Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-6

Kate And Bobbi

Chapter 1

It was an unusual marriage, some said.

Kate was a statuesque 30 year old personal trainer with a daughter who looked likely to become a clone of her tall mother, and Bob was a short, slim, shy man with soft, clear skin, a boyish face and lustrous blonde hair which his mother always told him was wasted on a boy. He was still regularly carded, at 23, when he dared to venture into a club or bar. Bob had never really settled down, and had drifted from one job to another. These days he was not without means from his inheritance, but money didn’t seem to be his attraction for Kate. They appeared to be devoted to one another.

Things went well for a couple of years, although Bob and Kate’s daughter Sue never quite saw eye to eye. Literally, in fact. Bob was barely 5 feet 2, and Sue at 12 when her mother married Bob was already nearly 5 feet 10 inches tall and precociously well-developed. Sue regarded her adored mother’s marriage as a mistake.

Bob had been working in a large supermarket for a couple of years – a record for him – when the trouble started.

Whether it was Kate’s height, her air of competence and authority or some need or lack of inner strength in Bob, he had over the two years of marriage, begun to defer to Kate. She made the major decisions, sometimes discussing them with Sue, but Bob was often left out of the loop. He didn’t say much about it and just got on with his life.

Bob’s few friends, and certainly Kate’s friends who were mostly women, noticed the change.

“Does he mind being bossed around? Even Sue does it,” observed Sally, one the instructors at the gym where Kate worked.

“He’s happy for us to make decisions,” said Kate. “That’s the way our marriage works.”

Bob’s subservient position in his small household began to show itself in his job. Increasingly, he was allocated less responsible tasks, and even then someone usually checked his work. Recently, he had been more or less demoted to the role of errand boy. He trotted around the store, doing everyone’s bidding. He had his breaks with the checkout girls and had become used to sitting in the lunchroom with them as they chatted. For their part, the girls considered Bob one of themselves. They even joked about how well he fitted in, and in fact, sitting around the big table in the lunchroom, it was hard to tell at a glance that Bob, with his long hair, as Kate liked it, and in the ponytail she pulled it into every morning, wasn’t indeed a rather pretty young woman. He was the only male in the store who wore over his clothing one of the red tops all the women wore. He was often listed as Bobbi in store communications. Bob had objected in his mild way once or twice, so he gave up protesting and even answered uncomplainingly to Bobbi, the girls’ nickname for him.

Bob wasn’t unaware of his position in the store’s hierarchy, and began to worry about why he wasn’t able to make headway against all the stronger personalities around him. He longed for simpler times – in a general way, without knowing what those simpler times might entail. He realized that he didn’t really enjoy life, rather, he just lived it.

There were some high spots for him. He enjoyed sorting things – physically putting things in different piles and whatever order was required. But those tasks never lasted, and it was back to running errands. He actually preferred working for the women in his workplace. He had to look up at them when they spoke to him, but they seemed gentler on him and less intimidating than some of the big jocks who shoved him around. Bob was now 25, and his life didn’t seem to be going anywhere in particular.

His favourite at work was Mary Jenkins, who often smiled at him and always had a kind word.

“That wife of yours needs a baby to look after,” Mrs Jenkins had said after she had watched Bob as a took a call at work from Kate.

'Yes Kate… no… yes… okay… yes… I love you too… bye," comprised Bob’s side of the conversation.

“She can’t spend her time looking after you, no matter how sweet you are,” Mrs Jenkins told Bob. “Why don’t you try for one?”

Bob couldn’t tell Mary that Kate’s opinion of Bob’s capacity for procreation was very low, and that their sex life consisted basically of Bob giving his wife oral sex, and sucking on her glorious breasts. Kate often told Bob that one daughter was enough, and that she was glad Bob didn’t want a child of his own, not that Bob had ever said anything about that.

That night, Bob had dreamed of having a baby in the house. It was a confusing dream, with Bob not quite sure of his viewpoint during it. He had forgotten the details of the dream when he woke up, or more correctly was woken up by his angry wife. He had wet the bed.

Sue, already up and back from her morning run, heard the commotion and watched as Bob shame-facedly carried the bundle of wet bedclothes into the laundry. She gave her stepfather a withering look as only 15 year old girls can.

It happened again two nights later, with no dreams about babies, and Bob was terrified that his old problem had returned. Bob had been held back for a year from starting school because he was still in diapers. Even when he did eventually start at infant school, he had regular accidents there, earning himself the unloved nickname Baby Bobby. He was still wetting at night until he was Sue’s age, with his mother pinning him into a bulky terry diaper, for economy, with plastic plants over them. Sleepovers with friends were definitely out for Bob.

There was no recurrence of wetting the marital bed until a few months after Sue had turned 16 and Kate had supplemented her daughter’s savings and helped her buy a car. Bob’s job was on a bus route, and Kate had decided that they didn’t need his car, and in truth, they found Kate’s SUV quite adequate. Kate was out and Bob had once again had to ask Sue for a ride to the hardware shop for some woodwork he was attempting in his shed. Sue was about to go to her regular gym workout, and stood unsmiling in her spandex bodysuit as Bob made his appeal. She turned him down with a few short words as she often did, and on this occasion Bob felt particularly hard done by. He complained to Kate, who supported her daughter, saying that Sue was a busy person and didn’t have time to drive around at Bob’s pleasure. Bob had had a difficult day at work, managing to mix up the messages he was running for some of the checkout girls, and they had been quite angry with him.

Now both Kate and Sue were dismissing his legitimate needs. He went to bed upset that he couldn’t have his own car, and that he was so dependent on everyone. He felt small and insignificant.

That night, Bob soaked the bed again, in the morning as he headed to the laundry, he ran into Sue who took one look at the bundle of wet bedding and remarked that she hadn’t wet the bed since she was four. Bob had no answer, but bit his lip as he packed the sodden sheets and his pyjamas into the washer. His stepdaughter had a solid part time job and was doing well in her studies. She had lots of friends and drove her own car. No-one pushed her around. Bob was struggling at his simple job, and relied on his Kate, and now Sue, for transport. He even had to be on his best behavior and ask them nicely for even that small favour.

“Sue is a woman now,” Kate had said. “She has her life to lead and can’t be running around for you all the time.”

She’d never told him he was a man. Bob closed the washer door and reached down, feeling his genitals through the track pants Kate had given him to put on. Even to his small hand, there wasn’t much to feel. Bob blinked and realized that he was crying.

It was a Saturday and after Kate and Sue had left the house on their various business, Bob unloaded the washer and hung out the contents as asked. Both women had had washing in the machine when the sheets went in, and Bob felt a familiar wave of despair wash over him as he hung out their garments with his own. Kate and Sue’s jeans were inches longer than his small pair, and even their underwear was several sizes bigger. Bob looked at his little briefs hanging between the larger ‘smalls’ of his lofty wife and her tall daughter, and felt more than ever the baby of the family. Anyone looking at the washing on the line would think by the comparative sizes of the clothing that there were two adults and a child living in the house. Furtively, he looked at the tag in Sue’s bra as he pinned it to the line. 38C. It was almost as big as Kate’s, which he knew was 38D. Bob’s feelings of misery were accompanied by a small spurt of pee into his underpants. That had been happening recently when he was distressed or under pressure. Bob felt his crotch, and discovered that this time, the wetness had soaked through to his track pants. He pulled them down to make them a bit looser, and hoped they would dry before the women came home. He didn’t dare change his clothes – he was sure to be asked why. He thought of the way Sue’s gym suit hugged the feminine bulge of her crotch. Clearly, she had no worries about wet patches.

With a thick feeling in his throat, Bob retreated inside and picked up the newspaper. It seemed to be full of the doings of people who did more important things than running errands for checkout girls. Boring, he decided, and turned to the cartoons. At least they were interesting, and they cheered him up a bit. He was sorry when he had read the last one that there were no more, then remembered a book in the bookcase nearby. It didn’t take long to find it – an old large format Disney book that he’d been given for a youthful birthday.

For the next half hour, Bob sat happily reading. It was much easier to read than the newspaper, with big print, simple words and of course, pictures to illustrate the talk bubbles. Bob found that he remembered some of the stories, and they were still just as funny. He was soon engrossed in the adventures of Donald Duck and his nephews, and forgot for the moment his concerns about being the child of the family.

While reading, he had felt a twinge in his groin, and had got up to go the the bathroom. As he stood up0-, he realised that his need to pee was more urgent than he had thought, and he had to run to the bathroom. He made it just in time, tearing down his track pants and his underpants in one move and having to squeeze his penis as he pointed it towards the toilet bowl. Relieved not only physically but that he had not wet himself, Bob waggled his little penis dry and returned to his reading, to hear after a minute or two the sound of a car arriving outside, and people’s voices. He heard his wife, and the voices of some children. Who had she brought with her, he wondered.

The front door opened and Kate walked in with her friend Stella and Stella’s two children, Mark and Sally. Bob closed his book and stood up, confident that his pants had dried enough for the dampness not to be noticeable.

‘H darling, you know Stella, and Mark and Sally,’ Kate said. ‘And can you help me with some things from the car?’

‘Hi guys,’ Bob said as he headed outside.

Kate opened the rear door of the SUV, exposing a couple of cardboard boxes. Bob leaned into the car and pulled towards him a large box. It was quite heavy.

‘Not that one, honey, it’s too heavy,’ said Kate. ‘Here’s one for you.’

Kate gave Bob a much smaller box, while she effortlessly lifted the larger box and followed Bob back into the house.

He put the carton down where Kate indicated.

‘Coffee, Stell?’ asked Kate.

‘Thanks Kate, I could kill for one,’ replied Stella.

‘And I’ve got some lemonade for you kids,’ said Kate.

‘Yummy,’ said Sally, a bright seven year old. Her brother, eight, grinned his thanks and they waited expectantly.

Stella joined Kate I the kitchen.

‘Thanks for helping out,’ Stella said. ‘I’m at a bit of an impasse with this marketing thing, and I could really use another opinion.’

‘Bugs Bunny!’ Sally called excitedly, discovering Bob’s book on the sofa.

‘Oh, that old book of Bob’s,’ Kate responded with a smile. ‘What’s that doing out?’

‘I was reading it,’ said Bob. ‘It’s really quite funny. Bugs sends them to Uncle Scrooge, but he doesn’t know he has…’ began Bob enthusiastically.

‘OK, honey,’ interrupted Kate, ‘But Stell and I have to talk about some business. Why don’t you show the kids your old Legos? The box is in the study. I was cleaning out the cupboard yesterday and was going to put it in the garage. You can spread them out on the floor there, but remember to tidy up.’

‘Can’t I stay here with you?’ asked Bob.

‘Honey it’s just two… two people talking about boring business. Go and show Mark and Sally some of the things you used to make,’ Kate said.

Bob new an order when he heard one. He turned to go, then paused.

‘Can I have a coffee?’ he asked.

‘Honey I’ve already got a drink for you,’ Kate said, handing Bob one of three big glasses of lemonade she had just poured.

Mark and Sally happily lined up for their drinks.

‘There you are,’ said Kate giving the pair the glasses. ‘Off you go.’

Bob led the two to the study. ‘Remember kids, tidy up,’ Kate called after them as they went. ‘No mess!’

‘We’ll be tidy Mrs Johnson!’ Mark replied before the trio went through the door out of the room.

Bob winced at the minor irritation of Mark using Kate’s maiden name. Where had he heard that, Bob wondered. Bob was Bob Wood, and Kate was Mrs Wood, although she practised the business she had started before marriage under her maiden name. Bob was also annoyed that he wasn’t allowed coffee and had to have lemonade like Mark and Sally, but on the other hand he had to admit that he was looking forward to getting out his Legos. He hadn’t played with them for years. Not that he’d be playing. He’d just show these kids what to do. He was actually glad that he didn’t have to sit and listen to Kate and Stella, who hear could hear talking earnestly in the background. Kate was right – as she usually was: it was just two people talking about boring business.

It turned out Mark had some good ideas for building with Lego, including some which Bob could not remember using himself. Even Sally was useful, finding just the piece the boys needed as he and Mark showed off their skills to each other. Mark was building a lighthouse, while Bob was engrossed in constructing his ‘Bugs Bunny’ house. He even made a carrot patch out the front, and was trying to make a giant orange carrot, a task which defeated him, until Mark showed him how to make a realistic cylinder out of different sized Lego bricks. Bob was impressed, and once he’d finished his house, he set to work making another big carrot. It was fun, and Bob ignored the slight twinge from between his legs. He flexed his thigh muscles and changed position as he sat on the big rug. He would go to the bathroom when he had finished his carrot.

‘Why have you got a ponytail?’ Sally asked suddenly.

‘Er, it’s how Kate does it,’ Bab answered.

‘I do my own hair,’ Sally told him proudly. ‘Do you like ponytails?’

‘I dunno,’ said Bob. ‘They’re OK.’

‘I think it’s girly,’ said Mark.

Bob just grunted, and reached for another orange brick. As he did so, he felt a warmth spreading around his crotch, and stopped in mid reach. He tried to stop the flow, but by the time he had, the damage was done. Sally saw what had happened.

‘You wet your pants,’ she said quite loudly.

Bob looked down. It was far worse than he expected. The whole front of his track pants was dark blue with pee, and he was sitting in a puddle. Mark looked on, somewhat surprised.

Bob didn’t know what to do. His first thought was that he could run to the bedroom and get changed, but that wouldn’t alter what had happened. What would Kate say, he thought.

‘I’m telling your mummy!’ announced Sally as she stood up. Bob caught his breath, held it for a moment, then began to sob, much as he tried not to.

Sally sprinted from the room.

‘You’re really wet,’ said Mark. ‘Why didn’t you go and pee?’

Kate and Stella looked up as Sally burst into the room.

‘Bobby’s wet his pants!’ she said. ‘I think he’s crying.’

Stella raised her eyebrows and looked at Kate. Kate got up immediately and went to the study.

She found Bob sitting on the floor, surrounded by the Legos. He was certainly crying. Mark was sitting next to him.

‘He just peed everywhere,’ said Mark.

‘It’s OK, Mark, he’s just had an accident. Come on Bob,’ she said, helping Bob to his feet. ‘Let’s get you sorted out.’

Kate didn’t say much as she stood Bob in the bathroom and took down his wet pants and undies. She turned on the shower and guided him in, then helped him dry.

Now dry, Bob stood shivering while Kate opened the cupboard in the bathroom and rummaged around for a moment. She emerged with a thick white object in her hand, which she opened out. Bob wasn’t sure what it was, but soon realized what it was for. It was a kind of padded panty with a wide elasticated top. He sure as hell didn’t want to wear it, and struggled to get away from Kate.

Kate gripped his arm.

‘Now Bob, I don’t want you to fuss about this. We’ll talk about it later. Leg in here please,’ she said, holding a leg opening up.

Bob knew better than to argue. At least he had stopped crying, and Kate wasn’t actually cross, he didn’t think. Tentatively, he poked his foot into the opening, and Kate kissed him on the forehead and pulled the panty up his leg to the knee.

‘Good boy,’ she said. ‘Now the other leg.’

Bob put his other leg into the strange feeling panty and let Kate tug the garment up snug around his waist. She reached into the front of the panty and pushed his little penis downwards, then gave the panty another tug and turned him around to inspect her work.

‘All done,’ she said. ‘I know it will feel funny, but you’ll be safe now. No more accidents.’

Bob looked up at her in some distress.

‘I didn’t mean to,’ he said.

‘I know, honey. It was just an accident. You can go back and play with the others now,’ she said kindly.

Kate kissed him again on the forehead, and patted him gently on the rump.

Bob wasn’t sure what to do. It didn’t matter, as Kate guided him back into the study, where Mark and Sally had resumed their Lego building.

Bob sat silently on the rug. He wasn’t sure if he felt like going on with his carrot.

Sally studied Bob’s dry track pants closely.

‘Did she put your diaper on?’ asked Sally. ‘I can hear it.’

Bob just nodded, and stared at the half built Lego carrot.

‘So what, Sal,’ Mark said. ‘You wear a diaper every night.’

‘Shut up, Mark!’ objected Sally. ‘I’ve been dry for, for three nights. I bet you used to wet your pants!’

‘Not when I was seven,’ said Mark. ‘And you’re nearly eight.’

‘Shut up and I don’t care!’ said Sally with vigour. ‘Bobby, here’s another piece for your carrot.’

Sally handed Bob the half block he needed. Bob took it silently and pressed it in place. He decided to concentrate on finishing it and ignored the other two.

In the other room, the women heard the raised voices and Stella began to get up to investigate. Kate shook her head and put her hand on Stella’s forearm. Stella sat and looked at Kate, who said quietly, ‘They’ll work it out.’

Stella shrugged and resumed her seat. The raised voices quietened down, and Stella and Kate resumed their discussion.

The trio in the study, with the exception of Bob, soon moved on too. After all, someone wetting their pants and having to be changed wasn’t unheard among Mark and Sally’s acquaintances. And Bobby was only a bit bigger than Mark, Sally thought. So maybe he did still need diapers. After all, his mummy had some ready to put him into. Sally felt quite pleased. He probably still wet the bed, just like her. So Mark could just shut up.

The incident did change the children’s opinion of Bob’s status in their pecking order. He wasn’t just a big boy playing with Legos, he really was like them. Even littler, probably, despite his size, if he was still in diapers. And that was a pretty cool carrot he was making.

Subconsciously, the two children became even more accepting and inclusive of their new friend. So what if he wet his pants? Plenty of kids still did that.

So play resumed, with a lot of chatter and giggling.

A while later, Kate and Stella had resolved Stella’s marketing troubles, and the women went to the study to wind up operations there. They were pleased to see the three playing so happily together, and Kate squatted down to pull up the back of Bob’s track pants from which a couple of inches of the top of his pullup was showing, not that it bothered his playmates. Kate was especially pleased to see Bob so happy, considering his incongruous surroundings.

Sally looked up with a grin.

‘Bobby made carrots!’ she said excitedly.

‘I showed him how to do it,’ grumbled Mark.

Stella smiled down at the three.

‘Don’t be grumpy, Mark. They’re lovely carrots, Bobby,’ she said with a smirk at Kate. ‘And what’s this little house?’

‘That’s Bugs Bunny’s house,’ said Bob proudly. ‘It’s got a chimney, too,’ he added, indicating the little stack of red blocks on the roof.

‘For winter, when Bugs and Mrs Bunny sit by the fire,’ said Sally.

‘I could make a fireplace in there!’ said Bob, and began to look around for likely components.

‘Whoa!’ said Kate. ‘It’s time to pack up now, Mark and Sally have to go home.’

There was a joint groan from the floor. Kate wasn’t really surprised to see Bob joining in.

‘Come on kids, tidy up for Kate please,’ said Stella. ‘Five minutes. Come on, chop chop!’

Reluctantly, the builders began to put the Lego away.

A few minutes later, Mark and Sally emerged from the study, followed by Bob. Soon everyone was standing at the door saying their goodbyes.

‘Bye, Bobby!’ said Sally. ‘I like your ponytail. It’s cool, even if it does make you look like a girl.’

Bob giggled. Secretly, he liked it too. He liked the way Kate brushed his hair in the morning , and the feel of her pulling his hair together to put it in the rubber band.

Once Kate and the children had left, Kate and Bob sat in the living room.

‘That was fun, wasn’t it?’ asked Kate.

‘Except I had an accident,’ said Bob, looking back on the afternoon.

‘Oh, honey,’ said Kate. ‘That’s not really a big deal. How’s your pullup anyway, sweetie?’

‘My what?’ replied Bob.

‘Your pullup. That’s what you’re wearing. It’s just underpants with a bit of padding,’ she explained.

‘Oh,’ said Bob. ‘It’s OK.’

‘What do you mean, OK?’ said Kate. ‘Let’s have a look.’

‘Kate!’ objected Bob as Kate stood him up and poked her hand down the front of Bob’s track pants.

‘You’re a bit wet again, honey,’ said Kate. ‘Did that happen while you were playing?’

‘I dunno,’ said Bob, not looking at her. ‘I wasn’t playing anyway, I was showing them what to do.’

Bob felt confused. He had an odd feeling that he had just travelled backwards in time, and now he was back in the present. Yet he was wearing these padded pants. He was 25 and he worked at a supermarket, but he had just wet his pants while he was on the floor, not actually playing, but with a couple of kids and Legos. His head began to swim a little.

‘Bob, there’s something I want to talk to you about. Let’s go into the bedroom,’ Kate said, leading Bob out of the living room.

‘What do you want to talk about?’ he asked.

‘Some important things, Bob. You’ll see,’ said Kate. ‘Just sit on the bed for a minute.’

Bob sat, wondering what important things Kate wanted to talk about, and why in the bedroom.

Kate went to the chest of drawers, and took something from a drawer. Then she bent down and took from a basket on the floor a handful of what looked like underpants.

‘Bob.’ She began, ‘I know you’re under pressure at work.’

Bob was taken aback.

‘How, how do you know that?’ he asked.

‘Bob, I know Mary Jenkins quite well,’ she said. ‘I have coffee with her every few weeks. She’s the reason you’re still at the supermarket.’

Bob stared at his wife. This was news to him.

‘When you were dropped from the management trainee program, it was Mary who suggested that you become the new office ju… office helper to keep things running smoothly,’ she said. ‘You replaced Jenny, do you remember her?’

‘The work experience girl?’ said Bob, surprised. ‘But my job is more than that. I go into the manager’s office and everything. I take, I take all the, all the till rolls…’

Kate could see that Bob’s eyes were starting to water, and he was starting to catch his breath as he spoke. She knew what was coming next and she put her arm around her poor husband and her heart went out to him as he tried to defend the value of his job. He wasn’t just struggling with the job of office junior, which was the actual description of his job, he was struggling with being an adult. Kate thought how genuinely happy he had been playing with Stella’s children, and how he seemed to bloom in the unthreatening, undemanding company of the two kids. He really needed her help, Kate knew.

Some months before, when Bob’s bedwetting had started, Kate had managed to get Bob to see a friend of hers, a paediatric psychologist who, on a dinner visit to Kate and Bob’s, had afterwards expressed her concerns to Kate. She felt that Bob’s responses were ‘compromised in certain ways’ and went on to explain that she thought he may be having a kind of slow breakdown, quite rare, but clearly evidenced by some of Bob’s words and actions. Even allowing for the unusual inequality of the power relationship within the marriage, which itself wasn’t unusual at all, Kate’s friend Julie had said, Bob seemed to be, to put it bluntly, Julie had said, regressing. The bedwetting episodes were part of that, Julie said, and the troubles and lack of progress at work. People tended to treat people as they acted, and while Bob was doing his best to fight against it, he was not succeeding, and often projected a persona that was quite obviously at odds with his chronological age. At these times, his subconscious would overpower his conscious will, and it would appear that he had ‘given in’ to some bizarre impulse, whereas in fact, his adult personality had been pushed by various factors into the background, and the younger Bob within had emerged.

‘How horrible,’ Kate had said at the time, although even then she had felt a strange tremor of delight that Bob might eventually become little Bobby, fully dependent on her; the baby in diapers she had not been able to conceive with him. However, the thought was so weird and alien, that she had tried to banish it whenever it recurred, but it kept coming back. Sometimes it felt as if she and Bob were in a vortex, both approaching, willingly or unwillingly, the same fate from different angles, and neither able to stop what was happening.

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Kate and Bobbi Chapter 2

Kate stroked Bob’s silky hair as she consoled him, eventually guiding him back to sit on the end of the bed. She put her handful of underpants on the bedspread next to Bob and picked a pair from the pile. They were the full cut white fly style that Kate usually bought for Bob.

‘Honey,’ Kate said, ‘do you know what these are?’

Bob was confused.

‘They’re my underpants, Kate. Why have you got them? I thought I was running short. What have you got them for?’ Bob asked.

‘Bob, I’ve got a whole week of your underpants from the wash. I want to show you something. This is Monday’s pair. I want you to look at the front of them,’ Kate said, holding Bob’s questioning gaze.

‘Tell me what you see on the front of these undies, Bob!’ Kate said.

Bob swallowed hard, and flushed a little as he realised what this was about. As Kate spread the front of the underpants in front of Bob, he realised that there was only one answer he could give.

‘I, erm, I wet a bit on Monday, I think. Just a bit,’ he said quietly, looking at Kate’s shoes.

'Bob,'Kate said severely, ‘Look at me when I’m talking to you please. Bob, I have more of your underpants here. And not only is this mark urine, but all theses rings are,’ she said, spreading the fabric still more to show several concentric rings of greyish-yellow discolouration.

Bob looked at her, feeling quite frightened about what Kate was going to say next.

'Bob, I know you try your best, but you just aren’t handling your toileting very well. Do you go to the bathroom often enough at work?

Bob nodded his head miserably

‘Speak, please,’ Kate ordered him.

‘Yes,’ Bob squeaked.

'Well that’s not what it looks like. Bob, every single pair of your underpants from last week has been wet. Quite wet. If you didn’t wear black pants at work, I think you would have been running around with a big wet patch for everyone to see. Bob, you’re setting the bed, and we’re managing that, but now you are having serious trouble in the daytime as well. That’s obvious from these

But that’s only half the reason I wanted to have this talk. I want to ask you about these,’ Kate said, holding up a stiff, crumpled mass of fabric. ‘Bob, I found these behind the cupboard in the bathroom. They must have been there at least a fortnight, because I remember washing these jeans just after hour training class graduation. I want you to tell me the truth about why they were stuffed, stained, and smelly, behind the bathroom cupboard.’

Kate was standing up now. Bob looked up at her strong thighs, encased in dark blue denim. The denim hugged the swell of her crotch, with the yellow stitched seam pulling slightly up to divide her vulva with a small valley of denim. Bob knew that beneath the denim were the thinnest of underpants. If Kate peed a drop in her pants it would show. And he was damp nearly all the time. It wasn’t fair, Bob thought, and felt the tears fixing yet again.

‘Well, Bob? I’m really cross about this. Not only are these jeans ruined, but you have deliberately tried to deceive me. Is this what you do at work, Bob? Do you try to lie go the other girls? Because that’s what deception is, Bob, it’s lying. And I will not have you lying to me,’ Kate said.

Kate hated lying, and was making herself even angrier by talking about it.

‘I wet myself!’ Bob said frantically. 'I did and I couldn’t help it. We got home from the shops and I had to carry the box in and you kept talking to me and then I tried to get to the bathroom and I took them off and put them there because I didn’t want to tell you and I had a shower and put my towel on and said I wasn’t feeling well and went to bed and you came in and put my diaper on and I’m not a girl, Kate you said I was a girl…

Bob finished his epic sentence and sat sniffling quietly.

‘Bob,’ said Kate, ‘I didn’t mean to call you a girl but I am still very cross that you tried to trick me.’

Kate knew what she had in mind, and squirmed slightly at the thought. She became aware of a feeling in her crotch, and squeezed her thigh muscles hard. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning aloud. She knew she was taking advantage of the situation for her own purposes but didn’t care. Bob still had to be taught his lesson about lying.

Bob was sitting very quietly. He mumbled something at Kate’s apology and stared at the floor, anywhere but at the yellowed undies laid out on the bedspread, or at the dried clump of clothing on Kate’s knees.

‘Bob,’ said Kate, ‘Wetting your pants during the day is a very childish thing to do, but I know you can’t help it at the moment, but lying to, to me, is also very childish. And trying to trick me is not only childish and silly, but wrong. So I’m going to help you remember not to do it ever again. I know you forget things, Bob, but I don’t want you to foget this.’

Kate bent over to pull Bob to a standing position. She yanked his track pants to his knees and in one powerful move, she sat and pulled his bare bottom across her knees.

‘No! Please!’ shouted Bob as he realised what was happening. He hadn’t been spanked since he was about 12. Now he was about to be spanked by his wife.

Kate’s strong hand came down hard on her husband’s pale cheeks. After two or three more blows, Bob was crying lustily.

Kate felt him peeing on her legs after a couple more solid slaps, but she knew that she was wet enough herself to have to wash her jeans and panties anyway. Now she would have to wash the rug at the foot of the bed, too.

After a round dozen hard spanks, Kate let Bob up. He flopped onto the bed and howled his eyes out for the next fiftenn minutes.

When he had recivered, and Kate had attended to the washing, she walked back into the room, carrying a bulging shopping bag. She had had a quick shower, and had rubbed herself to another massive orgasm. The first she had had after about spank five. She was too elated to worry that she might be a closet sadist, or at best, kinky. She was focused on dealing with her immature little husband.

‘Honey, I know it was painful, but you needed to learn a lesson, and smacking you was the best way to teach it,’ Kate said.

Bob stayed face down on the bed, but at least he stopped crying as Kate spoke.

‘So, sweetheart, we’re going to try you in daytime pull-ups for a while. You’re ruining your undies, and I think that pull-ups might be just what you need. You can relax a little bit and not worry about hiding things from me. If you wet, I want you to come and tell me, and I’ll change you. No more wet undies, honey, so sit up, and I’ll put these on you.’

And so life went on in Kate’s household.

Stella continued to visit, and her children enjoyed their interludes with Bobby, as they called the big boy who joined in their games. Bob had continued to have daytime wetting accidents. He explained to Kate that the need to go to the toilet came on quite rapidly sometimes, and he had no time to reach the bathroom before he started wetting, and once started, he found it hard to stop. At other times, he wouldn’t even notice until he felt his warm pee flooding his crotch.

At first, Bob objected to wearing pull-ups during the day, but soon saw the sense of it. He began wearing pull-ups to work as well, and Kate had arranged for Mary to be his ‘mum’ at work, as Mary called it, and would help him when he needed it with dry pull-ups from the supply Kate gave her. Bob got over his shyness about standing in front of Mary half naked with his little penis in full view. Mary was kind and gentle with him, and he responded to her care by putting himself completely under her control at those times. Mary felt sorry for Bob, and wondered how he and Kate got on with Bob having such a soft little willy. Even his testicles were small, Mary noticed, just a little pink bulge under the short, finger-sized penis that rested on top.

For his part, Bob was continuing to have troubles with his job. He wasn’t lazy or deliberately neglectful, but Mary could see that if he were overloaded with instructions, he would manage the first couple of things, but would have difficulty remembering the others. He was increasingly being reprimanded by his superiors, and if he weren’t such a little cutie in his store top - the smallest among all the girls who wore them - even the checkout girls would have complained when he failed to carry out their wishes.

Things at work came to a head a week after a new store-wide change of unform for ‘junior female staff’. It seemed automatic that Bob be included in the change. He wasn’t female obviously, but his job was invariably performed by the junior female, usually someone working her way up to being a fully-fledged checkout girl. So Bob handed in his red top and was given a new top, still red, but with his name embroidered in an attractive cursive script on the left breast. Some sort of communication error meant that his name appeared as ‘Bobbi’. There were new pants too, snug-fitting red cotton pants with a side zip. Some of the chubbier girls complained that the pants made their tummies too noticeable, but in Bob’s case the smooth front, stretching over his pull-up under which his downward-pointing penis was barely noticeable anyway, gave him a crotch indistinguishable from any of the girls who wore the same uniform. Bob was carrying a little extra weight anyway, and his soft features and beautiful hair in its rubber-banded ponytail did nothing to dispel the impression that he was a girl like his co-workers. He began to dislike using the men’s bathroom and on the occasions he did use it, he would always sit in a cubicle to pee. He had no choice, really. His new pants didn’t allow peeing standing at a urinal. By the end of the week, the supervisors who had been addressing the girls as ‘girls and Bob’ began to just say ‘girls’. Bob was too embarrassed to correct them, and as was his way, he simply accepted it.

The following week, Bob had become quite confused with a change in his normal routine, and had left a box of till rolls recording the afternoon’s trade at several of the checkouts on a cabinet after Mary had stopped him to ask if he needed his usual afternoon change. The result was a recount of all the tills, and the manager was furious with Bob. Mary found him sobbing in the lunch room. He was so wet that his pull-up had leaked badly, and he had soiled himself. Mary took the afternoon off and took him home, sitting on a towel in her car. Bob calmed down during the trip, when Mary asked him why hadn’t admitted that he needed a change when she had asked him, he explained that it was Kate’s birthday, and that for once he wanted to be grown up enough not to need Mary to change him at work, and to arrive home without needing anyone’s help all day. He showed Mary the bracelet he had bought for Kate with money he had saved from his quite meagre wage. Mary felt close to tears when she read the words on the little plate on the simple bracelet: ‘I love you’.

The band on Bob’s ponytail had slipped down, so ?Mary took it off entirely. She was a little shocked at the result. With his blonde hair now falling over his shoulders and framing his pale, round face, Bob looked almost beautiful, certainly very pretty, even for a girl. Mary wondered how much different, how much better his life would have been if he really were the pretty young girl he now appeared to be. And if she weren’t in pull-ups, Mary added to herself.

‘Mary, I need to pee again,’ said Bob quietly.

Mary looked across at him. He really did look unhappy.

‘Just hold on until we get you home, hon,’ she said. ‘It’s only a few minutes away now.’

Bob nodded, and ?Mary sensed the battle he was having.

‘Hon, it’s ok if you go in your pull-ups. And you’re on a towel. It’ll be ok,’ she said.

Bob nodded again, and brushed the hair from his face.

There was a roadblock on the way to Kate’s house due to what appeared to be a burst water main. Mary slowed and a burly utility worker approached the car. Mary wound down the passenger side window, and the man leant down, placing his big gloved hand on the roof above the window.

‘Sorry, lady, this street’s blocked, as you can see. So is Saratoga Avenue a bit further down,’ he said. ‘Hiya, miss,’ he added as Bob glanced up at him.

‘Where are you headed?’ he asked Mary.

‘Pine Boulevard,’ said Mary.

She heard Bob catch his breath, stifling a sob.

‘Is she ok?’ asked the man with some concern, looking at the pretty young girl in the passenger seat and noticing her soaked crotch.

‘She, she’s not very well,’ Mary said. ‘I’m taking her home to her mum.’

‘Sorry to hear that,’ the big man said. ‘Lady, the quickest way to Pine for you is to go back to Arlington, up onto the freeway, then off at the next exit and come back onto Pine. Hey Bobbi,’ he said, reading Bob’s embroidered name. ‘I’m sure you’ll be OK. First job is it? My girl works at the supermarket too. Ellie. You probably know her. Part-time on the checkout, Friday nights and weekends. I’ll tell her I saw you. You take care, eh, sweet pea?’

‘I will, thanks,’ Bob managed.

Mary was proud of him.

Bob knew Ellie. She came to their training sessions, and at the last end of course party, she had been one of the girls who had made Bob up for the beauty parade, in which he had come second. The judge, the area manager for the stores who had attended the ‘graduation’, hadn’t seemed to realise even as he awarded Bob his ribbon, that the pretty young second place getter was actually a boy, not to mention a man of 25.

Bob was quiet for the rest of the way, and only collapsed crying into Kate’s arms after Mary had gone.

‘Katie, what’s happening to me?’ he managed between heavy sobs.

Kate had no answer, and just hugged him closer.

It was the first time Bob had messed his pull-up, and after Kate had cleaned him up and changed him, just in case, into one of his new night time diapers and plastic pants and pulled his track pants over their bulk, she settled Bob in front of one of his favourite cartoon shows on TV and rang her psychologist friend Julie from the privacy of the bedroom.

‘The poor thing,’ said Julie when Kate had told her what had happened. ‘I’ve got a couple of urology referrals on Wednesday afternoon. You could bring him in after them, at about 3,’ Julie said. ‘Will he be working?’

‘I don’t know, Julie,’ Kate said. ‘One of the staff brought him home, bless her, and she’s going to call me tomorrow about Bob’s future there. It’s not just what happened today. He’s been having a hard time there for a while. The other, I mean his workmates have been really good looking out for him, but it really has been a tough time for him.’

‘Poor thing,’ Julie said. ‘It’ll work out, I suppose. So I’ll see you on Wednesday, then.’

‘Yup, see you then,’ said Kate and hung up.

To be continued.

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Another amazing story SallyKat. Thanks for taking the time to write.

Re: Kate and Bobbi


Re: Kate and Bobbi

Yes… Thank you Miss Sally. We understand that you are busy with work, and it is very kind and generous for you to share a new story with us.

I do like this one, it seems very plausible, in a real world sense… And as always, I love the sense of emotion that you convey in your writing.

Bless your heart and please be well.

Kate and Bobbi

Kate and Bobbi. Chapter 3

Sue arrived home after her lacrosse practice. She leant her stick and sports bag in the corner of the hallway.

‘Hi mum!’ she called, and went straight to the kitchen, where she found Bob making himself a milk drink.

Bob’s diaper, bulging under his track pants, was more than obvious.

‘Have you got a diaper on?’ Sue asked him.

‘Yep,’ Bob answered, trying to finish making his drinks quickly as he could and leave the kitchen.

‘Are you sick or something?’ Sue continued.

‘No,’ said Bob in a strangled sort of voice, and grasping his drink walked quickly from the kitchen.

Sue watched his puffy bottom as he waddled out. His hair was down, and his extra-plump rear gave the impression of girlish hips. Sue stood for a moment, blinking after the strange sight. She spread and bent her knees slightly, and pulled at the tight spandex at her crotch beneath her vestigial pleated skirt. It always rode up when she was driving.

Sue got herself a glass of water and wandered off to find Kate, passing Bob on the way. He was already engrossed in the cartoon he was watching.

Sue found Kate in her study, working at her computer.

‘What’s going on with Bob, mum? He’s in a diaper,’ she said.

Kate turned to look at her daughter.

‘He had a tough time at work today, Sue,’ she said. ‘I won’t go into it, but I want you to be gentle with him until he’s settled a bit. OK, honey?’

‘Sure mum, but why the diaper?’ Sue asked, taking a sip of her water. ‘Did he ask for it? Did he wet himself at work or something?’

‘Sue, I said I won’t go into it,’ Kate said. ‘He’ll be wearing a diaper in the house for a little while, and I want you to be considerate of him. I don’t think he’ll be going to work tomorrow, by the way, and I’d like you to be here with him. It’s your day off from college tomorrow, isn’t it? At least for the morning, until I get home.’

Sue put her glass down on Kate’s cluttered desk,

‘You mean babysit him? Babysit my 25 year old stepdad?’ Sue asked with surprise.

‘No,’ said Kate. ‘Not babysit. Just be around so that he’s not alone here. You can still get on with your stuff.’

‘Mum, Jen and I are going to a film with Pete and Dave tomorrow. What do I tell them? That I have to babysit?’

‘Sue, please stop using that word. Bob’s been under a lot of pressure. I’ve talked to Julie about it, and to Mary Jenkins from his work, and we think it’s best if he’s not alone. You can tell your friends Bob isn’t well,’ Kate said.

‘Well, he’s not well if he’s in a diaper, mum. Come on,’ said Sue.

‘Darling, you know he has some wetting problems. At night, and now during the day. It’s a big thing for him. I’m just asking you to help him. OK?’ Kate said.

Sue drained her glass.

‘I’ll do it, but I’m not changing him,’ she said.

‘I don’t think you’ll have to, honey,’ said Kate. 'I’ll be gone at 8 and back at 1.‘then you can go and do what you like.’

‘I said I’d do it, mum. So he’s really back in diapers,’ Sue said.

‘Yes, he is, for the time being,’ said Kate. ‘And thanks, honeybunch. Really. Now, how was lacrosse? Have you got that cross shot sorted?’

‘Mum, they haven’t got a chance,’ said Sue.

‘Good girl,’ said Kate. ‘I won a final with that shot.’

Sue grinned.

‘The older we get the better we were,’ she said, ‘but I’d get past you, even in your heyday.’

Kate laughed.

‘I’m not sure you would, honey,’ she said.

Then there was a call from the living room.


‘Sounds like your baby needs you, mummy,’ said Sue.

‘Sue,’ said Kate. ‘I asked you to be considerate!’

‘Whatever you say, mum,’ said Sue and sauntered off to the bathroom.

Kate found Bob standing awkwardly in front of the sofa.

‘What is it, honey,’ Kate asked him.

‘I think, I mean I…’ Bob looked as though he were going to cry. He put one small hand to his padded crotch and ineffectually tried to grasp the front of the thick diaper through the track pants.

‘Do you need a change?’ asked Kate.

‘I think so,’ said Bob unhappily.

‘Couldn’t you hold on to get to the bathroom?’ Kate asked, patting his crotch then putting her hand under his bottom, where she could feel the warm heaviness of the soaked diaper.

‘I didn’t know I had to go until… Until…’ he said quietly.

‘It’s OK, darling. That’s why you wearing something. Come on, I’ll fix you up,’ Kate said.

Bob held his hand out. Kate took it and led him past the closed door of the bathroom where Sue was and went to the main bedroom. She helped him pull his track pants over the bulky diaper and sat him on the bed.

‘Now lie back, sweetie. It’s just the reverse of what we did before, OK? That’s it. I’ll just pull these off, there we are, and now I’ll undo these tapes. That’s it.’

Kate pulled back the front of the diaper. It was completely soaked, and she let the heavy panel of gel flop onto the bed between Bob’s legs.

‘Now,’ she said. ‘Bottom up! That’s it.’

Kate pulled the diaper from under Bob’s buttocks and folding it on itself, put it to one side.

‘Stay there honey. You can put your bottom back down. I’m just getting another diaper,’ she said, going to the big plastic pack by the dresser, where she picked up a big squeeze container of baby powder.

‘OK, now, legs apart please,’ said Kate as she liberally dusted Bob’s genitals and crotch before patting it around.

‘Do I have to have that?’ complained Bob.

The babyish smell filled his nostrils, and he began to get that weird time travelling feeling again.

‘Yes, honey, unless you want to get a rash,’ Kate said, smiling at her husband.

He really did look cute, she thought. His pubic hair was very sparse, like all his body hair. You really couldn’t see it unless you looked. Kate had long ago accepted his small size. Not having a real baby made her sad sometimes, but she had had Sue, albeit when she was still very young herself, and she had other ways of satisfying herself. It was a pity, but she was finding, oddly, a strange sort of joy in looking after Bob like this. Bobby, she thought. My little blonde Bobbi.

Bob interrupted her thoughts.

‘Mummy,’ he said suddenly.

Kate wasn’t sure whether she’d imagined that or heard it. She snapped out of her reverie and looked down at Bob. A little rivulet of drool,was making its way from the corner of his mouth across his cheek.

‘What is it, honey?’ she asked.

‘Where’s Teddy?’ Bob asked, looking up at her with a faraway sort of look in his eyes.

Kate wiped the drool from his face with a corner of the new diaper she was holding.

‘Who, honey?’ she asked him.

‘Teddy,’ Bob said uncertainly.

His eyes seemed to focus again.

‘Who is Teddy?’ Kate asked, mystified.

‘I used to have a teddy,’ Bob said vaguely. ‘I used to have him… In the garage.’

Kate laughed.

‘Oh, that Teddy!’ she said. ‘I know the one. I think you’re a bit old for Teddy, aren’t you?’

‘Yeah,’ said Bob after a moment. ‘The girls gave me one. He’s at work. You could ask Mary… Kate, I have to talk to Mary. I only need pull-ups. I have to go to work.’

‘Shh, honey. I’ve talked to Mary. You don’t have to go to work for a little while. It’s OK. You can stay at home for a few days. Sue and I will look after you.’

Bob looked concerned.

‘Kate, don’t tell Sue I’m I’ve got these on. Don’t tell her!’ he said.

‘Bob,’ said Kate. Sue knows you’re having some problems. She cares about you, really she does, and she will be here when I’m not. I’m going to be working tomorrow morning, and Sue will be here. She wants to be here. And I’ll find Teddy if you like. Would you like that?’

‘It doesn’t matter,’ said Bob. ‘I won’t have an accident, so I’ll just need pull-ups.’

‘Honey, you’ll need these just for a little while, OK. And Sue understands all about it. Stop worrying, darling,’ Kate said, patting Bob on the side of his bottom.

Bob automatically raised himself off the bed so Kate could slide the diaper under him. Kate tugged and fastened the tapes, then stood Bob up to pull his plastic pants on.

Sue appeared in the doorway, a fluffy pink towel wrapped around her breasts and extending to her hips.
‘Oh, sorry,’ she said,mand began to back out again. Kate thought this was a good time to introduce her to Bob as his career for the next morning.

‘No, it’s OK Sue,’ Kate said. ‘Come in. I’m just changing Bob. In fact, can you help get his track pants on please? Here they are.’

Kate handed the pants to Sue, who gave her an odd look, then turned to Bob.

‘Well come on, mister,’ Sue said, holding the pants open and low. ‘First leg in!’

Kate smiled. She was a natural at this.

Bob put one hand on Sue’s shoulder and stepped into the open pants, then put the other leg in. At this point, Sue’s lightly knotted towel came undone, and fell to her waist where she held it with Bob’s body as she tugged his pants up.

‘Whoops!’ said Sue.

Bob’s face was inches from Sue’s hanging breasts, but he gave no indication of anything unusual.

Sue finished her task and hastily pulled the towel back up.

‘Sorry!’ said Sue, blushing.

‘Will you be here tomorrow, Sue?’ asked Bob, apparently oblivious to what had just happened.

‘Yes, hon, I will,’ she said.

Kate felt reassured that Kate would be an ideal sitter for Bob.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-3

Thank you, thank you, thank you for another chapter

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-3

Kate and Bobbi Chapter 4

The next morning, Kate changed Bob before she left for her work. Bob was soaked, as Kate had expected. He was wetting heavily every night now, and this morning, after Kate had explained to him that he would still have to be diapered for the day, Bob was quite happy for her to tape him into his diaper. Kate put him in a double diaper, with a soaker and some anti-rash ointment, just to be sure that Sue didn’t have to change him until Kate returned at lunch time.

‘These are big,’ Bob remarked as he waddled out of the bedroom after his change.

‘Yes, honey, they are a little bit thicker so that you’ll be comfortable all morning. I’ll change you when I get home, so that Sue doesn’t have to,’ she said.

Kate thought for a moment.

‘Would you mind if Sue changed you, honey?’ she asked Bob.

Bob put his thumb in his mouth, and looked back at Kate.

‘I don’t know,’ he said uncertainly. ‘She might see my wee wee.’

Kate wondered where he had got that term. She laughed at the sight of her husband, standing with his legs splayed to accommodate the bulk of his diaper. She hadn’t put his pants on yet, and with his tee shirt, plastic pants and his little thumb in his mouth, he looked exactly like a toddler, if slightly larger.

‘Oh, don’t worry, sweetie. Sue has babysat for years, and I’m sure she’s seen plenty of little boys’ wee wees. If she does have to change you, I want you to be good for her, OK? No fuss. And if you mess your diaper, she’ll change you straight away. OK honey?’ Kate said.

‘I’m not a little boy!’ Bob protested. ‘And I won’t mess. That was just an accident!’

‘I know it was honey. I’m sure you’ll be OK. Let’s get your pants on, and I’ll go to work,’ Kate said, picking up the track pants and holding them out for Bob.

Kate could feel the fuzzy feeling in her tummy beginning to make itself felt. She couldn’t resist indulging herself a little.

‘I’ve got an idea, sweetie. Why don’t you get out your Legos and make some more of those carrots. You were very clever to make them before, remember? Why not make a big one for Sue as a special present?’ she said.

Treating Bob like a four year old did wonderful things for Kate. It was a good substitute for morning sex, she thought. She tried to remember the last time she’d had sex in the morning, and decided that Bob actually owed her the pleasure she got from babying him. She smiled again.

‘I know,’ she said with a sparkle in her eyes, ‘Why don’t you ask Sue to get Teddy from the garage for you after I’ve gone? I’m sure she’d get him for you. He’s in the basket on top of the old wardrobe in there. Will you do that, honey?’

‘She’ll think I’m a baby, Kate,’ Bob said, but Kate thought she could see the excitement in Bob’s eyes.

‘No she won’t, honey. She’ll just think you’re being kind to Teddy. It must be very lonely out there for him. Wouldn’t it be a nice thing to bring him inside so he’s warm and happy?’ Kate said, wondering if Bob would simply tell her not to be silly.

Bob thought for a moment, then grinned at her.

‘OK,’ he said enthusiastically. ‘That’s a good idea!’

‘It is,’ agreed Kate. ‘Don’t forget, honey, will you.’

‘No, I won’t forget,’ said Bob as Kate leaned down to kiss him goodbye.

‘Have a good morning,’ she said, ‘And enjoy playing with your Legos,’ she added, but Bob had already waddled off towards the study where the Legos were.

Satisfied, at least that Bob was set for the morning, Kate went to the front door via Sue’s bedroom. Kate had heard the bathroom door open, and knew that Sue had finished her shower. Fragrant steam from the bathroom hung in the passageway to Sue’s bedroom, and Kate found Sue selecting a pair of panties for the day.

‘Hi mum,’ said Sue, facing her mother in all her naked glory.

Sue pulled up the pair of pink bikini briefs and settled them to her satisfaction over her bushy pubic mound. Neither mother nor daughter fancied shaved pubic hair, and other than a bikini line trim, both sported a luxuriant thatch between their legs. Sue put on her bra while her mother was talking, leaning forward to drop her breasts into the cups then inserting her fingers into the bra to adjust her breasts comfortably within the garment.

‘Sue,’ Kate said, ‘I really want to thank you for looking after Bob today. I know things are changing, but I know that you understand why. Julie said she had a long chat to you, so I think we both realise what Bob is going through, and how we can help him.’

Sue found a pair of pants she liked, and was shimmying them over her hips.

‘It’s pretty weird, though, isn’t it, mum,’ she said. ‘I mean, regressing like that. It’s like Benjamin Button. Except there are hormonal changes too, Julie said. Or endocrine imbalance or something. Have you noticed that his voice is changing too? It cracked the other day while he was talking, and it stayed up. He sounded like a little girl. He had to clear his throat about five times to get it back down again. It was funny. I’m not surprised he’s not a big hairy man. His balls are tiny, mum.’

‘Sue he can’t help what he is, or what’s happening. He gets quite distressed when he thinks about it. That’s why it’s good for us to protect him, to sort of help him stay within the shield he’s building around the problem,’ Kate said.

‘You mean turn him into a baby? Mum, he’s doing that all by himself.,’ Sue said. ‘At least he doesn’t argue with me any more. He’s quite nice to be with now, if a little young. I feel like his big sister.’

‘Sue, you don’t have to be his big sister,’ Kate said. ‘Just keep him comfortable and happy. But be a but firm in setting guidelines for him. He’s starting to need that a bit. I think that was some of the trouble at work. He was starting to lose the idea of what was important or not. That’s why he was forgetting things.’

‘Is he going back to work?’ Sue asked.

She had her jeans on unzipped, and had put on the light makeup she wore. She began tugging at the zipper of her jeans, and slid the zipper closed, then gently patted the front of her skin tight pants.

‘You wait until you’re pregnant, Susie,’ Kate said with a smile at her daughters svelte figure.

‘I’ll ask Pete about it,’ Sue replied with a grin. ‘So, is he going back?’

‘Well,’ said Kate, ‘he can hardly go to work in diapers, and after what happened, Mary said they were viewing his condition as a workplace hygiene matter. He’s actually been finished up, honey. I haven’t the heart to tell him just yet. He really liked Mary, and he got on so well with all the girls.’

‘He’s practically one of them, mum. I had no idea how feminine he looked in that red trouser suit. Even wet, he looked totally like a girl especially with his hair down. He looked really pretty actually. In fact, I don’t mind him as a girl. Do you, mum?’ Sue said.

‘Don’t be silly, honey. Now, I expect you to look after him like any babysitter would. That reminds me, I have to take his trouser suit to the dry cleaners’. Mary is coming around later this week to pick it up. Well tell Bob then, I think.’ said Kate. ’ I know you two will be OK. I’ll see you later, Susie.’

‘OK, mum,’ said Sue. ‘Where’s our little boy?’

‘In the study. And don’t call him that. He’s still Bob Woods, remember?’

‘Yes,’ said Sue. ‘In a diaper.’

Kate rolled her eyes at Sue and left, calling out a last goodbye to Bob as she walked out the door.

‘Bye mummy!’ came Bob’s light voice, or at least that’s what Kate thought she heard.

Kate had a skirt on, and drove most of the way to her appointment with one hand in her crotch, her thin fingers delicately massaging her clitoris through her pantyhose.

Sue went to the study, to find Bob sitting on the floor surrounded by Lego blocks. He had his thumb in his mouth as he sorted the blocks into different colours.

‘Watcha making?’ asked Sue from the doorway.

‘Nothing, just sorting,’ replied Bob without looking up, then put his thumb back in his mouth.

Bob leaned forward to gather some wayward pieces. He wet a little as he did so, but didn’t notice.

To be continued.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

another good story from the best ! i love the way you think. i wonder if you have ever experienced some of the things you write . sometime you make me afraid of you . then i remember your just a women. but i thank you for writing these kind of stories.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

‘Just a woman’ eh? A few checks of your damp little undies and I’d have you in your place, little boy. Of course, I’d be very nice about it. You’re just a man, after all. ;D

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

you know me , i love the way you write ! you might even say i need it. i have a very hard time , when your not writing. its hard to explain what your stories do to me. sadly its almost like am hooked on them . but they are the nicer things in my life lately

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

I have to agree with Billy. I’m hooked too.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

Stop it, boys! I’ll become vain! But thank you anyway. :laugh:

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

I really like how you write from the various characters perspectives, and that the larger portion is from Kate’s perspective. I think that too often the focus of many regression and AB/DL stories is from the baby’s POV… It is my opinion that age regression and maternal dominance are reciprocal dynamic that feed into each other, and compliment each other… And too often the mommy’s perspective or the siblings perspective get over looked in some other writers stories.

You already know, that I enjoy and connect to the emotional journey and the character development within your stories. And I wanted to let you know that I enjoy it from all of the perspectives…

Miss Sally, you really do write such amazing stories, that is why you do have such a following of committed admirers. As much as you have mentioned that you would like to do these types of things with and to someone… There are many of us who also wish that you could do these things with and too us… And until that time comes for you and some lucky boy… We can all enjoy and live vicariously through your writing… Thank you Miss Sally.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

Thank you, ababy!

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

iam all ready for my fix ! thickly diapered and bottles . already getting strarting to feel sad http://abdlstoryforum.info/forums/Smileys/classic/huh.gif

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

Won’t be long, big baby.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

Yay! I’m super excited to see the next part.

Re: Kate and Bobbi Chapters 1-4

Kate And Bobbi

Chapter 5

Sue went back to the living room, and then decided to do a little work on her laptop on the desk in the study. She stepped around Bob on the floor.

‘I’m going to do a little work here for a while, Bobby, then I’ll make some lunch, OK?’ she said.

‘OK,’ said Bob. ‘And please don’t call me Bobby. I’m not a baby.’

Kate couldn’t help laughing as she looked down at Bob. He was sitting, legs splayed and barefooted, on the Persian carpet, surrounded by Legos. His thick diaper was obvious under his trackpants, and the white padding protruded above the stretch waist by a few inches where his tee shirt had ridden up. He looked exactly like a large baby.

‘I promise I’ll stop calling you Bobby,’ Sue said.

‘Good,’ replied Bob.

‘When you’re out of diapers,’ said Sue sarcastically.

Bob looked up at his stepdaughter. His face was a picture, and Sue could see his bottom lip starting to tremble.

‘It’s just for accidents!’ protested Bob. ‘I don’t really need them!’

He began to cry.

Sue remembered her mother’s words. So what, she thought. I’ll make it up to the little baby. He won’t tell.

‘Sweetie,’ she said. ‘Don’t cry. Susie has a little surprise for you if you’re good.’

It was a tactic that worked well with her other babysitting charges. Bob stifled his crying.

‘What?’ he squeaked with interest in his high-pitched, girlish voice.

‘Wait and see,’ said Sue.

She’d think of something, she told herself.

Bob looked at her for a moment longer, then settled back to his ‘sorting’.

Sue got up and went to her gym bag near the door to get her purse. She wanted to pay a few bills, and needed the numbers. It wasn’t there.

Damn, she thought. She had left the purse in her locker at the gym. It was safe there, but she would have to go and get it, a half hour return trip. With Bob, she realised.

Bob looked up as Sue re-entered the study. She looked so grown up in her tight jeans and blouse. He suddenly felt juvenile by comparison in his usual trackpants and tee shirt.

'‘We have to back to my gym for something,’ Sue said. ‘Do you need a change?’

‘No,’ said Bob.

He felt adult enough to at least be able to wait for Kate to come back and change him. He realised that he was quite wet, but he was not going to tell Sue that.

‘Are you sure, honey?’ aske Sue.

She bent down and pushing aside Bob’s feeble attempts to prevent her, she put her fingers to the thick diaper at Bob’s crotch and lightly squeezed the mass of gel. Sue knew the feel of a wet diaper well enough from her babysitting.

‘You’re soaked!’ she told Bob. ‘You must know that!’

Bob looked at the floor and mumbled something about waiting for Kate.

‘Bob, that’s ridiculous,’ Sue said. ‘You’re wet and you need changing. And you lied to me. Now, do you want me to change you right here on the floor, or do you want to do it in the bedroom?’

Sue had witnessed Bob’s displeasure at being changed on the floor, ‘Like a baby’ he protested when Kate had done it in the living room in front of Sue.

‘Bedroom,’ said Bob softly.

‘Ok, kid, let’s go,’ said Sue, reaching her hand down to Bob.

Unhappily, Bob let Sue help him up and allowed her to take him to the bedroom. She pulled his trackpants down and sat him on the end of the bed, then tugged the pants from Bob’s feet.

‘If it’s only to the gym and back, I don’t need a diaper,’ Bob said.

His voice was still high and light, and this time he made no attmept to make it break back to his normal voice.

‘I’m not taking the risk with my leather seats,’ said Sue firmly.

‘I won’t wet,’ Bob objected.

‘Honey, you might. Why do you think you’re back in diapers?’ she asked him, taking a fresh terry diaper from the pile on the chest fo drawers.

‘Just a pullup,’ Bob said. ‘Those are too thick. I look funny.’

Sue thought for a moment. She could turn this to her advantage, she decided.

‘OK, Bobby, a pull-up. But only because Susie is giving you a special treat. Kate said to keep you in terry diapers. Do you want the treat?’

Bob thought better than to complain about being called Bobby if she was letting him wear a pullup.

‘OK,’ he said. ‘The treat, please.’

‘What a polite little boy,’ Sue said.

Bob winced.

‘Thank you, Sue,’ he said, and lay back on the bed.

Sue pulled off Bob’s plastic pants and untaped his diaper. It was definitely soaked. Both diapers and the soaker were saturated and heavy. Sue put them in the diaper pail Kate had bought, and wiped Bob down with a baby wipe. She picked up his tiny penis between her fingers, and gently wiped around it and the little scrotum behind it. She wondered if Bob had vever seen adult male genitals. He’s been a single child, the last of three siblings, all girls except him, and all at least ten years older.

‘Did your sisters change you when you were little?’ Sue asked him.

Bob always found being changed relaxing. There was no reason not to answer Sue honestly. Bob thought back to his childhood. His mother worked hard at two jobs, and his sisters did most of the caring for him.

‘Yes,’ said Bob.

‘So Susie’s like your big sister, isn’t she, Bobby?’ she asked.

Like her mother, Sue found a perverse, illicit feeling of pleasure in babying Bob.

‘You’re not my sister, Sue,’ said Bob.

‘Yes, but I’m like a sister, aren’t I?’ Sue replied. ‘I’m bigger than you, I’m stronger, I’m grown up and I don’t wear diapers, do I, Bobby?’

‘No, but…’ began Bob.

‘I think I’m like a big sister for you, Bobby,’ said Sue. ‘Wouldn’t you like it if you had a big sister again to help you and look after you?’ Sue said.

‘I can do things, I don’t need looking after,’ said Bob.

He began to feel that he was in a debate, and losing.

‘Yes, honey, you can do some things,’ said Sue. ‘But you do need lot’s of help, don’t you? You can’t put your diaper on by yourself, can you, Bobby?’

Sue’s constantly referring to him as Bobby was annoying, but Bob had to keep to the core of the debate.

‘I can do pullups,’ said Bob, pleased that he had scored a point.

‘Sweetie, any toddler can put pullups on. That doesn’t mean you can look after yourself. You can’t tie up your shoelaces, or put the rubber band on your hair, or use the remote, can you Bobby?’ said Sue, and Bob felt his point being negated. Everything Sue said was true.

At times, Bob felt more or less grown up, just still needing the diapers he wore. Then he would have trouble with something simple, like the shoelaces. He could remember doing them up ‘before’ but now was different. it was like the first time he had become confused driving his car, with Kate in the passenger seat. As far as he could remember, that was before he had to have a diaper. They were at an intersection, and suddenly everything seemed so complicated. All the lights, and all the other cars. Bob couldn’t work out what to do, so he just sat, with his foot on the brake. Then he wet his pants, and started crying.

Kate had to lean over and switch the car off. She got out and came around to the driver’s side, swapping places with Bob. He could remember all the other drivers honking their horns. Some of them shouted at Kate as she finally got moving again. That was the last time Bob drove. Kate sold his car soon after that. Bob couldn’t even remember how long ago it was. A year? A few months?

Bob realised that Sue had finished changing him. He returned to the present when Sue patted his rump to get him to lift his bottom. He could smell the baby powder as he let Sue tug his pullups snug around his waist.

‘Did you drift off, sweetie?’ Sue was saying, looking closely at him.

Damn! Interrupted! More later.