Kingdom Hearts: Consequences of a Memory Ch. 2

Kingdom Hearts: Consequences of a Memory

Hey all, thanks for the great responses, I’m actually a little surprised how much everyone enjoyed the first chapter. I realize now I didn’t give it a title, but then it didn’t seem to really need one. I may add one later, but no use crying over spilt milk, right? Anyways, there won’t be any visuals on Sora, Donald, Goofy, Kairi, or Riku for quite a while, if at all; the focus of this story will be on number XIV, Xion. Just for future reference. On with the show!


Chapter 2: Change of Scenery

It was the dawn of the fourth day since Saix gave Xion his ultimatum. In the castle that was Organization XIII’s HQ, Saix appeared in the usual meeting room, know as “Where Nothing Gathers.” The room itself was different hues of white in color, contained a small raised platform in the center of the room, and had thirteen raised chairs, each at least one story high.

Awaiting Saix in the highest chair in the room was the leader of Organization XIII, number I, Xemnas. He wore the same uniform as the rest of the Organization, nothing distinguishing him from the other members. His skin had a slight tan color to it, his eyes a dark amber color, and had silvery-grey, pointy, stranded hair.

“What is the status of number XIV?” Xemnas asked, his deep voice echoing softly throughout the chamber.

“Mission wise, its improved since our last conversation.” Saix responded, his voice completely monotone. “Its destroyed many more heartless then necessary during its missions. While its performance in gathering the hearts they release has improved, its behavior and activities outside of the field have dropped to unacceptable standards.”

“Explain.” Xemnas stated.

“It continues to urinate while it sleeps, and has even started having bowel movements while it sleeps. What’s more, it now sees fit to urinate whenever and where ever it feels like on the field or in the base. It also sees fit to snap at anyone who converses with it, be it during a mission or during leisure time.” Saix reported. “My official standing: this replica, this puppet, is defective and should be destroyed.”

Xemnas sighed as he leaned back into his chair. “Number XIV is unique. Unlike the replica Zexion made of Sora’s childhood friend, Riku, Xion’s body shifts dependant upon who views her. For most, Xion’s form will manifest similar to that of Sora’s strongest memory, that of his other childhood companion, Kairi. For those who have not come in contact a person of more significant meaning to them the Kairi does to Sora, she will appear the same as Sora or Roxas would view her.”

“All I see is a useless puppet.” Saix grumbled.

“Because she has no meaning to you.” Xemnas responded. “Reguardless, I have done some investigating myself into the matter of Xion’s…unusual problem. It would appear the cause of this problem stems from Namine’s influencing Sora’s memories.”

“Great, it wasn’t enough to comatose number XIII, now the witch’s influence is affecting the only other Keyblade wielder we have.” Saix growled. “Perhaps you should order Axel to send more heartless after Sora while he can, it will take time for Zexion to create another replica.”

“It would make no difference however many heartless Sora slays, all the heartless he battles are mere memories of heartless he slayed in the past; they do not release the hearts we need.” Xemnas explained. “As for Xion, she is not replaceable.”

“Zexion is unable to create another?” Saix questioned.

“Zexion no longer exists.” Xemnas stated.

“Sora or Axel?” he finally questioned.

“Neither.” Was Xemnas’s response. Saix was silent for a time.

“Someone else is in the castle.” Saix stated.

“Someone, or something. Zexion was charged with leading a team through the basement of the castle. We’ve received no Intel of what’s down there, but Axel confirmed the Zexion and his team were not traitors to the Organization. Their loss is truly a tragedy.” Xemnas sighed.

“Unfortunate indeed. Now the only Keyblade wielder we have sees fit to make a mess where ever it goes, behaving like a spoiled child.” Saix finished with a growl. “Perhaps a few beatings will loosen her attitude a bit.”

“Physical beatings will leave her at a disadvantage in the field.” Xemnas stated. “However, thanks to Axel’s reports, I believe I’ve found an appropriate punishment that shall not hinder her physically, but will get the message that her behavior is unacceptable.”

“And her bodily waste?”

“It’s unfortunate, but is beyond her control. The memory Namine tampered with was of Sora’s childhood, when he had yet to be fully toilet trained. When Namine removed the memory from Sora, as opposed to burying it like she normally would, the memory went to Xion instead of Roxas.” Xemnas explained. “While her body is that of a thirteen year old, she is in fact less then a year old. The memory involved showed Sora near the age of five.”

“So you mean to tell me that she will not have any control until she is five!?” Saix exclaimed.

“Perhaps.” Xemnas stroked his chin thoughtfully. “According to several books I’ve studied, toddlers begin toilet training when they near three years of existence. Should this logic apply to Xion, if Kingdom Hearts has not been completed by that time, we shall begin her training then.”

“You don’t think her lack of control would carry over once she assimilates number XIII, do you?” Saix asked.

“I would rather not leave such a variable to chance.” Xemnas responded. “But that is neither here nor there. This punishment for Xion’s disobedience should suffice, however would be best administrated by a fellow female.”

“You don’t mean Larxene? She’s called the Savage Nympth for nothing, and Axel has confirmed that she’s joined the traitors.” Saix exclaimed.

“You forget, I recruited her personally; I know her better then any other member of the Organization.” Xemnas explained. “She has forgotten the strength I wield. I merely need to remind her. She will also be punished for her treason, by being the sole person to carry out Xion’s punishment.”

“And what is this punishment you keep speaking of?” Saix asked. Xemnas allowed a small smile to grace his face.


It was an hour after Saix assigned missions to the other members, noting the bag of spare clothes Xion now carried at all times, that Saix arrived at Castle Oblivion, where the remaining members resided. Upon arriving, he stared at the unusual and unexpected sight before him.

Namine laid on a pad on the floor, her eyes red and puffy, and a sky blue pacifier strapped to her mouth. Her white skirt was flipped up, and she was currently nude from the waist down. Next to her was a rolled up diaper, soiled if the smell was anything to go by, along with several other changing supplies that appeared recently used.

On her other side was a woman dressed in the Organization uniform. She had blond hair that was slicked back save two large strands, shaped almost like antenna. She had aqua blue eyes, and currently held a white diaper in her left hand.

“You’re such a little baby, aren’t you Namine.” Larxene sneered as she unfolded the diaper. “Can’t even hear the word “boo” without crapping your pants. And then you go off and throw a tantrum too. If you could even pretend to be a big girl instead of throwing a tantrum I wouldn’t be forced to punish you as much.”

Namine tried to reply, but the straps holding her pacifier in her mouth kept her jaw clenched shut, letting little noise exit her mouth, much less actual words. As Larxene proceeded to diaper her, Namine took notice of Saix’s presence. Eyes widening, she tried to cover herself, only to get smacked across the face by Larxene. Unable to say anything, Namine resigned to suckling her pacifier for comfort as Larxene taped the diaper shut.

“Now why would you try and cover your pussy like that lil baby?” Larxene cooed. “We’re both girls here, and I couldn’t finish changing you with your hands in the way…unless you wanted me to tape your hands in your diapie so you could play with yourself. Such a naughty little girl, maybe you need another punishment.”

Namine’s eyes widened and she frantically shook her head no. She then pointed behind Larxene at Saix. Larxene turned, and blinked upon seeing Saix. To his surprise, she grinned at him, and pulled Namine onto her lap.

“Enjoy the show number VII?” Larxene asked as she pulled two plastic covered mittens out of her pocket.

“Why is the witch…” Saix trailed off.

“This girl scares easily, once said our coats reminded her of monsters her other had nightmares about.” Larxene explained as she put the gloves on Namine’s hands. She began tying sky blue ribbons around each mitten, which would prevent Namine from taking the mittens off herself. “She kept having accidents, so Marluxia ordered me and the others to buy supplies so we wouldn’t need to keep cleaning up after her. The lady at the store gave me a pamphlet on how to take care of babies, so I thought it would be amusing to treat Namine like one when she doesn’t behave.”

“I see…” Saix said slowly. “In any case, the Superior has terminated your mission here at Castle Oblivion. You are to accompany me back to “Where Nothing Gathers,” where the Superior will brief you on your next assignment.”

“Hmmm.” Larxene wrapped one arm around Namine, pulling her close, and ran her other hand through Namine’s hair. Despite how scared Namine usually found herself around Organization members, she found herself relaxing into Larxene’s embrace, gently suckling her paci. “I don’t know if I want to go back. Spending time with Namine here is way more fun then smacking Demyx around when he plays his Sitar, and I’ve been having fun battling Sora. Maybe I’ll complete this mission first and then see what number I wants.”

Larxene hummed softly as Namine continued to relax into her embrace. Larxene’s eyes widened as she felt the air around her shift. Unable to move with Namine in her arms, Larxene was struck across the head by Saix’s Claymore, causing her to slump over unconscious. Namine scrambled out of Larxene’s arms and flattened herself against the nearest wall.

Saix vanished his Claymore, and threw Larxene over his shoulder like one would a bag of potatoes. Holding his free hand out, a portal of dark energy opened before him. Before walking through it, he turned to Namine. “There’s a monster in the basement of this castle that killed two Organization members. Imagine what it will do to you.”

Saix smirked as he watched Namine’s eyes widen in terror before she ran towards him and the portal in front of him. Saix entered the portal, and as it closed, he watched Namine trip and fall to the floor. His last glimpse was of Namine curling up in a ball, tears streaming down her face.


Three hours, eight hi-potions, twelve eithers, and two elixirs later, Larxene was resting in her room in Organization XIII’s HQ. Xemnas had made it perfectly clear how he felt about disobedience and traitors; Larxene had never felt so tired or worn out as she did now, even with the last elixir she’d taken. She recalled Marluxia had devised a method to relax and rejuvenate a body, something about combining elixirs with bath water and…

Larxene moaned before pushing herself up and off her bed. Xemnas and Saix had laid out her new assignment. While it was one she was, for the most part, going to enjoy, there were some aspects that were going to be more trouble then it was worth. On the other hand, if she didn’t follow through with this mission, she liked the consequences even less; Xemnas denied her request to off herself.

Opening a dark portal, she set off to gather the supplies she’d need; It was going tobe a long night.


Xion rested her head against the wall, allowing the shower’s water to cascade down her body. She was scared, very, very scared. With each passing day, Saix’s glare became more and more menacing, which was a feat in-and-of itself.

She glanced passed the shower curtain at her ruined uniform. Ever since that morning she’d wet her bed, her problems had grown out of control. Saix seemed to see no reason not to inform everyone of her incident, and she had been mercilessly picked on by the other members. If that wasn’t enough, the warnings she usually got when she needed to go weren’t happening anymore, thus leading to accidents of all forms at all times.

Xion had asked to go to Castle Oblivion, where the Organization’s doctor and scientist Vexion was currently residing, for an examination, but she was shot down by Xemnas himself. Being denied something that could possible help her did nothing to improve her attitude, in fact it ticked her off, something she’d never experienced before. She focused on taking her frustrations out on the heartless, and while it had helped, it hadn’t been enough to make her feel better. So she took out her remaining frustrations on the members that proceeded to tease her…Xaldin was still walking a bit funny after his crotch met her Keyblade.

Sighing, Xion proceeded to clean herself up. She had considered running away to escape whatever punishment he had in store for her, but she really didn’t have anywhere to go. She sighed again, knowing Saix, he’d be pushing Xemnas to destroy her, if not turn her into a Dusk, an inconsequential, non-humanoid, Nobody.

She turned the water off and grabbed a towel. ‘It doesn’t matter.’ She thought to herself as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. ‘No matter what he does to me, I will survive it. If not, I’ll at least take him with me.’

As Xion proceeded to dry her hair, she didn’t see a dark portal open behind her, nor the hand reaching for her. She gave a startled yelp as two hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her backwards into the portal.

She hit the ground hard as she exited the dark portal, the towel falling from head. Looking around, she saw the room was not the standard white of the castle, but a soft, sea blue color. No light shone in the room, so she could only several darkened structures of furniture. She shakily rose to her feet and summoned her Keyblade, warily scanning the room for enemies.

“It’s been a long time little girl.”

Xion froze at the voice. ‘No, it can’t be! She’s away on the mission!’

“What, too good to talk me? Just like you’re too good to use the toilet like the rest of us?”

Xion growled at that jab. “Show yourself bitch!” She snarled.

All was silent, motionless, for several seconds. Suddenly, she heard something to her left, and swung her Keyblade in that direction, swiping only air. She gave a startled yelp as an electrified hand slapped her bare backside, causing her to stumble forward.

“Such a foul mouth for a little girl, I’ll have to get some soap to wash it out.” Xion looked up to see Larxene standing over her, a kunai knife in her left hand, crackling with yellow bolts of lightning.

“What are you doing here Larxene, to good to finish your missions? And isn’t it rude to abduct kids, especially when they aren’t even decent? Or do you get off on seeing naked girls?” Xion snapped as she got to her feet.

Larxene’s aqua blue eyes narrowed, and Xion would later swear she saw bolts of lightning crackling in them. “For your information, I was recalled from my mission at Castle Oblivion. Xemnas has need of my services for your punishment, so here I am.” She grinned as she saw Xion gulp.

“Go ahead and try, I’m not gonna make it easy for you.” Xion said determined, settling into an battle stance.

To her despair, a large grin covered Larxene’s face. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

Xion charged forward regardless, and swung her Keyblade at Larxene’s stomach. Larxene blocked with her kunai knife and grabbed the Keyblade with her free hand. Xion screeched as lightning shot through her arms, the Keyblade acting as a conductor for Larxene’s attack. Xion leaped back, the Keyblade vanishing in a flash of light.

“Aww, is that all? You really are just a little girl.” Larxene taunted. “A little baby girl.”

Xion gave a frustrated yell and painfully thrusted her arms towards Larxene. “Fire!”

Larxene blinked as not one, but two balls of fire shot at her. ‘Interesting, she’s more adapt at magic casting then XIII is.’ Larxene summoned a second kunai knife to her free hand and channeled her lightning through both of them. She swung at both fireballs, cutting them each in half. They dissipated harmlessly.

“So the baby can spew up something nasty.” Larxene taunted. “Not impressed baby girl, try again.”

Xion gave a roar of anger and charged at Larxene, her Keyblade appearing in her right hand. Leaping at Larxene, she swung her Keyblade, with both hands, down at her head. To her shock, Larxene caught her Keyblade with one hand, stopping her in her tracks. Larxene grinned at Xion’s expression, pulled the stunned Nobody closer to her, and lashed her foot out, catching Xion square in the stomach.

Saliva flew from Xion’s mouth as she flew back, crashing onto the floor. Xion gasped for breath as she tried to get up. She tightened her grip on her Keyblade, only to lose her balance and fall when it vanished from her hand. She landed on her back, panting heavily.

“W-What’s.” She gasped.

“Feeling tired baby girl?” Larxene asked as she knelt down beside her. “Exhausted?”

“W-What yo-ou d-d-o?” Xion was struggling breath and found to her horror she could barely move.

Larxene grinned as she grabbed Xion by her shoulders and sat her up. “There’s a reason why we all wear these black coats, jackets, and clothes baby girl.” Her grin grew as Xion growled. Larxene grabbed a jacket and began filling Xion’s arms through the holes. “Xemnas calls these clothes Enigma clothes. They are laced with potions and spells that prevent us from regressing into Dusks. Without these Enigma clothes on, our strength begins to fade. Lashing out in anger doesn’t help you save any strength either.”

Xion’s eyes widened as Larxene moved behind her, fiddling with the jacket. “You planned this whole thing out!”

“Yup, figured you’d be easier to handle if I got you coming out of the shower.” Larxene replied with a grin.

“So now you’re gonna help me by dressing me? What was my punishment?” Xion questioned. She then noted how the jacket’s sleeves were longer then her arms. “And what’s up with this jacket?”

“Well, your punishment hasn’t started yet. This little skirmish was to show how weak you really are.” Larxene said, reaching around Xion and grabbing both her sleeves. “As for this jacket, aside from the Enigma material sown into this, as well as the magic suppressors, this is a perfectly normal jacket…Straight jacket that is.”

Xion’s eyes widened as Larxene suddenly crossed her arms and pulled them tightly across her body. “A STRAIGHT JACKET!” She all but shrieked. Xion began trashing around, trying to free herself from Larxene’s grip before she could lock her in the jacket. Larxene sat down and wrapped her legs around Xion’s upper body, pinning her arms to her sides. It took only a minute to finish strapping the jacket closed. Larxene released her hold on Xion and stood up, taking a moment to look at her work.

Xion trashed around on the ground, trying to get her arms free from the jacket’s tight embrace, but to no avail. Even with her returning strength, Xion could not break free. She suddenly felt herself being lifted up, and saw Larxene dragging her up. “What are you-” She squealed as Larxene swept her off her feet and cradled her in her arms like one would a baby.

“I’m getting you dressed since you can’t dress yourself.” Larxene answered, walking towards a piece of furniture against the wall.

“Well get this jacket off me and you can go to sleep while I dress myself.” Xion snapped, wiggling in her arms as she tried to free herself.

“Tempting, but no.” Larxene replied as she laid Xion down on a soft, padded table. “You see, your actions and behavior lately have been unbecoming of even a Somebody your age, much less a member of Organization XIII. So, I’ve been charged to treat you just the way you act; like a baby.”

Xion’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head. “WHAT! There is no way Xemnas ordered you to treat me like a baby! I’m the only one who can wield a Keyblade right now!”

“That’s true; you will still be going on missions, but with me as your partner. Once we finish, we’ll return here, you’ll get thirty minutes of free time, then after a few hours of training will be your baby time for the rest of the night.” Larxene explained. “And as a matter of fact, Xemnas didn’t specify how to punish you, just said as long as it got the message through about how unacceptable your behavior’s been, and provided it doesn’t cause to much physical harm to you, then he approved. Treating you like a baby seems fitting, especially since you’ll be in diapers from now on.”

“WHA-” Xion was cut off as Larxene stuck a pacifier in her mouth. Using one hand to hold it in Xion’s mouth, Larxene quickly attached straps around Xion’s head to keep the pacifier locked in her mouth.

“Quite a loud baby girl you are.” Larxene cooed. She took off her gloves and created a fireball to warm her hands. “Honestly Xion, did you really think you’d still be allowed to wear big girl panties with all the accidents you’ve been having? Xemnas himself looked into your condition, and determined that your accidents are a part of a condition beyond your control anyways, so you’re gonna need diapers for a while anyways. Two, maybe three years.”

Xion shook her head frantically as Larxene grabbed a bottle of baby powder and sprinkled it on her crotch. As she rubbed it into Xion’s skin, she spoke. “You think I’m thrilled about this either? I’m stuck on diaper duty for as long as you need them, since we’re gonna be stuck together almost the whole time. I’m not only on diaper duty, but babysitting duty and I’m supposed to train you to fight better. I got better things to do then take care of an overgrown baby like you.”

Larxene pulled out a puffy white diaper. Deciding to try and get something out of this, she used her free hand to force Xion’s eyes open and showed her the diaper. With a flick of her wrist, the diaper unfolded, showing it was big enough to fit Xion. Spinning her wrist, she showed the outside had a plastic cover, and the word ‘Xion’ in pink print placed all over it. Larxene took great pleasure watching Xion’s face turn red as she struggled to get free of her restraints.

Grabbling Xion’s ankles, Larxene lifted Xion’s legs and bum up off the table and slid the diaper under her. Taking a moment to open the back flaps, she then lowered Xion down onto the diaper. She tried to pull the front of the diaper up between Xion’s legs, but Xion’s frantic struggling and leg kicking made that impossible. Grabbing the ankles again, Larxene grabbed several straps on the changing table and attached them to each ankle.

With Xion’s legs restrained, Larxene was able to pulled the front of the diaper up between Xion’s legs, open the flaps, and pull it tightly over her front. She tore the tapes on the back flaps, each one making a near deafening sound to Xion, and pulled them tightly across the front of the diaper, leaving just enough room for one of the ‘Xion’ prints between them. Making certain the diaper was securely fastened around Xion’s waist, and that no amount of wiggling from the girl would cause it to rip open or slide off, Larxene removed the leg restraints, lifted Xion off the table, carried her across the room and set her down in her new bed; a sky blue crib.

Larxene grabbed Xion’s ankles again and attached manacles to them, making certain she couldn’t escape the crib even if she managed to get to her feet. Watching as Xion squirmed around, her face now flushed and covered in sweat, Larxene shook her head. Grabbing a soft pink blanket, she covered Xion from the neck down and adjusted her pillow so her head was over the center of it.

Xion looked up at Larxene, confusion clear in her blue eyes. “What? You thought I wouldn’t take care of you while you couldn’t take care of yourself? I told you, I’m your babysitter, if I don’t make certain you’re physically unharmed it’ll be my hide. Now get some rest baby girl, we got a long day tomorrow.”

Xion glared at Larxene for the baby comment, but it changed to a look of confusion when Larxene leaned down into the crib and kissed her on the forehead. Her confusion grew as unknown emotions flooded her mind. As Larxene rose, she reached for something above Xion’s head, and suddenly light blue and white, wavy lines of light covered the crib, the soft sound of a stream filling the room.

Looking up, Xion saw Larxene secure the bar of her crib. The two gazed into each others eyes for a moment, before Larxene turned away, and quickly exited the room. Xion thought about trying to break out of her straight jacket again, but she was really tired, and if she failed the blanket probably wouldn’t be covering her anymore. Closing her eyes, Xion let herself slowly drift to sleep, the soothing sound of the stream causing her to fade in less then a minute.


Well that’s it for this chapter. Xion’s gonna be Larxene’s baby girl weather she likes it or not. What’s it going to be like on missions now for Xion. Find out next chapter! In the mean time, R&R, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask…unless its for spoilers, lol.

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I know this was made a really long time ago, so sorry if im intruding >.< But i just found it and i had to tell you that i really really loved the story. Xions my all time favorite character, and i dont get to see much of her, that and the way you portrayed her and the other characters was brilliant! Keep up the good work cuz you’re an excellent story writer, and um, i’d love to see more of this some day, i tried looking for a next chapter by came up empty ^^; so if it exists and i missed it i apologize.

Re: Kingdom Hearts: Consequences of a Memory Ch. 2

I’d like to see this get continued as well, but seeing as the post itself was actually made a full seven years ago, I don’t really see that happening. It is unfortunate, though, seeing as the necrobumb made me read the whole thing and get invested in it before realizing that it was long since dead.