Katelyn's Flash Fiction (lots of little stories)

Most of these were from my near-weekly request streams in which I pick a theme and randomly choose people in chat to take requests from. I don’t have almost any limits on content in those streams, so I’ll be trying to trim out the stuff that’s not appropriate for this forum.

These are stories under 1,000 words written for fun or for others. I’ll try to organize them by theme but it’s pretty much gonna be a grab bag. If they’re for someone, I’ll put that person’s name in parentheses.

Theme: Witches

A Simple Prank (bask25456)

The whispers and giggles of the two teenagers were nigh inaudible beneath the sound of the cold October wind blowing through the trees, the rustling of the leaves overpowering the sound of the streams of paper being cast amongst them. “Almost there! Man, Miss Amelia is gonna be so angry.” Alyssa spoke softly to her nearby friend, careful not to make too much noise for fear of what the woman might do if she found out.

“No kidding. She’s a witch.” Alyssa wasn’t quite sure if she heard Nicole’s last word correctly. The two continued their efforts, decorating the yard in moonlit streaks of toilet paper. With a sigh, each plopped back on their rears, smiling as they stared up at the fruits of their efforts only to be greeted by a sudden sharp voice from behind.

“Well, well. What do we have here? A couple of troublemakers engaged in childish pranks?” Each girl stood and spun immediately only to come face to face with the woman they so disliked. “What was that you called me, Nicole? A witch?” The girl stammered, trying to come up with some sort of excuse for her behavior but finding no words would come to her mouth. “Well, it just so happens that you’re right. A couple of little ones like you two who don’t know right from wrong shouldn’t be out here by yourselves, should you?”

As Amelia’s words reached their ears, the two looked up to see the world around growing bigger around them, the trees now seeming to tower at least twice as high as they had before. The witch smiled as she bent down and lifted the much smaller girls into her arms. “There we go. Much more appropriately sized, don’t you think? Especially given your behavior. Now, let’s go on in and get you two dressed to match.”

The incident left the two much shorter girls too stunned to respond until Amelia brought them into what appeared to be a nursery, leading them towards a well-stocked changing table. “No! Don’t you dare put me in a diaper! I’ll…I’ll call the police!” Alyssa, the more feisty of the two, spat out a retort, only to receive a quick smack on the bottom as Amelia slid off the girl’s pants, bringing tears to her eyes.

“Little ones shouldn’t talk back, Alyssa.” For fear of similar treatment, Nicole kept quiet, figuring that her earlier comment had earned her enough already. Within a few minutes, both girls sat in the nursery, freshly diapered and dressed in much more infantile clothing. “There we go. We’ll let the two new babies play a bit. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you ‘grow up’ again. Maybe.” The two gulped in unison, terrified of their fate to come.

The Wrong Ingredients (AiFukuizumi)

Looking down at the foul-smelling liquid within the glass bottle she held in her hand, Ai gagged a bit, not at all looking forward to what was to come. The potion should work just like the book says, right? I followed the instructions so carefully… Ai stared at the glass for several more seconds, eventually taking a deep breath and downing it in one gulp.

It didn’t immediately have any sort of negative effect; Ai in fact would say that she felt fairly good. A tingling in her fingers was the first sign of anything happening at all. That feeling quickly spread through her veins, covering her entire body for nearly a minute before it suddenly stopped. Frowning, the girl looked down, wondering why there wasn’t any sort of other noticeable effect. She immediately got her answer: rather than any kind of positive health effects, she was now dressed in a thick disposable diaper and matching skirted onesie.

As if she’d been waiting for this moment, Ai’s roommate took the opportunity to barge into the room, smiling widely as she saw the other. “Aww…don’t you just look absolutely adorable? And to think you actually made that potion all by yourself…” At once, Ai found herself swept into the roommate’s arms and sat on her lap on the nearby bed. Anticipating her confused expression, the roommate removed an already prepared pacifier from her pocket, sticking it into the shocked girl’s mouth. “Don’t you worry; I planned this from the very beginning. I was the one who wrote up that recipe, after all.” Ai’s shock was immediately met by a kiss to her nose, leaving the girl red-faced as the roommate continued. “You’re gonna be stuck like that for quite a while now. Ah! I can’t believe I get such an adorable little girl for a roommate.” Ai blushed only to be pulled tightly into a hug, her hair brushed by the other as she was held close.

Potty Break (NinoSatori)

“Can’t we please stop for a bathroom?” Cathy clutched desperately at the crotch of her panties, trying to prevent herself from having an accident as her group of friends approached the next house. The short skirt of her cheap witch costume didn’t provide any sort of protection; any incident at all and she’d be sure to be noticed.

The leader of the group turned to her and sighed. “Cathy, we aren’t anywhere near a bathroom and there’s no way someone’s going to let us inside. Just, I don’t know, find a bush and squat down.” The others continued onwards towards the next house, heading towards the door in search of candy while Cathy stayed behind, hopping from leg to leg as she did her best to prevent making a mess on the sidewalk.

A voice from the side pulled Cathy out of her daze. “Need some help there?” She slowly turned, still desperate to prevent any puddles, only to find a small, silver-haired girl in a shorter dress than hers floating a few feet off the ground on an old-fashioned broomstick. The thick puff of a disposable diaper was plainly visible underneath, its swollen yellowish appearance making it clear that it wasn’t part of the costume.

Cathy stared for several seconds, trying her best to take in the strange sight. The girl was nothing like anything she’d seen before; in fact, her appearance didn’t even seem like something from this world. Slowly, she gathered the necessary courage to respond, only able to think of two words as her will reached its limits. “Yes, please!”

The witch smiled, pulling out a short wooden wand and flicking it at the other girl. All of a sudden, Cathy felt herself lifting off the ground as well, her dress shortening and panties thickening until her own outfit matched perfectly to the other girl’s own. Minus one thing, of course.

Unable to hold it any longer, Cathy doubled over, allowing the full contents of her bladder to soak into the waiting diaper. The diaper expanded, bowing Cathy’s legs outward as it stretched to hold the sudden flow of liquid. Cathy, however, was not finished, a much more solid substance escaping only to be caught and held against her by the rapidly bloating diaper. After what seemed like an eternity, Cathy fell over, landing with a squish on her backside as the swollen padding propped her up several inches above the ground. With a wink, the witch waved and sped off, leaving Cathy to scramble to her feet in a panic as the group began to trickle back from the house to see their now much worse smelling friend.

Advanced Magic (JunMikiWatcher)

Pages flew by as Mahou magically flipped through her spellbook, landing on the page she was almost certain that she wanted. Golemancy was difficult; Mahou had been studying it for quite a while and still wasn’t certain how to create most of what she needed. She had eventually decided that she might as well just copy the basics from herself; after all, she was a living thing, so most of the stuff she’d need would be the same, right?

Taking one last glance at the spellbook, Mahou took a deep breath and slammed it shut, finally feeling ready to utter the words that would mark a start to her golem-creating. “Ypoc dnim!” Her inverted utterance took several seconds to begin its work, Mahou panicking slightly partway through as she realized that she’d forgotten a few key words. A bright light flashed through the room, followed by an accompanying darkness that pulled Mahou immediately out of consciousness.

The girl’s eyes eventually fluttered open, trying to adjust to the world around. “Hey! Wake up!” A very familiar voice called her back into awareness, her vision clearing in time to see a pink feathered beast with very human-looking eyes bent over her. “You were out for a while…I was beginning to be worried. Are you okay?”

It only took as long as the fluffy-looking dragon was speaking to her for Mahou to realize that the voice coming from its lips was in fact her own, albeit a much younger verison. Concerned, she did her best to utter a response, only to hear her voice come out sounding almost exactly the same. “I think so… What happened? I messed up, didn’t I?”

“Yup. We messed up. Well…I guess I’m the copy. That’s…gonna take some getting used to. And it looks like, again, it’s back to diapers for the moment. Though I have no clue if I’ll ever ‘recover;’ for all I know, this could be my new natural form.” The dragon looked somewhat upset, staring away from the toddler-aged Mahou as she helped her to her feet.

The now-young witch frowned as well, reaching over to pull the other into a hug. “I made a copy of myself?”

“Looks like it. Unless I’m not real, in which case…better not to think about it.” The two embraced, holding each other close as thoughts raced through their minds of how to fix the problems they had created this time.

A Relaxing Weekend (DirtyBooks)

The slamming of the front door sent a wave of relief through Lillian’s body, the girl collapsing to the floor as she began muttering the words she’d been planning this whole time. Finally her roommate was gone; she could start the relaxing week that had been exciting her for months. Her fingers flicking around in a practiced rhythm, she completed the incantation just in time to hear the door open back up again, her friend wandering back at the perfect moment to see the ritual finished. “Just back to use the bathr-” The wave of magic hit Maria mid-sentence, shrinking the girl until she looked not more than two years of age, a disposable diaper wrapped around her waist. “Wh- wha’?”

Now similarly aged, Lillian gazed at her friend in shock. “Maria! I can explain, I swear!” Her excuse reached Maria’s ears just a few seconds too late, the little one’s diaper expanding as it filled with the mess that was meant for the toilet just seconds before. Entirely in shock from the events, Maria sat quietly, dazed for only a few seconds before she began to wail and cry. “I’m so sorry, Maria! We can fix it, I swear!” Her excuses failed to pacify the little one, Maria too stunned by what had happened to even think to do anything but continue to sob.

“Aww…smells like someone’s a stinky little one. Come here; let nanny get you all cleaned up. I bet you’ll feel much better afterwards.” An unfamiliar woman wandered into the room, lifting a little one up in each arm as she kissed Maria on the forehead. The girl’s crying immediately stopped as she was surprised by this turn of events. Maria opened her mouth to begin asking questions (and giving Lillian a piece of her mind) when she found herself laid down on a changing table in what used to be Lillian’s old room. “Shh… Nanny’s got you, sweetheart. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

A pacifier entering Maria’s mouth kept the little one quiet as “Nanny” continued with the change, Lillian doing her best to answer the girl’s unvoiced questions as quickly as she could. “Okay…I’m a witch. Crazy, I know, but what other explanation could there be? I was doing this to relax; I thought you were gone for the weekend. Nanny is just a creation of my spell, not a real person. And I can totally reverse it; just give me one second.”

Lillian began her counter-spell as the nanny finished taping Maria into a fresh diaper, the other girl holding out a hand to Lillian as she processed what had just been revealed. “No… Please don’t change me back. I didn’t want to go visit my family anyways; this is a perfect excuse. This is…nice.”

Shocked and confused, Lillian stared into her friend’s blushing face as the little one was set down next to her. “So…you want to be a baby for the weekend?”

“Yeah. I think that would be wonderful.” Lillian wrapped her arms around her newly young roommate and squeezed as hard as she could, happy to finally find someone to share this wonderful experience with.

Re: Katelyn’s Flash Fiction (lots of little stories)

Theme: Authority/Role Reversal

In Pursuit (Ginsan)

Wind whipped around Halie’s car, sirens blaring as it sped down the highway. The blacked-out car in front raced on ahead, swerving dangerously between the other vehicles on the road. Ignoring her stomach’s grumbling and pleading, the officer chased the other, following as it exited the freeway and peeled out down a lonely country road.

The pursuit continued for several miles, Halie all the while ignoring the commands of her superiors to break off the chase. A sudden loud bang and its accompanying cloud of smoke caused a shriek of fear from the girl as her bowels loosened, a warm mass finding its way into the seat of her underwear as she panicked. After a few seconds passed without any bullets finding their way into her flesh, Halie gathered the strength to look a bit closer, almost squealing with delight as she saw the other car begin to slow its pace. The speeder came to a halt along the side of the road, Halie turning off the sirens and pulling up behind.

Carefully and methodically, Halie stepped out of the car, her face flushing red as each further step reminded her of the state of her pants. Despite this, she was unable to contain her excitement, waddling towards the driver’s side door with a hurried pace. As she approached the car, a feeling of inexplicable wrongness began to creep into her mind. Though Halie did her best to push the feeling from her mind, it only grew as she stepped closer, the sight of an empty interior and open passenger door immediately jolting her into awareness only a second too late.

A cold feeling suddenly cut into Halie’s right wrist as it was pulled tight against her back by something metallic. As the other wrist was yanked down to match it, Halie fought, wrenching her free arm towards the unseen assailant only to feel its wrist clasped into the other side of the same set of cuffs. “Well, well. A little girl like you thought she could catch me, did she? Come on, sweetie. We’ll get you all dressed and ready for your new life.” Halie opened her mouth to protest only to feel a thick rubbery bulb enter the space that had been freed and a strap wrap around her head, preventing the officer from making much noise other than a few squeaks. Helpless but to follow along, Halie marched towards the other’s car as she was pushed, sitting in the back seat as the contents of her pants squished underneath.

Halie awoke several hours later somewhere she didn’t quite recognize, her right hand cuffed to the set of bars that surrounded her. Though she felt discernibly more clean than she had before, the thick diaper between her legs and frilly pink onesie around it didn’t provide her with much confidence. “Alright, my new baby girl,” a voice called out from the room beyond. “You’re going to very much enjoy being my little one forever and ever. Isn’t that right?” Halie’s screams turned to muffled whimpers as her assailant approached, holding the oversized baby bottle that would be the source of most of Halie’s meals from that day forward.

Her Own Medicine (DirtyBooks)

“What the hell do you mean ‘anti-aging cream?’” Julia slammed her fist down on Tina’s desk as she shouted, rattling the glass vials that lay scattered across. “We’re a pharmaceutical company, dammit, not some homeopathic bullshit.”

“Well, if you’d just-” The employee’s explanation was almost immediately cut off by her boss’s continued yelling.

“No. I won’t ‘just’ anything. You’ve spent how many hours of company time working on this stuff? What even is it? It just looks like toothpaste.” Dipping a finger into the jar of carefully-labeled cream atop the shaken surface, Tina looked carefully at the paste, examining it for more information even as the world began to grow around her.

“Ms. Harrison, no! What in the world are you doing?” Tina quickly grabbed a rag from the desk, wrapping it around Julia’s rapidly shrinking finger and roughly scrubbing the cream off, though not before the other was roughly the stature of a toddler.

The previously belligerent woman stood quietly for several seconds, examining her newly-shrunken body carefully before beginning to sniffle a bit in shock. “Wha- wha’ happened? I fought…”

With a careful grasp, Tina placed her hands under Julia’s arms and lifted the girl up into her own. “Did you really think I’d be making something that didn’t have some merit to it?” Sighing as she walked over to the corner of the room and pulling out a hidden pack of Fluffles diapers (stored in case of emergency, of course), Tina set her boss down on the bench nearby and continued to mumble under her breath. “And you had to touch the super-concentrated stuff while I was trying to dilute it…”

The littler girl’s sniffle quickly grew into a whimper before it escalated into full-blown crying, tears streaming down her face as she was taped into a fresh diaper. “I- I jus’-”

“You’ll be fine; don’t worry. You’ll have an extra thirty years to live. Just make sure you don’t touch any of my work again.” A nod provided the only response Tina had, her now two-year-old boss nuzzling into and squeezing her as tightly as she could. “Good girl. Now, what do you say we get you some clothes? You’re going to need a new wardrobe…and I can’t imagine potty training again will be all that much fun either.” Tina walked out of the door after wrapping Julia in an old coat for warmth, flicking off the lights and leaving her work to sit alone for the night.

Do As I Say… (Owlcan)

The slamming of the door and irregular thumping of heavy footsteps alerted Anne that her mother was home and that once again, she was extremely drunk. “Mom! You went out drinking again? What were you even thinking? How did you even get home?” Anne rattled off a list of questions on her way to the entryway, not even waiting for the older woman to answer. Not that she would say much; Janice appeared to be barely able to maintain a position above ground level with her wobbling legs.

“I have a car…Anne. I can…I can take care of…myself.” The mother did her best to protest, dropping the keys she held in her hand as an example to her daughter.

In response, Anne immediately took her mother’s hand, yanking the woman further into the house. “No, you obviously can’t. You remember what you did to me when I came home like this before? I think it’s time for someone to have a taste of her own medicine.”

By the time Janice’s dulled senses had processed what was about to happen, she was in the bathroom, over her daughter’s knee with her pants at her ankles and a hairbrush coming down towards her rear. “Anne-!” Only a single word managed it’s way through her lips before the stinging touch of the brush silenced Janice, the pain coming through all too clearly despite her current state. Unable to process the series of events with her enfeebled mind, Janice’s anger slowly dissipated, leaving her crying and helpless as she was disciplined like a young child.

Satisfied with the punishment’s effect, Anne ceased her spanking. “Bet you’ll think twice before you do this again. Oh, and don’t you remember? There’s a second part to this.” Pulling her weeping mother along behind her, Anne brought her into her own room and let her go, moving to the closet and rummaging through its contents. “Ah, there we go. Remember these, mom?” Anne’s gloating smirk slowly faded from focus as Janice concentrated on the package in her hands, seeing too late the colorful animals that covered the padded plastic garments within.

“Anne, no-”

“No buts, mom. Remember? You told me that if I was going to act like a baby, I was getting the full treatment. I don’t see why you’d be any different; after all, you’re far more drunk than I ever was.” The helplessly intoxicated woman flailed her arms, trying to push away the diaper but failing as her daughter effortlessly taped it around her bottom. “There we go. Now, for one final touch.” A blinding light flashed through the room, Janice taking a few seconds to realize its source: the camera on her daughter’s phone. “And if you ever do this to me again, this’ll be all over Facebook. Now go to sleep, little baby. You’re going to have a fun morning.” Wrapping herself in the blanket atop her bed, Janice cried herself to sleep, hoping that her daughter was only talking about the inevitable hangover.

Revolt (FrostTheWizard)

Briskly pacing back down the hallway, the Duchess Ilythyrra scowled, her mood only souring further as she took stock of the slaves running freely through the lower areas. “Meira! What in the world is going on? Get these animals under control!” The ruler stopped in her tracks as she entered the next room just in time to witness her friend and advisor being lifted up by a pair of ropes attached around her diaper, suspending the elf several feet above the air and held up only by the diaper around her hips.

The dozens of previously servile wood elves surrounding the other turned in unison to face their previous master, all at once charging towards her. For the first time in her life actually afraid, Ilythyrra could do little but turn and try to run, the seat of her diaper bulging out as it began to fill with a familiar foul smelling substance. Panicked and inattentive, the noble elf ran straight into the still closed door to her room, falling to her bottom with a squish as the others caught up to her.

Each of Ilythyrra’s limbs was at once lifted into the air, a single wood elf smirking as she ducked under the suspended woman to smack the very messy bottom as hard as she could, the result causing the duchess to eep in shock. Unable to resist the strong arms of the ex-servants, Ilythyrra was helplessly carried to the other room, the other suspended elf revealing her certain fate. The leader of the bunch stepped forward, addressing Ilythyrra with a smirk from above.

“Well, well. The duchess herself. Looks like you’ve found yourself in a bit of a pickle, haven’t you? I’m certain we’ll remember all the good you’ve done to us and be just as merciful in return. Isn’t that right, girls?” The resounding giggle that followed led Ilythyrra to the fairly obvious conclusion that forgiveness wasn’t to be expected. “Girls, prepare her. I wonder how long she can hang there before she gets a rash. She liked doing this to us; I only think it fair we return the favor.”

The Duchess’s favorite set of straps were shortly brought out of a nearby closet, clipped around the waistband of her diaper as they’d been around each of the present elves’ many times before. Just as quickly, she felt herself hoisted up, the full padding pressing into her rear and crotch with the full weight of her body against it. As she hung from the ceiling, tears in her eyes, the lead wood elf again addressed her with a malicious grin. “Don’t worry; we won’t be back. You can stay up there as long as you like.” The party ran off towards their forested home, leaving the remaining nobility to sit alone without any chance of escape.

Re: Katelyn’s Flash Fiction (lots of little stories)

Random Stuff Without a Theme

Jammy’s Predicament (Gift/Teasing Story for JamJarMonster)

Dozens of pairs of eyes stared at Jammy from all over the classroom, their gaze piercing her thin shroud of confidence and reducing the girl to a nervous wreck. Her teeth chattered as she glanced down at her notecards, gulping as the crinkling of her diaper was made audible to the otherwise quiet room. “Um…okay. Part one: checking a…diaper.”

She paused, looking back at the silently judging faces of her classmates before she attempted to continue. “First, you…” The words suddenly got stuck in Jammy’s throat, her mind racing as she tried to remember her train of thought. “First….” Unable to continue due to her nerves, tears began to well up in the girl’s eyes, blurring her vision as she felt the padding between her legs begin to warm and swell.

A voice spoke up from behind Jammy, interrupting her frozen stuttering. “There are many ways to check a baby’s diaper. The best ways are pulling back the waistband and looking inside,” Jammy’s instructor continued, drawing Jammy’s pants and bulky underwear back to reveal what lay within, “feeling to see if there’s a squish,” following that up with a quick pat to Jammy’s front, “and my personal favorite, simply taking a look to see what’s there.” With that, the teacher slid down her pants, revealing her sodden diaper to the entire class.

“Now, remember, babies need to be changed so that they don’t end up getting a rash. Everyone, come up here and look closely; I’ll demonstrate with our little class baby.” Jammy felt herself lifted and set onto the teacher’s desk, her classmates gathering round to observe as snickers and giggles were exchanged. The tapes of Jammy’s only protection were quickly ripped off and slid away, displaying for all to see the inside of her soaked padding as well as what lay within. “Remember to wipe carefully, of course.”

A cold wet wipe pressed up against Jammy’s diaper area, sending a shiver of pleasure along with one of chill through Jammy’s entire body before it moved away, leaving the girl both humiliated and unsatisfied. “Sometimes you’ll need to make sure the baby is pacified to prevent any sort of outburst.” Jammy’s moaning was immediately silenced by the latex nipple being inserted into her mouth, a leather strap wrapping around her face and fastening behind despite her squealing protests.

“Now all you need to do is tape her back into a fresh diaper; the thicker, the better.” With that last remark, Jammy could only watch as the thickest piece of fluff she’d ever felt was slid under her bottom and taped up tightly, preventing her from getting anywhere near closing her legs. “And that’s it! You’ve successfully changed a baby. Sometimes, you might want to add baby powder or rash cream, but I don’t think this baby deserves that.” A rumbling noise was all the smirking teacher needed to offer Jammy up to the rest of the class. “Now, who wants to try it out? We’re going to have a very stinky baby here pretty quickly…”

Jammy’s panic jolted her awake, the girl realizing only seconds later that she still stood in front of her class, her diaper only moderately wet for now. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, relieving just enough tension for the contents of her bowels to flow directly into the waiting seat of her pants. The blushing only grew further as she heard a very familiar sound from behind. “There are many ways to check a baby’s diaper…”

Not Quite Like the Movies (DirtyBooks Commission)

Finally safely at home, Melissa rustled through her night’s haul. Throwing museum treasures into a sack wasn’t exactly the most glamorous job, but it more than paid the bills with how much some of this stuff sold for on the black market. A couple of nearly-priceless paintings, some old pottery, and how could she forget? The most interesting artifact of them all: the mysterious lamp. Well, it was supposed to be a lamp at least. Disney couldn’t be wrong, after all. She just didn’t quite see how it’d be at all useful for that purpose.

Speaking of Disney… Though it seemed childish, Melissa had always believed in fairy tales. Thus, when faced with a bronze lamp, she did the only thing she could think: she rubbed the bronze, jumping back and letting it clatter to the floor as the not-quite-expected cloud of glowing smoke shot out. The vapor quickly coalesced into a feminine form, an unnatural entity smiling warmly down at Melissa and greeting her with an outstretched hand. “Hi! I’m Jessi. The Friendly. I assume you’re familiar with the whole three wishes thing, miss…?”

“Melissa.” Awestruck, Melissa accepted the hand, barely able to maintain her balance as she was pulled to her feet by the assumed genie.

The shining woman grinned as she assessed the other. “Well, you have three wishes, miss Melissa. Just tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen! As long as it’s not killing someone, making someone fall in love; you know, that stuff.”

Without taking a breath, Melissa hopped in with her answer. “I wish for your freedom.” She’d seen enough cartoons to expect something good to come of being nice to the genie.

“Are- are you serious? You’re really sure? Don’t even want to use up your other two wishes first? You know, genies are imprisoned for a reason…” Melissa nodded immediately as she was addressed, the genie shrugging its shoulders in response. “Well, alright. Thank you so much, Melissa! I’ll make it up to you for sure.”

With a snap of her fingers, the remains of the genie pulled themselves free of the lamp, Jessi’s once colorful body taking on a solid, human-like form. With another snap and a smile, Jessi crouched down, the world appearing to Melissa to grow to a much larger size in the span of a few seconds. “What did you do to me?” Jessi’s eyes widened as she looked around, examining her now much smaller body clad in only a simple disposable diaper.

The genie lifted the little one into her arms, cradling and cuddling her as the rear of the toddler’s diaper began to bulge and fill. “I’m thanking you. You get to stay a child forever, free from all responsibility and fear. No more sadness, no more death. And I’ll care for you all the way.”

With a whimper, tears began to drip from the baby’s eyes. “Wha’?” As her new mommy rubbed her freshly filled padding and hugged her close, all that Melissa could think to do was to begin to wail and cry, regretting the decisions she’d made that had led her to this point.

“Shh, baby. Don’t worry; it’s just a stinky diaper. You’ll have plenty of those; it’s normal for a little one. You don’t even have to worry about going potty, see?” Jessi did her best to calm the distressed girl, wandering into Melissa’s bedroom to quickly replace the bed and furniture with a crib, changing table, and age-appropriate toys. She laid the little girl down, cooing at her as she cleaned Melissa up with a fresh magically-crafted baby wipe.

The little one found herself in a fresh diaper, once again cradled by the genie as she sniffled away the last tear for now. “But I don’t wanna be a baby… I wanna be big like I was!” The whining tone in her voice drew attention and kisses from her new caretaker.

“Oh, I know. All of you mortals do at first. But do you wanna know a secret?”

The genie’s words drew the baby’s interest, intrigued by the potential for otherworldly knowledge. “What secret?”

Smiling once again, the genie planted a kiss right on her nose. “I’ve yet to meet one who preferred old age and death to youthfulness. So you’re staying right there for the rest of eternity never growing a day older.” Unable to process this complete reversal of lifestyle, Melissa returned to the one thing that kept her grounded: wailing and crying into the arms of her mama.