King of the Hill ABDL Fanfic

King of the Hill ABDL Fanfic

NOTE: This is your typical story, but with a King of the Hill twist.

I was watching one of my favorite animated sitcoms, King of the Hill, and was watching the Season 6 premiere, “Bobby Goes Nuts” and thought that this would make a great alternative ending ABDL fanfic. So here goes nothing. NOTE: The pre-kick part is directly derived from the episode script.

“Bobby, it’s time for you to learn how to fight like a man”

Hank and Bobby were about to start training in the garage, trying to teach Bobby boxing as a result of him taking a women’s self-defense class at the local YMCA, and using the teachings of the class to kick a few kids in the testicles, thus suspending him from school.

“This, Bobby, is the belt line. You never ever hit below that. Always above. Never below. Cassius Clay never hit below the belt.” Hank explains, showing Bobby the proper boxing technique.

“But, Dad, if I’m in a fight with someone who wants me to literally eat dirt you’re telling me I shouldn’t do the one thing that’s gonna save me.”, as Bobby shows how to kick someone in the testicles.

“You learned a move in a woman’s self-defense class. You are not a woman.”
“But it works.”
Son, I’m gonna show you how to fight above the belt. Here. They’re my old YMCA gloves.
Put them on."
“Now, Bobby, just to warn you you’re probably gonna have to take a couple of shots before you learn how to protect yourself properly. Now, get your gloves up like this.”
“Keep your hands up, Bobby, and move a little. Don’t just stand there like a pole. Come on.”
“Come on. You’re not moving.”
“I am too! I’m backing away from you!”
“Come on, from side to side, Son.”
“Like this. See? Come on. Come on. Here we go. Okay. Okay, now try to hit me with a punch, as hard as you can. Come on. You leave your face open, you’re gonna get popped.”
“See? See? Pop? Pop? See?”
“[grunting] [screaming] You left yourself open, Dad.” as Bobby punches his dad square in the testicles.

“Pop, pop.”

After Hank was done with the paramedics, Hank and Peggy enter the den to discuss Bobby’s punishment for his actions. (Setting note: Also known as Luanne’s room for some seasons)

“Peggy, he kicjed me in the testicles. He needs to be punished.”
“I agree, what do you think though? Taking his Game Boy does nothing, taking his TV does nothing, grounding him does nothing…”
“I don’t know…it has to be something that works though, because crap like that has to stop, and I can’t kick his ass”
“Alright we’ll think about it and talk later”
“Oh, and Peg, can you get me a bag of peas?”

After dinner that night, Peggy went to Bobby’s room to talk to him about his actions.

“Bobby, you screwed up for sure this time” said Peggy, disappointed in her son’s actions.
“How bad is it?”, Bobby asked, concerned for his dad.
“Well, he’s going to be in a chair for a week and he’s hurting.”
“I’m in trouble I guess…dangit.”
“Yeah, you’re grounded right now at least…but me and your dad have to figure out something different so they’ll definitely be more than just grounding. We’ll talk in the morning. Goodnight son.”
“Night mom”

After everyone went to bed, Peggy started working on her iMac computer, looking for creative punishments for Bobby. They’ve tried everything, and they’re out of options, until Peggy finds something. She stumbles on a chat room for parents looking for creative punishments.

BoggleChamp95: I have a 13 yo who just kicked his father in the balls
AlabamaMomma: spanking?
BoggleChamp95: done.
AlabamaMomma: grounding?
BoggleChamp95: done.
AlabamaMomma: chores?
BoggleChamp95: done.
AlabamaMomma: diapers?
BoggleChamp95: Diapers?
AlabamaMomma: yeah diaper punishment. Make him use diapers instead of the toilet for a few weeks or months. I’ve tried it and it works.
BoggleChamp95: Really? People actually do this?
AlabamaMomma: Yeah
BoggleChamp95: A lot to think about. Thanks for the held

“Hmm, diaper punishment? This might be interesting”, Peggy contemplates.