Just wanted to say hi its really me

I guys its me Kenk7us been a lot of years nope not back writing yet I have most if not all of my storys but there on floppy disc and I can not find my drive not sure you can buy one anymore. Having not written for lets say at least ten years not even sure how to use word on my new computer. Will see how it goes

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So, I am newer to the ABDL story scene. What stories did you write? I guess you have peaked my interest.

Welcome Back Ken! :slight_smile:

I wrote over 60 stories the ones I find online are my stories on Katy Matthews


welcome back. If you want them to resurrect. There are floppy disk readers on Amazon for like 20 bucks.

thanks if I do not find mine soon I will order one. Then pray the disk are still good

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I will look into that, thanks.

welcome back. I remember reading a few of your stories back in the day.


Glad to see you back you have some great stories

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