Kingdom Hearts: Sleepover of Discoveries

Kingdom Hearts: Sleepover of Discoveries

Hey all, this story is part of a story/art trade. It’s a bit different then what I prefer, as it contains diapered males, but it’s a small sacrifice, and I actually enjoy the idea of the story. Well, enough waiting, On with the show!


“Alright students, settle down, settle down!” The teacher instructed loudly. It wasn’t uncommon to need a few minutes to calm the class down; it was the last class of the day after all. Once all the students were seated and quiet, the teacher continued.

“Now, as I’m sure you all know, only one piece of art work from this school can be entered into the town’s art show, with a chance of going to the state’s art show.” The teacher stated. “The judges have decided, and while an announcement will be made over the PA, I will be revealing who was chosen to you all since that student is in this class.”

“Who is it?” One student asked.

The teacher smiled. “None other than our very own Namine!” The teacher pulled the sheet off the stand, revealing the portrait.

It was a picture of a sunset from a nearby island. To the right was a beach, the waves receding back off the shore line. To the left was a small bridge leading to a small platform island a few yards out in the water. The island had several coconut trees on it, some with mixtures of the star shaped paopu fruit, and a single one bent over towards the beach. Beyond the platform, the sun’s reflection shown over the water as it set.

“Let’s all give Namine a round of applause for her hard work and effort.” The teacher said. The girl in question was blushing. Namine had blond stranded hair, blue eyes, and wore a long, strapped, white colored dress that reached her knees.

“What the hell!?” A voice yelled. Everyone turned to face the angry voice. It was a girl with blond hair, two strands that stuck forward that looked like antenna, and angry green eyes. Her name was Larxene. “Why was her crummy artwork picked over mine!?”

“Larxene.” The teacher started, her voice firm. “For your information, yours has been chosen to be a runner up piece should anything happen to Namine’s. Now be quiet and let her have her moment or else I’ll give you detention.” Larxene grumbled and crossed her arms. “Now everyone, clap for Namine.”

Namine blushed as everyone clapped for her. Towards the front of the class, one boy clapped the loudest. His name was Roxas. He had spiky, sandy blond colored hair, and ocean blue eyes. Roxas was wearing a white jacket with red insides, a black shirt, and grey pants.

Roxas and Namine had been friends for close to a year now. Having shared three classes, and been paired for a project in one, they had taken the time to get to know one another, and became fast friends. The truth was, Roxas really liked Namine. Really liked her.

He had tried to work up the courage to ask her out, but fear that one of his biggest secrets would be revealed if he tried kept him at bay. The fact that Namine had turned down many date requests by several other students also deterred him. When he asked why she turned down so many people, hoping to gain some insight, she had said they weren’t the type to understand her. Not knowing what she meant by that, Roxas had simply nodded his head and kept to himself after that.

“Alright then everyone, now that we’ve helped Namine attain the likeness of a tomato, lets get started with today’s lesson.” The teacher announced. “Everyone will find the paint supplies in the cabinet. Please send one person from each table to pick up at least four paint brushes, four smocks, and a can of paint.”

Roxas and Namine each rose from their tables and made their way to the art cabinet. Reaching it, Roxas spoke up. “Congratulations Namine.”

Namine’s blush returned. “Thank you Roxas, but I have you to thank for the idea, so you deserve at least some of the credit.”

Roxas blinked, before remembering he had been the one to take her to that island. Deciding to have some fun, he puffed out his chest and said, “Yeah, I suppose I do deserve some credit, don’t I?”

Namine giggled and rolled her eyes. While Roxas sometimes acted like he had an over inflated ego, he never actually meant it, and that was a quality Namine liked about him. Reaching into the cabinet, she grabbed the supplies for her table and began her trip back. Roxas did the same, and returned to his table.

As Roxas was about to pull on his smock, he noticed Larxene was walking back to her table. What was odd about that was the fact that she was taking the longer route, bringing her closer to his table then her own. It also looked like the paint can was tilting to the side, towards…

Suddenly, Larxene jerked her arm, sending the paint can towards Namine’s portrait. “NO!” Roxas yelled, leaping from his seat and gaining the class’s attention. He managed to get in front of the portrait, however was sprayed with green paint, covering the front of his face and jacket. He landed hard on the floor, face down.

“Roxas!” Namine exclaimed, rising from her seat and making her way over to him.

“Damn it.” Larxene whispered, disappointed her plan didn’t work as the teacher made her way over.

“Are you okay Roxas?” the teacher asked as she and Namine rolled him over. Roxas let out a small groan, and everyone caught sight of his paint colored figure. Several students began to laugh. “Silence!” the teacher snapped at them.

“Roxas, say something.” Namine urged. Roxas groaned again, but this time his eyes widened and his cheeks puffed out. Recognizing it for what it was, Namine moved out of the way as Roxas lurged forward and vomited…all over Larxene’s boots.

“You asshole!!!” Larxene shrieked. She swung her foot out and caught Roxas under his chin, knocking him on his back.


Larxene reeled back, stunned as she held her reddening cheek. Namine was glaring at her, a rare sight indeed for such a normally timid girl. Turning her gaze away from her, Namine attended to Roxas.

“Larxene, detention for the next week, including Saturday mornings.” The teacher stated.

“For what!?”

“For trying to sabotage a fellow student’s work, and for hitting a fellow student.”

“So did-”

“Do you want me to make it two weeks?”


“The take your seat. Someone else from your table will get the supplies.” The teacher stated. After watching Larxene take her seat, and take off her boots, she checked up on Roxas. “How is he?”

“I think he swallowed some of the paint by accident.” Namine answered. “That would explain why he threw up.”

“Makes sense.” The teacher said. “Take him down to the nurse and bring your things; you’re both dismissed for this lesson.”

“Thank you.” Namine said. She helped Roxas to his feet, collected their book bags, and helped him out of the classroom.


“You sure you’re feeling alright?” Namine asked. It had been fifteen minutes since they arrived at the nurse’s office.

“I’m fine Namine.” Roxas assured her. He was currently sitting on the edge of a bed, his jacket and shirt replaced with a white t-shirt. “This isn’t the first time I’ve swallowed paint.”

“It isn’t?” Namine asked, curious.

“Nope. First time was back in kindergarden, Axel tricked me into thinking it was a new kind of juice.” Roxas said. Namine giggled. “The time before today was when I went paint balling. Axel snuck up on me, and I yelled when he surprised me, causing me to swallow some of the face full I got.”

Namine gave a small laugh. “That Axel can certainly get to you, huh?”

“Yeah, but I got him back for that. He spent days taking care of his car after I…altered it.”

“Nothing too bad I hope.”

“I added pink pokadots on the outside, and poured a few liters of orange juice out inside his car.”

“Orange juice?”

“He hates the stuff, calls it the drink of the devil.”

Namine giggled. “I’ll have to meet this Axel sometime, he sounds like quite the character.”

“And a glutton for punishment; he has a crush on Larxene.” Roxas said.

“God help him.” Namine replied, shaking her head.

Roxas hesitated for a moment. “Um, Namine?”

“Yes Roxas?” Namine asked, looking at him, curious at the change in his behavior.

“Well, Axel invited your brother and me to a sleepover tonight.” Roxas told her. “If you’d like, you could come along too.”

Namine blinked in surprise, and then bit her lip. After a few seconds of silence, she spoke up. “I’ll think about it Roxas, I’m not to keen on the idea of being the only girl in the house.”

“I’m only asking because Demyx and Axel might get into another argument about which is better; fire or water.” Roxas explained. “It’s best to avoid those two when it comes to their arguments, so I generally hide out in the guest room. I wouldn’t mind some company if it comes to that.”

Namine’s eyes widened at that. Roxas thought over what he had just said, and his eyes widened. “Oh crud, I didn’t mean it like that Namine! I was just saying I’d rather have someone with me so I could have something to do if those two got into another argument…” He saw Namine biting her lip, and realized what he’d just said. “Crud, that’s not what I meant either.”

Roxas ran a hand through his hair, only to look up when he heard giggling. Namine was smiling at him. “I understand Roxas, I know you’re not the type to ask for those kind of things, especially since we’ve never dated before.”

Roxas sighed in relief. “Good. You know English is my worst subject.”

“Oh yeah.” Namine nodded her head, remembering the last time he had asked for her help with a homework assignment from that class.

“Roxas?” The pair turned to see the nurse standing by the bed Roxas sat on. “How are you feeling?”

“About four pounds lighter.” Roxas replied. Namine narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m feeling better.”

“That’s good.” The nurse said. She handed him a plastic bag. “Here’s your jacket and shirt back, as well as a method to safely get the paint out of them. You can keep the shirt you have on for now, though I’d like it back Monday.”

“Thank you.” Roxas said, standing up.

“You’re welcome.” The nurse said. She then turned to Namine. “And you my dear?”

“I’m fine.” Namine stated firmly. Roxas looked at her.

“Alright then, I’ll let you two go. There’s only a few minutes left before the bell, so I don’t think it’ll hurt any if you don’t want to return to class.”

“Thank you very much.” Roxas and Namine said. The pair gave a short bow, before walking out of the room.


The final bell had rung a minute ago. After going to his locker and swapping out books, Roxas had waited in the cafeteria for the dismissal bell. Once it had, he made his way outside. While most students were going to their lockers, a few were already outside, either waiting for a bus or someone to pick them up, or simply walking home.

“You wet your pants again!?”

Roxas, as well as many other students nearby, tuned to the voice. Standing in front of a green SUV was a brown haired woman, glaring at the teen in front of her. That teen happened to be Yuffie Kisaragi, a member of the school’s track team.

“No I didn’t! And keep it down.” Yuffie hissed.

“Then why do your shorts smell like piss!?”

“It’s lemonade mother! You just spend so much time working as a plumber that everything smells like piss and shit to you.” Yuffie snapped.

“And you expect me to believe you’ve spilt lemonade or some other drinks on your short the other thirteen times? Over the past two weeks?” Yuffie bit her lip; her mother’s voice carried quite the distance, and a lot more students were out to hear it now. “Are you doing this for attention? Is doing something so childish the only way you can think of to get your father and I to pay even more attention to you?”

“I’m not doing this for attention!” Yuffie yelled. “It’s thos-”

“I’m taking you to a doctor Yuffie. After they’re done we’ll know if you’re in need of a baby bottle or a diaper to keep your clothes clean. And you better believe, I’ll make certain you use either one, maybe both since you seem to crave so much attention!”

“MOTHER!” Yuffie exclaimed, her face turning red.

“Get in the car now! We’re going to the doctor.” Face beat red, Yuffie opened the car door, jumped in, and closed it behind her, facing away from the window.

Roxas looked on as the car drove off. That incident right there had hit a little to close to his fears for comfort. Shaking his head, and muttering, “Poor Yuffie,” Roxas turned away and started home…only to bounce off someone’s chest.

“Not very observant today, are we shrimp.” A voice Roxas only knew too well stated.

Looking up was the form of Seifer, the local jock/bully. He wore a dark blue vest, brown pants, a black cap, and a white sleeveless trench coat with blue insides. He had pale blond hair under the cap, and blue eyes.

To his right was one of his partners in crime, Rai. Dark hair, brown eyes, Rai wore an orange jersey with black jogging pants. Taking a look around, Roxas noticed something off.

“Where’s Fuu?”

“Fuu is ill today, y’know.” Rai answered. “Had to stay home.”

“I thought it was Namine you liked shrimp.” Seifer sneered, causing Roxas to growl.

“I only asked because she’s the most appealing to look at of your group, and even that’s a stretch.” Roxas shot back.

Seifer’s eye twitched. While he didn’t care about Roxas’ opinion, as he knew many girls were dying to date him, no one dissed his good looks and got away with it. A smirk crossed his face as an idea came to mind.

“It’s a real shame what’s happening to Yuffie, wouldn’t you say Rai?” Seifer asked.

“Uh, yeah. Wouldn’t want to be her right now.” Rai answered, not sure what Seifer was doing.

“If what her mother said is true, she’ll probably be coming to school in diapers now.” Seifer said, shaking his head. “She’ll be the laughing stock of the whole school, with no one else to relate to.”

“I guess.” Rai said, still not seeing where he was going with this. Roxas was clueless as well.

“Now what kind of people would we be if we didn’t give her a friend?” Seifer asked, turning his gaze to Roxas. “If, say Roxas here, were to have a little…accident, and we brought him to the nurse’s office, then by school rules he’d have to be diapered as well.”

Rai laughed as Roxas paled. “That’s a great idea. Ya really know how ta come up with a plan, y’know!”

Roxas turned to run, only to be grabbed by Rai. He pulled Roxas off his feet and into a full nelson, while Seifer moved in front of Roxas. “As much as I’d like to pound you, I think this will be much more satisfying. And thanks for not wearing your coat today.”

With that, Seifer leaned in and began mercilessly tickling Roxas’ sides. It was a well known fact after a certain gym class that Roxas was extremely ticklish. As it was, Roxas was squirming and laughing so hard, he couldn’t fight off Rai or Seifer.

The tickle torture continued for several minutes, but even though Roxas was gasping for breath, no wet spot was appearing on his pants. This frustrated Seifer. Deciding there must be at least some stains on Roxas’ underwear, he moved to pull down his pants and expose him when a fist caught the right side of his face.

Rai dropped Roxas as Seifer fell to the ground. Taking a few deep breaths, Roxas looked up to see who had saved him. The guy had red hair, and purple lined tattoos under his green eyes. Holding a lighter in his right hand, the guy wore an opened black trench coat, a crimson shirt, and black jeans.

“Shit, Axel’s here already!?” Seifer exclaimed.

“I could have sworn I told you guys this before.” The guy started. “You mess with Roxas, you mess with me, and if you mess with me, you’re gonna get burned.” Lighting the lighter, the guy breathed through it, causing a spat of flames to shoot several feet forward. “Got it memorized?”

Seifer growled as he got back to his feet. “You won’t always be here to protect him.”

“Get moving.” Axel replied, lighting the lighter again. Seifer and Rai backed away before turning around and walking off. Axel made his way over to Roxas and offered him a hand. “You alright little buddy.”

Roxas didn’t answer right away, as he was trying to catch his breath. After about a minute, he clasped Axel’s hand and pulled himself onto his feet. “Yeah, I’ll be okay.” He answered.

“What was that all about?” Axel asked. “Normally he’d try to turn you black and blue, not tickle you like you’re his boyfriend or something.”

Roxas shuddered at the though. “Not another word on that. And it has to do with Yuffie.”

“From the track team?”

“Yeah, she got in a spat with her mother in front of the school. Claimed the stains on her shorts the past few weeks were drinks, so her mom’s taking her to a doctor. Actually said they’d see if Yuffie would need a baby bottle or a diaper to keep her clothes clean, maybe both.” Roxas explained. “Seifer decided I could keep her company if I had to wear diapers too, so he was trying to make me wet my pant. And-”

“And if a staff member discovers a student had an accident, they’re required to report it and that student will be required to wear diapers for three weeks minimum, so long as no more accidents happen. I remember what happened to Kairi.” Axel said, nodding his head in understanding.

“Yeah, thankfully I went before they got me.” Roxas said, scratching the back of his head.

“I suppose so.” Axel replied. “So you ready for the sleepover, or do we need to stop by your house for your things.”

“My house, sorry Axel, but I didn’t have enough room in my locker for everything.” Roxas answered.

“Meh, it’s fine.” Axel said, waving it off.

“I also asked Namine if she wanted to come.” Roxas said.

“Re-he-eally?” Axel drew out, causing Roxas to blush. “Finally worked up the nerve to ask her out?”

“N-No.” Roxas answered, hanging his head. “I figured if she came with her brother, it’d be on safe grounds in her parents eyes. And I might see if she feels anything for me besides friendship.”

“Not a bad plan, all things considered.” Axel said. “Did she agree to come?”

“She said she’d think about it.” Roxas said. “She’s not completely comfortable with being the only girl there, but I’m hoping she’d be more comfortable with her brother there with us.”

“Well, we’ll find out. Lets get moving; the sooner we get your things, the sooner we can veg.”



It was a twenty minute ride to Roxas’s house. It wasn’t a mansion, but it wasn’t a shack either. It only took Roxas a minute for him to unlock the stubborn door and enter. “Make yourself at home, I’m gonna be a little bit.” Roxas said.

“That’s fine.” Axel said as he flopped onto the couch and kicked his legs onto the coffee table. Roxas rolled his eyes, and walked down the hall to his room.

Axel slumped back into the couch, adjusting his footing on the coffee table when he knocked something off it. Frowning, he sat up and grabbed the item off the floor. It was a small package, wrapped in brown wrapping paper, much like a Christmas present, with a tag that had Roxas’ name on it.

Curious as to what it was, Axel got to his feet and made his way to Roxas’ room. Having been friends since elementary school, he knew this house as well as his own. Upon reaching the door, he turned the knob and entered. “Hey Roxas, found a present with…” He trailed off.

Roxas was sitting on the edge of his bed, frozen with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look on his face. His pants were on the floor in front of him, leaving the sky blue colored diaper around his waist exposed. Next to him on the bed was a rolled up diaper, some of it green in color. On the floor next to the bed was a large box containing a mix of diaper supplies, baby toys, pacifiers, and baby bottles.

‘Oh god.’ Was the primary thought running through Roxas’ head. This was what he’d always feared; someone discovering him and his regression. Bad scenarios were popping into his head; Axel making fun of him and blabbing to everyone at school, Seifer stealing his pants and forcing him to go to class with his diaper exposed, Namine laughing at him for his affection of her.

Disregarding the strange attire and what not, Axel saw Roxas was beginning to hyperventilate. He quickly moved over to the bed and sat down next to him, wrapping an arm around the boy. “Breath Roxas, breath!”

Roxas’ chest was heaving, his whole body rocking back and forth. This continued for several minutes before Roxas had enough breath to speak. Upon seeing this, Axel asked, “What is all of this?”

That had been the wrong thing to ask. All the fear Roxas had just managed to contain came rushing back out, causing him to burst into tears. Loud, drawn out sobs echoed throughout the room. Needless to say, Axel was bewildered at this response.

Remembering the nightmare that was his one and only babysitting job, Axel shifted his spare arm under Roxas’ legs and lifted the boy up onto his lap. Hugging him and rubbing his back, Axel ‘shh’ed’ in Roxas’ ear, rocking the boy back and forth.

Neither knew how much time passed before Roxas was able to calm down. By the time he was whimpering, the top of Axel’s shirt was drenched with Roxas’ tears. Axel waited a few more minutes before speaking up. “You okay?”

“Scared.” Was Roxas’ reply; he hadn’t moved from his place on Axel’s shoulder.

“About all this?” Axel asked. Roxas merely whimpered. “I’m not gonna tell anyone ya know.”

Roxas looked up at him, his blue eyes puffy and red. “Really?”

Axel smiled. “I’m. Not. Going. To. Tell. Anyone.” He said slowly. “Got it memorized?” Roxas couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “Wouldn’t even know how to begin. What is all this stuff anyways.”

Roxas blushed and looked down. “…You remember how I’d always come over to your house to play when we first became friends?”

Seeing Axel nod, he continued. “It was because my Dad always had to work. Not that I didn’t want to come over, and I did enjoy the time we had…well, when you weren’t tricking me into drinking paint.”

Axel snickered but said nothing. “The only time my Dad was a constant for me was when I was little, when I was still practically a baby.” Roxas said. "About a year ago I tried an internet search for ways to get my Dad to spend more time with me, when I came upon this weird site. People who dressed and acted like babies, wore and used diapers. I was curious why the site would come up on my search, so I explored.

“The community formed families on their own, bonds with each other so they’d have people that understood them. I read how some people used this regression as a form of stress release or even therapy. I actually spoke to one of them, and they answered all my questions. So…I decided to try it.” Roxas blushed. “I felt…felt like I was closer to my dad when I first tried. As weird as it is, that time was when I was closest to him…as much as I want that feeling for real, I know he’s busy trying to support us, so…”

“So you turned to their lifestyle to cope with your loneliness.” Axel finished. Roxas nodded his head. Axel sighed and ran a hand through his own hair. “Well, I can’t say I totally get it, but I’m not gonna hold it against you either. This is big, and it’s gonna take some time to get used to-Gack”

Axel was cut off as Roxas gave him a massive bear hug. “ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!” Roxas exclaimed, relieved that Axel was not only willing to keep his secret, but still be his friend.

“Air!” Axel squawked. Roxas quickly let go and moved back onto the bed as Axel caught his breath. “Damn kid, you got a strong grip.”

Roxas blushed and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry bout that.”

“So you actually need any of this stuff?” Axel asked. Roxas saw his gaze shift to the wet diaper.

“I sometimes have accidents if I get really excited.” Roxas admitted. “I also wet the bed now, so I always wear one to bed.”

Axel nodded his head, then smirked. “Seems like Seifer succeeded.” It took Roxas a moment to figure out what he meant, then blushed when he figured it out.

“Yeah.” Roxas admitted.

“So how much of this stuff you need to pack for the sleepover?” Axel asked.

“Just a few diapers, wipes, powder, disposable baggies, and Mr. Snuggles.” Roxas said, grabbing a brown teddy bear from the box.

Axel snickered. “Mr. Snuggles?”

“That’s his official name, check for yourself.” Roxas stated, tossing the bear to Axel. Catching it, he noticed a red ribbon wrapped around the bear’s neck with a tag attached. Checking the tag, he saw the name and serial number on it.

“Fair enough.” Axel said, tossing the bear back. “You really wanna risk Namine discovering this stuff if she comes?”

“Namine is my friend, she’ll find out eventually anyways.” Roxas replied. “Even if she chooses to end our friendship, I doubt she’s the type to blab about it to anyone or use it against me.”

“Normally I’d say not to take the risk, but I get the feeling you’re right in this case.” Axel said. He suddenly blinked. “Oh yeah, I found this present out on the table. It has your name on it.” He got up off the bed, made his way too the door, and picked up the package off the floor. Walking back over, he handed it to Roxas.

Ripping open the paper, Roxas gasped at what he saw. “No way! An Ice Cream maker!?”

“Sweet!” Axel exclaimed. “We’ll have to bust it in at the sleepover.” He then noticed something in the ripped paper. “Roxas, what’s that?”

Roxas looked down, and noticed a small envelope mixed with the wrapping paper. Pulling it out, he opened the envelope and read the note inside outloud. “Roxas, I know we don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like together, but I hope you’ll think of me every time you use this. Love dad…”

A hand clamped down on Roxas’ shoulder, causing the boy to look up. “He does care about you Roxas.” Axel said.

“Y-Yeah.” Roxas said. He quickly rubbed his eyes.

“I’m gonna call Demyx and Namine.” Axel announced. “I’ll let them know not to come until six, and we’ll stop at the store on the way to get supplies for the Ice Cream maker. I’ll also ask if Namine intends to come.”

“Thanks Axel.” Roxas said.

“No prob buddy.” Axel said before exiting the room.


“Demyx, I’m home!” Namine called, dropping her backpack next to the door and slipping her shoes off. She squealed as she was suddenly lifted off her feet and cradled in someone’s arms.

“Welcome home baby sister!” A cheerful voice exclaimed. Namine looked up at the guy holding her. He had brown hair, aquatic eyes, and wore an ocean blue shirt with black jeans. “Have a good day at school?”

“My art piece was selected to be in the town show Demyx.” Namine said, a bit of excitement in her voice as she was carried upstairs.

“Sis, you know better.” Demyx said in a mock scolding voice.

Namine rolled her eyes. “Sowwy big brother.” She said as they entered her room.

“And is my baby sister still dry?” Demyx asked. Sitting her down on her bed, he lifting Namine’s dress up, and slid two fingers up the leg hole of the pink diaper around her waist. They came out moist. “Someone needs her diaper changed.”

Namine rolled her eyes, but laid back. Demyx reached under the bed and pulled out a small box, and pulled a changing pad from it. Lifting Namine up by her legs, he slid the pad under her bum, and laid her back down on it.

This was actually a common occurrence in Namine’s life. When she was eight, she was in a car accident involving a bus, and was diagnosed as medically bladder incontinent. It had taken time for her to accept she’d need diapers for the rest of her life, but she eventually adapted.

About a year ago Namine and her mother, Ellanore had moved to this island, and Ellanore had met Demyx father by chance, Xigbar. The two had clicked, as did Demyx and Namine, and after dating for several months, Ellanore and Xigbar got married. Demyx had learned about Namine’s incontinence early, but had accepted her.

Demyx had come home early one day from his band practice. He had been quiet entering the house, hoping to surprise Namine with the sea salt ice cream dish he’d brought home. When he opened the door to Namine’s room, he was surprise at the sight he saw.

Namine was sitting on her bed, clad in only her pink diaper and a small pink shirt that did nothing to hide her diaper. In her hands were a white teddy bear, and a blue stuffed animal of a wolf. In her mouth was a large pacifier while next to her on the bed laid a half full baby bottle.

The girl had dropped the wolf in surprise. Demyx had seen tears well up in Namine’s eyes, before the girl curled up into a ball, hugging her teddy bear to her chest and suckling her pacifier. Surprised, but not repulsed, Demyx had sat down on the bed, and taken to rubbing her back till the girl had calmed down.

Namine explained she found regressing at times when she felt overwhelmed or scared very helpful, and that she sometimes did it for fun too. Unfortunately, that time hadn’t been for fun. A few local street punks had been picking on her on her way home, and one had tried to slide his hand up her leg. She had kicked him in the crotch and ran home, being chased by the rest of the crew.

To Namine’s surprise, Demyx took care of her for the rest of the night, treating her as his “Baby Sister.” She was even more surprised when the next day he came home with a black eye and his sitar in pieces. When she asked him what had happened, he had merely replied that none of those boys would be bothering her again. She had hug tackled him after that.

Since then, Namine had baby time with Demyx at least twice a week. When there wasn’t time for it, but they were by themselves, Namine was ‘told’ to use baby talk to him unless they needed a serious talk, or help with something. Even though they weren’t biologically related, Namine and Demyx considered themselves genuinely brother and sister.

“All done.” Demyx said, causing Namine to blink. Looking down, she saw a clean diaper taped snuggly around her waist. Smiling, she rolled off the pad and handed it to Demyx, before hugging him.

“T’ank you big brudah.” Namine said.

“Anything for my baby sister.” Demyx said.

Namine held the hug for a few more seconds before pulling away. “There is something I need to ask you.” She said seriously.

“What is it?” Demyx asked.

Namine bit her lip. “Roxas asked me to join him at the sleepover you’re going to tonight.”

Demyx blinked. “Did he now?”

“Yes. Do you think I should go?” Namine asked.

“Why do you hesitate?” Demyx countered.

“Well, what if he finds out about my diapers?” Namine asked.

“Do you really think he’d hold them against you?” Demyx asked.


“Roxas is a great kid Namine.” Demyx started. “I’ll bet if he hadn’t seen dad cleaning his guns that time you were working on that project here, and if he hadn’t seen mom threaten Hayner with her tazer, he’d have already asked you out.”

Namine blinked. “You think Roxas likes me?”

“It’s possible, I don’t spend enough time with him to know for sure.” Demyx said with a shrug. “But I know he’s not the type to hurt someone over something they can’t control. I actually think you two would look cute together.”

Namine blushed. “Demyx!”

He laughed at his sister’s expression. “But seriously Namine, has he ever done anything in front of you, or to you, to make you scared or distrust him?”

Namine thought for a moment. “No…no he hasn’t. He even jumped in the way of a can of paint Larxene tried to ruin my painting with.”

“Sounds like he’s a good friend at the very least.” Demyx said. “Sis, if you don’t want to go, then that’s fine. If you come, you might have some fun. And if Roxas or Axel turn out to be jerks about it, I’ll slam them with my sitar and we’ll come home and have some ice cream.”

After a full minute passed, Namine smiled. “I guess I can give Roxas a chance…okay, I’ll go to the sleepover.”

“Great! I’ll call over to Axel’s and tell him to expect you too.” Demyx said. “You go pack a change of clothes and some supplies, and a movie or two as well.”

“Alwight big bro.” Namine said cheerfully. Demyx ruffled the girl’s hair, and then exited the room while she tried to fix it.


Ring Ring

Demyx blinked, he had just been about to pick up the phone when it started ringing. Shrugging, he picked it up. “Hello, Demyx speaking.”

“Yo, it’s Axel.”

“Hey, I was about to call you. What’s up?”

“Couple things actually.” Axel said. “But first, have you seen Namine yet?”

“Yeah, she’s decided to come.” Demyx answered.

“That’s great, Roxas will be happy.” Axel said.

“Does Roxas like her?”

“I’m certain of it. He’s just a little shy with expressing himself in a way that’d make him vulnerable if things don’t go right, is all.” Axel explained. “Did you know he still sleeps with a teddy bear?”

“No way!” Demyx exclaimed, trying to hold back his laughter.

“And get this, the bear’s name is Mr. Snuggles. It was on a tag, and had a serial number and everything!”

Demyx went quiet, as he thought over what was just said. He must have zoned out for a minute because Axel suddenly yelled through the phone. “Gah! What?”

“Where’d ya go? You weren’t saying anything.” Axel replied.

“Sorry, was just thinking about something.” Demyx said.

“Always a dangerous thing.”


“Anyways, the meeting time has been pushed back to six. Cloud got Roxas an ice cream maker, so we’re going supply hunting after hitting Mchearts drive thru.” Axel explained.

“Cloud?” Demyx asked.

“Roxas’ father. Never around much, but really does care for the kid.” Axel explained.

“Ah, okay.” Demyx said, nodding to himself. “We’ll have dinner before we come over. Got any good movies?”

“Um, I got Terminator.”

“I’m bringing August Rush.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a movie about a kid who can hear music from anything around him and-”

“Yeah, not interested.”


“We’ll talk more when you arrive. We also have to consider Roxas and Namine’s movie choices.”

“What’s Roxas’ choice?” Demyx asked.

“That third pirates movie, at worlds end I believe it’s called.”

“Oooh, I’ve been wanting to see that one for a while now.”

Axel rolled his eyes. “Whatever. See ya when you get here.”

“Later then.” Demyx said before hanging up. “…That’s very interesting…”

“I’m weady big bro!” Demyx turned to see Namine with an overnight bag slung over her shoulder.

“Slight change in plans sis, we’re gonna be eating dinner here first, then heading over there close to six.” Demyx said.

“Oh?” Namine questioned, tilting her head to one side and putting a finger to her lips in though.

Demyx shook his head. “You know you’re adorable when you do that, right?”

Namine grinned. “I’m trying to exceed your cute resistors so you’ll give me a bowl of ice cream before we leave.”

“Not happening sis.” Demyx said. “Roxas just got an ice cream maker, so we’ll be putting it to use at the sleep over.”

“Awww, but I want some now!” Namine pouted, stomping her foot and crossing her arms.

“Now, now, none of that baby sister.” Demyx said. “You’re getting ice cream either way, you just need to be patient. If you’re not, I’ll put you over my knee.”

Namine bowed her head. “Sowwy.” She mumbled.

“It’s okay sis. Now why don’t you go watch some cartoons or something. I gotta grab a few things after I start some mac n cheese for dinner.” Demyx said, ruffling her hair.

Namine batted his hand away. “Okay bro.” Namine said. She walked over to the couch and flopped down on it while Demyx made his way to the kitchen.


“Yo Roxas, you ready yet?” Axel called through the door. He was dressed in a red and faint yellow spotted night shirt, and a matching colored pair of sweats.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” Roxas called out before opening the door. He was dressed in a sky blue night shirt with a matching pair of sweats that hid his diaper nicely.

“So, you excited for the sleepover?” Axel asked as he led the way to his living room.

“Yeah, and I can’t believe Namine is coming over.” Roxas said, excited.

“You just want to see her panties.” Axel teased.

“What!? No!” Roxas exclaimed, blushing. “I mean, not right away, but, umm…is Reno gonna pop up sometime during the sleepover?”

“Nope, dad’s out on a business trip.” Axel said. “Now quit changing the subject.”

Roxas gritted his teeth. “I’ve had dreams about it okay, but I’m not gonna try to sneak a peak unless she offers. And I doubt that’ll happen unless we date, and chances of her or her parents accepting me like this is, well…”

“Don’t worry about it Roxas.” Axel said as the pair sat down on the couch. “Whatever happens, happens. Just try to enjoy tonight.”

“I’ll try.” Roxas said, sitting down next to Axel. Just then, the doorbell rings.

Axel moaned as he stood up. “Never fails, sit down or get in the shower, doorbell rings.” He made his way to the door, Roxas following closely behind.

The door swung open to reveal Demyx and Namine, each with overnight bags slung over their shoulders. “Gentlemen.” Demyx said.

“He can’t be talking about you.” Roxas said, nudging Axel in the ribs.

“Hey!” Axel exclaimed, causing Namine to giggle.

“Can we come in?” Namine asked.

“Of course!” Roxas exclaimed before elbowing Axel again, causing the man to grunt and move to the side. Namine rolled her eyes as she and Demyx entered the house.

“So what took you two so long? Traffic that bad, or did you two bring a lot of junk with you?” Axel asked as they walked into the living room.

Demyx grinned, an odd sparkle shining from his eyes. “I doubt Namine would consider Mrs. Snuggles junk.” He said, pulling a white teddy bear out of Namine’s pack.

“Demyx!!!” Namine yelled, snatching her teddy bear back from him.

Axel and Roxas had both stopped upon seeing the teddy, but each for different reasons. Seeing Namine blushing, Axel decided to cheer her up. “Don’t worry about it Namine, Roxas here still sleeps with his Mr. Snuggle’s bear.”

Namine’s blush vanished, and Roxas’ eyes widened and the two stared at each other. Axel scratched his head, confused by what the reaction the two had meant. “Um, something I should know?”

“I’ll explain.” Demyx said. “The Mr. and Mrs. Snuggle teddy bears aren’t sold in stores. They’re a gifted to customers who spend over five hundred munny on baby needs dot com, buying supplies.”

“Baby needs dot com?” Axel questioned. “But how would Namine have one unless…” Namine began blushing furiously, as was Roxas.

Demyx wrapped an arm around Axel’s shoulder. “Lets let the kids talk, and I’ll explain what’s going on.” He then proceeded to drag Axel out of the room.

Namine covered her face with her hands. “God, I can’t believe he…”

Seeing her distress, Roxas walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I got exposed earlier today.”

“Huh?” Namine removed her hands from her face to look at Roxas questioningly.

“Axel,” Roxas started, blushing. “Axel walked in on me after I finished changing. Trying to explain this was…” He trailed off, not knowing the right way to describe his experience.

“You wear diapers?” Namine asked. Roxas blushed, but pulled down part of his pajama pants, exposing his blue diaper. In response, Namine lifted her skirt up enough to reveal her pink diaper.

“You wear too?” Roxas exclaimed more then asked.

“Yeah, I have for years.” Namine said. “Why do you wear?”

“My father and I were closest when I was still little and in diapers.” Roxas said. “He works hard to support us, and doesn’t have time to be with me. But I know he cares about me; he occasionally leaves me gifts with notes. He’s trying to get a new job, but jobs that can support us and allow us to spend time together are not common.”

“I’m sorry Roxas, I shouldn’t have asked.” Namine said.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind at talking about it.” Roxas said, waving his hand. “I actually only stumbled onto all this. It wasn’t until I talked to this girl, at least they claim to be a girl, on the forum that I actually tried it.”


“Yeah, she doesn’t have a choice, she needs to wear diapers full time.” Roxas said. “She was in a car crash when she was eight, poor thing was actually conscious for several minutes after the crash, pinched between two slabs of metal. Regression was a way for her to cope with her condition at first, but now it’s something she does for fun or as a stress release.” Namine was staring at him oddly. “What?”

Namine spoke. “KeyXIII?”

Roxas’ eyes widened. “Brush237?”

Namine’s eyes widened. “Oh my god!”

“No way!” Roxas exclaimed, before a big smile appeared on his face, and he laughed. “We’ve wanted to meet for a while now, but we’ve know each other for a year now!”

Namine laughed. “It is funny.” She then looked at Roxas. “So where do we go from here?” Roxas opened his mouth, but no words came out. Just then, there was a crash in the hallway.





Namine and Roxas shared a look. “We go to the kitchen.” Roxas answered. Namine nodded her head, and set her bag and teddy down, before following Roxas into the kitchen.

“So what do we do now?” Namine asked.

Roxas walked over to the overhead cabinet, and pulled out a device. “Wanna make some sea-salt ice cream?”

Namine licked her lips. “I do.”

Roxas grinned. “Well grab that bag of supplies over there, and we’ll make some. We can make it in cones, dishes, or on a stick with the ice cream maker dad got me.”

Namine picked up the bag and brought it over to the counter. “Sweet.”

Roxas rubbed his hands together. “Let’s get started.”


Thirty minutes later, Roxas was licking a cone of sea-salt ice cream, while Namine was eating a dish full with a spoon. “Is it good for you?” Roxas asked.

“Mmhmm.” Namine nodded her head in agreement, a spoonful in her mouth. After swallowing, she asked, “You think the boys will be mad we made all this without them?”

Roxas glanced at the counter, where seven more dished of ice cream laid. “I don’t think they’ll complain.” Roxas said.

Namine swallowed the last of her dish’s contents. “We should clean up.”

“Yeah.” Roxas agreed. He finished his cone and grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser on the counter. As he went to clean a patch of ice cream, he placed his free hand on the counter, only for it to land and slip in another patch of ice cream. “Whoa!” Roxas’ hand slid, causing him to lose his balance and fall to one side, and land face first in one of the ice cream dishes.

“Roxas!” Namine exclaimed, and quickly helped him upright. “Are you okay?”

Roxas’ face was covered in the blue-ish ice cream. With one hand holding his forehead, he used the other to clear his eyes. “Yeah, just give me a second.” Roxas said.

“I know you look good in blue Roxas, but isn’t covering your face going a bit to far?” Namine teased.

Roxas wiped a hand full off his face. “Lets see how you look in blue!”

Namine’s eyes widened. “Roxas don’t you da-” She was cut off as she a hand full of ice cream hit her face.

Roxas assumed a thinking pose as Namine wiped her eyes clear. “It’s not art, but I like it.”

Namine narrowed her eyes, and growled, though there was a grin on her face. “So that’s how you want to play it, huh? FINE!” She grabbed a dish full of ice cream and smeared it all over a stunned Roxas. “Not one of my best works, but I’ll definitely remember it.”

“Oh you’re gonna regret that!” Roxas exclaimed as he grabbed a handful from a dish. Namine squealed and dived out of the way as several globs flew past where she had just stood. Taking what she could off her face, she managed to blind Roxas before rushing to the counter and grabbing several dishes for herself.

The next five minutes was spent firing ice cream at one another. They didn’t always hit each other, but it didn’t matter to them. It was the most fun either had had in years! By the time they were out of ice cream, both Roxas and Namine were on the floor in the center of an ice cream coated kitchen, laughing.

“My Kitchen!”

“My baby sister!”

Roxas and Namine looked up to see Demyx and Axel standing in the doorway. Looking at each other, they noticed they were both covered in ice cream from head to toe. From there, they saw ice cream splatter on the walls, floor, and even the ceiling. Both teens gulped.

“What happened here?” Demyx demanded.

“I don’t care.” Axel said as he made his way into the room. Roxas and Namine hugged one another, but Axel walked past them to the sink. Opening the cabinet under it, he pulled out a bucket and cleaning supplies. “You two will stay in here until this mess is cleaned up. Then you’re more then welcome to clean up and join us in the living room.”

Axel stormed out after that. Demyx glanced at the pair. “I think he’s as mad about not being involved in your food fight as he is about the mess. He’ll cool down in a bit.” He then left the kitchen.

Roxas and Namine both exhaled in relief, before realizing their proximity. Blushing, they quickly let go and backed up. They were silent for a minute before Roxas spoke up.

“Might as well get this over with.” Roxas said. “Sooner we clean this place up, the sooner we can clean our selves up.”

“You think Axel will let me use his shower?” Namine asked, pulling a clump of ice cream from her hair.

“I don’t see why not.” Roxas said, standing up. He held out his hand. “Let’s get started.”

Namine nodded her head, and took his hand. Roxas pulled her to her feet, and turned to the bucket while Namine straightened her dress out. Putting the bucket in the sink, he turned on the water while going over the cleaning supplies with Namine; they didn’t want to use the wrong cleaner by accident.


It took nearly an hour for the pair to clean the kitchen. After calling Axel to check and approve of their work, Roxas showed Namine where the bathrooms were so she could clean up. Grabbing supplies of his own, Roxas entered the second bathroom, for his own shower.

Once done, Roxas diapered himself, pulled on a pair of blue socks, and pulled on his spare night shirt. He had a pair of jeans packed for tomorrow, but couldn’t get comfy in them for the sleepover, so he didn’t bother with pants. Taking his ice cream covered clothes, he walked to his room and packed them away in his dirty clothes bag.

Grabbing his DVD of choice, he exited his bedroom and started back to the living room. On his way, a door opened, and Namine exited, holding her own DVD. Roxas paused, and took in the sight before him.

Namine was dressed in a candy pink, short sleeved shirt, a pair of pink socks, and a fresh pink diaper. Roxas could only stare at her, his jaw dropped. Namine blushed under his gaze. The blush deepened as she saw his attire as well. “You seem to like my night ware.” Namine said.

Roxas blinked in surprise, before blushing and crossing his hands in front of himself. “I’m a hormonal teenage boy Namine, and you’re a beautiful girl. I can’t help it.”

Namine looked up. “Beautiful?”

Roxas’ blush deepened. “I think you are.” He admitted, no longer able to look her in the eye.

Namine’s blush darkened as well. She’d been called beautiful by a number of people, but that had either by her family, or guys trying to get into her pants. Yet here was Roxas, saying he thought she was beautiful, and while he did have a reaction to her, he wasn’t trying to do anything to her.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Namine blurted. Roxas’ eyes widened at that. At that point, both teen’s faces resembled tomatoes, given how much they were blushing.


Roxas and Namine turned, and saw both Axel and Demyx down the hall, eating popcorn. “Don’t mind us, love birds.” Axel said.

“Yeah, keep going.” Demyx said. “I want to be able to see my baby sister’s first kiss.”

“Oh god.” Namine whispered, completely embarrassed.

Roxas, desperate to change the subject, said the first thing that came to mind. “Bubbles?”

Demyx was dressed in a blue button down night shirt, and blue pajama pants, each with bubble designs. “Yup, they’re so much better then having sparks on them.” Demyx said.

“You’re delusional.” Axel said. Waving a hand over his pajamas. “These are stylish.”

Seeing another fire vs water fight about to break out, Roxas spoke up. “I bet Larxene has pjs with lightning bolts on them.”

Demyx paused in his retort, and looked at Roxas weirdly. He then saw Namine giggling, and looked over at Axel, who now had a bit of drool sliding down his chin, his eyes glazed over. “Larxene? Really man?”

“If you have a drooling problem, I have a spare pacifier you could use.” Namine offered. Both Demyx and Roxas burst out in laughter while it was Axel’s turn to blush.

“Alright, enough out of the peanut gallery.” Axel said after a minute. “So what are the movie choices? Mine’s Terminator.”

“I brought August Rush.” Demyx said.

“Toy Story 3.” Namine said, holding up her DVD.

“Pirates 3, At World’s End.” Roxas said.

“Hmm…” Axel tapped his chin in thought. “Lets go with Pirates first, then Terminator. You kids can watch Toy Story in the morning, and then we’ll watch August Rush.”

“Sounds good to me.” Roxas said, getting nods from the others.

“Of course it would, you’re looking forward to seeing some booty.” Axel teased.

Roxas blushed. “Well I, uh-” He stopped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he saw Namine looking at him.

“Ignore him.” She said. “I know what you’re really like Roxas, which is why I trust you enough to be dressed like this. You’re not the type to intentionally take advantage of others. Let’s just enjoy the movie.”

Roxas smiled. “Thanks Namine.”

“You’re welcome Roxas.” Namine said, smiling.


The movie ended a little over three hours later. The group had paused for a bathroom and snack refill break part way through, though the former was more for Axel and Demyx. Roxas and Namine had been sitting next to each other when the movie began, and had even started cuddling against one another.

Sometime during the break, Axel and Demyx had been about to start another fire vs water, when Roxas and Namine sprung into action. The pair pulled them over the side of the couch, Roxas and Axel tumbling off while Namine quickly cuddled with her brother to keep him still. Axel sat back down next to Namine, but Roxas grabbed his hands so he wouldn’t be able to reach Demyx and mess with him.

“Well that was a good movie.” Demyx said.

“A lot of back stabbing, but all the explosions and cannon fire made up for it.” Axel said.

“And plenty of fire and water in it too.” Namine said. This caused both Axel and Demyx to nod their approval. There was a brief silence, and the trio looked over at Roxas.

Roxas was slumped over Axel, his eyes closed, and his breathing even. Axel scratched the back of his head. “Not even halfway through, and he’s asleep.”

“From what you told me earlier, he’s had a long, emotion filled day.” Demyx said. “I’m surprised my-” Namine yawned at this point. “I stand corrected.”

“I’m fine.” Namine said, rubbing her eyes. “Really.”

“Not buying it sis.” Demyx said, standing up. “Do you need a change?”

“What!? No! Demyx!” Namine blushed.

Demyx made his way over to Roxas. “Lets see about him.” Removing him from Axel, it was clear he needed a change, as the front of his diaper was discolored. “Alright then, I’ll take care of Roxas first. Then I’ll come for you sis.”

Namine let out a little whine as Demyx picked Roxas up. Demyx carried Roxas back to his room, and laid him out on the bed. It took him a minute to find the overnight bag, and then pull out the supplies needed. Taking out a blue pacifier and the brown Mr. Snuggles bear, he slipped the bear under Roxas’ arm and the paci through his lips.

It took only a few minutes to change Roxas and dispose of the used diaper and supplies. As Demyx was about to place Roxas on the bed’s pillow, Axel came to the door. “You’re sister’s upset.” He whispered.

“Did you-”

“No, I didn’t do anything.” Axel whispered back.

“Alright, I’ll see what’s wrong.” Demyx said. “Just stay out of our way for now.”

Demyx exited the room and made his way back to the living room. He saw Namine curled up into a ball on the couch, and sat down next to her. “What’s wrong sis?”

Namine looked up, tears in her eyes. “I-I-I tried to hold it, but I-I-”

Demyx looked confused until the stench hit his nose. “Oh sis, you had a messy accident.” Namine whimpered at that. “It’s okay sis, there’s nothing wrong with that. Now what’s say we get you cleaned up, okay?” Demyx spread his arms out.

Namine instantly leapt into her brother’s arms. Demyx shifted her position until he was cradling her in his arms. Standing up, he carried her back to her room. Setting her on the bed, he gave her Mrs. Snuggles and her pacifier, just like he did Roxas. Namine instantly seemed to calm down.

The change took longer then Roxas’, Demyx spent an extra minute cleaning Namine, and another applying the baby oil she always seemed to like. Namine exhaled behind her pacifier when the change was done; something about a diaper change always made her feel better. She felt herself being pulled upright, and opened her eyes.

“I think I know something that’ll help you get to sleep.” Demyx said with a smile. Before Namine could ask, Demyx lifted her up, holding her bum with one hand, and using his arm to hold her to his chest. Namine quickly wrapped her arms around his neck to maintain some form of balance for herself.

Demyx carried Namine out of the room, down the hall, and into Roxas’ room. When he sat down on the bed, Namine dropped her bear, pulled out her paci, and hugged him. “Thanks big bro.” She said.

Demyx hugged her back. “Your welcome baby sister.”


The pair turned, and saw Roxas sitting up, rubbing his eyes. Demyx smiled. “It’s bedtime kiddo. I’m trusting you to be good and make certain my little sister can get a good night’s sleep. You won’t do anything to keep her up, will you?”

Roxas shook his head, dumbfounded at what was happening. Demyx pulled back the covers and patted Namine’s padded behind. Taking the hint, Namine crawled over and laid down, but not before grabbing her paci and teddy. Demyx stood up, and pulled back the covers on his side of the bed, and Roxas crawled over and laid down there.

Demyx pulled the covers over the pair, walked around the bed, and kissed Namine on the forehead. “Be good you two, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” The pair blushed as Demyx left the room.

Roxas looked at Namine, and pulled the pacifier out of his mouth, and dropped it. “Some day, huh?”

“Yeah.” Namine breathed. There was silence for a time.

“Things are going to be different between us, aren’t they?” Roxas asked.

“Definitely.” Namine said. Roxas’ heart dropped, fearing the worst. “Now I can trust you more.”


“Now that I know you’re like me, I can be more open with you, trust you with my secrets.” Namine smiled. “You can understand me in a way nobody else can Roxas. You have no idea what that means to me.”

Roxas opened his mouth, but couldn’t find any words to speak. Not wanting to look stupid, Roxas grabbed the pacifier off the bed, and placed it back in his mouth. Noticing Namine looking at him weirdly, he looked down, and saw his blue pacifier on the bed. He had grabbed Namine’s paci!

Namine giggled as Roxas blushed. Grabbing his blue pacifier, she plopped it into her own mouth, and happily suckled on it a few times, showing him it was alright. Roxas instantly relaxed. Rolling over, Namine wiggled back into Roxas, cuddling against him. Roxas hesitated, but slowly wrapped his arms around Namine.

Namine sighed in content. Roxas sighed as well, but in relief. Shifting a bit, he got into a more comfortable position before putting his head on his pillow. Positioned as they were, Namine’s hair was in his face, and Roxas could smell a hint of ocean breeze from it. He sighed again, this time in content.

It wasn’t long before the pair was fast asleep, each more comfortable then they had been in years. As the pair shifted during the night, neither noticed Mr. and Mrs. Snuggle fall off the bed, nor the fact that they landed sitting up, leaning against once another; a pillar for each other to lean on.


Nearly twenty eight pages. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a new record for me as far as single pieces of writing goes. No chapter and no short story I’ve written surpasses this in length. I hope you all enjoyed it, and please let me know.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Sleepover of Discoveries

I really enjoyed this story. It was well written- the plot, pacing, and characters were well developed, and I thought Roxas and Namine were cute. The parts I enjoyed the most were Roxas getting picked on an Axel saving him, and when Axel walked in on Roxas’ changing.