Kaleb to Katie: A Butterfly Emerges

November 2nd, 2001:

Kaleb’s Diary:

“ Here I am starting a diary, some guys do it so why can’t I? I’m a quiet person in general, don’t really associate with anyone at school. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s just that I feel like I don’t fit in with anyone. I’m not a rough houser like the rest of the boys in my class so I just read during our recess. The teacher’s don’t mind my reading either, I’m one of the smarter kids in the class so they just think that I have no interest in playing and that I just like reading. I mise well get this out of the way too, I’m short for my age. In fact I’m pretty much the size of most of the girls in my grade. Not that it matters much i’d look like an idiot if I were to even try doing anything with the girls. “

“ Just thinking about myself as a girl makes me wonder if I truly am different. To be fair though i’ve not really put much effort into associating with anyone. On the first day of school everyone split up into their little groups and that was that. Just out of pure curiosity the teacher of my class had me take a test to see how much I actually knew and to her surprise I scored at a near 3rd grade level. Now to put that into perspective a kid in first grade knows as much as a kid at the end of 2nd grade as far as reading and language arts goes. With math and everything else though he was at the level of his classmates. Before I switched Reading classes his teacher was having me explain certain things to my classmates in a way they’d understand it better. Once I switched classes I felt like I was actually learning something new. Before I switched I was bored out of my mind because I felt like I knew everything the teacher was teaching at this point. In fact I knew more than I actually realized at the time.”

Kaleb: I think that’s enough for now. I don’t want to burn myself out right away.

Now he decides to do his homework for the evening

Kaleb: Pfft, this won’t take long.

He does 4 sheets of homework in about 20 minutes and brings them to his grandma to check over

While his grandma was checking his homework he decided to do a bit of reading

Grandma: Homework looks good hon, seems like you never need help with this stuff.

Kaleb: This stuff just comes easy to me. I could’ve finished this at school but what’s the point of calling it homework if I don’t actually bring it home?”

Grandma: Thanksgiving break is coming soon, are you excited?

Kaleb: It’ll just be like any other holiday seeing family.

Grandma: You’re just like your mother at that age. She used to say similar things when she was your age.

Kaleb: I don’t mean to be rude but can you not bring up my mother around me. I don’t like hearing anything about her after what happened to her.

Grandma: For as smart as you are i’m surprised that you’re not over that yet.

Kaleb: Why should I be? The way she did what she did ruined my feelings for her. I have no feelings for her and in all honesty she deserved what she got.

Grandma: I understand sweetheart, but there are things you wouldn’t understand regarding what she did. She had things going on in her head that forced her into doing what she did.

Kaleb: Does it even matter at this point? She’s gone. She left me alone with nothing. If it weren’t for you coming to our house when you did I wouldn’t even have lived.

Grandma: Sigh I may have retired in the 80’s but I still know what to do in those circumstances.

Kaleb: What’s for dinner?

Grandma: We’re going out to dinner with the neighbors and their daughter tonight. You should know her she’s in your grade.

Kaleb: Ok, what time do you want me to come down here to leave?

Grandma: In about 45 minutes.

Kaleb: Ok Grandma

Kaleb heads to his room and starts reading. He then looks in the mirror that hangs by his bedside and realizes that he needs to get a haircut soon his hair was getting pretty long.

Kaleb had thought about growing out his hair like some Rockers have it but he then vetoed himself saying that would just make him look like a girl.

Kaleb continues to read for about 20 minutes then he decides to start getting ready to go out to dinner.

While he’s getting dressed he notices that his good pants shrunk and don’t fit him anymore.

They’re too small and he unfortunately has to wear jeans to dinner which his grandma is going to be frustrated at.

About 5 minutes later his grandma calls him.

Grandma: Kaleb!

Kaleb: Yes Grandma?

Grandma: Are you ready yet?

Kaleb: All I need to do is fasten my belt.

Grandma: Ok then I’ll be on the porch waiting.

Kaleb: Ok Grandma.

Kaleb fastens his belt and puts his nice shoes on and heads down to the porch to find his grandma.

When Grandma sees Kaleb she looked shocked to see him in jeans but Kaleb was quick to explain that his slacks didn’t fit.

Grandma: For a second there I thought u did this just to give me a heart attack. Turns out you’re just growing and your pants didn’t fit.

Grandma: Let’s head over to meet the neighbors shall we?

Kaleb nods and holds his grandma’s hand as they walk down the sidewalk to the neighbors driveway where the neighbors were all waiting on them.

Eleann(Neighbor): Hello Ruth, Kaleb I see you’re all set to go.

Ruth(Grandma): Thanks Eleann for inviting us this evening.

Eleann: No problem at all. It must be quite a challenge raising a grandson at your age.

Ruth: I may be 82 but it doesn’t mean I can’t raise a kid. My mom raised my daughter well into her 90’s so I can do the same for my grandson.

Eleann: I notice Kaleb isn’t wearing his slacks today.

Kaleb: I went to put them on but they didn’t fit unfortunately.

Eleann: With kids growing the way they do I’m not surprised at that statement.

Rick(Eleann husband): Everyone ready to go?

Eleann: Yes hun let’s get in the car, Kelly is probably freezing in there by now.

Everyone gets in the car and buckles up then they head off to the restaurant.

Once they get to the restaurant, They get seated and order drinks then Kelly tries to talk with Kaleb but it gets awkward and Kaleb just turns towards the adults and what they’re saying.

Ruth: It’s hard to believe that that terrorist attack was just two months ago.

Eleann: Yea it’s pretty hard to believe if you ask me. Who in their right mind does something like that?


Rick: let’s be honest here, That area of the world that those guys came from is pretty messed up as it already is. Then you pile this on top of it. It’s a train wreck.

Right after he says that the waiter comes back with drinks and they order food.

While they’re waiting Kelly once again tries to talk to Kaleb again.

Kelly: So Kaleb. What are you interested in? I know the holidays are right around the corner.

Kaleb: When I’m not doing homework I’m just reading or writing. Nothing special. Never really was into anything physical.

Kelly: Doesn’t that get boring to you after a while?

Kaleb: Not really. I understand where you’re coming from with this but I just like to read plain and simple. Just like you girls are into all the dancing and dolls I’m a reader. That’s all I need to occupy me.

Kelly: Sigh It sucks that we’re the only 2 kids on our block and it’s even worse that we have nothing in common that we could do together. I may be a girly girl but I still like to play sports. With you you’re not into any of that you’re just a bookworm.

Kaleb: There’s a reason I’m not into any of the sports that most boys my age are and that’s my size. I stay to myself because I’m too small to do anything with the other guys. To be honest you’re the only one from school that even talks to me at all. I’m just the kid that nobody really wants to talk to. Right now I’m fine with that. I don’t need anybody to make me happy. I’m just fine on my own. I get that you’re trying to be friends with me but don’t. You’ll lose all your friends at school if you try to be friends with me. I’m that type of kid that in middle and high school would just sit on his own cause nobody even cares to get to know me. I’m the kid that would be done with his work in class and just start reading because they’re bored. I’m not someone you want to associate with Kelly. Thanks for trying but the extent of this friendship ends when we go home tonight. The only time i’ll even talk to you is in situations like this where we are with our guardians and they are talking about stuff that we have no business listening to and or if I for whatever reason have to stay at your house for an evening because my grandma is busy doing something where she isn’t home. I’m sorry Kelly but that’s just how it is with me. I’m not interested in having any friends. I like being alone. I like to keep to myself. Sure my social skills grade will suffer but who honestly cares. I’m antisocial and i’m okay with it.

Kelly: I understand…… We’re polar opposites. I’m the outgoing type and your more inside yourself. I not a fan of hanging out with get that you’re people and that’s perfectly fine with me. But all I ask is that you at least try to talk with me. I understand that you feel uncomfortable trying to talk with people I see it everyday at school, I see how you avoid people so you don’t have to deal with the people that don’t like you. I understand that you may not want to do anything but read and I get that you’re not the physical type. At least try something and see if you like it. It doesn’t have to be something the other boys play. It seems like you’ve not even tried to socialize with anyone at school.

Kaleb: Kelly I think it’s time i’ve told you something that will honestly change your thoughts on me. When I was born I was born with both sets of genitals. In other words i’m both Male and Female. People like me are not welcome in either gender community for the simple fact that we don’t really belong to either group we’re right in the middle. I’m only telling you this now because I feel like I can tell you and not have you freak out about it. Sure we may not talk anymore because of me telling you but that’s ok with me. I don’t need anyone to be happy. When I’m older I probably won’t even get married to anyone. That’s just how I am. I have no interest in being or socializing with anyone. I’m not a social person Kelly, you say you understand but I don’t think you really do. In all honesty I don’t even think the teachers understand me at school. Sure I’m smart but I don’t ever raise my hand in class because I don’t want to make it even more obvious to that I’m a smart kid. There are kids that are smart and I get that, but when you’re like me being way too smart for your own good it’s a challenge to even go to school in fear of getting bullied by anyone and everyone around you. You’re a sweet girl Kelly but I just have no interest in socializing with anyone. It’s not just that you’re a girl Kelly. It’s that you’d be chastised by your group for even trying to make friends with me. I have nothing against you Kelly but you have to realize that this would never work. The girly girl being friends with a bookworm. People would think that you’re only friends with me so I can help you with your homework. Everyone knows about me in the school at this point. By the time we reach fourth grade I probably won’t even be in the same school as you as I’ll be done with all the reading classes the school has to offer and I’ll have to be moved up to middle school early just so I have a place to challenge me in reading and language. If I had a choice I honestly wouldn’t be this smart so I could be on pace with the rest of the class but that’s not how things happened. It’s not fun being this smart. You’d think it would be but it’s not. Being in a class with third graders when you’re a first grader leads to some pretty irritating remarks from you’re older classmates. The first day I was in that class they all thought I was in Kindergarten because of my size. One of them even thought I was a younger sibling waiting on their older sibling to take them home from school seeing how reading and Language is at the end of the day.

Kelly: I never realized how hard it was for you Kaleb.

Kaleb: Don’t fret about it Kelly, I’m actually enjoying my reading and Language classes now. I’d be bored into misery if I were back in the class with you guys.

At the end of that conversation the food came and the rest of the dinner went without conversation from either the parents or children.

Kelly’s parents paid for the meal and they head out to the car where they buckle up and head home.

Kelly’s parent’s drop both Kaleb and his grandma off at their house before heading next door to their house where Kelly’s family gets ready for a movie while Kaleb goes to his room to change out of his nicer clothes for something more comfortable.

He then pulls out his diary and starts writing:

“Just went to dinner with the neighbors and my grandma. My grandma and the neighbors talked about the terrorist attack that occurred just under two months ago. The neighbor’s daughter Kelly and I got into an awkward conversation that didn’t really go anywhere at first. We stopped that conversation then she tries to talk to me again this time being more successful. We talked about why we are what we are and she just didn’t seem to understand that I’m not the social type. She’s the girly girl that every girl wants to be a friend with and seems to have a large group of friends with her each and every time they go out on the playground. I’m the polar opposite of that. You see, as I mentioned earlier I’m small for my age for a boy but i’m pretty average height for a girl my age. You’d think that there wouldn’t be that much of a difference in that regard but you see girls have a bit more leniency when it comes to their height. Girls can be short and nobody would bat an eyelash but if a boy were short then that would call for a visit to a doctor. It seems like I ended up with my mother’s height chart because she was only 4’9 whereas my father was supposedly 6’4. I never got to meet my father because he died before I was born but I’d say I ended up with my mother’s height because of how short I am now.”

“ Kelly tried to become friends with me but I honestly didn’t want any part of it. Let’s be honest here, what boy in their right mind would want a girl to be their friend this young. At this age most boys see girls as something to avoid rather than something they want to associate with. When you’re older having a girl as a friend isn’t a big deal because most of the time when that happens they like each other and end up tying the knot. She said I should try doing some more physical activities but what would be the point in that? I’m too short for anything a boy my age would do. I’m pretty much out of luck with physical activities with my size. I told her that fact but it seemed to just drift right past her without her even understanding my point. I should’ve honestly seen that coming ahead of time. She is on pace for our grade so she wouldn’t understand most of what I was saying. I’m honestly ok doing what I do currently. I’m not into video games in the slightest, unlike some of my fellow classmates at school who look as if they are addicted to them. I’m what most kids would call a nerd. I like to read books and do my homework in a timely fashion. I told Kelly about my little anomaly that I was born with and she didn’t seem to grasp what I was saying so I don’t really expect her to say anything about it. How would she explain it to others if she didn’t understand it coming from me.”

Grandma: I think that’s enough for tonight.

Kaleb: I think I’ll just read some more.

By the time his grandma came up to get him ready for bed it was 8pm and Kaleb had been reading for about 2 hours.

Grandma: Kaleb time to get ready for bed.

Grandma: Get naked and get in the tub I’ve already got it made for you.

Kaleb: Alright grandma

Grandma leaves the room so Kaleb can strip down and he heads to the bathroom to get in the tub

Kaleb quickly washes up and his grandma is waiting for him in his room to put on his nighttime protection.

Kaleb lies down knowing better than to protest this as his grandma knew better than to let him sleep without it.

Grandma tapes him up and lets Kaleb put his pajamas on himself before crawling into bed.

Grandma: Goodnight Kaleb

Kaleb: Goodnight Grandma

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The next morning Kaleb wakes up and goes down by his grandma so she can take his nighttime wear off.

After that Kaleb goes upstairs to get dressed for school and gets his shoes on.

As he’s going down the steps to find his grandma so he can go to school his grandma yells to him:

Grandma: Kaleb! You’re going to school with the neighbor’s today, I have a doctor’s appointment so I can’t take you today.

Kaleb: Okay grandma!

Once his Grandma says that he grabs his backpack and coat and heads over to the neighbors house for them to take him to school.

Once he gets there he sits on the front porch and waits for them to come out.

A few minutes later Kelly’s mom Eleann comes out to get the mail and see’s Kaleb and says:

Eleann: Hey Kaleb what are you doing here?

Kaleb: My grandma said you were taking me to school today because she had a doctor’s appointment and wouldn’t be able to take me.

Eleann: I did say that last night but then the school closed today because of a gas leak in the building so there’s no school today.

Kaleb: Oh ok I guess I’ll just go home and tell that to my grandma I guess. Thanks.

Kaleb proceeds to walk back to his house and just happens to catch his grandma as she’s coming out of the house.

Kaleb: Um grandma, I don’t know if you heard but school’s closed today.

Grandma: I did not hear that, who did you hear it from?

Kaleb: Eleann told me when I was waiting outside her house for her to take me to school.

Grandma: Well I guess you have two options, Come with me and have to sit in the waiting room or Go over to Eleann’s and have her watch you while I’m gone.

Kaleb thinks about this for a moment and decides to just hang out at Eleann’s house rather than wait in the waiting room with his grandma.’

Kaleb then proceeds to go back over to Eleann’s house where he knocks on the door.

Eleann answers and says:

Eleann: Hey Kaleb what can i do for you?

Kaleb: Um my Grandma told me to ask you if I could hang out over here while she’s at the doctor’s

Eleann: That’s not a problem come in and put your bag by the rack here.

Kaleb walks into the house and drops his bag where Eleann told him to and takes his shoes off before walking into the living room and lays on the couch.

Eleann: Kelly went back to sleep after I told her school was closed so she’s still in bed. Do you want to do the same?

Kaleb: I probably shouldn’t.

Eleann comes over by Kaleb and sits right next to him and asks:

Eleann: Do you sleep wet and that’s why you don’t want to?

Kaleb nods and proceeds to turn the other way not wanting to show his emotions

Eleann: You’re not the only one who still does Kaleb, Kelly still does too and she has to wear stuff just like you.

Kaleb: Not like it matters, i’m smaller than Kelly so none of her stuff like that would fit me properly.

Eleann: You may be smaller but not by much. Don’t tell her I told you this but she still wears pull ups during the day because she has accidents.

Kaleb: That actually doesn’t surprise me, I wore them too during the day up until July of this year.

Kaleb: I have no reason to tease her as I know what she’s dealing with.

Eleann: If you want to go to sleep I can get you some sleepwear from Kelly and diaper you in case you wet.

Kaleb: I don’t think I’d look right in Kelly’s stuff so no thank you but you mise well just diaper me in case I fall asleep as I’m tired as it is.

Eleann: If that’s what you want then that’s fine I’ll go get the supplies and I’ll be right back.

Eleann proceeds to quietly go get the supplies to diaper Kaleb out of Kelly’s room and just out of curiosity decides to check the state of Kelly as well.

Kelly was wet but not enough to change so she covers her back up and grabs the supplies and quietly walks to the living room where Kaleb sits there almost Lifeless.

Eleann sits down by Kaleb and puts an arm around him before saying:

Eleann: I know about how you were born, You’re grandma told me when you first got here and I never thought anything of it until now. Do you have feelings that you girly side might be trying to come out? I know this is a tough time to answer this but after the way you responded to my question about Kelly’s clothes it made me wonder if there were conflicting feelings inside of you.

Kaleb still sits there without a word not showing any emotion before saying:

Kaleb: Why does it even matter? I’d look silly even if I thought I was a girl. Nobody would believe that I was one after I put on the clothes. To answer your question yes I have had feelings lately that I can’t explain. My mind doesn’t know what to do at the moment because I have two sets of thoughts going through my head. It would be pointless to even put me in the clothes because I would look like an idiot.

Eleann doesn’t know what to say at this point but ends up saying.

Eleann: How would you know if you’ve never tried it Kaleb?

Kaleb: I can just picture it already I’d look like a fool if I did try it.

Eleann: I’ll drop it for now but don’t be surprised if Kelly brings it back up.

Eleann proceeds to strip Kaleb down naked and powders him up and puts the Diaper on him without much effort.

Eleann: See that fits you perfectly Kaleb.

Kaleb: That’s probably the only thing that would.

Eleann: Maybe or maybe not but we’ll cross that boundary at another time.

Kaleb is about to put his pants on when Eleann says:

Eleann: it’s probably best if you keep those off. I don’t think they’d fit over the diaper anyway.

Not wanting to be rude Kaleb follows Eleann’s orders and lays down on a pillow that was on the couch.

In a few minutes Kaleb was asleep and both him and Kelly slept for another hour and a half.

When Kaleb woke up he saw Eleann sitting in her chair reading and as he yawned she said:

Eleann: Did you have a good nap Kaleb?

Kaleb nods and by complete instinct he checks to see if the diaper Eleana put on him was wet and of course it was. Not that he was surprised in the slightest.

Eleann: You’re Grandma called about 20 minutes ago asking if I could take care of you for the weekend as she has a family member to go see and they don’t allow kids in the area where the family member is.

Kaleb: Ok but what about my clothes? I’m assuming she left after appointment and went straight to the hospital where our family member is but she has the only key to the house.

Eleann: I was just about to get to that Kaleb. She said that even though you wouldn’t like it you’d have to wear Kelly’s clothes until Sunday at least.

Kaleb didn’t know what to say and just curled into a ball and started crying.

Right as he started crying Kelly came into the living room and saw Kaleb crying then asked her mom:

Kelly: Mom, why is Kaleb over and why is he in a diaper?

Eleann: Kaleb is spending the weekend here because his grandma had to go out of town for the weekend and couldn’t take him so I offered to watch him while she was gone. He originally was only supposed to be here for a few hours while his grandma was at the doctor’s office but then she ended up having to go out of town. As for the other question he’s just like you in that he wets in his sleep so I put him in a diaper in case he fell asleep.

Kelly: Oh ok that makes sense.

Eleann: Kelly can we go to your room I need to talk to you about something.

This next scene involves Kelly and her mother so just be aware of that.

They head to Kelly’s room where Kelly sits on her bed before saying:

Kelly: What’s up mommy?

Eleann: You know how I told you that Kaleb was staying the weekend?

Kelly: Yes?

Eleana: Well unfortunately for him his grandma has the only key to their house so he can’t get his clothes. Which means you have to share clothes with him for the weekend. He’s not too thrilled about this so don’t tease him.

Kelly: Does that mean we have to postpone our baby weekend?

Eleann had actually forgot about that and proceeds to say:

Eleann: That’s up to Kaleb if we do it or not.

Kelly: Ok……

Eleann: Before we leave your room let me check you.

Kelly lies down so her mother can check her and she is wet so her mom takes the diaper off and hands Kelly a pull up that she puts on before they head back by Kaleb.

When they get back in the living room where Kaleb is he’s still shaking so Kelly walks over to him and hugs him before saying:

Kelly: I’m sorry about what happened Kaleb, I’d be upset too if I were in your situation.

Kaleb wipes his eyes and hugs Kelly back before saying:

Kaleb: It could’ve happened to anyone but why me?

Kelly: Do you want to get it out of the way now or wait til later?

Kaleb: Let’s just get this over with I don’t want to prolong this anymore then it has to.

Eleann: Before we do that though Kelly aren’t you forgetting something?

Kelly: Oh yeah um. Kaleb I need to tell you something.

After she says that line Eleann walks out of the room while Kelly explains something to Kaleb.

Kelly: I don’t know how to tell you this so I’ll just say it like this. When I was a baby my real dad abused me badly without my mom knowing. By the time I was 2 I was so fragile that anytime anyone would come near me i’d run away in fear. Over the years since we’ve left my dad and mom got remarried I’ve been going through a reboot of my life to repair the damage that my dad caused. About once a month on a weekend I turn into a baby for a weekend and live life just as I would’ve done it at that age.

Kaleb: I’m so sorry for you but where do I fit into this?

Kelly: Well normally if a kid my age is over on a weekend we don’t do this but with you going through what you are at the moment my mother thought she’d turn us into twins for the weekend if you wanted to do this with me.

Kaleb: I don’t even know what to say right now……

Kelly: When we first started this I was 4 and after a few years of doing it i’ve come to enjoy it Kaleb. If you don’t want to do it that’s perfectly fine. Kaleb have you ever wanted a do over of your early years?

Kaleb quietly says: Yes, but I know it’s not possible.

Kelly: Physically you’re right but mentally you can turn back time and reverse any troubles you might have.

Kelly: Think about it for a moment, we’re both the size of 2-4 year olds. If we were in toddler clothes we honestly wouldn’t get a second look like we were forced to dress as we are. They would just think that we are toddlers and say nothing about it.

Kaleb: Kelly, in truth I want to do it. I’m just scared as to what will happen.

Kelly grabs Kaleb’s hand and says: Don’t be Kaleb, i’m here with you. I’m here to help you through this.

Kaleb then starts hugging Kelly and starts crying. Kelly just holds Kaleb until he calms down.

Kaleb: Thank you Kelly.

Kelly: It’s going to be ok Kaleb, really it is. You just haven’t seen it yet.

Kaleb: Seen what?

Kelly: You’ll know it when the time comes.

Eleann: What’s the verdict Kelly?

Kelly: We’re doing it.

Eleann: In that case let’s get you two upstairs and sorted out shall we?

Kelly nods but Kaleb is still apprehensive so Kelly whispers

Kelly: Just follow what I do, you’ll be fine. Don’t let clothes get in the way of you finding yourself.

Kaleb just nods and follows Kelly and her mother up into the spare bedroom where he was surprised to find a nursery set up for 2.

Eleann: You may be wondering why there’s 2 beds. Long story short You’re not the first of Kelly’s classmates to do this with her.

Kaleb just nods and just looks around the room in awe as he starts to realize what’s been haunting him all along. He won’t come to terms with it for a while but he’s starting to see the light.

Eleann: Kelly why don’t you go first so Kaleb knows what he’s in for?

Kelly nods and her mom picks her up and places her on a changing table. She removes Kelly’s wet Pull Up and throws it in the trash. Next she grabs two Pampers size 5 diapers.

Eleann: When Kelly does this I want her to feel as young as possible so I put 2 diapers on her to make her feel like the baby she is in this mode.

Eleann proceeds to powder and oil up Kelly before putting Kelly into 2 diapers which makes her giggle.

Eleann puts Kelly on the ground and picks up Kaleb and puts him on the table taking his shirt off before laying him down.

Eleann then grabs two more diapers and prepares Kaleb to be diapered.

Eleann does the same thing to Kaleb as she did to Kelly and she sets him on the floor.

Eleann: Kaleb since you’re going to be in girl’s clothing I think it would be fitting if you had a girl’s name for the weekend. Is that ok?

Kaleb just nods his head and closes his eyes wondering what’s on the horizon for him?

Kelly goes on to say:

Kelly: I think we should call her Katie mommy.

Eleann: That’s not a bad idea Kelly. Are you ok with that sweetheart?

Kaleb nods and his weekend as Katie begins.

Eleann: Today we are going to have a lot of fun but first we need to get you 2 dressed.

Both kids nod and Kelly reaches up for her mom to pick her up signaling that she wants to go first.

Eleann decides today that she’s going to go all out with the girls today so she gets out two very frilly and poofy dresses along with Tights and shoes that Katie honestly didn’t know what they were.

Kelly lies still as her mommy puts her tights on her making sure they cover her diapers. She then proceeds to put the a dress on her that doesn’t even make it to Kelly’s bottom.

This made Katie even more nervous and it freaked her out to where she went into a corner and just froze not knowing what to think.

Katie just sat in the corner thinking that she is going to look silly in this dress that Eleann is preparing to put on her.

Eleann looks over at Katie and then proceeds to put Kelly’s shoes on before setting her on the floor.

Kelly proceeds to crawl over to Katie and whispers:

Kelly: It’s going to be alright Katie, you need to get over your nerves and face yourself.

Katie: I know that Kelly I just am scared as to what I’m going to look like when this is all over.

Kelly: I’m here with you Katie, it’s going to be fine.

Kelly hugs Katie and helps Katie get over by her mother where Eleann picks Katie up and sets her on the table.

Eleann: Just relax Katie, everything will be alright.

Katie gradually starts to calm down and Eleana starts doing to Katie what she did to Kelly.

By the time Eleann gets Katie’s tights on Katie is calm and looks very peaceful.

Eleann starts putting Katie’s dress on and gets her all situated.

Once the dress is on Eleann puts shoes on Katie and sets her on the ground next to Kelly who is still as a log.

Kelly: Do you want to see yourself Katie?

Katie: let’s see how silly I look.

Kelly: Before you see yourself Katie I have to say that you look like a doll. You’re very cute and pretty.

Katie: You’re just saying that to cheer me up.

Eleann: She’s not just saying that Katie, you really do look adorable.

Eleann picks Katie up and opens up the closet with a full length mirror so Katie can see herself.

When Katie sees herself she has nothing to say, she actually looks like an actual girl.

Katie: That can’t be me.

Eleann: That is you sweetheart, You’re really a pretty girl.

Katie buries her face into Eleann’s shoulder in shock.

Katie: What do I even say?

Kelly: Thank you?

Katie: Thank you Eleann. You really opened my eyes today. I was wrong about myself this whole time and just never saw it. You showed me that I really am different. I can actually go both ways and look the part.

Kelly: So you see it now Katie?

Katie: I really do see it Kelly. I was wrong about you last night at dinner. You’ve helped me realize my softer side.

Kelly: I always pictured you like this but never knew how to tell you Katie. You can change Katie, be who you want to be, not who others think you should be.

Katie: How did you know Kelly?

Kelly: Girls just know when someone is hurting and are in need of a helping hand. I saw you looking miserable at school not being able to socialize because you don’t fit anywhere. Now you know that you do fit somewhere. You just have to come to terms with this part of you.

Katie: I would never be able to function going to school in this way.

Kelly: Why not? You’re very pretty.

Katie: I just wouldn’t know how to handle myself if I did. All the girls would be on me wondering who I am.

Kelly: I’d be with you Katie to help you through that. Don’t be afraid of others. Be yourself Katie. I can tell you are loving this.

Katie: I am loving this but it doesn’t feel natural to me.

Kelly: Not all things come natural to you Katie. You may be book smart but you’re not socially smart.

Katie: I’ve been hiding myself for too long Kelly, I need help but don’t know where to start.

Kelly: It all starts over this weekend Katie. We’re here to help you. It’s time for your butterfly to come out.

Eleann sets Katie down on the floor next to Kelly.

Katie: This feels surreal to me. I’m out of my shell.

Kelly: You’re more likeable when your like this Katie.

Eleann: If you two are done with your conversation I’d like to take you two out to lunch.

Kelly in little kid mode says: Otay Momma.

Katie just nods her head not knowing what to say.

Kelly: Wittle kid stuff will come to you soon Katie.

Katie: Wets Goes.

Eleann picks both girls up and puts them on her hips.

She walks them down into the front hallway and sets them down.

Eleann says to them: I will be back in a few minutes I have to set some stuff up in the car.

Eleann goes out to the garage and gets out both Car Seats(Front Facing with 5 point harness like a 2-3 year old would sit in) and buckles them into her car.

After she gets the seats into her car she goes back inside to get Kelly and Katie.

Eleann: Up you go girls

She picks both girls up and proceeds to take them both outside into the car and buckles them into their Car seats.

By this point Kelly was wet but couldn’t tell and Katie was also wet but couldn’t tell either.

Meanwhile in the car Eleana decided to try and see inside Katie a bit.

Eleann: Katie, are you happy now that you’ve found out who you really are?

Katie: I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. I’m just so confused right now.

Eleann: After an experience like that I’m not surprised you’re confused. It’ll come to you in due time Katie.

Katie: This whole thing seems like it was meant to be. It seems like I was all alone with nowhere to go.

Kelly: You were never alone Katie. You just needed some help finding yourself.

Eleann: Kelly’s right Katie, you never were alone. The first time we met you I could see someone who hadn’t seen their real self yet.

Kelly: Look Katie, I’ve known you for a while. Before today, I’ve never seen you happy. You always looked at yourself as the outcast. You even said to me that you feel you don’t belong anywhere. You do have a place where you belong Katie, you just need to come out of your shell.

By this point Katie has lost it and is in tears.

Kelly reaches over from her car seat and grabs ahold of Katie’s hand.

Katie cries for about 5 minutes before calming down.

Eleann: You better now Katie?

Katie wipes her eyes and says: I just had so much built up that it all just came out at once.

Eleann: It happens Katie, I know how you’re feeling. You are starting to realize who you should have been all along.

Kelly: Katie, do you remember what I told you last night?

Katie thinks for a minute then remembers: You said try and do something, even if it wasn’t something the boys would do. Now I see the meaning of that.

Kelly: I saw you at your worst last night Katie. I knew that if you didn’t get help soon you’d break. You were lifeless Katie. You had nothing left in you. I’m sorry that this happened like this but I didn’t want to see you suffer anymore.

Katie is silent. She doesn’t know what to think.

Kelly: Katie?

Katie remains silent and just looks out the window.

Eleann: I think it might be best if you lay off of Katie for a while Kelly. She’s fragile right now and may break at any moment.

Kelly is heartbroken and starts crying.

Eleann is shocked, She has one kid heartbroken that the person she tried to save from anguish won’t talk to her. Then she’s got her neighbor who won’t even talk now after her daughter explained why this happened. She doesn’t know what to do right now.

Kelly finally calms down as they pull into the restaurant.

Kelly makes one more attempt at trying to get something out of Katie.

Kelly: Katie, I’m sorry.

Katie: Don’t bother even saying that. I’m a broken child now and have nothing left. I should be the one apologizing. I tried to be friends with someone who had their sights on trying to save me. All you’re trying to “save” me did was make me even more miserable. I said it last night Kelly, it’s not meant to be.

Kelly: I understand. This is the end.

Eleann is baffled. Her child who doesn’t let up on something easy is throwing in the towel.

Eleann takes both kids out and puts them on her hips.

She walks into the restaurant and gets a table and 2 booster seats.

Eleann orders their food and just sits in silence as the kids just look their opposite ways.

The food comes and both kids eat silently. Eleann doesn’t say anything and eats her food in silence as well.

They eat their food and Eleann pays the bill before picking both kids up and bringing them out to the car and buckling them into their car seats.

Both kids look the opposite way of each other and were silent all the way home. When they got home Eleann took Kelly to her room and told her to play quietly.

Then she took Katie into the den and turned on the fireplace and just laid Katie down on the other side of the couch.

About an hour later Eleann decides to turn Katie back into Kaleb and Kelly out of her baby gear saying it just wasn’t going to work this weekend.

By this point Rick was home so Eleann asked him to watch Kelly for a while so she could walk Kaleb over to his house.

Eleann: While you were asleep on the couch I called your grandma and told her that things just weren’t working out so you’re going home and your Aunt is coming to watch you. I’m going to let you in with her secret key she told me about then it’s all you for a few hours.

Eleann lets Kaleb into his house and Kaleb says bye and brings his bag upstairs to his room and flops on his bed.

This next scene is Kaleb just talking to himself.

Kaleb: Why did I even go through with that?

Kaleb: Am I stupid or something?

Kaleb looks up to the ceiling of his room and says: That should never have happened.

Kaleb then goes to his bookshelf and pulls out a book that he starts reading.

After about an hour the doorbell rings and Kaleb goes and answers it to find his Aunt Lilly at the door.

Kaleb says gloomily: Hey Aunt Lilly.

Lilly: Hey Kaleb. How’s my favorite nephew doing?

Kaleb: Could be better, could be worse.

Lilly: You seem out of it today Kaleb are you okay?

Kaleb: Yeah I’m fine just upset about something.

Lilly: Do you want to talk about it?

Kaleb: Not really, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Lilly: Well I’m going to order dinner around 5 so just keep that in mind.

Kaleb: Okay Aunt Lilly.

Kaleb goes back to his room and starts reading his book again.

Lilly meanwhile starts cleaning somethings that her Mother can’t because of where they are.

After she gets done cleaning she decides to go check on Kaleb as she honestly feels like something is wrong with him and he’s not wanting to tell.

She walks into Kaleb’s room and says: Hey Kaleb can we talk for a bit?

Kaleb looks up from his book and says: Sure, what’s up?

Lilly: Are you sure you’re okay? You seem to be acting like something really is bothering you.

Kaleb: It’s something that happened with the neighbors today that I’m not really in the mood to speak about.

Lilly: Kaleb, I don’t like seeing you in a rut like this. Is there anything I can do to help?

Kaleb: Not really, the neighbors did something that scarred me for life.

Lilly: Surely it couldn’t have been that bad?

Kaleb: How would you know? You weren’t a witness to it.

Lilly: Look, I know how these things work Kaleb. You know what I do for a living.

Lilly: You can tell me these things Kaleb, really you can. I won’t say a word to anyone else unless you want to hurt someone else or yourself.

Kaleb: I don’t even know where to start.

Lilly: Take your time and take deep breaths.

Kaleb: You know about how I was born with both sets of organs right?

Lilly: I do.

Kaleb: Well the neighbors daughter goes to school with me and she noticed I was unhappy. Well I told her last night at dinner about this problem and she didn’t say anything about it the rest of the night. Well today as you know Grandma had to go to the hospital to check on someone for the weekend and I was going to stay at the neighbors house. Well the neighbors decided to try and turn me into a girl as if I should’ve been one to begin with. I went along with it at first only because I didn’t have any clothes because as far as I knew Grandma had the only key to the house. So I continued along and after we were dressed the neighbors got us kids into the car and took us to lunch. Well during the car ride the daughter said something along the lines of that she’s sorry it happened this way but I looked unhappy she thought I was a girl at heart and wanted to help me. Well after that I didn’t talk to her the rest of the time I was with them. I was upset that they would even do that to me.

Lilly after hearing that felt she had to dig further.

Lilly: Did you have feelings previously that you might be a girl at heart?

Kaleb: Not really no, I’ve pictured myself as one but wrote it off because I felt like i would look ridiculous.

Lilly: I hate to say this to you Kaleb but I think you’re neighbors Daughter was on the right track with as to why you’re unhappy.

Kaleb: How so?

Lilly: Think about this for a moment, you have both organs Kaleb.

Kaleb: Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?

Lilly: Your body is producing hormones as if you were both genders Kaleb. Your body is having a conflict Kaleb. Your body is sending conflicting messages to your brain causing you to be in a state of disarray.

Kaleb: I’m not understanding you Aunt Lilly.

Lilly: Let’s put it this way. What attributes did you get that favor your mom and what attributes did you get that favor your dad.

Once Kaleb heard that statement he cringed.

Kaleb: I-I-I’m becoming my mom……

Kaleb lost it at this point.

Lilly hugs Kaleb.

Lilly: It’s okay Kaleb really it is. I don’t expect a kid your age to even understand what you’re dealing with. Most adults don’t even understand.

Kaleb after recovering from his crying says: Why me? Why?!

Lilly: it’s going to take you a while to understand this Kaleb. You’re not who you thought you were. Your an incarnation of your mother rather than your father. Pretty soon your Female organs are going to be your dominant organs and you’ll need surgery to open you up.

Kaleb doesn’t know what to do now. His body is going to turn him into a girl whether he likes it or not. He can’t go to school as a girl, everyone would just destroy him.

Kaleb: I guess this is the end isn’t it?

Lilly: It very well may be, but now it’s time to see a little butterfly emerge from their cocoon.

Kaleb: I guess it is huh?

Lilly: I guess first things first, what is your new name hun?

Kaleb thought for a minute then says in a quiet but cute voice: Katie.

Lilly: I think someone needs a diaper on at the present because they can’t keep their pants dry.

Lilly then proceeds to tickle Kaleb until he wets himself warranting the diaper.

Lilly grabs the supplies like she’s done many times before with her nieces and Nephews and diapers Katie up.

Lilly: I’ll be talking to your grandma about pulling you out of school and you coming to live with me. So you can be a real toddler again. I don’t need to worry about you fitting into those clothes youre the size of a 2 year old Katie.

Katie just lies in place just imagining her new life with her new mom Lilly being the baby she never got to be due to her father.

Lilly puts Katie into the diaper and puts her hair into pigtails.

Lilly: I already have a Car seat for you so how about we do some shopping?

Katie nods and reaches up so Lilly can pick her up.

Lilly picks her up and puts Katie on her hip and carries her out to her car where she buckles Katie into the Car Seat that Lilly has for Katie.

After that Lilly drives into town where she stops at a few different stores buying clothes left and right for Katie. Katie was starting to come alive during the shopping trip and was as bubbly as could be.

By the end of the trip Lilly’s car was full and they went back to Grandma’s house to settle down for the night and eat dinner.

While they were out Lilly bought Plenty of diapers for Katie when they go to her house.

The rest of the weekend was filled with love and affection from Lilly to Katie and Katie was much happier than she ever was previously.

The day Grandma was expected to be home, Lilly took Katie aside and said: I’m really proud of you Katie. You’ve become a very sweet and adorable little girl. You’ve opened up your heart sweetheart.

Katie: I love you!

Lilly: I love you too Katie.

Lilly and Katie hug for a while before Lilly had Katie go to her room so she could talk to grandma when she got home.

About 20 minutes later Grandma did come home and thanked Lilly for watching Kaleb and cleaning the house for her.

After the pleasantries were taken care of Lilly sat her mom down for a chat.

Ruth: Was Kaleb well behaved for you?

Lilly: Oh sure he’s never been a problem for me he just reads in his room.

Ruth: Oh good that’s what I wanted to hear.

Lilly: Mom, I think it’s time we talk about Kaleb’s living situation.

Ruth: What’s wrong with him living with me now?

Lilly: You’re a great guardian for him mom that’s great and all but, you’re getting up there in age and you might not be able to care for him much longer. Not only that but I think he may need a change in pace for his well being.

Ruth: I can see what you mean but, he’s so down on himself I don’t know what his issue is.

Lilly: Mom, I can answer that for you but keep in mind it may take you a minute to understand what I’m going to tell you.

Ruth: Ok just say it already.

Lilly: So you know how Kaleb has both sets of Organs right?

Ruth: Yea but what does that have to do with anything?

Lilly: His body is producing hormones as if he were both genders mom, his body is in a conflict mom. His body is sending conflicting messages to his brain causing him to be in a state of disarray.

Ruth: I’m still not getting it.

Lilly: Think of it this way. What attributes did he get from his mother and what attributes did he get from his father?

Ruth sits there for a moment then it dawns on her.

Ruth: What you’re trying to tell me is that Kaleb is becoming an incarnation of his mother?

Lilly: Precisely that mother, In a few years his Female organs will take over and he will become a girl whether he wants to or not.

Ruth: I wouldn’t know how to deal with that in the slightest.

Lilly: That’s why I’m asking that you transfer his guardianship over to me mom. I’m more capable of helping him deal with this than you are. I have the experience with kids like him. I know how to handle them Mom.

Ruth: I guess you’re in the right here Lilly. I’m guessing you want to pull him from school as well then?

Lilly: Yes mom I do want to pull him from school. He doesn’t fit in at school here as it is so what better would it make if I put him in a school where I live.

Ruth: I hate to say it but you’re right there too.

Lilly: I want him to start over mom. He needs the love and care early on that he never got from my sister.

Ruth: I understand, I’ll get started on the paperwork to hand him over to your care honey.

Lilly: It’s for the best Mom, really it is.

Ruth: I know it is, I just wasn’t expecting to do it so soon.

Lilly: You’ll still get to see him Mom. It’s not like I’m taking him away and I’ll never see you again.

Ruth: I know that but it’s just my old ways of thinking that are clouding my mind right now.

Lilly: Get the paperwork together and I’ll be there to help you out.

Ruth: I love you honey.

Lilly: I love you too mom.

Over the next week Kaleb went to school saying goodbye to all his classmates and teachers because he was moving in with his aunt and wouldn’t be around here anymore.

One day at Recess Kaleb pulled Kelly aside and had her sit.

Kaleb: Kelly, I’m sorry for how I treated you last week. It wasn’t right and you deserve better.

Kelly: Now you’re leaving too, I’ll be the only kid on the block.

Kaleb: Kelly, the real reason I wanted to pull you aside is to tell you that when I move, I won’t be Kaleb anymore. I’m becoming Katie.

Kelly’s eyes just flashed with astonishment.

Kelly: What changed you?

Kaleb: My Aunt Lilly, she sat me down and helped me realize that I am actually Katie rather than Kaleb.

Kelly: Can I still keep in touch with you.

Kaleb: Of course, I’ll bring you the phone number tomorrow of the place I’ll be living.

Kaleb starts to walk away when Kelly stops him.

Kelly takes her necklace off and says: I want you to have this, as a reminder of me.

Kaleb: I-I don’t know what to even say right now Kelly.

Kelly whispers in Kaleb’s ear: I hope to see Katie again one day.

Kaleb just hugs Kelly and says: There will be a time for everything in due time my princess.

Kelly smiles and walks back towards her friends as Kaleb walks back to his area.

Kelly’s friends are all over her when she gets back to them wondering what was said.

Kelly says: In due time my friends, In due Time.

With that said the bell rings to come inside and everyone goes inside.

The final day at school was emotional for Kaleb. His teachers made goodbye posters and all the kids in his classes gave him goodbye letters and At the end of the day Kelly wraps her arm around him and says:

Kelly: It’s sad to see you go Katie, but you’re going to be fine alone.

With that comment Kaleb hugs Kelly and they both break down in tears.

All of their classmates soon joined in for a group hug.

Their teacher even got a picture to save for the end of the year.

Right before he left his teacher pulled him aside and said:

You have the gift of words kid, anywhere you go you’ll be in good shape. You can do anything you put your mind to Kaleb. Have fun wherever you end up and maybe we’ll cross paths again one day.

At the end of the sentence his teacher winked and Kaleb walked off to find Eleann who was taking him home tonight.

Eleann: Ready to go?

Kaleb nods as he gets in the car and Eleann drives them home.

End of Chapter 2

Re: Kaleb to Katie: A Butterfly Emerges

This is really difficult to read. You switch tenses quite a bit (sometimes it’s past tense, “the final day was emotional”, sometimes it’s present tense, “wraps her arm around him and says”), the dialogue and the descriptive text blur together without using quotation marks, and it’s harder to read dialogue in a script form than in more traditional narrative. I couldn’t get through the format in order to comment about the quality of the actual story, sorry.

Re: Kaleb to Katie: A Butterfly Emerges

This story was discontinued months ago I’m just tying up loose ends on stories. Just act like I never posted this. Time to Fly is my main project