Kevin (latest chapter: 2 )

This is a babyfur story, even though it a personal fantasy and an origin story for my fursona,it a work in progress and i’m a slow writer, due to work,life,etc… i understand that furry is not for ever one but please be fair and give this one a clean state (before you start your nitpicking xD) also this would be my first time writing a novel of sort.

I hope you enjoy my work and feedback to improve my writing. ^^
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It was just as the sun was setting over the horizon as Kevin slips on his sandy brown jacket against the chilling winds of autumn, he is standing outside the gates of an abandoned warehouse. The 23-year-old young adult red panda had just gotten off a cab in the middle of an old industrial block, close to the city of Los Angeles, California.
Despite wearing the jacket and t-shirt over his auburn brown fur, the chill still crept its way through. Though, this could have just been his nerves instead of the weather. The Déjà Vu of the deal he was about to make, creating a large amount of anxiety within him.

He picked up the black military-style briefcase he brought with him, thoughts of backing out of this shady deal running through his mind. These guys buy from everyone on the black market, seeking nothing but the prototype Gate-Way, currently sitting inside the briefcase he is now holding. They’re greedy and have no regard for life if it means getting what they want. These facts are what has Kevin’s nerves currently ablaze. The only solace in all of this is the fact they pay well.

The prototype Gate-Way is a ring-shaped device with fancy machinery workings all around it. This device has the power to create an entrance through any material, temporarily distorting its properties to allow anything to pass through it, but only from one side. It’s the first step to what people would call a ‘Portal’. This prototype could be the stepping stone to the future of this type of technology. But it doesn’t come without risks. First, it’s highly unstable and incredibly unpredictable. Safe transportation through the portal is not always guaranteed. Also, the user risks being disintegrated if any part of their body should stray outside the boundaries of the portal, the shear force of the travel, ripping their body apart within seconds. That discovery during testing trials is the reason the project has been suspended until further notice.

Being one of the associated engineers on the team that worked on the prototype, allowed Kevin access to one of the older models. He knew that taking such a device to sell for self-gain was wrong, but he needed the money to clear his gambling debt; almost a quarter million total now. Besides, he also knew that the project wouldn’t have made it this far without his efforts to design a portable power supply for the device itself. The way he sees it, it’s like cashing out on an investment.
With each step he took, he was making his way deeper into the warehouse that looked as if it had been left to rot for over a decade now. Abandoned cargo of various sorts and sizes, seemed to make a maze out of the place. The slightest sound in the deafening silence, made his ears twitch in response. Kevin emerged from the maze, out into a clearing of sorts, where he spotted a dimly lit office on the scaffolding with two furs inside. One of them exited the office, walking a few feet out the door. He was a tiger who stood close to six feet, tall wore a black coat and a black fedora.

“Are you the seller?” he queried, with a rough voice that sent a chill down Kevin’s spine.
“Y…yes!” he stammered, as the tiger beckoned him to come up to the office.

The tiger held the door open for him to enter before locking it shut on the knob. His partner was a Doberman dressed in the same outfit, both fur were definitely taller compared to the red panda being only 5’ft 5 inches tall. The Doberman was stand by the desk instructed him to place the briefcase beside his silver one, together they open their briefcases showing both device and cash side by side.
“This is five hundred thousand in unmarked bills, it is yours once you show us the device is working.” the Doberman grins as he gestures towards the stacks of hundred dollar bills in his silver briefcase.
“O…okay.” Kevin gave a weak smile back as he pulls free the prototype device from his black case, setting it up on the far side wall of the office.

He turned on the device with a soft hum as status light blinks and the interface comes to life. He hit the activation button, as static washed over him causing his fur to fluff up a bit, a flash of white light blinded the room for a short while before revealing the outsides of the office within the warehouse, showing the crate ‘maze’ to the three of them.

Kevin turned around to see the looks on their face, total amazement was all could be seen. “Observe!” as he took a binder of paper on the desk to his right and threw it through the portal. The binder of papers lands onto the warehouse floor echo from the other side. With that, he ended his demonstration as he shut down the device.

“Now then lets us do business.” The tiger begins, “you can check that the money is correct as we promised.” as Kevin took down the device off the wall and set it back into its protective casing before moving over to the money case to check his promised cash for the device.

Kevin lets out a yelp of pain while he was in the middle of counting his money, he was struck in the back of his neck, as he falls to the floor slowly losing conscious. He could hear and see a little of what the duo was discussing his fate. “Brother Orders are to secure the device and tie up the loose ends.” the Doberman recites “Yes! Which is why it would be the best time to test this drug.” the tiger replied as he took out a metal casing from his coat pockets.

The drug which was mention is called APTX. APTX is an abbreviation of ‘Apoptoxin,’ and, as the name implies, it involves the activation of apoptosis: the mechanism by which cells kill themselves. APTX contains ingredients which have other functions as well. It contains a component which activates telomerase: an enzyme which lengthens the caps at the end of DNA whose length limits the number of times a cell can divide. Basically, it’s a poison that would kill the fur and leave behind a very messy red pile of goo.

The tiger took out one of the four identical red and white looking capsule and a test tube containing water, he shoves the drug down the red panda’s mouth before flushing it down with the test tube of water. Placing the test tube back into its case before turn off the lights as he left the office with his partner holding both cases, the device, and the money, leaving the red panda in darkness.

As Kevin lay in the darkness still semi-conscious, he felt his body starting to heat up, he felt his blood boiling and his bone felt like it was being filed from the bone marrow, his whole body would ache and hurt and his organs felt twisted and tied together. His heart was beating very fast, as he hears the sound of his pulse rate drumming in his head. The pain was unbearable that he fade into blackness.

A gray fox was sitting behind his desk, Daniel stares at his pin-up wall looking to find the connection behind the missing furs. That was the job of a detective, to find the truth and solve the case. This case seems to lead to nowhere but a nasty pile of red messy goo on the ground with each missing fur and the lack of evident and disappointing results of the autopsy seem to puzzle the detective.

First was a missing goat from the Middle East. Second was a cat from japan and lastly was a bear from Russia. All of them were foreigners who had come into the country and missed their returned flights. Their belongings were left untouched but, there was no struggle or body to tell a tale.

As of now, all he can deduce is that the missing furs have been murdered by something or someone by turning them into red messy goo. “The commissioner is not going to be pleased if another fur ends up the same way.” He thought out loud.

He was startled as his office door burst open. “Hey, Daniel! There seems to be a trespassing at the old industrial area. Let’s go!” Fang, his partner, turned to get the car started. “Give me a sec!” he called after the wolf. He hasty hostels his gun to his chest before throwing on his brown coat over himself as he ran after the wolf.

“So the commissioner is giving us grunt work now huh?” Daniel snickers “Probably it’s because of the lack of progress in our current case…” The wolf grumbles as they got into Fang’s black sedan.

After a 15 minute drive, they arrive at the place where there were signs of intrusion. Fang parked the car outside the gates close by the sidewalk. As they got out of the car, they spotted that the chain on the gate was cut into two. The duo drew their police revolvers and entered the compound.

Daniel took out his flashlight from his belt and clicked it on as he held it together with his pistol with Fang doing the same shortly. They swept the area commando style, watching each other’s back as they moved across the warehouses’ maze of boxes and crates till they reached the epicenter of the warehouse, where there was a platform of scaffolding with a temp office build on top of it.

A broken binder manifesto was lying on the floor, it looked like it was recently thrown, as there were paw prints on the dusty cover. He shone his light in the office, taking note that the windows are not broken. “Someone was here recently,” Daniel whispered to his partner as they made their way up the stairs to the office.

The fox placed his paw on the doorknob, as his partner prepared to rush in. They burst in, sweeping the room with their pistols raised. “Looks like whoever was here already left…” commented the wolf, “Or left someone behind…” Daniel was looking at the most adorable thing he has ever seen in his life: The head of a baby red panda, just peeking out of the collar of a T-shirt and jacket happily snoozing away.

The cub looked like he might have been two or three years old and had been abandoned in the warehouse to die. Daniel holstered his gun as he kneeled down to pick up the sleeping, naked cub. Cradling him in his arms, He never felt like this before, the kind of bliss a proud parent would feel. Breaking the silence “I’ll go look around some more.” his partner left the office to sweep the rest of the place.

Shifting the cub to his shoulder, making sure he doesn’t fall off, Kevin instinctively cuddles the fox’s neck, resting his chin on the shoulders. Daniel smiles a little as he turns his attention to the pile of adult clothes the cub was found in and begin digging through its pockets.

Finding a black, leather wallet and a smartphone that is still operational. He looked inside the wallet, finding a pink colored identity card out of one of the pockets. “The Republic of Singapore?” Daniel looked at the photograph of the card and compared it with the cub, noticing some similar features like the white fluffy ears and that rusty fur tear line on both of his fluffy white cheeks that curves to the sides right below his eyes.

“That can’t be right… How is this possible? How could this cub be the same adult on the card?!” These were the thoughts that raced through Daniel’s mind. He had so many questions for this little cub, but that would have to wait till he’s awake.

Kevin (latest chapter: 1 )

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Chapter 1

Kevin awoke groggily, He didn’t know where he was, only that he was thirsty, and aching all over his body. He was surrounded by something soft and comfortable. Opening his eyes slowly letting them adjust to the light - dim light, but he wasn’t sure how long he had been sleeping, either. It must have been awhile. His eyes focus on the view of a baby’s crib mobile with different sizes of stars, planets, moons and a rocket ship in the middle hovering right above him, it puzzles him.

Growing curious for a better view of his surroundings, he begins to struggle to get up, his body felt really sore, wincing with every move to sit up. After a few moments, he notices that the nice soft feeling was some kind of thick blanket wrapped around him - swaddling, almost. Shifting his arms he feels the material tugging along as he brings it up to view, he could see he was dressed in a light baby blue footed sleeper with various sizes of yellow stars, adorned in a very childish pattern. It covered every part of his body except his head and rustle. As he looked further down, he noticed a bulge at his crotch, placing his paw over it and pushed it lightly, a squishy and crinkly sound told him he was wearing a diaper and it was very wet.

His mind began to spin, trying to figure out what is going on, as the last thing he remembers was counting his money for the device he sold… then someone stuck him in the back… the pain in his body… His head hurts as he tries to recall what happened.

The red panda’s head did a slow pan around the room, totally confused by what he saw there. The room was huge in his eyes. The wooden bars around him, they were pretty large that he could barely grasp his paw around them. He began piecing the puzzle together once he saw the bed sheet decorated in the same color scheme as the footed sleeper he was dressed in. “A crib?” He asked himself in a squeaky voice he that surprised him. From the dim light, he was able to make out a large light blue padded table top with white cabinets below, a large wooden dresser and a toy chest.

‘Wha… What’s going on? Why does everything look so huge? And why am I dressed like a baby?! … Those furs! They fed me a drug… did it turn me into a cub?’ his thoughts dig deeper and deeper into his situation, formulating theories. The panic starts to set in and soon his fears grips over him, thinking that it’s a kidnapping of sorts, currently being experimented on, his adult mind still fighting the urge to cry and to stay calm, but his 3-year-old mind was unable to handle his current emotions and thoughts, broke into tears.

The sound of paw steps taking haste could be heard as the door of the nursery swings open silently, with a flick of the switch on the wall revealed a female fox answering to the call of a crying cub. She moved over to pick up the cub out of the crib, with one arm supporting his rump, the other holding his head. Hugging the little cub in her arms, “Shhh… shh… it’s ok… it’s ok… it’s alright, everything is going to be fine.” in a very motherly fashion, an assuring and soothing voice. Letting him hear the sound of her heartbeat, she coos and repeatedly strokes from the head to the lower back of the crying cub.

The cooing was addictive to Kevin, it felt really wonderful, like all the worries and problems in the world would just melt away and disappear. He felt safe and secured in her arms. This stranger didn’t seem like a stranger at all. After about out 15 mins of back rubs and cooing the crying cub was reduce to a few hiccup every other moment, he looks up at the fox and blushes.

“Ehh… fanks hic who… ar hic are you? Where am I?” Kevin begins.

“No need to thank me, sweetie, my name is Rose, you’re currently in my house in the middle of Granola Hills.” she smiled "my husband found you unconscious yesterday in an old abandoned warehouse, at the old industrial block… " As she moves Kevin to the padded table and sat him on the cushioned top counter.

“How about you? What is your name little one?” looking down at the cub.

“My name is Kewin… I’m NOT a little one!” frowning his brows and crossing his arms, pouting.

“Oopsie! My mistake! I suppose you’re a big boy now, yes?” She teases.

“I’m Notta Bawbee!” Kevin protests unhappily.

Wondering why the cub is so fussy, Rose prods the front Kevin’s crotch with her paw, it squishes loudly. Confirming her suspicion that he was wet; soaked.

“Hey! What was that for?!” calling out to his privacy being invaded.

“It’s okay sweetie I’m just checking your diaper and looks like you need a diaper change.” she smiles and lays the cub down.

“A di…diaper change? Nu! Nu! Nu! I don’t need diapers!” he looks down to realize that he was already on a changing table. Not wanting to be subjected to a diaper change, Kevin squirms to get off the table but a firm paw pressed against his tummy holds him down.

“Calm down Kevin. I’m sorry but it’s clear to me that you do need them… my husband’s shirt was a mess when he brought you here yesterday, and right now your diaper is really soaked to the point where it could leak if we don’t change it.” she gropes the front of the diaper to make her point. The face of Kevin was devastated by the news and embarrassed about his inability to control his bathroom needs, but her words ring with truth. "I’m… so sorry… Mrs. Rose… I… "

“Shhh… It’s okay Kevin, you’re just not old enough yet.” as she rubs his tummy and coos to him, it soothes his senses and calms him down a great deal. Kevin wanted to point out that it’s not true, but it was hard to argue against a belly rub.

Being able to pacify Kevin for the moment, Rose takes the chance to undress the cub. She pulls the zipper from the back of his neck down to his waist, tugging the arms and leggings off him before setting the sleeper aside. She proceeds to untaped the soggy mess between Kevin’s legs and rolled it into a ball before dropping it into the diaper pail beside the changing table.

Kevin curled his rustle to hide his private parts, blushing furiously to his sudden nakedness. It made Rose chuckle. “There’s no need to be shy or anything I have changed many diapers before. There’s nothing there I haven’t seen before.” moving Kevin’s rustle aside to wipe him down.

Kevin shivers as he felt the cold wipes against his sensitive parts. Noticing his discomfort Rose gives him another belly rub. She knew that it would be best to complete the change as soon as possible. Reaching down under to table, a distinct crinkling and rustling sound of plastic. She pulls out another diaper, it was decorated with an animal sort of print on the back, this one had a chibi male adult lion and baby cub lion wearing a party hat, both of them smiling at each other. The side leg guards and top waistband lined with green and orange lines, its company logo ‘Pampers’ with a heart shape on the tape landing zone.

Lifting up Kevin’s little legs with one arm and the other to tread his rustle through the tail hole of the new pampers, she then picked up a white plastic bottle and shook it over Kevin’s loins, sprinkling a liberal amount of baby powder before massaging it all over his crotch and bottom. The smell of baby powder lingers around the air, causing Kevin to smile unconsciously. Rose finished the diaper change by pulling the soft elastic sides, taping on the diaper for a snug and comfortable fit around his waist.

“See! That wasn’t so bad isn’t it?” it was rhetorical as she picks up the cub and nuzzles his forehead, causing Kevin to giggle back, clearly enjoying the babying.

There was a moment of bonding between them before Rose broke away, “Can you wait right here while I find you something to wear?” she smiled.

After receiving a nod to her question, she turns to the closet, which Kevin didn’t notice was there the first time he looked around, she retrieved pieces of clothing from its contents. Kevin would sit and observe the fox from the changing table.

Upon observation, this lady had an auburn coat and a creamy chestnut from her belly to her chin. A warm smile gracing her face. Her ears stood high and proud of the sides of her head. She was dressed in a light pink blouse paired with light blue jeans. She was a bit chubby; not obese by any means but comfortably plump. Which gave her a very mom-like kind of look. Her rustle was finished off with a black tip.

Her arm now draping two pieces of clothing, a shirt of some sort with a snapping flap around the bottom; a green onesie with airplanes and propellers decorating all over it in a childish fashion. And a pair of blue denim overalls; with a pocket sewn to the front. It made Kevin wonder how she had all of this baby stuff available for him already, while she strolled over to the dresser to pick up a pair of socks.

Suddenly Kevin felt suspicious, his mind filled with intrigue. For he all knew, this lady could have been in league with those furs that drugged him in the first place and he’s now kidnapped into an experiment of some sorts… he had to be cautious about it as she mentioned that her husband brought him here last night… his thought keeps going down a slippery slope, formulating up more theories to his mind.

“Mrs. Rose? It seems that you’re already equipped to accommodate a ba…baby… why is this?” He didn’t want to sound accusing, but at the back of his head, he still wasn’t sure what is going on.

“I used to have a son… bu… but there was an accident and I lost him…” Rose’s voice quivers with sadness.

“It happened two years ago, we were caught out during a heavy rain while driving… and our car was hit from the back by a van, it spanned our car into a tree…” Rose continued, a trickle of a tear rolled down her cheek.

“I woke up in the hospital later… and the got the news of my baby… he didn’t make it during the surgery… I still miss him, though…” Rose seems to be in the distance.

“Oh… I’m sowwy… I shouldn’t have asked…” Kevin apologizes.

“It’s okay, it’s natural to be curious.” Rose tries to smile as she set down the clothes on the table.

“How about we get you into some nice warm clothes before you catch a cold?” Regaining her composure. Picking up the onesie to shake the garment loose.

“Arms up please.” She coaxed the little red panda.

As Kevin follows her instructions, she pulls the onesie over his head and snaps it shut over his crotch before lifting him down onto the carpeted floor. She holds out the denim overalls for him to step in and buttons the straps over his shoulders. To finish dressing the red panda, she put a pair of baby blue cotton socks over his tiny feet.

Taking a step back to admire her choice of outfit, how adorable Kevin looks, she couldn’t help but comment on it with an ‘Awww…’ It made Kevin blush when he saw his reflection from the closet door mirror. What he saw was incredible! Realizing what he was staring at was a body of a 3-year-old that is barely 3 feet tall. His coat looks softer than before, how is this possible?! It leads him to think back about what happen last night where he was forced fed a drug. Who were those furs… what they have done to him was quite impossible even with today’s advanced biotechnology.

After hanging the sleeper back into the closet and closing it. “Now that you’re all dressed. Can I interest you in a tour of the house?” She offered.

The question pulled him back to the present. “S…sure!” Kevin still trying to get used to his squeaky voice.

After trying to take a couple of steps, Kevin fell face forward. It seemed to be harder than it used to, as now there was a bulk between his legs and his muscle doesn’t seem to be cooperating. His dexterity wasn’t what it used to be after the ‘big shrink.’ A pair of paws scooped him up before he could come into contact with the carpeted floor.

“Are you okay?” Rose asked with concern, holding him up.

“I’m owkay… I’m just feeling a little tired, that’s all.” Kevin replied.

“I’ll just carry you since you’re kind of wobbly.” Rose insists as she shifts him to her side with an arm wrap around Kevin’s waist.

Kevin huffs but does not protest against it. They move out of the nursery into the hallway. Rose showed Kevin a quick tour of the house, starting with the master bedroom, which was right opposite the nursery. Moving down was the stairs to the left and a guest room to the right and the last pair of rooms down the hallway was the bathroom and the study room.

They moved down the stairs into the living room, it was warm and cozy with creamy beige sofa and recliner, an eclipse wooden edged glass coffee table, a sizable 38"inch flat screen TV sitting on a row of cabinets, with a number of various items ranging from a video game console to a small collection of videos sitting in the cabinets.

The living room was conjoined with the dining area and then followed by the kitchen. A beautiful Oakwood counter that separates the dining from the kitchen. Rose sitting Kevin down onto the couch, grabs the TV remote. Pushing the power button she surfs the channels for a popular kid’s cartoon channel.

“Kevin dear, I’m going to work on dinner. Do you need anything?” Rose kneeling down to his head level to inform the Cub.

“Can I have somefink to dwink pwaese?” Kevin remembering his thirsty tongue begging for a drink.

"Sure thing sweetie! I’ll be right back! "She says with a warm smile.

As the red panda waits for a drink, his attention shifts to the distracting sound and pictures coming from the 38" inch LED TV, it was showing a very famous cartoonish mouse with his best friend, a duck that wears no pants for some reason when every other character is. It reminded Kevin when he was a kid, he only got a glimpse to view this cartoon only at a friend’s house as his family was too poor to afford cable TV and now, not only did he not have to share the TV but he could watch to his heart’s content!

The cub was so engrossed with the cartoon that he didn’t notice Rose leaving a bottle of apple juice for him on the coffee table till there was a commercial break about some new toy gun that fires darts at a rapid rate and has been highly aggregated. Looking at the bottle, he frowns and wants to complain about it. But that would seem a little rude to his host he thinks. He grumbles and tries to remove the nipple by trying to twist the cap off. Although it is stuck on firmly, his adult mind is determined that he won’t have his pride defeated by having to drink from a nipple. He bit onto the nipple and pulled it bottle down away from him, trying to pop the rubbery nipple off the cap.

Kevin tugs and tugs till the silicon nipple came off with a resounding ‘Pop!’ The effort that Kevin use was enough to send its content from the bottle flying out of its container. Juice was splashed all over Kevin’s face, overalls and part of the couch.

A hearty laughter echoed through the living room, a male gray fox was standing by the entrance had seen how the cub manages to splash juice all over himself. The gray fox towers as he walks up toward Kevin, the sudden event catching Kevin by surprise. He wasn’t sure what to do, realizing that the gray fox had caught him doing something incredibly stupid. He blushes in embarrassment and whine in frustration about his stupidity.

“Hey there little guy! Don’t worry about the mess, I’ll get you all cleaned up.” The gray fox coos and smiles warmly as he picks up Kevin under the armpits.

"Well, you’re home early today Daniel… " Rose comments to her husband smiling as she entered the living room to investigate the loud ‘pop’ sound, spotting at the small mess on the couch and Kevin overalls now wet and smelling of sweet apple juice, she chuckles a bit.

“Well how did you manage to wear juice all over yourself Kevin?” As she went back to the kitchen to get a damp cloth and a spray bottle of bicarbonate on the couch while she tried to stifle her laughter.

“I’ll take care of this little guy while you handle that couch,” Daniel announced as he exits the living room with Kevin, climbing up the stairs to the bathroom on the second floor.

Kevin was still feeling embarrassed about his actions, his head hangs low with his ears drooping and spaced to the sides. He feels bad about causing such a mess to his host furniture and now to have someone cleaning up after him.

“I’m so sowwy… I didn’t mean to make a mess… I just…” Kevin voice was filled with guilt and was almost tearing.

“It’s ok little guy. Don’t worry about it.” Daniel continues to coo the cub.

Sitting the cub onto the basin counter in the bathroom, Daniel turns his attention to the cub’s outfit. He unbuttons the shoulder strap and lifts the cub out of the wet overall finding his green onesie unspoiled. “Well at least this piece isn’t wet,” he grins with his comment. Daniel took a washcloth and wets it lightly under the tap before bringing it over to wipe the cub’s wet fur. Starting from the top of his head and down to his chin, making sure all of his affected parts were wiped clean.

As Kevin gets his face and arms clean, he got to study this new stranger before him. The gray fox was wearing a light grayish brown blazer, a dark blue short-sleeve with white spotted pattern shirt and black pants. A shiny police badge of the Los Angeles Police Department hanging by the chain from the neck, it sparkled under the light; artificial warm daylight. The fox also has creamy white chest fur and a similar color tail tip. Kevin looking into the fox eyes notices a pair of brilliant piercing blue, and his face was a smile of trusting love; one that a father would give to his son. It made Kevin felt safe and warm.

Satisfied that the cub is all clean, Daniel scoops up the lightly fluffed up cub and leaves the bathroom, dropping the soiled overalls into the laundry basket on the way out. As they are going down the stairs, a call for the both of them echoes through the house. "Boys dinner is ready! Come down Now! "

“Okay okay! We’re coming! sheese…” Daniel called back.

“Woman…” Daniel said in a hushed whisper so that only Kevin could hear, both of them giggled.

“What are you guys laughing about?” Rose queries as they arrive at the table while she is dishing out what appears to be spaghetti and meatballs by the counter.

“Nothing!” The male’s response in unison. (Kevin sounded more like “nutfink”)

Kevin was wondering why Daniel didn’t set him down into one of the nearby chairs around the table, but instead into a different seat that was between the corner settings of the dining table. It was a padded recliner with colorful prints of random circles onto its polyester fabric. Before he can protest, he realizes it is a high chair after a sizable baby blue rimmed and yellow hard plastic tray was locked in front of him and all 5 points of the nylon harness was clipped to a large center quick release buckle. He tried to push the button to release himself, but it doesn’t work as there is a hidden latch on the sides of the button to prevent little tikes from escaping “well at least it still a comfy seat…” He pouts.

His frowny face is quickly swapped to that of a hungry toddler when he smells the most wonderful spaghetti and meatball being served in a baby bowl on his yellow indented tray, even though the noodles and meatballs were cut into smaller pieces for him. He was handed a baby spoon to feed himself and to waste time doing so, it tastes heavenly. He received some giggles after a few moments later.

“Maybe I should help you with that!” Rose chuckled, she put down her fork and grabbed a washcloth to wipe the messy little eater’s cheeks, removing the sauce that appeared on the tray and the sides of Kevin’s fluffy cheeks.

Looking at the blobs of sauce that stained his onesie, “Well looks like I’ll have to remember to bib you the next time.” shaking her head, smiling condescendingly as she took the baby spoon from Kevin and starts to spoon feed him, making airplane sounds before calling for the ‘hanger’ to open wide.

Kevin flattens his ears and whines, he didn’t want to be spoon fed but the ‘airplane’ was right in front of his mouth, hovering there by his lips and waiting for his ‘hanger’ to open. Refusing to be treated like this, he opens his mouth to protest. “I am prefecepp! … ormmgh!” Rose had taken to the chance to push in the spoon to his open mouth, cutting off his sentence.

“Kevin please don’t talk with your mouth full, you might choke.” smiling at him as she scoops another bite for him.

Kevin pouts as he chews and swallows his food, his independent adult mind is clearly unhappy about this, but the experience made him felt special. Reluctantly he opens his mouth once more for the ‘airplane’, little did he know his rustle was waving to the attention he was given. ‘Maybe this isn’t so bad…’ his adult mind now taking a backseat, not really caring anymore.

While Kevin was getting spoon fed, Daniel and Rose would talk about their day. “The chief is not pleased with the lack of result, there are not many leads on those missing furs that turned into goo… we checked everything, cameras around the area and such… well at least it not really our department problems… I pity the Interpol.” Daniel lets out a soft sigh.

Rose gave Daniel a glance, shifting her eyes at Kevin and then back at him. Daniel then realized that he shouldn’t be talking about his work. “Sorry Kevin, I shouldn’t be talking about work… but speaking about missing furs… could you tell us more about yourself, Kevin?” Daniel kept his voice in a calm casual manner to avoid making it sound like an interrogation.

Kevin ceases his passive role to intake food from Rose spoon-feeding, he swallowed his remaining pasta in his mouth and looked at Daniel. “Well this is going to sound weird but… I’m actually not a cub…” he paused.

“Yes I noticed that when we were laughing at that joke just now… are you this fur on the ID card?” Daniel produces a pink ID card from his pocket, the very same card he found from the pile of clothes which he found the little red panda.

Letting out a sigh, Kevin nods his head to the question. “What happen to you? How are you a cub now?” Daniel pressed his questioning.

“Actually, I’m not weally sure how I turn into a cub… all I know is that I was forced fed this dwug by someone, I felt a lot of pain after that and when I woke up I was… here.” Kevin tried to be as honest as he could but he didn’t really want to tell Daniel why he was at the warehouse last night, as he feared conviction for the theft of company property.

Daniel sensed that the cub was telling the truth but yet he also felt that the story was incomplete, he began to ask more questions. “Hmm… okay… then what were you doing at the old abandon warehouse before you were forced fed this unknown drug?”

“I… I was… I was sightseeing!” Kevin lied.

That was an obvious lie Daniel could tell and he gave a ‘really?’ look on his face to Kevin, he then shakes his head and closed his eyes, thinking about why would Kevin want to keep his intention to himself. While doing so, Kevin would stare at the indented tray. His body language was quite clear that he’s not comfortable to share his information willingly.

Rose spotting this, decided to chip into the conversation. “Kevin dear, whatever you did doesn’t matter, we just want to help you.” she placed emphasis on the last word, hoping that her words would make the cub more cooperative as she is genuinely concerned for him.

It kind of worked as Kevin did felt the hint of it being genuine concern and caring from this stranger, he looked back up at Daniel. “I… I was doing a black market sale…” he saw the peak of interest on Daniel’s face and decide to add more information about his deal. "No, it’s not a drug deal! I was selling a piece of technology that I stole… from my company… "He decide to re-account of what happened yesterday evening, the how and why’s he had the device together with the information about the piece of tech.

Daniel would listen to it all when it was finish he would then decide to speak. “Thank you for telling me this Kevin… it’s not my place to judge you… there wasn’t any report about a stolen prototype device that you mention, also the fact that it was committed in another country, which is not within my jurisdiction… therefore I can’t arrest you…” he smiles.

“Still, I’m glad that you decide to own up to your mistake!” he commented.

“So what is going to happen to me?” Kevin queries.

“Well technically you’re a lost cub in the states… and the way I see it… If those furs know that you’re still alive… they would want to finish the job because they seem to be up to something and they clearly don’t want anything being traced to them…” Daniel seems to be talking to himself at the end rather than to Kevin. Snapping out of his monolog, “Don’t worry I’ll figure something out!” he reassures Kevin.

“Yup! Don’t worry about it! And I’m very proud of you for admitting your mistake.” Rose would rub Kevin’s head, spraying his ears apart. “Now let’s finish up dinner and then you can have some playtime on the PS4!” she picked up the nearly empty bowl of food left, probably about a few scoops left.

Rose’s distraction was pretty successful, Kevin instantly lights up. The prospect of getting to play today’s state of the art gaming console was enticing to his 3-year-old mindset and immediately agrees to finish up dinner time with a big nod.

After receiving the last of the ‘airplanes’, Rose cleaned up any remaining bits of sauce that manage to found its way round his mouth. she unbuckles Kevin and removes the tray before setting him onto the wooden parquet floor.

“Daniel, could you set up the gaming console for our little guest here while I give him a bottle?” Rose received an affirmative to her delegated task from her husband while she prepares another bottle of juice for Kevin and hands it to him. “Please don’t try to pull out the nipple again okay?”

“Owkay…” Kevin blushes as he was being reminded of his stupidity. He looked at the bottle once more and thought to himself, ‘darn it! I’m really thirsty thou… oh heck!’ hence Kevin resigned himself to suck on the bottle of juice, it tasted like it was the best apple juice in the world, little did he know it put a smile on his face and a wag in his rustle.

Daniel left his half finished his food at the table and moves to the living room to set up the console to be played on the TV, he looked through his collection of video games. After careful consideration he picked a game on one that was not really violent, cartoonish, and would provide endless hours of fun for young minds: Disney Infinity 3; is a sandbox and arcade like game, featuring the classic Disney characters to the newest / latest and different game modes, from its theme story modes to their characters mini game to play with.

He inserted the disc and logged in to his account before handing the controller to Kevin. “Here you go little buddy, I’ll join you shortly after I have finished my dinner okay?” Daniel gave a quick pet on Kevin before returning to the dining table.

Kevin was now way too excited and hyped to be bothered that he was being treated like a little cub, as soon as he got hold of the controller he was already sitting in front of the TV, exploring the different theme and game modes the game has to offer.

Daniel and Rose were having a short discussion about Kevin while they continued their dinner, making sure that they spoke in a hushed tone. They decide to continue the discussion after putting Kevin to bed and when it’s later back in their own bedroom.

Daniel got up and left his dish in the sink before taking his place beside the cub. He grabs the other controller and joined in, they played a mini game called ‘Stitch’s Tropical Rescue’. The aim of it was to protect the federation robot from taking the ducks due to a misconception made by Pleakley in his report to the galactic federation, now it’s up to Stitch/player’s character to protect the ducks in the form of a half brawl and tower defense against the waves of robots.

Kevin had always liked the Disney character ‘Stitch’, the little fluffy blue alien had always been a role model and idol to him since he was a kid; back before the shrink. The movie portrays this highly destructive creature to be more than it meets the eye. Stitch was not only highly intelligent, nearly indestructible, and mischievous but he was a being of passion and understanding which allowed him to find a place where he belongs, a family. As of now, picking a character for the game wasn’t hard and he instantly locked in his favorite character for the mini game.

Daniel on the other hand really loves the space sci-fi, star wars. His choice was the saber wielding wolf character, Obi-wan Kenobi. With both players ready for their first defense, they move to a tower placement GUI. Where they would place down a tower of choice, an Icebox for a frost tower to freeze any nearby robots or a flying saucer for a laser turret to damage any robots within its range. Kevin places freezing towers by the ‘Ancient’, using his point balance he was given at the beginning of round 1, whereas Daniel would spend his points by adding laser turrets in the incoming direction of the attacking waves.

Time just passes quickly when you’re having fun, as the clock hanging on the wall struck 8 o’clock, Rose announced that it is bedtime for Kevin but he would have to take a bath before that. “But it’s too early! I’m not tired!” Kevin protested.

“And yet I could still see you yawning every couple of mins while you were playing” Rose reason back while she picked up the fussy little guy, carrying him to the bathroom on the second floor.

“Besides you’re not going to bed yet, you’re taking a bath.” she chuckles as she begins to undress the cub, taking off his onesie, already soaked Pampers and lastly his blue cotton socks. “Now let’s get you nice and clean, hmm?” as she lifts him into the steamy tub.

The water felt perfect to Kevin, it was hot enough but not enough to feel burned by it, the heat was permeating into his muscles, making his muscles relax, like how one would enjoy a hot spring bath. He sat in the tub with the water level up to his chest, soaking all in the warm of the water with his eyes closed.

Rose thought Kevin would have made a big deal about being bathed by her and put up a lot of resistance, guess she was just worrying too much, she was very much happy to have a passive child to bathe than an uncooperative one. She poured some bubble bath soap into the water and grab a washcloth as the bubbles start to bubble with the smell of lavender rising from the tub, she began soaping the cub’s head, then slowly moving down his body to his rump and private areas. After making sure his rustle and legs are clean, “Can you close your eyes for me Kevin dear? I’m going to rinse off the soap.” she informs the cub before ladling water over his head to wash out the soap out of his fur.

Satisfied that the cub was all squeaky clean, Rose took a large white fluffy towel and lift him out of the tub before drying him off, which cause Kevin’s coat to fluff out. She wraps the towel around his body so that he won’t catch a cold before carrying him to the nursery, setting him down upon the changing table once more. She reaches under the table for another diaper, fluffing it out so that any accident would be spread out within its absorbent core, making it slightly more effective. The last thing she would want is a leak for this little guy while he is having a good night’s rest. She lifts his legs into the air, then positions him over the diaper before resting his bum over the soft padding. Taking out the bottle talcum powder to dust and powdered his diaper regions, treading his rustle through the tail hole before pulling the elastic waistband for a snug fit on the tape landing zone. Rose gently nuzzles the little cub on the forehead, hugging him close and gave him a praise for being such a good boy.

The whole experience once again made him felt special, Kevin couldn’t help but giggled back at Rose for treating him like an infant. He hugged her back in return, letting out a cute tweet from his giddy blushing face. He was then helped into the blue starry sleeper he wore last night, and couldn’t help feeling really comfy and cozy in it, which made his eye start to droop. The sweet smell of lavender, baby powder, and a warm swaddling sleeper was good enough to lure a tired cub to slumber. Kevin was lowered down into his crib for the night, with a goodnight kiss on his forehead he was already fast asleep before the lights were switched off. Little did he know that his thumb found its way into his muzzle, sub-consciously nursing on it for the rest of the night.

(if you did enjoy it, I would like to hear it from you. ^^)

Re: Kevin (latest chapter: 1 )

As Renko has pointed out in a couple places in the past, the view count isn’t really something to trust. All of the times the page is cached for search crawlers and the like count as views, as well as some other voodoo magic that I don’t remember.

As for the views, I can surmise a decent answer based on personal experience. I often have the habit of checking up on unread posts by opening the thread in a new tab, forgetting about it / getting busy with other stuff, and closing out the web browser before actually reading the new content. It’s a bad habit of mine and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people do it as well.

I highly doubt you’ll scare too many people off with a babyfur story. There’s a huge intersection between abdl and furry, in addition to the increased acceptance of other fetishes due to those low on the totem pole trying to band together.

If you want a good read in the babyfur niche, I highly suggest the “Blue Glow” trilogy by Onecho, which can be found on Furaffinity. Be forewarned, it’s pretty long (3 novels each for a total of ~700 pages in Microsoft Word).

I don’t really have the time to sit through and read this right now but I’ll leave for now with a small nitpick:

“Satisfied that the cub is all squeaky clean, Rose took a large white fluffy towel”

I remember you saying that you’re not a native English speaker in your intro so I can’t really fault you too much for this but I’ll still give the advice since it’s constructive. Make sure your verb tenses match. The first verb in the excerpt, “is”, is present tense and the second verb, “took”, is past tense. Both verbs should be in the same tense. Based on the surrounding text, you should probably change “is” to “was” to make it past tense and match the rest of the story. A quick glance reveals a couple instances of tense-matching problems. They don’t affect the flow of the story too much, but they should still be corrected if possible.

Re: Kevin (latest chapter: 1 )

Oh boy! My first commenter/critique! Thank you for the writing tip, I’ll try to fix them asap. :slight_smile: (it’s bedtime now…xD) embarrassingly in Singapore, English is the first language… but the common tongue here is Singlish, a mashed up version of British English and other local dialect… hence it does affect my writing. Mastering the language is hard for me due to my dyslexia,but I’ll try and do my best to improve,as I have plans to go to university…

Did you say ‘Blue Glow’ ? O.M.G!!! I love that trilogy very much! Blue Glow, Red Sentient and White Starlight. Yup! I’ve read them all and got inspired to write my own fantasy. Blue Glow was the happy vibe one, Red Sentient was the “ohoh” vibe one and White Starlight was the serenity vibe one, well at least to me. ^^

Re: Kevin (latest chapter: 1 )

Who has to remember when there’s a topic that explains it :stuck_out_tongue:

(note to self: I need to update that slightly as a few details have changed recently.)

I actually double-checked the raw access logs and it looks like this story has been getting mostly guest views so that’s probably part of the reason there hasn’t been a lot of replies. Oddly roughly 1 in every 50 page views on this story has originated from a link in a private subreddit.

Re: Kevin (latest chapter: 2 )

The long awaited chapter is here! and yes… it been 4 months since I last updated the story, some of my proofreader told me that it might be too much detail for reader to enjoy the story, a few of them liked it very much, so if you’re done reading please tell me what you think about it, I need to know.^^
p.s: It’s about 13k+ words this time.


Chapter 2

Daniel watches as Rose takes the red panda cub upstairs for his bedtime, it had been fun playing with Kevin but little cubs need their sleep or in Kevin’s case; little ‘adult’. By using the save option in the pause menus screen of the game they were playing to save all the level progressions and experience points he and the cub had earned for this game session. He then quickly shut down the gaming console and switch the channel of the TV to the news station using the remote.

“Police reports of four missing mammals. Now red goo? But in another news, electrical disturbance in the city last night. What could be the cause?” as the moose newscaster highlights the juicy stories for the night.

‘Yup… it looks like the Commissioner can’t keep those nosy reporters at bay…’ Daniel comments to himself as he watches the news.

Taking out his notebook from his chest pocket, Daniel starts to review Kevin’s story once more. He had a hunch that the two furs that drugged Kevin are also involved with the other four missing furs, that were found to be a pile of messy red with their belongings and after DNA examination were, in fact, the missing furs themselves. Then while pondering the information it hit him, he noticed that Kevin is also currently missing fur also and he was found with his belongings… ‘I need to check something.’ Daniel comments as he gets up from the sofa and turns off the TV , heading straight up the stairs to his study room to use his computer.

When Daniel reaches the top of the stairs, he sees an all too familiar sight, his wife is carrying Kevin to the nursery after a nice warm bath to get ready for his bedtime routine. It reminds him of his late son, a past that he put to peace but yet he felt a sense of slight regret along with serenity while he watches the two cross by him as they turn into the nursery, a smile creeping onto his face.

Rubbing his head as he stepped into his home office, Daniel took his place behind the desk as he powered up his computer and patiently waited for the operating system to load up, taking the moment to enjoy the cushy feeling of the chair, It was after all a pretty comfortable office swivel chair built with lambda support and such. He logged into the police global database network and checked for reports of stolen property by Quantum Solutions, that was the company Kevin used to work for when he was still an adult. The results were negative. 'well, I guess no one really notices an old prototype just when missing… ’ he noted before remembering that Kevin also mentioned in his story that he was able to tamper with the status of the logs making it too late to be noticed that the device went missing when he stole and quit the company on his last day. ‘guess that does checks out his story… and if he doesn’t have anything to link to him… wait! He also did mention his quarter of a million debt… maybe… someone is trying to collect that?’ searching for any connection to the “duo” that Kevin mention in his story.

The search was futile, Daniel decides to call it a day after he looked at the computer’s clock, reporting 11 o’clock already. He saves his half-written report and uploads the file to a secured cloud storage so he can work on it tomorrow back at the department. After turning off the computer he gets up and stretches as he makes his way to the master bedroom to get some nightwear and a towel so that he can take a shower before bed.

Rose is sitting in bed reading her tablet computer as he enters, “I saw that you were busy just now so I’ve decided to find something else to do, now that you’re done and Kevin is sleeping soundly, shall we continue our earlier discussion?” Rose looked up from her tablet.

“Sure thing dear,” Daniel says, taking a sit on by the bedside where his wife’s legs are. “What were we talking about?” he joked. “Well then… I take it that we agreed to take care of Kevin until till new development arise?” Daniel confirms as he turns to face his wife.

“Yes… Kevin told us that he doesn’t have any next of kin to contact with and just like you said how endangered his life would be even if he did go back to a next of kin while these mysterious duos are still at large.” Rose nodding in agreement.

“So do we continue to treat him like a cub? I mean, he was an adult before…” Daniel scratched his head.

“I guess we need to as he is no longer behaving like an adult would be, even if he may have been an adult before… Yeah, that bottle incident did show me that he’s not thinking within adult capacity… so he’s more of a child than an adult, what should we do about him? He is as good as a lost child in the states, shouldn’t we report this to child services?” Rose sighs.

"Yes, I’ll inform child services about him tomorrow… and sort things out… Oh yeah! Could you take him to the doctor’s tomorrow? Just to be safe…"as Daniel hold his wife’s leg in assurance as she gives him a quizzical look. “I want to know if that drug he took is not killing him slowly still and also for the profiling for child services.” He explains as he got off the bed and shuffles into the walk-in closet to pick up a towel, a white undershirt singlet and a pair of dark gray pajama pants. “I’m going to take a shower.” He announces as he heads for the bathroom.

A refreshing shower was what he needed as he steps out of the bathroom, still drying his head fur with his white fluffy towel while he walks down the hallway dressed in what he had picked out earlier,deep in thought about his little guest. Daniel stop between the door of the nursery and the master bedroom, he cranes his head towards the nursery, he slowly turns the knob on the door and pokes his head inside to check on Kevin. The sight of the little red panda cub sleeping peacefully on his side, curled up with his thumb in his maw and rustle tucked between his legs, Daniel could not help but smile at such a cute sight, ‘looks like Rose was right about him being a cub.’ he concludes as he silently closed the door of the nursery and joins his wife on their bed, turning in for the night.

Blurry vision comes into focus, it was the slate colored wooden bars of the crib and the rusty orange fur on his fingers. Kevin felt that his thumb was wet and slightly numb, discovering that he had been sucking on his thumb the whole night. He quickly pulled it out and wiped it against his sleeper, blushing at his babyish tendency. Kevin lets out a wide yawn and grabs hold onto the crib’s bar to pull himself up. As he stood up, an eerie smell stung his nose. He sniffles around and traces the smell coming from below his waist, the realization that he had messed himself during his sleep was too much to bear. He felt dirty and ashamed of himself, Kevin burst into tears once more. ‘I hate this, being helpless like a baby, I never asked for any of this! I just want to be normal again!’ he angrily refutes, shaking against the crib’s bars with frustrating misery and tears on his face while he stares down towards the carpeted floor. In his tear-filled vision, something bluish that resembles jeans and then white with a city art of California scrolled into view, a pair of orange paws lifts him by his sides into a pair of soft and cushy blossoms, followed by back rubs and the sound of cooing.

“Aww, you poor thing… shh… it’s ok Kevin dear… everything is alright… shhh… shhh…” she reassures the little cub, embracing him snugly in her arms while she pets him in a comforting way.

How oddly comforting this all felt as Kevin nested his tearful face in Rose’s chest he thought, subconsciously hugging Rose back. Even if he had mess himself, Rose didn’t make fun of him or mind at all, instead, she embraced and comforted him for his predicament. As soon as the tears and wailing stops, he found himself lying on top of the changing table once again. First, his sleeper came off, then the tapes of his well used Pampers and after a whole lot of wipes against his bottom and diaper regions, he felt much better and happier after that.

She remembered Kevin was wincing at certain spots where she wiped, that would mean that the skin below his coat was irritated. Taking remediating action, she took out a special kind of spray and sprayed it all over his rump, it shocked Kevin at first but then sounds of relief were quickly heard after that. Just like the first time Rose changes Kevin’s diaper, the only difference was the diaper design, this time, it had a little bear with a party hat on the front and a giraffe with a bowl hat on the back, both Chibi characters are smiling cheerily to their onlookers.

“Now that is taken care of… let’s get you dressed for the day!” Rose announced once she tape on the diaper snugly onto Kevin’s waist. Taking a moment to nuzzle her nose against Kevin’s tummy, causing the little red panda to twitter and giggle in delight from the ticklish sensation.

As she left the changing table for the dresser to pick an outfit for the little red panda, Kevin would sit there recovering from the excitement, awaiting for her return. ‘maybe being little isn’t so bad after all…’ Kevin thought to himself,smiling absentmindedly. Within seconds he was starting to feel bored just sitting there and started to suck on his thumb, it felt good and that’s all that matters.

Turning around with different articles of clothing in paw, Rose smile at the sight of Kevin sucking his thumb but made no comments to it as it was natural to see babies or cubs to do so, but it did cause her to make a mental note to pick up a few pacifier for him later for hygiene purposes when they are outside. She proceeds to dress the cub in this light gray cotton onesie with green trimmings around the edges and with small colorful dinosaurs lined in a circular fashion adorned around the middle, featuring a Dilophosaurus, a T-Rex, and a Triceratops. She lightly tugs Kevin’s thumb away from his maw so she may fit each of his arms to go through the correct sleeves and slips his rustle out of the back before snapping shut the snaps over his diaper. Next was a matching pair of multi-colored beach shorts, blending the colors of sand and water, it was a roomy pair of pants intended to ‘hide’ babies diapers by going all the way down to the knee and having a stretchy elastic waistband and snaps around the leg gathering to ease checking and changing the diaper should the need arise. Rose finish dressing the cub by carefully pulling his rustle out the tail hole of the beach shorts and covering both of his feet in a pair of green and white striped cotton socks.

“There we go! All dressed and ready for the day!” she announces in a bubbly attitude. “Now how about you go and brush your teeth while I’ll get breakfast ready hmm?” Rose suggests as she lifts him off the changing table to set Kevin onto the carpeted floor.

"Owkay!"Kevin happily responds, toddling off to the bathroom down the hallway with Rose following behind shortly, breaking off at the stairs.

“I’ve left a stool in front of the basin and a toothbrush ready for you on the counter top. Come down when you’re done!” Rose called out as she descends from the staircase.

Climbing upon the stool, Kevin sees a cup with a kid’s toothbrush with some toothpaste propped up against the cup wall. ‘Arghh… Brushing is so troublesome… Oh! what do we have here?!’ Kevin was standing by the basin when he saw a bottle of mouthwash sitting on the side of the marble counter. He uncapped the top of the mouthwash and pour a small splash into his mouth, unfortunately for him, his senses are now super sensitive like a newborn cub the mouthwash in his mouth felt like it was on ice due to the menthol chemical mixture and fire as it contains alcohol . He quickly spits it out, gnawing and coughing to the heat as he got off the stool, toddling step by step down the stairs for breakfast.

Rose was busy plating up a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon for Kevin and herself when he came toddling over to her, sniffing the air and smiling cheerily to the delicious smell of bacon.

“So did you brushed your teeth?” Rose queries, as she turns around with both plates of food, one of them was smaller and colorful.

Kevin just looked away and nodded to the question, avoiding eye contact with Rose, his rustle curled around his right leg. Rose lifts an eyebrow to his body language, after leaving the plates of food on the counter, “Kevin dear… can you please open your mouth? I would like to inspect your handy work.” she asked him in a condescending way, kneeling down to Kevin’s level .

Kevin reluctantly complied to her request, slowly opening his maw for Rose to inspect his teeth. “Hmmm, I smell fresh mints… are you sure you brushed your teeth?” Rose questions him again, looking square into his eyes.

“I… I did!” Kevin still trying to avoid eye contact with Rose.

“You did hmm? so that light yellowish layer near your gums are not plague?” Rose points out to him.

“I dunno whatchu are talkfink bout… I… I’m sowwy… I didn’t brush… but use the mouthwash instead.” Kevin looks down, ashamed of himself for telling a fib. He felt like he had let down Rose once again and was truly sorry for it.

"Kevin, you don’t have to be afraid of coming clean with me. Did you not know how to brush your teeth? Is that why you use the mouthwash instead?"Rose pulls the cub in for a hug.

"Nu… I… I was just lazy… "Kevin blushes as he admits his mistake, breaking away from the hug.

“Kevin dear, that mouthwash contains alcohol and that is not good for you. Is your mouth okay? Did it burn your mouth?” Rose asked with consent.

“It was just very hot and cold at the same time.” Shaking his head to her questions even though it was a horrible feeling he experienced, he didn’t want to worry Rose anymore.

Sighing to relief that the mouthwash didn’t hurt him, “okay, we’ll brush your teeth later. Right now, breakfast is getting cold.” Rose stood up and ruffles his head.

She picks up Kevin by the armpits and buckles him into the awaiting high chair that he sat during the previous meal and locked on the yellow rim and baby blue dining tray over his lap, causing a fussy Kevin to pout over it. Then came the bib that Rose promised to use,it had 2 sides. On the top side was a little blue bear cub smacking his lips to a bowl of creamy mush printed on its vinyl surface and a soft cotton surface on the bottom side for comfort. Kevin protested that he was perfectly capable of eating properly without a bib when Rose strapped the velcro around his neck. “If that bib is still clean after breakfast, I shall not bib you in future okay?” Offering another chance for Kevin to prove he’s not a messy little eater.

“Fine!” Kevin hasty agrees to the challenge, feeling confident that he’d prove her wrong.

A plate of bacon & eggs was then set down in front of the cub, decorated with cartoon characters from a little children’s TV series about 7 puppies who believes that there is no job too big for them and they’re not too small for any task. Kevin received a kid’s fork to use and begins to fork down his breakfast first as Rose would set down their drinks, a bottle of milk for Kevin and a glass of carrot and orange juice for herself before taking a seat right beside him at the dining table, starting on her own plate as well. After a few attempts of trying to use the fork to eat which resulted in eggs falling off his fork with each try, Kevin abandons the fork and use his paws instead, making Rose giggles at how adorable he’s being.

As they ate, Rose decides to Inform Kevin about the events and agenda of the day. “So, today we are going to the doctors, Kevin.”

“Why wood we need to?” Kevin tilts his head a little to the right, causing some of the scrambled egg to fall out of his maw and having them caught by his bib, while he is munching with his mouth.

"Well, Daniel and I talked about it last night, that we should take you to the doctors to be sure that the drug you took is not doing you any more harm still and also we need to document your overall health for child services. As for child services, Daniel would be informing them about you as a lost child and that you would be in our care for now until other arrangements have been made. " Rose slowly explains to Kevin.

Kevin started to tense up hearing he would be going to the doctors to check if the drug he had been forced fed was still in his system, that would mean that he had to take a blood test and that also mean, Needles! Something that he was definitely afraid of. He then starts to sulk and look back down at his plate, contemplating about his current situation and his life when Rose finishes with her explanation ‘I guess I can never get back my former life… well not that it was great, to begin with… who’s going to care for me? Will I be an orphan?… Alone…’ Kevin thoughts swirl with sadness and self-pity until he begins to cry from all the self-induced misery.

Rose was confused why Kevin started crying but it was heartbreaking to witness it, she immediately unbuckles Kevin from his high chair and picked him up, hugging him close to her chest and start to rock and coo the cub.

Rose held on to Kevin for a good whole 10 mins until he calms down. when he reduced down to a few hiccup. " What’s wrong Kevin? Why were you crying, dear? Are you afraid of needles? Is that why you were crying?" Rose continue to hold him in her arms.

Kevin looks up and nods his head, but Rose feels that there is more to just the needles, she thought back to what she said for awhile and decide to query a bit more. “Surely that not the only reason right? Can you tell me?”

Kevin looks down once again, "No, I shouldn’t be troubling you and Daniel with my… " Kevin couldn’t finish his sentence as Rose just pulled him in for another hug.

"Kevin dear, you need to realize that you’re no longer an independent adult anymore. you’re now a cub and that’s okay, should you need me for anything, I’ll be here for you. Okay? " Rose gently reminds Kevin as she strokes his back.

“Okay…” Kevin hugs back and hold their snuggle till his tummy starts to growl with hunger from his unfinished breakfast.

"Looks like we should finish breakfast first!"Rose chuckles, placing Kevin back into his high chair.

As they ate Rose would ask Kevin more about his past to distract the cub from his unhappy thoughts, she would ask him about his hobbies, favorite movies, and favorite foods. She would also share more about herself too, finding that they both love pizza and animated movies. When Both plates are cleaned of food and drinks are finished, Rose took off Kevin’s bib finding it quite the catch of scrambled eggs on it but didn’t say anything. After wiping his paws and maw with a damp cloth, she picks up the cub and headed up the stairs with him, carrying him on her hips with an arm coiled around his waist, making sure he doesn’t fall off.

“Where are we gowing?” Kevin asked, clearly forgetting that Rose was going to brush his teeth.

“We are going to the bathroom to get your teeth brush silly,” Rose smiles as she tapped the bridge of Kevin’s nose, turning left at the top of the stairs.

“Oh! yeah… forgot about that…” Kevin grins cheekily.

They entered the bathroom and sure enough, Kevin’s toothbrush was still sitting in its cup - untouched, “Say ‘Ahhhhhh’ .” Rose picked up the brush held it in front of Kevin’s maw.

Kevin rolled his eyes and open his maw with an ‘Ahhhhhh’, and in return, Rose praised him for being such a good boy. She made quick work of it and soon hold up a cup of water for him to rinse his maw. “There we go, all fresh and clean!” she comments, then processed to blow a raspberry on his cheek, causing Kevin to giggle.

“Now I need to get some things done before we leave, how about you watch some cartoons first?” Rose suggest as they when down the stair back into the living room.

“Can’t I play with the gaming console instead?” Kevin rebukes, feeling that cartoons are too childish for him.

“Well, it’s not going take more than 15 mins or so, so just watch some cartoons first okay?” Rose insisted as she sets down the cub onto the sofa, turning on the TV before leaving.

“Owkay…” Kevin grumbles a bit, but soon he got sucked into the eye-catching, colorful pictures and addictive silly sounds of the cartoon being aired on the channel.

Now that she had the cub distracted, for the time being, Rose moved to the storage space under the stairs. She opens the door and flicks the switch on, moving things out of the way while trying to spot for an object she would need to use if she was going to bring her guest outside of the house. In the dimly lit space she finally found said object, it was a large baby blue bag with compartmentalised pockets of various size on one side and hatched designs in a strip on the other side, it also had a comfortable handle on the top and a pair of plastic sling rings on the sides should a sling be needed, just like a laptop bag. Before she closed the door of the store, another item caught her eyes, it was a pair of baby shoes that were sitting on the shelf. They were blue on most parts with a beige sole, judging by the size it looks like it would fit the cub nicely, she took the shoes and left them by the main entrance.

With the diaper bag in her paw, Rose brought it upstair to the nursery and opened up the bag upon the changing table and started to pack it with wipes, powder and a couple of diapers, realizing that she would need to get more for Kevin when she took out the last pair of Pampers from its plastic packaging. She then bought the bag down to the kitchen to pack some drinks for Kevin after adding her purse and phone into the bag, she filled one of the bottles with juice and the other with water. Before closing off the tops and packing them in the diaper bag, Rose made sure that both bottle tops had their teats sterilized and clean off before adding on their plastic covers. Rose then returns back to the living room to pick up the cub only to receive protests that the show he’s watching is only half way through and he that wants to watch it finish first, chuckling at his cubby behavior she then looked at her watch,it was only 8.13 AM. Rose decided to join Kevin on the couch, watching the cartoon along with him till it ended.

“Alright! It’s time to go!” Rose announces as the credits start to roll, turning off the TV with the remote control before setting it on the oval shaped coffee table.

“Awww… but I want to watch the next episode which is coming up next! Can’t we go see the doctor another time?” Kevin whines, hoping to stall or postpone the doctor visit.

“Nope, we are going right now,” Rose replied flatly. “Besides the next episode would be recasting again within this week,so you would have plenty of chance to watch it.” she reasons with Kevin, smiling at his attempt to avoid the doctor visit.

"Owwkayy… Fine!"Kevin grumbles as he reluctantly got up from the sofa, then he remembered about his belongings.

“Erm, Rose? Where is my stuff? Like my phone and wallet?” Kevin queries as Rose helps him into a pair baby sized shoes she found earlier.

"I think Daniel has them… Why do you need them?"Rose replied as she was putting on her shoe.

"Oh… It’s out of habit I guess?"Kevin shrugs.

“Why would he need my phone and wallet?” Kevin continues, tilting his head.

“I don’t think I can answer that Kevin. Well, enough time a wasting, let’s get going before the clinic gets too busy hmm?” Rose opens the front door and ushers the red panda cub out of if with his diaper bag slung over her shoulder.

Kevin toddled out to the driveway of the house, he saw other houses that were neatly arranged in a row ,side by side of each other, perpendicular to the sidewalk and the road in front of each house. All of these houses look about the same but still had their differences, like some would have hedges or fencing surrounding in front of their lawns, some would have just a bare concrete floors and there are those with a beautiful garden of sorts, most houses would have 2 stories but the house on his right seem to have an extra story. He remembered back in Singapore there are places with such kind of housing are usually owned by well-to-do individuals and family but the sight before him was impressive as these houses seem to be larger and are much more spacious, despite with his short height perspective that made everything seem he see to be even larger.

“Come on Kevin, the car is over here!” Rose beckons Kevin to come over.

Turning to his left was a huge silvery blue S.U.V, it looked like an inverted whale in Kevin’s eyes. Each step he took towards Rose, the vehicle would grow bigger and bigger until it was towering him. Kevin googled at the size of the car, “Ooooh wow! The car is massive!” He commented.

“Actually, it’s just about the size of any other S.U.V, maybe it looks gigantic to you because you’re smaller?” Rose lightly chuckles as she opens the door to the front passenger seat for Kevin before lifting him into the seat. She pulls down the safety belt and buckles him in, then proceed over to the driver’s seat and did the same for herself.

With the push of the ignition button, the car’s engine hummed to life. Rose shift the gear into Reverse and stepped on the gas peddle, bringing the car out of the driveway onto the road and with another shift of the gear stick into Drive, she accelerated down the street heading for the highway.

Kevin was growing more bored by the minute, he had seen enough of the car’s interior and wanted to look out of the window but realized that he couldn’t do so without standing up on his seat. Kevin unbuckled himself and stood up ,planting his face so closely against the window, he was marveled by the scenery through the glass as the car drove on the highway. Normally billboards with their advertisement on them are huge and eye catching, but this effect was now magnified by tenth times and it felt really exciting to see a various digital visual effect from the billboards, hence why Kevin is captivated by the scenery. It feels like a different world from the eyes of a child, a whole new world literally.

A flashing symbol lits up on Rose’s dashboard, indicating that the side passage seat is not buckled, one of the many safety features of an high-end branded car. Rose turn to her left to check on the cub. She almost had a panic attack when she saw Kevin standing in the passage seat about to push down the button to wind down the window, She immediately turns on the child safety lock features to prevent him from operating any of the door controls and change her lane to the slow moving vehicle lane. “Kevin! What are you doing!?!” she realized that she was almost shouting and decide to tone her voice down, “Please sit down right now.” Rose told him in a no-nonsense voice. Rose exited the highway into a junction and stopped at the traffic light, She then turns her attention to a very indignant Kevin. “Kevin… I’m sorry for shouting at you, but that was very dangerous!” she begins to lecture Kevin. “If we were to get into an accident…” Rose suddenly fell quiet, for a moment she looked like she was close to tears. She shook her head and recomposed herself like she came to a conclusion. “Please… don’t do that again, okay?” she softly caresses Kevin’s fluffy cheeks, her motherly voice hinted with worry in them.

“Owkay…” Kevin nods as he notices the sadness in her voice, wondering if he did cross a line or something.

“Good boy, we’re almost there already, the clinic is just down the next junction.” Rose informs him as she reaches and pulled the seat belt down to the buckle Kevin in once more.“Do not unbuckle yourself, I’ll come and get you when it’s time.” changing to a tone that means ‘it is decided’.

After parking the car and stepping out of the vehicle, she went over to the passenger seat to unbuckle Kevin and help him out of the car. She pushed a button on her car key ,locking the car with a two-beat note, telling her that the car is locked. With Kevin’s diaper bag slung over her left shoulder, she took Kevin’s right paw and begin to lead the way to the clinic, she noticed how Kevin was lagging behind and dragging his feet as they walk through the car park, his body language telling her that he was reluctant to go for the check-up.

“Kevin dear, how about this? If you go for the check-up, we’ll go get some ice-cream after that. How does it sound?” Rose tries to bribe the cub as they approached the entrance of the clinic.

Kevin’s ears immediately perked up when he heard ‘ice-cream’, “that sounds gweat!” he smiles cheerily as they enter the clinic, thinking about all the different kinds of sweet creamy flavor he would get to taste later.

Rose lightly chuckles to his immediate delighted response, ‘works every time!’ she thought to herself as they step into the reception area of the clinic. It was quite the reception as it was warm and welcoming with lots of natural lighting bouncing off the white walls that flooded in from the glass panel walls even though it wasn’t very big, there was a wooden top counter with a female gazelle nurse sitting behind it while she attends to a leopard patient that is trying to make payment for his medication. There was a waiting area with seats on the left and play area to the right of the entrance, in the play area was a set of colorful plastic table and chair set on top of a nursery theme carpet, by the glass panel and the wall was an ‘L’ shaped bench-like counter with a few rectangles cut-out from the top of the bench for a tablet device, the height of these counters and furniture were just right for children.

“Kevin, why don’t you go play while I handle the paperwork?” Rose gestures towards the play area.

Kevin looked over to the play area, it looked really childish to him yet still very inviting as it was empty, his heart skipped a beat when he saw a whole mountain of ‘Legos’ on top of the plastic table, those plastic brick piece that stacked on and connected each other were his favorite toys to play back when he was a kid as he would spend countless of hours playing out epic adventures from the creation he builds, it was tempting to run over to play with them, but his adult ego seems to deem it as being childish. He shook his head at Rose “Nu fanks, I’m nut a wittle kid.” he insisted and when to take a seat at the waiting area instead.

“If you’re sure then…” Rose smiled sadly and left to talk to the receptionist at the counter.

“Hey there Rose! It has been awhile since you came here, are you sick?” The Gazelle nurse gets up to greet the Fox.

“Hello, Jessica! Yeah, it has been awhile since I’ve visited, hasn’t it?” Rose smiled and hugged her friend. “Oh! I’m not sick, I’m just bringing Kevin in for a full body check-up and take a blood test.” she points to the red panda cub who’s sitting at the waiting area.

Jessica looked at whom Rose was pointing at. “D`awww! He’s sooo cute!” she was squealing with delight.

The commotion was loud enough to be heard by Kevin and he turned to see what was going on. Jessica smile and waves to the little cub, causing him to blush when he realized that they are talking about him. Kevin hopped off his seat and when to browse the magazine rack at the corner.

“I didn’t know you adopted a son,” Jessica remarked as she places down some forms on the counter for Rose to fill up.

“Oh! You’re mistaken, I didn’t adopt Kevin. I’m just taking care of him till child services can find him a new home, well Daniel was actually the one who found him abandoned in an old warehouse by the old industrial district two nights ago.” Rose explains to Jessica.

“I see… that poor thing was abandoned?! He must have been very sad to be separated from his momma…” Jessica was talking more to herself than to Rose.

"R…right…"Rose wasn’t sure what to say to that or if she should tell Jessica the whole truth. She turned her attention back to forms and tried to fill them up but realized that there is a whole lot of Kevin she doesn’t know. ‘Well, that’s why we here to find out also…’ she remarked silently as she handed the forms back to Jessica.

“I notice you didn’t fill up his age, his blood type, and his medical history… oh… right… I forgot, he’s a lost cub. Silly me.” Jessica berates at her mistake. “That’s okay, we’ll find out from the checkup and blood test” she places the forms into a paper folder and wrote down the patient or in this case, Kevin’s name on the folder. “Well then, just take a seat and I’ll call you when the doctor is ready to see the patient.”

“Thank you, Jessica,” Rose replied.

“You’re welcome!” Jessica nods with a smile before returning to her duties.

Even when Rose was still having her attention at the receptionist, she had never once failed to keep track of Kevin since the car incident, she felt the urge to follow Kevin around to make sure he was safe and won’t do anything that would get himself into trouble. She was trying hard not to run over to join the cub to see what he was really up too when he was going to browse through the different magazines sitting in the racks. Upon noticing that the cub was already trying to climb his way up the seat at the waiting area with a magazine in paw, she smiled at his efforts and went to give him a paw with it.

Kevin wasn’t pleased that he’s having trouble trying to get back up onto his seat as little did he know that the diaper he’s wearing had been wet a couple of times already, therefore increasing in its bulk and weight, and giving him extra mobility problems. When Rose came to aid him, his adult ego became even more bruised and rejected her help, he decided to search for an alternative solution. He looked around and spots the play area’s plastic furniture for children, his heart sighs but it at least he won’t need help to sit on the chair, hence satisfying his ego. He waddles over and sits at the table and chair to read the ‘Insider’ Tech magazine he found from the rack.

After flipping through the magazine for a bit, he realized that it was an old issue and it didn’t have anything interesting to pass the time with, he set the magazine aside on the table, revealing the mountain of ‘Legos’ once again. He looked around the room, spying if there anyone watching him. ‘Rose looks like she is busy using her phone and there is no here other than me…’ Kevin thought to himself and look at the Legos again, he picked up a piece of the plastic bricks and stare at it. It didn’t take long for him to come up with something that he would like to build out of the bricks and soon his attention was focused on building as Kevin starts to source through the pile of different colored, longer and shorter bricks.

Kevin wanted to build a spacecraft, he would lay out a generic form of his spacecraft starting with a ‘skeleton’ structure by using the long black pieces of the bricks and then start to add other different color and size bricks to the ‘skeleton’ till a shell was formed. He picked blue bricks for the body and would only try to source the same color of bricks from the pile,refusing to compromise for any other color, only being satisfied when the body is build to ‘specification’. The more he was building the more absorb he became, not noticing that his rustle is waving lightly and the collar of his onesie is being sucked on as he plays.

Rose was slightly disappointed when Kevin rejected her help to get onto the seat at the waiting area, she notice that the bulge below Kevin’s waist was significantly bigger compared to when she changed Kevin’s diapers before breakfast and that could only mean one thing, Kevin is wet and would definitely need another diaper change soon. ‘maybe that’s why he’s being so fussy…’ she concluded before her attention was diverted to a soft ringing. She had received a text message from Daniel, it read ‘Hiya my love! how’s the check-up?’

Rose began composing her reply ‘We just arrived and are currently waiting for our turn to see the doctor.’ she hit send. ‘How’s your side?’ adding on to her last text. While waiting for a reply, she glanced over to find that the little red panda is now playing with the Legos toy bricks and by the looks of it, he’s building something the size of a football and is really enjoying himself. It made Rose happy to see Kevin being himself and not being self-conscious anymore. At the ring, Rose looked to her phone to see, ‘Got that thing taken care of.’

From the entrance of the clinic as the sliding glass open to welcome more visitors, two furs enter the reception area. The two were skunks, a mother, and her baby cub. The mother skunk carried her 2-year-old son to the play area of reception after she talked to the nurse behind the counter, her cub seems to be very eager to leave his mother’s arms to go play with the Legos at the table and didn’t seem to mind another fur already playing with the Legos. “Char, we’ll be waiting for the nurse to call us for our appointment, so you can play till then.” Kevin overheard the mother skunk telling the cub. “Momma will be over there.” she pointed to the row of chairs facing the play area, with a nod from her cub she left to take a sit where Rose is sitting at.

“Wahchu boowing?” Char asks Kevin as he looks at Kevin’s bluish football-like creation.

Kevin stopped sucking on his collar and turned his attention to the skunk, “Oh! I’m buildfing a spaceship!” he replied excitedly.

“That’s notta spaceship!” Char declares as the creation doesn’t look like a spacecraft to him.

“It is! It’s just not finished yet!” Kevin rebuttals, “let see you build a spaceship then…” he challenges the skunk.

"Otay!"the skunk readily accepted and starts to build his version of a spacecraft.

The two cubs would build their creations and pit against each in the play area, with Kevin completing his spacecraft first. He had turned that football-like shell into a ‘functional’ spacecraft that comes with a cargo hold, living quarters, and a bridge. Everything was very modular and can be modified if needed, it was something that one would see at a Lego building competition for adult contestants. Whereas Char, on the other hand, had made something a 2 to 3-year-old would most likely have done, it was a rough copy of the iconic Star wars X-wing fighter and was very much smaller compared to Kevin’s spacecraft.

Char face was all puffed up in defiance and jealousy when he saw that his spacecraft didn’t look as fancy as Kevin’s spacecraft when he completed his creation, “Why ish yows bigger!?” Char voice hinting of the unfairness and bitterness he was feeling.

“Because I’m better than chu!” Kevin taunts him back as he sneers, proud of his creation.

“Wetter than me!” Char stick his tongue at Kevin.

“Wetter?” Kevin was confused why Char said that to him till he looked down to his waist and realized that the cub was right, his diaper was obviously more puffy and weighted than when Rose had changed him earlier this morning. He didn’t even notice when he had become wet nor did he remember feeling the need to go.

The skunk cub took the chance while Kevin was looking down to snatch Kevin’s spacecraft creation from Kevin’s side of the table and declared that this is now his spacecraft. This upsets Kevin greatly, it was his work, his creation and sure is not happy about letting others take his creation away. “Give it back!” Kevin raised his voice.

“Nu!” Char defiantly tugs the spacecraft further away from Kevin, trying to keep it out of Kevin’s reach.

The bickering was causing quite the commotion that Rose and Mary came over to see what is going on, immediately both cubs fell silent upon their towering caregivers. “Kevin? Why are you shouting at the other boy?” Rose begins.

“He took my spacecwaft!” Kevin points an accusing finger at Char.

“Is that true Char?” Mary looks down at her cub.

“Nu… I build this spacecwaft…” char replied as he avoids looking at his mother’s eyes, as his eyes glanced towards the X-wing fighter that he had built for a moment and then back to Kevin’s spacecraft in his arms.

“He’s lying!” Kevin hiss angrily at the skunk, his rustle was bushed out, he was about to show his annoyance at Char’s answer by striking at him but was pulled away by Rose before he could take a step forward.

Mary lets out a sigh and shakes her head. “Char… I know when you’re lying, apologizes to Kevin and give him back his creation now,” she said in a firm voice.

Char knew better than to argue with his mother. “I’m Sowry…” he said to Kevin.

Just before Char could return the spacecraft, Nurse Jessica called out for Rose and Kevin, announcing to them that the doctor is ready to see them in office 3. Rose picks up a very upset, close to tears Kevin by the armpits, cooing and comforting him in her arms as she makes her way towards the hallway of doors. “It’s okay Kevin, you don’t have to get upset over a toy.” Rose tries to reason with Kevin.

“But it’s my spaceship! I built it!” Kevin whines, protesting about his injustice.

“Yes, you did build it, it was a very well made spaceship with the different compartments, I was watching you build it… but the Legos belongs to the clinic, so anyone can play with it if they want too,” Rose explains as she moved Kevin onto one arm, supporting his rump. “Besides if you are really proud of that spaceship you can always build it again or make it even better when we get back home,” she smiles and ruffles his head fur.

Kevin was slow to accept Rose reasoning but soon soften his expression. “There are wegos at home?” he asks in disbelief.

“Yup! And you can play with them to your heart’s content!” Rose replied in a syrupy sweet manner as she starts to knock on the door to office 3, it was odd that this door was slightly larger than the rest.

“Come in!” A rough voice echo behind the door and Rose took the handle and turn, opening the door to review a very large Office to Kevin and herself. The office has a huge examination table in the middle of the room that looks like it could be used to conduct small surgery on an adult bear if needed, to their left was a large white desk and a snowy white figure, with the folders of different patients stack neatly, computer peripheries on sight, and a large flat screen sitting behind a name plaque on the desk, Doctor Dimitri was the name written on the plaque. The large snowy white figure was sitting behind the desk, it turns out to be a polar bear.

Doctor Dimitri stood up to greet his visitors,his figure was towering and was clearly bigger than Rose by at least an extra foot, “Good Morning, Mrs. Rose.” he extended a paw to the Fox.

Rose took his paw and shook it “Good morning doctor.” she greeted the doctor.

The polar bear turns his attention to the cub, giving a friendly smile. “and this must be Kevin?” reaching out shake paws with him, only causing Kevin to turn away and hug Rose tightly against her neck, his rustle coiled around her waist.

Kevin wasn’t sure why he felt so afraid, maybe it was because the doctor was a massive polar bear or it could have been that he was the fur who is about to be using needles on him, either way, he didn’t want to be here for any reason. Rose took noticed of Kevin’s behavior and apologizes to the doctor and she tries to coax Kevin that it’s alright and there is nothing to be afraid of.

“It’s okay Kevin, the doctor is just going to check out if there is anything wrong with you, can you be brave like a big boy?” Rose coax as she rubs the back of Kevin. It seems to work as Kevin seem to have new found courage along with the reassurance that everything is going to be alright, turning around to face the doctor once again, eyeing warily of the polar bear, like he might get eaten by him.

Dimitri tries again, “Hello there Kevin.” He lower himself into a half kneel position so that he won’t appear as intimidating and gave a condescending smile, trying to appear as friendly as he can as he knows that his size does tend to scare away the little ones most of the time. Extending his big paw to shake with Kevin’s.

Kevin looked at the paw, then back at Dimitri’s face, and at back at the paw again. He shyly took it and received a firm handshake, making him feel that he could trust this fur.

“As we are short on paws today, I’ll be taking his height and weight before I proceed with the full body checkup and blood test. But first, if you don’t mind assisting me, can you please strip him down to just his diaper?” Dimitri made his request to Rose after giving a reassuring smile to Kevin. “You can leave your belongings on the counter over there.” He gestures toward the counter on the right side of the room as he made his way to far side of the room to prepare some medical equipment needed for Kevin’s full body checkup.

“Sure thing.” Rose bought Kevin over to the counter and begin to undress him, leaving all of their belongings on the counter and Kevin with his puffy diaper on.

Despite being reassured that nothing bad would happen to him, he couldn’t help but feel vulnerable about it, ‘maybe it’s just the lack of clothes on him.’ He thought as Kevin was being stripped down to his ‘underwear’, while he watches Doctor Dimitri place some kind of white cover sheet over the large examination table.

“Hmm, I’ll take his height and temperature first, then you can change him first before I take his weight as a used diaper would affect the readings.” Dimitri decides to alter his process after a glance of Kevin’s diaper. “Could you lay him over here please?” gesturing toward the large examination table with a vinyl-like cover that has measuring markings on the side that was laid over the padded cushion.

“Okay.” Rose agrees with the doctor’s reasoning as she carries a very anxious Kevin to the examination table and lay him over the measuring sheet. “Kevin sweetie, please be still for a little while okay?” Rose coaxes the little cub and smiled at him when she got a little nod for an answer.

“Hmm… He measures… 28 inches from head to toe… and his rustle is 10 inches.” Doctor Dimitri said out loud while he takes the measurements and jolts down in Kevin’s medical file. “Okay… now let’s take his temperature.” He said as he set the documents aside.

“Could you roll him over on his belly and keep him company until I’m done?” Doctor Dimitri request of Rose as he is preparing a rectal thermometer.

As Kevin was manipulated onto his belly by Rose, he was wondering why would he be needed on his belly as taking his temperature would be as simple as sticking the thermometer in his maw for a few minutes. It only hit him that he was going to have his temperature taken like a cub when he felt the tapes of his diaper getting ripped off and having his bum exposed, his adult ego getting bruised and he starts to squirm and whine in protest, not wanting to be handled like that. But he was held in place by a large white fluffy arm pressed against his back and having his Rustle lift up with the same arm by Doctor Dimitri.

Seeing Kevin squirming in discomfort and whining to her for help made Rose’s heartache, as she would hold onto Kevin’s paw and pet his head affectionately in return, “Shh… it’s okay… Just calm down sweetie, the doctor is just taking your temperature… Shh…” she would tell him in a soothing voice, looking at his pleading eyes. "It only going take a minute or two sweetie. " sensing how upset Kevin is feeling.

Kevin squeals and struggles as the oily and cold metal tip of the rectal thermometer slip into his rump, He felt vulnerable and his personal space invaded, he gotten more irritated and helpless by the seconds until he couldn’t take it any longer, despite Rose trying to comfort him he begins to cry, hoping that the doctor would stop.

“Oookay! 99.1°F, probably due to all of that ‘excitement’… but that’s still within acceptable range.” Doctor Dimitri comments with a smile as he took out the thermometer and then wipe it clean before noting it down in Kevin’s file as he releases Kevin, letting Rose take over from there.

Immediately Kevin would lunge for Rose, seeking her comfort, still whimpering and sobbing as Rose would coos and cuddles the little red panda in her arms. “Aww aww aww… It’s over already… don’t cry anymore…” Rubbing his back while she carries the naked cub. She stopped the back rubs just for a moment to reach for the diaper bag and slung it over her shoulders as she intent to clean him up and put on a new diaper, knowing that it’s best not to leave Kevin unprotected without his diaper.

When she felt Kevin have calmed down enough for a change, Rose would lay him on the examination table and start to wipe his diaper regions with the baby wipes, helping Kevin feel refreshed. Rose then opened up a new Pampers on the table and positioned the red panda cub over it, she took out the bottle of baby powder and with one paw she lifted Kevin’s legs, sprinkling the sweet smelling powder liberally over his loins and rump before massaging and spreading the powder evenly over his diaper regions, causing Kevin to smile again. She completed the change by blowing a raspberry on his tummy, making Kevin twitter and giggle in delight after she pulled the tapes on snugly onto the diaper front.

While Rose was changing Kevin’s diaper, Doctor Dimitri would standby closely and look over Rose’s shoulder to make an observation on Kevin’s body, scribbling notes into Kevin’s medical files while he observes, looking for any problems before conducting a probe search later to confirm his findings. Seeing that the patient is in better spirits, “Let us continue.” he tap on Rose’s shoulder and gestures toward the weighing scale for babies, it a smooth large plastic basin sitting on a small gray podium with an LCD screen, hinting that it’s digital model that is able to detect and confirm its smallish and active user’s weight with ease.

Rose would lay Kevin into the basin and let the doctor activate the machine, after a beep in a few seconds later, it measures Kevin’s weight to be at 23.4 lb. “Hmm… he seems to be quite underweight…” Dimitri comments as he wrote the results into the file. “Now that we have the basic taken care off, I can proceed with the full body checkup,” Dimitri says as he went to pick up his stethoscope from his table.

“Could you sit him here for me” Dimitri patted onto the examination table once more and waited for Rose to move Kevin over before he began the checkup with the hearing of his little patient’s heartbeat, “Okay little guy, I’m just going to listen to your heartbeat with this thing.” he held up his stethoscope to the red panda cub to see before trying to place the scope side onto Kevin’s chest.

“Stewwahscope…” Kevin corrected the word ‘thing’ , pointing at the instrument.

Astonished by what the cub said, Dimitri stared blankly for a moment at the little red panda, genuinely surprised and never expect Kevin to have such a level of intelligence; almost like an adult. He composes himself and smiles back at the cub, returning to the task at paw. “Yes, it’s a Stethoscope, Very good little guy!” he praises Kevin as he presses the scope upon his chest to listen for any irregular heartbeat.

Finding nothing wrong with his heartbeat, Doctor Dimitri move on with an oral inspection. He held out a tongue depressor, “Can you say ‘Aaahhh’?” coaxing the cub to open his maw, in return Kevin decide to humor him by doing so.

“Good boy!” Dimitri praises his little patient for being so cooperative with him while he has a look into his maw. Next, he picked up his otoscope and toss the wooden stick into the trash bin. “You’re being very good! Keep this up and you’ll get a loli!” Dimitri incentives while he moves closer to take a peek inside Kevin’s ears, satisfied that it’s all clear.

“Just a few more tests and we are done.” Doctor Dimitri announce as he took out a knee percussion, holding it up in his paw for Kevin to see. “See this? I’m just going to tap it on your knees and legs, it’s not going to hurt okay?”

Kevin picked up the Knee Percussor and examine the instrument for a bit, tapping the instrument on his paw and various parts of his leg. “Peekuhsor!” calling the name of the instrument as he brandishes the instrument at Dimitri for him to take it back.

“Wow! has someone has been playing doctor too?” Doctor Dimitri smiled as he took the instrument back and pet his head. He then proceeds to tap on the joints of Kevin’s knees and then on the shins, testing the reflexes and nerve connections.

“Mm-hmm, looks like that is okay… now let’s take your blood pressure” Doctor Dimitri declares as he puts away the little hammer and brought out a dark blue strap attached to a paw pump, “you’ll just feel a squeeze on your arm, nothing to worry about okay?” as he wraps the strap around Kevin’s bicep, getting a nod in response that his little patient understands.Using his stethoscope alongside with the blood pressure cuff, he pumps the paw pump to measure Kevin’s blood pressure and listened to the heartbeats. Reading that the blood pressure is normal, Dimitri pushes a button on the pump’s end, the pressure releases and deflates the cuff.

After putting away all the other instrument, Dimitri would take out a sachet pack of medical supplies and leave it on his table first, “I’ll just be doing a physical examination his body first before I’ll brief you on what to do for the phlebotomy” informing Rose about his intentions as he starts to feel and touch around Kevin’s body, starting from his ears all the way down to the tip his rustle.

Kevin would suck on his thumb, not minding that the doctor is feeling him out, but there was something that the doctor did mention that made him think about. ‘Phlebotomy… that word sounded like a medical term for taking out something… is it my saliva?’ Kevin is still contemplating about the word when Doctor Dimitri was done, he didn’t notice that both the doctor and Rose were talking in hush tones.

Kevin was then pulled into a hug by Rose as she joined him on the examination table, he wondered why Rose was giving him such a sympathetic smile as she shifts him to seat on her lap, he felt safe in her arms as she pressed him into her form, blocking everything from sight while she hums a soft tune to him. He felt her taking his right arm, holding it open by the wrist, it was strange but he didn’t resist. A cold spray was applied onto his forearm, just above his elbow joint and then a strap around wrap around his bicep quickly. He starts to piece the puzzle together, but before he could finish, he felt a prick on his right arm, the arm that was held open in the air, just as he was about to become suspicious about the prick he felt Doctor Dimitri announced that it is done and told Rose to apply pressure on his forearm.

Looking the at the two blood samples with his name written on the sticker pasted on the vials, Kevin was unhappy that he was tricked but was also relief that the blood draw was already over before he knew it. He smiled at the deception in the end as Rose would start to redress him up again once she didn’t need to apply pressure over the gauze to clot his blood. Once it was done Doctor Dimitri came over to him with a bright red cherry flavored lollipop for him, as promised for being a good patient which he wasted no time starting on it. While he sucked on his lollipop, Doctor Dimitri and Rose would discuss the results of the checkup.

“Base on all the taken results and from the look I got at his teeth, I would surmise that Kevin is a 2-year-old cub, quite small for his age… but he’s healthy at least, as I don’t see any other problems.” Doctor Dimitri summarized his report to Rose.

“Oooh, okay. That’s good to hear… as for being under average, what do you recommend?” Rose sighs in relief.

“Hmm… you might want to feed him formula to help with the growing, if he’s able to take solid food already, please help him maintain a balanced diet…” Doctor Dimitri suggests. “We all know how the smallest tummies have the fanciest pallets.” he jokes.

“Mmm-hmm…” Rose nods her head in agreement, “I’ll make sure this little guy get his fair shares of veggies.” As she ruffles Kevin’s head, making a frowny face for Kevin who’s sucking on his lollipop.

Recalling about the blood test, “Well then, I’ll call you when the blood test results are out.” Dimitri informs Rose. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” Querying politely as he saw Rose gathering her belongings.

“No that would be all, thank you, Doctor,” Rose replied to the polar bear, she would pick up the red panda and coax him to say goodbye. But with the lollipop in his maw, Kevin would just exchange goodbyes with the doctor by closing and opening his fingers.

After making payment for the medical service at the clinic’s reception and receiving a copy of Kevin’s health report, Rose would leave with Kevin in her arms, they didn’t see the mother and cub skunk at the reception area as they turn to leave but they did hear a lot of screaming of a young child sounding off the door of office 2, causing Kevin to snicker.

Rose gave him a darting stare, which stops it right away. “It’s not nice to laugh at other fur’s plight” she lectures the little red panda.

“Sowwy…” Kevin solemnly replies.

“Good boy!” Rose cheers,“Now who’s ready for some ice cream?” she announced, keeping her promise.

“Me!” Kevin cheers, raising up his right arm.

Feeling Kevin’s enthusiasm, Rose lightly chuckles and carries Kevin to a well-known ice cream parlor that was just around the block, and since it was just 5 minutes past 10:30, at this time of the day there wasn’t much of a crowd or queue in the shop. As they entered the shop, a female husky wearing a bismuth apron greeted them from behind the refrigerated glass counters “Welcome to Frosty & Creamy, What can I get for you today!?” Smiling cheerily at them, the name Everest was pin to the top left of her apron.

Kevin was already reaching out for the glass once he got a glimpse at the trays of colorful creamy flavors sitting in the refrigerated counter as they approach the counter, he would have fallen out of Rose’s arm if she didn’t hold him back with her other arm. “Calm down Kevin, the ice cream isn’t going anywhere.” Rose chuckles.

“D`awww… what an adorable little guy you have there!” Everest comments with a contented smile, “We’re having a promotion this week, it’s a Mothers & Cubs week special, meaning if you buy a scope you get another scope for free for your little one! And you can pick any flavor you want for both scopes!” Everest gestures towards the promotion advertisement on the information plaque.

Rose wanted to correct the husky for the misconception about the both of them, but the thought of taking advantage of the promotion was quite a hard one to pass up,she felt torn between telling the truth and keeping Kevin’s identity a secret. Then she remembered her new found resolve back in the car earlier today and solidify her resolution as she analyses what the menu has to offer.

After looking through the options the menu has to offer, Rose made her decision. “We’ll have a Mothers & Cubs special please.” she smiled at Everest.

“Sure, would you like to have both ice cream in a waffle cone or in a cup?” Everest pointed to the stack of freshly made crispy cone waffles and waxed paper cups. “Also which favor are you picking?” she adds on.

Rose looked to Kevin if he had a preference, but he still had his eyes fixed at the different ice creams behind the counter with a small drool slowly dripping off his slightly opened maw. “Cone or cup Kevin dear?” she prompts him with a small rub on his tummy.

“Huh? Oh… Cone pwease!” Kevin wipes his falling drool with his arm, “I want the chunky cookie dough fawah!” he continued, pointing towards the large tray of light brownish colored ice cream with chocolate chip ‘dough’ mix inside.

“We’ll have both scopes in cones, one of them would be Cookie dough and the other would be Berry surprise.” Rose made their orders while she reaches for her wallet along with Kevin’s bib inside the diaper bag.

“That would be $5.30.” Everest ring up her cashier, it was actually a branded tablet device with a stand sitting on a black rectangle metal box.

Rose hands the husky $6 and told her to keep the change. Once the payment has been processed, Everest begins to serve their ice cream, she would scoop a softball size of Chunky Cookie Dough flavored ice-cream onto a waffle cone for Kevin and was being extra nice by sticking a chocolate waffle stick into the ice-cream before handing the cone to the cub, generating the widest smile from the cub being marveled by the size of a single scoop of delicious frosty cream treat before his eyes, not noticing that Rose had already strapped his bib around his neck.

Holding his ice cream with both paws, Kevin brings it up to his maw and gave it the biggest bite he could muster into the cookie flavored cream, its frosty cream foam turning into liquid cream was pure enjoyment, the cream melts to the heat of his body temperature, letting the taste of caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla coat all of his tongue; Heavenly.

Now that Rose and Kevin have their ice creams, Kevin starting on his first. Rose would sit Kevin on one of the chairs at one of the windowed side tables in the ice cream shop before taking the other seat facing the cub. “Hows your ice cream?” Rose ask the cream smudged maw cub.

Kevin didn’t reply right away as he was busy trying to prevent the melting sides of the ice cream from dripping down to his paw, which was futile in the end as when he would lick one side and another side would melt and ended up tickling down his paw, dripping onto his pants.

Upon Observation that Kevin is having trouble eating his ice cream, “I’ll be right back.” Rose told the cub. Returning from the counter with a large waxed paper cup and a small plastic spoon. She then places Kevin’s ice cream into the cup and hands it back to him with the spoon. “Here you go!” she smiled at him and took the seat beside him this time.

“Fanks!” Kevin responds positively to Rose’s quick solution to his minor predicament and continue with his ice cream.

Rose finish her ice cream first and starts to survey how much ‘damage’ Kevin had done to himself, she was contended that the melted ice cream was contained to only on his beach pants, paws and around his maw thanks to the bib she managed to sneak around his neck before he started, it’s a good thing those pants aren’t cotton but made of polyester, hence they don’t absorb the sugary cream into their material. she took out some baby wipes and start to clean up his pants first, taking the chance to check on his diaper in the process, Knowing that it was slightly wet and would last for another couple of wettings when she touches it, “we are going to shop for some groceries and some other essentials that you’ll need after you finish that ice cream.” Rose informs Kevin as she cleans his pants.

“And since we are going to the store is there anything you want?” Rose asks as she starts to take each of Kevin’s paw to wipe them clean.

With the pause in between him and his ice cream as Rose is cleaning his paws for him, Kevin wonder what he would like to have right now, but couldn’t really think of anything he would want from the store. “I don’t know… not sure what I want I mean…” Kevin replies.

“That okay, just let me know when you have.” Rose smiles and wipes his maw.

"Nu, it’s okay I shouldn’t be asfink for anyfink in Oopmfg…"Kevin was cut mid-sentence as a spoon of ice cream was pushed into his maw by Rose.

“It’s okay Kevin, I want to buy things for you if it benefits you or if it makes you happy…” Rose smiles condescendingly as she spoke, " You don’t need to worry about our financial situation, we are quite well to do. I’m pretty sure you have bigger worries, like your current situation… but you can rely on me for that for sure." she remarked in a motherly tone as she removes the spoon from Kevin’s maw to scoop another bite of ice cream for Kevin.

After Kevin listens to Rose explanation, he became overwhelmed by the affection Rose was showering him with, he looked at her with tearful eyes of gratitude and nods his heads, “Fank you.” he croaked.

Rose returns the gesture by putting the ice cream aside and pulls Kevin in for a hug, whispering “you’re welcome.” into his ear as they embrace.

After having the last scoops of ice cream and his maw cleaned up, Rose left the ice cream parlor with Kevin holding her paw because he wanted to walk on his own and Rose would only allow it if he holds her paw to do so. Kevin didn’t argue anymore once he almost fall over twice and thanks to Rose actively holding his paw, he didn’t. They walked about a block down, passing by a park along the way that was on the other side of the road and Kevin couldn’t help but stare at the playground area of the park, “We could go to the park later if you want.” Rose suggested as they enter a mega mart that was beside to where their car was parked.

“Yeah! That would be fun!” Kevin grins at the prospect of going down a slide in his head.

Rose chuckles at his reaction, " Mm-hmm… but first I’ll need to buy some things that you’ll need and would make my job as babysitter easier" she joked.

“I’m nutta baabee!” Kevin huffs.

“I never said you were sweetie.” Rose grins as she picks up Kevin and sits him on the child seat of the shopping cart she had just obtained.

“Then why are chu sitting me in the babee seat?!” Kevin pouts.

“I can’t be holding your hand as I shop and besides, you looked like you could use a rest.” Rose reasons with a smile as she starts to push the shopping cart.

“Also you look thirsty.” Rose take out the baby bottle of water she packed earlier from Kevin’s diaper bag and hands it to him after removing its protective top cap. While Kevin sucks on the teat of the bottle, Rose would push the cart through the different aisle of the mega mart,ranging from fresh produce to everyday household needs. She would pick up an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables from the fresh produce section before moving the deli counter to pick a pack of bacon and sausages, by then Kevin had drained his bottle and was now sucking on the teat of the empty bottle.

“Kevin dear? Can I have back the bottle? You have drunk all the water already.” Rose attempt to reach for the bottle but Kevin recoil away, shaking his head, not wanting to give back the empty bottle he’s sucking on.

“Hmmm…” Rose thought about why Kevin is acting like this, “Oh! I know why!” she pushed the cart to the baby aisle and found her solution.

Picking up a pack of the pacifier off the shelves, Rose pulled open the pack and took out one of the pacifiers, it was a light translucent blue button type of pacifier and had a red firetruck design on its pearl colored button part, “Here you go, Kevin!” she swap the pacifier for the empty bottle. There was a short amount of whining but it quickly faded away once the pacifier was in place, Kevin sucking contentedly on his new pacifier. “Good boy!” Rose praise her charge along with a head pet.

Despite fulfilling Kevin needs to suck on something, Rose felt something was missing, then it caught her eye. She picked up another small package of the shelf, a ribbon clip for a button type pacifier, it was a matching piece that would complement Kevin’s pacifier with its silky light blue color and more of the same red fire truck design decorating along the ribbon.'Hmm… Just in case it falls out of his maw…'She thought of and quickly removed the clip from its package and attach the ring around the button piece of Kevin’s pacifier and the locking clip on Kevin’s Onesie collar. “D`awww~ You look adorable!” she comments with a glowing smile, dropping the open packages into her cart for payment later.

While Rose was in the baby aisle, she picked up other essential items that Kevin would be using, like a large pack of medium size Pampers baby dry and small tin can of baby formula. She was about to move to the check-out when she remembered about their car ride incident earlier in the morning, there was a piece of equipment she has to get since Kevin would be staying with her for the time being and it for his safety. Turning into the next aisle was what she was looking for, there were strollers and car seat of different designs, sizes, and color. All of them stacked neatly onto their sturdy metal shelves, as Rose would browse each model’s feature and design, the more safety and comfort the seat provides the bigger the price tag.

“I thon neef a car feat!” Kevin whines through his pacifier when he saw the car seats and strollers that Rose was browsing through.

“Kevin dear, we both know that you’re not a baby, but to other furs that see you, they do.” Rose start to reassure Kevin with a head pet," And since the other furs see you as a baby cub, that would mean it’s against the law if you ride in the car without a car seat and I’m getting you a car seat because I care for your safety." Rose lightly caresses Kevin’s cheeks with her paw before planting a kiss on his forehead.

Knowing that what Rose said was true, Kevin solemnly accepted it, feeling sad about his predicament. But with Rose caring for him like that makes it all better. His pacifier fell out as he opens his maw to speak. “Owkay… but I don’t want a cartoonish one!” Kevin insists.

“Sure thing Kevin, I can try but I can’t promise you that if it doesn’t have all the safety feature I’m looking for.” Rose smiles at him.

Kevin watches defeatedly as Rose resuming back to her browsing, not being satisfied with Rose’s answer and continue to pout over it. As Kevin is smaller than an average toddler but bigger than an infant size she was looking for a convertible type or an All-In-One type of car seat for him. After inspecting each and every brand of their various product, she took pictures of the different models that had her approved with her phone and lets Kevin choose his car seat.

“Aww… all of them looks so childish!” Kevin groans as he flips through the pictures, as all of them had some sort of cartoonish print on the user’s seat. “I’m nut gonna pick any of hem!” Kevin crosses his arm and looks away.

“Okay… so does that means I get to pick for you?” Rose teases " How about this one?" she points towards the car seat in raspberry mixed with bubblegum pink colored and decorated with cartoonish ponies and unicorns on the shelve.

“Nuuuuu! That for girls!” Kevin was modified at Rose’s suggestion, He quickly scans through the pictures on the phone once more and picked out one that would tell everyone that it definitely for a boy. He flips the phone over to show Rose the model that he wanted, “This!” Kevin insisted. It was an All-In-One type of car seat, the padded seat had light brown as its base color and cyan on most parts, a fully padded gray plastic shell complementing it with a dark gray aluminum frame/handle that goes from the side and over the car seat. This model was a top of the line model, designed for maximum safety and comfort of its rider, its main feature was that it can be converted from car seat to a stroller, vice versa. The seat can easily dock and undock from the stroller or car seat, without having to remove the child from the seat.

“Hmm, I don’t know… I kinda think that this strawberry colored one would be nicer…” Rose jokes again, causing Kevin to whine. “Okay Okay, we’ll go with what you picked.” she smiles and gives him a head pet.

Rose made her way to the checkout area,she found an available counter to have her purchase check out by a female kangaroo clerk. She places everything from her cart on the conveyor belt. “Sorry about the open packages.” she apologizes to the clerk.

“Oh don’t worry about, as long as you’re paying for it there shouldn’t be any problems.” the middle age roo reply as she scans the open packages first. Giving Kevin a glance, “Babies and their needs right?” Giving Rose an understanding smile.

“Nut a baabee…” Kevin yawn sheepishly, feeling drowsy.

“Oh… sorry little guy, you’re now a big boy now hmm?” Kelly smiles condescendingly at Kevin while she continues to scan more items into the cashier.

“Mm… looks like someone is tired and needs a nap.” Rose spoke up for Kevin when he didn’t respond to the clerk.

“Such an adorable little guy you have there.” Kelly comments as she finishes scanning last of the items, “Wish my were that small again.” she smiles at Rose in envy.

“Thank you.” Rose blushes, “Oh yes, I would like to add this to my purchase also.” Rose holds up her phone to Kelly,showing a picture of the car seat model that Kevin picked out to the clerk.

“Sure thing, I’ll have someone to take it to your car after payment,” Kelly replies and start to pick up her counter intercom phone to inform her co-worker about Rose’s purchase on her selected car seat.

Shortly after Rose had made payment to all of her purchases and have all her grocery bags place into her shopping cart, a teenage wolf carrying a large box in his arm came over, “Lead the way, madam.” Aaron said.

Rose lead the way to her car with Aaron following closely behind. Once they reach the car’s trunk,“Would you like some help with the bags and the car seat madam?” Aaron offered.

"Why thank you very much."Rose accepts his offer and together they load up all grocery into the trunk.

Aaron would open up the box, taking out the base to install first. “How would you like me to install the base? Rear facing or forward facing?”

“Hmm…” Rose gave a glance at Kevin before replying. “I’ll like the base to be installed for rear facing,” she told the wolf and when to take the car seat out from the box, setting it onto the ground.

Aaron latch the base into the SUV’s seat and secure it to the seat by tightening the strap on the base, a few adjustments on the seating angle on the base and it ready to be used. Aaron steps out of the way for Rose to dock the car seat onto the base, turning the car seat into a padded cradle for an infant to lie in. “Okay Kevin, time to get you buckled up for the ride home” Rose lifts Kevin out of the shopping cart and set him into the car seat, she then buckles up all the connection straps on the seat before adjusted the straps to a snug fit on Kevin.

Once the box that contains the extra accessories and parts for the car seat has been added to the rest of the other bags of grocery in the back of the trunk, Rose gave Aaron a tip of $4 for his assistance. The wolf even volunteered to take the shopping cart back to the trolley parking for her in thanks for the tip as they bid goodbye.

Kevin was feeling too tired to bother about what is happening or to complain about being treated like an infant, he starts to drift off into slumber once he was set into the soft cushions padding of the cradler-like car seat, not minding the strap and buckles being applied over him. Once Rose got seated into the driver’s seat and started up the engine, “Kevin? are you comfortable back there?” she turns around to check on him. Kevin was already fast asleep snoring softly, the soft snoring was silenced by Rose when she picks up Kevin’s pacifier and pops it into his maw, letting his reflex action take over. ‘I guess that answers it.’ Rose smiles at the sight of her charge snoozing peacefully.

(To be continued…)

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