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Chapter one-

Patty Williams opened her eyes as the light in her bedroom came on. It took her a few seconds to focus, but when she did, Patty saw her father standing over her with an angry look on his face.

“Damn it, Patty! You’re soaking wet! You’re thirteen years old now. There is no reason for someone your age to still be peeing your bed like a little baby! I bet your cousin Wanda doesn’t wet her bed anymore, and she is only four! Maybe I will let you call your aunt Paula tomorrow and ask her if Wanda wets in her sleep. What is everyone going to think when we go to the family reunion next month and have to tell everyone that our little Patty still wets herself like a little baby. Maybe we can book a crib for you to sleep in the nursery with the other babies. You disgust me. Get up and go get yourself cleaned up, and don’t take all night. I have work in the morning,” Daniel Williams raged at his daughter.

Patty sobbed as she slipped out of bed and grabbed her teddy bear before running across the hall to the bathroom. She closed the door and set her bear down in the linen closet. Patty started water running in the tub, then took off her wet panties.

“Daddy is right, Bitsy. I am disgusting. I still pee on myself while I am sleeping. Only babies do that. I must be a baby. I wish I was still wearing diapers. Maybe then daddy wouldn’t yell at me all the time,” Whimpered Patty.

A bright flash filled the bathroom, momentarily blinding Patty. When she recovered, Patty saw a beautiful woman standing in the middle of the bathroom. She had long brown hair that was topped with a silver crown. She was wearing a silver gown with matching slippers and held a wand in her left hand. Patty thought she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, except for her own mother, who had died when Patty was five.

W-who are you?" Patty asked, trembling.

“My name is Kerisa, guardian angel to all children who wet their beds. I go back and forth over the whole earth watching over all the girls and boys who can’t stay dry. Once a year I am given permission to visit one of my children and give them direction and guidance. Patricia Ann Williams, tonight I am going to take you on a journey of discovery. However, I cannot help you unless you admit you are a bedwetter and want my help. So are you, and do you?” Kerisa explained.

Patty blushed and looked down at her feet. She had never admitted to anyone that she was a bedwetter. Except her father and Bitsy of course. But then, they had already known. Patty decided she wanted Kerisa’s help, so she looked up and nodded her head.

“No dear. I need verbal confirmation. Speaka da words I want to hear,” Kerisa said, cupping her hand behind her ear.

“Yes Miss Kerisa. I am a bedwetter, and I want your help, please,” Patty said.

“Very good! See? that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now comes the fun stuff. First we need a change of clothes and a cleanup,” Kerisa said.

Kerisa waved her wand in Patty’s direction. A glow enveloped the young girl and she felt warm. When Patty looked down she saw she was now wearing a short pink nightgown and pink bunny slippers. Patty lifted the nightgown to see what kind of panties she was wearing. She was shocked to discover that instead of panties, she was obviously wearing a diaper that had Belle from beauty and the beast on the front, and four tapes.

“I’M WEARING A DIAPER!” Patty squealed.

“My goodness. Can you say that a bit louder? I don’t think people in China were able to hear you,” Kerisa said, twisting her finger in her ear, “Of course you are wearing a diaper. That is what you wished for, isn’t it?”

Kerisa pointed her finger at the wall. a flatscreen TV appeared with Patty’s image on it.

“Daddy is right, Bitsy. I am disgusting. I still pee on myself while I am sleeping. Only babies do that. I must be a baby. I wish I was still wearing diapers. Maybe then daddy wouldn’t yell at me all the time.”

Kerisa made the screen disappear and looked at Patty.

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it’? Well for tonight anyway, you get your wish. You are wearing diapers. Happy? Good. Now let’s get on with the rest of this,” Kerisa said.

While Kerisa was talking, Patty had been rubbing and tugging on her diaper. She had found out that the tapes were secured in such a way that they wouldn’t be coming off. At least not by Patty doing it. She also found out she liked the feeling of the diaper against her bottom. Finally she let go of her nightgown and let it fall down over her diaper. She looked up at Kerisa who was standing there with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.

“Is baby finished playing with her diaper? I guess you discovered that sucker isn’t coming off until I take it off,” Kerisa giggled.

Patty blushed. She had not realized Kerisa had been watching her fiddling with the diaper. She nodded her head in reply to Kerisa’s question, then remembered that she wanted a verbal response.

“Yes maam. I’m finished playing with my diaper. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” Patty said.

Kerisa started laughing.

“Sweetie, haven’t you ever heard of a rhetorical question? I wasn’t expecting an answer,” Kerisa explained.

Patty blushed again.

“Honey, if you are going to keep being embarrassed by what I say, this is going to be a long night. Now I need to inform you of what is going to be taking place. We will be going on a journey to far off places and times. Some of these things we see you will like, while other things, not so much, but you must view them all. Do you understand?” Kerisa asked.

“Yes maam, I think so. How are we going to get there?” Patty wondered.

“By magic, of course. If you are ready, take my hand.”

Patty reached out to take Kerisa’s hand, then quickly pulled it back. She looked over at the tub. She saw the water had already been turned off, presumably by Kerisa. Patty picked up Bitsy and held her in her arm. Patty took Kerisa’s hand and watched as Kerisa waved her wand in a circle, creating a wall of light in front of them. Kerisa stepped into the light, pulling Patty in with her.

As they stepped out on the other side Patty saw a white crib in the corner of what she knew was a nursery.

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Nice start with this I love the plot so far it very magical the way it and can’t wait read next chapter i hope it soon please post more.

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I agree great start and I can’t wait for more thanks for posting this.

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Thank you both for your comments. There will be more posted soon.

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Where chapter 2 like said in thread name. :frowning:

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I thought that I had posted this. Here is chapter two.


Chapter two-

Patty looked around the room before walking over to the crib. She rubbed her hand over the sheets, listening to the crinkle of the plastic sheet that covered the mattress. Something was awfully familiar about this nursery, but she couldn’t quite make it out.

“Why am I getting this feeling I should know this room?” Patty wondered.

“Well you should know it, knucklehead. You spent the first five years of your life in here. Well, not just in here, but you slept in this room. Don’t you remember?” Kerisa asked, giving Patty a funny look.

“Not really. I don’t remember much before I was nine or ten. Daddy thinks it’s because of mom’s death and the traumatic years with my Aunt Mary. The first memories I have are of daddy picking me up from Aunt Mary’s house when I was eight,” Patty admitted.

“Wow. It looks like we are going to be showing you things that are disturbing for you. If the scenes get too hard to watch, let me know and we will take a break. You will still have to watch them though, okay?” Kerisa explained.

“Yes, I think so,” Patty replied, nodding her head.

“Good. Now there are a couple of rules I need to make clear before we go any further. First, we are going to be seeing people you have known in the past and the present. You are not allowed to interact with them in any way. No siree Bob. That would be disastrous for the whole space/time continuum thingamabob. Luckily, we are just spirits here, and no one will be able to see us or hear us.” Kerisa explained.

“The second rule is Patty should remain silent while we are watching the scenes play out before us. If she cannot do that, Kerisa will make her be quiet. We don’t want that, do we? If you have a question, raise your hand and I will stop the scene so you can ask it. Do you understand these rules?” Kerisa asked.

“Yes, I understand. May I ask a question before we begin?” Patty replied.

“I think you just did, but you may ask another,” Kerisa answered, crossing her arms in front of her.

“Thank you. You said I was going to meet people from my past and we are in the house I was born in. Does that mean I will see my mother?” Patty inquired.

Kerisa nodded, “Yes, your mother is still here. Now let’s get things started, shall we?” Kerisa asked, taking Patty’s hand.

Patty allowed herself to be led from the nursery and down to the dining room. Patty saw a man who she recognized as a younger version of her father, a woman that Patty realized must be her mother and a little girl sitting in a booster seat wearing a yellow dress with a party hat on her head.

“Aww, I was a cute toddler, wasn’t I?” Patty said.

Kerisa looked sternly at Patty and held her finger over her mouth. Patty slapped her hand over her own mouth and nodded.

Kerisa snapped her fingers and the scene before them started to play out.

“Happy Birthday, dear Patty, Happy Birthday to you!” The parents sang together.

“Make a wish and blow out your candle, Patty,” The mother encouraged.

Little Patty leaned over and blew on the candle stuck in a chocolate covered cupcake. Her father helped her by blowing the candle out for her since she was having trouble.

“So how does it feel to be a big girl of four now instead of a three year old baby?” The father asked.

“I wike it, daddy, I wike it a lot!” Patty squealed.

The mother started to cough at her end of the table. The father looked at the mother.

“You really should go get that cough taken care of, honey,” The father said.

“It’s nothing, really. I’m taking an over the counter cough medicine. My cough will be gone before you know it,” The mother said.

“Wook Mommy and daddy! I maked a mess,” Giggled little Patty, holding up her hands which were covered in chocolate.

The room started shimmering like a pond with ripples in it. When it cleared Patty found herself back in the nursery watching the mother diaper little Patty.

“Mommy, I don’t want diapers anymore. I am a big girl now mommy!” Little Patty whimpered and wiggled on the changing table.

“I know you are mommy’s big girl, but you still make pee pee in your sleep. You don’t want to get your big girl panties and your nightgown all stinky with pee pee, do you? You are still mommy’s big girl, even when you have your night diaper on. Someday you will be ready to go night- night without a diaper, but not tonight,” The mother said, giving little Patty a kiss on the cheek.

Patty settled down and let her mother finish putting her diaper on her. Patty was then lifted from the table and her mother blew raspberries on her bare tummy. Patty giggled as her mother carried her over to the dresser. The mother looked through the middle drawer and pulled out a pink pajama top and showed it to Patty.

“Let’s use this one okay?” The mother questioned.

“Dowa! Dowa!” Patty squealed happily.

The mother smiled and dressed Patty in the pajama top and carried her out to the living room, handing her to her father. He smiled down at Patty and started tickling her under her arms, on her bare tummy and the bottom of her feet, causing Patty to laugh uncontrollably.

“Uh-oh, the tickle monster is attacking our Patty! What are we going to do?” The father asked.

“Help me, daddy!” Patty squealed between giggles.

The father pretended to fight himself for several minutes before finally coming to a stop and taking a deep breath.

“Daddy won again. It looks likes our Patty is safe for tonight,” the daddy announced.

Kerisa looked over and saw that big Patty had tears rolling down her face. Kerisa snapped her fingers and paused the scene.

“What’s the matter Patty? You’re blubbering like a little baby,” Kerisa said.

Patty shook her head and turned her face away. It took her a few minutes to compose herself. Finally she turned back to Kerisa.

“We look so happy here. It’s clear that mommy and daddy love me, or her,” Patty said, pointing at little Patty." I know daddy didn’t have a lot of time at home, being on the road a lot. It seems like he loved me a lot. What changed? Why am I so disgusting to him now?"

Patty burst into tears again. Kerisa took a tissue and held it against Patty’s nose. Patty dutifly blew twice into the tissue and let Kerisa wipe her nose for her. Finally Patty calmed down to where she was only sniffling.

“I don’t have an answer for you, Patty. Maybe as we keep watching you will find your answer,” Kerisa replied," Are you ready to continue?"

Patty sniffled again and nodded. Kerisa snapped her fingers again and the scene started up again.

“If she ends up wetting her diaper before she goes to bed you will be the one to change her, not me,” The mother commented.

“Patty is daddy’s big girl and won’t go pee, will she? In fact, our big girl is going to start sleeping dry, aren’t you?” Daddy asked.

Little Patty nodded her head and made herself comfortable on her daddy’s lap, slipping her thumb in her mouth. Daddy picked up the book Patty had picked out earlier and opened it to the first page and started reading. The room shimmered and Patty found herself in the living room with the mother lying on the couch having a coughing fit. The front door opened and little Patty entered the house wearing a pink tee shirt and shorts. She ran over to her mother holding a large piece of paper in her hand.

“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I drawed for you in kindergarten!” Patty said excitedly as she thrust the paper at her mother.

The mother sat up on the couch and took the picture. She smiled as she looked at three stick figures standing in front of a square with a triangle over it.

“Good Job, Patty! Is that mommy and daddy and Pat-Pat?” The mother asked.

Patty nodded her head," Yes mommy and that is our house. Didn’t I do a good job?"

“Yes baby, you did a GREAT job. Mommy is so proud,” The mother said, hugging Patty.

“Why don’t you go hang this on the refrigerator, then go to the bathroom and go potty for me?” The mother urged.

“Okay. Are you going to wipe my bottom when I do my poo-poos?” Patty wondered.

“You are getting to be such a big girl, Patty. Why don’t you wipe yourself and then you come show mommy how clean your bottom is?” Mommy suggested.

“Okay mommy,” Patty said, proud that her mother called her a big girl.

As Patty left the room the mother started having another coughing fit and lay back down on the couch. As she did, the room started to shimmer. Tears streamed from big Patty’s eyes as she realized she would probably not see her mother alive again. When the shimmering stopped Patty found herself standing on a sidewalk in front of a church.

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Nice second chapter keep going.

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I like this story it very well writing and plot work perfect it like a Christmas carol kind ghost visiting type thing… :slight_smile:

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Chapter three

Patty bit her lip as she looked at the church. She was pretty sure she knew why they were here. She looked down at her nightgown and wished she had a dress to wear in the church, even though she knew no one would see her. Patty heard a car door open and close and looked toward the parking lot. She saw her father opening the back door of his car. He reached into the back seat and less than a minute later emerged holding little Patty who was wearing a dark blue dress with blue tights and black patent leather shoes.

Daddy set Patty down on the ground and took her hand. They stepped up to the sidewalk and stopped. Patty wondered why they didn’t continue on in to the church when she saw a woman with a young girl coming down the sidewalk. As the woman neared the daddy a chill ran down her spine. Although she didn’t have any memory of her and only had a couple of pictures of her, Patty knew this woman was her Aunt Mary, the woman who had taken care of her for three years.

“Daniel. It’s good to see you again. How are you holding up?” Mary asked.

“Hello Mary. Hi Paula. I am doing alright. It’s a day by day process,” Daniel answered.

“Paula, say hello to your Uncle Daniel and cousin Patty,” Mary ordered, giving Paula a pat on her bottom.

“Hewwo Uncle Daniel. Hewwo Patty,” Paula said, waving her hand at them.

Patty wondered why Paula was talking like a toddler since she remembered her father say that Paula was a couple of years older than her. Patty looked closely at Paula and saw she had a pink pacifier in her mouth. Just then Patty saw a flash and she saw Paula standing in front of her mother wearing a pajama top and disposable diaper that was wet.
“What did I tell you would happen if I found your diaper wet this morning?”

“I’m sorry mommy, I couldn’t help it. Please give me another chance.” Whimpered Paula.

“There is no excuse for an eight year old girl to be wetting herself like a little baby. Right after your bath I am going to put a diaper on you so you can show Uncle Daniel what a big baby you are,”

“No mommy! I’m a big girl, not a baby,” Paula sobbed.

“I think you need a binky break. Go get your binky and put it in your mouth.”
Patty almost fell the ground when the vision, or whatever it was, ended. Kerisa saw Patty start to fall and pointed her finger at Patty, bringing her back to a standing position. She also snapped her fingers, causing the scene to freeze.

“What happened?” Kerisa asked.

“I’m not sure. One minute I was looking at the pacifier in Paula’s mouth, and the next I was having a flashback or vision or whatever, of Mary berating Paula about her bedwetting. It was really strange. Thanks for the catch. I don’t think I would have liked to land on my bottom,” Patty said.

“Yes that might have hurt a little. Are you ready to start watching again?” Kerisa inquired.

Patty nodded and Kerisa snapped her fingers. Patty saw her daddy and Mary walk into the church, herding the girls in front of them. Patty walked to the door of the church and felt a tingling sensation and looked down. Her nightgown had turned into a dark blue dress that came down to her knees. Patty smiled and looked back at Kerisa, who seemed to be interested in something on the ground. Patty entered the church and saw the group had made their way to the front pew that they had reserved for family.

Patty walked to the front of the church just as her father sat down and lifted Patty onto the pew next to him. Mary sat down next to Patty and scooted over so her daughter could sit next to her cousin. As Paula sat down her dress pulled up, revealing most of her diaper to her uncle and cousin. Mary had Paula stand up and helped her sit down properly.

Patty turned and looked at the front of the church. She saw her mother’s coffin sitting in front of the altar with a large picture of her mother on a stand next to it. Just then the room started shimmering and tears filled Patty’s eyes as she realized she wasn’t going to be able to see her mother’s funeral service.

Patty found herself in a girl’s bedroom that had a twin bed and a toddler bed in it. She looked down and saw she was wearing the nightgown again. She looked around the room. The name PAULA was spelled out in pink block letters above the toddler bed. The toddler bed was unmade with the blankets bunched up at the foot of the bed. She heard voices in the hallway outside the door of the bedroom. The door opened and Mary entered the room, followed by her father and the two girls.

“Thanks again for offering to take Patty to live with you. I know it is inconvenient to have another mouth to feed,” Daddy said.

“Nonsense, Anne and I made a promise that if anything happened to either of us, that the other one would look after the children. I’m sorry that it to happen, but I will make sure Patty is properly taken care of.” Mary said.

“Girl’s, let’s take off those dresses before you get them all messed up. Paula, can you get me a tee shirt out of the dresser for yourself and your cousin?” Mary ordered.

“Okay mommy,” Paula replied as she walked over the dresser.

Paula came back to her mother with two tee shirts, a large yellow tee shirt with Elmo on it for herself and a small pink tee shirt with Dora on it for Patty. She held her arms over her head as her mother pulled the dress off of her, leaving Paula blushing as she now stood in front of her uncle and cousin looking like a two year old in a wet diaper and her shoes and socks. She was glad when her mother put the tee shirt on her even though her diaper was showing.

“Your turn, Patty,” Mary said, holding her hand out to her niece.

Patty allowed her aunt to change her out of her dress and tights and was soon wearing the pink tee shirt and a pullup with Dora on the front that was damp.

“Okay Paula, I want you to make your bed, and then you can show your cousin around the house,” Mary ordered.

“But mommy…,” Paula whimpered, tugging at her diaper.

“Oh right. My big baby needs her diaper changed, doesn’t she?” cooed Mary, “Go ahead and get a clean diaper and the wipes.”

“But mommy, I don’t want to wear another diaper! You said I only had to wear one to church. I want to wear big girl panties. Please?” Paula whined.

“Paula, you were given an order. Do I have to go get the wooden spoon?” Mary said sternly.

Paula quickly shook her head and walked over to the dresser. She returned carrying a diaper and a small container of baby wipes. She sobbed as she handed her mother the items and quickly climbed up on the twin bed.

'My, you are really putting on a show for your uncle and cousin, aren’t you? Now they get to see you sucking on your binky again as well as getting your diaper changed," Mary told her daughter, taking the pacifier out of her pocket and slipping it into Paula’s mouth.

Paula started sucking on the pacifier as her mother did the did the diaper change. She finally started to calm down, and her mother helped her off the bed.

“See? All you needed was a dry diaper and a binky break and everything is all right with the world again, isn’t it?” Mary said, patting Paula’s bottom.

Paula managed a tiny smile as she nodded her head in agreement with her mother. Mary took the pacifier out of Paula’s mouth and cleaned the snot from around her mouth. She put the pacifier back in Paula’s mouth and kissed her cheek.

“Okay, go ahead and make your bed and show your cousin around. I need to go start dinner, so your uncle and I will be in the kitchen. You have five more minutes on your binky break,” Mary informed.

Paula looked up at her mother and nodded. She started pulling the blankets off the bed as the room started shimmering. Patty found herself standing in an airport. She saw the backs of little Patty and Paula, dressed like the were earlier, Patty in a tee shirt and training pants and Paula in her tee shirt and diaper. They were standing at the window watching the plane that Patty’s father was in taxi down the runway.

“Wave bye-bye to your daddy, Patty,” Mary told her niece.

'Bye-bye daddy," Patty said as she waved her hand at the departing plane.

Mary waited a few minutes before taking both girls hands and leading them out to the car. She opened the back door and lifted Patty into the carseat, buckling the harness in front of her. Mary slipped a finger in Patty’s pullup and found it wet.

“Who’s my wet little niece then,” Mary cooed as she tickled Patty under her arms.

Patty laughed and squirmed as she tried unsuccessfully to escape her aunt’s tickles. Patty released the contents of her bladder into her pullup, bringing it to the saturation point. Mary stood up and came around to the other side to make sure Paula was buckled in her booster seat. After she had done that she slipped her finger in Paula’s diaper. Paula blushed and turned her face way.

“So who’s mommy’s wet baby girl then?” Mary asked as she tickled Paula all over.

Paula couldn’t stop herself from squealing loudly and kicking her legs out. She ended up wetting her diaper again.

“So, who wants to go to Mcdonald’s?” Mary asked as she started the car.

The scene shimmered and Patty found herself standing in front of a movie theater.

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Very Good, very good indeed

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Please continue it’s a great story.

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Loving it, keep going please.

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Chapter four-

Patty looked up at the marquee to see what was playing. The only movie she saw that would appeal to children was a Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. She doubted Mary would allow to see a movie that wasn’t G rated, regardless of how old Patty or Paula was now. She heard what sounded like bells jingling and looked to where she had heard them. She saw Patty and Paula coming across the parking lot, followed closely by Mary.

Little Patty was wearing a denim jumper that came to the middle of her thighs, with white ankle socks and white sneakers that had Elmo on the side. Her hair now came midway down her back and was up in pigtails. She had had a growth spurt since Patty had seen her last and was almost as tall as Paula.

Paula was still chubby and the pink dress she was wearing made her look like an overgrown toddler. The dress barely reached her thighs and she was wearing pink ankle socks and pink sneakers with Dora on them, adding to the toddler look. Her hair was shoulder length, and was fixed in cute little pigtails tied with pink ribbons.

As the girls neared the sidewalk Patty saw the pacifier that was clipped to the collar of Paula’s dress and little Patty was wearing a harness over her dress that was attached to a leash that Mary was holding onto. She saw the little bells that were attached to the harness that jingled with every step Patty took. When Patty heard the bells jingle, an image flashed in Patty’s head of little Patty standing in front of her aunt wearing a tee shirt and cloth diapers, tears streaming down her face.

[i]“I’m sorry auntie for causing you so much trouble at the mall today by not being a good girl and staying right with you and wandering off. I know I deserve to be punished, but I am asking you to please give me another chance.”

“Patty, this is not the first time you have gotten lost, causing me to drop whatever I’m doing to go find you, but I assure you, it will be the last. From here on out, whenever you leave the house you will wear a harness with a leash attached, and auntie will be in control of the leash. You will not be allowed to have free rein. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes auntie.”

“Good. It hurts me to have to discipline you this harshly, but I promised your mother I would raise you to be a good girl. If that means I have to blister your bare bottom every day to accomplish this, then that is what I will do. Go get auntie the wooden spoon.”
Patty went limp and dropped to the ground. Kerisa froze the scene and hurried over to the prone girl. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a sippy cup that contained Gatorade. She gave the cup to Patty who started to drink it. After a few minutes Patty recovered enough to try to stand. She held onto Kerisa and slowly made her way to her feet, her legs wobbling beneath her. Finally she felt strong enough to stand on her own. Patty let go of Kerisa to test herself.

“What happened? Did you have another vision?” Kerisa wondered as she took the now empty sippy cup from and put it back in her pocket.

“Yes, but this one was more intense than the last one. Little Patty was being berated for getting lost at the mall. The harness and leash are a punishment for that. Mary was also going to spank Patty’s bare bottom with a wooden spoon. But it was like I was watching it through little Patty’s eyes and experiencing her emotions,” Patty said.

“Well, you are Patty, even though you are older now. You have already gone through this as Little Patty. Maybe you are having actual memories of the event. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Kerisa asked.

“Yes, I understand. Watching these scenes is unlocking the actual memory of the events,” Guessed Patty.

“Exactly. I knew there was something in that little head besides empty space. Do you feel well enough to continue?” Kerisa wondered.

“Yes I do,” Patty replied, turning her attention back to the two girls.

Kerisa snapped her fingers and the scene started again and Patty heard the jingling as Little Patty and Paula reached the sidewalk. Neither girl seemed to be happy as Mary led them to the ticket window. From the back Patty could see plastic pants peeking out under Paula’s dress. Patty wondered if Mary was using cloth diapers now that Paula had outgrown the largest size in baby disposable diapers.

Patty followed the group into the theater where Mary took the girls to the concession stand. She got extra large sodas for both girls as well as a large bucket of popcorn.

“Make sure you girls finish all your drinks. I wouldn’t want either of you to get dehydrated,” Mary ordered, giving both girls a pat on their bottoms.

As Mary led the girls toward the room where the movie was being shown, the room shimmered and Patty found herself in a back yard. She saw Paula sitting on the patio floor wearing a tee shirt and cloth diapers playing with toys while her mother lay in a chaise lounge nearby. Patty wondered where Little Patty was. She heard jingling and looked around.

Patty saw little Patty hopping on one foot under the clothesline. Little Patty was wearing a tee shirt and pink cloth training pants as well as the harness. Instead of being attached to a leash, the harness was now attached to a lead coming from the clothesline. Patty saw the lead was moving along with little Patty so she could move the length of the clothesline. At one end of the clothesline were a table and two chairs. On the table was a pitcher with juice and two glasses. At the other end of the clothesline was a pink potty chair.

“Time to go potty, Patty,” Mary called out from her chair.

“Yes auntie,” Little Patty called back and stopped her hopping. She walked over to the potty chair and pushed her panties down. She sat down on the potty and folded her arms across her lap. She looked at the butterflies hovering nearby as she concentrated, trying hard to make pee-pee for her auntie. After ten minutes had passed Mary looked over at little Patty.

"How are you doing, Patty? Did you make pee-pee in the potty for auntie? Mary asked.

“No auntie,” Patty replied, shaking her head.

“That’s Okay. Why don’t you drink some more juice and maybe it will happen next time,” Mary said.

“Okay auntie,” Patty replied standing and pulling her panties up.

Little Patty went over to the table and drank two glasses of juice before going back to playing. Twenty minutes later Patty was dancing around holding her hand against her crotch. Patty knew she was supposed to use the potty chair when her auntie told her it was potty time. She hoped her auntie would make an exception this time.

“Auntie, I have to go pee-pee,” Patty whined.

Mary looked at her watch before answering her niece.

“Honey, you only have ten more minutes until potty time. You will have to wait,” Mary replied.

“But auntie,” Patty cried.

“No buts. Part of being a big girl is being able to hold your pee-pee until you find a potty, and sometimes that will take awhile. This will give you practice,” Mary said.

“Yes auntie,” Patty replied with tears coming down her face.

Two minutes later Patty lost the battle and soaked her panties. She started sobbing because she was afraid her auntie was going to be mad at her and she would get a spanking. Mary looked over to see what Patty was crying about. When she saw her niece had wet her panties Mary got out of her chair. As she passed Paula she gave her a pat on the head. She walked over to Patty and felt her panties.

“It’s alright, Patty. I expected you to have accidents. Since you seem to be so upset over it, I think we should just put your diapers on you for the rest of the day and try again tomorrow, Okay?”

Patty was too upset to talk and nodded. Mary unclipped the lead from the harness and picked Patty up. As she carried toward the house, the scene shimmered. Patty saw she was in the girl’s bedroom. Little Patty was lying on the twin bed wearing just her tee shirt as Mary folded the diapers Patty would be wearing.

“Honey, we need to get you potty trained soon as your birthday will be next month. How old is Patty going to be?” Mary asked as she raised Patty’s legs to slide the diapers under her.

“I’m going to be this many, auntie,” Patty sniffled as she held up eight fingers.

“That’s right. Our little Patty is going to be eight years old soon. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years now since you moved in with us,” Mary said with a smile.

Mary sprinkled baby powder on Patty before pinning her diapers on snugly, using four yellow ducky tipped diaper pins, two on each side. Mary pulled Patty up to a sitting position then had her get off the bed. She turned Patty around and checked the fitting of the diapers and patted Patty’s bottom.

“Why don’t you go play in the playroom and I will go get lunch ready?” Mary said.

“Okay auntie,” Patty replied, starting out of the bedroom.

The room shimmered and Patty found herself at the airport.

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I love this story and can’t wait to read more chapters of it.

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This is great, please continue!

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I’ll be honest, the first chapter didn’t sell me on this story but I’ve just come back to it and read the following entries and must say that I have changed my mind. The story your telling is good on its own as far as this little girl being, for lack of a better word, abused by people that are supposed to be taking care of her but it’s the way you’re telling the story that makes it something truly special.

Without the creative approach you’ve taken with the “This is Your Life” time travel this story would be alright at best, but with it it’s something truly promising and helps separate it from just another story of forced babying/diapering. Well done, I look forward to reading more. :slight_smile:

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Chapter five-

Patty saw Mary standing at one of the gates holding onto Patty and Paula’s hands. Patty was wearing a yellow summer dress with yellow socks and her sneakers with Elmo on them. Although Patty was not wearing a harness, she had little bells on her shoe laces. Her hair had been cropped to where it was now at her neckline, and two teddy bear barrettes were keeping the hair from falling into Patty’s face. Paula was wearing a pink dress under which she had on cloth diapers and pink plastic pants that peeked out underneath, along with pink ankle socks and her sneakers with Dora on them. Her pacifier was clipped onto the collar of her dress

“Your daddy’s plane just landed, Patty. He should be coming through those doors any minute now,” Mary informed her niece.

“Thank you auntie,” Patty replied.

Patty focused her eyes on the doors in question. They led out to where the plane would deboard. Patty had not seen her daddy in almost three years, but she was sure she would recognize him when he through the doors. Patty had been warned that under no circumstances was she to try to get away and run to her daddy. She was to calmly wait where she was and he would come to her.

Patty felt her little heart beating quickly in her. Finally the doors opened a group of people came through. Patty searched the crowd with her eyes, hoping to spot her daddy. Her heart sank when she didn’t spot him. Maybe he wasn’t coming for her after all! Then the doors opened again and a few people came in. Her eyes lit up as she saw him.

Disregarding her auntie’s orders, Patty pulled her hand out of her aunties’ hand and started to run. Her little bells jingled noisily as her feet pounded the floor. Although there was barely thirty feet between Patty and her daddy, to her it seemed like a mile. Finally though she reached her daddy who had seen her coming and knelt down. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

“Daddy! You came!” Patty said as tears started down her cheeks.

“Of course I did, silly girl! Did you think I would lie to my most favorite little girl in the whole world?” Daddy said, rubbing Patty’s back.

Patty just shook her head, too choked up to say anything. Daddy lifted Patty up in his arms and walked over to the luggage carousel nearby. As he waited for his suitcases to appear, daddy bounced Patty in his arms. She turned her face and kissed his cheek.

“I love you daddy,” Patty sniffled.

“I love you more, Pat-Pat,” Daddy said as he kissed her back.

Patty smiled and laid her head on her daddy’s shoulders. Being in her daddy’s arms was like heaven to Patty and she calmed down. So much so that she started wetting her panties without realizing it. Daddy looked down at Patty and frowned.

“Patty are you peeing on me?” Daddy asked.

Patty looked down and then at her daddy. She started crying again. She knew she had done a naughty thing. Now her daddy wasn’t going to love her anymore. Daddy held Patty close to his chest trying to quiet her down.

“Its okay, Patty. I was just surprised, that’s all. It’s not the end of the world. It was just a potty accident. I just wasn’t expecting it. After I get my suitcase, we’ll go see if Aunt Mary has a clean pair of panties for you,” Daddy said, rubbing Patty’s back.

“Diapers daddy,” Patty whimpered.

“What was that, honey?” Daddy said, not sure he heard her right.

“Little babies who have potty accidents have to wear diapers for the rest of the day,” Patty said.

“But you’re not a baby, Patty. You’re daddy’s big girl,” Daddy insisted.

“Auntie said no matter how old I was, if I had a potty accident, I must be a baby, so I have to wear diapers for the rest of the day. I have to do what auntie says daddy,” Patty replied.

Daddy shook his head but didn’t say anymore. He picked up his suitcase and walked over to where Mary was standing with Paula. Patty turned her head and looked at her auntie.

“I’m sorry, auntie. I went pee-pee in my panties,” Patty whimpered.

“Then I think we better go get baby changed,” Mary said, letting go of Paula’s hand and reaching out for Patty.

“Patty is eight years old now, Mary. She is not a baby. She just got over excited at seeing her daddy for the first time. I don’t that is any reason to punish her by making her wear diapers,” Daddy said.

“I am not punishing her. I am just carrying out the rules. Little girls need rules that they need to live by, and they need to learn there are consequences for breaking those rules. Patty understands, don’t you?” Mary informed.

“Yes auntie. I was naughty and had a potty accident, so I have to wear diapers for the rest of the day,” Patty said, nodding her head.

“But that’s just it. Patty wasn’t being naughty. She didn’t say to herself, ‘gee, I have to go to the bathroom. I think I will pee my panties instead.’ She just relaxed and it happened,” Daddy explained.

“I’m sorry, Daniel, but if we made exceptions to the rules, then Patty and Paula would try to figure out a way out of obeying the rules. She wet her panties, so she is going to be wearing diapers,” Mary said.

Daddy sighed, but allowed Mary to take Patty from him. She set Patty down on the floor and looked at daddy.

“Can you watch Paula for me while I go get Patty changed?” Mary asked.

“Sure,” Daddy said and smiled at his niece.

After Mary led Patty off to the bathroom, Daddy looked at Paula.

“You’ve probably been standing for awhile now, Paula. Why don’t we go sit down while we wait?” Daddy suggested.

“O-okay, Uncle Daniel,” Paula agreed and reached out her hand.

Daddy took Paula’s hand and led her over to the seat. He waited until she sat down and took a seat next to her. She looked at him nervously, biting her lower lip.

“So Paula. You’re eleven years old now, right?” Daddy asked.

“Yes sir. Almost eleven and a half,” Paula answered, nodding her head.

“Why are you letting your mommy keep you in diapers, honey? You are way too old to be wearing them,” Daddy wondered.

Paula blushed and looked down. She was too embarrassed to say anything. Daddy decided to let the matter drop.

“So what grade are you in, Paula?” Daddy asked.

“I’ll be starting sixth grade next fall, Uncle Daniel,” Paula replied nervously.

“Does your mother make you wear diapers to school?” Wondered daddy.

“No sir, but she puts them on me as soon as I get home. I guess I still need them though since I don’t tell mommy if I need to go potty. If I wasn’t wearing diapers, I would potty in my panties, and that is naughty,” Paula informed.

“I see,” Said daddy, not sure how to respond.

Mary returned with Patty. Daddy saw a yellow pair of plastic pants showing below her dress. Daddy stood up and picked up Patty. He looked over at Mary.

“I guess you already knew Patty would wet her panties, didn’t you? You had diapers and plastic pants that matched her dress in your purse,” Daddy accused.

“When you are taking care of two little girls it is always best to be prepared for any emergency that may come up. Yes, I had plastic panties in yellow in my purse. I always have diapers on hand for Paula,” Mary admitted.

Daddy shook his head but didn’t say anything. He picked up his suitcase and followed Mary and Paula out to the car. He was not surprised to find a car seat and a booster seat in the back of the car. He lowered Patty into the car seat after seeing Paula being strapped into the booster seat. Daddy pulled the harness down in front of Patty and fastened it between her legs.

“I guess I can’t fault you for keeping the girls safe. Even though I think Patty is too old for a car seat,” Daddy said.

“I’m just following the state’s guidelines. They say children fewer than 48 inches or less than 40 pounds need to be in a car seat or booster seat. Neither Patty nor Paula have reached that height as of yet,” Mary insisted," Would you want me to break the law and have Patty use a shoulder belt improperly?" Mary wondered.

“No you are right,” Daddy sighed.

Patty saw little Patty clench her hands into fists and then slowly undo them. Patty started breathing heavy and Kerisa paused the scene.

“What’s wrong honey?” Kerisa asked the teen.

“Patty is getting upset with daddy and auntie’s constant arguing over the way she is treated. They shouldn’t be doing that in front of her. I can feel what she is feeling now. If they don’t stop fighting, Patty is going to have a major meltdown,” Patty said, still breathing heavy.

“Oh my,” Kerisa said with concern," I’m afraid there is nothing we can do about it, sweetie. We are merely observers, remember?" Kerisa said.

“Yes, I remember. Patty is suffering though,” Patty said with a sigh.

Kerisa sighed. She started up the scene again and the area shimmered. Patty saw they were now in a restaurant. Paula was seated on one side of the table next to her mother. She had a large terrycloth bib tied around her neck and was eating a plate of spaghetti that her mother had cut up into tiny pieces for her. She was using a spoon to eat with, and her mouth and chin as well as her bib were covered in spaghetti sauce.

Patty was sitting on the other side of the table beside her father. In front of her was a hamburger and French fries. The hamburger had been cut into quarters and ketchup had been poured over the fries. Her fingers were covered in ketchup as she ate her fries and the hamburger. A baby bottle with milk in it was sitting in front of Paula, while a small sippy cup with milk was in front of Patty.

“You need to start letting Paula grow up, Mary. You treat her like she is two years old and she is getting ready to start the sixth grade next year. She should have been out of diapers a long time ago, and shouldn’t be wearing a bib or drinking from a bottle,” Daddy said.

“She is my daughter and I will raise her as I see fit. I put up with you making comments about how I treat Patty because she is your daughter. However if I recall right, when you asked me to take in Patty, you said you wanted me to raise her as my own daughter. I did my best with her and I am sorry if that isn’t good enough,” Mary answered.


Both Mary and Daddy looked down at Patty who had tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Please stop fighting! It makes me feel bad inside when I hear you two fighting over me!” Sobbed Patty.

Patty swept her hand over the table, knocking her plate off the table. The hamburger and French fries landed on the carpet, splattering ketchup everywhere. She stood up and ran away from the table, her little bells jingling with each step.

Mary looked over at daddy, who looked back at her.

“Well go get your daughter. She needs you right now,” Mary said.

Daddy didn’t reply as he stood up. He set the napkin he had been holding down and started to follow Patty. He saw her reach the front door of the restaurant and go outside. Daddy hurried after her, afraid she would try to cross the street by herself. When he got outside he saw Patty leaning against the building, sobbing. He walked slowly over to her and put his arms around her. She buried her face into his stomach and continued to cry. Daddy let her cry for a few minutes before talking to her.

"Pat-Pat, daddy is sorry for fighting with Aunt Mary in front of you. I shouldn’t have done it. Daddy knows he was wrong. Can you forgive me? Daddy asked, rubbing Patty’s back.

Patty didn’t answer him for a bit. She continued to cry, making his shirt soggy. Finally she raised her head and looked at daddy’s face, nodding her head.

Daddy picked up Patty and laid her against his chest. He rocked her slowly until he felt her calm down inside.

“I’m sorry I was naughty and threw a tantrum, daddy. It was just hurting too much hearing you fighting like that. It’s okay if you want to spank me now,” Patty sniffled.

“Oh honey. If anyone deserves a spanking, it’s daddy. You didn’t do anything wrong. I think we better go inside before everyone starts wondering where we are,” Daddy suggested.

Patty just clung to her daddy and nodded her head. She let herself be carried back into the restaurant. They went back to the table where daddy set Patty down on the floor. He sat down and scooted over so Patty could sit next to him.

“I’m sorry aunt Mary for being naughty and throwing a tantrum. I know I was wrong and will accept any punishment you want to give me,” Patty told her aunt.

“Let’s not talk about it right now, Patty. I know you have had a very trying day today. I’ve ordered some ice cream for you and Paula. When you are finished, we can go home and maybe you can take a nap,” Mary offered.

“Okay. Thank you auntie,” Patty replied.

The scene shimmered and Patty found herself in the living room at Mary’s house.

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Thank you everyone for commenting. I’m glad you came back to read more Dementia’s Knight. I hope the future chapters keep you reading.

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cant wait till next chap:)

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Good job! Another great chapter. I’m enjoying how we’re spending more time in each scene before they are fast forwarded. It makes it easier understand what’s going on.