Katie's new role

This is my second story, trust me it is much more structured that my first one. please read and leave comments and let me know if you want me to continue it or not.


Katie’s new role
Part 1:

Katie was a normal 14 year old girl who attended the local middle school and she had many friends and was well-liked by her teachers. She had a good family life with her mom and younger sister Kristina, who was 11 years old, but Katie could be a little self-centered at times, she also picked on her younger sister a lot and her mother, Susan did not appreciate that too much. Katie would call her sister, “Baby-face” or “Little One,” or “Diaper girl” or say things like “Why don’t you just run along and pee in your diaper and drink your bottle,” and she would laugh as she did it. Now, Kristina would brush it off, but her mother did not like it.

Today was the day that Katie’s role in the family would change for good……
The day started out as it normally did, Katie got up and she heard her sister screaming from down the hallway and Katie knew her trick had worked., you see, during the night, Katie went into the kitchen and filled a bowl with warm water and she sneaked into Kristina’s room and she placed her sister’s hand in the water because her friend Lauren taught her this trick and she told her that it would make Kristina wet the bed because Lauren had done it to her younger sister Julia and Katie knew it would work.
Kristina opened the door and saw her sister standing there and she said, “You Bitch, you made me wet the bed,” upon seeing the stain on the bed and on her sister’s panties. She replied, “Aww, did little baby have an accident, maybe mommy should change your diaper, hold on’ I’ll get her for you.” Kristina then said, “No you’re the baby, not me,” and she started to cry, but fortunately, her mother heard the whole conversation from the stairway and she chimed in and said, “Katie, what did you do to your sister now!” she then saw the wet stains on the bed and her daughter’s panties and she also saw the bowl with water in it and she said, “Ok, Katie that is the last straw, you torture Kristina about being the younger sister and both of us have had enough of it, now come here this instant,” and with that she grabbed the girl’s hand lead her into her bedroom and she sat down on her bed. Her mother then pulled Katie’s panties down and Katie screamed out “MOM, I AM NOT A BABY, DON’T DO THIS!” Her mother replied, “Oh, yes Katie, you need this, trust me this hurts me more than it does you because I thought you were a 14 year old, now your acting like a little baby instead.” She then proceeded to spank her oldest daughter.
Katie screamed in agony, " Mommy, stop it stop it, owww, that hurts stop it not," and she was sobbing tears, while her mother’s bare hand was whacking her repeatedly on the butt. Kristina was standing in the room watching it with a smirk on her face. Katie saw this and yelled, “You like this don’t you bitch!” this made her mother even angrier and she slapped the girls’ bottom even harder for that outburst. Once her mom was satisfied, she lifted the crying girl off her lap and she said, “Now, Katie, your punishment is not over, you will go to school and we will discuss this later today, now get ready for school NOW!”
Katie complied and she took a shower and she got dressed all while continuing to cry because she had not been spanked like that by her mother since she was a 2 year old. While she was in the shower, Susan explained to Kristina, "Kristina, we are going to have a little role reversal in this house, you are going to be the older sister now, and Katie will be the younger sister, she will wear diapers, and be treated like the baby that she is acting like and I will need your help okay?, "
Kristina replied, “Yes, mommy, this is going to be fun” her mother replied, “Okay, sweetie, but don’t tell your sister,” “Okay mom, I wont.”
By this time, Katie had come downstairs and her mom told both the girls to get in the car and she drove Katie to school. Once Katie was dropped off at the school, she saw her friend Lauren, and Lauren saw that Katie was walking slowly and she said, "Katie, what happened to you? " Katie replied, “My mom spanked me, " Lauren said, " for what, that trick you played on Kristina, even my mom did not spank me, she thought it was funny.” Katie replied, “And I am going to get in more trouble when I get home,” Lauren replied, “it will be okay Katie, trust me.” The two girls went off to attend their classes.
Meanwhile, Susan dropped Kristina off at home she said, “Now Kristina, go into the attic and get down all the old baby furniture and set it up Katie’s room and move all her old stuff in the attic, I have to go to the store to get the other supplies that we need.” Kristina understood and she went into the house to get started with the task at hand.
Susan went to Sam’s club, and she purchased the many items that Katie would be using for the near future, boxes of diapers, wipes, baby powder, rash cream, bottles, pacifiers, enemas, and many other things that Katie would need. She paid the items and drove back to the house to set everything up. She carried the bags into the house and up the stairs to check on Kristina’s progress. Her daughter did not disappoint.
Katie’s room was now like the nursery she had when she was a baby. Her bed had been replaced by the crib, her desk was now a changing table, her books were placed with baby’s first words books and toys were strewn about the room. The walls, which ad twilight posters on them now had baby horses and other animals on them all wearing something pink. Susan also saw Katie’s old highchair and playpen in the living room and kitchen was set-up as well. Susan and Kristina smiled at each other; they both knew that this was going to be fun.
The time came and Susan went to pick up Katie from school, when Katie got in the car and there was silence the whole way home. Once they got home, Katie went into the house and she saw the high chair and playpen in the living room and she said, “Mom, what’s going on here?” her mother replied, “Katie, go sit on the couch now!” the girl complied and she sat down on the couch.
Susan sat next to her and Kristina entered the room and her mother spoke, “Katie, since you have been treating your sister unfairly and tormenting her, we are going to have a role reversal in the house. You are going to be the younger sister and Kristina is going to be the older sister until I say different.” Katie took a moment and took in that information and started to cry, she spoke, “No, mommy, I don’t want to be a baby,” she pointed at Kristina and said, “she’s the baby, not me,” her mother replied, “Oh really?, Kristina is not the one who got spanked this morning and was crying her eyes out was she?” Katie did not reply, she just kept on sobbing. Her mother said, “Okay, baby Katie,” this made Kristina smile, “now it’s time for your new role to start.” She grabbed the teen girl hand and led her up the stairs toward her room with her sister in tow and she opened the door.
Katie was shocked and said; “No way mom!” and she tried to break form her mother’s grip but it was to no avail. Her mother brought her into the room and s he laid the girl down on the carpet. She turned to Kristina and said, “Honey, go get the shaving cream and razor out of my bathroom please and a pair of scissors plus a towel.” Kristina just smiled because she knew what was going to happen next to Katie. Kristina came back with the shaving materials and her mother began to strip Katie of her clothes. Once she removed the girl’s panties, Katie tried to cover up her private area because she had developed puberty early, but her mother batted her hands away saying “jeez, Katie, I’m your mother, not a stranger, your not hiding anything I have not all ready seen;” she then proceeded to lather her daughter’s private area and shave all her pubic hair off. It took about 25 minutes to get it all down and Katie was crying throughout the whole ordeal. Once it was over, her mother said, “Ok, little one, now you look just like a newborn baby with no hair what so ever.” Kristina just stood in the room and tickled her soon to be baby sister’s feet and Katie yelled, “Mom, make her stop please please,” and she started to cry again.
Susan then said, “Ok, step one is complete, now on to step two, your diaper time.” She then lifted the girl off the towel making sure that she got all of the pubic hair off the girl’s private area and she laid her down on the changing table. Katie stirred and kicked her feet because she did not want to be diapered at all. Her mother then said, “Kristina, please hold the baby’s feet while I put her diaper on her,” and Kristina grabbed her sister’s feet that she was flailing in the air and held them down. Susan then grabbed a diaper off the stack and she lifted Katie’s butt in the air and slid it under her bottom and she gently applied the baby powder and oil plus the ointment to Katie’s newly bald privates and she taped the diaper up and Katie felt immediate discomfort.
Katie said, “Mom, I can’t put my legs together, take this diaper off me now!” and she tried to get down but her mother held her in place. She said, “Now baby girl, I have to style your hair.” She then put the girl’s hair into two very short pigtails and tied them with pink ribbons. She then lifted Katie off the table and carried her downstairs to the kitchen.
Now, Katie was getting very afraid, what is going to happen to me next, she thought.
End of part 1.

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Katie’s new role

much improvement

katie’s neww role

no Vickie, this is an orginal story should i continue it

Katie’s new role

vickie, its similar to the one about the 11yo who torments her 8yo sister, but enough differences to stand apart…that may be the confusion….or the fact that they all seem to be so close in story line many blend together.

story plot

hello guys i am currently working on part 2 and it is a different story because it is based off an idea that i came up with because of a friend who has a younger sister who was put in this situation with her younger brother. she is now being treated as the youngest child and he is being treated like the older sibling.

please comment on part 2 once i post it


Katie’s new role

It does seem awfully familiar but I can’t place it at the moment. I do get the strangest sense of De Ja Vous

Katie’s new role

That would be déjà vu. It’s a direct French translation of ‘already seen’.

Katie’s new role

“that hurts stop it not”

And you also need to start a new line each time a different person speaks.

Katie’s new role

It is a common story around the net,
I noticed a few minor grammer errors(missing words, etc).
This story is going to need a lot of improvement b4 it is done

Katie’s new role


Is that the one you mean? If so, it’s not entirely similar, and (sorry, 1bobby12) much better written. For a start, there are spaces between the paragraphs, which makes it so much easier to read (and that’s not a hard thing to do, either).

The characters are much more lifelike, too- you can understand why each character would do what they do. In this story, it’s hard to see why Katie behaves as she does- if she’s that horrible, she would have some motivation. “Mom” is also the stereotypical ABDL story mother who puts her child into diapers in the bat of an eyelash. It’s not believeable, and that makes the story less enjoyable to read.

Katie’s new role

That story from Lizzie is a little different…

Katie’s new role

Yeah, it is, but it fits the bill for an 11 year old tormenting her 8 year old sister.

I think the problem with this story is that it really is very similar to so many ABDL stories in the traps it falls into. The plot (child misbehaves, mother uses diapers and babying as punishment) has been used many times.

And another very common ABDL story trap… I don’t want to embarrass the author or make them feel bad, but I have to say that it reads like a personal fantasy scenario rather than an actual story. As a fantasy in your own head, it probably seems wonderful, but it needs more reality to turn it into something that’s going to make other people enjoy it. I would guess this is a common issue in fetish writing, not just in ABDL stories.

Oh, and- 1bobby12, your story is not terrible, even if perhaps it comes across that I think it is. There are lots of ways you could make it better, though.

Not bad