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I apologize before hand for any mistakes, I wrote this right on the forum. So anyways, enjoy. Oh and before I forget, this chapter doesn’t have any diaper content, but the story will definitely have it. It might just take a few chapters to get there.

Chapter 1 -

All around the country students were at the edge of their seats. Clamouring to gather their last few possessions, hurriedly stuffing them into their bags and impatiently tapping away at their desks as the last few seconds ticked away on the clock. It was as if the thoughts of all the students were one, counting down in anticipation.






The bells rang and countless bodies evacuated their desks and classrooms, filling the halls with the loud cheers of celebratory wonder as students everywhere began their summer vacation. The sound was deafening, the thunderous falling of many footsteps all moving about, the slam of lockers, the fall of paper, the booming voices of chatter amongst the students of all ages, everywhere. And then within moments, it all came to a stop, the halls devoid of any life, littered with the remains of the school year as the schools became nothing more than an empty building awaiting the return of its occupants in the fall.

And everywhere else became just that little bit more lively, as the walls that once kept the rabble in released its young charges to the unsuspecting world around it for the length of two whole months. Boys roughhoused on the streets, girls gossiped on the sidewalk, and all was well with the world. It really was just your usually last day of school.

And the group of girls heading down main street were no exception. Wildly going on about their plans for the summer, the vacations they were going on, the things they were going to see and do and so on. Lindsey did not have those same plans however. Her mind was solely focused on something else this summer, sure there would be time to relax and have some fun, but there were other things that needed to be done.

“Lindsey.” A girl called.

Lindsey kept walking, her eyes downcast, hand rubbing her chin as if in deep thought.

“Lindsey!” The girl called again, grabbing Lindsey’s shoulder in the process.

“Woah,” Lindsey replied startled, “What?”

“You’ve been spacing out for like twenty minutes now.”

“Oh, what? Sorry, was just thinking about something.”

“Whatever,” The girl said turning around to continue walking. The group of four girls, including Lindsey, continued the conversation right where they left off.

“So Lindsey, like we’ve been asking, what are your plans for the summer?”

Lindsey flinched at the question, the other girls just looked at her as if something were wrong.

“Nothing much really,” Lindsey finally said, shaking herself out of it, “The usual I guess, we should all go see a movie sometime.” Lindsey was quick to change the subject.

The girls brushed off Lindsey’s unusual reaction and again continued to walk, “Yeah sounds good, maybe next weekend.”

The girls continued to talk, Lindsey trying to join in as to not bring any more suspicion onto herself, before they all went their separate ways to their respective homes. Lindsey lived a little farther away from her friends then the other girls, her route home always including a shortcut through the small park nearby. Lindsey usually just walked on through, not a second glance at the children at play on the small playground. But today was a little different, today Lindsey had somethings to think about and she sat down on an empty swing and absentmindedly swayed back and forth.

See, what Lindsey didn’t want to tell her friends was that this summer she really wanted a job. Actually, she wanted money, which in turn called for a job. See they were fifteen now, or at least Lindsey would be in a couple weeks and all she could think about was that in just a short years time she would be able to drive. So that was it, she needed money to save up for her own car. Lindsey had been fixated on this for the last week, going through the job listings in the paper, trying to do odd jobs in the house, anything she could to make a little more money. Babysitting came up, as did with most girls her age, but that wasn’t enough. She really wasn’t the kind of girl to work at a dingy burger place, smelling of grease and burnt meat. She cringed at the thought, and even more at the thought of her friends seeing her in an embarrassing uniform down at one of the fast food joints. But, if it came to that Lindsey would do it, she really wanted that car. She just hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Lindsey pushed hard off the ground, swinging higher into the air before launching herself off and getting on her way. She took one last look back, watching the little kids with their parents coming from school to play. She remembered the times she came her when she was younger with someone who was like a sister to her.

Lindsey took the small path off to the side of the park, and then cut through someones back alley before finally arriving on her street. She could see her house coming into view, but her attention turned to the house next door and the car that was parked there. Suddenly excited, Lindsey quickened her pace, then started running as she realized who’s car it was.

She approached the driveway, panting slightly trying to catch her breathe. Her eyes darted back and forth, scanning through the cars until she saw who she was looking for standing at the door looking back at her.

“SAM!” Lindsey cried, both loudly and excitedly, rushing to said person and wrapping her arms around her tightly.

“Hey there kiddo, how are you?” The older girl replied, playfully rubbing the girls head.

“I’m not a kid anymore thank you very much,” Lindsey said in a mock irritated tone, “I’m turning fifteen soon you know.”

“I know, look at you,” Sam took a step back giving Lindsey a once over, “I swear it was just yesterday when you were chasing after me in diapers.”

The girls hugged tightly once again, as the parents of the two joined them outside of their houses.

Sam and Lindsey’s family have lived next to each other for as long as Lindsey could remember. Their parents were old friends, who just so happened to end up living next door to each other. Sam, age twenty three, and Lindsey, almost fifteen, had grown up as close as sisters.

The families made pleasantries before Lindsey’s mother, Karen, invited them all over for dinner so they could catch up.

Sam had just graduated from the local college with a degree in English literature. She even graduated at the top of her class, with offers from many other colleges and universities to continue her graduate studies in. Even though she had been living at home while attending college, Sam and Lindsey hadn’t really seen each other in well over a year, besides the odd hi and byes they exchanged before they both went their separate ways.

“So how long are you going to be home Sam?” Lindsey’s father, Mark, asked.

“Actually not that long, I’m moving out.”

“What!” This came as a big surprise, especially to Lindsey.

“Yeah, just across town, it’s closer to the university I’m going to in the fall and just right down the street from the restaurant I work at.”

“Well, here’s to Sam,” Mark said, holding up his glass, “Cheers.”

“Cheers!” Everyone replied, except for Lindsey who sounded off with more of a tiny squeak.

Without so much of even an excuse me, Lindsey ran off from the table after that, locking herself in her room.

The others at the table exchanged worried glances with each other, the people here were more than just neighbours or friends, they were like family. Sam excused herself from the table and hurried after the distraught Lindsey.

She walked down the familiar hallway to the last bedroom on the left. Hanging on the door was a small paper craft sign, spelling out Lindsey in big, bold, bubble letters, each in a different colour and decorated with stickers and glitter. Sam couldn’t help but sprout a smile as she ran her hand along it, remembering the time so long ago when she and Lindsey made that sign, she had one identical to it with her own name still hanging on her own door, even to this day.

“Hey kiddo, you in there?” Sam called, knocking lightly on the door.

“I told you, I’m not a kid anymore.” A voice respond weakly in between light sobs.

“Can I come in?” Sam said softly.

There was no answer, but the door opened revealing Lindsey with a tear streaked face. Sam pulled the girl into her arms and hugged her tightly like when the girls were younger. Even with the eight year difference, Sam wasn’t that much taller than Lindsey and she was sure that Lindsey would be taller than her in a few years. Any random passerby would assume the girls were really sisters, they had similar facial features like the same vibrantly green eyes and their hair were both a deep shade of brown. Sam wasn’t much to fuss with her hair, often just throwing it into a loose ponytail that reached the small of her back. Lindsey was a bit more particular, her hair showing clear signs of stylist work including light blonde highlights and cut short into a fancy due.

Sam guided Lindsey into her room and sat her down on the bed. She couldn’t help but glance around a room she had spent much of her younger years in, watching over the same little girl sitting next to her. Even with Lindsey growing up, Sam would always see the little girl that followed her everywhere.

“I’m going to miss this room.” Sam spoke up.

Lindsey, still tearing up, silently crying to herself managed to responded, “Do you have to go? You just got home.”

“Linds,” Sam said, wiping a tear off of Lindsey’s check, “I can’t just put life on hold. We’re growing up, we can’t just goof around like when we were kids. I still have to pack, set up my new apartment, and I need to work as much as possible before going back to school.”

“But we haven’t even seen each other in so long, can’t you stay even just a few days?” Lindsey said in between sobs.

“Well how about this,” Sam said straightening herself up, “I’ll be here all day tomorrow, but I need to pack. So how about you come help me?”

Lindsey finally met Sam’s eyes with her own, a look of “Yeah right,” clearly displayed on her face. Sam couldn’t help but laugh at seeing it.

“Now that is the Lindsey I know, not this little cry baby who has been taking her place until now.”

Lindsey smiled before playfully shoving Sam back. Her eyes opened wider, showing her glee, but the clear indication of crying was still there.

“Fine how about this, I’ll pay you to help me pack.”

Lindsey thought about this for a second, she was looking to make a little money, plus she would get to spend the whole day with Sam. It was almost to good to be true, but Lindsey had another idea. With a hint of a mischievous smile, Lindsey couldn’t help but ask.

“Well, only on one condition.”

Sam cocked her eyebrow, “Oh, and what is that?”

“I get to raid your closet for your old clothes!” Lindsey said pouncing up, her face lit up erasing any thought of the previously sorrowed girl.

Sam laughed once again, “You got yourself a deal.” She pulled Lindsey into a close embrace once again, goofing around and giving her a noogie like she used to. The girls spent the rest of the night catching up, reminiscing about old times and reminding themselves just how close sisters could be.

I decided to try something new with this and writing this right before posting and instead of in a word processor straight on the forum. The reason being is that if anyone remembers my brief stint at writing “The Babying of Haruhi Suzumiya,” I have this tendency to start writing and keep putting off from posting it because I keep re-editing it. So this way, I actually get to posting it and getting out for people to read, which is what I intended for it in the first place. I’m also going to be using this story as a writing exercise to get me into a better habit of constantly writing, so please if I stop posting start messaging me to continue, that is if you like the story of course. Anyways, I would love to hear what you think of my writing, I’m always looking to improve my writing and would love to get some constructive criticism. Like I said in the beginning, it will take a couple chapters before I get to any real diaper content, so I hope people enjoying reading this and will want to keep reading until then.

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I like this. Please continue. I would write awful if I tried to write on the forum.

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A very good start, you have an excellent style, and please keep up the fantastic in the future chapters.

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Good, even if right now you prabably could find some small details that would be better to edit ;D ;D

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You have a nice writing style, and this is a nice start. :slight_smile:

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I have only one minor criticism: your use of the word “purge” at the beginning. Bodies don’t “purge themselves out of desks”. I think you need to find a better way of saying that, one that evokes the same image of schools and classrooms vomitting forth an unending flow of kids, which I believe is what you intended.

Otherwise, your narrative flow is good and your dialog is excellent. This is an eminently readable story so far.

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Well written, believable and interesting. I like it so far, despite the lack of diaper content. Your characterization of Lindsey is great, as she seems to be a girl that is caught in between her childhood years and her teenage/adult years, making her a prime candidate for some regression. Very, very well done.

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I like it.

It has good flow, no grammatical or spelling errors that I noticed.

I’m looking forward to more.

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Wow, thanks for the compliments everyone. Glad to see people enjoying my work. I’m hoping to get to writing the next chapter sometime in the next few days and knowing people are reading and wanting to read more will encourage me to write more soon. I’ll definitely do my best to not disappoint.

I completely agree with you, how I used purge their just doesn’t sound right. I wish I had caught that, but I guess so goes the trouble of writing it on the forum, scanning everything in this little text entry box can be quite trying. How does “The bells rang and countless bodies evacuated their desks and classrooms…” sound to you?

I am quite pleased you noticed what I was trying to do with the character of Lindsey. I was aiming for that image of a somewhat bratty teenage girl who is still trying to grow up and am glad that it seemed to have worked. I’m hoping to do some more characterization of both Lindsey and Sam in the coming chapters, hopefully that works out just as well.

Again everyone, thanks for reading and thanks for the compliments. I am just glad people like and enjoy my writing, so as long as there are people out there who do I will do my best to continue writing. Although, I am a horrible procrastinator so my writing may see extended interruptions from time to time, so please bear with me. I am determined to never leave a story unfinished, no matter how long it takes me to finish it.

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Sounds much better. I look forward to reading the next installment, whenever that may be.

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Well, here’s the next chapter. Enjoy

Chapter 2 -

Sam and Lindsey talked much into the night. Lying side by side on Lindsey’s bed they went over everything that has happened to them since the last time they had been together like this, it really had been a long time. Nothing was spared, like with any two girls gossiping, and soon it was like they had never been apart at all. Eventually Lindsey’s head began to nod, her eyes closing against her will until she fell asleep nuzzled closely to Sam next to her. Sam watched as Lindsey drifted to sleep, watching her chest rise and fall slowly over and over again, she was glad to be hanging out with Lindsey again, even if only for a short time.

Carefully removing Lindsey’s arm from around herself, Sam moved off of the bed trying to disturb the sleeping girl as little as possible. Lindsey had fallen asleep over top of her blankets so it would be impossible to cover her without waking her. Sam settled on rolling the sides of the covers over her. Looking at Lindsey like this reminded Sam of all the good times they had together in the past, remembering so long ago when Sam would babysit Lindsey and how Lindsey would refuse to go to sleep unless Sam lay there next to her. She really was going to miss this, living next door to the most important person in her life. Sam took one last look around the room, breathing in the familiar air before she bent over and laid a kiss on Lindsey’s forehead.

“Night kiddo.”

Sam left the house preoccupied, she almost walked right past Mark and Karen, who were huddled together on the couch watching a late night movie.

“See you tomorrow Sam,” Mark said.

Slightly startled, Sam responded shakily, “Uh, yeah, see you tomorrow.”

Karen called out as Sam walked away, “Night Sam.”

“Night,” Sam replied back, as she closed the door.

Sam let out a sigh as she shut the door behind her. It hadn’t really dawned on her how exhausting moving would be until talking to Lindsey. The whole time they spent talking, Sam could feel the slight hesitation in Lindsey, how she was still sad at the thought of her leaving. Sam thought about tomorrow, packing up all her possessions with Lindsey and how it would be a constant reminder of all the time they had spent together and how after tomorrow it would never be the same. Even though they hadn’t been together for awhile now, it really felt like after she moved they would really be apart.

Sam entered her house with a slight depression, arms drooping, shoulders slouching. She walked into the kitchen where her mother, Rachel, was sitting at the table with a cup of tea and an open photo album in front of her.

Rachel did not even look up, “I can’t believe you are moving out tomorrow,” she flipped the page, “It seems like just–”

“Please don’t give me that 'It seems like just yesterday you were still a little girl” speech." Sam said with a groan, plopping down on the chair adjacent to her mother.

Rachel laughed lightly, “Okay, okay, but I really can’t believe it.”

“Well you have all tomorrow to get emotional about it, I think I’ve had enough of that today,” Replied Sam, dropping her head onto the table, spreading her arms wide.

“How is Lindsey?”

“Better,” Sam said simply.

“That’s good,” Her mother said, standing up and walking around to her daughters side, “But maybe now you should go get some sleep, there is going to be a lot to do tomorrow.” Rachel placed her hand on Sam’s shoulder, like any caring mother would.

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” She stood up tiredly, kissing her mother on the cheek, “Night mom.”

“Night honey.”

Sam walked out of the kitchen and down the flight of stairs to the basement. Sam inhabited the entirety of the basement suite, giving her a lot of room for her privacy. Her parents had trusted her to be left to her own devices since she wasn’t much older than Lindsey, so the basement had become her own home. Even without turning on the lights, Sam knew the space well enough to transverse through it without trouble. She walked carefully, extending her hand until it felt the cool leather of the couch, she used the couch as her guide until she reached the door to her bedroom. Upon entering her room, Sam couldn’t help but flop down on her bed. She felt exhausted, wanting to curl up into a ball and just lay like that as long as she could. But she was also restless, her mind now allowing her to sleep. Flipping over and laying on her back, Sam stared blankly at the ceiling.

After what seemed like hours, but was actually only a minute or so, Sam still couldn’t fall asleep, no matter how much she wanted to. She looked around her room, wondering how she would start packing tomorrow. She had to empty out her bedroom, the spare room beside hers also was filled with her junk, as well as the main room of the basement. Sam would be taking the two couches that were down there as well as the coffee table and television. Not to mention all her mess that seemed to be scattered everywhere. You could tell that Sam was an English major in college just by looking at the sheer amount of books that were quite literally everywhere you looked.

“Maybe I’ll start with my books,” Sam said aloud to herself. Not being able to sleep she figured that maybe she could tire herself even more until she could force her body to sleep. She grabbed one of the many boxes that were laying in wait in the other room and returned to her own, grabbing all the books she could on the way and dropping them in. Sam dropped the box in front of her closet, grabbing another few books off her desk in the process. She lined them carefully along the bottom of the box, one, two, twenty. Book after book, Sam kept stacking them in, it was endless really.

“Ugh, maybe I read to much!” She yelled, before mentally slapping herself remembering what time it was. She fell backwards onto her bed, her legs still hanging off lightly grazing the ground. Her body was definitely at that point where it would refuse to move anymore, she could barely even lift her head back up. She managed to get her head a few inches up and set her sights on her closet in front of her. Suddenly, it didn’t matter how tired she was, Sam bolted straight up.

“Oh shit,” Mentally cursing herself even more, Sam shoved the box aside and opened up her closet. Shoving aside various articles of clothing, and even more books, Sam rummaged around until she cleared a path to what she was looking for. Inside her closet was a medium sized toy box. It was a dark blue in colour and made out of wood. She had had it for even longer than she has known Lindsey. Obviously there was not much use for it now, besides storage so she kept it tucked away in her closet. She pulled it out, throwing off the clothes that were clinging to the top of it and blowing off the dust creating a small cloud in front of her.

Coughing slightly, Sam ran her hand along the lid wiping off even more dust. Her hands remembered every crevice, all the times she had ran home to play with all the toys that were hidden away inside. The toy box was very important to her, even after she had stopped playing with toys inside. Even as a kid, she had always hidden things there, precious things, things that she didn’t want anyone to see, not even Lindsey. She lifted the lid slowly, on first examination all anyone would see were toys. Well stuffed animals, she went a little crazy for the things when she was younger. Pulling the stuffed animals out one at a time, Lindsey cleared away the clutter until she found what she was still to this moment cursing herself about.

Underneath all the toys lay a collection of objects that to anyone else would think it was weird for a twenty three year old girl to have. Carefully placed in small containers hidden beneath her stuffed animals was a collection of diapers. Diapers of different sizes, shapes and brands. She took them out and arranged them in front of her. Her hand trembled as she slowly popped the lid of one of the containers, breathing in deeply the smell that was released. Pulling one out she couldn’t help herself but to run her hand along the cold plastic, listening to the crinkle it made with each touch. The feeling took over her and Sam couldn’t help herself but to put one on.

Sam unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them off. Her hands came up on her panties, hands shaking in anticipation she removed them. Sam opened up the diaper next, slowly, enjoying each sensation it sent through her body as she carefully positioned it under her. Sam silently wished she had some baby powder to complete the experience, but she had decided against having any in her room because she was afraid the smell might stick and tip off anyone who came in. She pulled the front up over her and carefully positioned the tapes one at a time. Sam stood up and felt the snugness of the diaper around her, her hand ran along the front of it sliding gracefully along the plastic. She hung there motionless for a moment, her mind solely focused on the diaper she was wearing.

Sam shook her head and snapped back into reality, sighing deeply and collapsing in a heap on the ground.

“What am I going to do!” Sam said, exasperated.

With the move tomorrow, Sam had no idea how she was going to hide her diapers from prying eyes. Leaving them in the toy box was out of the question, what if someone looked through it, was the question that kept repeating itself through her mind. She couldn’t lock it either, that would make it look even more conspicuous.

Sam panicking looked around her room trying to find an answer to her problem, her gaze flew from side to side looking for something, anything to hide her secret possessions. She finally landed back on her box of books still sitting there waiting to be finished packing. Having no other choice, Sam hurriedly picked up the box, dumping the books everywhere, no longer worried about them and just thinking about her hidden shame.

Sam threw the containers of diapers into the box, then grabbed all the loose clothing she could find crowding her closet. Packing them tightly around the containers until the box was filled. Sam ran quickly to find the packaging tape and sealed off the box. With a marker she labelled the box “Old Clothes” and moved it into the other room. Sam stood over it, wearing only her t-shirt and the diaper she had put on, her mind racing, asking if that was enough.

Sam suddenly felt paranoid, what if someone opened the box, what if someone found her diapers, she couldn’t let that happen. Sam grabbed a few more boxes, bringing them into her room and filling them with more clothing. Time flew by and before she knew it, Sam had finished packing three more boxes. She carefully positioned them around the other box, one on top, another in front and the last to the side. These three boxes were labelled simply with “Clothes” thinking that later she would be able to tell which box had her diapers in them.

Relief flooded Sam, as Sam flooded her diaper. Dragging her feet, she warily made her way over to her bed. Too tired to even throw on a pair of sweat pants, Sam ducked under the covers and finally went to sleep.

Well there it is, finished chapter 2. It turned out differently then I had originally thought it would, but as I started writing I thought of new things to include and better ways to include the old ideas. I wasn’t planning on showing Sam’s diapers until a later chapter, but I felt it would be better off here. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

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I think I have an idea of what is going to happen in the next chapter.

Looking forward to reading it.

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Haha, glad you think so. I certainly hope that is not a bad thing, lol, but I decided to make somethings a little more obvious before throwing things for a loop. I’ve got some ideas that will hopefully take the story in a direction that wasn’t expected.

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I never thought I would be writing this so soon, but here it is Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 -

Lindsey stirred as the morning sunlight peaked in through the blinds, hitting her eyes and causing her body to wake. She felt the stiffness in her body, feeling the usually effects of a night sleep, as she did the usual morning stretch, holding her arms up high above her head. Lindsey rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, opening them to the full blast of the sunshine as the rest of her came to life.

She didn’t even remember falling asleep the night before. Only remembering the joy of being able to reconnect with her sister figure, Lindsey could still picture the form of Sam laying next to her as clearly as if she were really there. They had talked about everything they could think of, it was just like the old times between them. Lindsey felt excitement run through her body, blocking out any remnants of sleep still remaining, and joyfully jumped out of bed.

Lindsey was extremely happy to have Sam back, even if for just a short time and best of all she would get to spend all day with her and Lindsey wasn’t about to waste any of that precious time. Thinking about it, she couldn’t even remember the last time she had spent the whole day with Sam, it really had been too long of a time. She wasn’t actually looking forward to doing all the work packing would entail and of course there was that burning knowledge that all this would be leading up to Sam moving away and possibly not seeing her for an even longer time. But nevertheless, Lindsey was going to make the most of today. Plus she was getting paid for it, with the added bonus of whatever free clothes Sam would part with, today would be a good day indeed, no matter what tomorrow would hold.

With all the enthusiasm humanly possible, Lindsey hurried herself to get ready. Stripping off her clothes with fever, throwing them about with little care for where they landed, Lindsey grabbed a towel from behind her door and rushed out into the hall heading for the shower. In her excitement Lindsey had not even stopped to look at the clock, it’s blinking lights reading only six-thirty. On any other day, Lindsey was the type of person to remain in the shower as long as possible. Standing under the hot streams of water, feeling the heat relax her body, she would stay until her skin began to wrinkle. But today Lindsey was in and out in a seemingly impossible amount of time, running back to her room with the same amount of anticipation, getting dressed hurriedly and running back out of her room and with all this the clock only showed it was six forty.

Lindsey was not at all concerned about her surrounding environment. Her footsteps sent echoes throughout the quiet household, as her parents slept soundly. Undoubtedly they had slept late, finishing their movie, sleeping as long as possible in the morning before heading to work after lunch. They would definitely not appreciate being waken up earlier than needed, not that that thought even crossed Lindsey’s mind as she barrelled loudly down the stairs. On her way to the door, she half considered to grab some breakfast before going, but upon a quick inspection of the pantry only revealing some stale cereal and noticing they were out of bread, Lindsey was heading out the door in a flash. Lindsey hopped out into the morning standing on one foot, furiously trying to pull her other shoe on before slamming the door behind her.

Lindsey turned towards the Wilson household in time to see the garage opening up. A car pulled out, with Derek, Sam’s father at the wheel, obviously on his way to work. He waved when he saw Lindsey, rolling down the window as she approached the car.

“Up early there eh, Lindsey?” Derek chuckled.

“Really?” Lindsey replied, still oblivious to the time.

“It’s not even seven o’clock,” He told her, cracking a wide smile.

Lindsey blinked in realization, rubbing the back of her head, “I guess I’m a little excited to hang out with Sam all day,” She said smiling back.

“Haha, well head on in through the garage and careful waking Sam up, last time I did I woke up ten minutes later with a black eye,” Derek’s expression displayed the comical nature of his remark, but Lindsey knew from experience that he was telling the truth. Sam had never been much of a morning person.

Lindsey stepped into the garage and watched and waved as Derek pulled out of the drive way and went to work. He hadn’t be able to get out of work that day, so of course he wouldn’t be able to help is daughter pack, but he would be back early that afternoon with the moving truck.

Lindsey entered the house, expertly navigating her way around just as well as her own home. Which it pretty much was, growing up she had spent just as much time here, if not more, vying for Sam’s attention. Lindsey moved quickly, brushing past Rachel in the kitchen.

“Morning Mrs. Wilson!” She chirped happily, running right past her and heading down the stairs leading to Sam’s basement before even waiting for a response.

Rachel just stood there, watching the disappearing form of Lindsey. She couldn’t help but shake her head, quietly laughing, knowing full well what was going to happen next.

Lindsey flipped on the lights, revealing the living room area of the basement. It was pretty bare in terms of furniture, but was covered in a coat of mess, mainly books, that belonged to Sam. Lindsey started picking up some of said mess, as she would no doubt be cleaning it up at some point today. She slowly made progress, cleaning up a path on the way to Sam’s bedroom where she was no doubt still sleeping.

Lindsey stopped short of Sam’s bedroom, noticing the already packed boxes sitting in the spare bedroom. Lindsey walked over to them, wondering when Sam had the time to pack these.

“Maybe Sam’s already up?” Lindsey asked herself out loud. She was about to to take a closer look at the boxes when she heard the tell tale signs that Sam was indeed still sleeping – snoring.

Lindsey laughed, “Well I guess not,” as she ran out of the spare room and slowly pushed open the door to Sam’s bedroom.

She definitely wasn’t surprised to find Sam still out cold, lying face down with just a hint of drool dripping down her lip. Lindsey tiptoed closer, listening to the quiet snoring that escaped Sam’s open mouth. Lindsey had to cover her mouth, barely stifling the giggles trying to wake Sam up just yet. She moved in closer, their noses almost touching, Lindsey smiling mischievously. Staring at the sleeping girl for just a few more moments, Lindsey began her devious plan.

Lindsey moved slowly, carefully brushing aside some of Sam’s hair and revealing her ear to the open air. Lindsey bent in close and blew lightly, watching with delight as Sam’s hand came up brushing at her earlobe.

Lindsey giggled, being unable to hold it in any longer she whispered in closer, “Good morning sleepy head.”

Sam’s response was nothing more than a disgruntled groan, her hand once again shooting up on pure instinct alone, finding Lindsey’s face in her palm and shoving away whatever it was that was trying to wake her.

This was all part of a morning routine between the girls. Having done this since she was old enough to come over on her own, Lindsey would always come over early in the morning and try to wake Sam up, wanting to play of course. But of course on any given day, Sam would not willingly be up before noon, unless she absolutely had too. Unfortunately for her, with Lindsey around that was unlikely to happen, especially today.

Lindsey picked herself up, moving onto the second step of her wake Sam initiative. Carefully stepping over the sleeping girl, Lindsey positioned herself over Sam. She had moved slowly, not wanting to tip off Sam to her plans, and steadied herself as Sam stirred under her. Waiting until Sam became still, Lindsey readied herself to pounce. And just as Sam stopped moving, Lindsey dropped down hard onto her back.

“Morning sunshine!” Lindsey yelled loudly as she began to bounce up and down upon Sam’s back. With all the commotion, the rustling of blankets, Sam’s moaning and the happy giggles of Lindsey, it was hard for anyone to notice the extra set of crinkles coming from beneath the sheets.

Sam groaned again, this time louder, she turned her head back and glared madly at the girl sitting there, her eyes clearly saying “You are dead.”

“Get off me,” Sam yelled groggily, “NOW!”

Lindsey ignored her, continuing to bounce away happily on top of Sam, “But it’s time to wake up.”

“Bite me,” Sam spat out angrily, burying her head back into her pillow.

Lindsey’s bouncing slowed. Placing a finger on her lip, Lindsey thought for a second, “Well if you insist,” before ducking down and pinching down hard on the back of Sam’s neck with her teeth.

“OW!” Sam screamed, posturing up causing Lindsey to fall backwards and off of the bed. “What the hell?!”

“I can’t believe you actually bit me.” Sam flipped her body over pushing herself up with her arms into a sitting up position, while keeping the rest of her still underneath the sheets.

“But you told me too,” Lindsey replied smiling innocently.

“Ugh,” Was all Sam could say in response, dropping her head down into her arms. “Fine, I’ll get up, just go get me some coffee before I make you regret it.”

Lindsey didn’t have to be told twice, remembering what Derek had said early and knowing full well from her own experience just how nasty Sam could be in the morning. She picked herself up off the floor, making sure to stay out of swinging distance of Sam and ran out of the room.

Standing at the top of the stairs listening to the commotion below, Rachel couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh those girls.” She turned around to get some coffee ready as she saw Lindsey come flying out of Sam’s bedroom.

Sam remained sitting with her head in her hands, slowing shaking her head in mock anger. She couldn’t help smiling, remembering times just like this so long ago, she was really going to miss it. Finally raising her head back up, Sam stole a look at her clock, sighing loudly when she realized it wasn’t even seven thirty. Sam wasn’t used to being up at this time, her body being extremely stiff not wanting to move. It would take her a few steps before she could even stand up. Moving one leg at a time, carefully placing them on the ground and making sure they would be stable enough to stand up on.

Taking in a deep breathe and positioning her hands on her knees, Sam pushed her body into a standing position, the whole time groaning. The blanket fell away from Sam’s hips, revealing her legs to the cold morning air. The air hit her legs, running up them. Sam shivered slightly, wondering why her legs were so called. Looking down seeing her bare legs, Sam suddenly remembered the events of the night before. Sagging in between her legs, clear evidence that she had indeed done what she thought was a horribly damp diaper.

“No, no, no, no…” Sam repeated over and over again, although in her head she was spouting much more obscene vocabulary. Sam quite literally dived over her bed, landing gracefully at the foot of her closet. She jumped right in, trying to find something to throw over her diaper.

“Where are all my clothes!” She yelled in frustration, before realizing how stupid of a question it was. She had packed up all her clothes, now wishing she hadn’t done it. And even more so, wishing she hadn’t given in to her diaper craving. Ripping through the drawers of her dresser, Sam still couldn’t find anything that would be enough to disguise the wetness of the garment she wore under them.

Upstairs Lindsey sat impatiently waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. Stirring the cup of hot chocolate in front of her, she couldn’t help but laugh along with Rachel hearing all the noise Sam was making below them. Both of them however writing it off as nothing more than Sam’s hatred of mornings, not suspecting anything else.

“That girl,” Rachel said shaking her head as she picked up the pot of coffee, “Sometimes I wonder how she would ever wake up without you.”

“Well that’s my job I guess,” Lindsey watched as Rachel poured the cup of coffee in front her, taping away with her finger impatiently waiting for the glass to fill. As soon as Rachel stopped pouring, she grabbed the mug along with her own and raced back to the basement. Half way down Lindsey remember to yell back a “Thank you,” continuing a careful trek down each step, not wanting to spill any of the hot liquid in her hands.

Rachel stood staring at the spot where Lindsey had disappeared, a wide grin on her face. She shook her head, all the while laughing to herself, before turning around to start getting some breakfast ready. She had a feeling that in a short time they would be back up here clamouring for some food.

Sam paced around her bedroom, each step causing the diaper to crinkle and the plastic to rub against her thigh. She needed to do something, and fast. Suddenly she heard the footsteps of the returning Lindsey, each step getting louder and louder as Lindsey made her way down the stairs.

“Think Sam, think,” Sam muttered, the panic setting in and the slight signs of sweating beginning on her brow.

Sam spun around, trying to find anything that could possible save her from having to explain herself. Having no other choice, she ripped the comforter off the bed and wrapped it around herself like a large, think towel. Hustling out of the room, Sam ran to the bathroom, almost knocking over Lindsey in the process and locked herself in.

Lindsey just saw a blur pass her by. Blinking to make sure she wasn’t seeing things, she looked and saw the bathroom door slam.

Sam stood inside, dropping the blanket from around her. Looking in the mirror, Sam took off her shirt, leaving the reflected image showing a twenty three year old girl standing there in nothing more than a soiled diaper. She couldn’t believe how far she had fallen.

“After months of resisting, I had to give in on the worst possible night,” Sam muttered to herself, rubbing her temple. She ran her hands along the damp garment, fully intent on finding the tapes in her fingers and ripping it off. But again the feeling took over her, the sensational feeling off smooth plastic beneath her hand and now the added warmth of the piss that filled it. Sam pushed out any remaining urine in her body, filling the diaper to is maximum capacity. Her hand moved up and down, at first slowly, then furiously rubbing the front of her diaper. Sam stopped herself short of her climax, hesitating but losing to her desire her hand began to slip into the top of the diaper wanting to finish what she started.

A sharp knock shook her out of her stupor, followed by a “Are you okay Sam?”

Panting, pulling her hand back out of her diaper, Sam looked at herself in the mirror, a look of horror on her face. She thought to herself, “What are you doing?”

Realizing Lindsey was still waiting for an answer, Sam finally called back “Yeah, I, uhh, just need to take a shower first. Watch some TV or something, I’ll be quick.”

Lindsey shrugged, still wondering what Sam was so in a hurry about, but brushed it off and sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. Flipping through the channels, she yelled, “Hurry or your coffee will get cold!”

Sam mortified with herself ripped the diaper off of herself, dropping it on the floor. She stepped into the shower and just stood still, staring straight into the stream of hot water flooding her body. She tried to resist it, but she couldn’t help herself but to steal a few glances towards the disposed of diaper just sitting on the floor, taunting her. She flipped the nozzle, turning the hot water to as cold as possible. Sam didn’t even flinch, her body still tense as the temperature dropped, she stood underneath the freezing cold stream as long as possible before shutting off the shower entirely.

She had to clear her head, and the first step was to hide that diaper and get on with what she needed to do that day. Slowly picking up the diaper, Sam had to fight the urge to put it back on. She rolled it tight, wrapping it in toilet paper for good measure and then buried it within the rest of the trash. Thinking, out of sight, out of mind, Sam wrapped herself once again in her blanket, realizing she didn’t have a towel with her and letting out of a sigh of relief, ready to join Lindsey without her hidden shame.

Well that is that. This chapter ended up being longer than intended and at first I wanted all of chapter 3 to cover the whole packing process, but guess that is chapter 4. So would love to hear more on what you guys think. Thanks for reading.

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