Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

Just the Meat

Just a quick one. Now, on with the show:

“I hate these things. Why the hell do you even want to be here?”

“Jess, this is our beautiful city’s fair! Why don’t you try to unwind and not be such an ass?”

Jess looked at her friend and scowled, “This isn’t a fair, it’s just one of those traveling wade shows hired by the city to fleece idiots.” As she was talking, a man painted as a clown was coming right at her, holding balloons. “These things are run by criminals anyways.”

The man stopped and turned to her. “Aw, does the young lady need to be cheered up?”

Jess looked down her nose as he offered her a balloon. “Do I look some like some of child? Take that balloon and stick it up your-”

But the clown cut her off, “Not a child, just a cranky little baby that probably needs a diaper change and a nap.”

She angrily pointed her finger at the man, “At least I’m not some freak walking around in bright pink polka dots and trying to sell a bunch of balloons to idiots!”

She started to angrily turn away, but before she could lower her hand he looped a string attached to a balloon around her wrist. “Oh… Well have one on the house then!” Jess felt like screaming, but the clown turned and quickly disappeared into the mass of people and was gone. Jess tried to find his balloons above the crowd, but even they weren’t in sight.

“Jess, let’s just go, that guy really freaks me out.”

“Trish, we aren’t leaving till I can stick this damn thing up his ass! Let’s go find him.”

Trish tried to get her to stop, but she could barely keep up as Jess started pushing her way through the crowd. If it wasn’t for the bright red balloon floating above her friend she would have quickly lost her. Finally she saw the balloon stop and float calmly in place. Trish pushed her way past one last couple and saw Jess standing alone looking over towards the right side of the fair. “Jess, what are you doing? You’ll never find him, just pull that thing off and let’s go home. Who cares what some tard in a clown suit said?”

Jess looked at her friend and scowled. “You don’t have to help, you can go back to the stage area and I’ll come back when I’m done here.”

Trish looked at her, and the scowl on her face. She couldn’t think of anything to say, she dropped her gaze to the ground and saw a crumpled dollar bill laying on the ground between them. She squatted down and picked it up, before she stood she took a quick peak at the bill and noticed it wasn’t just a dollar, it was a ten spot. “Jess, check it out! Looks like we’re eating good today.”

Jess looked down at her, “What?”

Trish started to stand, “I said, I found a-”, but she stopped, her face was even with Jess’s waist and she was looking at something odd peeking out over the top of her jeans. “Um… Jess?”

“What?” she looked down at her friend and saw her staring at her stomach. “You go gay on me all of a sudden Trish?”

Trish slowly stood and stepped back, “Jess… I think you need to look at it yourself.”

Jess looked down, expecting to see a stain, or a tear, but instead she saw a belt of white plastic circling her waist. She poked at it with her finger, then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down slightly. Exposing more plastic, and what looked like wide tapes holding everything together on either side. “It’s a-”

“Diaper!” Trish put her hands to her face, “Why the hell are you wearing a diaper?” Trish stepped farther away from her friend, “Oh shit, that clown did this! You’ve got to find him and apologize!”

But Jess wasn’t listening, she was busy pulling her pants down to get the diaper off. But a deep male voice stopped her. “Hey! What are you two doing over there?”

Jess and Trish looked over and saw a police officer trying to walk towards them. Jess pulled her pants up and grabbed Trish, “Let’s get the hell out of here, I’m not going to jail in a diaper.”

The two girls ran the opposite direction of the approaching cop, the crowd seemed to part for them, and then close tightly around the officer. They quickly put plenty of distance behind them and stopped again. Trish sat down on a bench and started to catch her breath, while Jess tried to pull her shirt down and tuck it into her pants.

Trish finally felt like she could talk, “Hiding it now? Just take it off.”

“I’m not going to take a diaper off in front of so many people again, I was stupid last time. We need to get back home, or find a porta potty.”

Trish just shook her head, stood up and stretched, “Well at least you could take that stupid balloon off now.”

Jess looked at her wrist where the balloon was tied on. She grabbed the loop, but it was tied tight. When she tried to pull it off over her hand it wouldn’t fit over. “Dam, it’s stuck on tight, you have anything I can use to cut this off?”

Trish opened her purse and searched through it. “Nothing, we just went to a concert a few days ago, and I had to take everything that could be used as a weapon out. What about your purse?”

Jess twisted around and grabbed the purse slung over her shoulder. She unzipped it, took a quick look and suddenly stopped. Trish saw a look of disgust cross her face, then she threw the purse as far away as she could.

Trish watched confused, “What the hell was that about?”

“That wasn’t my purse, that dam clown must have switched it somehow.”

Trish looked over towards where the purse lay. “It looks like your purse to me. It even has that patch we ironed on it a few weeks ago.”

“Whatever, it’s not my purse anymore. Let’s get out of here, I want out of this diaper.”

Trish just hunched her shoulders and started walking away with Jess. They made it about 30 feet away when they heard a female voice calling out to them. “Excuse me, young ladies!”

They both turned and saw a woman only feet away, carrying the discarded purse. She walked right up to Trish. “I think you dropped this.”

"Oh… Um, no. It’s not mine. " But the lady didn’t listen, she draped the strap from the purse over her shoulder and gave a cheerful wave as she walked away. “Weird Jess, what’s the deal? Why did you throw-” Then she stopped talking as she looked into the purse and saw what looked like, “More diapers? Why the hell is your purse full of diapers?”

Jess angrily grabbed the purse and zipped it closed. “I don’t know. But I don’t want to stick around any longer to find out. Let’s get moving.”

“What about your purse?”

Jess tossed in into her arms, “Bring it, I don’t care, let’s just get going.”

They started speed walking back home as fast as they could through the crowd. Trish followed Jess and let her set the pace and the direction they went. After several minutes they were more than halfway through the fair. Trish tried to keep looking ahead, but her eyes kept going down to her friends butt. She didn’t know for sure, but it looked like her pants and shirt had changed. And the bulge of the diaper underneath seemed to be more pronounced. As they walked it looked like Jess’s gate was changing to more of a waddle. Trish hoped she was wrong, but she just couldn’t be sure. “Jess! Please, we gotta stop. I need to let my legs rest for a few minutes. Please!”

Jess stopped and turned to Trish, “Fine.” She pointed over behind a concession stand at a low bench. “Over there.”

Trish followed her waddling friend and sat down when she reached the bench. She let her legs dangle lazily below her, but Jess kept standing. “Jess, sit down for a few minutes.”

“No, not till this f-ing diaper is off!” She glanced around and tried to see if there were any porta potty’s around. “Dammit! Don’t they ANY places to take a piss around here?”

Trish didn’t answer, she watched as her friend seemed to grow more frantic.

“This is bullshit. I want this thing off NOW!”

As Jess almost yelled “now” Trish watched her bend her knees in together. She thought it looked odd for her to be standing like that. “Jess? Is there a problem?”

Jess seemed to get angry. She stepped closer and almost thrust her diapered crotch into Trish’s face. She dropped her voice to almost a whisper and spoke, “Yeah, I’m in a dam diaper! I’d say that’s a problem. And it’s starting to make me sweat too!”

Trish started to lean away from her friend, but a strange smell hit her nose. Instead she leaned forward, and took a whiff. “Oh shit.” she thought, “That smells like piss!” She reached out and with a motion learned for years of baby sitting touched and squeezed the diaper.

Jess jumped back, “What the hell Trish?”

“Jess, we’ve got a problem. I don’t think you’re sweating, I think-”

But Jess angrily cut her off, “I think you’re the one with the problem! What the hell do you think you’re doing!”

“Jess, keep your voice down! I was just checking and I think-”

Jess put her hands up, and a look of surprise crossed her face, “You were checking my-.” she stopped herself in time. “You sick bitch. Do you really think I’d USE this dam thing?” She started stepping backwards away from Trish. When she felt a strong arm around her waist.

A mature female voice sounded from behind her. “Woah there little lady. You’ve got to be careful when you’re walking in a crowd.”

Jess looked up at her, ready to tear her a new asshole when she felt something slipped into her mouth.

“There we go. A nice pacifier to keep you calm.” Trish looked on as the lady clipped it to Jess’s shirt.

The lady noticed Trish watching, “Are you her babysitter?”

Trish just kind of nodded her head as Jess turned to stare at her, she had already spit out the pacifier and was trying to remove the clip holding it to her shirt.

“Well I think you should keep a closer eye on her, she could have got hurt.”

Jess grew more angry as the woman talked about her as if she couldn’t understand what was being said. She pointed her finger at the woman. “She’s not watching me, we were looking for a porta potty or something so we could use the bathroom!”

The woman knelt in front of her and smiled, “Well, I just happen to work this show, and I know right where there’s several.” Then as she went to get up she said a quiet, “Opps, looks like you couldn’t wait huh? Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Jess looked down at herself in disbelief, she followed the woman’s gaze and could see two dark crescents on either side of her crotch. “No, I didn’t…” she stammered, “I didn’t pee my… pants.”

The woman looked back at Trish as she grabbed Jess’s hand. “I don’t think that small bag has a new change of clothes, why don’t we take a walk and I’ll loan her a pair of dry pants, you can bring them back later.”

Trish looked at Jess, and got a sheepish nod in return. “Sure, I guess that’s okay.”

She walked up to them and followed as they walked back into the center of the fair. They came to an area that was roped off from the public, and quickly slipped beneath them. They weaved between trailers and finally came to a stop in front of a rather drab looking stainless steel “Comet”. The woman still had Jess’s hand in her own and turned to look at Trish.

“There’s not a lot of room in there, why don’t you wait out here, and we’ll be right out. Okay?”

Trish looked at Jess, but she seemed defeated, the sodden diaper between her legs was bulging to one side of her pants, and leaking even more on that side. “I guess. See you in a few Jess.”

Jess turned and looked at her friend as the door closed behind her. Then she looked down and stared at the floor. The woman’s trailer smelled nice. And it made her feel a little bit better.

The woman took a few steps away, then came back with a moist towel. “Let’s get those wet pants off you, and then we can get you dry and ready to go home.” she reached over and started to unbutton Jess’s pants.

Jess made a weak grab at her hands and stopped her. “Please, I can do it myself.”

“Oh, no problem. I just wanted to help. Go ahead sweetie.”

Jess slowly opened the last few buttons and pulled her jeans down to her knees, then stepped out of them. She spread her legs a bit and looked at the wet diaper hanging between her legs. She had seen adult diapers and knew that this one looked nothing like them. It looked just like the diapers she changed when she baby sat. " I can’t believe I actually used this thing." she whispered.

The woman just smiled and with one motion pulled the right tape loose, causing the entire diaper to slide down her legs and plop wetly on the floor.

The sudden cool air on her wet vagina made Jess blush, “Hey, I could have done that! Can I have some privacy please?!”

“Why? You don’t have anything I’ve never seen before. Just relax so we can get this over with faster.” She handed the wet towel to Jess, “Here, you can wipe yourself Miss big girl.”

Jess took the towel and wiped the cool pee off with quick rough movement. She wanted it gone as fast as possible. She looked up to hand the towel back and saw a folded piece of white plastic in the woman’s hands. “Is that a diaper? I don’t need diapers. Just give me the pants.”

“You don’t need diapers? Then why did I just see you in a wet one? If you’re wearing something of MINE I’m not going to have you ruin it!”

Jess started to wrap the towel around her waist. “Fine, I’ll just wear this out.”

The lady sighed, and grabbed the pacifier hanging off jess’s shirt, and stuck it in her mouth again. “I guess baby needs her paci to calm down again?”

Jess spit it out almost immediately, but the woman grabbed it again, and this time held it in place for a few seconds. Jess tried to spit it out, she grabbed at the hand holding it in her mouth, but she wasn’t strong enough to budge it. She started to pull away with her body. The woman just smiled and cooed at her gently. Then Jess felt her anger slipping away.

The woman saw the change and relaxed her grip on the rubber teat. This time the paci stayed in. A cruel smile spread across her face, “There we go. That’s one way to quiet down a cranky baby.”

Jess mumbled “I’m not a baby.” around the pacifier. But the woman just laughed as she opened up the folded diaper and set in on a seat next to her.

“Not a baby? Maybe not a regular baby, but you’re about as mature as one, so why not look and act the part?”

Jess frantically shook her head, but the woman didn’t stop. Or even care. She gently guided Jess onto a bed and pushed her down onto her back. "Now lay right there for nanny while I get you nice and clean. Jess cringed as she saw her grab a package of baby wipes and come towards her. She wanted to make a ran for it, but her body didn’t respond.

The wipes were cold as they were used to clean up where the wet towel had done so earlier. The woman kept talking as she worked. “You may look 18 years old, but deep down you’re just a sniveling little rug rat that still sucks on her paci, and needs her didees changed.”

Jess felt her eyes watering and started to swing her arms around, the balloon still attached to her wrist made quiet bopping sounds as it hit the wall of the cramped trailer. But nothing she did stopped the diaper from being put on. She felt it slide under her butt, she looked up in time to see a cloud of baby powder poofed onto her vagina. “Noooo! Stop please! No diaper!” she mumbled from behind her pacifier.

“Oh hush baby. Enjoy this, it’s not like it’s going to be the last time you’re going to have your diaper changed.” Jess stopped struggling and looked at the woman in shock. It was enough of a break to let her get one side taped on tight. “Oh, did baby think she would be allowed to grow up soon?” Jess stated to struggle again but the other side was quickly taped as well. “There we go, a nice dry diaper. Time for your pants and we can let you go home, sit up baby.”

Jess quietly sat up, surprised that she could move again, but when she tried to stand she found she couldn’t. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked down at the bundle of white plastic now surrounding her girlie parts. She wanted to rip it off, but for some reason she couldn’t get bring herself to do it. She looked up to see a pair of pink pants being held up in front of her. After a few seconds she realized they were actually bib overalls.

The pants were set next to her on the bed and Jess was told to take her shirt off. Jess tried not to, but it was as if her body wasn’t under her control. She reached down, grabbed the shirt and pulled it off over her head. She dropped it on the floor and was given another to put on in it’s place. She pulled it over her head and was surprised to see it had a flap on it.

“Lay down baby, let nanny help you.”

Again her body did as instructed. She heard several loud snaps as the flap was snapped to the front of the shirt. She spread her legs and looked down at the woman as she grabbed the pants and started sliding her legs into them.

“Now relax honey. We’re almost down here.”

Jess wanted to kick her legs, but instead they went limp and the pants were slid easily up her legs and onto her waist. Her fear was slowly being replaced by the humiliation at being dressed like a toddler in a diaper. “Please! Stop. I don’t want this! I’m sorry!”

But her pleas were ignored. She was told to sit up, and the bib straps were adjusted and snapped closed over her shirt. “There we go. All done. Can you stand for nanny?”

Jess blushed again as she stood, the bulk of the diaper felt odd between her legs. She took a few steps towards the door and stopped. She looked down at herself, and then up at the balloon still floating above her. She started to shake her head wildly back and forth.

“Aww, what’s the matter baby? Scared of going out into the big world and leaking? Don’t worry you’ll be fine for a few hours.” When Jess started to whine behind the pacifier nanny turned around and started searching for something. “I know what you want.” She stopped searching and stood up. “Here we go, baby probably wants her bottle.”

“Noooooo….” Jess drew it out into a whine. She started to talk so fast the woman couldn’t understand her.

“How bout you pull that paci out for a few minutes and you tell me quietly what’s wrong?”

Jess was surprised when she opened her mouth and it fell out freely. She rubbed the spit from her lips and started calmly talking to her. “I’m sorry. I don’t want this. Please, I’ll be good, just let me go! I don’t want to be turned into a baby!”

“Oh but don’t worry. You won’t be turned into a baby.” Jess visibly relaxed. “You’ll just act like one.”

Jess tensed up again, she almost felt like throwing up, “Nooo! Please, give me another chance! I’ll do anything.”

“Oh ANYTHING? I see. What would a little baby like you have to offer?”

Jess blushed again, every time the woman called her a baby the word felt like it pushed her back. No not back, down. Like it made her feel shorter every time she heard it. “Please. I don’t want to be stuck in diapers! I want to be normal! I just want to leave okay. Like nothing happened!”

“Baby,” Jess felt that weird feeling again. “I think it’s time you put that paci back in. And we rejoined your friend.”

Jess tried to fight it, but her right hand picked up the hanging pacifier and slipped it into her mouth. She started sucking on it right away. The woman walked in front of her and opened the door, then grabbed Jess’s left hand and pulled her out and into the sunlight.

Trish had been about the open the door. It seemed like it was taking to long to just change a pair of wet pants for dry ones. She heard the door start to open and stepped back down onto the ground. Trish casually looked at her watch then back up to see Jess emerge behind the lady. She stared wide eyed at what Jess was wearing.

The woman just smiled as she handed a bag containing Jess’s wet pants and shirt from earlier. “She looked so cute in the pants, that I decided to change her shirt to match. Isn’t she a little cutie pie?”

Trish looked at her friend and could see the fear in her eyes. “Yeah… She sure is.”

The lady pinched Jess’s checks and made funny faces at her. “She’s such a cute BABY isn’t she?”

Trish felt uncomfortable. She could she Jess twitch as 'baby" was uttered. “Yes she is.”

The woman stopped and looked Trish right in the eyes. “She’s what?”

Trish felt her gaze bore into her. “She’s a cute baby?”

The woman smiled and went back to teasing the poor girl, “Yes she is isn’t she?” She stood up and stepped away from Jess, gently pushing her towards Trish. “Well here ya go. All nice and clean. Better get her home before she makes an even bigger mess.”

“Er, thanks. See ya later.” Trish felt Jess grab her hand, and start to pull her as fast as she could away from the crazy woman and her trailer. This time the crowd seemed to push back as they tried to go through, Trish could feel herself step on others feet as Jess just pushed her way through, and kept dragging her along behind. Trish was having a hard time, and started to struggle because Jess wasn’t slowing down. Trish pulled back, and spoke up, “Slow down Jess. I need a breather.”

But Jess acted like she didn’t hear her. She pulled Trish along as fast as her diaper allowed her to walk. She tried to ignore the stares of strangers as she ran past. She imagined everyone could see her diaper, the crowd started to thin and she could see the end of the rows of tents and games. As she got closer she felt her fear start to wane.

Trish finally pulled her hand free and stopped, “Jess, I’ve got to sit for a sec.”

Jess frantically looked around, then at her friend, “Please, just a little further.”

But Trish didn’t listen, she had found a low bench and sat down. “Geez, relax baby. It’s not that much further. Just give me a sec for my legs.”

“Trish, noooooo.” Jess shook her head slowly, then pointed towards the open space past the tents. “Just another 50 yards, come on!”

Trish motioned for Jess to get closer to her. “Why don’t we pull that pacifier out so you can talk clearer?” She reached out and pulled it free with a pop.

Jess’s face took on a look of horror, she grabbed it and put it right back in. She sucked on it rapidly for a few seconds then looked at Trish, “Trish I can’t stop sucking on it. That bitch- oh!” She stopped talking as a weird feeling overcame her. IT felt like it eased and she tried again “That bi-”, but she stopped again.

Trish went from confused to concerned. “Relax! Remember what got us into this mess. Don’t say things like that here!”

Jess wasn’t listening anymore, the weird feeling was growing more intense. She looked towards her friend and tried to talk. But her tongue suddenly felt numb. She started frantically pumping her arms up and down. She could see Trish looking at her, but it wasn’t enough, Jess suddenly wanted to be held. She took a step and got closer. Another step and the weird feeling started leaving her.

She stood still as she felt her body returning to normal. At last all that was left was a tingle around where the diaper surrounded her. She smiled as that finally faded away, and almost lunged towards Trish. Landing awkwardly in her lap.

“Jess! What’s this all about? I thought you wanted to leave?”

Jess didn’t answer she just hugged her.

“Jess? Are you okay? Did something else happen?” A muffled fart was her answer. Trish gently grabbed her friends head and moved it so she could look Jess in the eyes. She watched as her face started to turn red, she seemed to be straining for some reason. Another louder fart erupted from Jess and Trish realized what was going on. “No! Don’t do it!” She pulled Jess towards her in a tight hug and started frantically whispering in her ear. “Jess you’re not a baby!” She felt Jess’s body tighten as she said that. “Don’t act like one! Only babies do that!” Again she felt the tightness, but lighter this time.

Trish felt the diaper growing warmer. “Stop Jess!”

Jess tried telling Trish it was okay. But her tongue still wouldn’t work right. Instead she went in for another hug. She rubbed up against Trish and it made her feel better. She started rocking slowly in her arms.

Trish felt fear bubbling up in her again. She returned the hug, then started slowly pushing Jess back onto her own feet. It was hard, she didn’t want to let go. But after several seconds she finally had her standing. “Jess, stand normal. Straighten your legs. How are you going to walk like that?”

Jess didn’t answer she was busy watching a brightly colored roller coaster car sweep past. It really looked interesting to her. She followed it with her eyes, then her head as it moved out of view. She turned her body around to keep watching when another odd feeling overtook her.

Trish had stood behind her and was slinging both of their purses over her shoulder when she heard another fart. She looked towards Jess in time to see the seat of her diaper start to bulge outward. “Oh Jess…. No…”

But Jess no longer cared. She was enjoying the feeling of filling her pants. She knew it was wrong, that she was a big girl, but it felt so good. She closed her eyes and kept pushing, as she did the idea it was wrong slowly faded from her mind.

Trish sat back down and put her head in her hands. She tried to stop, but she could feel tears start running down her face. She looked up and saw Jess now sitting happily in her own mess playing with some dirt on the ground. “Oh Jess… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have stopped us. I’m sorry.”

Jess heard Trish talking and happily crawled towards her. She giggled as she crawled up between her legs and stated wetly slapping on Trish’s belly. Then she saw the tethered balloon still floating from her wrist. She started pumping her hand up and down laughing as it was bounced around.

Trish looked at the balloon and in a rage she grabbed at it, the loop that had been so tight in the past easily opened and released. Trish let go and watched as it climbed away into the sky, her mouth agape. She couldn’t believe what had happened. Then before she could close her mouth a shadow fell over her and she felt something slipped into it.

Her head snapped forwards and she saw the same woman that had changed Jess before standing in front of them with a smile.

“Don’t worry, that’s just to keep you from making a scene. I don’t need anyone screaming right now.” She sat down next to Trish and crossed her legs. She started carefully pulling strands of hair out of Jess’s face. Then wiped some drool from her chin. “Such a cutie isn’t she? I knew underneath all that anger that she was just a big baby.”

Trish couldn’t talk, she found she couldn’t even move. She frantically tried to get the attention of passers by but they didn’t seem to care.

“Funny isn’t it? I’ve been doing this for centuries, and it’s always the same. Out in public people feel so secure, like they can do anything. Not realizing that all those other people are to absorbed in their own lives to notice anything.”

Trish looked at her, the anger was clear on her face.

“Oh. Don’t you look so precious. Better be careful,” she motions towards the right of Trish. “There’s room for one more in the stroller.”

Trish looked and felt a surge of adrenalin course through her body as she saw the large two baby stroller sitting there.

“Odd isn’t it? Something so peaceful, designed to protect our most precious gifts. And now you’re terrified of it.” The lady grabbed Jess’s hand and gently pulled her to her feet. “Time for nanny to take little Jess back for a clean diaper and a nap.”

Trish tried to move to grab her but she couldn’t do anything but move her head. She watched as Jess waddled towards the stroller. The woman actually holding her arms up to help her walk. When they reached it, Jess was lifted up and strapped in. The woman slowly rolled it past Trish still stuck on the bench.

“Wave bye bye Jessie!”

Trish cringed as Jess lazily waved towards her. She wanted to stop her, she wanted to grab Jess and run. But she remained rooted to the bench.

The woman slowly rolled Jess away. But she stopped and turned back to Trish, a sly smile on her face. “Room for one more?”

Trish felt the force holding her to the bench vanish. She jumped up, and started to run towards her friend, but as she got close she again felt a vise tighten around her. Then the air around her body grew warm. Her clothes felt like they were writhing on her skin. She watched as ruffles appeared everywhere. Her pants changed and merged with her shirt to become what looked like a young child’s party dress. The color settled on a light yellow with white ruffles that seemed to be everywhere. She felt anger and fear mix with humiliation as the transformation finished with what felt like satin panties replacing her regular thong…

“Come on little girl. Why don’t you get in with your friend? I’ve got plenty of diapers if you want to wear them with your little buddy!”

Again the force relaxed, but Trish didn’t move, she stood still, clenching and unclenching her fists.

The woman locked the back wheels on the stroller and walked towards her. She got just in front of her and knelt down. “I want you to think of something. Right now you’re angry. And you want to leave. Maybe even try to help little Jessie later.” She stopped and grabbed one of the purses from Trish’s shoulder. “But let me tell you, it ain’t gonna happen. You’ll call the cops. They’ll search but find nothing. All they’ll have is you, dressed in immature clothes telling them that she was magically turned into a big baby.”

Trish relaxed her hands. She was listening.

The woman had opened the purse and was pulling something white out of it. “They’ll never believe you, and you’ll be left as the girl that wouldn’t tell the truth, even to get her friend back. You may even have a little breakdown and end up in the nut house. But why? Why have that happen when it doesn’t have to.” She held up what she had removed from the purse. It was a diaper. “Take this. Put it on and you can forget about all that.”

Trish felt the diaper pushed into her hands, she knew she should drop it and run. But instead she stood still and turned the diaper over and over in her hands.

“Look at Jessie, she’s happy. She won’t have to worry about what happened to you. She won’t have to worry about anything. A fresh diaper and a bottle and she’ll be smiling all day.”

Trish looked down at the diaper, for the first time she found her voice. “No.”

The woman stood up and walked back to the stroller. “No huh?” She unlocked the wheels and started rolling away.

Trish looked down at the diaper in her hand. Then back up to the stroller slowly rolling away with her friend. “No… It can’t happen…” She whispered to herself. “I can’t let her win. I have to go get help.”

But she couldn’t leave her friend. She didn’t want to leave her alone with that woman. She ran up behind her and grabbed her hanging shirt. “Stop, stop please.”

She did and turned to face her, “Ready for a ride are you?”

Trish felt the embarrassment return. “I…. um…”

But the woman wanted her to answer. “Say it. Say ‘I want to be a baby like Jessie’.”

Trish looked at the smiling face of Jess, drool now coated her chin and dripped to her chest. Her face flushed as she turned back to the woman and said, “I want to be a baby like Jessie.”

“Good,” she gestured towards the diaper in Trish’s hands, “now be a good baby and put your diaper on.”

Trish was confused, “What?”

“I want you to prove that you want to be a baby like her. Drop those silly panties and put that diaper on. Right here.”

Trish pointed to all the people around her. “What about all them?”

“Don’t worry about them. They won’t see anything. Now hurry up, before little Jessie gets a rash from her messy diaper.”

Trish hesitantly reached under her dress and pulled her panties down. She tried to hand them to the woman but she made no move to grab them so Trish just dropped them to the ground. Then she unfolded the large diaper. As it opened she could smell the sweet scent of baby powder coming from it. Trish grabbed the front wings and unfolded them, then did the same for the back.

She didn’t want to lay down on the ground so she pulled it up between her legs then walked over to a tree and leaned her butt against it. She carefully opened the tapes and pulled them closed over the front, then used her finger to make sure the diaper wasn’t bunched up between her legs. After she was sure it was on correctly she dropped the bottom of her dress and walked over towards the stroller. She took a step to get in, but the lady stopped her.

“Not so fast.”

“What? I put the diaper on. What do you want me to do now?”

“I think you know. Actually I think your body knows as well.”

Trish looked confused, “What?” Then she felt it. She needed to pee. And it was getting worse. “Oh… Not here. Let’s go back to your place.”

“No, here. And NOW!”

Trish pushed, but years of potty training had make it hard to pee without being on a toilet. She squatted down, and pushed as hard as she could. She felt a warm trickle start. She thought it was slowing, so she bared down harder. The flow picked up, but she had to keep straining to get anything out.

She was still squatting when the woman walked closer to her, “Looks like baby needs some help. Here you go. Now finish this all up for nanny.”

Trish felt a rubber nipple enter her mouth, she opened her eyes to see a baby bottle lodged in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out. But instead her hands reached up and took hold of it from the nanny.

“Good girl.”

Trish wanted to die. She was squatting in front of complete strangers, in a wet diaper and drinking from a bottle. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the sounds around her. Sooner than she thought it was over and she let the empty bottle drop to the ground underneath her.

The woman picked it up quickly, “Now, did that work?”

Trish stood up and shook her head, “I don’t think so I don’t-” she stopped as she felt a weird tingle down below, followed by a feeling of relief she had never felt before.

The woman’s devilish smile returned, “There we go, almost ready now.”

Trish reached under the dress and felt the now sagging diaper. “Almost? What’s left?”

“First I think you should snap your crotch closed. Just reach behind, you should feel it.”

Trish was confused, she reached up behind the diaper and felt something hanging there. She was sure she hadn’t seen anything back there when she first put the diaper on. She pulled it forward and saw it was a snap-able flap like Jess’s shirt had been. She searched and found the front snaps and quickly snapped them closed. As she straightened back up she felt the wet diaper pulled up and pushed back into her crotch by the supporting flap.

Thinking she was done she took a step towards the stroller again. The woman didn’t stop her, but as she took another step a pulse of pleasure came from the diaper.

"Ohh…. " Trish quietly moaned. She tried to step again, but the same pulse returned, stronger this time. She doubled over as it grew more intense. Her face was hidden among the white ruffles as she started to moan louder. She tried to keep perfectly still, but the feeling grew from a pulse to a warm wave over her whole body.

The woman put her face as close to Trish’s ear as she could and whispered a barely audible, “Feels good don’t it?”

Trish could barely grunt a “Yes”.

The woman continued, “Not only pooping in front of strangers, but getting off on it too. You’re not a baby. You’re a freak.”

Trish felt the word hit her. It seemed to bounce around in her head, only adding to the sensations she was feeling.

“And I don’t think I want a little freak like you around an innocent baby right now. Why don’t you finish up here and waddle back home. I suggest you go pick up some supplies pretty quick too, I doubt that last diaper in your purse will last you long.”

Trish tried to answer but she couldn’t, her knees felt weak as the back of her diaper started to bulge out slowly. The memory of watching Jess do the same earlier briefly flashed by, but it seemed so long ago. Almost part of another life.

The woman kept her voice a whisper, but it dripped with venom as she spoke, “Maybe if you ask nicely your mommy will start wiping your little ass again. But I’d be really nice about it if I were you.”

Trish was panting and had to put one hand on the ground as she gave one last push that put her over the edge. Her knees buckled and she dropped down to her hands and knees. She couldn’t even breath as the sensation washed over her entire body.

The woman stood up and walked back towards the stroller. With a click the back locks came off the wheels and she started to roll it away, towards her trailer. With a final look behind her she laughed and disappeared into the crowd.

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

Another Long_Rifle masterpiece!! Nicely done!!

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

Impressed and amused, Long Rifle!
In your stories, everything that needs to be told us is told, but nothing else. And it’s cute and humiliating at the same time (humiliation in a balanced way, thank god, I’m sensitive about that).
Pure magic! :wink:



mr rifle

you are the pele of the diaper world. i f-ing love your stories no matter how long or short. your on my wave length, i love the whole dark and twisted way a girl gets regressed.
my only complaint is that you dont get them to wear short juvenile cute dresses more. its usually bib shorts alls. personally i favour the short pleated school skirt look.

bu hey…who am i to critisise. your stories are master pieces and any newbie coming to the scene should cherish your stories.

you have set the benchmark. i just wish you could post them more often.


p.s could you make a story where the lead girl is an asian…… pretty please and suger coated… hehe

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

i think there should be a sequel were Trish rescues her friend………. or dies trying

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

Hmmm…… Well……

I don’t know about that. I wonder how she would find her. And Trish is probably going to have a hard time doing much detective work with that horrible diaper messing fetish she’s “found”.

Though, I suppose in time one of her and Jess’s friends might be emboldened to take a wee look for their tormentor…

I suppose one of these days something might come of it.

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

may i suggest the dies trying route?

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

yeah it is a cool story and i dunno it just feels like it ended to soon

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

You guys should know me!

I’m ALWAYS open to killing off characters in my stories. The darker the better.

Just the Meat, By: Long_Rifle

Just the meat. Got’cha. Nicely titled, nicely written. Long enough for the boys to get out a quick spank, I’m sure. =P