Katelynn's Diapered Study Abroad Trip

Hi everyone,

This is the first chapter of a new story I’ve been writing. It is actually a sequel of sorts. A couple of years ago, I wrote the first few chapters to a story entitled “Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year”. Overtime, I lost interest in the story, and it was never completed. But I never lost interest in the protagonist of my story, Katelynn, or her life story. So, I decided to bring Katelynn back in a new situation. She is still the same person she was, but she is older and in college. I will not be continuing “Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year”. Even though this is technically a sequel, it is really more of an installment in an ongoing series. While it wouldn’t hurt to go back and read “Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year”, I don’t think it is necessary. This story has background information and fills in the gaps. This is a little shorter of a story, I just wanted something smaller to work on while I consider what the future holds for the Katelynn Story series. Thanks, and as always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.

Dear Katelynn,

On behalf of The Tokyo University of the Arts, I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Music Composition Exchange Program…

“Yes, yes yes!” Katelynn thought to herself. “Mom”, she yelled, “I got in! I’m going to Japan next semester!”.

Katelynn’s mother rushed into her daughter’s room. Her daughter was laying on top of her bed, wearing nothing but a shirt and what appeared to be a soaked diaper. Jennifer loved her daughter, but sometimes she wondered about the whole diaper thing. After she gave birth to Katelynn, there was a short period when Jennifer needed to make use of “incontinence products”, and she hated every minute of it. So, to see her daughter, her perfectly healthy twenty-one year old daughter, wearing a wet, and by the smell of her room, messy diaper, perplexed her. But in this moment she was happy for her daughter, and she said so.

“That’s really great, Katelynn. I knew you could do it.”

“Thanks, mom. I honestly didn’t know if I would get it. The program is so competitive. But I really did it, I’m really going to Japan for four months…Shit, I’m going to Japan for four months!”

“Hey, language.”


“Well, yeah, sweetie, it’s a little scary, but most worthwhile things are. And you, of all people, have never been one to back down from a challenge.”

“I guess…but I’ve never done anything this big. And four months is a long time.”

“But you’re so brave”, her mother replied. “You left home to go to school in New York City, you marched downtown for gay rights, you go to the store and buy adult diapers in person, for god’s sake. Anyone willing to do that is insane, courageous, or both.”

Katelynn laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. I really am excited!”

“And there’s nothing wrong with being a little nervous”, her mother smiled. “Now, if my nose is correct, someone is in a very stinky diaper, and it sure isn’t me”.

Katelynn blushed. “It’s no big deal, Mom. I’ll change later.”

“I don’t understand how that can’t bother you. Come on, let me change you.”

“Really, Mom, I know you and Dad don’t like changing my diapers. You don’t have to.”

“Well, today is a special occasion. I’m still you’re mother, and I can still change your diaper.”

“Honestly, this is a really messy diaper, Mom. I don’t even want to change it. And that’s coming from someone who actually likes diapers. “

“Way before you were changing your diapers, I was changing your diapers. I can handle it.” Katelynn’s mom was already opening a drawer to get a diaper. “Which one do you want? Remember, we’re going to dinner with your father and his boss tonight. Maybe something that doesn’t show too much?”

“I’m going to wear a dress, so it doesn’t make much of a difference. But, just in case, we’ll avoid the babyish diapers. A Molicare is fine.”

“Umm…which one?”.

“The purple one”, replied Katelynn.

“Oh”, said Jennifer, “well, that’s pretty cute. Are you sure you don’t want the pink one with owls? It’s thinner. It looks like a pull-up one.”

“Those are Goodnites. They are thinner, but they’re meant for pre-teen bedwetters, and they don’t hold a lot. So, probably not the best choice. I don’t want to wet too much and have Dad need to explain to his boss while his college age daughter’s diaper leaked.”

“Well… and don’t take this the wrong way… but have you thought about just not wearing one tonight?”

“Mom!” Katelynn shot back.

“I mean, you don’t need to wear a diaper, it just might be easier than”

“I’ve worn diapers non-stop for almost three years. I haven’t even sat on a toilet in that time. I don’t see why tonight should be any different. I wear to school, to work, around family and friends. No one has ever noticed.”

“Not that you know of.”

“If I can’t wear a diaper then I’m not going.”

“It was just a suggestion, you can wear a diaper. So, the purple one?”

“Yes, please”, Katelynn cheered. She was already laying on her changing mat on top of her bed. They didn’t have a changing table. Katelynn had a lot of friends over, and having an adult size changing table in her room wasn’t exactly discrete. Katelynn’s mom began to change her daughter. Katelynn wasn’t wearing pants, so her mother began to undo the tabs. After they were open, she pulled back the diaper.

“Wow, honey. You weren’t kidding about the state of your diaper. This thing is drenched and very dirty. Are you feeling okay?”

“I told you it was a big job.”

“But, you still like diapers?”

“I still like diapers.”

Jennifer began the clean up process. She grabbed several wipes and went to work. After a few minutes, she lifted up Katelynn’s legs and slid her diaper out from under her. “So we’re going with a diaper tonight, right?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Just checking.” Jennifer opened the new diaper. “Do you even have underwear, Katelynn?”

“You mean other than my diapers?”

“Like panties”.

“Umm… no. I got rid of them a long time ago.”

“So, you never wear underwear? You always wear diapers, no matter the situation?”

“Yeah, I thought you knew that. I haven’t worn panties since before that day I barged into the living room and pulled down my pants to show you and Dad my Goodnites and I said I had decided to wear diapers.”

By this time, Jennifer had the diaper open, and she slid it under her daughter. “Oh my god, that was a shock.”

Katelynn and Jennifer were referring to an incident when Katelynn was eighteen years old, finishing up her senior year of high school. A couple of days before the living room fiasco, Katelynn’s parents had gone out of town for a weekend vacation. Katelynn needed to take the SAT, so she stayed at home. Katelynn had known about her diaper lover side for some time, but she had never indulged in it. Her parents being away presented her with a perfect opportunity to finally try diapers. After an embarrassing situation when trying to buy Goodnites, Katelynn wore diapers non-stop for the next two days. She enjoyed them so much that she decided to wear them permanently, so she did. When Katelynn made up her mind to do something, she did it. Katelynn had just finished her morning business when her parents returned from vacation. Having always been upfront with her parents, and having always had them accept her, she decided not to waste time in letting them know of her diaper desires. Once her parents had settled in the living room, Katelynn walked to the middle of the room, pulled down her yoga pants, and proceeded to show her parents her wet and messy Goodnites diaper. Naturally her parents were stunned, but once she told them about how she had always wanted to wear diapers, her parents seemed at least tolerant of it. Katelynn has worn diapers ever since, no exceptions.

“You and Dad handled it pretty well.”

“Don’t you worry about people finding out?”

“What’s with all the diaper questions all of a sudden? It’s not like this is a new thing.”

“We’ve never really talked about it, even after all this time. And what better time to talk about your diapers than when I’m changing you?”

Katelynn look at her Mom. By this time, her mother had finished changing her and she was just on her bed in a fresh diaper. “Yes, I’m very nervous about people finding out about my diapers. But the pros outweigh the cons. Wearing diapers is so much a part of me that I really can’t see myself not wearing them. And yeah, I always get a little nervous when I go dancing or when I play sports, but those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. I’m not going to change myself because I’m afraid of what others might think of me.”

“You really are awesome, sweetie”, said Jennifer. “Now, more importantly, what are you going to wear tonight?”

Katelynn decided on a yellow, backless dress. It came down to mid thigh, and while it was slimming, it still left room for her diaper. No one would be the wiser when she ate a meal in a room full of people while padded.

Her mom poked her head in the bathroom. “Almost ready, honey? We don’t want to be late. This is an important meeting for your father.”

“Yeah, Mom, I’m ready.”

Katelynn, Jennifer, and Katelynn’s dad, Paul, all hopped into the family car. Katelynn was an only child, and both of her parents worked, so they drove an Audi sedan. Katelynn wasn’t exactly sure why today’s dinner outing was so important, but Katelynn’s father was the vice president of the largest financial firm in New Hampshire, so she figured it was a big deal.

“Now Katelynn, I know I don’t have to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Mr. Harris is the president of our firm, so I expect you to be on your best behavior tonight. He’s close to retirement, and if I play my cards right, I have a real shot of taking over. He’s a really nice guy, and he has a daughter about your age. I think her name is Grace. Just talk about school and Japan and be your usual self. But, do not, under any circumstances, talk about your diapers.”

Katelynn interrupted her father. “Dad, why would I talk about that. I’ve never told anyone other than you and Mom. Trust me, it’s not exactly my choice of conversation.”

“Okay, okay. Just making sure. Really, don’t worry. You’re an amazing young woman and we’re very proud of you.”

“And I already know Grace. We went to the same high school. She was a couple of grades below me.”

They pulled into the restaurant parking lot. It was the nicest Italian place in town. “Mr. Harris spared no expense”, Katelynn thought to herself.

“We have a reservation for 7:30 under Harris”, her father told the server.

“Your table is ready, please follow me”.

“Hi, Paul, great to see you.” said Mr. Harris as Katelynn and her family approached the table. Mr. Harris stood up to greet them. “Hi, Jennifer, great to see you again. And you must be Katelynn. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine”, responded Katelynn. She had met several of her father’s coworkers. She felt very comfortable in fancy situations.

“And this is my daughter, Grace. Grace, Katelynn is about your age, she goes to NYU.”

“Hey, Katelynn. Long time no see. New York City is a pretty big place. How is it down there?”

“I love it. I study music composition and math, so being surrounded by such a great music scene is really awesome.”

“Well, let’s sit down and then we can get to know each other”, said Paul.

“What do you study, Grace?”, asked Jennifer.

“I study economics at Yale. I’m a freshman.”

“Yale. That’s very impressive”, responded Jennifer.

“Grace is hoping to work on Wall Street one day. I guess the finance scene in New Hampshire is too small for her.” said Mr. Harris.

Katelynn fidgeted a little in her seat. She had needed to pee since they left the house. Instinctively, she released her bladder and began to wet her diaper. The others were carrying on a conversation, so she wasn’t worried about them hearing her pee slosh around in her diaper. Her diaper grew warm and began to swell. Even after three years, wetting her diaper never bored Katelynn. Especially when she had an unknowing audience. Katelynn looked up and saw her mother eyeing her knowingly. “She knows exactly what I’m doing”, thought Katelynn. She continued to unleash a torrent into her diaper.


She looked up at the others.

“Mr. Harris asked you a question”, said her father.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was a little out of it.”

Her father shot her a subtly angry glance.

“I was hoping you could tell me your big news, about going to Japan”, repeated Mr. Harris.

“I’d love to. New York University and a university in Tokyo have an exchange for music students. We can go to Japan for a semester, while they can come to New York for a semester. We spend the time abroad taking classes, learning about culture, and at the end of the semester we have to create a musical piece inspired by our time there.”

“Well, that sounds like a very nice opportunity. I’ve always said that Asia will play a major role in the future. It’s good to be exposed to their culture early on. Now, you said you are a composer. What do you compose?”

“Piano, mostly. That’s what I play, so that’s what I compose for.”

“Katelynn is incredible on the piano”, added Jennifer. “She is the pianist for NYU’s most prestigious performing group.”

“We’ll have to have you play for us sometime”, said Mr. Harris.

“Excuse me, I need to use the restroom”, said Grace. She looked at Katelynn in the way that all girls do when they don’t want to go to the bathroom alone. Katelynn got up, nervously. She didn’t have much practice at using the girl’s restroom, after all. Her mother looked at her, worried. Katelynn gave an apprehensive smile. She got up and followed Grace to the bathroom. No one else was in the restroom. Before Katelynn could make it to a stall, Grace grabbed her by the arm. Katelynn looked in surprise, and became even more surprised when Grace began to make out with her.

Katelynn pushed her away. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I Facebook stalked you before we came here. I saw on your profile that you said you were interested in women.”

“So what if I am, that doesn’t mean you can” Before she could finish her sentence, Grace had started kissing her again. Grace reached around Katelynn’s waist and began to move her hand up Katelynn’s dress. Katelynn felt Grace’s hand tickle its way up her thigh. Then she felt Grace’s hand squish into her very wet diaper.

“What the…are you…is that a diaper?” blurted out Grace.

Katelynn stared at her, speechless. Tears were beginning to pool in her eyes. It finally happened. Someone knew about her diapers.

Grace squished Katelynn’s diaper. “And is it wet? Oh my god.” Grace was so in disbelief that she actually lifted up Katelynn’s dress to see the sopping diaper.

Katelynn was paralyzed. Not only had someone violated her body, her diaper was now fully exposed to her offender. It was too much. The tough, courageous girl who was so confident in herself began to fall apart. She started to cry.

“Oh, wow. This is too good”, snorted grace. “I can’t wait to tell everyone at our old school that you’re a big diaper baby!”

That did it. Katelynn was overcome by anger. She raised her hand and slapped Grace across the face, hard. Grace let out a gasp. “Even though I’m standing in front of you in wet diaper, crying, I will always be a bigger person than you”, snarled Katelynn. Grace was looked at her angrily, then rushed out of the bathroom. Katelynn wiped her eyes and straightened out her dress. The door opened, and a woman walked in, holding her daughter by the hand. Instead of leading her to a stall, the mother picked up her daughter, who was probably eight or nine, and set her down on the plastic changing table hanging from the wall.

“Lilly, you know you’re not supposed to poop in your pull-ups. Do I need to put you back in diapers?”, asked the mother.

“Not so loud, Mom”, said Lilly, She looked up at Katelynn, embarrassed.

“You just had to fill your diaper when Daddy and I are trying to have a nice evening. Never mind that we couldn’t find a baby sitter because no one was willing to change a ten year old’s diaper. Do you know how awkward it is to explain to someone that your ten year old daughter still isn’t fully potty trained?”

“Please, Mommy, not so loud.”

By this time Katelynn was at the sink, washing her hands. But she could see in the mirror that the little girl was looking at her, completely embarrassed. Katelynn felt so sorry for her. She turned around. Now, the mother had down her daughter’s pants, and Katelynn could see a yellowed Goodnite on the girl. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of”, said Katelynn to the girl and mother. “I wear diapers, too.” Oddly, Katelynn was feeling very confident in her diapers. Now that one person knew, she didn’t care if some random stranger knew. The little girl’s face let up. Before the mother could say anything, Katelynn walked out of the restroom.

“There she is”, said her father as Katelynn seated herself.

“We were just getting ready to order”, added her mother.

They ordered their food and then continued on with the conversation. Katelynn thought her father was having a good time, which made her happy. Every time Katelynn looked up, Grace was staring at her. “All she’s thinking about is me in a diaper”, thought Katelynn. “She’s thinking about me eating dinner in a diaper, going about my day in a diaper. Well, I don’t care.” Katelynn hated Grace. She just wanted to finish her food and go home. She shifted her weight in her seat. Her diaper squished. By now, Katelynn’s urge to poop was growing strong. It had been an hour since she felt the need. This restaurant had great food, but service was slow. Katelynn never cared much about waiting to mess her diaper. She had always just kind of gone poop wherever she was. She had messed during cheer leading practice, while playing a piano concert, she even dropped a load in her diaper during her high school valedictorian speech. Without a lot of though, Katelynn began to fill her diaper. She did her best to stay still and keep a straight face while she pushed the sizable load into the rear of her pants. Since she was sitting down, her mess spread to all corners of her diaper. She relaxed and finished. Her messing ended with her giving her diaper another good wetting. Once again, her mother shot her a knowing glance. Katelynn smirked a little. Jennifer motioned to the bathroom with her eyes. Katelynn didn’t respond. She had just gone to the bathroom, she didn’t want to get up again. Jennifer took out her phone and texted Katelynn.

“There is no way you are staying here in that diaper. I know what you just did. Go change before you stink up the whole restaurant.”

“I didn’t bring any spare diapers or wipes.”, Katelynn texted back.

“Why not?”

“We’re only going to be here a couple of hours, I didn’t think I would need them”.


“It’s no biggie. I usually keep my messy diapers on for a while”.

“By the look on your face, it was a biggie. And it’s not you I’m worried about.”

“It smells a little strange”, said Mr. Harris. “I hope the toilet isn’t backed up”.

“I bet it’s nothing”, Said Katelynn’s dad. By this time he had figured out what was going on and shot an angry glance at Katelynn.

Grace stared at Katelynn, her face was in shock and her eyes were big. Katelynn looked at her, and knew that Grace knew what she had done in her diaper. Katelynn looked down at her phone. She had a new message from her mother.

“Well, is there something you can do? Because we clearly have a situation here, and I don’t just mean the one in your pants.”

Katelynn thought about it. She thought that maybe she could ask that mother and her daughter for a Goodnite, but Katelynn didn’t see them in the restaurant. She thought about just changing out of her diaper and going commando, but she was so messy that clean up would be intense without diaper wipes. Plus, she didn’t really want to stop wearing diapers, even for a short time. Before she could think of a solution, Grace began to speak.

“Jennifer, I don’t mean to intrude, but I don’t think that smell is the toilet. I think Katelynn had an accident in her diaper”, said Grace.

Paul almost choked on his food. Everyone looked at Grace in shock.

“Grace, that’s absurd. Why would you say something like that? I apologize, I think Grace was just trying to make a joke”, replied Mr. Harris. But Mr. Harris looked at Katelynn and noticed that she had started crying quietly. Jennifer looked at her husband, then began to speak to Mr. Harris.

“Actually, Katelynn has some issues with control. She wears protection to deal with the issue.”

“Nothing to be embarrassed about”, said Mr. Harris. “Nothing at all. I’m sorry that I had to find that out, Katelynn. The only thing to be ashamed of is the behavior of my daughter. Which is ironic, considering she wet the bed until her senior year of high school. She doesn’t have much to make fun of, since I changed her diaper every morning until she was eighteen. Why she would make fun of your situation is beyond me, but I truly apologize.”

“Daddy! You’re not supposed to talk about that”, interjected Grace.

“Grace, don’t start with me. You forfeited your right to privacy as soon as you intruded into Katelynn’s privacy. Jennifer, Paul, Katelynn, tonight has been a pleasure, but I think we should leave. Paul, I’ll see you on Monday. I don’t want to give anything away, but if you keep up the good work, I could really see you leading this firm one day.”

Paul stood up, surprised. “Thank you, sir, thank you for the lovely dinner.”

Mr. Harris put two-hundred dollars on the table and stood up. “That should cover it.” Grace stood up and followed her father out the door.

Katelynn and her family looked at each other in disbelief. “All things considered, that went fairly well”, laughed Katelynn’s father, awkwardly.

“I can’t believe Grace would be so mean”, said Jennifer. “Honey, how did she know you wear diapers?”

Katelynn looked at her parents and began to cry for the third time tonight. She told her parents everything that happened between her and Grace in the restroom. When she finished, her Mother put her arm around her and let Katelynn cry on her shoulder. “It’s okay sweetie, we’re here for you. And we love you no matter what. This isn’t your fault. Come on, let’s get out of here and change your diaper. You need to start packing for Japan”.

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Something is up with the formatting on this. All your ’ and " marks are ? instead. Did you copy and paste this from Word or another word processing program by any chance?

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I noticed that as well. I copied it from a post I made in Daily Diapers. What’s the easiest way to fix it?

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I remember liking the idea behind this one back when it was started - or more likely some time later when I actually got around to reading it. Nice to see a related continuation if not a continuation of the original.

There were a few places where the double line break needed to make a proper new paragraph was missing. I added them for you, since that was easier than describing them for you.

Re: Katelynn’s Diapered Study Abroad Trip

Great start. I can see Grace being put back in diapers, as punishment, and her and Katelynn making up and making out.

Re: Katelynn’s Diapered Study Abroad Trip

[QUOTE=ally;66780]I remember liking the idea behind this one back when it was started - or more likely some time later when I actually got around to reading it. Nice to see a related continuation if not a continuation of the original.

There were a few places where the double line break needed to make a proper new paragraph was missing. I added them for you, since that was easier than describing them for you.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for fixing the Formatting, Ally. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Please continue! I like It!