Kingdom Hearts: Bonds From Nothingness

Kingdom Hearts: Bonds From Nothingness

Hey all, just a little fluff between Namine and Demyx. It’s actually a part of a story/art trade with a friend. Hope everyone enjoys it. On with the show!


The strums of a Sitar echoed through the halls. The origin came from a nobody named Demyx. He had aqua colored eyes, and sandy blond hair. Decked out in the black trench coat that was the organization’s uniform, Demyx was strumming his Sitar to a song he had recently heard on a mission.

Just as he was reaching the end of the song, he was suddenly blasted off his feet by a bolt of lightning. Down the hall stood the only female member of the organization, Larxene. She had green eyes and blond hair with two antenna like strands covering her face. Currently she was marching down the hallway towards the fallen Demyx.

“I thought I told you not to play that crud around me Demyx.” Larxene stated her voice full of sadistic glee.

Demyx groaned as he pulled himself together, and stood up. “Well how am I supposed to keep track of where you are?” He whined. “You’re almost never on this end of the castle!”

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” Larxene replied. She then grinned at Demyx. “Remember what I said I’d do the next time I heard you playing that crud?”

Demyx’s face paled; he remembered what Larxene promised to do to him, she had been very descriptive. Trying to decide the best way to escape, he noticed a folder under Larxene’s arm. “What’s that you have there?”

Larxene blinked at the sudden change of conversation. “This is just a mission file I was assigned. Nothing you need to worry about, I’ll deal with it after I’m done with you.”

Demyx shuffled back a few steps. “W-Wait! I could do the mission for you instead.”

“You?” Larxene questioned. “You’re a lazy bum who barely finishes the few missions assigned to him. Why would I give you this mission?”

“Because it’s late, and you’d be able to relax and go to sleep sooner if I did it instead of wasting your time hurting me and then doing the mission!” Demyx quickly explained.

Larxene tilted her head to one side, considering this. On one hand, she liked the idea of hurting Demyx. On the other, if he handled the mission instead, she’d have the rest of the night free to do as she pleased.

Making up her mind, she tossed the file to Demyx. “It’s all yours, but if you fail, I’ll keep my promise of what I’ll do to you.” She said as she turned to leave.

“Wait!” Demyx called out, causing Larxene to stop. “What’s the mission?”

Larxene gave him an incredulous look; he was holding the mission file in his hand! “You gotta take care of some baby nobody who’s sick, dumb ass.” Larxene stated. “Read the file for the details.” Not wanting to be disturbed again, she quickly opened a dark corridor and left the area.

“A baby!?” Demyx exclaimed. He didn’t have the right skills to take care of a baby! And who would give Larxene, the Savage Nymph, a mission like that!? He was about to go to Saix and return the file when Larxene’s word echoed in his mind.

“If you fail, I’ll keep my promise of what I’ll do to you.”

Demyx shook his head rapidly, and then slapped his face. “Come on man, you can do this! You’ve faced worse then this before.” He said, coaching himself. “If nothing else, do this so Larxene doesn’t…” He shuddered at the thought.

“Okay now think Demyx.” He said to himself, assuming a thinking pose with his chin in his hand. “Babies need bottles for feeding…pacifiers to keep them quiet…diapers to keep them clean…clothes to keep them warm…”

Nodding his head, he opened a dark corridor. “I can do this. I know where I can get those things! This mission will be a cinch!”


An hour later, Demyx was walking through the castle halls towards the room containing the baby nobody. In his possession was a large diaper bag. Not knowing how old the baby was, he had swiped a package of the largest baby diapers he could find, as well as the largest baby clothes he could find. Worst case scenario, he could wrap the baby up in the clothes in case that didn’t fit, and use some duck tape to make the diaper stay on.

Finding the room, Demyx carefully opened the door, slid into the room, and quietly shut the door behind him. The room was dark, only the moonlight shining in the room. Demyx could see a second door to the side, leading to a bathroom, a pair of dressers, and a queen sized bed against the wall.

What was puzzling to Demyx was that there was no sign of a baby in the room. Pausing to think about it, why would the organization be interested in a nobody baby? Nobodies didn’t age, as far as he knew anyways. Did someone try to prank Larxene?

A soft moan drew his attention to the bed. Making his way over, he discovered something was under the blanket and sheets. Pulling them back, he stared at what he saw.

On the bed was what appeared to be thirteen year old girl, twelve at the youngest. She had blond hair, though Demyx couldn’t see her eyes because they were clenched shut. She was dressed in only a simple white, sleeveless and strapped dress.

Demyx scratched his head. He was supposed to take care of a baby nobody, not an almost teenage nobody, and a girl at that. Shaking his head, he pulled out the file Larxene had given him and began reading.

As it turned out, he was supposed to take care of the girl. The file stated she was different to other nobodies due to the way she was created, and was attuned to both the light and the dark. Her true powers were yet to be determined, which was another reason why the organization was willing to care for her. She was also only a few days old.

Another moan drew his attention back to the girl. Taking a closer look at her, he noticed the girl’s dress was nearly see through due to the amount of sweat the girl was exhibiting; her hair sticking to her face. The girl was currently curled up in a ball, holding a pillow against her stomach. There was also a large wet spot on the bed, the bottom of her dress tinted yellow.

Demyx bit his lip; he could see how sick this girl was, and knew he was partially at fault. Had he just read the file earlier, he could have been caring for her for an hour now. Sure he had screwed up before, but never like this before. He narrowed his eyes; he wouldn’t fail, not this time.

Taking the girl into his arms, he carried her to the bathroom, bumping the light switch to turn on the lights. Setting her down on the floor, Demyx went to the bath tub and turned the knobs, starting the water. Turning around, her went back to the girl, and took a deep breath.

‘Come on Demyx, the girl is sick.’ He tried to reason with himself. ‘If she could undress on her own she would have changed by now. She would have taken a shower by now. You gotta do this for her or she could die…she could die…’

Narrowing his eyes, Demyx resolved to do what he needed in order to care for the girl. Grabbing the hem of the dress, he carefully lifted the dress up and over the girl’s head, pulling her arms through the straps. Blushing, he saw that she didn’t wear a bra.

Physically slapping himself, he moved on. Grabbing the girl’s stained panties, he slid them down her legs, leaving the girl bare. Blushing now, his attention was suddenly diverted as he felt something wet soak through his coat. Turning around, he saw the tub was overflowing.

With a squeak, he leapt over to the tub and quickly shut off the water. Plunging his arm into the tub water, he pulled the plug, and drained half the tub’s water. Feeling that it was cool through his sleeve, Demyx turned the knob for the warm water, and waited till it was three quarters full.

After testing the water and nodding his head in approval, Demyx went back over to the girl. Doing his best to ignore her nudity, he picked her up and carried her over to the tub. Kneeling down, he carefully set her down in the tub.

The girl took a startled breath, opening her eyes in surprise. Demyx saw she had a pair of sky blue eyes. Her eyes became half lidded as she rested her head against the tub, and let out a sigh of relief.

“Hey kid.” Demyx whispered. “Can you talk?” The girl said remained still and silent, giving no indication of hearing him.

Sighing, Demyx stood up, and went over to the closet next to the door. Opening it, he pulled out a couple of towels, a wash cloth, and a bar of soap. Shutting the toiled lid with his foot, he set the supplies down on it, and grabbed both the wash cloth and soap.

Wetting the wash cloth, and lathering it up with the soap, Demyx took a moment to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to do. Taking a chance, he asked, “You able to clean yourself, or do I have to do it?” Getting no response after a minute, Demyx sighed, before getting to work cleaning the girl’s body.

Fifteen minutes and a trip to the closet to get a bottle of shampoo later, Demyx pulled the plug in the tub, letting the water drain out. Checking the girl, he pulled off his glove and held his hand to her forehead. She still felt warm.

Replacing the plug, Demyx turned the water on again, this time setting the water for a slightly cooler setting. Once it was three quarters full, he turned the water off and checked on the girl. She was simply lying against the tub, motionless.

Concerned, Demyx carefully opened the girl’s eye lid with his gloveless hand. That got an reaction from her, as both eyes widened and she straightened up. Seeing that she was responsive, he removed his hand and stood up.

“I’m gonna clean up some of this water now, okay?” Demyx asked, referring to the mess he’d made earlier. The girl raised her head towards him, and nodded briefly. Demyx smiled, and nodded back before summoning his Sitar.

Strumming a few notes, the water on the floor rose into the air, forming the shape of several small orbs. Walking out of the bathroom, he strummed another note, causing the orbs to float out after him. Remembering the mess on the bed, Demyx strummed a few more notes, causing the yellow liquid to rise from the bed.

Opening the window, Demyx strummed his Sitar once again, causing the liquids to float out the window. Strumming a final time, liquid ceased to float, and dropped out of Demyx’s sight. As he went to close the window he heard a loud yell come from below. Freezing for a moment, he then quickly slammed the window shut, turned around, and walked back to the bathroom, whistling an off key tune.

Entering the bathroom, Demyx knelt next to the tub and lifted the girl’s hand out. “You feeling any better?” he asked. The girl looked at him, not saying a word. Demyx sighed. “Do you even know how to talk?”

The girl opened her mouth, only for a gurgling sound to emerge from it. She winced, and raised her free hand to her throat. “You have a sore throat.” Demyx stated. “Well, I’ll get you a drink of something soon.” The girl nodded her head in understanding. Looking down at the hand he was holding, Demyx saw the skin was beginning to prune.

“Lets get you out of there; pruned skin is never a good thing.” He stated. Letting go of her hand, Demyx reached over to the toilet, and pulled one of the towels off it. Laying it out on the floor next to the tub, Demyx turned back to the girl, slid his arms under her, and lifted her out of the tub.

Placing the girl onto the towel, he quickly grabbed a second one from the toilet and wrapped it around her, as the girl began to shiver. Demyx did his best to carefully dry the girl’s skin and hair for the next ten minutes, using up another towel before wrapping her up in the fourth. It was then that a thought occurred to him; he didn’t have any clothes for her to wear.

Demyx bit his lip; he didn’t want to leave this girl alone for too long, something might happen if he made a run to get her clothes that fit. That was when he remembered the supply run he had made.

‘I know there’s at least one shirt that should fit her.’ Demyx thought to himself. ‘But I don’t have any underwear for her…she did wet the bed, would one of the diapers fit her? I guess there’s only one way to find out. I just hope she doesn’t get mad once she’s feeling better.’

Nodding to himself, Demyx carefully pulled the girl into his arms, and lifted her up off the floor. Exiting the bathroom, he made his way over to the bed, and laid her down on it, making certain the towel was under as much of her as possible. “I don’t suppose you have the strength to dress yourself?” he asked.

The girl merely closed her eyes, causing Demyx to sigh. Walking back towards the door, he picked up the diaper bag he had brought in, and carried it over to the bed. Reaching in, he pulled out a package of diapers, a bottle of baby powder, a package of pacifiers, a package of baby bottles, and a pile of baby clothes. Sorting through the pile of clothes, Demyx found a white baby dress that he was fairly sure could at least cover the girl’s chest.

“I’m going to dress you now.” Demyx announced. “I just wanted to give you fair warning.” The girl nodded her head in understanding.

Demyx helped her sit upright before tugging the top of the towel off. Doing his best not to look at the girl’s body, he pulled the baby dress down over the girl’s head, and helped filter her arms through the straps. As he thought, the dress was big enough to cover her chest, but it barely reached her belly button.

Lying her down on her back, Demyx carefully lifted the girl up by her legs, and adjusted the towel so it would be laid out under her. Lowering her onto the towel, he turned back to the supplies and sighed. Opening the bottle of baby powder, and grabbing a diaper from the package, he muttered, “Here goes nothing.”

Opening the diaper fully, Demyx, grabbed the girl’s ankles, lifted her off the towel, and slid the diaper under her bum. Grabbing the powder, he shook some onto her bum before setting her down. Shaking some more onto the girl’s front, Demyx grabbed the front of the diaper and lifted it up between the girl’s legs.

Wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible, Demyx pushed the front of the diaper over the girl’s front, and held it there with one hand. Reaching for the back flap, he found the tape and ripped it open, before pulling it tightly across the front cover. Repeating the process on the other side, Demyx sighed in relief; the diaper did fit, and he was done with dressing and undressing her.

Putting the diaper bag on the floor, Demyx slid all the supplies off the edge of the bed, some of them falling into the bag, others onto the floor. Paying it no mind, he gently rolled the girl onto one side, and pulled the towel out from under her. Rolling her back, he threw the towel over his shoulder.

“I’m going to go get you that drink now.” Demyx told her. “Will you be okay without me for a couple of minutes?”

The girl looked at him for a moment before nodding her head. Demyx smile, and to his own surprise, ruffled the girl’s hair. The girl blinked at the unexpected jester, but smiled back at him. An unknown feeling overtook Demyx at the sight, causing him to feel…warm. Shaking his head, he formed a dark corridor behind himself, and quickly exited.


Exiting the corridor, Demyx entered the kitchen, which consisted of a large counter, a dozen cupboards and cabinets, and three refrigerators. Walking over to the nearest refrigerator, he opened it, and pulled out a jug of apple juice. Opening an overhead cupboard, he pulled a large glass down, and poured the juice into it.

“Slacking off on your mission number nine?” A voice questioned, causing Demyx to turn. Standing behind him was Larxene with what looked like a cherry flavored slurpy in her hand. “I can always fulfill my promise to punish you.” She said gleefully.

“The glass is for her.” Demyx said. “I’m on my way back now.”

“How is the sicky?” Larxene asked.

Demyx thought carefully about how to answer. “She was sweating a lot.” He said slowly. “So I used my water abilities to try and lower her body temperature. She has a sore throat, and is probably close to dehydration given the amount of sweat she exerted.”

Larxene blinked. “That actually sounded intelligent.”

“Water is my field of expertise, just as lightning is yours.” Demyx replied.

Larxene shrugged her shoulders. “I guess. Can’t believe you’re actually on top of things for once.”

“Me neither.” Demyx said, laughing lightly as he leaned back against the counter. Larxene looked at him, confused by his actions. “When I first saw her, it struck me how sick, how helpless she was. That was when it hit me that she needed me to help her to survive.”

Larxene opened her mouth to say something, but found she didn’t have a retort. Demyx continued. “Me of all people! I’m actually making a difference in her existence. When I told her I was going to get her something to drink, she actually smiled at me. Knowing that I was making a difference, and that she recognized that and appreciated my efforts was a powerful moment for me…it made me feel…happy.”

Demyx looked over at Larxene, who was still trying to find something to say. “I know this was your mission, but I think it’s really helped me out. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m accomplishing something, truly accomplishing something.” He smiled at her. “Thank you for letting me do this mission Larxene. In the long run, I think this mission will help me become a better person, err, nobody.”

Holding out his hand in front of himself, a dark corridor appeared. Demyx walked through it, the corridor closing behind him. Larxene stood there, staring at the spot Demyx had just occupied.

While it was true nobodies couldn’t feel emotions like a real person or somebody could, they could indeed feel emotions on a lesser scale. Larxene didn’t know what it was, but something about Demyx’s words caused some feeling to stir inside of her. Not liking not knowing what it was, Larxene opened a dark corridor to the training room, intending to blast some of the lesser nobodies to let out some frustration.


Arriving back at the room, Demyx found the girl just as he left her. She was simply staring at the ceiling, her face an expressionless mask. Clearing his throat, Demyx announced, “I’m back.”

The girl turned her head towards him, and upon confirming it was him, gave out a tired smile. Demyx found the smile infectious, and began smiling himself as he made his way to the bed and sat down. “I’ll help you up.”

Demyx saw the girl nod her head in understanding. Taking is free arm, he slid it behind the girl’s neck, snaked it under the girl’s shoulder blades, and carefully lifted her till she was sitting upright. With the drink in his other hand, he moved it close to her face where he was sure she could see it.

The girl opened her mouth slightly, and Demyx carefully put the glass to her lips. Tilting it up slightly, a small amount of juice slid into the girl’s mouth. The girl swallowed the juice, licking her lips to get more. Demyx tilted the glass more, causing more of the juice to slide down to the girl’s waiting mouth.

For a few seconds everything seemed fine, until the girl suddenly began coughing, causing juice to spill from her mouth. Demyx quickly pulled the glass away, setting it down on the floor, and rubbed the girl’s back. A minute later the girl stopped coughing, and Demyx laid her back onto the bed.

“This isn’t going to work.” Demyx stated, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. “You need liquids when you’re not feeling well though to get better…” His gaze fell on the diaper bag.

Moving over to it, he check the pile of supplies he had made after dumping them off the bed, and found the package of baby bottles. “This might work.” He said as he tore open the package and pulled one out.

Unscrewing the lid, Demyx grabbed the glass on the floor, and carefully poured the contents into the baby bottle. Screwing the lid back on, he knelt down beside the bed, next to the girl, and carefully lifted the girl partially up. “Sorry, but this is the only thing I can think of that’ll work.” Demyx said.

The girl looked at him questioningly, until she saw the baby bottle. Opening her mouth, Demyx slid the bottle’s nipple into her mouth and held it there. The pair stayed like that for a minute, until the girl looked up at him with a confused expression.

“You need to suck on it.” Demyx explained. “Like a straw.”

Realization filled the girl’s eyes, and she gave an experimental suck on the nipple. A small amount of juice entered her mouth, which she quickly swallowed. Not at all satisfied with amount, she suckled several more times till she had a mouthful of juice.

For the next five minutes, Demyx would support the girl while she drank from the bottle, adjusting his grip when necessary. Finally, when the bottle was empty, he pulled it from her mouth, and laid her back down on the bed. “Was that good?” he asked.

The girl nodded her head, before suddenly hiccupping. A few seconds later, she did so again. She grabbed her throat as she hiccupped a third time. Demyx was confused at the sudden appearance of the hiccups.

“What could have caused this?” He asked, and moved to scratch his head, only to feel the bottle against it. Looking at it, he scratched his chin thoughtfully. “I wonder.”

Going back to the package, he looked at the informational strip. Reading it, he realized what happened. Going back to the girl, he sat her upright, and began patting her back. After the third pat, the girl let out a loud, wet burp.

“Feeling better now?” Demyx asked. The girl nodded her head, blushing. Taking note of this, Demyx placed a hand to her forehead. “You sure, you’re face is going red.” The girl nodded her head again. “Well, okay then. Is there anything I can do you now?”

The girl shook her head, no. Nodding in understanding, Demyx helped her lay back on the bed. “I guess the only thing we can do now is let you get some sleep. Rest helps when you’re sick, or so I hear.”

To his surprise, the girl frowned, and blinked her eyes several times. This confused Demyx. “Are you still thirsty?” Head shake. “Are you hungry?” Head shake. Demyx thought about what they had just spoken about. “Are you not sleepy?”

The girl nodded her head. Demyx crossed his arms in thought. “Well you need your rest, so how do we go about helping you sleep? Hmm…” Remembering how helpful the diaper bag and supplies had been thus far, Demyx went back to the pile on the floor and began sorting through them.

Upon reading the strip on the package of pacifiers, several ideas came to Demyx. Opening the package, he pulled out a pacifier, and made his way back to the girl’s side of the bed. “Try suckling on this; it’s said to help sooth kids.” He explained.

The girl opened her mouth, and Demyx placed the pacifier in her mouth. He watched her suckle on it for a few seconds before grabbing a chair from the corner, and pulling it up close to the bed. Sitting down, he summoned his Sitar.

“A song might help you sleep.” Demyx said, gaining the girl’s attention. “I heard this one on one of my missions a while ago. It doesn’t have any words, and was played by another instrument, but I think it’ll help.”

The girl nodded her head, and Demyx began playing his Sitar. The song was a soft melody that seemed almost soothing. The girl visibly relaxed as Demyx played his Sitar. Both Demyx and the girl closed their eyes, and got lost in the melody.

Time passed, and when Demyx opened his eyes, he saw the girl was asleep, still suckling on her pacifier. Smiling at the cute sight, he drew the sheets and blankets over her, before sitting back in his chair. He didn’t want to risk going back to his room to sleep, and something happening while he was away, so he made himself comfortable. It was going to be a long night.


Several hours would pass before the female nobody work up. Rubbing her eyes, she slowly pushed herself upright, still suckling the pacifier in her mouth. While she still didn’t feel all that great, she felt a lot better then she did the previous night.

Stretching a bit, she heard a crinkling sound below her. Blinking in confusion, she pulled back the blanket and sheet to reveal her diaper. She began to blush as she realized she must have wet herself in her sleep, as she could see the front of her diaper was discolored. Still, the padding and the warmth it provided wasn’t completely uncomfortable.

Shaking her head, the girl looked to her right. Slumped over in a chair was Demyx’s sleeping form. Her eyes softened as she remembered how he tried so hard to take care of her the previous night. Pulling her pacifier out of her mouth, she tried using her voice.

“Hey.” The girl coughed once, then cleared her throat to try again. “Mister?”

Demyx didn’t respond, so the girl shuffled over to the edge of the bed, reached out, and shook his leg. She watched as he stirred for a moment, before he opened his eyes and rubbed them. Blinking a few times, he then saw the smiling form of the girl sitting in front of him.

“Hey, you’re awake!” Demyx said.

“Yes.” The girl replied, nodding her head.

“And you can talk now too. That’s great! You feeling any better?”

“Better compared to last night. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“You’re welcome…err, I just realized I don’t know your name.”

The girl smiled at him. “My name is Namine.”

“I like that name. Mine’s Demyx, number nine of Organization Thirteen.” Demyx said.

“Nice to meet you.” Namine said

“Yeah.” Demyx said. He scratched the back of his head. “I, um, wanted to apologize for not getting here sooner last night.”

Namine tilted her head to one side. “Huh?”

“Someone else was supposed to take care of you.” Demyx explained. “They were going to beat me up, and well, I offered to do their mission for them if they didn’t. They said it was to take care of some baby nobody, and I didn’t even look at the file before I left to get supplies. If I had looked, I would have been here an hour earlier to take care of you.”

“I assume by supplies, you mean all this?” Namine asked, waving her arm over herself and towards the diaper bag.

“Yeah.” Demyx replied.

“Well, don’t worry about it.” Namine said, gaining a confused look. “If you didn’t get the dress, I’d have had nothing to wear. If you hadn’t diapered me, I’d be sitting in a wet bed right now.” Namine blushed at that, but continued.

“If you hadn’t had the baby bottle to feed me with, it would have taken longer to feed me, and possibly required another trip. And if it wasn’t for this paci and your music, it would have taken me forever to get to sleep last night. So everything worked out in the end.”

Demyx stared at Namine for a minute, before smiling at her. “Thanks Namine. I’m not exactly the most dependable guy in the organization, so hearing that you’re okay with everything is…” he trailed off, not knowing the right words to use.

Namine smiled at him, and patted his leg. “You’re welcome Demyx.” She paused for a moment, trying to think of something to say. “Do you play your music a lot?”

Demyx blinked, before summoning his Sitar. “Yeah, I have to practice a lot. My Sitar allows me to control water. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t like rocking out every once and a while.” He paused for a moment. “What do you like to do?”

Namine placed a finger to her lips. “I’m not sure.” She confessed. “I know I like colorful things, like rainbows and such, so maybe drawing or coloring?”

“That’s interesting.” Demyx replied. “I once heard a song about a rainbow before.”

“Do you know how it goes?” Namine asked, interested.

Demyx thought for a moment. “I think I can, but you’ll have to keep in mind I don’t have all the right instruments, and don’t remember all the lyrics.”

“That’s fine.” Namine said, placing her hands on her lap.

Demyx strummed his Sitar a few times, trying to recall all he could about the song. Taking a few minutes to get the melody down, he then nodded his head. He was ready. He began playing the song, nodding his head with the music, and finally began to sing.

[i]Oh oh oh oh…

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dream of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true

Some day I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemondrops
High above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dare to
Why, oh why can’t I?
One day I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemondrops
High above the chimney top
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dare to
Why, oh why can’t I?

Oh oh oh oh…
Demyx played the last few notes before growing silent. Namine clapped her hands. “That was great Demyx! You have a great voice. Do you sing songs like that all the time?”

“Actually I prefer more rock and roll style of music instead of this kind.” Demyx admitted.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be good at whatever you put your mind too.” Namine said, smiling. At that moment, her stomach chose to growl. Loudly.

Demyx chuckled as he saw Namine blush. “Sounds like somebody’s hungry. But first I think we need to get you cleaned up. Can you walk?”

“Let’s find out.” Namine said. She turned herself over, and used her hands to push herself off the bed. Upright, her legs shook unsteadily, before she fell back onto Demyx. “I guess not.”

“Well, I can help you to the bathroom, but it’ll be up to you to clean yourself up.” Demyx said.

“That’s fine.” Namine said. She then surprised him by hugging him. “Thanks again for taking care of me while I’m sick.”

Demyx was frozen for a few seconds, before he slowly wrapped his arms around Namine, returning her hug. “You’re welcome Namine.”

Holding Namine in his arms, knowing what he had done for her, and knowing that she truly appreciated his efforts was something that would stick with Demyx for the rest of his days.


Well, that’s it for this story. Hope you all enjoyed it. The version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was by Jason Castro. For those of you who like listening to music during scenes, I was listening to the Bleach OST 1 song, “Going Home” since the second Larxene/Demyx scene.

Like I said, hope you all enjoyed it.