Kingdom Hearts: Consequences of a Memory

Kingdom Hearts: Consequences of a Memory

Hey all, this story has been floating around in my head for a while now, as have a number of other ones just waiting to be released. This story will take place during the Chain of Memories game and the 358/2 Days game, starting specifically during Roxas’ time in a memory induced coma…yeah, that’s all I really need to say. On with the show!


Soft footsteps echoed through the darkened hallways of Castle Oblivion. It was early, just past one AM, and the girl quickly but quietly made her way through the halls. The blond nobody girl knew she shouldn’t be out of bed, yet she had decided since she couldn’t sleep she’d attempt to get some work done.

She slipped into her workroom; white walls, a white table and chair, and a pedestal with a clear crystal orb on top. The blond nobody girl moved to the table, where her supplies lay, and sat on the chair. She shivered slightly as her bare skin came in contact to the chair’s cool surface; her small white nighty barely came down to hips.

Focusing on the task at hand, the girl picked up her art pad, the cover having the name ‘Namine’ stenciled in blue on it. Flipping to a clean page, Namine drew her art supplies close to her; colored pencils, markers, and even crayons. Turning to the orb, Namine placed a hand on it, causing it to glow softly in the dark room.

Colors swarmed in the orb before forming a peculiar image. A brown haired boy leaning against a wall with what looked like a giant key resting in one hand. To his right was a white feathered duck, snuggling against him, holding what looked like a small staff with a little hat on top of it. To the boy’s left was a large dog creature, on his left arm was a large silver shield.

Namine examined the trio, paying close attention to the boy in between the two unusual animals. She took notice of how his face seemed to be growing red; Namine figured it was due to the heat of the two animals so close to him.

“What is he dreaming about?” Namine asked herself softly. Taking another glance, she noticed the boy’s free hand resting over his crotch. “What is he dreaming about?”

Deciding to find out, Namine rested her art pad on her lap and grabbed a pencil. Closing her eyes, she focused her powers, allowing her to sort through the boy’s memories. Namine’s hands began slowly moving across the paper on its own accord.

Time passed, and soon a clear picture was forming on the pad. Namine’s hand began grabbing different colored crayons and filled in different parts of the picture. Soon enough, the last crayon was returned to the table, and Namine opened her eyes to view the picture…and blinked.

The picture showed two children leaning against one another, asleep. One was a boy, the other a girl, and both looked to be five, maybe six years old. One was easily recognized as the boy from the orb, his brown wavy hair a dead give away. The other was a girl, her red hair stranded and resting against her face.

Each was in night ware, the boy with a small red t-shirt, and the girl a matching pink one. What surprised Namine was that each child was had a puffy white garment on around their waists, each stained yellow on the front. Knowing them for who they were, and what each garment was, Namine decided to examine the memory completely. Ripping the picture from the pad, she placed it on the orb, where it slowly slipped under the solid surface as if it were water.

The orb’s image of the boy and the animals shifted till a new scene played out.


Five year old Sora pouted, his arms across his chest as his mother finished taping his diaper shut. When he didn’t get up, his mother sighed. “Now don’t be like that Sora, you know you can’t keep your sheets clean at night. You need to wear your diapers to bed or else Mommy has more work to do cleaning your bed sheets. You don’t want that, do you?”

“But Mom, Kairi is sleeping over! She’ll see me and then make fun of me like Tidus! And Riku’s parents don’t make him wear baby diapers to bed.” Sora whined.

His mother sighed. “Well, Riku’s parents don’t make him wear protection to bed, but they do make him clean up any messes he makes. As for Kairi, well, you might just be surprised.” Just then, the doorbell rang. Sora’s mother stood up. “Sounds like she’s here. You go brush your teeth while I get her set up in here. It’s late and already past both your bedtimes, so I expect you both to go to sleep right away, understand?”

“Yes Mom.” Sora sighed.

“Good boy, now run along.” Sora got a pat to his bum as he scurried off to the bathroom.

Sora spent a full ten minutes in the bathroom, having brushed his teeth twice with his electric toothbrush to draw out the time till he’d have to go to bed. A knock on the door told him it was time to face the music. Exiting the bathroom, Sora made his way to his bedroom, and opened the door.

On his bed was his recent friend, Kairi. She was looking down, her face was red, as she was only wearing a pink t-shirt and, to Sora’s surprise, a white diaper. Sora blurted the first thing that came to mind. “You wear diapers?”

Kairi flinched, not looking up at Sora. “Please don’t make fun of me Sora, I have really scary dreams. Dark monsters are always trying to get me, and they keep catching me.”

Sora walked over to the bed and sat down next to Kairi. Looking at Sora, she gasped as she saw he was diapered too. Wanting to help the girl he started to like-like he said, “Maybe I can scare the monsters away.”

Kairi giggled. “But the monsters aren’t scared by big babies like us.”

Sora pouted. “I’m not a big baby, Mommy just makes me wear diapers to bed so she don’t have ta clean my sheets more. And these monsters want you for something right? Maybe they are scared of you, and that’s why they want you, to put you in time out someplace where you can’t bother them.”

“But what could I do to make them scared of me?” Kairi asked.

Sora made a thinking pose for a minute, before shrugging his shoulders. “I dunno, maybe it’s your girl cooties?”

Kairi giggled again. “Silly boy, cooties come from potties, not girls. My Mommy said so.”

“Really?” Sora asked. Looking down he said, “Maybe I should ask Mommy to get more diapers for me.”

Kairi giggled once again, Sora always seemed to make her giggle. “If she does can you get her to get my Mommy to? She won’t let me, saying I’ll just have ta use the potty like a big girl and to ‘deal with the cooties.’”

“Are you two in bed yet?” The voice of Sora’s mother rang up from the downstairs living room. Both kids jumped in surprise.

“Yes Mom.” Sora called out as he quickly pulled back his blanket and bed sheets. Kairi quickly crawled to side of the bed, and Sora laid next to her. Both pulled the sheets and blanket over them. Turning to Kairi, Sora said, “Goodnight Kairi, and don’t worry about monsters, I’ll protect you.”

Kairi smiled at Sora. “Thank you Sora, you’re my bestest friend.”

Sora blushed, but said nothing as he snuggled up under the sheets and blanket. He felt Kairi do the same just before drifting to sleep.


Namine couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “That was so cute.” She gushed. Adopting a thoughtful look, she then said, “It does explain a lot though.”

Suddenly, a hand grabbed a handful of Namine’s long blond hair and pulled back harshly, causing tears to spring to her eyes and yelp in pain. “It doesn’t explain what you’re doing out of bed, witch.”

Looking up, she saw a man with pink hair that fell to his shoulders. He wore a black trench coat, black gloves, boots, and pants. In a flash of flower petals, a pink bladed scythe appeared in his free hand. The man moved the scythe’s blade to Namine’s neck, causing the girl to gulp and shiver uncontrollably. “I’m waiting for an explanation witch.”

“I-I couldn’t sleep.” Namine stuttered. “S-S-So I just th-” She yelped as the man yanked her head back again. “IjustthoughtI’dgetsomeworkdonebeforeIgobacktosleep!” She blurted out.

The man released his hold on Namine, vanished his scythe, and knelt down beside her. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He asked, before smacking her cheek lightly.

“N-No Master Marluxia.” Namine whimpered.

“Right, now erase this useless memory and get back in bed.” Marluxia rose from the ground. “And for god sake, have the decency to change yourself; you don’t want to agitate us by smelling like shit, it’s bad enough we need you to accomplish our goal of controlling the Keyblade Master.”

Namine slowly rose out of her seat, her wet diaper visibly sagging between her legs. “Yes Master Marluxia.” She said softly.

Marluxia nodded his head and exited the room. Namine placed her hand on the orb containing Sora’s dream memory and forced her power into it. The memory soon faded, leaving an image of Sora’s current position in the castle. Noting his hand was no longer on his crotch, Namine willed the orb to fade and left the room, intent to change into a clean diaper before trying to sleep again.


The World That Never Was, the home of Organization XIII, a group of non-existent beings, Nobodies for short, that sought after Kingdom Hearts; the heart of all hearts. Nobodies are the empty vessels of those who had strong hearts, but lost them. They are incapable of feeling strong emotions, though some may appear to feel synthetic ones.

Nobodies were never meant to exist, and eventually fade back into darkness. The Nobodies of Organization XIII, however, banded together in an attempt to fight their fate. Using specially crafted clothes as their uniform, they manage to keep themselves from regressing into lesser forms of Nobodies, and the eventual fade to darkness and ceasing to exist all together. Their means to protect themselves from fading won’t last forever, thus their search for Kingdom Hearts, and the search for hearts of their own to become somebodies once again.

In the Organization’s HQ, a young girl, physically appearing to be twelve, was waking up. She was dressed in the Organization’s uniform: black trench coat, black gloves, black pants, black shirt, and black boots. The girl had black, stranded hair and sapphire eyes that were currently blinking the sleep from them.

As she sat herself up, she noticed how cold her lower body felt, despite how warm and comfortable her Organization uniform generally was. Looking down, she noticed her coat, pants, and bed sheets were completely soaked.

“What…” She tried to comprehend what had happened. “Did I…I wet myself while I slept? Is that even possible?”

Just then, the door to her room opened, and another member of the Organization entered. He had hazel eyes, sky blue hair, and a scowl on his face. “Is Xion, the great number XIV, going to grace us with her presence before noon today?” he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Xion checked her alarm clock. “I’m sorry Saix, I forgot to set my alar-”

“Did you piss your sheets?” Saix questioned upon seeing Xion’s bed and clothes.

“I-uh-I-” Xion stuttered.

“So not only are you a puppet, but you’re a defect as well.” Saix snarled.

“Saix, I-” Xion gasped as Saix closed the distance between them and grabbed her by her neck, and lifted her off the bed, her feet dangling just above the floor.

“Make no mistake XIV,” Saix whispered to the girl struggling in his grip, “You may be able to wield the Keyblade, but you are replaceable. You have three days to shape up. Fail, and you will not like the consequences. Are we clear?” He watched as Xion continued to gag and struggle in his grip. “ARE WE CLEAR!?”

“Yes.” Xion rasped. Saix released her, causing Xion to collapse on the floor, gasping for breath.

“You have one hour to be presentable for your mission; there’s a heartless outbreak in Agrabah that needs dealing with.” Saix stated.

Saix exited the room, leaving Xion rubbing her sore throat, wondering what was wrong with her.


For those who read my work regularly, you’ll note this is the first time I’ve ever hinted at diapering a male, much less an actual one in my story. The point of stating that; don’t get used to it. That aside, I’m looking forward to writing this story. This intro chapter was short, but the next few chapters will be longer. I didn’t put much detail into the description of appearances for Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Kairi because this will be their only appearance in this story…that I foresee at this time. Not sure when the next chapter will be out, of any of my works, but we’ll see. Till next time, R&R.

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im confused: first it says she was cold cuz of her bare skin on cold stuff then shes wearing a diaper i dont get it

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Namine didn’t have any clothes covering her legs. While her diaper covered her bottom, when she sat back on her chair, parts of her legs were exposed to the chair’s cool surface. Does that clear things up for you?