Katie's Secret Plan

Another story from the old site…this was my second story. I think it was originally posted to the old site back in 2004. I’ll try to post it with my original comments as well. I should point out that there may be a fair amount of typo’s and wording errors since I’m posting from an original document and I have a tendency to correct punctuation and such after the post.

Ok, here’s a new one. I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while, even while finishing up “Magic Diapers”. This is a period piece; any similarity to characters from another story is purely…well intentional. I’m not sure where I’m going to take this, I didn’t have the intention of writing another long winded story but who knows. I may have another chapter or two out over the weekend.

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Katie’s Secret Plan Chapters 1 - 4

The sound of screams filled the air, followed closely by the roar of steel wheels on steel tracks, and then the screech of breaks was heard. The rollercoaster made a sharp turn, dipped one last time and slowed to a stop.

“I hope you enjoyed the ride, please exit to the right” shouted one of the park attendants.

The year was 1988, it was a perfect late September day at Six Flags amusement park, the sun was shinning, and the park was full as the crowd enjoyed what would be one of the last weekends at the park until next season.

Today, on her 11th birthday, Katie Johnston was enjoying her first trip to the park.
Being small for her age, Katie wasn’t tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters in the park, but she had managed to just hit the mark for this one classic wooden coaster. It wasn’t a particularly scary ride, but to Katie, it was a thrill all the same.

The thrill of the ride filled Katie with adrenalin. She was on a high she had never experienced before as she and her father walked down the exit platform to meet Katie’s mother and her younger sister Jen who were waiting for them below. Katie’s mom didn’t enjoy roller coasters but was happy that Katie was having a good birthday.

“Did you have fun sweetie?” asked Katie’s mom as she walked up to meet her husband and oldest daughter.

“Yeeahh!” Katie yelled. “That was awesome!” she said.

“No Fair!” Pouted little Jen, she was 8 and too small to ride any roller coasters in the park. She had been stuck on the kids rides with her mother most of the day.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it pumpkin” her dad said, patting Katie on the head and messing up her hair. “Don’t worry Jen, your day will come soon enough” he said, trying to cheer up his younger daughter.

“Dad cut it out” Katie told her father with a slight annoyance in her voice.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, you’re 11 now, I shouldn’t be messing up your hair, how about you three wait here and I’ll be right back with some ice cream?”

“That sounds like a deal to me” said Katie’s mom

“Chocolate with sprinkles please!” answered Katie.

“Me too” said Jen, indicating that she wanted the same as her big sis.

“Three cones coming right up” their father said as he walked off to the ice cream stand.

Katie, Jen and their mother sat down on a bench and waited for him to return with their ice cream. Katie looked across the park, not more than 30 feet away, well within ear shot she saw a young girl and her mother standing near another bench.

The girl’s mother had bent down and was looking at the little girls pants. Katie’s eyes were suddenly drawn to the front of the little girl’s pants; they were clearly soaked. The little girl had wet her pants!

‘Wow’ Katie thought. The girl was clearly younger than Katie. Katie guessed that she must be about seven or eight years old close to Jen’s age, definitely a bit too old to be wetting her pants in the park thought Katie as she stifled a giggle. Jen and her mother were oblivious; they had their eyes on the roller coaster overhead, hypnotized by its movement around the tracks.

Katie could hear the conversation going on between the girl and her mother. The girl had tears in her eyes as the mother spoke.

“Oh Michelle, you wet your pants again? What am I going to do with you, do I have to put you back in diapers during the day time too?” said the mother, just loud enough for Katie to overhear.

“Noooo Mommy Please….” said the little girl through her sobs.

The mother got down to her knees, comforted the girl, and wrapped a sweatshirt around her waist to hide the wet pants. Katie watched as the mother took the girls hand and led her away.

“Here ya go sweetie, chocolate with sprinkles” said Katie’s father as he handed her the cone.

This broke Katie out of her trance. She looked up and smiled. “Thanks daddy” she said taking the cone. From time to time she still referred to her father as “daddy” instead of the more mature term “dad”. Today, while accepting an ice cream cone from her father in an amusement park, was definitely a “daddy” day Katie thought.

An hour later Katie, Jen and their parent’s were in the car on their way home, Katie stared out the window at cars passing in the other direction as she thought about the day. Her thoughts returned to the image of the little girl who had wet her pants.

Katie thought about the conversation she had overheard “do I have to put you back in diapers during the day time too?” the mother had asked the little girl. This comment implied to Katie that the little girl must already wear diapers at night time, most likely because of bedwetting she thought.

Katie was jealous of the little girl in the park, for Katie, the idea of wearing diapers again was a secret fantasy, one which she had not shared with anyone. For as long as she could remember, Katie was fascinated with diapers, she often found herself watching Pampers commercials on TV, or staring out the corner of her eye whenever she saw a mother changing a baby in public.

Often at night time Katie would secretly sneak a white towel from the bathroom and pin it on herself like a diaper. She longed to try a real disposable baby diapers but she had no access to them. Little Jen had been potty trained years ago; the last of the diapers had left the house well before Katie discovered her fascination with them.

Katie wanted so badly to try on a Pamper, she thought she was small enough to fit in the largest size; she was a small girl, with a very trim waist. She wasn’t too much bigger than eight year old Jen and if the little girl in the park who was about Jen’s size could wear them, Katie thought she would surly be able to fit in a large Pamper too.

The thought of the little girl from the park wearing pampers at night would not leave Katie’s head, she thought about how lucky she would be if Jen was a bed wetter and had to wear diapers at night time, then Katie would be able to sneak one of Jen’s diapers from time to time and wear it herself.

‘That’s it!’ Katie thought. ‘If I can somehow make Jenny wet her bed…maybe mom will put her back in diapers at night!’ She had a sly grin on her face now as she stared at the traffic.

“What are you smiling about” asked Jen from the other side of the car.

Katie turned and looked at her little sister. “Oh nothing…” she said with a smile. "I’m just happy it’s my birthday, she added. Katie turned back to the window still smiling a slightly evil grin, knowing that soon she would be putting her plan into action.

Jen looked at Katie, she thought her sister seemed a bit preoccupied with something…but she couldn’t tell what it was.

The traffic cleared and they began to move steadily…they would be home in under an hour.

To be continued.

I started writing again last night and moved this story along a bit, I had to break it into 2 chapters because it was getting too long for 1. Enjoy.


Chapter 2

That evening, after the Johnston’s arrived home from Six Flags, they enjoyed a late summer BBQ followed by a birthday cake for Katie.

Katie blew out her candles and secretly wished that her plan to get her little sister into night time diapers would work. It was a simple plan she thought, Katie had heard that if you soak a sleeping person’s hand in warm water it would cause the person to pee in their sleep. She had heard about girls doing this to their friends at sleepovers as practical jokes. Katie’s idea was to test this theory on Jen.

Jen was a heavy sleeper; Katie knew this because their father was always able to pick Jen up off of the sofa when she had fallen asleep in front of the TV. Mr. Johnston was always able carry her up to their bedroom and even put Jen in bed without her waking up.

Katie and Jen shared a bedroom in the families modest sized home, this, she thought, would certainly help with her plan. While helping her mother clean the dishes, Katie looked through the cabinets to find the perfect bowl.

After searching casually so as not to draw attention to herself, she found what she was looking for, a flat bottomed plastic Tupperware container which had been sitting in the very back of a corner cabinet. It was probably buried in the corner because the lid was missing, Katie thought.

She waited until her mother walked out of the kitchen before retrieving the bowl from the cabinet and sneaking it up to the second floor bathroom where she hid it under the vanity. Her thought was that she would wait until Jen was asleep, sneak into the bathroom, fill the bowl with warm water, and then carefully return to their bedroom to place Jen’s hand in the warm water. The idea sounded easy enough she thought.

After what seemed to Katie like an eternity of waiting, bedtime finally arrived; Mr. Johnston turned off the TV and sent the girls upstairs to get ready for bed. Katie and Jen changed into pajamas and shared the bathroom to brush their teeth…all the time Katie wondered to herself how long it would be before Jen fell asleep.

Would she be able to remain awake long enough to make sure that Jen was sound asleep before attempting to pull off her plan, or would she herself fall asleep as well while waiting? Katie thought about this, she did feel exhausted from her adventures at Six Flags, but she knew she had to try to remain awake.

Jen finished brushing her teeth first and trotted off to the bedroom, Katie remained in the bathroom, when she was sure Jen was out of site, she splashed cold water on her face to ward off the sleep that she knew was coming.

She toweled her face dry, turned off the bathroom light and walked down the hall to her bedroom. When she arrived, Jen was already in her bed under the covers, holding her teddy bear Charlie. Charlie the teddy bear had been Jen’s favorite toy when she was younger. Jen still slept with the bear every night.

“Goodnight girls” said a voice from the doorway behind Katie. Her father had come up to make sure they were in bed. “Hey birthday girl, get into bed” he added, seeing Jen already tucked into her single bed and Katie not in her own yet.

“Goodnight daddy” Katie said, she turned around and gave him a hug, “thanks for taking us to Six Flags today.” She added.

“You’re welcome pumpkin” he replied.

“Goodnight dad” Jen said smiling up at her father, he bent down and gave Jen a kiss on the forehead.

Katie walked over to her own bed which was parallel to Jen’s single on the right side of the room; she climbed into bed and pulled up the covers.

“Nite nite girls” said Mr. Johnston as he turned out the light and shut the door. Katie lay in the dark and listened as his footsteps faded into silence down the hall beyond the closed door.

“Good night Katie, happy birthday” said Jen through the dark.

“Thanks Jen” Katie smiled to herself “good night” she said.

The waiting game had begun, it seemed like forever, but eventually Katie could tell that Jen’s breathing had slowed to a rhythmic pace which could only be sleep.

“Jen?” Katie whispered in the dark, trying to see if her sister would reply. There was no answer.

“Jen, are you awake?” she said, this time in a louder whisper, still no response.

Katie slipped quietly out of her bed; she crawled slowly over to Jen’s bed until she was right next to Jen. “Jen, are you awake?” she said again. There was still no response from Jen. Katie reached out and poked Jen’s left hand which was at her side, her right arm was clinging tightly to Charlie bear. Jen did not move. Katie gently lifted the hand and then placed it carefully back down on the bed, Jen still did not move.

‘This may be easier than I thought’ Katie thought to herself. She slowly moved to the bedroom door, quietly opened it and snuck down the hall to the bathroom. She carefully opened the Vanity, took out the Tupperware bowl and turned the hot water tap on ever so slightly.

It took almost 5 minutes for the water to warm up with the tap running slowly. Katie did not want to risk having her parents hear the water running from the other end of the hall, and this was the only way to fill the bowl without getting caught. She tested the temperature of the water with her hand, just a hair past warm and a hair below hot. ‘Perfect’ Katie thought, she filled the bowl, turned off the water and snuck quietly back to the bedroom.

Katie listened carefully when she entered the room, she could still hear Jen’s rhythmic breathing. “Jen?” she said out loud to check if her sister had woken up. Jen did not respond. Katie quietly closed the door and crept over to the side of Jen’s bed. She went through the routine of poking Jen’s hand one more time, still no movement, Jen was a rock.

Katie placed the Bowl on the bed near Jen’s hand, gently lifted her sister’s hand up, slid the bowl under the hand and then gently lowered it into the warm water. Jen didn’t move a muscle. Now all Katie had to do was wait. She sat on the floor next to Jen’s bed and rested her head on the edge of the bed…fifteen minutes later, she was asleep.

To be continued…

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Chapter 3

Katie woke with a start; her thoughts of staying awake had chased her out of sleep quickly. She found herself sitting on the floor in her dark bedroom next to her sister’s bed.

The room was dark. Panic filled Katie as she quickly remembered her actions, had Jen woken up and found her sitting next to the bed…even worse, had Jen found her hand resting in a bowl of water? Was Katie’s plan exposed and ruined? How would she explain herself?

She froze in the darkness and listened, she could hear crickets outside; she focused in on Jen’s breathing. Jen was still asleep.

Katie let out a quite sigh of relief, ‘that was close’ she whispered to herself. How long had she been out? She wondered. She looked across the room at her digital clock; the time read 11:15. She had been asleep for over an hour!

She shifted her weight to find that her right leg had fallen asleep on her; she spent a minute massaging her leg awake. Katie then stuck her finger in the bowl of water at Jen’s side, the water had cooled down. Katie was amazed that Jen had not shifted her position over the past hour and knocked the bowl over. This was just dumb luck she thought to herself.

She lifted her sister’s hand out of the bowl and placed the bowl on floor, she desperately wanted to see if her trick had worked but knew she had to get the bowl and water out of the room. She quietly crept out of the bedroom, made her way down the hall to the bathroom and emptied the bowl into the sink. She then hid the bowl under the Vanity for safe keeping.

She was anxious now, her curiosity was peaked as she snuck quietly back into the bedroom. Katie rummaged through a drawer in her night stand until she found what she needed, a tiny flash light that she had received in her Christmas stocking last year.

She covered the end of the flash light with her hand and switched it on, the batteries were still good. Katie turned off the light and crept back to Jen’s side, she lifted the covers from the edge of Jen’s bed so as not to stir the sleeping girl.

Katie stuck her hand under the raised covers and felt the mattress around Jen’s waist. It was damp! Katie could hardly contain her excitement, it appeared that her birthday wish had come true, her plan had worked.

She aimed her flash light low beneath the covers so that the light would not shine into the room and switched it on. Jen’s pajama bottoms were soaked, they clung to her waist and groin and Katie could see that her sister was lying in a damp circle all around her mid section.

‘This is amazing’ Katie giggled quietly to herself; ‘the warm water trick really does work!’ she thought with a smile. She turned out the flash light, lowered the covers and quietly slipped back into her own bed. She lay awake for quite a while with a smile on her face and wondered how may more nights she would need to pull off her secret plan before little Jen found herself back in diapers. Eventually, she drifted off to sleep.

Sunday morning arrived with the sun shining and the birds chirping, Katie was rousted out of sleep by a hand that was shaking her.

“Katie wake up!, Please wake up!” Jen said in a worried voice as she shook her older sister’s arm.

Katie stretched, and yawned her way out of sleep “mmm what is it?” she asked Jen.

“Katie, please wake up I had an accident” Jen whispered.

Katie quickly woke now; she remembered her actions of last night. Jen had turned and was pointing at her bed. The covers were pulled down and there was clearly a large wet spot in the center of the mattress.

Katie put her hand to her mouth to hide her grin and keep herself from letting out a giggle; she quickly pulled it away and put on a look of concern as Jen turned to face her again.

“I don’t know what happened” Jen said, I just woke up and was wet, I haven’t done that since I was 5, Katie what am I going to do?" Jen asked.

“Ummm, it’s ok Jenny, sometimes this just happens. I even did it once or twice before I turned 9.” Katie said reassuringly, “You probably just had a bad dream or something.” She added.

“But I didn’t have any bad dreams Katie!” Jen said, now on the edge of tears.

“Jenny don’t cry, it’s going to be ok, it was just an accident” Katie said, putting her hand on Jen’s shoulder.

It was no use, Jen began to cry. The little girl’s pajama bottoms were still damp, she sobbed softly as she stood next to her older sister’s bed, holding her teddy bear by the hand, dangling poor Charlie bear towards the ground.

Katie tried to comfort her sister. Then there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Are you girls up?” Mrs. Johnston asked as she entered the room. “We have to get ready for church” she added, and then froze as she saw Jen crying at Katie’s bedside.

“What’s wrong?” said their mother. Her eyes now focused on the wet circle in the center of Jen’s mattress, then moved to Jen’s bottom. The pajama pants clung to the shape of Jen’s little behind. Mrs. Johnston knew instantly what had happened and quickly entered the room.

“Oh Jenny sweetheart, did you have an accident?” she asked as she got down on one knee beside her youngest daughter.

“Yes mommy I’m sorry…” Jen replied through her sobs.

Katie was secretly eating this up; it was almost exactly like the scene of the little girl at Six Flags who had wet her pants.

“Sweetheart its ok, this just happens to little girls sometimes, I’m sure it won’t happen again” said Mrs. Johnston, giving Jen a hug. “Now lets get you cleaned up, we’ve got to get ready for church.” She said.

“Katie, will you strip the sheets off of Jen’s bed please?” her mother asked as she led Jen to the bathroom to get her cleaned up.

“Yes Mom” Katie answered as she leapt out of bed and set to work at the task. She was thrilled, so much so that she didn’t mind having to change Jen’s wet sheets at all.

If her plan worked out…Wet sheets would soon be replaced by wet diapers.

To be continued…

Ok, some of you have suggested that Katie is evil. I’ll agree that she is naughty and being a meany to her little sis, but I’ve thrown in a twist in this chapter that I’m hoping works out. Sorry about the length on this chapter, I just couldn’t decide where I wanted to split it so I left it as is.

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Chapter 4

It had been a two weeks since Katie had first put her plan into action; she had been very successful. She had managed to make Jen wet her bed almost every night since the first night when she tested the warm water trick.

Jen was such a sound sleeper that she never woke up, and Katie had perfected the routine of filling the bowl with warm water and placing little Jen’s hand in it, she could practically do the task blind folded.

Jen was noticeably less chipper, particularly at bed time and Mrs. Johnston was now very concerned about the situation. She worried that this new problem may be the sign of an infection or something more serious. Jen had not complained of any pain nor did she have any problems going to the bathroom during the day time.

Mrs. Johnston scheduled an appointment for Jen with the girl’s pediatrician for Monday afternoon; she also scheduled an appointment for Katie on the same day since it had been a year since the girl’s last physical.

Katie was starting to get concerned as well, she wondered if she might be taking her plan too far, but at the same time, it did appear to be going in the direction that she had hoped for. If she continued to make her sister wet the bed, their mother would have to make a choice…keep washing sheets every day…or make Jen wear some sort of protection at night.

On Monday afternoon, Katie met Jen at the front entrance to their school; they waited on a bench for their mother to pick them up. They would be heading to the doctor’s office this afternoon. Jen looked glum, Katie did feel badly, she knew that Jen was sad about her new problem and she knew that it was all her doing, but she was now determined to see her plan through.

Mrs. Johnston pulled up in front of the school and honked the horn; the girls got up and headed to the car. “Hi girls, come on we don’t want to be late” Mrs. Johnston shouted from the car. Katie and Jen got in the back seat buckled themselves in and they were off.

Mrs. Johnston looked at Jen in the rear view mirror; she could tell her daughter was down by the look on her face. “Jen don’t be sad, I’m sure the doctor is going to solve this problem, everything is going to be fine, you’ll see.” She said, trying to lift her youngest daughter’s spirits.

When they arrived at the doctor’s office, they didn’t have to wait very long. There were only a few other girls in the waiting room, all of various ages. Katie could tell most of the girls were not happy to be here. After all who enjoyed going to see the doctor? She thought. After about 10 minutes, Katie was called in first; she got up and walked back to the examination room.

She knew the routine; she stripped down to her underwear, and got up on the examination table to wait for the doctor. The sheet of paper on the exam table crinkled under her, and for a moment Katie thought of how the diapers would crinkle if and when she finally got to wear them.

The door opened and Dr. Larson walked in, she had been Katie and Jen’s doctor since they were both babies. “Hi Katie, how are you doing today?” she asked, grabbing Katie’s chart from the clipboard on the counter.

“I’m good” Katie answered.

“So…you’re 11 now, getting big huh?” Dr. Larson said with a smile. “Let’s check you out”. Dr. Larson began the exam, height, weight, blood pressure, she listened to Katie’s heart, looked in her ears, performed all the basics of a standard physical. The exam didn’t take long.

“You seem to be doing just fine kiddo” said Dr. Larson when she had finished. “How’s school going, are you happy to be back after the long summer?” she asked.

“Yeah I guess, but I miss vacation a bit” answered Katie.

“Yeah everyone misses vacation when it’s over” laughed Dr. Larson. “You’re in good shape Katie, you can send your sister in, it’s her turn.” She said.

Katie put her cloths back on and returned to the waiting room. “Your turn” she said looking at Jen. Jen and Katie’s mom both got up and headed down the hall to the exam room. Katie sat in the waiting room by herself; she took out her homework and started working on her math.

Jen also knew the routine, although she was not thrilled to have to go through it today. She sat on the exam table in her underwear while Mrs. Johnston sat in a chair in the small exam room. Dr. Larson walked in with a clipboard.

“Hi there Jenny, how are you doing today?” asked Dr. Larson.

Jen had a frown on her face, “Ok” she mumbled. “Jen’s not too happy to be here today” Mrs. Johnston answered.

“I understand you’ve been having some bedwetting problems?” Dr. Larson said.

“Uh huh” Jen mumbled looking down at her feet which were dangling off the edge of the table.

“Jenny it’s nothing to be ashamed of, lots of girls and boys your age have the same problem” Dr. Larson said. “We’ll get to the bottom of this” she said. Jen’s examination took a bit longer than Katie’s, On top of the usual tests Dr. Larson performed a pelvic exam and asked Jen and her mother several questions about Jen’s eating habits, school, physical activities, and much more.

When the exam had ended, Dr. Larson insured Mrs. Johnston that Jen did not have an infection and that physically nothing appeared to be wrong with her daughter. The doctor’s best guess was that Jen was going through a growth spurt and that the bedwetting may just be a phase which she would grow out of.

“What do we do until it stops?” Mrs. Johnston asked.

“Well, if it continues to be a problem, there are certain things you can try, there are bedwetting alarms, but they are expensive and most kids sleep right through them. One alternative that most families choose is to use protection at night time.” Dr. Larson answered.

“You mean diapers?” Mrs. Johnston asked.

“Mom No!” Jen said with a tone of worry.

“Jenny, there’s no shame in it,” replied Dr. Larson, trying to calm the girl. “Lots of girls I see wear diapers to bed so that they don’t wake up with wet sheets. None of them are happy about it at first, but every one of them agrees, after a few mornings of waking up with a dry bed, that wearing a diaper is better than dealing with wet sheets.” Dr. Larson added trying to put Jen’s mind at ease.

“But I’m not a baby” Jen mumbled, again looking down at her shows, fighting the urge to cry. But the tears had already started.

“Sweetie we know you’re not a baby, the diapers are just to make dealing with this situation easier on you, I’m sure the bed wetting will stop soon like Dr. Larson said and this will only be a temporary thing.”

“Jenny there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll schedule you for another appointment a month from today and we’ll see how you’re doing. I’ll bet you’ll be fine by then and won’t have to worry about this anymore.” Dr. Larson said. “Take all the time you need before you leave” she told Mrs. Johnston and Jen as she said good bye and left the exam room.

Mrs. Johnston hugged Jen who as crying on the exam table. “Sweetie please don’t cry about this, I promise everything is going to be fine” she said, consoling her daughter. She held Jen until the little girl finally stopped crying then helped her get dressed. Jen stayed close to her mom as they left the doctor’s office.

Mrs. Johnston confirmed the next appointment with the receptionist; she then collected the Girls and their bags and headed to the car. On the way home they made a stop at the pharmacy that Jen was dreading. “What did the doctor say?” Jen asked Katie as they pulled into the parking lot. Jen didn’t answer; she just stared at the floor with a sad look on her face.

Mrs. Johnston parked the car and answered Katie’s question. “Katie, Dr. Larson said that Jen’s problem is just a growing phase that some girls go through, she’s going to be just fine. I’m going to tell you something Katie, you have a responsibility to help your sister through this problem, Jen is going to wear some protection at night time which she is very embarrassed about.”

“You mean diapers?” Katie asked, trying her best to contain her excitement.

“Yes Katie” Mrs. Johnston said. “This is going to be our family secret, do you understand?” she asked Katie.

“Yes mom” Katie answered. She put her hand on her sisters shoulder, “Don’t worry Jenny I won’t tell anyone about this ever…pinky swear!” She said, holding out her pinky finger for Jen.

Jen looked up with a sad face then extended her pinky to Katie. They interlocked the tiny fingers and the secret was sealed.

“That’s good Katie, I’m proud of you for helping your sister with this problem. Now we’re going to go into the store and buy some diapers for Jen, I don’t want Jen to feel embarrassed so please behave in the store and try not to attract attention to us ok?”

“Yes mom” Katie and Jen both said.

They entered the store, Mrs. Johnston took the first available shopping cart and began to fill it with other items she needed. Finally they came to the diaper section. Katie was secretly thrilled, she saw the packages of Pampers and Luvs on the shelves and watched as her mother picked out a box of the large sized Pampers Ultra Dry; it was an orange and gold box with the unmistakable Pampers logo on either side.

Jen looked as if she was about to cry again, Katie distracted her by patting her on the back and whispering in her ear “Don’t worry Jen, no one will know about it I promise” she told her sister.

Mrs. Johnston finished her shopping and with the girls following close, made her way to the check out, she looked around to make sure nobody they knew was in the store, and quickly paid for the groceries. They left the store quietly, packed the car and were on their way.

The ride home was quite, Jen said nothing and Katie and her mom were both quite as well. When they arrived home Mrs. Johnston unloaded the groceries and the girls went inside to finish their homework. Jen put her head down in shame as her mother carried the package of Pampers through the kitchen and upstairs to the girl’s bedroom.

Katie could not take her mind off of the diapers; she knew that it was only a matter of hours before her sister would be returned to diapers for the first time since she was 4 years old.

Katie began to think about how she could sneak one of the diapers and when she would be able to try it on. The times in the past when she had been able to use towels as pretend diapers had always been at night when Jen was either soundly asleep or spending the night at a friend’s house.

Since Jen was only eight, she had only spent the night at a friend’s house about 3 times, no more. So the chances that Katie had to even wear her pretend diapers had been few and far between. Now she her fantasy was so close she could practically taste it.

However, Katie hadn’t thought too much about this portion of her plan. She now had to consider how to not get caught wearing Jen’s diapers, as well as how to hide the ones she did plan to use. This was going to be more difficult than Katie thought, surly her mother would notice diapers missing from the supply if she took them. How was she going to pull this off, she was so close to her goal and yet so far.

Mrs. Johnston explained Dr. Larson’s prognosis to her husband at dinner and explained the diaper situation. Jen sat quietly picking at her food; she did not look up at her father when he tried to console her.

“Sweetie don’t let this get you down, I’m sure the doctor is right, you’re going to grow out of the problem in no time at all.” He said.

After dinner Katie and Jen watched TV until bedtime, Jen did not want to go get ready for bed tonight because she knew what was waiting upstairs in her room. Her mother finally convinced Jen that she had no choice but to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Mrs. Johnston told Jen that she would be up to help her after Jen had finished brushing her teeth.

Katie didn’t waste anytime getting herself ready for bed, she didn’t want to appear anxious but she headed straight upstairs and was dressed in her pajamas in no time at all. She finished brushing her teeth before Jen, went down the hall and climbed into her bed where she waited for Jen and her mother to enter the room.

Jen returned from the bathroom and climbed into her own bed, Katie heard their mother’s footsteps coming up the stairs. Shortly after, Mrs. Johnston entered the room.

“Ok Jenny lets get you ready for bed.” Mrs. Johnston said as she went to the girl’s closet and opened the door. Katie could see the box of Pampers sitting on the floor of the closet, her mother opened the box and took out a Pamper; Katie could not take her eyes off of the large, thick, white plastic rectangle. Her plan had worked perfectly, but she knew it was flawed; she had no idea how she was ever going to get to wear one of the diapers without getting caught.

“Ok Jen, take off your PJ bottoms for me so I can get this on you sweetie” Mrs. Johnston said.

“Mommy please! I don’t want to wear it!” Jen protested, and tears soon followed.

“Sweetheart we’ve been through this, nobody is going to know, Katie has sworn to keep your secret, it’s only at night time and you’ll be glad when you wake up in a dry bed.” Her mother told her.

“I’m not a baby!” Jen cried.

“Sweetie I know you’re not, you’re a big girl…but this will make your problem easier to deal with, you’ll see it won’t hurt you at all.”

Katie looked at her sister who was in tears, she felt terrible, this was all her fault and she knew it. She knew she was selfish, she had wanted so desperately to wear a real baby diaper that she had turned her little sister into a bed wetter, about to be put back in diapers.

For the first time since she had put her sinister plan into action Katie actually felt bad for Jen, but she knew there was no way out for her sister now. Their mother had every intention of diapering her youngest daughter and it was about to happen one way or another. Katie had no way of stopping this; she could not undo what she had done. Just as this thought entered her head Katie had an epiphany, maybe there was a way she could help her sister and still get what she wanted!

“Mom, I’ll wear one too!” Katie said out loud.

Her mother was trying to get Jen to stop crying and take her pajama bottoms off, she didn’t hear Katie at first, but Jen had. Jen had heard Katie’s words and had almost instantly halted her sobs; she turned and looked at her sister with unbelieving eyes.

“Mom, I’ll wear one too.” Katie said again.

Mrs. Johnston turned and looked at Katie; she didn’t know what to make of this. “Katie you’re not the one with the bedwetting problem sweetie” she said.

“I know Mom, but I’ll wear one so that Jen will see that it’s not so bad, I made a pinky swear that I wouldn’t tell anyone and if I wear one with Jen she won’t tell anyone either, it’s just for night time.” Katie said. “And you told me today that I have a responsibility to help my sister!” she added.

Mrs. Johnston thought about this for a minute before answering. “Katie I really don’t think it’s appropriate for you to be wearing diapers…”

“Mom, it will make Jen feel better and I really won’t mind, it’s like, just a different kind of underwear” Katie said. She turned and looked at her little sister who had stopped crying and was looking at her with what looked like thankful eyes. “Jen, really, it’s not going to be that bad, I’ll wear one too so that you won’t feel like a baby.”

Mrs. Johnston turned to Jen, she didn’t say anything at first but she was tired and didn’t want to fight with Jen over this anymore; she certainly didn’t want to wash sheets again tomorrow. Mrs. Johnston sighed. “Jen, if your sister wears a diaper also will you let me put this on you?” she asked Jen.

Jen didn’t move. She looked over at Katie.

“It will be our secret” Katie said. “I promised you that remember?” she said to Jen.

Jen looked at her mother, the tears still wet on her face. She looked back at Katie and then at her mother again. “Ok” Jen said. “I’ll wear one if Katie does too.”

“Well then” her mother said with a sound of surprise in her voice. “I guess that settles it, who wants to go first?” she asked as she walked over to the closet and pulled out a second diaper.

“Katie, will you go first?” Jen said still with a sad tone in her voice.

Katie was in disbelief, she couldn’t believe this, her plan had worked out better than she thought, not only had she found a way to successfully get diapers into the house, but now she would be able to wear them without having to sneak them! She couldn’t believe what was about to happen, she sat in bed in a trance, her eyes fixed on the Pampers in her mother’s hands.

“Katie?” her mother said. “Will you be the big sister and go first?”

She snapped out of her trance, “Yes mom” she said, sliding down her pajama bottoms and removing her underwear. Katie now lay on her bed half naked as her mother walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

Katie still could not believe this was actually happening, in a mater of seconds she would be diapered. She watched as her mother unfolded the bottom half of the Pamper, she heard the crinkle of the plastic as the diaper was opened.

“Okay sweetie lift up” her mother said.

Katie raised her legs; it was almost an instinctual move. Her mother slid the open half of the Pamper under Katie’s bottom, Jen watched from her bed in disbelief as her older sister was being diapered. “Good girl, now down” said Mrs. Johnston. Katie lowered her bottom down onto the diaper; she felt a thrill and excitement she had never felt before as she felt the soft lining of the Pamper against her bottom.

Her mother gently spread Katie’s legs apart and pulled the front half of the Pamper up between them. Again Katie heard the sound of the plastic crinkling as her mother opened the front half of the diaper and brought it up into place.

Now was the moment she had been waiting for, how would the diaper fit? Katie already knew from the looks of it that the diaper was going on without any trouble, as her mother closed the first tape Katie felt the right side of the diaper tug securely around her waist, then…with ease, her mother closed the second tape and finished the job.

Katie lay in silence on the bed, she was in ecstasy but couldn’t express her feelings, she didn’t want to give her mother any idea at all that she was enjoying the feeling of the diaper she now wore.

“There we go, all done. You’re a good girl for holding still like that. See Jenny, that wasn’t so bad, right Katie?” Mrs. Johnston said.

This broke Katie out of her trance.

“Yeah Jen, its fine, see” Katie said rolling over and showing Jen that she was now fully diapered.

“Ok” Jen said, and slid her pajama bottoms and underwear off for her mother. Jen lay still on the bed as her mother unfolded the diaper. Now it was Katie’s turn to watch as her little sister was put back in diapers as well.

Mrs. Johnston lifted Jens legs and bottom in the air, slid the Pamper under her and lowered her back down onto it. She then brought the front of the diaper up between Jen’s legs and secured it in place.

Jen didn’t move during the process, she was no longer crying but was still uncertain about her feelings. She was glad that she was not alone in her fate, but still sad to be returned to diapers. She felt the diaper between her legs, it was thick, and soft, it didn’t feel bad but did make her feel embarrassed. Yet at the same time, she felt secure, and comfortable.

“That’s a good girl” said Mrs. Johnston as she finished diapering Jen. “Ok girls, get your PJ bottoms back on and pull those covers back up, it’s time for you two to go to sleep.” she said as she collected the girls underwear, folded each pair and placed them on the dresser. She then gave each girl a goodnight kiss.
As she walked to the door she turned, “Jenny, if you can stay dry for 2 weeks in a row, we’ll try going a few nights without the diapers ok hun?” she said to Jen.

“Yes mommy” Jen said, almost smiling at the idea. Her mother turned out the lights and closed the door.

The two girls lay in their beds in the dark. Katie heard Jen shifting her position to grab and hug Charlie bear. She could hear the crinkle of Jen’s Pamper as she moved. Katie rolled over on her side listening to the sound of her own diaper as she did.

“Katie?” Jen said.

“Yeah?” Katie answered.

“Thank you” Jen replied.

Katie felt a tear in her eye; she had so many mixed emotions in her. She felt terrible for what she had done to her little sister, but was elated by the feeling of the Pamper between her legs. She wanted to tell her sister she was sorry but didn’t want to loose this feeling. She had heard what their mother had said before turning out the lights “if you can stay dry for 2 weeks in a row, we’ll try going a few nights without the diapers…”

“You’re welcome” Katie replied to her sister. “Sleep tight” she added.

Katie knew what she had to do; she lay awake in bed until she heard Jen’s breathing slow to sleep.

To be continued.

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Yes, Katie is a bad little girl, I don’t think she is out right evil, but she certianly is mean and selfish. I’m thinking on how I might teach her a lesson, but we’ll see where it goes.




Katie’s Secret Plan Chapters 5 - 8

Chapter 5

Katie lay in bed staring up at the ceiling, the room was dark and she could hear that her sister’s breathing had slowed down to the now all too familiar rhythm of sleep. Katie knew that even though she had succeeded with her plan beyond her wildest expectations, she now must continue to pull off the warm water trick on her unsuspecting sister.

She wrestled with this thought. Katie had felt terrible about what she had done, poor little Jen was clearly distraught by the bed wetting that everyone, including Dr. Larson, believed to be real. What’s more, Jen had been visibly depressed about having been put back into diapers.

Katie tried to imagine what this must feel like for Jen. Her little sister was at an age where she had full self awareness and was expanding on her abilities as a “bigger” child who would soon, like Katie, be on the edge of her teens. Now Jen had been subjected unwillingly to a major step backwards in her development. Diapers were a badge of babyhood, not childhood.

This thought had never occurred to Katie before, as the older sibling she had experienced jealousy in her early years when her little sister would often receive more attention and praise from adults than Katie had. She didn’t think about Jen’s feelings, and how much of an achievement wearing “big kid pants” had been for her sister.

Katie was about seven years old when Jen began potty training. Jen had no more difficulty in this task than most children do, however Katie remembered how often she would hear “Good girl Jenny!” from her mother or father, at a time in her life when Katie wanted to be praised too.

Perhaps this was where her fascination with diapers originated Katie thought to herself. During Jen’s potty training there had been setbacks from time to time, as most children experience. There had also been the times where it was simply more convenient for the adults to have Jenny remain in a diaper…either during long car trips or formal events like going to church.

Katie had loved these occasions because the “Good Girl Jenny” comments were usually replaced with comments of mild annoyance like “Uh oh, smells like little Jenny needs a change…I sure wish she could have waited until we got home.”

These comments made Katie happy in her younger childhood, they told her that maybe her parents were annoyed with having to take care of little Jenny. Katie thought that during these incidents of inconvenient wetting or messing, her parents would be annoyed with her little sister, and perhaps shower Katie with praise and affection for being a “big girl” who didn’t need to have her poopy diaper changed during a car ride.

But this hadn’t happened, the praise and affection Katie had hoped for didn’t come, instead she would watch as her mother would change her sisters diaper, taking care to be gentle, or tickle and tease little Jen into giggles while her diaper area was being cleaned. To make matters worse, her mother would still call little Jenny a “good girl” as she held still while being changed.

During these occasions of little Jen being diapered for “convenience”, her parents would also say things to Jen like “It’s ok to go potty in your diaper sometimes too sweetie, that’s what the diapers are for. When you get bigger you’ll be able to wait longer and use the potty.”

For Katie, hearing comments like that, seeing so many of Jen’s diaper changes and the intimacy of each change, had associated praise, affection and happiness with wearing diapers. ‘Could this be it?’ Katie thought, ‘could this be why I love diapers so much?’ she wondered to herself.

Her thoughts turned now to her own diaper. Katie had been in bliss when her mother had finished diapering her, she loved every sensation, and there it was…the praise she had been looking for when she was younger…what had her mother said after putting Katie’s diaper on? “There we go, all done. You’re a good girl for holding still like that.” She thought further back, what had her mother said in the parking lot at the pharmacy? “That’s good Katie, I’m proud of you for helping your sister with this problem.”

“Good girl” her mother had called Katie a “Good girl”, these were the words that she had always heard said to her little sister, the words that fueled her jealousy from the start and ultimately the words that were said during diaper changes.

Katie was no longer Jealous of Jen, she had grown to love her little sister since those early days. She felt terrible for the pain she had secretly inflicted upon Jen. But at the same time, Katie wanted more than ever to continue wearing diapers; she had created this situation for herself, not caring about the consequences for her little sister. This was wrong, she knew it, but she didn’t want it to end, couldn’t let it end.

For Jen was the bed wetter, not she. She was the “big sister”, she had a “responsibility” to help her little sister now. She was a “Good Girl” for holding still, and her mother was “proud” of her for helping her sister.

With this last thought, Katie slowly got out of bed, and proceeded to once again to carry out the warm water trick on little Jen. Her diaper crinkled as she moved, it was loud, but certainly not loud enough to wake her sleeping sister.

Katie tip toed across the room and quietly opened the door, she snuck down the hall with ease, even giggled at the sound of her crinkling pamper. She loved the feel of it on her body, as she walked; it gave her a slight waddle as its thickness bunched between her legs.

She made it to the bathroom without creating any disturbance, Katie quickly turned on the hot water tap and found the bowl under the vanity, five minutes later the water was warm and the bowl was filled.

Katie quietly crept back to her room, the only sound she made came from the crinkle of her diaper. She closed the bedroom door and tip toed to Jen’s bedside, placed the bowl on the edge of the bed, gently lifted her sleeping sister’s hand and lowered it into the bowl.

Jen stirred a bit as her hand touched the water, Katie held her breath…but it was nothing to worry about, Jen continued her slumber. Katie quietly retrieved her flash light from her night stand; she gently lifted the covers at the edge of Jen’s bed to expose her sister’s mid section. Now she would wait.
Fifteen minutes later…Katie heard Jen let out a faint moan…then she heard what sounded like a very faint hissing noise coming from Jen’s diaper area. The warm water trick had worked again!

Katie carefully placed her hand on the front of her sister’s pajama bottoms; she couldn’t feel anything other than the soft PJs and thick diaper underneath. Undeterred, she slipped her hand under Jen’s PJs, and carefully shined the flashlight at the diaper.

She saw that the Pamper now had a faint yellow tinge between Jen’s legs. She turned out the flash light and gently touched Jen’s diaper, it was warm and much thicker than Katie’s own diaper, it felt squishy! Katie caught a whiff of the faint smell of urine coming from beneath Jen’s covers. Her sister was wet again…this time the sheets had been spared and little Jen was now wearing a damp diaper.

“Good girl” Katie whispered to herself as she lowered the covers. She gently lifted Jen’s hand out of the bowl, snuck back to the bathroom, emptied the bowl and returned it to the vanity.

Katie crinkled back to her room, climbed into bed and once again was staring at the ceiling with a smile on her face. She reached under the covers touched her own diaper and smiled, knowing that her time in diapers had now been extended for at least another 2 weeks.

To be continued.

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Chapter 6

Jen woke first on Tuesday morning; she stretched in bed and gave Charlie bear a good morning hug. It was about 15 minutes earlier than Jen normally woke up, she wondered why, then she remembered her situation, she had been put back into diapers the evening before, and she now could feel the thickness of the diaper between her legs. Jen also heard the crinkle of the Pamper’s plastic backing as she shifted her position.

The diaper felt different than it had last night when her mother first put it on her. Jen reached down and touched the front of her pajama bottoms, they were dry, and she could easily feel the diaper beneath, it felt thicker than it had last night. Jen touched the mattress around her bottom, it too was dry. She smiled at this, it was the first time in almost two weeks since she felt dry sheets and pajama bottoms upon waking up.

Jen then reached her hand inside the pajama bottoms and felt the diaper, the smile faded from her face, she knew she had wet in her sleep again. But this time it was different, her pajamas and bed were dry, it was only her diaper that was wet.

The diaper felt warm and squishy around her lower region, Jen lay in bed taking the feeling in fully; she was fascinated by the feeling of the wet diaper against her skin, amazed that neither her pajamas nor bed were wet at all, while her diaper was completely soaked.

Jen thought about this for a moment and then got out of bed, she went over to Katie’s bed and shook her sister awake.

“Katie, wake up!” Jen said, holding Charlie bear at her side as she shook her sister’s arm.

Katie came out of her slumber and stretched. “mmm what is it?” she said with her eyes still squinting. Katie quickly remembered the situation…her sister had spent her first night in a diaper and was now wet thanks to Katie’s actions. As she stretched she was reminded of her own diaper by the crinkle of plastic and the feel of soft thick padding between her legs.

“Katie my bed is dry, my pajamas are dry” she told her sister, “But I…umm I wet my diaper.” She said shyly. “But the bed and my pajamas didn’t get wet!” she added with excitement.

“Of course not silly” Katie said, “That’s what diapers do, they keep you from peeing on things” she added.

“Oh…yeah I know…” Jen said, with a look of embarrassment on her face. “But, I just…I mean …I’m glad the bed and my pajamas are not wet too” she said shyly.

Katie could tell that Jen was hoping she would shared her excitement about the dry sheets and pajamas. Katie reached out and patted her little sister on the shoulder, “I know you are. I told you it would be alright didn’t I?” Katie said. Jen blushed and smiled.

“So you wet the diaper?” Katie asked. “Is it soaked?, Let me see.” Katie said.

Jen lowered her pajama pants to her knees exposing the soaked Pamper. Katie’s eyes widened, the Pamper was completely soaked, both front and back. There was no way Jen had wet that much after the warm water trick last night, Katie was amazed. Had Jen wet again during the night, all on her own?

Katie’s thoughts quickly turned to her own diaper, it was still dry. She needed to relieve her morning bladder, she wanted desperately to do it in her diaper but didn’t know how she would explain an “accident” to her sister or mother.

“Katie can I see your diaper?” Jen asked.

Katie thought this was an odd request from her sister but then she understood; Jen probably still needed reassurance that she was not the only girl in the room wearing one. Perhaps she thought that her older sister had broken last nights deal and removed her diaper during the night.

Katie pulled down her covers; she reached down and slid the pajama bottoms down to her mid thighs to reveal the Pamper. Jen saw that it was still dry and frowned, the embarrassment returned to her face.

“What’s wrong?” Katie asked Jen.

“You’re lucky” Jen answered, “You didn’t wet yours.” She said with a tone of sadness in her voice.

Katie thought for a moment, she looked into her sisters sad eyes. She felt Jen did not want to be alone in her situation, and she felt guilty for creating the problem. Katie knew there was no turning back now. She couldn’t tell Jen the truth, how could her sister ever forgive her? But perhaps this would work to her advantage she thought; maybe she could find a way to wet her diaper without Jen questioning the action.

“What does it feel like?” Katie asked, she desperately wanted to find the answer for herself, but knew she needed to find a reason to do it, a reason that her sister would understand, as well as a way of explaining a wet diaper to her mother.

Jen looked at her with a confused look. Katie clarified, “Wearing a wet one?” she asked again. “I know how they feel when they are dry” Katie added, pointing at her own diaper and smiling at Jen. “But what does it feel like when it’s wet?” She asked again.

Jen blushed, “I don’t know, it’s weird” she said.

“Like how?” Katie pressed the issue.

“It’s like, warm, and squishy” Jen said.

“Does if feel bad?” Katie asked.

“No, just…weird, not bad, I don’t know it’s just…why?” Jen stammered out the question.

“I was just curious” Katie said.

“Well if you wet the bed like me you would know I guess” replied Jen.

“I could wet mine just to find out?” Katie said, she wanted to do this and had hoped that Jen believed it was out of pure curiosity.

Jen looked at her and giggled. “That would be funny” she said.

Katie blushed and giggled too, then she had an idea, perhaps she could get Jen to consider it to be a game.

“We could play make believe” Katie said “…and pretend that we are babies again” she told Jen, “You know, goo goo ga ga” she said in a babyish voice.

Jen giggled, “ga ga goo goo” she replied, sticking her thumb in her mouth.

Katie laughed. “So do you want to play?” she asked.

Jen looked at her smiling shyly, “will you really wet your diaper too?” she asked Katie.

Katie blushed harder and whispered “Yes”.

Jen giggled and stuck her thumb back in her mouth, “mgoo moggoo maga maga” she muttered with her thumb still in her mouth.

Katie giggled at her “ga ga goo goo” she responded; then she got out of bed and squatted next to her sister on the floor. Katie had to pee desperately, this was a normal morning ritual, but today, it would not be done on the toilet. She looked up at her sister, stuck her thumb in her mouth and concentrated. Her pajama bottoms were still partially pulled down exposing her Pamper.

Jen now squatted down in front of Katie, still with her thumb in her mouth, she watched as Katie’s eyes rolled upwards and then closed, then a smile came across her face.

Katie could not believe it, at first she had troubled relaxing her bladder, but then, she was able to release a small trickle, which immediately turned into a flood, she was wetting her diaper, and it felt wonderful!.

Jen looked on for what seemed like a full minute as her sister relaxed in front of her. Jen looked down at the crotch of Katie’s Pamper and saw that it was getting thicker and slightly yellowish right before her eyes.

Jen giggled, realizing she still had her thumb in her mouth, she removed the thumb pointed at Katie and said “goo goo ga ga” and burst into laughter. Her older sister had just peed in her diaper while Jen watched, the eight year old found this hysterical, she laughed harder than she had ever laughed…and before she knew it, she had lost control and was wetting her own already soaked diaper.

Katie was ecstatic again, a strange euphoria had come over her as she felt the warmth and wetness spreading throughout her diaper; she was again in a state of bliss. When she opened her eyes, she saw Jen crouched in front of her laughing with tears in her eyes, suddenly Jen stopped laughing and froze, a look of worry came over her face and she stared right into Katie’s eyes.

“What?” Katie asked.

“I just had an accident” Jen whispered, the look of worry turned to a look of shame. “I couldn’t help it, I was laughing too hard” she added.

Katie giggled “That’s ok silly, you’re a baby remember, babies wet their diapers…goo goo ga ga” she added, sticking her thumb back in her mouth.

Jen smiled. “So what does if feel like to you?” she asked her sister.

“Just like you said, warm and squishy” Katie smiled.

“Do you like the way it feels?” Jen asked.

This was the question Katie had hoped to avoid, but Jen had seemed to get into the spirit of the baby game, perhaps a truthful answer would be fine considering they were playing.

“Yeah, it’s not bad” Katie answered, “ga ga goo goo” she said and then stuck her thumb back in her mouth. Jen laughed, which was exactly the reaction Katie had hoped for, it told her that Jen was enjoying the game and that she had probably accepted Katie’s answer as part of the fun of playing a pretend game with her older sister.

The girls stopped their play and climbed back into their beds, they knew that their mother would be shouting down the hall telling them to get up and get ready for school soon, under the circumstances, their mother would probably be in to check on them and see if Jen had wet her diaper during the night.

The same thought was on both of their minds, it was Jen who spoke first to raise the question, “Katie what are you going to tell mom about your wet diaper?” Jen said, “Do you think you will get in trouble?” She added.

Katie thought for a moment. “Umm, I guess I’ll tell her that I really had to go badly and had problems getting the diaper off before it was too late.” She answered.

Katie had worked this out in her head quickly, she wasn’t sure it would work but it was all she could think of. Katie hoped that her mother could not possibly think that she had wet the diaper on purpose, and that an accident due to the diaper tapes would be an acceptable explanation.

“Hey, what are we going to tell her about your diaper?” Katie asked, “It’s totally soaked now and it looks like you just peed in it again?”

“I’ll just tell her the truth” said Jen. “I’ll say I laughed so hard about you having an accident in your diaper that I wet mine again.” Jen replied.

Katie blushed, “That should work” she said.

To be continued…

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Chapter 7

“Good morning girls” Mrs. Johnston said as she entered Katie and Jen’s room. “Did you both sleep well?” she asked.

“Mom my pajamas and bed are dry!” Jen said with a slight tone of excitement. “But I wet my diaper though” she added, hanging her head in shame.

“Oh Jenny, its ok sweetie, see how easy it is now, the diaper keeps your sheets and pajamas dry, isn’t that better than waking up in a wet bed like you did yesterday?” Her mother asked.

“Yeah” Jen answered shyly.

“Katie sweetheart you can take your diaper off now, I’ll help Jen get cleaned up.” Mrs. Johnston said to her oldest daughter.

Katie thought about this, her mother didn’t even consider that she might be wet too; perhaps she was in the clear.

“Mom, Katie had an accident!” Jen said giggling.

“Jen!” Katie shouted, her sister had tattled on her!

“What?” Mrs. Johnston said. “Jenny, are you teasing?” she asked.

“No Mom, she did! She did! and I….ummm” Jen said excitedly before pausing.

“You what?” Mrs. Johnston asked Jen.

“ummm, I laughed at her and was laughing so hard that I wet my diaper again” she said.

Oh Jenny, for goodness sake!" Mrs. Johnston said with a surprised tone. “Katie, is this true, did you have an accident in your diaper?” She asked.

“umm yes” Katie whispered with a look of embarrassment and shame on her face.

“Did it happen while you were asleep?” Her mother asked.

“No Mommy” Katie replied. She started talking frantically, “I had to go when I woke up, and I couldn’t get the tapes off fast enough, and it started coming out and…so I…I wet my diaper” Katie said in a defeated tone.

She started to cry, Katie had discovered when she was 9 that she was able to make herself cry easily even if she wasn’t sad. This, she thought was a nice touch, hopefully enough to convince her mother that the wet diaper was just an accident.

Jen giggled. Mrs. Johnston shushed her, “Jen stop that, Katie hasn’t laughed at you for wetting your bed, it’s not fair to tease her for having an accident. After all, she wore the diaper to show you that it would be alright didn’t she?” Mrs. Johnston said to Jen.

Jen hung her head in shame again, “I’m sorry” she said.

“Don’t say it to me, tell your sister you’re sorry” Mrs. Johnston responded.

Jen looked at Katie, “I’m sorry Katie. I didn’t mean it, thanks for wearing the diaper with me”. Jen told her sister.

Katie slowed her sobs to a halt, her tears stopped.

“Katie sweetheart, it was very nice of you to help your sister out last night, I’m sorry you had an accident, I’m not upset with you.” Mrs. Johnston said, consoling her oldest daughter. “Do you need help getting the diaper off now? Or do you think you can do it yourself?” She asked Katie.

Katie paused; she wiped her tears with the sleeve of her pajamas. “I think I can do it myself” she said.

“That’s a good girl” Mrs. Johnston told her, she then helped Jen out of bed "Come on Jenny, lets get you into the bathroom and get that wet diaper off of you, you’re going to need a shower before school and so is Katie.

Jen threw back her covers and slid out of bed, her diaper crinkled as she moved. Mrs. Johnston had turned toward the door. Jen looked at Katie who winked at her. Jen smiled and winked back at Katie, she felt happy to be sharing a secret with her older sister, for the moment this took her mind off of her bedwetting problem and the fact that she was back in diapers because of it. She turned and skipped over towards her mother, her diaper crinkling loudly as she did. Katie put her hand to her mouth and stifled a giggle, then quickly pulled it away.

Mrs. Johnston turned to face Katie as Jen skipped past her through the door, “Sweetie, you can take your diaper off and put it in the trash can, then put your bathrobe on and wait for Jen to finish her shower. Just call me if you need help with the diaper ok sweetie?” Mrs. Johnston said as she led Jen off to the bathroom.

Katie couldn’t believe it, her plan had worked perfectly, not only did Jen have fun playing her baby game; their mother had believed that Katie’s wet diaper was purely an accident. Her mother had even called her a “good girl” again. This was too good to be true! She was getting everything she had hoped for Katie thought as she lay in bed.

Katie reached down to feel the front of her wet diaper one last time before she had to take it off, she gently squeezed the front of the Pamper, pushing the warm wet mass against her skin, this felt strangely satisfying to her, she didn’t want to stop but knew she had too get out of bed as her mother had asked her too.

The sound of the shower being turned on from the bathroom down the hall broke Katie’s concentration and stirred her into action; she pulled off her pajama bottoms, and unfastened the diaper tapes to remove her wet Pamper.

Katie carefully rolled herself off of the wet diaper, picked it up off of the bed and dropped it in the trash. She then fetched her bathrobe from the closet and waited for Jen’s shower to be finished.

Shortly after, while the girls finished getting themselves cleaned and dressed, Mrs. Johnston went down to the Kitchen where her husband Ray was pouring himself a cup of coffee.

Ray and Ellen Johnston had been married for sixteen years, they were raising their two daughters’ in a cozy New England suburb, Ellen was in real estate and Ray managed a local bank branch, the house was modest, the kitchen was large, but not enormous, it tended to be the room in which most family conversations were held.

Ray glanced up from the sports section as Ellen walked in “How’d Jen do last night? Was she dry this morning?” he asked.

Ellen sighed, “Unfortunately not, but she did seem happy that her bed and PJs weren’t wet, maybe I won’t have such a hard time getting her diapered tonight.” Ellen replied.

“That was very big of Katie to wear one too.” Ray said. “It’s nice of her to help her sister like that.” He added.

“Yes it is, but there is a small problem.” Ellen replied.

“Really? What’s the problem, I thought it was Katie’s suggestion” her husband said.

“Well, Katie was wet too this morning” Ellen answered, Ray looked up from his paper again.

“She says she had an accident because she couldn’t get the diaper unfastened in time to make it to the bathroom.” Ellen explained.

Ray thought about this for a moment and then spoke, “So she had a little accident, I’m sure she tried to make it on time.” He said, sipping his coffee.

“That’s just it honey, I don’t know if it was an accident.” Ellen said.

“You mean you don’t believe her?” Ray asked.

Ellen thought for a moment. “I don’t know, I guess I should, I mean she broke into tears when she told me about it.” She answered. “It just seems strange, Katie’s 11 years old now, she figured out how to take her diaper off when she was three and a half, you remember the problems we had with that don’t you” Ellen asked.

Ray practically spit his coffee out, “Do I ever, I had to clean up a poopy crib more than once when she figured that trick out…I’m glad we got her trained shortly after.” Ray said, chuckling through his reply.

Ellen didn’t respond, she was quite for a moment with a curious look on her face.

Her husband looked up at her from his newspaper; he noticed his wife seemed concerned. “Hun, you don’t think she wet the diaper on purpose do you?” Ray asked.

Ellen walked to the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee, then turned to face her husband. “I don’t know Ray, I guess I believe her, I just thought it was strange, you know?”

Ray went back to reading the paper, “I wouldn’t worry about it dear, I’m sure it was just an accident, she hasn’t worn a diaper since she was almost four; you can’t expect her to remember how to get it off easily. And besides, she may have forgotten she had it on to begin with, you’ve seen how groggy she is when she first wakes up; she practically walks around half awake.”

He took another sip of coffee and continued “The important thing is, Katie helped you convince Jenny to wear a diaper last night, and we don’t have to wash any sheets or pajamas this morning” Ray said.

“I guess you’re right” Ellen said as she put down her coffee and set to work fixing breakfast for the girls. She still thought the situation was unusual, but she would let it go for the moment.

To be continued.

Hi everyone, sorry for the wait, it’s been a busy week. I had to think about this one, wasn’t quite sure what I had in store for Katie, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve…I don’t want to give anything away but there will be some twists ahead.

Please let me know what you think.



Chapter 8

Over the course of the week Katie had continued to successfully pull off the warm water trick making her little sister wet her diaper during sleep 3 more times. Even though Jen appeared to be happy about not waking up in wet pajamas and a wet bed, she was still putting up fights at bedtime before being diapered.

This worked out to Katie’s advantage as little Jen would happily allow their mother to diaper her if Katie agreed to let Mrs. Johnston put a diaper on her as well. Jen would insist that Katie “go first” when it was time to be diapered.

Katie had not wet her diaper since the morning after the girls’ first night in diapers, and Mrs. Johnston was beginning to think that perhaps Katie’s wet diaper really had been just an accident as her daughter had said.

Since Jen seemed to be wetting fairly regularly Mrs. Johnston didn’t mind letting her older daughter help ease the situation at bed time by allowing Katie to wear a diaper as well. However with two girls now in diapers at night time, she found that their supply of diapers was running out quickly.

The girl’s mother thought she may be able to reuse Katie’s dry diapers each evening to save their supply. However while the Pampers Ultra Plus did advertise “sure fit tapes” which could be refastened to adjust the fit, the tapes didn’t seem to stick well on second use.

To complicate matters, Jen would complain and pout if Katie did not receive the exact same treatment at bedtime that she was subjected to…mainly, a fresh Pamper out of the package in the closet. Jen secretly hoped that this action would cause the supply of diapers to run out soon which might give her a night without having to wear one. Even though she knew her mother would purchase more if the diapers ran out, Jen held on to this silly hope, that maybe if they used up all of the diapers, she would some how magically stop wetting her bed at night.

At the end of the week, Ellen Johnston decided that this was a small price to pay for avoiding the fight with Jen each evening. To remedy the situation she had gone shopping during the day while the girls were at School. She had purchased an economy package of Pampers Ultra Plus, containing 96 diapers; this would keep both girls Pampered at night for more than a month.

When the girls arrived home from school on Friday afternoon, they went upstairs to change out of their school cloths as was their normal routine. They were surprised to see the large box of Pampers as well as a supply of baby wipes and container of baby powder in their closet. Jen had a pouting look on her face when she saw the diaper supplies. Katie, standing behind her sister, grinned from ear to ear.

On Friday evenings, the girls were allowed to stay up until 11 and watch a rented move on VCR tape. The girls loved Friday nights mostly because it was one of the few times that they were actually allowed to use the small color TV and VCR in their room which had been a Christmas present last year. The catch was; Katie and Jen had to be dressed and ready for bed by eight O’clock.

This schedule had always worked for the Johnston’s, it gave Katie and Jen exactly what they wanted…the chance to stay up until 11 or until they fell asleep, whichever came first, and it gave Ray and Ellen some quite time alone after dinner.

Tonight Jen had picked out the rental, the girls would be watching “The Black Stallion Returns” this was Jen’s favorite movie, she had a love for horses which was not uncommon for girls her age. Katie had seen the film before as well, what was on her mind were the diapers that were waiting upstairs.

After dinner, Mrs. Johnston scooted the girls off to their room to get ready for bed. Jen was noticeably stalling; this had become a regular occurrence at bedtime since her return to diapers.

“Jenny, don’t you want to watch you’re movie?” Mrs. Johnston asked in an attempt to hurry her youngest daughter along. Ellen too had plans for the evening, sharing a bottle of wine with her husband and whatever that may bring…

“Yeah” replied Jen, quietly.

“Well sweetie you know the rules, the movie starts when you two are ready for bed, now get up stairs kiddo.” Her mother said.

“Come on Jen, I’ll go first as usual” Katie said; trying to sound as though her agreement to wear diapers with Jen was a chore. Secretly Katie could not wait to get upstairs and be diapered for bed.

Katie led a reluctant Jen up to their room with their Mother following behind, Mrs. Johnston turn to face her husband who was cleaning up the rest of the dishes from the table. “Don’t you go anywhere, I expect you to have some wine waiting for me when I return” she said to her husband with a smile.

“You can count on it.” Mr. Johnston answered.

Moments later Katie, Jen, and their mother were in the girls’ bedroom, beginning the new nightly ritual known as “diaper time”. Katie knew that if she didn’t go first, Jen would put up a fight with their mother. She also knew that she would receive much praise and affection from their mother by allowing herself to be diapered…not to mention the feeling of warmth, comfort and security she received from wearing the Pampers.

Katie put her pajama top on and left her bottoms off for the moment. She stood half naked by her bedside while her mother retrieved a Pamper from the closet. Katie noticed that her mother had also brought the baby powder from the closet.

Jen saw this too; she had seen the baby powder in the closet earlier but had hoped that her mother hadn’t really intended to use it.

“Mom! What’s that for, we’re not babies!?” Jen shouted when she saw that her mother intended to use the baby powder on her older sister.

“Jenny, this is to keep you from getting a rash, Doctor Larson recommended it.” Her mother answered, “Katie sweetie, you don’t have a problem with a little baby powder do you?” Mrs. Johnston asked her oldest daughter. “No mommy it’s ok.” Katie answered. “Jenny, it won’t hurt you, and the faster we get dressed, the sooner we can watch the movie” she added, looking over at Jen.

“You see sweetie, you’re big sister doesn’t mind it, you’re a good girl Katie” Mrs. Johnston said.

Katie blushed, she felt butterflies in her stomach which she knew were caused by a combination of happiness from the praise her mother showered on her and the anticipation of the diaper that would soon be on her.

Mrs. Johnston lay a towel down on Katie’s bed which she intended to collect any stray baby powder. She then patted the towel with her hand indicating that Katie should lay down on it.

Katie climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on the towel; she instinctively lifted her legs for her mother, waiting for the diaper. To her surprise, rather than seeing a Pamper slid beneath her waiting bottom, Katie’s behind was showered with a generous helping of baby powder, which was followed by the feeling of her mothers hand rubbing the powder around her bottom and between it’s cheeks…this was an odd sensation, after the initial shock had faded, Katie felt an extreme happiness and a closeness to her mother that she had not felt for several years, memories of her early childhood came rushing back to her and she smiled with her eyes closed.

“That’s a good girl, hold still for mommy” her mother said softly. Now finished with the powder, she unfolded the Pamper and slid the bottom half under Katie’s waiting behind. Mrs. Johnston lowered Katie’s legs placing her bottom on the diaper. Katie spread her legs without thinking, as her mother then showered her groin with baby powder and again, gently spread it around with her hand. Katie was in a trance now, smiling dumbly at the ceiling as her mother completed the task of pulling the diaper up between her legs and taping it securely around her waist.

“Ok Sweetie, all done” said Mrs. Johnston. This broke Katie’s trance and she rolled over onto her stomach, now wearing nothing but her pajama top and a diaper which she could hear crinkle as she rolled. Her mother gave her a few gentle pats on her pampered bottom “Good girl for holding still, now go get your PJ bottoms sweetie.” Her mother said.

Mrs. Johnston now turned her attention to little Jen. “Ok Jenny, see how good your sister was, now it’s your turn to show me how good of a girl you can be too” she told Jen.

Jen, who had been waiting on her bed in just her pajama top rolled over to let her mother lay the towel down on her own bed. She then rolled back onto the towel and assumed the diapering position. Katie watched as her mother made quick work of powdering her sister, then slid the Pamper under little Jen’s behind, brought it up between her legs and taped it into place.

When Jen rolled over Mrs. Johnston gave her the same gentle love pat on her diapered behind that she had given Katie. “You’re a good girl Jenny just like your big sister” she said. “Now get your PJ bottoms on while Katie gets the VCR ready to start.”

“Come on Jen, hurry up!” Katie said excitedly. Jen quickly jumped off her bed and trotted over to the dresser where her pajama pants were waiting. Katie smiled, she could hear Jen’s diaper crinkle as her sister moved.

When Jen had finished she ran back over and jumped into bed with Katie so she could see the TV better. The TV was on Katie’s side of the room and the two girls would always snuggle together in one bed on movie nights.

Katie pulled the covers up and grabbed the remote off her night stand. “Turn out the lights mom hurry” Katie said excitedly.

“Ok girls, enjoy the movie, and remember, the TV goes off at 11…Your father will stop in to check on you then.” Mrs. Johnston said as she kissed each of her daughters good night and then switched off the light.

“nite mom” Katie said.

“Good night mommy” said Jen.

Mrs. Johnston closed the door and smiled. As she descended the stairs to join her husband in the living room, she realized that she felt loved and needed by her daughters in a way that gave her a happiness she had not felt since the girls were younger.

Ellen still had concerns about allowing her oldest daughter to wear the diapers at night. She knew this was against the social norm and that her own Mother would probably not approve of this treatment. But somehow Ellen felt a new sense of love and attachment to her daughters. For now, Ellen thought, she would keep this feeling to herself.

Katie and Jen snuggled close together in Katie’s bed, both giggling with excitement as the movie started.

While Katie fast forwarded the tape through the copyright warning, Jen spoke. “Katie?” she said shyly.

“Yeah?” Katie replied.

“Can we play babies again?” Jen asked.

Katie paused the tape and looked Jen in the eyes; a smile came across her face. “Goo goo ga ga” she said to her sister.

Jen giggled “ga ga goo goo” she answered and then stuck her thumb in her mouth.

Katie giggled and started the movie again. Eventually the girls fell asleep in Katie’s bed, shortly after 11 their father came in and turned off the TV. He left the sleeping girls in Katie’s bed, gave each a kiss on the forehead, and whispered goodnight as he left the room and shut the door.

To be continued



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Katie’s Secret Plan Chapters 9 - 11

Chapter 9

Katie awoke early on Saturday morning to find her sister Jen sleeping beside her with Charlie bear clutched close to her side. It was not uncommon for the girls to wake up in the same bed on Saturday mornings after a night of movie viewing from Katie’s bed; typically after the movie was over the girls would watch MTV until they fell asleep.

Jen stirred a bit but continued sleeping. Katie glanced at the clock, it was only five thirty and still dark out, the girls normally didn’t wake up until almost eight on Saturdays, then they would watch cartoons in their room until either Mrs. or Mr. Johnston called them down to breakfast.

Katie realized right away that she had fallen asleep and had not been able to pull of the warm water trick on Jen the previous evening. Now she lay in bed beside her sister whose diaper was probably dry. Katie felt a slight pressure in her bladder and knew that she would eventually need to get to the bathroom. As she shifted her position she felt the sensation of the diaper between her legs. This reminded her that Jen had wanted to play the baby game again.

Katie wanted to feel the warmth of a wet diaper again, but what would her mother say? How would she explain another accident to her mom? Katie lay in bed; she didn’t want to go through the process of removing the diaper and walking down the hall to the bathroom to use the toilet. Her sister was still asleep, and Katie didn’t want to risk waking Jen up this early.

Katie had to make a decision. Would she be able to get out of bed and remove her diaper without waking Jen, or should she wet her diaper again and try to pass it off to her mother as another accident due to diaper tapes?

Katie thought about the situation she didn’t want to risk waking up her sister by getting out of bed. Jen’s diaper would be dry when she woke, Katie thought, which would make her sister happy.

Katie’s need to pee was not urgent; she knew she could hold it. Since she had not been able to pull off the warm water trick on Jen last night, perhaps she could convince her sister to wet the diaper on purpose later in the morning while playing the baby game.

Katie lifted the covers to see if doing so would disturb Jen’s sleep, as she did so, Katie caught a familiar smell wafting from below the covers…the smell of urine. Katie was surprised and confused; she reached her hand down to her own diaper only to find it dry. She thought for a moment, and then a look of shock came to her face, had Jen wet her diaper?

Katie gently shifted herself into a position where she could reach the front of her sister’s diaper with her hand. She very carefully slid her hand down the front of Jen’s diaper to confirm what her nose had already told her. Jen’s diaper was soaked!

Katie was shocked; she carefully pulled her hand back without waking Jen. Was this for real? Jen had wet her diaper during the night, and Katie had not put her sister’s hand in warm water. Jen had wet all by herself!

The feelings of guilt returned to Katie. How could this be? Had Jen really wet during her sleep all on her own? Could repeated use of the warm water trick have somehow turned Jen into a real bed wetter?

Katie felt horrible, she had known for days that she had past the point of no return with her plan, but now had she actually gone too far? She had thought that if she ever really wanted to end this, all she would have to do is allow Jen to remain dry for two weeks.

What would happen now? Would Jen continue to wake up wet all by herself or was this just a random accident? Would Katie have to wear diapers at night too until Jen really did outgrow this problem? Katie was worried, and still very sleepy, forgetting about her slight need to pee, she closed her eyes and eventually drifted back into sleep…

“Katie I wet my diaper again…” said Jen.

“Oh don’t worry Jenny, it’ll be ok” Katie answered as she handed her sister a baby bottle.

Jen took the bottle and began sucking on it. Something seemed strange to Katie, why had she given Jen a baby bottle? Her sister appeared to be smaller, she looked more like 6 years old than 8. “Jenny what happened to you?” she asked.

“You did this to me Katie…” Jen answered, dropping the bottle and letting it roll of the bed and onto the floor.

Katie stared in horror as her sister continued to get younger. “Jenny what are you doing! Stop it, come back!” she yelled as her sister now appeared to be no more than 4.

“me can’t come back Katie, you made me pee pee and now me baby again…” Jen answered, her voice was high and babyish.

“Jenny please Stop! I’m sorry I made you wet the bed Please come back!” Katie yelled, but it was no hope, she now held her baby sister in her arms, Jen’s body was now the size of an 8 month old baby girl, she had no words to answer, all she could do was cry.

“Katherine Johnston!” what have you done!? Came a shout from above.

Katie looked up to see her mother standing over her, with a look of anger on her face. Mrs. Johnston reached down and took baby Jen from Katie’s arms.

“Mommy I’m sorry I didn’t…”

"No excuses young lady! Mrs. Johnston shouted. “This time you’ve gone too far!” she said.

“Mom I didn’t know…” Katie stammered, trying to apologize for what she had done to her sister.

“Just look at what you’ve done to your sister, now Jen will have to grow up all over again!” Mrs. Johnston said.

Katie stood with her head hanging in shame.

“Well young lady, I’m not going to let you get off easy, you wanted to help your sister with the problem, so you’re going to join her!”

Katie looked up with a look of confusion as her mother snapped her fingers. Katie felt a strange sensation, the room appeared to be getting bigger; her mother seemed to be getting taller. The Katie realized what was happening she was shrinking too just as Jen had.

“Mommy Nooooo Pwweeesssssss” were all the words Katie could get out before her voice was gone and replaced by the wailing cries of a baby girl.

Katie found herself lying on her back in a crib, her tiny legs kicking in the air and her arms flailing at her sides. Her mother loomed over her; Mrs. Johnston’s enormous arm reached down and stuck a pacifier in Katie’s mouth. Katie felt her diaper being changed. Suddenly her baby sister was lying by her side; Katie was looking directly into Jen’s eyes. Jen’s eyes were sad; they seemed to be asking “why did you do this to me?”

The sound of rain could be heard from outside the window, the sound grew louder, it was a down pour. Katie looked around the room, the girls’ room was now decorated as a baby’s nursery, pink walls, alphabet letters and numbers, a big giraffe and other animals…the sound of rain grew louder still as if it were inside the room now.

Katie looked across the room to the dresser, it was gone and had been replaced with a changing table which was well stocked with diapers, wipes and powder. The walls began to fade; the sound of rain was replaced by rushing water. Katie could see that the walls were now a waterfall, and the room was filling up around her. The crib began to float; it floated out the door and into the hallway.

Suddenly Katie found herself standing near the rollercoaster at six flags, she was 11 again. Across the way stood the same young girl that she had seen with the wet pants on her birthday. This time the girl was not wearing pants, she had on nothing but a diaper and t-shirt. The girl pointed at Katie and laughed. Katie looked down at herself, she too was dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and what appeared to be a very wet diaper.

“Katie, wake up!” Jen said, gently shaking her sister.

Katie opened her eyes, as they adjusted to the light; she saw that the room was back to normal. Jen lay next to her in bed, propped on her elbow with Charlie bear in her other arm. Jen had returned to her eight year old self. It had all been a dream, just a bad dream. Katie sighed with relief.

“Katie I wet my diaper again last night” Jen whispered.

Katie remembered now that Jen had wet without the use of the warm water trick. “Oh Jenny I’m sorry, it’s ok, you’re going to be ok” she hugged her sister. Katie was relieved to be awake and no longer trapped in the frightening nightmare in which she and her sister had been reduced to real babies.

“Katie I know it’s ok, I have my diaper on, I didn’t get your bed wet” Jen said, she was surprised by her sisters affectionate hug.

Katie smiled as she released her embrace; she let out a slight laugh. “I know silly, I was just…Jenny I just want you to know that I’m going to help you with this problem for as long as it takes” she told her sister.

“Katie, are we still playing babies?” Jen asked.

Katie smiled and blushed; she stuck her thumb in her mouth. Jen giggled.

“Katie, are you going to wet your diaper again like last time” Jen whispered with a smile on her face.

Katie thought about this, she suddenly realized she did not feel the need to pee which was usually the first thing she needed to do in the morning. Then she felt a different sensation, her diaper was warm…a look of shock came over Katie’s face. She reached her hand below the covers, into her pajama bottoms and touched the front of her diaper, it was soaked!

“Katie what’s wrong?” Jen asked, seeing the look of shock on her sister’s face.

“I…I don’t…oh no!” Katie stammered.

“What is it?” Jen asked

“I…I think I wet my diaper too.” Katie said. “In my sleep” she added with a tone of fright and concern.

Jen looked at her with a look of shock and surprise.

To Be Continued

Trouble in the Johnston household…what’s going to happen next? I really haven’t thought that far ahead, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Thanks for all the compliments and feedback. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.



Chapter 10

Katie had a look of real worry, almost fright on her face. ‘This can’t be real’ she thought to herself, not only had her little sister wet in her sleep for real, now she had had a night time accident too! ‘How could this have happened?’ Katie thought.

Worry turned to fear, and then panic, and before she could think rationally about her situation, Katie burst into tears.

“Katie, don’t cry, I’ll get mom” Jen said.

Katie’s eyes grew wide at this as she gasped for breath through her sobs, she tried to tell Jen no, but it was too late, her sister had leapt out of bed and was already trotting towards the door. Katie couldn’t control her tears, she was sobbing so hard that she could not hear the sound of Jen’s diaper crinkling beneath her pajama bottoms as she moved across the room.

Jen was gone; she had opened the door and disappeared into the hallway. Katie’s mind was racing, what was she going to do? Why had she wet herself in her sleep? What would her mother do? Was this her punishment for playing a dirty trick on her little sister all for her own amusement and pleasure?

Katie couldn’t believe she had wet herself, more questions filled her thoughts. What if Jen really did have a bedwetting problem now? Had her warm water trick been the cause? And what if Katie’s own accident became a continuous problem? Would she and her sister be stuck in diapers at night until the bedwetting stopped? What if it never stopped? Would Katie and Jen be stuck in diapers at night for the rest of their lives? All of these thoughts sped through Katie’s mind as she lay in bed with her face buried in her pillow. Her sobs continued.

Jen ran back into the room followed by her mother.

“She had an accident in her diaper mom; she wet the bed just like me!” Jen said “She won’t stop crying” she added.

"Katie sweetheart what happened? Said Mrs. Johnston as she walked over and sat on the edge of her daughter’s bed. She put her hand gently on Katie’s head and stroked her hair. “Shhhh there there, don’t cry sweetheart, tell me what happened, it’s going to be alright” her mother said, trying to console her daughter.

Katie’s sobs finally slowed, she turned her face to the side and spoke.

“I had a bad dream” Katie told her mother, her voice still shaky from all the crying. “And I think I wet my diaper in my sleep”…she said, beginning to sob softly again.

“Oh Katie, sweetie don’t cry, it’s going to be ok” Mrs. Johnston gave Katie a hug and held her for several minutes until she stopped crying. Jen sat quietly on her bed watching.

“Jen sweetie, are you wet too?” Mrs. Johnston asked softly while consoling Katie.

“Yes Mommy” Jen said softly with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

“Okay sweetie take your PJ bottoms off and go wait for me in the bath room, I’ll come help you get your diaper off in just a minute ok Jenny?” Her mother said.

“Okay” replied Jen. She got of the bed, pulled off her pajama bottoms revealing her wet pamper. She placed the pajama bottoms on her bed and scampered off to the bathroom to wait for her mother, her diaper crinkling all the way.

When Jen had left the room Mrs. Johnston broke her embrace with Katie and looked her daughter in the eyes.

“Katie, are you sure you wet the diaper in your sleep?” she asked.

Katie was startled, why did her mother think she wasn’t sure? Did her mom think she had wet the diaper on purpose? She wondered.

“Yes mommy, I didn’t know I was wet until I woke up, I was dreaming…about…” Katie stopped herself, she couldn’t tell her mother the details of her dream.

“Dreaming about what sweetie?” her mother pushed her to continue.

“Well it was raining…” Katie said. “In my dream, it was raining inside the house, and then there were waterfalls in the room…and the crib…I mean the bed, floated into the hall. And then Jenny woke me up. That’s when I noticed I was wet.” Katie said, with tears still in her eyes.

“There was a crib in your dream?” Mrs. Johnston asked.

“No it was a bed” Katie replied.

“You said crib though” Her mother said.

“Yeah, I can’t remember, it was weird there was lots of water around anyway.” Katie said nervously.

Mrs. Johnston was quite for a moment. She believed her daughter this time, and was concerned about her oldest daughter now wetting the bed too. Perhaps this was just an accident. Ellen supposed it was entirely possible that her 11 year old daughter may have had a scary dream that caused her to wet. All the same she thought she should probably schedule an appointment for Katie to see Dr. Larson again this week.

“Katie it’s going to be alright sweetie, I’m sure it was just a scary dream. I’m proud of you for helping your sister with her bedwetting issue. Our minds do funny things to us sometimes, maybe wearing the diapers with Jen made you have a bad dream that caused the accident. If you don’t want to wear the diapers at night with Jen, I’ll talk to your sister and make her wear them alone.”

Katie was quite, she thought about this for a moment, maybe she did wet because somewhere in her sleepy head she knew she had the diaper on. But what she knew to be more likely was that she wet because she felt guilty for what she had done to Jen. Had she turned her sister into a real bed wetter? And had she also inadvertently done the same thing to herself out of guilt? Only time would tell…and if she was right, and didn’t have a diaper on this evening, the answer to her question may prove to be a soaked bed and wet PJs.

“It’s ok mommy, I’ll wear the diapers with Jen…besides, what if it happens again?” she said looking at her mother.

“Katie don’t worry, I’m going to take you to see Dr. Larson this week, she’ll check to make sure you’re not sick…sometimes girls can get infections that can cause this sort of thing. I’m sure Dr. Larson will tell you that this is nothing to worry about ok?”

“Okay” Katie replied softly.

“Good girl, now lets get that wet diaper off of you.” Her mother said as she got of the bed and retrieved Katie’s bathrobe from the closet. Katie pulled down the covers and slid her pajama bottoms off exposing her soaked Pamper.

“That must have been a scary dream” said Mrs. Johnston when she saw Katie’s thoroughly soaked diaper.

Katie blushed. Her mother unfastened the tapes and opened the front of Katie’s diaper, she then helped her daughter up off of the diaper and handed Katie her bathrobe. Mrs. Johnston rolled up the wet diaper, taped it against itself and dropped it in the trash can.

“Good girl, why don’t you watch some cartoons while I get Jenny cleaned up, you can take a shower when she’s done okay sweetie?”

“Yes Mommy” Katie said, she was beginning to cheer up a bit yet she was worried about the possibility that she had caused this situation for herself. She had gotten everything she wanted out of her plan. Jen was back in diapers, she was also in diapers…but had she gotten more than she bargained for? Was this just an accident? Or would she and Jen be wetting the bed regularly all because of Katie’s secret plan?

Mrs. Johnston left Katie alone to watch TV; she proceeded down the hall to the bathroom where she found Jen sitting on the floor in her wet diaper playing with a Barbie doll. She smiled to herself as she watched Jen playing, she felt loved, needed and closer to her daughters than she had been in years.

To Be Continued

Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments. I’m glad the story seems to be well accepted. I finally had time this evening to get back to it. Please let me know what you think. Just a warning, it’s been a long week and I was too tired to fully proof this, I’m hoping it’s not full of errors.



Chapter 11

Katie was fraught with anxiety all day long. She couldn’t get her mind off of what had happened that morning and she worried about what might happen tonight. Her biggest fear was that she had somehow turned herself and her younger sister into real bedwetters.

Katie had been using the warm water trick to make Jen wet at night for almost three weeks, but last night for reasons unknown to her, both she and Jen had wet their diapers during their sleep.

Katie had never wet her bed before, she was 11 years old, there was no explanation she could come to other than she had somehow wet her diaper out of guilt for what she had done to her sister.

Jen had been full of anxiety for the duration of her bedwetting. Ever since the first morning when she woke up in a wet bed, Jen had dreaded bed time. Her anxiety had hit its peak when her mother decided to put her back in diapers at night time.

Jen was somewhat relieved on the first night of being diapered when her older sister had agreed to also wear a diaper so that Jen would not feel alone in her situation. But now that Katie had actually had a night time accident too, Jen felt the weight of worry lift off her shoulders. She was thrilled to know that she was not the only girl in the world with a bedwetting problem.

Mrs. Johnston had been very concerned about her daughters’ situation, she planned to contact Dr. Larson, the girls’ pediatrician, first thing Monday morning to schedule another appointment for Katie…this time not a standard physical; this appointment would be an effort to determine what if anything had caused her older daughter to wet herself in her sleep.

As concerned as Ellen Johnston was about both her daughters’ bedwetting problems, she now felt a renewed sense of purpose in her role as mother. She felt that her daughters’ needed her now just as they had before they were toilet trained…or dry at night for that matter.

Ellen secretly was happy to have both her girls in diapers at night; she felt that “diaper time” was a special, private moment shared between her and the girls’. As much as she knew that having her daughters’ in diapers at night was not the social norm for their ages, a big part of Ellen did not want this nightly routine to end.

When Saturday evening arrived, the routine was just as it had been the previous evening. The girls would be allowed to watch TV in their room as long as they were ready for bed by 8:30. However this evening, Jen did not put up any resistance to being diapered. In fact she even offered to “go first” rather than letting Katie be the first to be diapered for bed as had been the routine.

On this occasion Katie watched, not with glee as her younger sister was diapered by their mother, but with a heavy feeling of worry in her chest. She loved the feeling of wearing diapers, had been overjoyed at having her mother diaper her; and was ecstatic on the morning she had wet her diaper on purpose…but tonight was different. Katie had one question on her mind and nothing more…would she wet herself again tonight…would she wet in her sleep?

“Good girl Jenny. Now pull your PJ’s up” Mrs. Johnston said to Jen as she finished diapering her youngest daughter. “Ok Katie sweetheart, are you ready?” she said picking up a fresh Pamper and turning towards Katie’s bed.

Katie didn’t respond at first, she sat up in her bed with a glum look on her face. Mrs. Johnston could tell that Katie was worried about the accident she had during the previous night.

“Katie, don’t worry, everything is going to be fine, I’ll bet you’ll wake up dry tomorrow morning, you’ll see…The diaper is just for protection…and remember, you’re being a good girl and helping your sister” Mrs. Johnston told her daughter in an effort to put Katie’s mind at ease.

“Ok mom” Katie said softly, still with a tone of depression in her voice. She slid herself down on the bed and lifted her legs and bottom in the air for her mother. Just as she had the evening before, Mrs. Johnston powdered Katie’s bottom thoroughly, then unfolded the bottom half of the Pamper and placed it under Katie’s behind. Katie lowered herself down onto the diaper and spread her legs. Mrs. Johnston powdered Katie’s top side, pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it securely in place.

“That’s a good girl” Mrs. Johnston said after she had finished diapering Katie. She bent down and kissed Katie on the forehead. “Put your PJ bottoms back on now” she added.

The kiss filled Katie with a warm feeling of love, for the moment she forgot about her fear of wetting and smiled. She reached down, slipped her feet back into the legs of her pajama bottoms and pulled them up over her diaper. Jen jumped into bed beside her as she finished. “Turn on the TV” Jen said….

By eleven o’clock the girls had fallen asleep in bed with the TV on. Just as he had the evening before, Mr. Johnston quietly entered the girls’ room, switched off the TV, and gave each of his daughters a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

Katie found herself on a rocking horse wearing a pink dress that just barley covered her Pamper. She was happy. She rocked back and forth on the rocking horse smiling. With every rock she could feel the thick diaper between her legs pressing hard against her body. She felt wonderful, the world around her was gray and cloudy, but Katie didn’t have a care in the world, knowing her rocking horse would guide her through the fog.

Katie felt warm, and safe, there was a tingling sensation building slowly in her body, it seemed to grow stronger as she rocked back and forth. As the sensation grew stronger, she heard a soft female voice that seemed to be singing a repetitive chant.

Katie didn’t understand the chant at first but it slowly grew louder as the sensation in her body grew stronger. She could hear it now…a very soothing female voice almost in a song. “Ooooo diaper diaper….oooo diaper diaper” the voice repeated over and over.

As she concentrated on the voice Katie felt herself loosing control to the sensation building in her body, she rocked back and forth on her rocking horse with more force and as she did, she realized that the chanting was coming from the mouth of the horse.

Katie was not afraid, she felt completely happy and safe. The chant grew louder and continued…“oooo diaper diaper…oooo diaper diaper…oooo diaper diaper”. As the chant seemed to reach it’s loudest, Katie felt a powerful waive of relief wash over her entire body, and she felt pure happiness and satisfaction.

As the feeling subsided, the chanting from the horse grew softer and then stopped altogether. Katie smiled from ear to ear with her eyes closed as she slowed her rocking to a stop.

Suddenly she heard voices and footsteps. Girls voices, coming closer to her…her mood changed, Katie now felt frightened, she did not want to be seen on the rocking horse wearing the short dress with a very visible diaper showing beneath…who was coming? What did they want from her? These thoughts hurled Katie into a panic.

“There she is! Look everyone, she’s wearing a diaper….!” said a blond girl who appeared out of the fog, pointing at Katie, still sitting on the rocking horse. Katie recognized the girl as someone from her school, but she could not place the name. Other girls appeared out of the fog, giggling and pointing at Katie. “What a cute wittle baby girl!” one girl said, with this all the girls laughed. “Is she going to wet her diaper?” one girl asked as the others giggled.

Katie was horrified; she stood up in a panic and tried to pull the dress down over her diaper. It was no use, the more she pulled on the dress the shorter it seemed to become…exposing her diaper fully.

"Ha Ha you’re a baby! Another girl laughed and pointed at Katie.

“No!” Katie tried to respond…now on the edge of tears. “I’m not a baby!” she said.

“Yes you are!” said the blond girl, “and you’re going to go tinkle in your Pamper!” she added, sending all the other girls into a fresh round of laughter.

Katie burst into tears, “I’m not a baby!” she shouted, and ran off into the fog; her diaper crinkled loudly as she ran. Katie could hear the girls’ laughter trailing off behind her. Soon the sound of her crinkling diaper was replaced by her footsteps; they had changed to the sound of feet splashing in puddles.

Katie looked down and saw that she was running through almost an inch of water. She stopped running and stood still, wondering if the gang of girls was chasing her. She heard no voices, but what she did hear was the sound of running water. The sound was familiar to her, it reminded her of something but she could not place it…all she knew is that the sound filled her with worry.

She covered her ears trying to block out the sound of the water but it was no use, the sound only grew louder. Katie looked down and saw that she was now standing in water that was waist deep…it was warm, and she felt it flowing around her, filling her diaper.

“No!” Katie said out loud. "I’m not a baby I don’t want to wet my diaper! She said. She began wading through the water trying to find a way out. Suddenly she found herself lying on her back in a crib; her mother was staring down at her and smiling. “Katie don’t cry sweetie” her mother said. “Let’s get your diaper changed baby” she added.

Katie tried to speak, she wanted to tell her mother that she wasn’t a baby, that she was a big girl and didn’t want to wet her diaper, but all that came out of her mouth was “goo goo ga ga” Her mother stuck a bottle in her mouth which Katie instinctively began to suck on, she felt a warm tasty liquid enter her mouth and felt her diaper being removed by her mother.

Katie closed her eyes and continued to suck the bottle as she felt herself being wiped and re-diapered. Eventually the bottle, the crib, and her mother drifted slowly out of view and vanished.

The sun shined in through gaps in the shades, birds chirped outside the window. Katie slowly opened her eyes and came out of sleep. Jen was sleeping next to her with Charlie Bear by her side. As she awoke, Katie was quickly reminded of her situation by the sensation of a heavy thick diaper between her legs…she knew right away that it was wet.

To Be Continued.

Thank you all so much for your comments on chapter 11, I didn’t think it was going to be accepted very well but I guess I was wrong. This next chapter may seem a bit repetitive and I’m sorry about that, but it’s kind of a transitional chapter, I need to push the plot along a bit and the redundancy is sort of necessary to connect the dots.

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Katie’s Secret Plan 12 - 16

Chapter 12

Katie began to cry, this was all wrong, she did not want to be a bedwetter, all she wanted was a way to wear diapers for fun. She wished that she had never used the warm water trick on her sister, wished that she had thought of some other way to indulge her secret desire to wear diapers. She had now wet during her sleep two nights in a row and was desperately worried that she would not be able to stop.

Jen stirred beside her, Katie was still sobbing softly; she took in a deep breath and tried to stop her tears. As Jen began to wake up, Katie quickly wiped her tears with the sleeve of her pajamas, she knew that her sister would ask if she had wet during the night and the tears would be a dead give away. Yet Katie knew that there would be no way to hide her accident, their mother would be in soon to check on the girls and the first thing she would want to know is if Katie’s previous accident had just been a random occurrence.

Katie wondered if Jen had wet too, if her sister was wet, this would add more worry to her already heavy burden, Katie continued to feel guilty about what she had done to Jen. Perhaps this was her punishment she thought; make a bedwetter…become a bedwetter. It was no use; the tears were still forming in her eyes.

Jen was awake now; she rolled over and looked at her older sister. Jen noticed Katie’s tears immediately. “Katie what’s wrong?” Jen asked. “Did you wet your diaper again?”

Katie’s tears turned to sobs; “yes” she managed to say between sobs.

“It’s ok, don’t be sad” Jen said. “I wet my diaper too” Jen said. “See” Jen pulled back the covers and slid her pajama bottoms down exposing what was clearly a soaked Pamper. This didn’t stop Katie’s tears, seeing Jen’s wet diaper only confirmed what she had thought; she was being punished for the dirty trick she had played on Jen.

There was a knock on the door, “Girls, are you awake?” their mother said as she slowly opened the bedroom door from the hallway. Jen pulled her pajama bottoms back up and pulled the covers over her waist.

“Yes mom” Jen answered. Katie was still crying.

“Oh dear” said Mrs. Johnston as she entered the room and saw her oldest daughter sobbing in bed, Jen was beside Katie trying to console her by making Charlie bear dance. Jen had seemed to have accepted her own bedwetting problem and was happy to now be in a position to help her older sister with the same problem.

Jen felt better knowing that she was not the only girl in the house with a wet diaper on. Even though Katie had been helping Jen by wearing a diaper at night too, knowing that her older sister didn’t really need to wear the diapers hadn’t made Jen feel any better about her bedwetting.

Before Katie began wetting, Jen felt alone with her problem, she knew exactly how Katie felt now…her older sister was scared by this new problem, and Jen wanted to help make Katie feel better too.

Mrs. Johnston walked over and sat on the bed beside her daughters, she put her hand on Katie’s shoulder, “Katie sweetie did it happen again?” she asked, slowly pulling the covers down.

“Yes mommy” Katie whimpered.

“Oh sweetie, don’t cry, it’s ok, no one is upset with you.” Mrs. Johnston said. “Jenny did you wet too?” she asked just as she had the previous morning.

“Yes mommy” Jen answered.

“See Katie, Jenny isn’t crying about her accident…don’t be sad about this, you’re not the only one with a problem.” Her mother said trying to console Katie. “Dr. Larson said that one out of every nine kids under the age of fourteen wets their bed at night…you know what that means honey?”

Katie looked up at her mother, her sobs had stopped but she still had tears in her eyes.
“It means that millions of girls and boys all over the world wet in their sleep and probably wear diapers at night just like you and Jenny do” Mrs. Johnston answered.

Katie thought about this for a moment. Her mother was right, Katie was not alone with her bedwetting problem, but what her mother didn’t know is that Katie had caused Jen to become a bedwetter…and probably herself as well. Katie knew there was nothing she could do now but hope that the problem would somehow stop on its own. Until that happened she would be wearing diapers every night, she wondered if the dreams would continue as well.

“Jenny, take your pj’s off and go wait for me in the bathroom sweetie.” Mrs. Johnston said. Jen got out of bed, stripped out of her pajamas and scooted out of the room wearing nothing but her wet diaper.

“Come on Katie, let’s get that wet diaper off of you and then you can take a shower when Jen’s finished.” Mrs. Johnston said.

Katie slid her pajama bottoms off and waited while her mother unfastened the wet diaper and began gently cleaning her diaper area with a baby wipe. Katie flinched at the first touch of the cold baby wipe but then relaxed as her mother slowly cleaned her. She had stopped crying now, she felt safe and protected by her mother. Katie knew her mother would help her with this problem; she felt very close to her mother now and was glad that she understood the problem and was not upset with her.

“Good girl” Mrs. Johnston said as she finished cleaning Katie, Katie rolled off of the wet diaper and stood up next to the bed. Her mother took a fresh baby wipe and quickly wiped Katie’s behind clean. “There we go sweetie, go put your bathrobe on” she said.

Katie retrieved her bathrobe from the closet. Mrs. Johnston rolled up the wet diaper, sealed it, and dropped it in the trash can. She then headed out of the room and down the hall to attend to Jen.

Katie walked back to the bed; she wanted to watch TV while she waited for the bathroom to be free. She saw the remote on the floor next to the bed and bent down to pick it up. As she bent down, she glanced under the bed and froze. Her eyes fixed on a shape she recognized.

Katie reached under the bed and pulled the object out into the light. It was her Sony Walkman. What was it doing under the bed she thought? Katie hadn’t remembered the last time she had used her Walkman.

She pulled it out the rest of the way; she noticed there was no tape in the cassette player, she usually left the last tape she had listened to in the player, but it was empty. Had Jen been playing with it perhaps? Katie thought. She dismissed the idea and placed the Walkman on her nightstand, turned on the TV and waited for the bathroom to be free.

To Be Continued.

Hi everyone, thanks again for the comments. This is another somewhat transitional chapter, it tosses in another twist, one that some of you may not have seen coming. I’m trying to keep it interesting without making things too obvious. I may have to take a short break and figure this one out.



Chapter 13

Throughout the week Katie continued to have night time accidents. She managed to have two dry nights, both Thursday and Friday mornings she woke up dry. She was very happy on Friday morning after waking up dry two days in a row.

Katie thought that maybe the wetting had just been a random set of accidents brought on by her guilt over what she had done to her sister. Unfortunately Jen had been wet every morning this week. Even though Katie’s accidents had stopped for the moment, her mother already scheduled an appointment for Katie with Dr. Larson on Friday afternoon for another exam. Her mother picked her and Jen up after school and took them to the Doctor’s office.

Mrs. Johnston had managed to work in an appointment for Jen too. Even though Dr. Larson had suggested a return visit a month from her last visit, Ellen thought it would be convenient to have a follow up appointment while Katie was visiting for the same reason.

Katie sat on the exam table in her underwear waiting for Dr. Larson to enter the exam room. Once again she heard the crinkle of the paper on the exam table beneath her bottom. This time she didn’t imagine what it would be like to have diapers making that sound beneath her, she knew very well what is was like.

“Hello Katie” Dr. Larson said as she entered the exam room.

“Hi Dr. Larson” Katie responded shyly.

“Your mother tells me you’ve been having some bedwetting problems huh?” Dr. Larson said. “How many times has it happened?” she asked.

“ummm four times” Katie answered, “I didn’t wet the bed last night or the night before though” Katie added.

“That’s a good sign Katie, let’s take a look at you and see if everything is ok” Dr. Larson said. She proceeded to give Katie the same examination she had given Jen during their last visit.

Katie held still while Dr. Larson completed the exam, when it was over, Dr. Larson told her she could put her cloths back on. While Katie got dressed, Dr. Larson asked her physicians assistant to bring Katie’s mother in.

When Mrs. Johnston entered, Dr. Larson gave her prognosis. “Well Katie, the good news is you don’t have an infection” she said. "The fact that you have been dry over the past two nights may be a sign that these accidents were due to stress, how’s school going, is everything ok?

“Yes” Katie replied.

“Are there any problems at home?” Dr. Larson asked.

Katie looked at her mother, and then back at Dr. Larson, “No, just Jen wetting her bed too, and the diapers…”

“What about the diapers?” Dr. Larson asked.

“Dr. Larson, I’m embarrassed by this, I should explain, I don’t want you to think I’m a terrible mother” Mrs. Johnston said.

“Mom it was my idea” Katie said. “Dr. Larson, Jenny didn’t want to wear the diapers when mom said it would help her to keep the bed dry, and she was putting up a fight, so I said that I would wear one to bed too so that she would see that it wasn’t a big deal.” she explained.

“I was exhausted and didn’t want to argue with Jen any more so I agreed to let Katie wear one of the diapers too” honestly doctor, Katie didn’t seem to mind and I didn’t see the harm in it. Mrs. Johnston added.
Dr. Larson paused. “Ellen, Katie, don’t be embarrassed by this” She said. Both Katie and her mother looked up at the Dr. with surprise.

Dr. Larson continued. “While it’s not considered acceptable to allow older children to wear diapers, there is no harm in it unless it interferes with normal social development” she said.

“Katie, I want you to understand that you are not the only eleven year old girl in the world to ever wear a diaper. Some children like to wear diapers just to feel secure, it’s not uncommon.” Dr. Larson explained.

Katie’s ears perked up at this comment. Was that true? She thought, were there other kids like her that wanted to wear diapers for fun?

Dr. Larson continued, “It’s very nice of you to help your sister by showing her that the diapers are ‘no big deal’. Katie, can I ask you a question?”

Katie looked at her mother and then at the Dr. “yeah?” she replied shyly.

“Katie did you want to wear the diapers to help your sister or because you were curious about what it would be like to wear them?”

Katie blushed and hung her head in shame, she didn’t answer at first.

Mrs. Johnston looked at her daughter with concern. “Katie? Were you curious about wearing the diapers?”

Katie lifted her head a bit. “Yes Mom” she said in a shy nervous tone.

“Katie why?” asked Mrs. Johnston.

“I’m sorry mommy” Katie said, hanging her head again.

“Ellen, it’s ok” said Dr. Larson. “Katie, as I mentioned, many children your age wear diapers for one reason or another, and lots of them do it out of curiosity.” She said.

“Katie sweetheart why didn’t you tell me this?” her mother asked.

“I’m sorry mommy I just wanted to try them, I didn’t want to tell you about it” Katie replied still hanging her head.

“Katie, I’m not upset with you, but I want you to know that you can tell me anything, and if you have questions about your body or any feelings you might have, we can talk about it ok” Mrs. Johnston said.

Katie felt embarrassed by hearing this from her mother, she knew it was a good thing that she could ask her mother anything, but the thought of doing so made her feel uneasy.

“Katie did you wet the diapers at night while you were awake, or did it really happen while you were asleep?” Dr. Larson asked.

Katie looked up now with concern on her face, she didn’t want to tell the doctor that she had wet the diaper on purpose one time, but she also knew that she really had wet them four times while sleeping and wanted to know if she had a real problem.

“It really did happen when I was sleeping, I just woke up and they were wet!” Katie said in a worried tone.

“Ok Katie, it’s ok” replied Dr. Larson in a soothing tone. "Can you remember if you had a lot to drink before bed time on those nights? Or if maybe you ate some spicy food that you may not have had before? Dr. Larson asked.

Katie shook her head.

"Katie sometimes certain liquids that contain substances called diuretics can make you urinate more often. Sodas with caffeine like Coke or Pepsi can cause this; did you drink any soda before bedtime?

Katie shook her head. Dr. Larson looked at Mrs. Johnston.

“The girls don’t drink a lot of soda” Mrs. Johnston said, “Only on special occasions really, and never with dinner unless we’re at a restaurant. They usually drink milk or fruit juice with dinner at home” she told the doctor.

“Have you tried any new cheeses or any new type of foods that you’re not used to?” Dr. Larson asked. “Some Asian restaurants use an additive called MSG which is thought to cause headaches and sleep problems for children, have you had any Chinese take out recently?”

“The girls don’t really like Chinese food, they’re more into Pizza. You don’t think the cheese from the pizza would cause her to wet the bed?”

“Well certain food allergies have been associated with bedwetting; some of those allergies are to cheeses, but typically not the kind of cheeses used on Pizza” Dr. Larson explained. “Also, I’m guessing that like most people you have a favorite Pizza place which you normally order from?” she asked.

“Yes, the girls will only eat Pizza from Tortino’s, deli, it’s in our neighborhood, they love it” Mrs. Johnston replied. Katie nodded her head up and down.

“And I’m guessing you’ve been getting your pizza there for a few years now?” Dr. Larson asked.

“Yes, I think it may be the only pizza the girls have had other than Pizza Hut on road trips” Mrs. Johnston said.

“As far as you know Tortino’s hasn’t changed their recipe recently” Dr. Larson asked.

“No, we would notice that, the girls are very picky when it comes to their pizza” Mrs. Johnston replied, Katie nodded agreement again.

“Well I think we can safely rule out pizza” Dr. Larson said, smiling at Katie. “Listen Kiddo, I don’t want you to be worried about this, I don’t think stress caused you to wet the bed, you don’t have an infection and I don’t think you have a food allergy” She said.

Dr. Larson wrote some notes on Katie’s chart and smiled at her "I don’t have a problem with you wearing the diapers out of curiosity if your mother is ok with it, but Katie, remember that you are a big girl and most people will find it unusual for you to be wearing diapers okay?

“Yes Dr. Larson” Katie said, blushing and hanging her head again. “I was curious to know what they felt like.” She said shyly “I guess I’m glad I had them on when I had the accidents too”

Dr. Larson smiled, “I think you’re going to be ok kiddo, if you feel more secure at night wearing the diapers there’s nothing wrong with that” she replied. “Katie, my best guess is that the accidents may just be a sign that your body is growing and getting close to puberty. I’m sure you’ve heard about this in school, but I’m going to give you some reading material that explains some of the changes that your body will go through now that you’re becoming a big girl” Dr. Larson said.

Mrs. Johnston thanked the doctor and sent Katie out to the waiting room. She and Dr. Larson had a short chat while waiting for Jen to come in.

“Doctor, is it really common for older kids to be curious about diapers?” Ellen asked.

“Ellen, believe me, kids are curious about stranger things than diapers. I could tell you some stories believe me, you’re lucky its just diapers” Dr. Larson replied. “But seriously, I don’t think you have anything to worry about here” she said.

“You really think so?” Ellen asked.

“I get the feeling the curiosity has been satisfied and now that you have an actual wetting problem on your hands, you’ll find that Katie will be very happy to get out of diapers as soon as the wetting stops” Dr Larson replied.

Jen’s check up didn’t take long and soon the girls and their mother were on their way to the video store to pick out some movies for the weekend. The girls each picked a movie, her mother allowed Katie to get “Silverado” which Katie was excited to see because it was PG-13 and was a western which she loved. She wasn’t sure if Jen would understand all of it but since Jen loved horses, Katie thought she would enjoy it. Jen picked “An American Tail” which Katie had seen before but she loved Fievel the mouse and didn’t mind watching it again.

The evening went as usual, family dinner; then the girls headed upstairs with their mother to get ready for bed so they could watch their movie. Jen was diapered first and sent off to the bathroom to brush her teeth. While Jen was out of the room, Mrs. Johnston took the opportunity to speak to Katie alone while she diapered her.

“Katie, are you still curious about the diapers?” she asked.

Katie thought about this, she did love the feeling of wearing diapers and she loved the attention from her mother at “diaper time” but she didn’t want her mother to know this. Even though Dr. Larson explained that it was not unusual, Katie felt that there was something private about her desire to wear diapers which she wanted to keep to herself. She chose her answer carefully.

“No mommy, I did want to see what they were like at first, but I really did want to help Jen too” she told her mother. “But now I don’t want to sleep without them because of the accidents…I don’t want the bed and my pajamas to get wet” she said.

Mrs. Johnston finished diapering Katie and kissed her on the forehead. “Sweetie you’re a good girl, I’m not upset with you, don’t worry about the bedwetting you can wear the diapers as long as you need too, I’m sure the bedwetting will stop soon like Dr. Larson said”.

Jen ran back into the room and jumped into Katie’s bed, her diaper crinkling loudly as she moved herself under the covers. “Start the movie!” she said.

“Not so fast Jenny, Katie still has to brush her teeth” her mother said. “Come on sweetie, off to the bathroom with you”

Katie got out of bed and went off to brush her teeth. Ten minutes later, she was back in her bed with Katie and Charlie bear beside her. Fievel the mouse was singing on the TV screen. Two hours later the girls were asleep.

To Be Continued.

So many questions…where to start? The walkman is still in the story, some see the obvious reason for it, but who knows for sure? We’re getting there though, I’ve got to wrap this one up before I run out of ideas.



Chapter 14

Katie smiled as she peddled her tricycle through the fog, she was happy, she didn’t have a thing to worry about. Once again she was wearing the short pink dress which showed her thick Pamper beneath. As she peddled her tricycle on through the fog she felt the bulk of the diaper between her legs, it pressed against her body as she put her weight into the work of peddling.

The strange tingling sensation was building in her body again and she smiled. It felt like pressure, but not painful. The sensation made her think that there was something she was supposed to do, but she didn’t care. She felt safe and protected. Suddenly she heard a voice, softly singing in the distance, repeating a chant over and over.

Katie couldn’t tell what it was at first, but it was getting louder as she continued to move the tricycle forward. She could here it now; she had heard the voice before, but where? She couldn’t remember. It was a very soft soothing female voice singing a chant over and over again. “oooo diaper diaper…oooo diaper diaper….”

Katie needed to find the voice, she peddled harder and sped up her tricycle, and as she did the sensation in her body grew stronger. Where was the voice coming from? She had to find it. “oooo diaper diaper….ooooo diaper diaper….oooo diaper diaper!” The voice grew louder, she must be right on top of it now Katie thought…but she soon lost her concentration.

As she peddled on, the voice filled her ears and the sensation in her body was taking control. Katie tried to peddle harder but the pressure in her body had built to a peak…for a brief second she thought there was something that she had forgotten to do…but then a waive of relief washed over her entire body as the tingling sensation filled her with happiness and satisfaction. The pressure released.

As the feeling faded, Katie smiled, she felt warm and safe. The chanting voice slowly faded off into the distance “oooo diaper diaper….oooo diaper diap….”

Katie smiled and slumped over the handle bars of her tricycle.

When she opened her eyes, Katie found herself standing with her mother and Jen, they were on a pier at the beach and she was eating an ice cream cone, watching the waves below. She heard a voice from behind her. “Everything’s going to be fine! I’ve got the solution right hear!” said the voice.

Katie, Jen and her mother all turned to see Dr. Larson standing behind them holding up her prescription pad. “I’ve found the solution to your problem girls” Dr. Larson said as she wrote out a prescription and handed it to Katie’s mother.

“Oh Dr. you’re wonderful, how can we ever thank you?” Mrs. Johnston said as she read the prescription.

“Please, it’s my pleasure, I’m just happy to help” Dr. Larson answered. Then she sprouted a set of wings and flew away over the beach.

“What is it mom?” Katie asked.

“Oh Katie, Dr. Larson is right, this prescription will solve all of your problems!” Mrs. Johnston replied as she handed the slip of paper to Katie.

Katie glanced at the paper, her eyes widened with shock as she did “Pampers Ultra Plus, Large. Recommend 5 to 6 times daily as needed” the prescription read.

“NO!” Katie shouted, “Mom I’m not a baby!” she said.

“Oh Katie, I think you are sweetie” her mother answered.

Katie suddenly realized she was sitting in a double stroller, Jen and Charlie bear were sitting beside her, except Jen was smaller; she looked like she was no more that two years old. Jen looked back at Katie; she picked up a bottle put it in her mouth and began drinking.

Katie looked down at herself; she was the size of a 5 year old. She was small, but still not a baby she thought.

“Mommy no! Please I don’t want to be a bedwetter!”

“I’m sorry Katie, but that’s the way the diaper crinkles” her mother answered as she too sprouted wings and flew off down the beach.

Katie began to cry, her tears ran down her face in streams, the pier and the beach faded away and she found herself once again lying on her back in a crib. The sound of rushing water filled the room again and Katie saw that there was a stream running through the room and out the door to the hallway.

Two girls floated by in a canoe, they pointed at Katie and laughed. “Ha ha…look at the big baby girl; she’s going to go pee pee in her Pamper!”

“No!” Katie shouted back, “I’m not a baby, I’m not going to wet my diaper” she yelled.

“Oh yes you are!” The girls shouted back as they hurled water balloons at Katie which hit the bars of her crib and showered her with warm water.

Katie began to cry, the girls in the canoe laughed and drifted off out of the room. Katie rolled over on her stomach, she cried as if in a tantrum, pounding her little fists and kicking her feet on the mattress.

“No!” she shouted between sobs, “I don’t want to wet my diaper no!” She eventually stopped crying and lay still.

“Katie sweetie, don’t worry about wetting your diaper its ok, mommy is going to change you and get you all clean” she heard her mother’s voice say.

Katie rolled over, her mother was standing over the crib, she reached down, picked Katie up, and held her to her chest while gently patting Katie’s diapered bottom.

The room faded around her and Katie smiled.

Once again sun shined into the room through gaps in the shades and birds chirped outside the window as Katie stretched herself out of sleep. She opened her eyes; Jen was still sleeping beside her with a tight grip on Charlie bear. Katie felt the heavy bulk of the diaper between her legs; she shifted slightly and heard the crinkle of plastic as she did.

Katie lifted the covers; the smell of urine hit her nose. She could feel and smell that she was wet again.

Today she didn’t cry. She had woken from a strange dream that was sort of scary, but had made her happy in the end. She lay in bed staring at the ceiling and thought about what her mother had said last night. …“Sweetie you’re a good girl, I’m not upset with you, don’t worry about the bedwetting you can wear the diapers as long as you need too”

Her mother had given Katie a free pass to wear diapers! Wasn’t this her goal all along? She thought. Katie had not intended to develop a bedwetting problem, nor had she wanted to cause her sister to become a bedwetter either, but now she was free to wear diapers every night without question.

Her plan had caused some problems no doubt, but she had gotten what she wanted. Perhaps she should enjoy this? She thought to herself.

Katie smiled, she felt that her diaper was wet, but she wasn’t upset that she had wet in her sleep. The doctor said it was probably nothing to worry about and that it would eventually stop by itself. She now realized that she had to pee again…she relaxed, smiled, and emptied her bladder into her already soaked diaper.

When she finished, Katie rolled over to look at the clock, on the nightstand beside her, the Sony Walkman had been moved to the left side of the lamp. Her smile turned to a look of confusion.

To Be Continued.

Hi Everyone. Just want to clarify a few things. As per chapter 1, this takes place in 1988, a board member had commented on one of the films mentioned in the story which was released in 1983 and that may have started a debate which has caused some confusion. Before people start debating again, “The Smurfs” ran on NBC from 81 to 89, reruns ran on Saturday mornings until 90: In The 80s - Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the 80s

Thanks for all the comments. More to come this weekend.


Chapter 15

Ellen Johnston knocked on her daughters bedroom door, “Girls, are you awake?” she said as she always asked before entering the room, “Yeah mom” she heard from beyond the door.

Ellen stuck her head in before entering to see both of her daughters in Katie’s bed watching cartoons. “Good morning girls, how is everyone this morning?” She asked.

“Good” Jen said, staring at the Smurfs on the TV.

“Fine mom” Katie replied.

“Girls…is anyone dry this morning?” their mother asked.

Both girls said “No” at the same time, while still watching TV.

Ellen was surprised, neither girl seemed to be upset or care that they were wet. "Katie? Is everything ok? Her mother asked.

“Yeah mom, we were just waiting for you to get up before getting out of bed” Katie replied, still with her eyes on the TV.

“So you’re not upset this morning then?” Mrs. Johnston asked.

Katie didn’t say anything at first, however the Smurfs broke too commercial and Katie answered. “I’m ok mom, I thought about what the doctor said, and what you told me last night and I don’t want to cry about it anymore, Jenny doesn’t cry anymore when she wakes up wet, so what good will it do me to cry?” She said.

Mrs. Johnston walked over, sat on the edge of the bed and placed a hand on Katie’s shoulder. “Oh Katie, I’m so proud of you, you’re such a smart girl” she said. “I knew you would be strong enough to get through this, I’m sure the doctor is right too, I’ll bet both of you girls will be waking up dry in no time at all” she added.

The moment was interrupted by a voice from the hallway, “Honey, we’re out of eggs, I’m going to run out to the store” Mr. Johnston shouted from the bottom of the stairs. “Do we need anything else?” he asked.

“Oh Ray, hold on!” Ellen shouted as she got up off of the bed and ran to the hallway to add items to her husbands shopping list.

While their mother was in the hallway, Katie turned to face Jen the commercial break was still in progress. “Jen were you playing with my Walkman yesterday?” she asked.

“No” Jen answered, her eyes glued to the lucky charms commercial…. “Frosted lucky charms…they’re magically delicious!” the TV sang.

“It’s ok if you were” Katie said. “I was just wondering cause it wasn’t where I had left it”. She said.

“I didn’t use it” Jen said again, sounding a bit defensive.

“I know, I said it was ok, you can if you want, just ask me first” Katie answered.

The Smurfs came back on and the girl’s attention was drawn back to the episode. Their mother returned from the hallway.

“Girls lets get you changed, I don’t want you sitting in wet diapers; you’ll get rashes” Ellen said. “Jenny, take your PJ bottoms off and go wait for me in the bathroom while I help Katie get her diaper off”.

“But Mom! We’re watching TV!” Jen whined.

“Yeah mom, can’t you at least wait till the next commercial?” Katie asked.

“Girls, you shouldn’t be sitting around in wet diapers, come on now, let’s get this done” their mother responded.

“Can’t you just take my diaper off here so I can see the TV?” Jen asked. “You always take Katie’s off in here while I wait in the bathroom” she said.

“Yeah Mom, please?” Katie added, not taking her eyes off the TV.

Ellen thought about this for a moment, she supposed there was no harm in cleaning Jen on the bed while the girls watched cartoons. “Ok, fine, you can watch TV here while we get you cleaned, but as soon as the show is over, showers for each of you ok?” she commanded.

“Yes Mom” both girls answered.

“Good” Ellen replied. “Jenny, take off you’re PJ bottoms sweetie” she said pulling down the covers to expose both girls’ legs. “Katie, take your PJ bottoms off too, you’re next”. Ellen said. Katie did as she was told and slid her pajama bottoms off revealing her soaked Pamper.

Jen pulled off her pajama bottoms while looking at the TV, she then shifted her position so she was lying down rather than sitting up. Jen’s eyes remained fixed on the Smurfs as her mother unfastened her soaked Pamper and began gently cleaning her with a baby wipe.

Katie glanced out of the corner of her eye and smiled as she saw her sister’s diaper being removed. She turned her gaze back to the Smurfs; Gargamel was up to no good again. Katie’s guilt for turning her sister into a regular bedwetter was not bothering her this morning. Jen didn’t seem upset about her wetting anymore, probably because her older sister now had the exact same problem Katie thought.

Mrs. Johnston finished wiping Jen clean, rolled up the wet diaper and dropped it in the trash. “Ok Katie, your turn” she said as Jen slide off the bed and ran to the closet for her bathrobe she grabbed Katie’s robe as well.

Kate shifted herself to lie flat for her mother. “Katie, you’re soaked!” her mother said. “You must have had more than one accident last night.” She commented.

“I don’t know mommy, I guess I did” Katie said, trying to focus her attention on the TV.

Mrs. Johnston unfastened Katie’s diaper and went to work cleaning her with a baby wipe. In no time at all Katie was wiped clean and Jen was handing her a bathrobe. The girls lay side by side on Katie’s bed in their robes until The Smurfs ended. Then Jen went off to the shower.

Katie sat alone on her bed, Pee Wee’s Play House had started, she watched, but her mind was elsewhere. She thought about the dream she had had, she remembered bits and pieces of it, but not all of the details. The last thing she remembered was being held by her mother and having her wet diapered bottom patted gently.

She wondered if she had wet during the dream, she remembered that water seemed to be a recurring theme in her recent dreams; perhaps her mind was trying to tell her something while she dreamt.

Katie decided to turn the channel; she was never a fan of Pee Wee’s Playhouse and preferred to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. She looked for the remote only to see that it was across the room on the floor near the closet, she must have knocked off of the bed while being changed she thought.

Katie jumped out of bed and walked over to the remote, as she bent down to pick up the remote her eyes caught sight of the box of Pampers in the closet. She smiled at the sight of them knowing that she would be wearing them every night for as long as she needed to.

She walked to the closet, took out a diaper and held it to her face, she breathed in and smiled. Katie loved the baby fresh scent of the Pampers. She put the diaper back in the box, and as she did her eyes caught sight of something else in the closet. She reached into the closet, grabbed the object and pulled it into the light; it was a large plastic bowl.

She was shocked, what was this bowl doing in her closet? Katie wondered. She glanced in the bowel, just around the bottom edges of the bowl there were drops of water. Katie touched her finger to the drops and stared at her fingers. This bowl had contained water recently.

Could her mother have left the bowl in the closet accidentally while cleaning? This explanation didn’t seem right to her, the girls were responsible for cleaning their own room most of the time.

Something was going on Katie thought. She thought about the warm water trick she had used which had caused Jen to begin wetting regularly. She hadn’t pulled off the trick for quite a while; the bowl she had used was smaller than this bowl, and as far as Katie knew, still under the vanity in the bathroom.

Something was going on, and Katie had a strange suspicion that she knew what it was.

To Be Continued

Thanks for the comments, I’m so glad people seem to be enjoying this story. Kudos to Picard for keeping his thoughts to himself. I didn’t originally plan for this story to evolve into a mystery of sorts, but I’m having fun with it. The hardest part about writing it in an online forum is having people keep guessing at what’s coming next. I’m thinking I should stop reading the comments and just keep writing. Anyway, I love hearing the feedback, but if people can try and refrain from guessing out loud I might be able to write faster.



Chapter 16

All day long Katie wondered about the bowl she had found in the closet. She didn’t believe that her mother had used it for cleaning and had left it there by accident. Nor did she believe that her little sister was smart enough to pull off the warm water trick on her.

Jen was only eight years old, Katie had heard about the warm water trick at school from a friend with an older sister who used it as a joke during sleep over parties. Jen was too young to have heard of this trick.

Katie wondered if maybe she was letting her imagination get away from her, there had to be an explanation for the bowl being in the closet, but what could it be? She wondered.

In the late afternoon her curiosity had gotten the best of her, she thought that perhaps she had imagined the whole thing and maybe there hadn’t been a bowl in the closet at all. Katie went to her bedroom and opened the closet. She looked behind the box of Pampers, the bowl was gone.

Katie opened the closet door wide to let in some more light; she stuck her head in further, moved the Pampers aside and looked behind the hanging clothes. No bowl. Where had it gone? She wondered. Had it even been there to begin with? Katie was worried, she wondered if she might be going crazy.

The dreams she had been having had been somewhat disturbing, bits and peaces had come back to her, she remembered becoming a baby in her dream and she was once again worried about her wetting. There had to be an explanation, but what was it? Had her guilt over making her sister wet the bed caused her to wet, or was there something else going on? Katie had to find out, tonight, she was determined to stay awake as long as she could.

Diaper time arrived, and once again Jen agreed to go first. Katie watched as Jen lay still on her bed and was diapered by her mother. Her mother smiled as she pulled the diaper up between Jen’s legs and fastened it securely in place. “Good girl Jenny” she said soothingly. Katie loved this voice, she felt anxious as her mother finished diapering Jen; Katie knew she would soon be lying in the same position, receiving the same soothing praise.

“Ok Katie” her mother said, picking up a fresh Pamper and turning to face her oldest daughter. “Your turn” she said smiling.

Katie slid herself down onto her bed and lifted her bottom as her mother opened the Pamper and placed the back half under Katie. Mrs. Johnston began by powdering Katie’s behind. When she finished, Katie lowered herself onto the diaper and spread her legs as her mother gently powdered her front side.

Katie then watched her mother’s face as Mrs. Johnston pulled the diaper up between her legs. Her mother smiled just as she had while diapering Jen; it was clear to Katie that her mother was happy and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Jen climbed into bed beside Katie just as her mother finished securing the second tape on Katie’s Pamper. Soon after, the movie was playing. Both Katie and Jen stayed awake all the way through Silverado. Jen really enjoyed it, which made Katie happy since she had worried that Jen may not understand the whole movie and get bored mid way through.

After the movie had finished, Jen wanted to watch “An American Tale” again. Katie switched tapes and started the movie, Jen didn’t last long; about 15 minutes in she was asleep.

Katie was beginning to feel sleepy too, but she fought it off as best as she could. She shifted her position to try and stay awake. In doing so, she felt the bulk of the diaper between her legs and heard the crinkle of the plastic. She smiled at this, and squeezed her legs together tighter to feel the diaper against her skin and hear the plastic crinkle again.

She felt happy now, and felt a slight tickle between her legs. She wondered if the soft lining of the diaper was tickling her, but this feeling was different than being tickled on the surface of the skin, this feeling was coming from deep inside her.

Katie continued absent mindedly to squeeze her legs together and relax, squeeze and relax…as she continued to do this the tickle sensation continued to build. She hadn’t felt like this before and didn’t want it to stop.

Suddenly the door opened and her father slowly entered the room. Katie froze. She stared at the TV.

“Katie?” her father said. “Are you still awake?” he asked.

Katie was frozen, the sensation between her legs had built to a strange peak; Katie felt like she needed to pee but knew she didn’t have to. This feeling was something different; she was holding back a pressure that wanted to be released. She felt hot, very small beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she forced herself to answer her father.

“Yes dad” she said with a slight squeak. then wiped her forehead with her sleeve.

Her father heard this and smiled, he could tell that Katie was trying to fight off sleep and he was amused by this. “Pumpkin it’s after eleven, you know the rules, time to turn the TV off, you can finish watching this after church tomorrow” he said.

Katie had regained her composure, the wonderful sensation that had been building inside her had slowly subsided although it was still there, lingering beneath her skin. “Ok dad” she said softly as she pressed the stop button on the remote and then switched off the TV. She handed her father the remote as he bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Night Dad” Katie said softly.

“Goodnight sweetie” Mr. Johnston said. He placed the remote on the night stand, gave sleeping Jen a kiss on the forehead and headed for the door.

Katie closed her eyes in an effort to look as though she were trying to go to sleep. As her father reached the door, he turned and looked back at her; Ray saw that Katie’s eyes were closed. He slowly left the room and watched the last beam of light from the hallway fade away on Katie’s face as he closed the door. She would soon be fast asleep and dreaming he thought.

Katie lay in the dark and fought off the urge to sleep as long as she could. She didn’t move a muscle even though she desperately wanted to continue exploring the sensation that had been building between her legs before her father had entered the room. She was worried that she might make too much noise and either wake her sister or draw the attention of her parents who were now preparing themselves for bed.

From beyond her bedroom door Katie could hear her parents still up and about. She knew that they would be up for a while yet and didn’t want to make any noise. She lay quietly in bed hoping that her parents would soon close their bedroom door and turn on their own TV. But as luck would have it, sleep won the battle and before she knew it, Katie was out like a light.

To Be Continued.

Hi everyone, I rushed this one out this morning while it was still in my head. I haven’t fully proofed it yet, so I’m sorry if there are any errors.



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Katie’s Secret Plan Final Chapters

Chapter 17

Katie found herself in the fog again; she was sitting on a swing, pumping her legs back and forth to move the swing up and down. She felt wonderful, weightless; she didn’t have a care in the world.

Again the strange sensation was building in her body, a slight pressure that made Katie feel happy; she smiled as the sensation continued to build. The harder she pumped her legs, the higher the swing flew, and the pressure in her body continued to grow. She felt the soft thick padding of her diaper around her bottom and between her legs pressing against her body. Then she heard it, the familiar soft soothing voice repeating it’s mysterious chant over and over….ooooo diaper diaper….oooo diaper diaper.

The voice was quiet at first but continued to grow louder as Katie continued to swing higher. The sensation was growing stronger, Katie felt as though her body was ready to burst, but she felt wonderful and couldn’t stop, she was giving in to the sensation and all she could do was concentrate on the chanting as she flew higher and higher…oooo diaper diaper, ooooo diaper diaper, oooo diaper diaper…

Something was wrong, Katie thought. She was supposed to do something; she wasn’t supposed to be playing on the swings right now. There was defiantly something she was forgetting to do but she couldn’t remember what it was. Oooooo diaper diaper…oooo diaper diaper….ooooo diaper diaper…the chanting continued, now so loud that it sounded as if it were coming from within her own head.

Katie was loosing control; she was giving in to the sensation which was rapidly reaching a peak in her body. She wanted to let go, to be relaxed. Oooooo diaper diaper OOOO DIAPER DIAPER!!! As the voice chanted louder than ever Katie felt a wave of relief wash over her entire body, she smiled, let go of the swing and launched herself into the fog.

Katie felt happier than she ever had, she was flying through the fog now, the sensation of relief and total satisfaction remained with her as she flew. She could feel her diaper now as well; it was warm, and comforting. Katie felt secure, she didn’t worry about falling to the ground, her diaper would protect her; somehow she knew this. Something told her that her diaper would protect her from everything.

She drifted to the ground and landed with a splash, the ground wasn’t ground at all, it was an ocean. Katie was swimming in a sea of warm water, her happiness turned to fear, where was she? She thought. How could she get to land? She started to swim, not knowing where she was going.

She swam for what seemed like forever. Then she heard giggles. Katie stopped swimming and looked ahead. Floating in front of her were two girls in a row boat, one was the blond girl that she recognized from school…the girl with no name.

“Look at the baby girl in the water!” said the blond girl, pointing and laughing at Katie.

“I’m not a baby!” Katie yelled. “Please help me; I can’t get out of the water!” Katie begged.

“You can’t get out of the water because you wet your diaper like a baby!” the blond girl replied, laughing.

“No!” Katie yelled, “I’m not a baby!” she screamed, on the edge of tears. “Please help me get out of the water”. She continued to beg.

“Oh we’ll help you wittle wet baby” the blond girl teased Katie with a giggle. She then scooped Katie out of the water with a giant net.

Katie felt herself being lifted out of the water and into the air, she heard the girls giggling and then realized that the net had vanished and she was being lowered onto a changing table.

“No!” Katie said, crying now. She was flat on her back on the changing table, wearing nothing but her soaked Pamper. Katie looked up; the blond girl was staring down at her as the other girl looked on giggling. The blond girl held a bottle of baby powder in one hand and a fresh diaper in the other. She waived the clean Pamper in front of Katie’s face with a malicious smile… “You’re going back in diapers baby girl!” The other girl laughed out loud as the Blond girl proceeded to change Katie’s diaper.

“No!” Katie said through her sobs… “Please, I want my mommy!” she cried.

“Awwww wittle Katie waitie wants her mommy….see, she is a baby!” The blond girl teased her as the other girl laughed out loud.

“You girls stop that right now!” said a booming voice from out of the fog.

Katie recognized the voice as her mother. “Mommy!” she shouted. “Help me please!” she screamed.

The blond girl and her partner froze as Mrs. Johnston appeared from out of the fog. “You girls stop teasing little Katie this instant!” She shouted.

The two girls backed off with fright on their faces.

“Now for a taste of your own medicine!” Mrs. Johnston said, pulling a wand out of thin air and waiving it at the two girls.

“No!” the Blond girl shouted. But it was too late, the spell was cast and she and her partner in crime suddenly found themselves lying in a crib wearing nothing but diapers and sucking on baby bottles.

Katie smiled, her mother had saved her.

“Now fly home to your mommies!” Mrs. Johnston said. As she waived the wand again, the crib grew a set of wings and flew off out of site.

“Katie sweetheart, Mommy is here” Mrs. Johnston said as she lifted Katie’s tiny body off of the changing table. She held Katie close and gently patted her diapered bottom.

Katie smiled and closed her eyes; she felt a warm sensation flowing through her diaper area. She felt perfectly happy and safe again, there was nothing to fear. Katie knew that her diaper and her mother would protect her from everything. The world around Katie and her mother slowly faded back into the fog.

Katie woke from her dream with a yawn…stretch and smile. The feeling of safety, love, and warmth had stayed with her even as the details of the dream began to fade from her memory. She felt that her diaper was soaked, but she didn’t care. She knew that everything was going to be ok.

Jen woke beside her and stretched out, she then snuggled closed to her sister and kissed Charlie bear. “Good morning” Jen said.

“Good morning” Katie said with a giggle. “Want to watch the rest of American Tail?” she asked.

“Goo goo gaa gaa!” Jen said with a smile, nodding her head.

“Oh are you playing baby this morning?” Katie asked, smiling back at her sister.

“Gaa gaa goo goo!” Jen said nodding again.

“Did baby wet her diaper last night?” Katie asked.

Jen nodded again and giggled. She broke out of her baby roll “Did you wet too?” Jen asked Katie.

“Yes I did” Katie answered.

“Katie do you think we will stop bedwetting someday?” Jen asked.

“Yes I’m sure we will” Katie answered, “but right now, we don’t have to worry about it, mommy and our diapers will help us until we stop” she added, smiling at Jen. “And until that happens, you can pretend to be a baby girl whenever you want” Katie giggled.

“Goo Goo!” Jen said, giggling.

Katie smiled, Jen was happy and no longer seemed to care about her wetting problem. The guilt that Katie was harboring seemed to have flown away, just as her two enemies had flown away in her dream. Her plan had worked, she had everything she wanted and then some…but she still didn’t have the answer. What had made her start to wet in her sleep? Katie wondered about this for a moment, but Jen broke her thought.

“Turn it on!” Jen nudged her.

Katie turned on the movie and the two girls snuggled under the covers watching Fievel the mouse until their mother came in to change them.

On the nightstand, the Walkman had been moved once again.

To Be Continued.

Hi again, rainy day here, so I’ve been writing away. This is a short chapter which I wasn’t sure I was going to include, but I thought it would be cute and make a good segue into the final sections of the story. Yes, it’s coming to an end soon…I know many of you are eager to find out if your suspicions are correct. All will be revealed soon…



Chapter 18

After Church the Johnston’s returned home, Monday was a holiday and school would be closed. Since the girls had already finished their homework for the weekend, they were full of energy and needed something to do. Mr. Johnston announced that he was taking them all to the aquarium after lunch. Katie was excited, she loved the aquarium.

After lunch was finished, and the girls had changed out of their church clothes, the family piled into the minivan and headed off to the aquarium. They arrived shortly after two o’clock. The aquarium was fun, they watched a movie about seals, watched a beluga whale perform tricks and eat fish, and played in a hands on tidal pool built just for Kids.

During a bathroom break, Katie saw a girl of about three years old having her diaper changed in the bathroom. As she washed her hands she gazed at the scene out of the corner of her eye and smiled. Katie knew that later that evening she would be lying still as her own mother lovingly diapered her.

They had spent the entire afternoon at the aquarium and the girls were both exhausted. The ride home would take an hour and a half and Mrs. Johnston knew that her daughters’ would fall asleep during the trip.

Mr. Johnston headed off to the men’s room as Mrs. Johnston led the girls out to the minivan which was parked in a secluded area of the parking lot.

“Girls are you tired?” she asked as she opened side door to let them climb in.

“Yeah mom” Katie and Jen both answered.

“Girls I’m worried that you two might fall asleep on the ride home…you’ve both been wetting a lot in your sleep lately.” She said.

Katie and Jen both stared at their mother with surprised looks on their faces. “Now I know that you each used the bathroom recently, but I thought that we should be safe.” Their mother said, reaching into a large hand bag which had been sitting behind the front seat. “I brought a Pamper for each of you and I think you both should wear one for the ride home.”

Jen looked as though she were about to protest, clearly she had the idea in her head that wearing a diaper in the day time would feel silly. But Katie thought otherwise, seeing the toddler being changed in the bathroom had piqued her excitement and she was anxious to be diapered again.

“Ok mom” Katie said. Jen looked at her sister with surprise, as Katie climbed into the back seat of the minivan and began removing her pants. Seeing this, Jen forgot about her inhibition to wearing a diaper during the day, if Katie was going to do it, she would too.

Katie stepped out of her pants and underwear and lay down on the back seat; no one was near enough in the parking lot to see what was going on. Mrs. Johnston made quick work of diapering Katie. In no time at all Katie was pulling her pants back up over her diaper. They were snug, but not too tight. Mrs. Johnston placed Katie’s underwear in the hand bag, took out a second Pamper and turned to Jen.

“Ok sweetie, your turn” she said as Katie climbed into the middle seat.

Jen climbed in back and unfastened her overalls; she let them fall to the floor, pulled off her underwear and stepped out of them to lie down on the back seat. Her mother had her Pampered in no time at all. Jen put her overalls back on over her diaper; they fit perfectly as they had been slightly loose on her to begin with. Jen climbed into the middle seat and sat next to Katie, they buckled themselves in just as their father returned to the car.

“You girls all ready for the ride home?” he asked.

“Yes dad” Katie said with a yawn.

Jen was playing with a plastic whale that her father had bought her at the gift shop. “Yes daddy” she said as she waived the whale through the air, pretending to make it swim.

Mrs. Johnston placed Jen’s underwear in the hand bag, closed the side door of the minivan, climbed into the front seat beside her husband and they were on their way.

Twenty minutes into the ride, both girls were asleep in the back seat. Katie did not dream.

To be continued.

Well here it is, the big Scooby Doo moment you’ve all been waiting for. I urge you to read slowly and try not to look ahead so as not to ruin any surprise. I had a good time writing this story but I really needed to bring it to a close. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments. Please let me know what you think.



Chapter 19

The Minivan pulled into the driveway; the girls were still asleep in the back. The day at the aquarium had worn them out just as Mr. Johnston had planned. He had stopped on the way home to pick up a Pizza which he had ordered using his enormous cellular telephone, a relatively new convenience he had acquired due to his position at the bank.

Katie woke up as the car came to a stop. She stretched and looked out the window, they were home. Her father slid the side door open and smiled at her, “Hungry?” he asked, holding up the pizza box.

Katie’s eye’s widened “Yummy!” she said, and unfastened her seatbelt. As she shifted to get out of the car she felt the bulk of the diaper between her legs and heard the crinkle of plastic.

Katie blushed, normally if her father had seen her while she was diapered she had been lying in bed with the covers up. Now she would have to walk right past him with her diaper making the tell tale crinkle noise and its bulge showing off beneath her pants for the entire world to see.

Mr. Johnston smiled as Katie crinkled past him and ran into the house. Jen was just waking up, she looked very groggy. “mmmm Pizza” she said in a sleepy voice as she opened her eyes slowly and saw her father standing beside the minivan.

“Come on Pumpkin, wake up…extra cheese, just the way you like it.” Jen smiled, unfastened her seat belt and slowly climbed out of the car. She paused as she stepped down. “What’s wrong sweetie?” her father asked.

Jen felt the warm squishy bulk of the Pamper between her legs, she blushed. “Daddy I had an accident” she whispered softly.

Mr. Johnston had a look of concern on his face. “Oh sweetie it’s ok, that’s why your mother had you wear a diaper for the ride…come on inside and mommy will get you changed ok?” he said.

Jen nodded and slowly walked into the house, the bulk of the wet diaper made her waddle a bit. Mr. Johnston smiled at this; it reminded him of how Jen would walk as a toddler.

Once inside the house, Mrs. Johnston took Jen upstairs to get her cleaned up. Katie followed.

“Katie honey, are you wet too?” she asked as she led Jen into the bedroom.

“No mom, I’m dry” Katie said, sounding as if she was surprised with herself. Jen had wet in her sleep on the ride home, there was no way anyone could have made Jen wet on purpose, Katie thought. It was finally confirmed, Jen was a real bedwetter now. Had it all been because of the warm water trick? Katie wondered.

Mrs. Johnston helped Jen out of her overalls, removed her wet diaper and cleaned her thoroughly with baby wipes. As she handed Jen a clean pair of underwear, she turned to Katie. “Katie, do you need help taking off your diaper?” she asked.

Katie stood in the doorway to the bedroom; she shifted from side to side nervously listening to her diaper crinkle. She didn’t want to take it off yet. “Mom…?” She said shyly “can I just wear it until later?” Katie thought her mother might think this an odd request, but to her surprise her mother didn’t even give it a second thought. “That’s fine sweetie, I’d rather not waste it if it’s dry anyway.”

Jen looked at her sister, and then at the pair of underwear she had just been handed. Jen was at a stage where she wanted to have exactly what her big sister had. “Mommy I want to wear a diaper now too!” she said.

Mrs. Johnston suppressed a smile and tuned to face Jen. "Sweetie, are you sure? She asked. “You don’t need to wear one until bedtime…” she added.

“Yes mommy” Jen said, handing back the pair of underwear.

“Well ok” Mrs. Johnston said.

Jen smiled and ran over to the bed, she lay down and waited as her mother went to the closet and retrieved a fresh Pamper. Soon the girls were sitting at the kitchen table eating pizza and drinking apple juice, both happily diapered.

“A little early for them to be diapered don’t you think?” Mr. Johnston whispered to his wife. They were standing on the other side of the kitchen; Mr. Johnston was pouring a glass of wine for his wife as she put a slice of pizza on his plate and served one for herself.

“Well Katie was dry and didn’t want to take hers off, and when Jen heard this she wanted to wear one too” Ellen explained. "I didn’t see any harm in it…besides its bed time in an hour anyway. Ray looked at the clock; it was now half past eight. The trip home had taken almost 2 hours with the stop for Pizza, the girls had slept the whole way and he knew that they would be wide awake at bedtime.

“You’re right” he said. “If the girls don’t have a problem with it I suppose there is no harm” he added. They picked up their plates and wine glasses and joined their daughters at the table.

An hour later the girls were in bed, both wide awake. Just after dinner their father had ran out to the video store to return the movies, and at Katie’s request he had picked up “The Neverending Story”. Mr. Johnston figured it would be fine since there was no school on Monday and the girls would otherwise be awake in bed watching TV or making noise.

It was almost ten o’clock by the time they started the movie. By 11: 30, the movie was just finishing and the girls were both asleep side by side in Jen’s bed. Mr. Johnston entered the room, stopped the tape and turned off the TV. He gave each of his daughters a kiss on the forehead and left the room.

The house was dark; it was quarter of one in the morning. Everyone was asleep…except for one person. A lone figure crept through the upstairs hallway; the figure slowly opened the girls’ bedroom door and left it slightly ajar. The figure then proceeded down the hall to the bathroom, entered, and turned on the faucet, adjusting the water to warm.

The figure took a large plastic bowl from beneath the vanity. There was a smaller plastic bowl under the vanity as well but the mystery figure ignored it. When the water had reached the right temperature the figure filled the bowl, turned off the faucet, and carefully walked down the hall with the filled bowl.

The figure entered the girls’ room and moved over to Katie’s bedside. It placed the bowl on the nightstand and picked up the Walkman. The figure reached into the pocket of its robe, pulled out a tape, placed it in the cassette player and pressed rewind. It then placed one headphone to its ear and pressed play to adjust the volume.

The tape began and Ellen Johnston heard her soft voice speaking on the tape “It’s ok to wet your diaper, your diaper will keep you dry” Ellen’s voice repeated several times from the tape.

The sound of running and dripping water was heard in the background of the tape. “You’re not a baby, you’re a good girl; mommy will keep you safe; your diaper will keep you dry.”

“Wet your diaper good girl…wet your diaper for mommy, wet your diaper good girl; wet your diaper for mommy” her voice continued on the tape as the water sounds continued in the background.

After she had adjusted the volume she rewound the tape to the beginning and gently placed the headphones on Katie’s ears. She pressed play and waited. Katie didn’t move at first. Ellen had recorded 60 minutes of her soothing voice repeating phrases over and over with running water sounds in the background; it had taken much effort to get the tape just right.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, Katie flinched, Ellen looked at her daughter’s eyelids; she could see the pupils moving back and forth behind the eyelids. Her daughter was dreaming now. Ellen waited another five minutes before placing the bowl beside Katie and gently placing her daughter’s hand in the warm water.

Ellen hoped that this would be the last night that she would need to pull off this trick on her daughter. If her plan worked out, Katie would naturally begin wetting at night all on her own soon, just as Jenny had.

A few weeks ago Ellen had secretly observed her oldest daughter sneaking down the hall to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She had heard Katie open the vanity and then close it again. Ellen had wondered what her daughter was up to, and in the morning she had found the plastic bowl under the vanity. The next evening she secretly watched as her oldest daughter crept down the hall with the plastic bowl which appeared to be full of water. It didn’t take Ellen much longer to figure out what Katie was up to.

At first she had been mad at her oldest daughter, what a terrible dirty trick to play on her younger sister Ellen had thought. But then she realized, after considering all of Katie’s actions since Jen’s wetting had begun, Ellen knew that Katie wanted to wear the diapers. Katie was using her sister as the excuse to have a supply of diapers in the house.

Shortly afterwards Ellen found herself enjoying “diaper time” she felt a renewed love for her daughters, and they too seemed to be closer to her than they had been in years.

They were growing up, and slowly reaching a stage of independence. It was a phase where they didn’t want to be as close to their mother as they had when they were little. Ellen missed that closeness and found that having the girls in diapers at night had brought them back to her.

Ellen ignored Katie’s action of making Jen wet in her sleep and indulged herself in the simple pleasures of “diaper time”. However, soon Jen had begun to wet all on her own, Ellen realized that Katie was no longer using the warm water trick to make Jen wet! This had given her an idea.

When Doctor Larson told her that the diapers would not be a problem, Ellen decided she would allow the girls to use them as long as they needed…but would Katie’s interest in diapers fade after she grew to a point where she had satisfied her curiosity? Ellen wondered.

She knew that if Katie outgrew her interest in diapers, and Jen stopped wetting, “diaper time” would cease to be and Ellen would have to watch her babies grow away from her again. She didn’t want this to happen.

Katie had provided her the means to solve the problem…Ellen would turn the tables on Katie and use the warm water trick to make her oldest daughter wet at night too.

The first few attempts didn’t work; Katie was too well trained for the warm water to force her to relax in her sleep.

Ellen considered giving up, but then as if by coincidence, she read an article about subliminal diet tapes which were supposed to help people lose weight through the power of suggestion. Supposedly if a person listened to the tapes while sleeping, a desire to eat less and exercise would be instilled in that person.

Ellen thought about this and wondered if she could make Katie wet in her sleep through the power of subliminal suggestion. She secretly created the tape and used it together with the warm water trick. It worked like a charm and Katie began to wet every time Ellen pulled off the trick. Ellen’s plan was to continue to use the tape and the warm water trick on Katie until she began wetting all on her own just as Jen had.

Ellen looked down at Katie, her daughter was still dreaming…Katie let out a soft moan and squirmed beneath the covers. This was the tell tale sign that the trick had worked. Ellen gently removed Katie’s hand from the water and lifted the bowl off of the bed. She then removed the headphones, took the tape out of the Walkman and placed the Walkman on the nightstand.

Ellen bent down beside Katie, and whispered in her daughter’s ear “You’re a good girl, mommy loves you and will keep you safe” She then kissed Katie on the forehead, picked up the bowl of water and left the room.

Katie’s diaper was thoroughly soaked.


The weeks went on and Ellen Johnston continued to pull off her night time trick on Katie. Jen had continued to wet in her sleep all by herself.

Finally one evening when Ellen was too tired to wait for the rest of the household to fall asleep before continuing her efforts to make Katie wet. She decided to forego the nightly ritual and see if perhaps Katie would wet by herself. That evening it rained heavily, and the sound of the rain could be heard throughout the house.

Katie lay asleep in her bed and drifted off into the fog. She was riding her rocking horse again and wearing the same pink dress with her Pamper underneath. Jen was riding her own rocking horse beside her; she too wore a pink dress and diaper.

Katie felt the bulk of her diaper pressing against her body as she rocked back and forth, it felt wonderful and she smiled. Jen was doing the same. The sensation was building in her body; she could feel it now growing stronger. There were no voices this time, just a warm feeling of pressure building throughout her body as she continued to ride her horse through the fog.

“Katie….I forgot something” Jen shouted. “I’m supposed to go somewhere, I have to go…” Jen tried to finish her sentence but she was overcome by something.

Katie watched as Jen closed her eyes and smiled, she looked completely relaxed, happy, and satisfied.

Suddenly Katie realized that the sensation had taken control of her as well, the wave of relief and satisfaction coursed through her body and she smiled from ear to ear. Katie felt her diaper area become warm, she felt safe and loved. The sound of rain continued as Katie slowed her horse to a stop.

Now she and Jen stood by a pond skipping rocks across the water, a crib with wings flew into view. There were two girls in the crib, wearing nothing but diapers and drinking baby bottles. Katie looked closely, this time she recognized the girls…it was herself, and her sister Jen! Their duplicates waived at them from the crib and smiled as it flew out of site. Katie waived back and smiled. She held her sisters hand and walked off into the fog.

The next morning Ellen Johnston entered the girls’ room to find them sitting up in bed watching cartoons. “Good morning girls…Is anyone dry this morning?” she asked, expecting a yes from at least one of her daughters.

To her surprise, both girls answered “No”. Katie had wet her diaper in her sleep…Ellen hadn’t had to lift a finger! Her plan had worked…she now had two bedwetting daughters who would need her love and affection each night at diaper time for as long as the problem continued. Ellen smiled; she fought back a tear of joy and began the task of cleaning her daughters.

That evening at diaper time Katie smiled as her mother diapered her. “Mommy I love you” she said. Mrs. Johnston fastened the second diaper tape and gave Katie a big hug.

Katie thought to herself that her plan had turned out fine after all. She wasn’t sad about her wetting. While she honestly believed that she had brought it upon herself, her mother made her feel safe, and her diapers would keep her bed dry.

Katie knew that everything was going to be fine. She no longer felt any guilt about Jen’s wetting either. Jen had happily taken to playing “baby” every weekend morning which Katie found amusing. Katie’s guilt had flown away in her dreams and the anger that she thought Jen may have had about the wetting had flown away with it. Her plan had landed her right back in diapers…right where she wanted to be.

The End.


Katie’s Secret Plan

C’est fantastique…. finally read the whole story…. although i had the final twist down as something more dramatic from the earlier comments, the end was a tad predictable and personally i don’t think the mum would have left the bowl in the dresser…… where did she empty the water to for starters and would she really leave the evidence lying arround…… the dad was realy a flat sort of charactor there is much more he could have done in the story i mean the doctor had mor of a staring roll…… Jen/Jenny was a great charactor i saw her growing out of it in the epilog where as you had her turning PTB which i had Katie down for…… the plot works and i enjoy your style of writing (i have also read magic daipers) and cannot wait for more of your work…… which i suppose means going through the several pages of stories again

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Katie’s Secret Plan

This was always one of my favorites too, Lizzy. I was wondering if you had any new projects coming up because I’ve loved all of your works.

Katie’s Secret Plan

Was this really from 2004? I thought it was more recent.

Katie’s Secret Plan

Wow. I just finished reading the whole thing, and it instantly is in my personal top 10 favorite diaper stories. Easily.

What makes it so good for me is the era in which it’s set. In 1988, when this takes place, I was not much older than Katie, so the images I had in my mind reading this took me back to my own childhood.

Thank you so much for this story, Lizzie, I can’t wait to read more of your work now. If it’s even a quarter as good as this was, then I know I’ll love them.


That was I think the best AB/DL story i’ve ever read. I’ve read many before, spending countless hours sifting through the internet archives; but none that were so well written before this. The characters were cute and fun, and the motives were interesting. The Dad I agree was sorta boring and played little role, and the end could have had a bigger climax. But it just brought back memories of my childhood. And I liked that.
This is one for the rainy day to just curl up on the couch wearing a diaper under your robe and read away.

A real treat :slight_smile:

Re: Katie’s Secret Plan

I love this story. Will there ever be a sequel ?

Re: Katie’s Secret Plan


Re: Katie’s Secret Plan

I loved the story. I really loved the part where the two girls picked on Katie and her mom turned them into babies. :wink:

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