Katie's surprise

Have never written anything like this before, but decided to give it a try. Let me know what you think.

Jack and Katie had been dating for a few months. They had discussed their kinks in passing and were reaching a point of being ready to explore them together. They had reached a point of comfort with their Friday night routine. Jack would cook and Katie would come to his house at 6:30 for a dinner he cooked and to watch a movie together. Katie had no reason to expect this Friday would be any different, and dressed casually in joggers and a t shirt. Little did she know that Jack had something special planned for this Friday night.

When Katie arrived, she and Jack sat down for dinner together. Jack had made spaghetti and served her a glass of wine as well as a water. The two talked and began eating their meals. About 10 minutes into dinner, Jack excused himself. Katie continued eating her meal. She had finished about 1/2 of her spaghetti and had finished her wine when she felt a small rumbling in her stomach. She got up to go to the bathroom. She found the door locked and assumed that Jack must be in there so went back to the table. She watched the minutes tick by and finished a little more of her spaghetti and her wine. 10 minutes had passed since she had returned to the table and the rumbling in her stomach had intensified and now she also had to pee. Katie got up and went to the bathroom. This time she knocked

Katie, “Jack? Are you almost done in there?” There was no reply. Katie stood there for another few minutes getting more and more desperate. She knocked again, “Come on Jack, this isn’t funny. I’ve really got to go.” Still no answer. Katie fidgeted a little to try and relieve a little pressure on her bowels. Instead, a wet fart came out. Katie let out a gasp and clinched her butt. It was taking all of her focus not to poop her pants at that point. Jack heard Katie’s gasp and knew the moment had come. He walked out of his bedroom and said “What’s the matter Katie?”

Katie jumped. She had no idea that Jack wasn’t in the bathroom and his voice had startled her. It was enough to break her concentration tho, and she lost control. Wet mush streamed into her pants and try as she might, she couldn’t stop it. Her body instinctually let loose her bladder as well and the pee trickled down her leg and formed a puddle at her feet. Katie’s face flushed bright red. Jack was standing in the door to his room with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Katie looked up into his face and felt helpless. She didn’t even have words.

Jack said, “Wait there,” and turned and wet back in to his room to retrieve something. Before he stepped back in to the hallway, he told Katie, “put your hands on the wall and face your butt towards me.” Katie was embarrassed, but did as she was told. She didn’t really think she had much room to argue. She heard Jack walking down the hallway behind her, and he came up to her and grabbed her butt then said, “don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing. I’ll get you cleaned up.” Katie’s face flushed even brighter red. She moved her hand from the wall to try to help, but Jack put it back and said, “I didn’t tell you to move”

Jack pulled Katie’s pants and underwear down to her ankles. She was humiliated, but didn’t dare move again. Jack said, “left foot,” and katie lifted her foot. “good girl, now right foot.” She lifted her right foot, holding back tears from the humiliation. “Now bend over, I’ve got to clean your filthy bottom.” That was too far for Katie. She turned around and went to protest. As soon as she opened her mouth tho, she saw what was sitting on the floor next to Jack and had no words. It was a diaper. Her mind raced. Sure she had mentioned having a fantasy about diapers to Jack, but she never thought he would actually do it. How could he think she would wear that? Jack saw the look on Katie’s face and knew her mind was racing at this point. He just smirked again and told her, “turn back around young lady. You pooped and peed your pants, what did you think was going to happen?”

Katie ran through the options in her head. Could she leave? No, she wasn’t wearing anything and there was no way she could get her pants back on and leave unnoticed. Could she protest the diaper? Maybe, but the bathroom was still locked so she didn’t know how she was going to get clean otherwise. How the fuck was she actually considering this right now? Was the diaper and letting Jack clean her up really her best option? She realized it was and turned back to the wall. Jack wiped her bottom, and then her legs where all the pee had dripped, and then spanked her bare bottom and said “what a bad girl you have been having an accident in your pants, let’s get you into this diaper to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Katie was so embarrassed, but laid down on the diaper with her hands above her head as instructed. Jack put a little bit of diaper cream on and then strapped the diaper shut. He then instructed Katie to get up, and led her back to the dining room.

She sat in her chair and was a little surprised when Jack didn’t go back to his chair. Instead, he strapped a belt around Katie’s waist and tied her ankles and wrists to the chair. Her face flushed again, and then Jack said, “I just want to make sure you don’t take your diaper off since you were so reluctant to put it on. I’m gonna go clean up the mess you left. Be a good girl and finish your dinner while I’m gone.” Katie went to say something, but Jack interrupted, “I know, I know. Your hands are tied. I guess you will just have to find a way to make do. Oh, and here’s your favorite coffee as well since I know you love those before we start our movie.” And with that Jack walked off again. Katie was again left with her thoughts and with a set of bad options. Coffee always messed with her stomach which was still a little rumbly, and there was no way she wanted to have to use the diaper Jack had put her in. Maybe if she ate all of the rest of her food and drank her water he would forgive not drinking the coffee? Especially since without hands she knew here face wouldn’t stay clean eating the spaghetti. She decided to take her chances and finished the pasta and drank her water. She leaned back after finishing and sat there.

Jack returned to the dining room just moments after she had leaned back. Had he been watching her for long to know? He walked up to her and said, “oh sweetie, did someone make a mess on her face? Let me help you with that.” It was then that she saw what was in his hand and started squirming. He was holding her pee soaked pants! Luckily, her underwear had contained the mess so the pants just had pee. Jack scolded Katie for squirming, “Be careful, if you squirm it may get in your eyes or mouth.” With that Katie sat still as a statue as Jack wiped her face off with her pee soaked pants. She was humiliated. Utterly and completely humiliated. Jack then drew his attention to the coffee and said, “oh, you didn’t finish your coffee?” Katie looked up at him and said, “no.” Jack said, “well that’s disappointing, but I guess I can give you a choice for your behavior. And since coffee is a grown up beverage, maybe this is the fitting choice for a little girl like you.” Katie went bright red, but she knew she couldn’t protest. She was in a fucking diaper after all.

Jack continued, “you can either admit that you are just a little girl who needs diapers and not a grown up and I’ll set you free to come watch a movie with me while you use your diaper all night. Or if you still insist you are a grown up, I can go put your clothes in the wash and we can have our coffee and dessert and if you don’t use your diaper before your clothes are done, you can have them back and go when you want.” Katie thought about it. The idea of willingly using a diaper all night disgusted her. And she had just gone to the bathroom, even if it was in her pants. Heck, she could probably even dawdle a bit on eating her dessert and drinking her coffee and would earn her pants back in what would feel like no time. She had made her decision and for the first time since her accident, she was feeling confident. She smiled and said, “coffee and dessert sound lovely, put my clothes in the wash.” Jack said, “Alright then.” And went to put her clothes in the wash. Katie sat there still not touching her coffee until Jack returned.

Jack walked back in to the room and Katie said, “aren’t you going to release my hands? I can’t very well eat dessert or drink my coffee with them tied?” Jack laughed, “Oh no, sweetie. You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll feed them to you.” He gave a knowing smile, and Katie turned bright red again. He knew what she was going to pick. He knew her plan to try and avoid using her diaper. He had thought of everything. It was in that moment that Katie knew she was doomed. He was going to make her use that diaper. The thought alone was enough to embarrass her. But beyond the embarrassment, there was something else……excitement. and that embarrassed her even more.

To be continued……

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