smile. “Very well then Xion, we’ll withhold our powers from you for now, but in time we will approach again offering our powers. But be warned, most of the others will only offer you the chance once. Do you understand Xion?”

“I do.” Xion answered. “Thank you…Lady Raikou.”

Raikou laughed again. “You’re alright Xion. Now best get back to your body. And get some sleep, you look like hell.” She placed a hand on Xion’s forehead. Xion felt a jolt, and her world went white.


Riku was down on one knee, Yen Sid behind him. Both looked worse for wear, but King Mickey, Terra, and Ven were being healed and shielded by Aerith. In front of Riku was Xion’s armored form, several dents and scratches on it’s form, but still able to fight.

“Riku.” Yen Sid said softly.

“I know.” Riku sighed. They’d held out for over an hour, but all of them were exhausted. There was no choice now. “I’ll do it.”

Xion’s armored form shifted in place for a moment before leaping into the air, swinging its blades down in an overhead swing. Riku reared back his Keyblade, ready to strike the lethal blow, when he saw cracks appear on the armor. He blinked in surprise.

Suddenly, the armor shattered into millions of pieces, Xion’s body falling through the air. Riku gasped, and quickly vanished his Keyblade and caught Xion in his arms. Patches of her skin were black and blue, some from strikes Riku and the others made, and some from an unknown source.

“Xion, Xion wake up! Xion!”

“Ugh…ngh…” Xion slowly opened her eyes, her vision blurry. “Wha?”

“Xion, are you okay?” Riku asked. “Can you hear me?”

“Riku?” Xion’s vision cleared up to see Riku’s battered form. All at once the day’s events came rushing back to her. It was to much for her to handle. “RIKU!”

“Wha!?” Riku was stunned as Xion threw herself at him, buried her face into his chest, and began crying borderline hysterically. He was so stunned it was nearly a minute before he wrapped an arm around her and began rubbing her back comfortingly.

Aerith made her way over to the group and cast a Curaga ring around the pair, allowing the healing magic restore the pair while they were immobile. She would have to cast it a second time before Xion finally fell asleep from exhaustion.


[i]That had been one of the longest days I’d ever had after my rebirth. Yes, I had gain full rights to my own Keyblade, and yes, I had faced my past and won, but…it wasn’t a complete victory. If my last maneuver hadn’t have worked, I’d have been consumed by my darkness, and Riku really would have put me down then and there. The fact that my past and my darkness had such a strong influence on me showed me I had a long way to go before I could truly get on with my life.

After I cried myself to sleep in Riku’s arms, I was asleep for an entire day. The others were worried about me, and while I felt bad, I was glad they cared enough about me to be worried. Aerith told me even Roxas stopped by to check on me, and while that felt good, it still brought back facts I tried my best to forget. Roxas being with Namine was still a sore point for me.

I did confess to Riku how I felt about him, and he said he didn’t mind at all. Of course, he then started calling me ‘shrimp,’ though I got him back with an Aqua spell to his pants when he left. As fate would have it, some of the others were just outside the door when he left, apparently to visit me. Sometimes life just gives you freebies.

While I gained better control over my darkness, my final armor form began appearing in my nightmares. I’d find myself being sucked into it, strings of energy wrapping around my limbs, and made me dance like the puppet Xemnas and Saix always said I was. My struggles would carry over to my body in reality, and as a result I’d more often then not tumble out of my bed. Aerith helped me with that by adding a padded bar railing to the edge of my bed, big enough to keep me from rolling over the side, small enough to not give me trouble getting in and out of bed, and soft enough I didn’t hurt myself rolling into it.

Needless to say, I had more to talk about in my therapy sessions. I did, however, speak with Master Yen Sid about my meeting with Raikou, and what she told me. I actually noticed his eyes glaze over for a minute, in what I’d later learn was him reliving past memories. As it turned out, he did have some indirect experience with the elemental spirits, even though he himself was never approached by one. He advised me to continue my training with my element manipulation, and also told me to be careful what I used my spells for, so as not to offend any of the spirits.

It was a month after my awakening that everyone gathered at Castle Oblivion. By everyone I mean the Destiny Island crew of Sora, Riku, and Kairi, Magic Castle crew of King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, Aerith and Master Yen Sid, the Keyblade Knights Aqua, Terra, and Ventus, and of course the Nobody crew consisting of myself, Axel, Namine, and Roxas. The purpose of this gathering; deciding the placement of the Nobody crew and Keyblade Knights.[/i]


“Thank you all for coming.” Master Yen Sid stated. The group was sitting in a modified dinning hall. Round tables with three to four chairs to each table were set up, making it so no one had to raise their voice all that much to be heard by everyone. Everyone essentially sat with their groups, while Xion, Aerith, and Yen Sid shared a table.

“No problem sir.” Sora said. “This is important after all.”

“You aren’t getting out of doing that history paper by coming here Sora.” Kairi stated.

“Yeah I know.” Sora sighed. Several snickers caught his attention. “What’s so funny?”

“You can restore a sky’s worth of worlds, face Xehenort’s Heartless and nobody, and yet it’s a history paper that gets you?” Roxas said.

“Keep laughing Roxas, soon you’ll be going to school too.” Kairi said.

Roxas blinked. “I am?”

“A number of you will have to, so as not to stick out so much from the others on your world.” King Mickey answered.

“Which brings us to why we’re here.” Yen Sid stated. “To decide where each of the revived members shall be staying.”

“Why not stay here?” Axel asked.

“Because Axel,” Xion started, “I was born here, Namine, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, and even Mickey were tormented here by Marluxia of the Organization trying to manipulate them, and this used to be the Keyblade Knight’s home world and obviously brings up bad memories for them.”

Axel was quiet for a moment. “Well ouch, didn’t think I could get burned.”

“Xion is correct on all counts.” Yen Sid stated. “Thus, we need to find another world our friends and allies will stay.”

“Aqua, Ventus and I will be taking residence in your tower.” Terra stated. “Aqua’s therapy isn’t going all that well, and you’re the most qualified to help us deal with the situation should something happen, as agreed.”

“As agreed.” Yen Sid nodded his head. Aqua bowed her head in shame, but Ven rubbed her shoulder. Looking up, she saw nothing but supporting smiles looking at her, and smiled back.

“Which leaves us with the placement of the Nobody crew, as Xion so affectionately named them.” Riku stated. Said girl shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s accurate to what we all were.”

“How about Destiny Island?” Sora suggested. “I’m sure Riku wouldn’t mind having his little sister around.”

Riku and Xion blushed at that, while several others raised eyebrows at the statement. Kairi shook her head. “That’s not going to work. Destiny Island is a small community, they’d notice the group’s sudden appearance, and their physical features would draw questions we can’t exactly answer.”

“What do you mean?” Sora asked.

“Take a look around Sora.” Xion said. “You, Roxas, and Ventus look like you could be brothers or cousins, and the same could be said with me, Kairi and Namine with Aqua as our mother.”

Aqua blushed, knowing that she could in fact be passed off as any of the girl’s mother. Aside from Master Yen Sid, she was the oldest of the group there, with Terra being just behind her. Sora scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“You tell it like it is, don’t you Xion.” Axel stated.

“Now I do.” Xion replied. “Which is why I’ll never look at a strawberry the same way again.”

“Shh, shh, shh!” Axel quickly hushed her, looking incredibly nervous.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Namine asked.

“One thing I picked up from Larxene was the ability to blackmail, Namine.” Xion answered.

“How about Twilight Town?” Roxas asked, getting the discussion back on track. “The four of us are familiar with the lay out of the place, and several inhabitants too. Not to mention the train station connects with your tower Master Yen Sid, so we’d only be a short distance away if something comes up and you need the rest of us.”

“That doesn’t sound half bad.” Axel said, scratching his chin thoughtfully.

“Maybe for you.” Xion and Namine said simultaneously. The girls glanced at each other.

“Could you explain the problem?” Yen Sid asked. Xion looked to Namine, motioning the girl to go first.

“Well, I know this isn’t going to be something you all will like to hear but, at the mansion in the woods, while I was restoring Sora’s memories…Ansem the Wise tended to verbally abuse me. He…he actually struck me once.” Namine said.

“Why did he do that? Are you okay?” Roxas asked, pulling her into his arms and checking her over. Kairi said something about how cute the action was, but Xion didn’t hear the exact words; she was to busy digging her nails into her palms at the sight.

“I’m fine Roxas.” Namine said, pushing his hands away but remaining in his arms. “It was when he was encoding our data into Sora’s heart that he struck me. I was trying to remove it as it was an anomaly. He explained after what it was. Still, his words over the months, well, they hurt worse then when he struck me. I’m not sure I can face that place yet.”

“No one’s saying we have to stay there Namine.” Axel stated. “We can easily just rent an apartment or two.”

“That might work for you guys, but it won’t for me.” Xion said, drawing attention to her. “Every place in that town has memories for me. My bad choices, my mistakes, my…” A tearing sound was heard. “My death.”

“What was that sound?” Riku asked.

“Your hands!” Aqua suddenly exclaimed.

Xion raised her hands from under the table, only to wince at the sight. Her nails had dug so deeply into the palms of her hands they drew blood. Aerith immediately got up, moved next to Xion, and got to work on healing the girl’s hands.

Yen Sid frowned. “It’s clear that Twilight Town is not the answer for Xion at this time.”

“Perhaps Radiant Garden would be a better place for her?” Aerith suggested, gaining everyone’s attention. “We could use some experienced fighters there as well.”

“Is something happening at Radiant Garden Aerith?” Sora asked.

“Yes, actually.” Aerith answered. “Radiant Garden has become the new Traverstown, a sort of way point for people who have lost their world. The worlds Sora restored when he defeated Xehenort’s Heartless are all protected as if a Keyblade wielder had sealed it themselves, but there are as many worlds as there are stars out there. The Heartless are still attacking worlds out there.”

“And if you really think about it, it doesn’t matter if we seal the world’s Keyholes or not.” Xion said with a sigh. “Sure it’ll save the planet, but it won’t protect the people on it from the Heartless. They could still take the world’s population by themselves, it would just take them longer compared to plunging the planet itself into darkness.”

“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine?” Axel said sarcastically.

“Bite me strawberry boy.” Xion grumbled.

“In any case,” Aerith interrupted. "The population at Radiant Garden had grown as of late, and is continuing to do so. What’s more, it also attracts many Heartless due to the years of inhabitation by the Heartless under Maleficent. Leon is heading the Radiant Garden Defense Force, a special task force made specifically to combat the Heartless threat.

“They generally cut down the Heartless numbers down in the Great Maw, switching out squads day by day. There have been a few invasion attempts, but between the Defense Force and Cid’s upgraded security system, none have ever made it past the wall. Having Xion will bolster our strengths for the times we need to power down the security system for maintenance or upgrades, and I could also help continue her therapy there.”

“Does that sound acceptable to you Xion?” Yen Sid asked.


[i]It didn’t take me long to decide to go. It was for the same reason I turned down Raikou’s power; I couldn’t trust myself around Namine. Though admittingly, I wasn’t lying about seeing past memories around every corner either.

We spent three more days before we all moving out of the castle. I gave Aqua a hug and wished her the best, which she returned, and even managed to shake Namine’s hand, though that turned into a contest of whom could squeeze the other’s hand harder. I won of course. Axel gave me a pat of the back, I shared more hugs with Ven and Terra, and bowed to both King Mickey and Master Yen Sid.

Roxas…he seemed different, almost like he was his old self for brief time. He hugged me, said he’d miss me, and asked me to come visit. Unfortunately, any semblance of the boy I loved changed when Namine returned from the bathroom, and he was by her side a second later, not even looking back at me.

Master Yen Sid gave me a communications orb before I left with Aerith. By sending magic into it, I could record messages, and send them to him and Sora, whom received one for his world. After showing me how to work it, everyone departed from Castle Oblivion.

It was a new beginning for me, a second chance at life. I’d be able to explore myself, and find out who I really was without the people I cared most about judging me. Now was the time to find out who I really was; not as a clone of Sora, but as Xion.[/i]


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