(Does this deserve a chapter 2)

They always say crime doesn’t pay, well that’s a load of BS! I mean assassins are criminals and they get paid. But enough of me ranting, my name is…none of your buisness. Just call me K! I want us to have a great friendship, and friends need to know things about each other. I’ll go first, I LOVE playing with my best buddies the police. We like to play “the game”.

“The game” includes stuff like tag, and hide and seek, . In tag the cops have to start chasing me and my other friends, with guns, and when they tag one of us with a bullet, we’re it!

Then, we get to start chasing them with bigger guns but then they cheat and runaway, or worse they get other players, like the national guard!

Those national guard guys are such sticks in the mud, they take the game way to seriously. For example, I tagged one of 'em and the lady next to him started screaming about how I killed her husband.

Hide and seek is really fun too! First we get a bunch players, after that we all go to this really big room and then turn off all the lights. Then you have to hide from the boggie man and if he finds you he kills you. The last person standing wins!

This one time I was playing with a bunch of my buddies when, the boggie man was about to get me, so I grabbed the dude next to me and pushed him in front of me! Then the boggie man ate him up!

It was really funny. It was kinda scary too, I almost slipped on the dude’s blood! That could’ve turned out really bad.

Why are you leaving? Don’t you want to be my friend too? Finish that thought and die!

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Does this deserve a chapter 2? I think it needs a chapter 1 first…

Seriously, this barely qualifies as a short story, let alone a chapter 1.

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Sorry, I wrote this on an impulse at 2 in the morning. It’s probably not my best work. I’m probably going to rewrite it to something that’s actually decent

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I definitely encourage that, and if you do so then please post it :slight_smile: