Katelynn and Mia's Diapered Senior Year

Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

Hey everyone, this is the first chapter of my first story. I hope you enjoy it! I’ve wanted to write this for a long time, and I’m really looking forward to working on it. I’m all about improving so please give me your feedback, whether positive or negative!

Chapter 1

Beep! Beep! Beep! Katelynn almost fell out of bed at the sound of her alarm. Must have forgotten to turn down the volume, she thought to herself. 5:00 PM. She still had a couple of hours until she had to cheer at school. It was the last game of the season for basketball, and it was senior night. This meant it was also the final game of her cheerleading career. She had started her freshman year, and worked her way up to captain. She took pride in her cheer accomplishments. Her grades were decent enough at school, but cheerleading gave a good boost to her resume. It was also her favorite thing about herself, along with one other thing.
She reached down and stroked her now soggy Bambino diaper. She had wet it during her daily afterschool nap. Ever since she started wearing 24/7 she had been having more and more accidents, especially when she slept. This was taking some time to get used to, but it was fine by her. If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t have given up big girl panties for good six months ago and switched to a more babyish and in her mind more adorable, “underwear” selection. Six months ago, after wearing a diaper for the first time in 16 years, Katelynn had sworn a sort of “pledge of allegiance” to diapers, choosing to wear them 24/7. Katelynn didn’t go back on her promises. She hasn’t even sat on a toilet since. She wets her diapers, poops her diapers, wears them to school, and wears them to work. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Katelynn made her way downstairs in a diaper and t-shirt.

“Hey mom”, she muttered.

“Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?” asked her mom.

“Yeah, but I wet in my sleep.”

“Isn’t that a good thing? I thought you liked wearing diapers”.

“I do, and I’m not upset. It’s just that normally I’m aware that I have to go to the bathroom and then I choose to go in my diapers, but lately I’ve been having more accidents. I wake up wet and don’t remember having gone potty or don’t realize I’m wetting until I’m almost done. I’m still getting used to losing control.”

"Oh, well I can see how that could be a little strange. But that’s why that big old thing is between your legs! It’ supposed to catch all my little girl’s messes. "

Katelynn’s parents had no problem with her desire to wear diapers. They’ve always been very open-minded. They were perfectly understanding when she told them she was a lesbian, and they were very understanding, though rather surprised, when she marched up to them, pulled down her pants to reveal her wet and messy Goodnite, and told them that she had decided to wear diapers again.

“Dinner smells good”, complimented Katelynn.

“Thanks, hon. it’s almost ready. We have to eat up soon so you’re not late for cheer.”

“You guys are coming, right?”

“Of course. You know we wouldn’t miss your last game.”

Once Katelynn’s dad got home from work, they had dinner and then Katelynn made her way upstairs. Her parents were fine with her diaper side, but they didn’t want to be involved in it. Katelynn changed her own diapers, and right now she desperately needed to get out of this one. She put her changing pad on her bed and laid down. After snapping a quick picture of the yellowed diaper between her legs for her Tumblr (NewHampshireDiapeeGirl), Katelynn undid the tapes on her diaper. She wiped herself off with baby wipes, slid off her diaper, and walked naked to her dresser to grab a fresh diaper.

Katelynn had a large array of diapers. Her collection included Pull-Ups and Huggies for when she was feeling babyish; Bambino’s, Cushies, and Abenas, which she wore most of the time, as well as Goodnites and even some swim diapers for when she went to the lake. She fit what she could in the top drawer, where her panties used to be, and stored the rest in her closet. Katelynn always wore Goodnites to cheer, so she grabbed one. They were discreet enough to not be noticeable under her uniform, and they held a pretty fair amount of pee. Not to mention the fact that she looked adorable in them! She would bring a change and then be good to go for the game. She grabbed a Goodnite, this one with butterflies on the front, and brought it up between her legs. She hoped she never had to stop wearing diapers. They made her so happy. After putting on her uniform, Katelynn was off on her way to cheer.

Manchester High School was not the most exciting place to spend the high school years, but Katelynn thought it was all in all a nice place. She had gone there for four years relatively unbothered. It had a nice array of classes, and the entire faculty and most the students were fine with her sexuality. She locker her car and went to the gym. Her diaper sloshed between her legs. She had wet on the way here, at a traffic stop. When she felt it coming, she turned down the radio and listened as the warm, yellow stream filled up her diaper. She had wet a little more than normal, and as she walked to the gym she thought that she would have to change fairly soon.

“Hey Katelynn, what’s up”, said Mia, as Katelynn walked into the girls locker room. “I picked up a Redbox, thought maybe we could watch it after the game”.

Mia and Katelynn were sort of but not officially an item. They couldn’t be official, since Mia’s mom had no idea of her daughter’s bisexuality. They had only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks, but it already felt right. Mia made Katelynn happy, and Katelynn made Mia happy. That’s all that mattered to them.

“Sure, Mia, that sounds great”.

"Perfect!"Mia winked at Katelynn and walked off.

Katelynn dropped off her bag at her locker and then met the team in the gym for warm-ups. Her high school wasn’t very good at basketball, but it was still popular none the less, so the gym was almost full by the time the game began. Katelynn waved as some of her friends walked in. She wasn’t incredibly popular, but she was pretty and she tried her best to be nice to everyone, so she was well liked. They wouldn’t like me if they knew how I go to bathroom, thought Katelynn. Speaking of diapers, Katelynn needed to pee. She had downed half a pitcher of lemonade at dinner, so there was no shortage of fluids in her body. This wouldn’t be the first time she had secretly wet herself in front of the school, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Katelynn let go. Her crotch grew warm. Her already soaked Goodnite grew heavier as she wet herself in front of hundreds of people who were none the wiser that a high school girl was presently choosing to pee her diapers. This never gets old, she thought. She finished wetting and assessed the situation. She needed a change. Her poor little Goodnite tried hard to soak up her second wetting, but she could feel a few small puddles on the inside of her diaper. Goodnites weren’t meant for 18 year olds, after all. Kids that big were supposed to use the toilet, not diapers.

They were half way through the first quarter. She just needed to change into a fresh Goodnite at the half and then she would as good as new. Her team was also winning! They didn’t qualify for the playoffs, so this would be there last game whether they win or lose. It would be great to finish on a win, thought Katelynn. It would also be great to get out of this diaper, she thought. It was hard to tumble in a soaked diaper. She loved being diapered in public, but she didn’t want to jeopardize her tumbling routine, and part of her was worried about being discovered. Only her parents and her best friend, Caleb, knew about her diapers. She wanted to keep it that way. Her school had been very understanding about her sexual orientation, but she thought they would have a hard time understanding why an 18 year old healthy girl would choose to wet and mess diapers. Better to save them the trouble and herself the embarrassment.

45 minutes later it was halftime. Since it was senior night, there was a ceremony and a procession where the senior players walked onto the court with their parents. The senior cheerleaders were also included, so Katelynn got to walk with her parents. When they made it to half court and lined up with the other players, Katelynn’s mom leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“I’ve always looked forward to senior night. I just never thought my senior would be hiding a diaper under her uniform. Even though it’s hard for me to imagine why you want to wear diapers, I still love you so much. I’m proud of you, honey”.

“Thanks, Mommy. I love you too”.After half time, Katelynn met back up with her squad and found Mia.

“Hey, Mia. I’m sorry your mom couldn’t make it for senior night”.

“Don’t worry about it. She had to work another shift tonight. It sucks, but there’s not much I can do about it”.

“She loves you Mia, you know that”, said Katelynn.

“I know. I was just really hoping she could come to this”.

Katelynn gave a sad half-smile. “Come on, the second half is about to start”.

While Mia went with the team to get ready for the second half, Katelynn went to the locker room. She needed a change. She opened her locker door and brought out her purse. She unzipped it and reached in for the spare Goodnite – nothing.

“Oh no!” she gasped out loud.

Katelynn had forgotten to pack a spare Goodnite. The diaper between her legs was the only one she would be wearing for a while. Even worse, she could feel the need to poop growing in her tummy. She couldn’t believe she forgot! She always had spare diapers. When you wear 24/7, that’s just a part of life.

“Shit. This is not good”, she whispered.

She thought about using the toilet. Her diaper was soaked. It would be risky to use it a third time. Goodnites were designed to hold the overnight wetting of a 10 year, not 3 wettings and a messing by an 18 year old. Then again, Katelynn had soaked diapers to within an inch of their life without any leaks. It was up in the air. This was different though. She had never wet a Goodnite more than twice. But she had made a commitment to diapers. Six months straight. That was an accomplishment, and one she was proud of. I wear diapers, she thought. I wear diapers. I wet them, I mess them, and I ALWAYS wear them. There was no other option.
She put her bag away and headed to the gym.

By the beginning of the fourth quarter, Katelynn was close to messing. She was a little nervous about doing it in front of this many people, but this also made her excited, and to be honest it turned her on. Diapers were a lot of things to her, and one of those was sexual. Using her diapers made her feel good, it was that simple.

“Ok, Katelynn, are you ready for me to lift you?”

Mia and Katelynn had been working together on a cheer move. Normally, Katelynn was the base and people stood on her hands, but for this move Mia held up Katelynn.

“Yeah, baby, go ahead”.

Mia smiled and lifted Katelynn up into the air. By this time, Katelynn was moments away from peeing and pooping in her diaper. She didn’t fight it. She had messed herself hundreds of times, this was just one more. Albeit a much more public messing, considering everyone in the gym was watching her. If only they knew what she was doing. Katelynn started her business. A big poop made its way into her diaper. Like most of her messes, this one was firm and in the shape of a log. A flood of pee also started gushing into her diaper. As the urine hit the bottom of her diaper, it bounced pack up in little splashes, tickling her nether regions. She continued to wet and mess. As the log continued moving into her Goodnite, it started stretching the back of her diaper. She felt the sides of her diaper pull back as the mess filled her diaper. She felt the back of her diaper come to a point, and then the load dropped into the base of her diaper. She was still peeing. Man, she thought to herself, this is a big load. Her diaper was no longer absorbing urine, it was just forming pools at the bottom. She dropped two more big poops just like the first one into her diaper, her pee slowed to a trickle, and then she was done. She was on top of the world! Her diaper was soaked! And her mess was giant! Her poops were normally large, but this one was huge. Her diaper was now very weighed down. She had to resist the urge to bring her hand back and feel the bulge in her pants. And best of all, no leaks! At least none that she could tell.

Mia looked up. She had just lifted Katelynn into the air, giving her a perfect view of her butt. Katelynn really does have a nice ass, thought Mia. I’m lucky to have her, she thought to herself. Then she noticed something unusual. Katelynn’s butt was expanding. She watched as Katelynn’s butt grew larger. There’s no way, Mia though to herself. But her suspicions were confirmed when a wet spot appeared on bottom of Katelynn’s uniform. Mia was ecstatic! Katelynn wore diapers! Katelynn wore diapers! Mia squeezed her legs a little and felt the squishy material of her wet diaper against her thighs. She thought she was the only one who liked diapers. Me and Katelynn are going to have a lot to talk about over our movie, she thought.

End of Chapter 1.

The next chapter will start six months earlier, when Katelynn first starts wearing diapers. The subsequent chapters will lead up to the events of chapter one. In these chapters, both girls will be wearing diapers, but neither will know the other one wears. I want this to be a long story, so expect a lot of chapters. Not just about diapers, but about navigating high school, love, struggling with sexuality, and the relationship teens have with their parents.

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Liked it. Very enjoyable, good start.

Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year Chapter 2

Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

Chapter 2

Here’s Chapter 2! I hope you all have liked the story so far! I’ve loved writing it. Let me know what you think!

Six Months Earlier

“What did you think of that math section? I really think I blew it. Definitely should have studied my exponents more”, said Caleb.

“I didn’t think it was too bad”, answered Katelynn.

“Of course you didn’t. What am I even doing asking you? You’re great at math”.

“Yeah, but I sucked at the reading section”.

“Everyone sucks at the reading section. It’s a total bitch. But at least you did great at the rest. I screwed up the whole damn test”.

“How can you say that? You’re in the top 20% of our class! You’re always so hard on yourself. Besides, film schools don’t care about math.”

Caleb was Katelynn’s best friend. They had met freshman year in World History class and bonded over their mutual disdain for ancient civilization. Unlike Katelynn, Caleb was sure of what he wanted to do after high school. New York was calling him, particularly the film program at NYU. He always told Katelynn that he was destined to be the next Quentin Tarantino, except better looking. He currently had the most popular Vine account in all of Manchester, New Hampshire, if that meant anything.

“Let’s hope so. Do you want to grab some lunch? I have a Groupon for buy one get one free at Mamoto’s”, asked Caleb.

“Yeah, sushi sounds really good right now”.

They walked over to Caleb’s car. He had picked her up on the way to the SAT, so her car wasn’t in the lot. They drove about fifteen minutes into downtown Manchester.

“I hate trying to park down here”, grumbled Caleb.

“I think that car is about to pull out”, said Katelynn. “Yeah, there it goes”.

They parked and then made their way inside. Mamoto’s was kind of a hangout among Manchester’s high schoolers and young adults. The sushi was decent tasting, and, more importantly, decently priced. The atmosphere was pretty cool, too. Katelynn liked it. She and Caleb ate here almost every week.

“Two, please”, Katelynn said to the waiter.

“Right this way”, he responded.

Katelynn and Caleb ordered their usual. Caleb was trying to talk to Katelynn about the best places to Live in New York, but her mind was elsewhere. Today was a significant day for her, and not just because of the SAT.

“So, I was thinking that after our freshman year, once we’re sick of the dorms, we could look for a loft together. Maybe somewhere in Williamsburg. I love Brooklynn, and it’s the capital of indie music, so the place is crawling with hot musicians”, continued Caleb.

“I doubt we could afford that”, muttered Katelynn.

“You ok, Katelynn? You seem a little out of it”.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Still thinking about the SAT”, responded Katelynn.

In reality, Katelynn was nervous. Katelynn and Caleb told each other everything, or at least that’s what Caleb thought. There was one thing that neither Caleb nor anybody else knew about Katelynn. Today, while her parents were away at their summer cabin for the weekend, Katelynn was going to indulge in that secret.

“Girl, NYU is going to accept you. You’re captain of the cheerleading squad, have a great GPA, and volunteer at a nursing home. How many teenagers volunteer at nursing homes? Not to mention that you just kicked that SAT’s ass. You’re gold on paper. You could beat out the fucking Prince of England for a spot at NYU”.

“Thanks, Caleb”.

Katelynn wasn’t worried about getting into NYU, at least not that worried, but she didn’t want Caleb to know why she was actually nervous. No one’s going to care, thought Katelynn. People buy diapers all the time. If anyone asks, just tell them they’re for your little sister, who wets the bed.

“Yeah, so anyway, once we’ve both been accepted in NYU, were going to need a place to stay. And I know we’ll be fed up with the dorms”, said Caleb.

“Yeah, you already told me”, cut in Katelynn, “Williamsburg. Lots of hot guys and folk music”.

“Indie music”, Caleb corrected.

“You know, just because there’s a lot of hot guys there doesn’t mean they’re going to be into you”, joked Katelynn.

“And why wouldn’t they be? I look great. And people love filmmakers. They think we’re mysterious”, Caleb shot back.

“Just shut up and eat your sushi”, laughed Katelynn.

Katelynn and Caleb finished up and then Caleb drove her back to her house. She was an only child, and her parents were away for the weekend, so the house was empty. Perfect. This was not a weekend that she wanted to have any company.

Diapers. It was a word that had stuck out in her mind since she was a little kid. When she was littler she didn’t understand it, but she had always felt associated with them. She would get a funny feeling when diaper commercials came on, or she would stare at the diaper aisle in the grocery store, trying her best not to be noticed. These feeling grew stronger as she got older. She thought about diapers. She imagined feeling them, wearing them, using them. She knew these feeling weren’t normal, but she never really pushed them away. When she turned twelve she realized diapers turned her on. She hadn’t worn one since first being out of them, but she knew they would make her feel good if she could wear them. Once again, she didn’t push these feelings away. She knew they were a part of her. Maybe she was fine with these feelings because she had come to accept other feelings that were sometimes frowned upon. Even before she knew she liked diapers, Katelynn knew she liked girls. When she was 9 she told her mom that she liked her friend, Amy. Her mom said that was sweet and that she was a good friend. Her mom didn’t understand that Katelynn had liked liked her. When she was 15 she had a crush on a girl at summer camp. Her name was Lauren, and she had beautiful brown eyes. One night she and Katelynn made out, and afterwards Katelynn crawled into Lauren’s bed and fell asleep in her arms. They never kept in touch after camp ended, but around then Katelynn figured it was time she tell her parents about her feelings. They were totally supportive, as she knew they would be. Katelynn was lucky; she had a great relationship with her parents. They had always accepted her. Katelynn wondered if they would still love her if they knew what she was planning on doing this weekend. She hoped so.

After giving Caleb enough time to drive away, she grabbed her keys and went to her car. Her palms were sweating. Get it together, Katelynn thought to herself, you haven’t even left the house yet. No one will say anything. They’re trained not to say anything. She shifted into gear and drove off. Thankfully, the store wasn’t very busy, so she was able to find a spot close to entrance. The less walking, the better. She walked through the sliding glass doors and found a grocery basket. The place was almost empty. She took a deep breath and started walking. She went to the snack section. She had convinced herself that it would be less awkward if she didn’t just buy diapers. If she bought other things with them, the cashier would barely notice them. Katelynn knew that this probably wasn’t true, but it made her feel better. She picked out a box of Wheat Thins and some soda. It was now or never. Katelynn entered the diaper aisle. Her knees wobbled a little. She was surrounded by diapers. To the average person, the diaper section of a story is like any other section, but to a diaper lover it is a little slice of heaven. Katelynn was so excited that she forgot how nervous she was. Pampers, Huggies, Pull Ups, Underjams, Goodnites. Katelynn thought about her options. She thought she might be able to squeeze into baby diapers, but she wasn’t sure. She grabbed a package of girls Goodnites. Better to be safe than sorry. Besides, she had always thought bedwetting was cute. She looked at the kids on the front. They were old, but they weren’t that old. No more than 11 or 12. She smiled. Diapers are for big kids too, she thought, even high school big.

She started walking towards the checkout. It was a woman, maybe in her late forties. Katelynn unloaded her basket.

“They’re for my little sister”, said Katelynn as the cashier scanned her Goodnites. The cashier looked up but didn’t respond.


Katelynn handed her a 20 and a 10.

“$7.53 is your change. Have a nice day.”

Katelynn gathered up her purchases and headed to the girls bathroom. She wanted to put her diaper on right now. She had waited years for this moment, and she couldn’t bare to wait any longer. She opened the nearest stall, sat down on the toilet, and took out her prized purchase. “Goodnites Bedtime Underwear”, the front of the package said. Katelynn could not believe that she was holding a big pack of diapers. She was ecstatic.

“Time to put one of these babies on”, she whispered.

She ripped open the package and it made a loud sound, but she didn’t care. Her mind was focused on one thing now. She literally gasped as she brought out the first diaper. This design had a purple monkey on the front, surrounded by stars.
She took a picture and uploaded it to her Tumblr with the caption “Just bought my first diapers!!! :smiley: :D”

She unbuttoned her pants. She was wearing dark skinny jeans, a yellow top with a skinny belt, and a pair of black Toms. She pulled off her toms and slid her pants off, revealing a pair of blue panties with white poke a dots. She was excited to get into her diaper, and the little moist spot on her panties attested to that. She pulled off her panties, balled them up and put them in her purse.

“I won’t be needing those for a while”, she whispered quietly to herself.

She opened up the Goodnite and stepped inside the legs holes. She brought the diaper up to her waist. It fit perfectly. Katelynn shivered and had to cover her mouth to stop from letting out a moan. Why the hell do parents make us stop wearing these, she thought, this is incredible! She stroked the front of her diaper. She squeezed her legs. The added bulk felt different, but it felt right, like it was supposed to be there all along. She bent down and spread her legs apart. The lining of the diaper was soft against her behind. As much as she loved admiring her diaper, she needed to get home. The quicker she got back, the quicker she could really get the feel for her new underwear.

She put her jeans back on. Her pants were tight, but her diaper was thin. No one would know. They wouldn’t be looking, either. 18 year old diapered high school senior girls weren’t something people expected. Katelynn gave herself a pat on the butt and smiled at the satisfying squish it made. She put her shoes on, gathered up her things, and exited the stall. The cashier gave her a weird look as she walked out of the bathroom. It was then that Katelynn realized she had forgotten to put the Goodnites back in her shopping bag. She was cradling them under her arm, and it was easy to see that they had been opened. But Katelynn wasn’t embarrassed. Right now she was so excited to be wearing diapers that she didn’t care. So what if I’m 18, she thought, if I want to wear diapers I’m going to wear diapers. The cashier let out a little laugh. In an act of bravery or maybe pure foolishness, Katelynn marched over to her. No one was in the checkout, so it was just her and the cashier.

“I lied. These diapers are for me. I’m a senior in high school and I love to wear diapers. Deal with it”.

The cashier went stone-faced. Katelynn turned around and left before she could respond. She hurried back to the car. She couldn’t believe what she’d just done. She put her groceries in the passenger seat and turned on her car. It felt great to sit in her diaper. It was soft, comfortable, and secure. Even more exciting was the fact that she could feel her urge to pee growing. She still couldn’t believe that she had a whole package of diapers and the house to herself for two days. She turned on the radio and started on her drive home. It was going to be an amazing weekend.

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That does sound like a good weekend!, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:
P.S Welcome to the site! OhTheDiaperedHumanity. ;D

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Love this story

Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

Nice writing, thanks for sharing. I like how Katelynn seems to be a brave, strong-willed character (tanking her only Goodnite during the match, telling the cashier in the face that she likes diapers).

Your first chapter was very gripping, my hear was pounding as I read on, wondering whether it not the goodnight would leak/tear, or if anyone would know. You have your way with words, something that makes for very enjoyable reading. Moreover your story is written with good grammar, is nicely paragraph and and overall smooth flowing.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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Hello! Sorry it’s been so long. Here’s Chapter 3. As always, let me know what you think. This is a little shorter chapter, but I wanted to post it as soon as possible since it’s been a while.

Chapter 3

Katelynn was shaking. A lot had happened in the past 30 minutes. Not only had she bought a pack of Goodnites, she had put one on, worn one in public, and flat out told a total stranger that she liked to wear diapers for fun. She wasn’t shaking out of fear; it was more out of disbelief. She had been imaging this day for a very, very long time, and now she finally had a diaper between her legs. She was thrilled! But what to do now? Katelynn hadn’t given this much thought. Her parents weren’t home, and she had no siblings. There wouldn’t be anyone else at the house except her, so that was an option. She considered going home, and then quickly dismissed it. She wanted to go somewhere. Wearing diapers in front of the cashier had given her a rush, and she wanted to keep it going. She pulled up to a stop sign. There wasn’t a car behind her, so she put her car – a Nissan Ultima – in park, so she could collect her thoughts. She considered her options. What would be a good place to wear a diaper in public? Immediately, she thought of a movie theater or a restaurant. Her stomach grumbled, which made up her mind for her. She would go get food. There was a decent burger place a few miles away. She put her car in drive and headed to it.

Katelynn nabbed a spot close to the door. Surprisingly, the parking lot wasn’t very busy, which was fine by her. She wanted to wear diapers in public, but safely. It wasn’t just her first time wearing in public, it was her first time wearing diapers since being potty trained. She had always considered herself to be confident, maybe even brave, but she didn’t think she could handle wearing around too many people just yet. She grabbed a Goodnite and put it in her purse. Better safe than sorry. Then she put the package under her seat, hiding them from anyone who might happen to glance through her windows. After getting out of her car, Katelynn locked her doors and walked into the restaurant.

She looked around, it didn’t look like she recognized…

“Hey Katelynn!”

Katelynn whirled around. Damn! It was Avery, one of her best friends from high school, along with two other girls that Katelynn kind of knew.“Hey Avery, what’s up?” Katelynn said nonchalantly.

“Come sit with us,” responded Avery.

“Ok, I’ll be there in a minute. I have to go to the bathroom.” Katelynn didn’t have to go to the bathroom. And if she did, she sure wouldn’t be using a toilet, at least not one that wasn’t between her legs. She needed to think about what to do next, she hadn’t expected to encounter anyone she knew. Katelynn walked to the bathroom and went into a stall.

Her first thought was to abort the mission. Just take the diaper off, slip her big girl panties back up, and go have a diaper-free dinner with her friends. That would be quitting, though, and Katelynn was not a quitter. She always finished everything. Plus, she loved diapers. She had been wearing one for less than an hour and she already knew that. Katelynn really liked the diaper lover side of herself. She knew it made her different, but she also thought it made her special. It was her little quirk. An adorable one, she thought. Her desire to wear diapers was a part of her that wasn’t going to go away. Finally being able to wear diapers, whether privately or publicly, was just the next stage in the evolution of those desires. Besides, Katelynn thought to herself, the cashier at the store had seen her diapers, and that wasn’t such a big deal. In fact, Katelynn had found it really exciting. On the other hand, that was a total stranger, these were her friends. If they found out what she was wearing and word got out, her high school life would be absolutely ruined. She didn’t think they would notice, though. Goodnites are hard to see, especially if you’re not looking for them. She felt comfortable wearing them in front of her friends, she was sure it wouldn’t be the last time she did. Might as well get used to it. She knew what she had to do. She opened the stall door and joined her friends.

“There’s Katelynn. You remember Amber and Rachel, right?” asked Avery. Katelynn knew Amber and Rachel, but they were more of Avery’s friends than her friends.

“Yeah, I remember. What are you all up to?”

“We got here about fifteen minutes ago, and after we eat, we’re going to go see a movie,” responded Rachel.

“Sounds like fun,” said Katelynn.

“Want to join?” asked Avery.

Katelynn thought about it. She squished her legs together, which squished her diaper. They were so comfortable! Going to a movie with her friends probably wasn’t the best idea given her current situation, plus she didn’t want to be out all night. She could explore her new diapers better in the comfort of her home.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” answered Katelynn. “My parents are gone, so I don’t want to be out too late.” Being out late when her parents were gone didn’t bother Katelynn at all, but she needed an excuse to skip the movie.

“Ok. Maybe some other time,” said Avery.

“Yeah, some other time”, responded Katelynn. “Have you ordered yet?”

“We ordered a little before you got here,” said Amber.

“I need to order. Let me flag down the server.” Katelynn saw him, and asked him to come over.

“What can I get you today?”

“Hi,” said Katelynn, “Can I have the classic burger, medium, with everything on it. And to drink I’ll just have a water.”

“Anything thing else?”

“Nope, that’s all.”

“That’ll be out in just a minute.”


He walked back behind the counter. Katelynn squirmed a little. She needed to pee. Obviously, this was not a new experience, but having a diaper on was. She could hold it for now. She reached behind her back to make sure her top was pulled down enough to cover her diaper, it wasn’t. She could feel the top of her Goodnite ever so slightly above her pants line, as well as a little bit of cool air against her skin in the area between her jeans and her top. Quickly, she pulled her top down. She was sitting right next to Avery, but Avery didn’t seem to notice anything.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” Avery asked Katelynn.

“No, not really. My parents gave me some chores to do around the house while they’re gone,” Katelynn lied, yet again.

“You’re so boring! You’re parents are gone for the weekend and you’re going to spend it cleaning and home alone,” said Avery,
somewhat jokingly. “This is such a missed opportunity.”

“For what?” questioned Katelynn.

“A paar-tay,” an enthusiastic Avery responded.

“There is no way I’m throwing a party.” Katelynn was not going to throw a party. Not this weekend.

Before Avery could rebuttal, the server brought out all the girls food. For some reason, Katelynn got her food the same time as everyone else, even though she ordered late. Avery proceeded to take off her bun and topping, and to move her fries away, leaving only a hamburger patty.

“Why aren’t you eating anything else, Avery?” asked Katelynn.

“You may have an easy body to keep in shape, but some of us have to work for bikini season.”

“I work for my body!” said Katelynn. “I’ve been cheerleading since I was seven!”

“I’m just messing with you. You work hard, and you look great!”

“Aww thanks, hon. You look great, too.”

“I’m still no gonna eat my bun or fries.”

“Suit yourself,” laughed Katelynn.

The girls talked over dinner for another twenty minutes. All the while, Katelynn’s urge to pee grew. By the time she finished her food, she was practically bursting. She crossed her legs. She didn’t think she could make it until after she left the restaurant, she would have to go now. Katelynn really had to wet, but she didn’t want to flood her diaper. This was her first diaper, but she knew enough to know that flooding a Goodnite is basically asking for a leak. This being said, Katelynn was really excited! She had literally dreamed about wetting herself in diapers, and now it was about to become a reality. She uncrossed her legs, and tried to start peeing. She had read online that many AB/DLs often have a hard time wetting themselves at first, but this wasn’t an issue for Katelynn. She already felt so comfortable in her diapers that she immediately started wetting herself. She gasped out loud as the first drops of pee made their way into her diaper. She looked up, but her friends, didn’t say anything. Katelynn was in heaven. She had never had sex, but she thought that this had to be better than sex. Her crotch was overcome with warmth as she let out a stream into her Goodnites diaper. She felt her diaper swell, and when she listened really carefully she could hear her pee sloshing around inside her diaper. She tried to stop wetting furiously so that she could let her pee out more slowly, but she wasn’t able to stop her stream. She showed no signs of letting up.

“Katelynn…are you OK?” asked Avery? “You’ve been staring into space for like the past 30 seconds.”

Katelynn immediately crossed her legs very tightly and was somehow able to stop wetting. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just zoned out for a minute.” It was hard for her to talk and hold back the rest of her pee, but she tried to sound as normal as possible.

“Weirdo,” joked Avery.

Katelynn gave her a smirk, waited a second, and then continued to wet herself. Actually, Avery’s interruption was probably for the best. Now Katelynn was better able to control herself, and she let out the rest of her wetting in short spurts over the next half minute. Finally, she was finished. Wow, did she feel incredible! She pressed her thighs together. Fuck, did that feel good! She felt so turned on down there that she was almost having an orgasm. Her diaper was so warm! She wanted to see it so bad! She was sure that it was yellow – had the monkey on the front faded?!Katelynn bet that it had, after all, little girls needed to know when they were wet! She crossed her legs again. It felt good to squish her diaper up against her thighs.

“Are movie starts pretty soon. We should probably get going,” said Amber. Avery and Rachel agreed.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come, Katelynn?” asked Avery.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” said Katelynn. She wanted nothing more in the world than to go home, take off her pants and panties, and stare in awe at her soaking wet diaper.

“Ok,” said Avery, a little disappointed. “Text me if you want to hang out this weekend.”

“I will. Have fun at your movie!”

They all paid, tipped, and got up. Katelynn waved to everyone as she got into her car. Another wave of ecstasy came over her as her diaper pressed against her but when she sat down. She reached down and felt her crotch. Her diaper was absolutely soaked, but it had kept her dry. She was so turned on. She rubbed her diaper for a little, but stopped when she saw her friends drive by. It was probably best to do this at home, Katelynn thought to herself. After all, she still had a few more days until her parents came home. There was plenty of time to indulge in her diaper desires, and she planned to do just that.

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Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

Yay! I love it

Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

Hi All! I wanted to say that I still have every intention of continuing this story! Life has been busy and I haven’t been able to write, but I’ve loved writing this and want to see it through. More to come soon!

Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

Yay. Thanks for the update. Look forward to seeing more soon.

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really enjoying this can’t wait for more thanks

Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year

I really enjoy this story. I consider it one of those stories that influenced me to write my own! I do hope you’ll find the time and drive to continue this story!

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Re: Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year


As you can probably tell from the lack of posting, this story is not being continued. I lost interest in the story, but I never lost interest in its protagonist. So, I have decided to begin a new segment in Katelynn’s life, entitled “Katelynn’s Diapered Study Abroad”. The story is in some ways a sequel, though not exactly. I hope you check it out. It is in a pretty similar vein to this story, so if you liked “Katelynn and Mia’s Diapered Senior Year”, then you will like the new story. Thanks.

Post 1 more chapter please

this story is not being continued. I lost interest in the story

There’s also the minor detail that the author hasn’t been on the board in well over a year at this point. The last time they were online was January 22[SUP]nd[/SUP], 2017, so highly unlikely it will be updated.