Kind of Short for Halloween By:Long_Rifle

Kind of Short for Halloween By: Long_Rifle

Well, I wanted to get something else done for the month. Something along a new tact for me. I think this might work. -Short- -Very- -Short- Sorry, this is just a little quickie. Two days late ain’t too bad, right?

Tiffany sipped at her drink. Watered down watermelon pucker. It wasn’t her favorite, but it was the only thing at the table she could stomach. Her head bobbed to the music, and her legs moved a bit, but it was still early, and the party wasn’t in full swing. “This is the worst part…” She said with a sigh.

“What is the worst part?” A masculine voice asked from behind her.

She turned and stared at the stranger while she took another sip. “The start.” Her answer seemed to surprise him, she decided since she was bored to enlighten him further. “When people just start to filter in, and before there’s enough alcohol and sex pushing everyone to relax and have fun.”

He slightly nodded, and smiled. “I suppose so. I just thought you were talking about the party in general. But yes, this is the worst part….”

She smiled back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

“Neville. Though I have a few names. Why don’t you call me Toby?”

She gave him a strange look and then started to look for something else to do instead of talk to him. “Okay Toby…. And why are you so concerned about what I think about the party?”

“I guess because it’s mine. I just love Halloween. So many people finally allowing shards and pieces of their true intentions and desires out. And least symbolically. That’s the only reason I do these. To see so much human desire and truth, it’s honestly what keeps me going I guess.” His eyes traced her body. “It’s the reason I was walking towards you, and decided to have a little talk.”

Tiffany took a big gulp of her drink, leaving nothing but ice behind. She motioned towards her costume. Just kind of flicking her hands at it, “This isn’t anything personal, or a desire of mine, I just slapped it together.” She picked at her shirt, “I didn’t plan on being a baby or anything. It just happened to be what I could do on short notice. A towel, a few pins and a cute shirt. I almost didn’t come. I didn’t get the night off till this morning, so I improvised.”

He laughed. It was an odd combination of evil, and tinny pixy. “If only it was that easy.” He said, wiping his eyes. “I believe what choices we make are a clear example of our impulses and desires.” He pointed towards a corner, by another drink table. A young woman was talking up a man. “That’s a perfect example. Look at that and tell me what you think.”

Tiffany studied them for a few seconds. “He’s a man, so he’s horny. But not enough liquid balls yet to make his move. He’s dressed like a cowboy, so that probably means he’s never seen a farm or prairie his whole life. But wants to I imagine.” She turned her attention to the woman. “Lithe, dorky hair. A crappy dog costume made using a brown sleeper she probably actually wears to bed. She’s a book worm, usually studies. Tonight she’s looking for some action, and she’ll use the excuse of being drunk later to make her feel better about being such a flirty, horny, tease.” Tiffany turned back to Toby. “Did I get it close?”

His smile seemed manic now. As if he was excited by just having the conversation with her. Tiffany decided she was going to hide from him the rest of the night as soon as she could get away from him. He pursed his lips and set his finger on his chin, “I think that’s a good place to start.” He kept his eyes on the mystery woman as he spoke. “She’s here to let her urges out. Halloween is a great time to do something so primal. She does this every year.”

“She does what every year? Wears a costume and fucks strangers?” She laughed at her own little crude joke.

“She lets herself go. That part of us that we hide all year. This is her release. She gets to be the cute little puppy. The animal with no self control. Looking for a master to lead her around on a leash. The thing that she uses to keep her in check the rest of the year.” His voice took on a darker tone. “She wouldn’t want to be that all the time. She wants her own life. A job, an education, a lover that respects her and treats her like an equal.”

Tiffany nodded, and started moving towards the closest drinks, shaking her empty cup to emphasize what she was doing. “That all sounds normal. Everybody needs to vent. And I doubt many people really want to live like this everyday. Otherwise it wouldn’t really be that fun right?” The watermelon pucker was gone. There was nothing left but apple and strawberry. “I’m sure she’ll get to have plenty of fun in her life.” She added while she poured the strawberry into her cup. “Even if it is only a few days a year.”

“Of course. I think that’s what everyone needs. A little more fun in their lives! And why not give them exactly what they so desire right? They should have fun every day! Just be the real them! Let it all out…” He said it more as a statement of fact then a question. But she answered anyways.

“Because that’s not how things work. We all have responsibilities. It’s hard enough to spend a day here or there relaxing. And some desires are better left crammed into a dark corner in your head, you know what I mean?” She tasted the new flavor, and found it wasn’t as bad as she remembered. She stared towards the couple, it looked like she was panting and quietly barking at the guy now. He had a smile on his face and was gently patting the top of her head. “Looks like she’s gonna let some of it out anyways. And mister cowboy apparently gets off on that kind of shit.” She looked back at Toby, “Good for them, let her get her freak on a little.”

His smile never faltered, he gave a slight nod back in their direction. “Of course. But what if it was something else? What if she wasn’t just letting it out tonight?”

Tiffany had finally had enough, she could see the guy was getting more then a little excited watching them. “Sure… Whatever you perv…” She said as she took a few steps away. As she moved she glanced back towards the woman. She stopped in her tracks and stared as she openly licked the side of the cowboys face and barked. Much louder this time, Tiffany could see spit running down her chin. She wanted to turn away, but much like a train wreck, she couldn’t stop staring.

“Isn’t it something? What was buried in that cute head of hers? I bet she starts humping his leg before to long.” He sounded pleased as he spoke. As if what they were looking at was something almost normal. “I wonder if she’s so excited she’s tinkling in those jammies of her’s, what do you think Tiffy?”

She was horrified that he knew her name. But the scene in front of her seemed more important, “Did you spike her drink or something!” She wanted to go over, tell them to cut it out. To find a room. But she felt too embarrassed for all of them to actually do it. She turned back to the strange man as she pointed at them. “This is your fucking party! Do something about it! She’s going to want to die if this gets out!”

He finally looked away from them to Tiffany. “Oh… I think she won’t mind to much. But I think we can do something about that costume of hers. It is rather childish isn’t it?” He snapped his fingers.

Tiffany wanted to kick him in the balls, her anger at his lack of empathy finally pushed her to do something. To save whatever dignity the woman still had. She kept her eyes down at her feet as she stomped over to them. Waiting until she was only a feet feet away before looking up. What she saw made her screech to a halt. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged as she took in something much worse then she had expected.

“Now that’s what I call a world class costume! I bet they’ll win some trophies with that!” Toby called out, she thought she could hear him slow clapping.

Tiffany wanted to say something back. Something that would put him in his place. But she couldn’t stop looking at what had changed so much in an instant. The brown pajamas were gone. In their place was a large collared harness, like a person would use on a real dog. The rest of her body was nude, except for a large brown colouring that had been painted on her skin. Her hands and feet painted to resemble white paws, and as she got closer Tiffany could see a large black patch around one eye, and on her nose. The girl had stopped licking and was panting as she pawed at the mans chest. "Hey, are you okay? She asked as she reached out and touched her on the shoulder.

The woman turned from the man and smiled at her wildly. Her tongue hung out as she bounded off him, and set her weight on Tiffany. She started to bark and lick her as her whole body seemed to wiggle madly.

“Woah!” Tiffany cried out, trying to get away from the tongue bath. She took a step back and felt her feet slip in something wet. She glanced towards her feet and saw droplets of liquid running from between the crazy girls legs and onto the floor and her feet. “Fuck! She’s fucking pissing on me!” She tried to push harder to wiggle free, but with the added weight of the woman leaning on her she fell down onto her butt. She tried to stand up, but the crazy lady had followed her all the way to the floor. She had squatted down onto her legs and started smelling at Tiffanies diaper. “Now that’s enough!” She screamed at her. But the mystery woman didn’t move, instead she seemed to find what she was looking for, pushing into the side of the diaper and slipping her tongue inside. Tiffany screeched and back peddled on the floor. Her diaper crinkled loudly as she moved as fast as she could, but the woman seemed to keep up. Until she suddenly jolted to a halt. Stopped by an unseen force, Tiffany kept sliding backwards. But the crazy bitch started barking and yapping as she tried to lunge back towards her prize.

The man dressed as a cowboy tipped his hat in his hands. “I’m sorry little lady. Precious here just loves playing with little kids. Maybe next time I can have a talk with your parents and you two can run around outside a little.”

Tiffany brushed her hair back, and slowly stood. Her diaper had shifted, making a bulge that caused her legs to bow out when she stood. She looked at him, and saw he had a leash in his hand, and it went straight to the woman’s harness. Tiffany took a step towards him, the bugle gave her a pronounced waddle. With the fight over she could easily smell the woman’s accident on the floor. It made her want to grab the towel diaper around her waist and adjust it, but she didn’t want to do anything so juvenile in front of him. The idea that he would act like she was to young to play their perverted game made her mad. “Run around outside with her like that? Are you insane! She needs to go to the hospital! She’s either drugged or having a psychotic break! At least put her clothes back on!”

Toby walked up next to her, he gave her a glance and then addressed the man. “I’m sorry about all that. I’m sure Tiffy’s mommy will love a play date with your pup.” Tiffany’s arm shot out, aimed for his kidney. He put his hand out and caught her elbow with ease. “You can see she’s just a little over tired. Let me take care of her and you two enjoy yourselves.” With a tip of his hat and a smile the cowboy walked over to a set of chairs and sat down. The woman plopped down between his legs and kept panting as she looked at everything going on around them, drool dripped down her painted chin. Toby stepped behind Tiffany and grabbed her other elbow and gently turned her away from them, carefully walking her towards a doorway. “Fascinating. I wonder if she’ll get any tonight…” He said.

She wanted to scream. “Get any! She’s so fucked up it would be like rape! Fuck, it would be rape!” She kept trying to get her feet to plant, to stop from being taken away. But her shoes kept slipping and sliding. She violently struggled and screamed. “Let me go!” Finally he stopped and flipped her around so they were facing each other. She stomped her foot. “Let me go you sick fuck! That isn’t legal! I’m not going to let him do anything to her like that!”

He grabbed her chin in his hand and held her face in front of his own. “It’s simple Tiffy. So simple a child could figure it out. Do you need me to spell it out for you?” She spit at him, it landed on his shirt and soaked in. He sighed and moved behind her. Tiffany was shocked at the sudden speed, one second he was in front of her, holding her face. The next he was behind her, guiding her head with his hand, carefully pointing people in the crowd out to her.

“Let’s get this over quick shall we.” He said, excitement started to edge back into his voice. He pointed her at the dog woman. “Dog costume. Now acts like a puppy.” He jerked her head away and towards another person. A slight Asian man dressed in a skimpy dress and bright makeup was grinding against another man. “Slut costume, slut.” She barely had time to take it in before he had something new in her face. Adults barely dressed were acting like they didn’t have any cares in the entire world. Two pixy’s laughed and giggled as they touched and stroked each other. Loud mooing and grunts came from another room. Tiffany’s anger started to boil over, when he suddenly stopped moving her, leaving her staring at a woman barely out of college. Her hair was done like something a conservative mother would want. She was wearing too tight pants, and a shirt that had MILF written on it. Toby put his mouth close to Tiffany’s ear. “And the final one for the night here. Before I go to the next party and do it all again.”

Tiffany just wanted to punch him as the woman kept staring at her. An odd, detached look in her eyes. “I thought you said this was your party you lying fuck bag!” She said through clenched teeth.

Toby laughed. The tinny quality was back. “And it is. As is any party on this day. It’s that special time of year for me when I get to play. Now why don’t you watch closely Tiffy. This one is for you.”

She struggled as he said that. Hearing the childish nickname made her actually scream. It died in her throat as the woman in front of her suddenly started to change. Physically she stayed the same, but the clothes started to move and writhe on her body. Colours changed, patterns appeared. Through it all Toby talked.

“It’s a simple little party trick. Take what you humans hide behind your everyday personality and give it a switch.” He stopped and let that sink in as the clothes on the woman finally settled into a simple pair of jeans, soft sneakers, and a shirt with a colourful heart that said “Mommies are real angels” on it. He moved his head and switched to Tiffanie’s other ear. “I just let the real personality come out! Why don’t you give it a try?” He said as he released her and popped her on the bottom. There was a loud crinkle of plastic as she took a few steps away from him. The woman looked like she was coming around as well, she was blinking and starting to look around.

Tiffany turned away from her, and back to Toby. “Why don’t I try to fuck you up instead?” She said. All modesty fled as she grabbed the top of her towel and pulled it up, trying to get it out from between her legs. A slick plastic met her touch, and the crinkle seemed louder as she moved it. She looked down and gasped at the perfectly rendered disposable diaper that she was now wearing. She looked up in shock and then started trying to cover it up with her hands as she looked around her. Several people had been looking at her, but quickly looked away as she met their gaze. Her head snapped back to Toby. “How the hell did you do this?” She asked.

He put his hands up and rolled his eyes. “I let the costume make the choice silly dilly.”

The meaning behind his words started to slip in when she felt warm hands on her shoulders. And a feminine voice softly ask, “Are you okay sweetie?”

“Wait!” She yelled in shock as his words finally struck home. She stepped away from the woman and back into his arms. She grabbed his shirt and started to shake her head violently back and forth. “This isn’t me! I don’t want this! I just wanted a quick costume!”

He smiled at her, then looked past her to the woman behind her. Tiffany could feel her warmth as she crept closer to them. “I think this little stinky one is yours?” He said softly.

A wave of warmth and tingles seemed to strike her as he said it. Tiffany closed her eyes and stepped back, into the arms of the woman. She felt an arm wrap around her chest, and a hand gently grab the back of her diaper and pull it away. She wiggled and tried to get away. “I guess she’s not poopy.” The warm voice said. Tiffany turned and looked at her as she tried jumping up and down to get free. “I bet she’s just wet then…”

The tingles again, stronger. Centered on her warm diaper. “So warm……” She murmured as she looked down at the abomination wrapped around her. The weight of the woman’s hand was back, gently sitting on the diaper above her butt and slowly sliding down, between he legs. The tingles seemed to follow it. Tiffany bit her lip and moaned as she sat back into the gentle hand. “Warmmmmmm……” She slurred as the area between her legs seemed to get even warmer.

“Oh, she’s just such a little pee pee monster!” The woman said. Her voice seemed to drill into Tiffany even harder then Toby’s. She looked into Tiffanies eyes when she looked up at her and smiled. Then she started to look around them. She seemed to be looking for something.

“Missing something?” Toby cheerfully inquired.

“I think I left her diaper bag in the car! And she’s so tired she’s liable to fall asleep if I carry her out there!”

Tiffany listened to the words, lost in a fog that she didn’t want to escape. She was so happy. She could feel the wet padding between her legs, but she didn’t care. Her mommy would change her. “Then feed me, den put me sweep…” She slurred around a thumb that popped into her mouth.

“I’ll keep an eye on the little tyke! Go grab her diapers. I’ll keep her company!”

The woman thanked him and carefully pulled away from Tiffany. She carefully helped her toddle to the man before rushing away towards the car. “Be right back honey!” She called behind her. Tiffany started to wave at her, then turned and sheepishly waved at the man. He looked important. She felt pee dribbling out of her, it tickled and made her giggle. She slapped at the front of her diaper, laughing even more at the sounds she was making.

“Having fun Tiffy?” He asked, his lips cracked into half a grin.

She nodded and smiled at first. The words he had spoken seemed too fast for her to really listen to. They bounced around in her head as she started to lose her concentration and look around them. She caught sight of the woman in the dog costume, now humping the cowboys leg. “Gwoss….” She thought. “Dat…. Not…. Wright….” The words slipped from her mouth, she barely understood them. She felt a wave of dizziness and clutched at her head. The warm tingles on her skin started to recede. Finally she started to blink and with a pop the world came back into focus.

He saw it instantly. Had been waiting for it. “Well well. Is little Tiffy enjoying the party now?” He asked. Tiffany’s thumb popped from her mouth, she stared in shock as it came away. A new warmth covered her as she blushed from her toes to the top of her head in humiliation. He laughed, “You’re embarrassed about sucking your thumb? I’d be more concerned about that sagging Pamper around that cute little bum of yours. And that it seems to be sagging even more as we speak.”

Her hands immediately shot to it, a simple squeeze told her she was soaked. Tiffany actually squeaked when she felt herself still peeing. She clamped down hard, managing to stem the flow. “It’s not real…” She said to herself as she pulled the top away, immediately bathing the area in the scent of her very real wet diaper. “No….” She murmured. She reached in and touched it, felt the warm wet padding. “Nooooo……” She said again. This time more forcefully. Her skin burned as she realized what she was doing. The diaper popped back in place as she pulled her hand out. “I’ve got to get out of here!” She thought. Tiffany tried to take a step to leave, but the world started to spin. She threw her hands out, but it was too late, she started to fall.

He laughed as he caught her and sat her on his lap. She didn’t even remember him sitting, or even that a chair had been anywhere near him. “Don’t worry, I’m sure mommy will be here soon with a new dry diaper for her little baby Tiffy. And you can go pee pee or poopy in that one too! No silly towel is good enough for her baby!”

He was holding her under her arms. Even then she felt better, more secure, with her own hands holding his shoulders. “I’ll be good!” She said. “I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to be her baby! Please! Let me go! I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

He tisked and gently ran his hand through her hair. She softly cooed as he did, closing her eyes and kicking her feet in pleasure, before snapping out of it. “Are you sure you don’t want this little lady? You really seemed into it when she checked you. I wouldn’t want to take that pleasure away from either of you.”

Tiffany felt a glimmer of hope. “Yes! I don’t want to be a baby, I don’t want to be in diapers again! Please, I promise I’ll be good! I just want to go home!”

He really seemed to glare at her then. Looking at her with half closed eyes. “You just want to go home?” She nodded. He seemed to consider it, “Well I think you’re perfect like this. Imagine living the rest of your life as her baby. No responsibilities. No boring parties… Just you and your mommy. And getting that little tingle every time she changed you? Are you really sure?” She frantically nodded. “Then we shall make a deal. If you manage to win I’ll let you go home. And if you fail it’s not even toddler time for you. You’ll spend eternity wishing you could change your own diaper…”

“But…. But…. I just want to go home….” She cried. Her thumb found its way back into her mouth.

He laughed. “And you’ll go home regardless. Either as a big girl, or someone’s tiny terror. So do you agree Pamper pants? If I tell you to do something you’ll do it or else?”

She nodded again. “I promise.” He picked her up off his lap and set her on her feet. Her shoes were gone, she could feel that. The floor felt cool and polished. She looked up and started to thank him but he shushed her. “I want you to go into the middle of the floor and tell everyone what a big baby you are. And I want you to prove it. If you do it, and everyone believes, I’ll let you walk out of here on your own. But if you try to run, or do anything stupid it’s baby time, got it?” She nodded, and he gave her a push towards the center of the room. “Get going. Let’s see how much you want to grow up!”

She walked quietly towards the center, only the crinkling of he diaper gave her away. The cool floor seemed to grow warmer as she got farther from the seated man. She noticed the music and conversations around them had been oddly muted, but now the noise came back. People laughing, dancing, talking, having a good time. She looked down at herself as she walked. The simple shirt she had worn was almost unchanged. Though now a light pink ruffle puffed out around her arms. And a glittery pink heart adorned it. It had started out short, short enough for her towel diaper to be visible. And now her plastic disposable was being given that honor. She could see the discoloration from her pee. And could could smell it every time she took a step.

She looked up in time to notice she was finally at her destination. Tiffany looked around her at the people enjoying themselves. The vast majority of them were obviously unchanged. She began to doubt anything had really happened, then she caught sight of the cowboy walking his puppy girl outside. She gulped and cleared her throat.

Her hands rose high in the air and she counted to three. “I’m a baby!” The immediate crowd around her laughed and cheered. There were cat calls and jeers. She reached down and pulled the diaper up tight between her legs, she felt the padding squish and pee run down her thighs. “I need my diapee changed!” She called out. This time the crowd laughed at her, instead of with her.

“I’ll change that baby! With my dick!” Was greeted with cheers.

Tiffany looked over towards the cause of her humiliation. He seemed unimpressed, there was something he was twirling on his finger. She looked closer and saw it was a pacifier. Tiffany grimaced and looked away. She let her arms drop down and let her hands dangle in front of her and started to cry. Alligator tears poured out. She started to put her entire body into it. “I wa’ my momma!” She cried out. The laughter finally petered out as pity overtook everyone’s mirth. She stuck a thumb in her mouth as she tried to save herself. “Ma ma!” She yelled as she regressed further. She bowed her legs out and started bawling like a young child. Tiffany felt hands on her, trying to push her out of the room. Away from the witnesses she needed. She fought back, thrashing her arms and stomping. There was the feeling of something under her foot and a screech of pain. She could tell she was being dragged away, that she was losing. “I’m jus’ a stupid baba! Goo goo gaa gaa!” She screeched.

She started crying when she saw him standing and shaking his head. He started to walk towards her. She tried backing away, but bumped up against something. The sounds around her faded away as she shook her head and started to tremble. In terror she lost control of her body and flopped to the floor. She landed on her back and started to throw a tantrum. Tears rolled down her face as she felt herself falling, losing to the demon in the room. Becoming his silly wet plaything. She opened her mouth and stunned the room with a perfect copy of an infants wail. She felt her stomach rumble, and then smelt something even worse then her already wet diaper. In that instant a thumb found her mouth and she started to suck on it as the world seemed to fall away.

“Tiffany!” The word meant something to her. It sounded important. She wiggled and burped. “Tiffany! Wake up!” She scowled in her sleep. There was the feeling of being shaken suddenly. And a light slap to her face. “Tiffany wake up now! It’s time to go home! You’re making a fool of yourself!”

“That sounds like Beth…” She thought. She cracked her eyes. “It is Beth…” She thought. She smiled up at her. And waved at her while she giggled and kicked her feet.

Beth looked around at the assembled crowd , embarrassed for both of them. Then looked back down at her friend. “Dammit get up! You’re fucking embarrassing me!” She smacked at her again. “I swear I’ll leave your diapered ass here on the floor girl!”

Tiffany scrunched up her face and looked at her, she knew she could not understand her anymore, but she tried to talk anyways. “You can’t just leave a stinky baby on the floor bitch…”

“I can’t smack the shit out of a baby either. But I’ll smack you again if you don’t snap out of this shit!”

“Wait… What?” Tiffany popped her thumb from her mouth. “You understand me?”

Beth grumbled, “Yes… Now are you going to get the fuck up, or are you going to keep laying here in that shitty fucking diaper? People are taking fucking pictures!”

Tiffany popped up to her knees in shock. She tried vainly to pull her shirt down over her diaper. She glanced over towards where Toby and his chair had been. Only to see nothing. “But… But….” She looked back up to Beth. “Did you see anyone over there?”

Beth sighed and pulled her to her feet. “Just you. Now let’s get out of here; you fucking stink!”

Tiffany felt the mess peel away from her bottom as she got up and started to walk towards the door. She kept her head down and tried to cover the back of her diaper with her free hand. The cool plastic under her hand crinkled as she walked. “It was all just a dream….” She grimaced as she thought that. “I must have been drugged or something.” She looked at Beth for support. “Right?”

Beth kept staring straight ahead. “Whatever. And the guy just happened to have that giant diaper with him too? What the hell happened to the towel? Why did you take it off?”

Tiffany felt a sudden shock at the memory and stayed silent. She didn’t know the answers. As they walked out the door and down the walk towards the street she glanced to their left and saw a man in a Stetson. He looked at her and grinned. Then looked down at the dog at his feet. It was squatting down, relieving itself. Tiffany stared at it. The markings on it’s head looked familiar. It almost seemed to be staring back. It almost looked embarrassed.

Beth looked over as well. “I can’t believe he’s just letting his dog piss on someone’s lawn like that. What a dick.”

Tiffany nodded. She thought she recognized him from somewhere. “Yeah… Just a big dick…”


Re: Kind of Short for Halloween By:Long_Rifle

Wow, you finally let one of your characters off the hook!

I don’t care if it was two days late, I liked it.