kaite's new role part 2

here is part 2: Enjoy

Katie’s new role
Part 2:
As she was being carried down the stairs, Katie was becoming very worried because she did not know what was going to happen to her now that she was wearing a diaper. Susan had Kristina unsnap the tray to the highchair and she placed Katie in the chair and put the tray back into place.
Susan then said, “OK, baby Katie, here are the new rules. You are now a 2 year old girl. You will wear diapers 24/7, you will be fed baby food and your sister and I will bathe you and change your diapers, you will also wear baby clothes, drink from a bottle, play with baby toys, ride in a stroller and a car seat, and you will use baby talk too, no more big girl talk, your sister will babysit you while I am at work, since her school is out on spring break, then once she goes back to school, I will assume care and get paid time off from work, do you understand me?”
Katie replied, “Yes,” her mom then said, “Yes, what?” the girl then said “Yes, mommy, me understand.” Katie then proceeded to cover her face and cry. Kristina said, “Mom, I think the baby wants food,” her mom replied, “I think you are right, get me a jar of peaches and peas from the fridge.” Kristina grabbed the jars and set them down on the tray and she tied a pink bib around her sister’s neck. Her mother then popped the lid off the jar and stuck a baby sized spoon in the pea’s jars and motioned it toward the girl’s mouth and Katie refused to open her mouth.
Kristina then said, “Katie, if you don’t open your mouth, I will spank you until you cant sit for a week, so open up,” Katie knew that her sister was not joking around and she opened her mouth wide enough to let her mom put the food into her mouth. Once she was finished with the food, Katie’s mouth was a mess and her sister cleaned her face up with a wash cloth and Katie started to rub her stomach and moan.
Susan then said, “Uh oh, it looks like the baby needs to be burped, can you do that for me?” Kristina picked her sister up and she wacked her back until a flood of orange and green mush spewed out the girl’s mouth and her mother cleaned her face and hands and the floor.
Susan then took Katie upstairs to the bathroom and she proceeded to bathe Katie. She took special time to wash her privates and her forming breasts and she washed her hair as well. She picked the girl up out of the tub and dried her off.
She then took her into the nursery and put her in a fresh diaper and she laid her in the crib and turned the baby monitor on and left the door cracked a little bit and she went to her room to watch television.
Meanwhile, Katie was lying in the crib just tossing and turning and she even started to cry because of her current state of being.
Little did Katie know that tomorrow was going to be a weird day because her younger sister (In her eyes) was going to be her babysitter, this thought made the girl cry even more.
End of part 2

let me know what you think so far and if i should continue. please also suggest any ideas that you have for the next part of the story


kaite’s new role part 2

I’ve read worse, but this is very generic. There’s little to set this apart from other stories many of us have read before. That’ll be enough to satisfy some people, but honestly, I don’t see a reason to keep reading this. I feel like I know where everything is headed. I mean, it seems like either the sister is going to further humiliate her (possibly with the aid of friends) or end up being babied herself. A good story should surprise us by giving us something we can accept but don’t see coming a mile away.

Also, your characters don’t feel like people. If a supposedly normal 14-year-old girl had her life turned upside down like this, there is no way her reaction would be so muted (“Yes mommy, me understand.”). Yet it’s a reaction we aren’t seeing much of, aside from her crying.

kaite’s new role part 2

This was definitely a step backwards from chapter 1.

kaite’s new role part 2

ok, it’s a unique idea, and it’s interesting, however it is a bit of a step back from 1

kaite’s new role part 2