"Just Kate"

Disclaimer: These people aren’t real, nor are they in any way intended to be so.

A/N: Though this story contains no crudely explicit content, there are some very sensual (and from my own experience, accurate) descriptions of a teenage makeout. If sensual descriptions of teenage makeouts offend you, please do not read this story. If it doesn’t, then I invite you to continue.

This is my first ABDL story, but I have been writing for a long time. If you so desire, leave me some feedback, please!

“Just Kate”

Chapter 1

“He’s here, hurry!” Kate’s mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Kate quickly surveyed her figure in the mirror. She tugged her blouse down, twisted her midriff both ways to confirm that her figure was presentable. She had just turned sixteen–she had grown significantly in the past three years, much to her delight. She was perfectly content to look the way she did. After all, she had very few of the problems that plagued most other girls her age–she had escaped acne, finished with her braces in seventh grade, and evaded the “awkward” and “gross” labels that taunted so many of her peers. On the contrary, most of Kate’s male classmates agreed that her figure, along with her blue eyes and wavy blond hair, was “cute.”

Taking a deep breath, she adjusted her bright blue knee-length skirt and underlying bike shorts one last time before descending the stairs. She was more than a little nervous. This was a big night–she had been thinking about tonight for a very long time, but she couldn’t believe that it was actually happening.

“Hi Dad,” she said with a smile, tiptoeing over to him and squeezing him tightly.

“Hey sweetheart,” he replied fondly. “Thank goodness it’s Friday, right? How was school today?”

Her dad towered over her. He was a former Division II outside linebacker; he had slimmed out a great deal since his college days, but his gargantuan stature was all natural.

“Dad, it’s summer!” Kate bemoaned, faking exasperation.

“I know, I just like to tease you,” he replied, before bellowing toward the basement door, “Jake! Dylan! Time to go!”

Her younger brothers, ages fourteen and ten respectively, came bounding up the stairs eagerly. After all, it was Dylan’s birthday, and that meant pizza at Bourtini’s. Bourtini’s was a local favorite, featuring pizza of all kinds: cheese, pepperoni, and sausage, to be sure, but they also served more exotic varieties, such as teriyaki, Reese’s, and the famous Wild Wild West Pizza–it came loaded with red onions, bacon, cheese, hamburger, and barbeque sauce. It was a special treat for Kate and her family.

As the family made their way to the car, Kate offered to sit in the back seat for the trip, as it was Dylan’s birthday. He was more than happy to oblige, so Kate clamored into the back row, sitting herself down consciously. She felt more than a little paranoid.

By the time they backed out of the driveway, conversation had begun in earnest–her brothers were discussing their latest exploits in Tomorrow-Wind, or some other old video game, and her parents discussed the final details of her father’s company’s impending merger.

Kate, however, kept silent–she had more exciting things to focus on. Even as the thought crossed her mind, her hands nervously straightened her skirt. She reached for her purse on her left and pulled out her cell phone. She sent one text. “Tonight,” was all it said.

Ten minutes later, amidst an atmosphere of buzzing conversation–and a pair of exuberant young boys–Kate and her family had their drinks in front of them and had already ordered dinner. The meal choice was unanimous in favor of two Wild Wild Wests–one for the boys and one Kate and her parents. Kate, in all of her life, could never remember being more excited for unlimited caffeinated soft drinks. She had been mustering her courage for this evening for a long time.


“No way. You would never. Not outside, I mean, Obviously.”

“I would, and I’ll prove it to you,” said Kate.

“How will I know?”

“You have a phone. I’ll text you when I’m ready,” she shot back playfully.

“You’re on. I’ll be ready when you are.”


Kate felt her phone vibrate on her lap. She glanced casually at her family, making sure they were occupied before stealing a glance at the text she had just received–her heart jumped as she saw it was from Patrick. He was a year above her–a junior–and they had been a couple for over nine months now. She opened the message, which read, “I’ll pick you up at eleven thirty. Are you sure you’re ready for this? I don’t want to push you.”

Kate’s heart jumped again. She had never been so scared in her life, but she had similarly never been so eager with anticipation. It struck her somewhere in the back of her mind that this could be a bad idea, but she couldn’t have cared less.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” was her reply.

The truth was, Kate had planned to sneak out of her house for the first time ever. Patrick’s parents were out of town with his brother; it was his twenty-first birthday, and they were spending a week in Las Vegas. Patrick’s younger sister Emily, who was a freshman, had made plans to spend the night with a friend tonight, which meant that Patrick had the house all to himself. Kate had been only too eager to accept an invitation to come over–Kate’s parents, who were already several beers in, would have Kate drive home (she only had her learner’s permit)–Kate knew from experience that they would be out like lights half an hour from walking in the door.

The rest of dinner passed without incident. On the ride home, Kate made limited amounts of conversation with her parents, not totally trusting her ability to remain quiet about her other plans for the evening. They made it home before ten o’clock, and as Kate had suspected, her parents immediately began to shut the house down for the night. Kate found herself thirsty, and made her way to the kitchen to snag a green tea, which she downed quickly. She didn’t want to be conspicuous–she had consumed more than enough caffeine already.

By the time she made her way upstairs, her two brothers were already getting ready for bed.

“Dylan, come here!” her mom shouted from the across the hall. “I have your PJs!”

Her little brother scampered naked across the stairwell just as she reached the top. Kate rolled her eyes. Dylan was not the most mature of nine… no, ten-year-olds. She turned left, away from her parents’ room, and headed towards the bathroom in the middle of the hall. It was locked.

“Jake?” she question as she knocked.

“Yeah, what?” her brother responded, with a voice that was much deeper than it should have been.

Men and their strange bathroom rituals…

“Never mind,” she replied, and she continued down the hall to her room, which was at the very end.

“MOM!” came Dylan’s voice from his room, “I can’t find any!”

“I put the new pack in your bottom drawer yesterday, honey,” she replied.

“Oh, okay. I found them. Thanks, Mom.”

Kate shut the door to her room and once more removed her phone from her purse. There was another text message waiting for her.


A devious thought entered her mind. She removed her bike shorts, and then slid her skirt down a few inches. She snapped a picture of her waistband, and sent the picture as her reply.

“Wow I guess you were serious…” was the reply.

She sent only a smiley in response.

Kate lay down on her bed, flipped off her light, and put her phone on top of her chest. She was beyond nervous. Her breathing was unsteady, which she tried to rectify, but to no avail. She stood up after a minute, and moved toward her door, listening for sounds that might indicate that the rest of her family was awake. By eleven, when she opened her door to check, everyone else slept soundly. At that moment, she received another text from Patrick.

“I’m just down the street. Whenever you’re ready.”

She grabbed her purse and slipped out of her room, trusting the Dr. Pepper to keep her alert. She grabbed a pair of sandals from the bin near the front door, which she quietly shut on her way out. She checked her purse, making sure that she had everything before locking the house: key, check; phone, check; change of clothes, check; Wal-Mart bag, check. That was all she needed. As she took her first step away from the door, her heart rate, if anything increased.


“All night, too?”

“All night,” Kate affirmed.

“But what about in the morning with… you know…”

“They won’t find out,” said Kate.

“Okay then. If this works it will be a huge step for us.”

“I know. I’m excited just thinking about it,” Kate affirmed.

“Me too.”


Kate pulled out her phone and hit number five on speed dial. The phone rang twice before Patrick picked up on the other end.

“I’m here,” said Kate.

“Hey, you.”

His deep voice echoed melodiously in her ears. Everything about him made her heart melt.

“Come and get me,” she demanded sweetly. “It’s not nice to keep a girl waiting.”

“Tease,” he replied out of his front window.

Kate gave him what she hoped was her sexiest wink as she hopped into the passenger seat. Patrick drove slowly, keeping his car quiet until they were well away from Kate’s house. As they turned out of the front of her neighborhood a minute later, Patrick spoke.

“I’m so excited for this,” he confided. “This has been a long time in the planning.”

“I know. Three months…” she sighed at the amount of effort that had gone into this evening.

There was a comfortable pause.

“You never told me how you convinced Emily though,” Kate stated. “You didn’t tell her what was really happening, did you? I know you talk to her about everything, but…”

It was true; Patrick and Emily were best friends, as far as opposite gendered siblings go. Emily shared almost all of her personal life with him, and he with her–the key word being “almost.”

“I didn’t tell her anything,” Patrick promised. “I know how important it is to you. I told her that I wasn’t sure what I was doing tonight, so I asked her to call me if she needed anything. We’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Kate relaxed and smiled–Patrick thought of everything. He was the best boyfriend she could possibly ask for, and she was so happy with their relationship. He had dated only a two girls before her; he was her second. None of their other relationships had lasted for longer than a month, though. She was in state of constant shock that this one boy was always able to make her so happy–and, he always did. Thee butterflies in her stomach never stopped when he was around.

They pulled in to Patrick’s driveway. She stayed in the car for a moment to let him make sure that Emily hadn’t changed plans without warning him. After a few minutes, he returned and assured her that the house was all clear. He opened her car door gallantly, allowing her to take his hand and step down. Kate giggled.

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

“My lady,” he replied with a bow.

Butterflies again.

Patrick stopped Kate just through the side door of his house, and turned to face her.

“And you’re sure about this?” he asked her. “Please don’t feel forced into this. If you want me to, I’ll drive you home right now.”

Kate leaned in and gave Patrick a deep, tender kiss.

“I’ll be right back,” she whispered.

She made her way to down the bathroom that joined Patrick and his sister’s rooms–Emily had taken over her oldest brother’s room when he had moved to college. The bathroom had become, to Patrick’s dismay, instantly and exclusively hers.

Emily and Kate actually got along very well. They had known each other by face before Kate had ever met Patrick because they ran cross country together in middle school. After Kate began dating Patrick, however, Kate had made an effort to be closer to Emily. It had paid off, though the circumstances in which they became close were interesting, to say the least. Patrick had often pried at both girls to discover what had brought them close, but they had both replied, “What happens at cross country camp stays at cross country camp.”

Kate locked the door behind her, making sure to turn on the fan–she needed the noise. She pulled her skirt off and let it drop to the floor, revealing a mildly wet goodnite. She slipped herself out of it, trying to avoid noise as its soft, cotton exterior plopped on the floor. She removed the Wal-Mart bag from her purse–she had brought it for just this purpose.

Kate thought for a moment as to where to put the trash bag. She put it beneath sink for a moment, but then, as she realized that Patrick might very well use this bathroom tonight, and thought better of it. Instead, she placed the tightly wrapped plastic sack inside her purse, which she zipped up completely. She then grabbed a few of the sanitary wipes that Emily kept in her bathroom to clean herself off. She sight a little it as her dual excitement responded to the cold touch of the wipe. She pulled her skirt back on, wearing no underwear, with a devious little grin playing on her mouth. Patrick wouldn’t be expecting this at all.

She slid open the normally locked door that linked the bathroom to his room; he sat on his bed on the opposite wall, wearing an excited smile, though he seemed, as Kate was, a little nervous. Now, though, the excitement began to take over.

She stepped gracefully and purposefully over to the bed, pausing only to set her purse down beside the door to his closet. She stood still in front of him. He stood up to meet her, and rose above her almost six inches.

“I’ve got something for you,” he whispered, and then he pulled her into a perfect, spine-tingling kiss, twirling her around 180 degrees and setting her slowly on the bed.

Kate sighed as she felt the mattress beneath her–Patrick’s lips had yet to leave hers. She ran her hands through his thick hair, caressing him as he fell down on the bed above her. The kissed with wild, teenage abandon as their emotions and hormones took over.

Kate released the softest of moans as Patrick ran his hands all over her body–across her chest, behind the back of her neck, down her side. She bit her cheek in an effort to reduce the noise she was making.

It worked, for a while, and she was able to return the favor, cherishing the feeling of her hands on his toned arms, relishing in the sweat that was just barely beginning to form beneath the two of them. As Patrick’s fingers began to tease the hem of her skirt, however, it became impossible to hold back. A soft moan, then another one, followed by a ragged breath, escaped her lips. Each time she exhaled, her body shook with ecstasy.

She basked in the otherworldly thrills that ravaged her nerve endings; she relished the sweet taste of his saliva as it became increasingly impossible to differentiate between the two; she marveled at the how well he knew her body. He switched back and forth from playing with her body to playing with the edge of her clothes.

Patrick slowly plucked open the edge of her skirt, one finger at a time. Kate stopped moving and kissing. Patrick frowned at the cessation, but her rapid heartbeat told him to continue moving the bright blue skirt away from her hips one finger at a time, and then, as he reached to do the same to her panties, he too stopped. His eyes and chest swelled in amazement as Kate smile mischievously through her ragged breaths.

“I have a surprise for you, too,” she whispered into his ear.

Then, both of them nearly had a heart attack–down the hall of their one story house, Patrick’s front door opened and slammed shut. An angry, feminine shrill echoed down the hallway.

Kate lay on Patrick’s bed, frozen to the spot. Only his quick action saved her from almost total embarrassment.

“Quick! My closet!”

She immediately opened the door and lay flat on her belly. Her heart beat with rapid insistency; she was so full of fear that she could barely move. Patrick threw her purse inside and shut the door behind her, saying, “I’ll find out why she’s back.”

Kate could scarcely hear her own breathing. They were going to be found out. She didn’t know if she could deal with the embarrassment. She didn’t want the world to know. She sat in the closet, hoping that Patrick could handle it.

“Who’re you texting?” came a loud, echoing voice from right beneath her.

Kate nearly peed herself until she realized that it was only a vent right beneath her. She could hear every single word that Patrick and Emily said–it was almost as though they were right next to her. She took another deep breath to calm herself, let it out slowly, and leaned in to hear what they were saying.

“Kate, who else,” her boyfriend replied to his sibling’s question nonchalantly. “Why are you back so early? You were spending the night if I recall.”

“Yeah, but you weren’t home when I called half an hour ago. That was right after Kelli threw up all over my stuff, by the way,” she said with a hint of a grudge.

Busted, Kate thought to herself, and her gut sank. He wasn’t home…

“I went over to Matt’s house to drop that extra guitar cord off,” Patrick replied indignantly. “Why didn’t you just call my cell?”

“Well, I…Ohmigoodness!” Emily exclaimed. “Be right back, I promise! I gotta go!”

Emily’s footsteps faded as she entered the room next door, and then grew louder again as she entered the bathroom. Then, Kate’s phone vibrated. To her, it might as well have been a bomb. She read the text that Patrick sent her.

“Turn your phone on silent so I can text you. Emily is in the bathroom, so be careful with the walls.”

She turned her phone’s vibrate function off, responding with a simple “okay.”

Kate heard the toilet flush, and then the sink began to run. A moment later, she heard Emily’s voice again from the vent where she assumed Patrick was still standing.

“Anyway,” she said, “I didn’t call your cell because I assumed you were going to be with Kate. I didn’t want to, you know… bother the two of you.”

Kate could just imagine the fresh-off-the-boat-Irish Emily–dark and curly hair, freckles, with a long and lanky runner’s build–giving her big brother a wink and a nudge.

"You didn’t answer the home phone, so I just assumed you were out with her. "

“No…” said Patrick indignantly.

Kate had to stifle a laugh.

“Sorry, my bad,” said Emily, “Seeing as I was just thrown up on, I think I’m gonna stay at home for the rest of the night . Are you doing anything?”

“I have to run by Matt’s again a little later.”

“Okay. I’ll be watching TV or something,” Emily said with a bored yawn.

Kate heard footsteps; Patrick’s doorknob turned immediately after.

“Wait, Patrick, one more thing,” said Emily.

The handle stopped moving.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“I found… something beneath the sink,” she said with annoyance, and possibly disgust.

Kate’s insides took another plummet. Emily had found her diaper!

“You remember when we talked about your little umm… thing, right?” she said hesitantly.

Then, Kate realized that it couldn’t have been her diaper. Her diaper was in her purse, which was right next to her! Then what was this about? If it was possible, she moved her ear even closer to the vent on the floor.

“Yeah, how could I forget? Most embarrassing night ever, in my mind… Thanks again for understanding about that, by the way.”

Kate’s eyebrows furrowed with confusion. This didn’t sound familiar to her at all. Patrick had plenty of embarrassing stories, but none of them had included his sister.

“Yeah, well, you remember after that, the second time we talked about it?” Emily asked, still treading gently.

“Yeah…” he replied, following her lead.

Kate lay prone on the floor of the closet, in the dark both literally and figuratively.

“Well, I said that I wouldn’t ever bring it up with Mom and Dad, as long as you didn’t get me in trouble?”

“Yeah. I’ve done that, haven’t I?” asked Patrick, as though Emily had insulted his integrity.

Kate still had no idea what the conversation was about. She strained her ears, desperate to hear every word.

“Patrick, I found a used diaper off in the corner beneath my sink just now!”

“Oh…” Patrick replied, obviously embarrassed.

Kate’s jaw dropped again. What in the world was going on? She opened quickly her purse and checked, just to be certain she wasn’t hallucinating. Sure enough, there was a plastic Wal-Mart bag that sank to the bottom of her purse because of the weight of a soaked goodnite. But that meant that it wasn’t her used diaper beneath the sink…

Emily continued, “If you have to hide them there so that you don’t get caught, that’s fine, but… they smell! You have to throw them away, otherwise I am gonna get in trouble. If Mom and Dad found those, they would think it was me.”

“Oh… I… Yeah. Um… I’m sorry Em,” he said, using his nickname for his little sister. “Did I really leave one?”

“Yeah,” her voice echoed through the vent, as clear as could be. “Just take care of it before you leave again tonight, okay?”

“Uh, sure, no problem. I’ll get right on it.”

Kate heard Patrick enter the bathroom. She heard the sound of rustling plastic bags, which was very familiar to her. Then, the footsteps faded.

Kate couldn’t believe it. She just could not believe it. Not in her wildest dreams could this be happening–nightmares and good dreams alike. She was tempted to pinch herself to test it, but this was no dream. This was actually happening.

Her phone’s backlight illuminated the small closet, indicating a new text from Patrick.

“Wait until Emily gets in the shower, then go out the back door.”

“K,” she replied, still incredibly confused.

Five minutes later, the combined sounds of running pipes and Queen blasting from a set of well-worn iPod speakers indicated to Kate that it was safe to leave. She met Patrick just outside his back door.

“Well, that was nerve-wracking,” he said with a quiet smile. “It’s a good thing you weren’t planning on spending the night.”

He seemed entirely unperturbed.

He doesn’t know I heard… she realized.

“Kate?” he asked. “Kate?”

“Oh, sorry… what is it?” she questioned.

Kate’s voice sounded confused and shaky, even to her.

“Oh…Kate, I’m so sorry. That wasn’t supposed to happen…”

He wrapped her up in his arms in a somewhat successful attempt to make her feel better. She looked into his eyes, which here full of what she knew he thought was sympathy. This… He didn’t have any sympathy. This was earth-shattering.

“Come on,” he said gently, seeming to sense her emotions even though he had no idea where they came from. “I’ll take you home. Do you think you can make it back inside without getting caught?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” she said, though with much more confidence than she felt.

Her thoughts churned like mad. There weren’t any words for this. How was she supposed to handle this? How could it possibly be that she would meet the most perfect boy in the world, that he would be so good to her, and now that both her wildest fantasies and darkest dreams were on the brink of becoming a reality?

These thoughts and others rolled through her mind as they got in the car and made their way to Kate’s house. Her relationship with Patrick was perfect–it was everything she had ever wanted, but after tonight… After tonight, she knew she would have to choose between the fantasies that had dominated her ever since she was a little girl and her current relationship with Patrick that so many other girls–her friends included–would die for.

Kate felt his warm hand slide itself into hers. He squeezed her much smaller hand tightly. She felt a small tear roll down her cheek; she sniffled briefly, and then wiped the tear away. She had to make it home, then she could cry. She couldn’t let him notice. She couldn’t let him… There. It had passed. She no longer felt the need to cry.

She glanced over at Patrick. His eyes were focused on the road, but his hand remained in hers. He gave her a slight squeeze to let her know that he was there for her, which made her only want to cry all the more. She held it in though, and they finally arrived at her neighborhood. Patrick stopped a few houses down from hers.

“Hey, Kate… I’m gonna drop you off and pull away. Wait until I’m down the street so that you can sneak in quietly,” he said, his voice full of concern.

“When you make it up to your room, turn your lights on and off once if everything’s good, twice if you get in trouble, okay?”

Kate nodded. That seemed reasonable to her. Besides, her parents were both in a beer-induced sleep. She was sure that she could make it inside. Then, all they could say was that she was up too late.

Patrick stepped out of the car and gave her a long, soft kiss.

“Thanks for everything tonight,” he said as he planed a kiss on her forehead. “Next time we do something different, its my turn to be the brave one, okay?”

She buried herself in his t-shirt, unwilling to let go.

“It’s gonna be fine, Kate,” he assured her. “Em doesn’t know anything, I promise. Text me in the morning?”

She nodded, pulling away from the hug.

“Sleep well, angel.”

Butterflies again. He was in his car and down the next cul-de-sac before she could respond.

Kate made her way up the driveway, and unlocked the front door. Everything was exactly as she had left it. She checked in the family room–no parents. She let herself relax a tiny bit. She put her shoes back in the bin, and made her way upstairs. She put her purse down on the floor of her room and walked over to her lightswitch. She flicked it off once and on once, telling Patrick that it was okay to go home.

There was one more thing for her to do before she put herself to bed completely. She opened her walk-in closet and went immediately to the back–in the corner, beneath snow pants and other seldom-used articles of clothing, was blue rubber tub that housed all of her secret desires.

Kate removed the wet and slightly smelly goodnite from the Wal-Mart bag–she placed the bag in the chest for reuse, tossed her blouse and skirt from the night unceremoniously onto the floor, and stepped back into the goodnite. She sighed audibly as the soft fabric made slid up her leg and the wet absorbent material in the center molded to the shape of her nether regions.

She closed her eyes as if in a trance–her body relaxed and grew almost completely limp–then the already partially yellowed goodnite began to take on a much darker shade. The wet spot grew until the entire bottom half was covered.

Kate shook her hips back and forth experimentally, and frowned. There was way too much loose urine floating around–she couldn’t have it staining her bed. After all, her parents knew that she had been dry at night for five-and-a-half years this summer, just as long as Jake had been. She and Jake were both born in May, two years apart minus a week. Dylan, on the other hand, was just a few months away from setting the family record, as they sometimes referred to it, and his bedwetting had shown no signs of slowing down.

Kate put one of her dad’s old XXL t-shirts–she frequently wore these as pajamas–and waddled past Jake and Dylan’s shared bedroom to the bathroom. Once there, she quietly shut the door, locked it, and sat in the tub, leaning backward to help the liquid be more quickly absorbed. After a moment, she turned over on her stomach, holding her legs up to allow the rest of the urine to spread down to the front of the absorbent pad.

She gingerly squeezed the now-flooded bottom of her goodnite–nothing seemed to be leaking out, so it was safe to go to bed now. She breathed in deeply. There was something incredibly cathartic about wetting a diaper–Kate couldn’t ever find a way to express it in words, but it made everything else seem better, somehow.

Kate unlocked the door and quietly walked back to her room. Normally, she would take a diaper off before she went to bed, but tonight was special–tonight, she had a bet to win. She looked over at her clock–it was 12:45 a.m. Even as her wet, diapered bottom sank down into the bed, she immediately realized how tired she was. She reached over to the wall and found the light switch after a moment of fumbling. She flopped her head down on the pillow, hoping that she could settle the bet in the morning.

However, it was not to be. Even as she thought it, she heard the soft pitter-patter of footsteps in the hallway, followed by a gentle knocking. She made sure that she was covered before she got up and opened the door.

“Come on in, Jake,” she said sleepily.

“And where have you been, little missy?” Jake teased.

“Out,” she said with finality.

“I’m sure,” said Jake.

He paused for a moment.

“You didn’t drink or anything, did you?” Jake asked, though his teasing tone had vanished.

“Jake, I’ve told you a thousand times, I wouldn’t do that,” she sighed.

“Just checking…” he replied guiltily.

There was another pause.

“So, I’m really tired,” said Kate. “Can we get down to the reason you’re in here?”

“Thought you’d never ask!” said Jake excitedly, though careful to keep his voice low. “I want you to tell me the rules, and if you forget any, I’ll tell you which. We have to keep this fair, you know.”

Kate held back an exasperated sigh.

“Wear one of Dylan’s diapers, from when we left for his birthday dinner this afternoon until tomorrow morning. I had to use it at least once before I went to bed, and at least once before I get up.”

Jake nodded.

“I’m not allowed to take it all the way off.”

Jake nodded again.

“And, prove to you that I did all of that.”

“That’s what I’m waiting for,” he replied. “I know you wore it all day, because you sent me that picture, and you’re wearing it right now…You are, aren’t you?”

“Yes Jake,” she said. “Look. I’ve been using it too.”

She pulled her father’s long t-shirt up above her waist, allowing Jake to see her recently soaked goodnite.

“That’s good enough for me,” he replied. “I guess it’s my turn now.”

Kate nodded this time, her expression smug.

“It is your turn. I texted you early tonight…” she said, pulling out her phone.

She showed him the text message that read “Tonight.”

“Yeah, I got it, but I wasn’t gonna do it at the same time as you!” said Jake. “That’s ridiculous.”

“You seemed shocked that I actually followed through,” she said.

“I was,” he affirmed. “I really didn’t think you would actually do it.”

“Sucks for you, now you have to,” she bragged smugly.

Kate tried and failed to stifle another yawn.

“Okay baby brother, time for you to leave. I’m sleepy,” Kate demanded.

“Look who’s calling who baby,” Jake shot back as he walked out.

Kate smiled. Even in the age of the internet, it had always been nice to know that she wasn’t alone in being a diaper lover–she and Jake had grown up in the same boat; in fact, they had discovered their mutual interest at the same time.

Jake turned her light out as he left. Her head hit the pillow before he was three steps out the door. She quickly succumbed to sleep, preferring to see the complicated events of today in the light of the next morning.

Re: “Just Kate”

Whilst the content is perhaps on the edge of plausible, it’s well executed on the whole. Congratulations.

Re: “Just Kate”

Woot! Another person who can write well. Keep up the good work on this story.

Re: “Just Kate”

The story element of wetting an already wet goodnite/diaper has always struck me as totally unhygienic and nauseating but it is your story after all. Fantastic first effort.

Write some form of outline, nothing quite so bad as a story that was great for 4 or 5 chapters but then slowly collapses under its own narration because the author didn’t know where to go with it.

Re: “Just Kate”

Good story so far! Any plans on continuing, solidd?

Re: “Just Kate”

Pretty doubtful since he hasn’t visited here since August 16.

Re: “Just Kate”

great story very well written i’m hoping there will be more

Re: “Just Kate”

Actually, I am hoping to continue this story. The adjustment to college has been a huge change, and I barely have enough time for my homework, much less independent writing. Don’t worry, though; I have an outline for the next two or three chapters finished, and some of the second chapter started. There will be more as soon as things start to settle down.


Re: “Just Kate”

Update: I have finished my entire basic outline, and it is becoming increasingly more defined as I go along. I will of course be open to suggestions, and I love the input of my readers. Chapter 2 is almost halfway done. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


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DISCLAIMER: This chapter contains a scene that some may consider a little graphic in nature. The characters are not real nor are they meant to be real. If diapers offend you, you should not have come here. Don’t repost this anywhere else without my name and a link to this website on it. Thank you so much.


Chapter 2

Patrick awoke to the sound of Emily singing along to The Killers in the shower the next morning, much to his dismay–not that they were a bad band. Patrick was just in a world of pain. The first thing he noticed as he woke up was that he had effectively crushed his manhood during the night, in an effort to reduce the horrid throbbing that had plagued him (and hindered his driving) the entire ride home as a result of the premature end of his date–this, coupled with the wonderful case of blue-ball he had developed as he slept, caused him to moan out loud as he moved to stand up.

The white noise from the shower stopped, followed shortly by the music.

“Patrick?” came Emily’s voice from the bathroom. “Are you alright?”

Patrick summed up his feelings in two words.

“My nuts…” he moaned.

Emily poked her head out the bathroom door.

“Poor baby. You’ll get over it,” she said, layering her voice with sass and sarcasm.

Patrick’s only reply was a grunt of disagreement. He went down the hall to his own (noticeably smaller and less conveniently located) bathroom, and brushed his teeth, leaving his shower until after he ate. Fifteen minutes later, he and Emily were in the kitchen cooking breakfast for themselves. They had done this many times before–Patrick considered himself an expert at making Mother’s Day pancakes. After all, not many seventeen-year-olds could cook five pancakes and only burn two.

As he and Emily cooked–or rather, as he cooked and Emily poured cereal–Emily began to vent her frustrations from the previous night.

“I told her not to eat so much candy, because she’s done this before, like at cross country camp, but noooo… she ‘really wants a few more reese’s pieces’ and ‘just one more coke so she doesn’t fall asleep’ and then, an hour later, it’s ‘Emily I don’t feel so good’ and ‘Emi-’”

Emily cut her own voice off and mimicked Kelli throwing up all over the place.

“You do want to eat this morning, right?” asked Patrick. “I don’t want to throw up all over the pancakes.”

“If you throw up on the ones that you turned black, that’s fine with me.”

Patrick looked over to the stack of three ebony pancakes, and then back at his sister with a stare that distinctly said, “Fine. You got me.”

Emily smiled smugly to herself, sitting down as Patrick took the two remaining pancakes–which were a perfect golden-brown–over to the table.

“So, I guess it wasn’t a fun night?” he asked, with some sympathy. After all, he was still a little bit disappointed that his sister had inadvertently ruined his long-planned night with his girlfriend.

“I mean, it was okay. Besides, she invited Jamie, and… well, I don’t want Kelli to think I hate Jamie, but Jamie doesn’t know I wet.”

“Oh?” Patrick questioned. “I thought you told your friends. Or, your friends found out, I mean.”

“Yeah, but Jamie didn’t go to middle school with the rest of us. I asked everybody to keep it secret. Honestly, I was really hoping to be done with this stuff by high school…”

There was a momentary lull in her speech, and the relative calm on her face from moments before was replaced by a bitter and angry expression. She lobbed the bite of pancake she had on her fork back down on to her plate in frustration.

“It’s not fair!” she exploded. “Why am I the only one? There’s no other girl in high school who can’t keep herself dry at night except me. I hate it! I hate that stupid plastic sheet, the diapers, the special trashcan, I freaking hate it! It’s not fair! It’s not fair…”

She took a deep breath, steadying herself for a full ten seconds.

“Sorry, Patrick,” she said. "I’m just…

She exhaled.

“It’s lady’s week.”

“I don’t want to say I had a feeling, but I had a feeling,” Patrick said apologetically.

“I hope you’ve never said that to Kate,” Emily retorted playfully. “If you have, I hope she slapped you for it.”

“I haven’t,” Patrick said with a wink and a nudge. “I save all those sarcastic comments just for you!”

“Speaking of Kate, actually,” said Emily, growing serious, “I can’t believe that you two haven’t made plans for this weekend. Mom and Dad are gone, you have a car, and there’s no way for you to get in trouble for bringing her over here! Are you two okay? You haven’t broken up and then left me out of the loop, have you?”

“That’s a pretty big leap to take,” said Patrick. “No, we haven’t broken up. We’re as good as ever, actually.”

“So you never went to Matt’s house last night.”

It was a statement, not a question. Patrick downed his second glass of milk, pretending as though he hadn’t heard.

“So you never went to Matt’s house last night.”

“What?” asked Patrick.

“You never went to Matt’s house last night.” she repeated a third time.

“I never went to Matt’s house last night?” Patrick echoed.

“Yes, you never went to Matt’s house last night.” said Emily, very deliberately.

“I went there last night,” said Patrick.

“Okay, whatever,” said Emily.

It was so easy to know when men were lying: first they act like they can’t hear, then they repeat the question, and then they tell their lie. As sweet as he was being to his girlfriend, Emily did not appreciate being lied to.

She was silent as they cleaned up the dishes, and Patrick noticed.

“Are you mad about my period comment?” he asked.

“No,” Emily replied.

“Then what’s the matter?” he asked.

“It is so easy to tell when you’re lying,” she said.

Crap, thought Patrick. She knows.

Then, the more he thought about it, the more he realized how underhanded Emily’s comment had been. It made him angry and defensive.

“Then you know why I can’t tell you,” he shot at her. “You already knew, so why ask me if I saw her yesterday?”

“I wanted to… well…” her voice trailed off.

She didn’t have a good answer. Emily’s worst habit had always been not thinking about what she said.

“Thank you,” said Patrick. “I’ll finish the kitchen.”

Emily left without another word.

Patrick, having finished the kitchen, went back to his own room. He shut the door and locked it behind him. He listened for noise from the rest of the house, and heard the quiet din of the TV from the living room. Satisfied, he went into the bathroom and opened the bottom drawer beneath the sink, wherein rested the source of his darkest desire.

Emily fit the build of a typical cross country runner to a T–she was of average height, had long legs, and was overall very petite, and dressed appropriately–bike shorts and smaller tshirts with rolled-up sleeves were her style. Her nighttime undergarmet sizes, however, were another matter. She had long since outgrown the capacities of a goodnite–after a two-year struggle between the embarrassment of leaky pullups and the stigma of wearing something that was just so obviously a diaper, the diapers had won out, much to Patrick’s delight. Now, she wore the Depends with adjustable sides, in the smallest size.

Every night before she went to bed, Emily would change out of her clothes from the day, rip open the sides of the disposable diaper, and lay down on her bed, pulling the diaper up beneath her bottom. She would pull the tapes–first the left, then the right–as tight as they could go, exhaling to make sure that they were tight. Then, she would put on her favorite pajama item: a super-sized tshirt. And, every single morning, this one included, she would wake up wet. Though she didn’t like to think about it, Emily was rapidly outgrowing the capacity of those diapers as well.

Their family kept a trash can with a locking lid in her bedroom for her exclusive purposes; as such, Patrick was never able to dispose of his used diapers properly. He had to sneak them out to the garage when his parents weren’t home. This wasn’t always a possibility, though. He had long since learned the value of keeping old walmart bags tucked away in a corner of his closet, in the same place he kept a bottle of baby powder and the old diaper pins he had swiped from his and Emily’s “shared” bathroom.

Although the bathroom was exclusively Emily’s, there was one condition when Patrick’s younger sister would consent to let him in to her space–this was one of those times.

Right in the front of the bottom drawer in between the sinks lay a package of adult diapers, two-thirds full. Patrick grabbed two of the inviting diapers from the drawer, and locked the bathroom from the inside before he shut it. After grabbing the stash of items in his closet, he made his way back down the hall to his own bathroom and shut the door behind him, locking it.

Now this was his comfort zone. This was his favorite place, his escape. After turning on the water in the hybrid bath/shower, he removed the basketball shorts and white undershirt that he wore as pajamas, and in a fashion similar to his sister, opened the sides of the diaper. He loved every second of changing himself: the crinkle of the plastic underlayer, the fabric outside that was the same as the Huggies diapers he had secreted away from Emily’s nursery as a child, the startling rip of the tapes as they were opened, the wonderful encasement he felt around his excited member.

He closed his eyes, letting his excitement abate for a moment before pulling the top of the diaper up to his waste. He held it there with his hand, willing down his erection as best he could so that he could fasten the tapes. He succeeded, and then stood up to admire his handiwork.

As always, he loved the sight of his diapered crotch in the mirror. He smiled slightly, gingerly testing the water coming from the faucet with the back of his hand. Satisfied that it was the correct temperature, he pulled the drain shut, allowing the tub to fill with water. He stepped into the tub as the water was just above his ankles, and sat down.

The water did not instantly fill up his diaper, but rather, the pressure from within made it impossible for water to leak in immediately. As he sat eyes closed in the tub, however, the water level began to rise, the pressures began to equalize, and traces of water began to creep into his diaper.

After enjoying the sensation for a moment, Patrick said to himself, “I really gotta go.”

With the water level now covering his entire body, Patrick pulled the leg gatherers away from his bottom, allowing the bathwater to rush in and fill the diaper unimpeded. Patrick sighed with delight as the sensation of a soaked diaper became more and more clear with each passing moment. He pushed the diaper up against his crotch, massaging his entire region with the diaper’s warm, cloth inside. He mushed the gel around inside the diaper, forcing it all around the area covering his crotch.

“I had an accident…” he said to himself. “I need a change.”

He stepped out of the bathtub, shaking with anticipation as he did so. He removed the tapes from the first diaper, and let it plop on the ground. He grabbed the second one from the countertop where he had left it, opening it and pinning on to his body in the same way as the first, although this time he made it significantly looser.

He stepped back into the tub, but did not sit down. He waited for the liquid he had drank earlier in the morning to arrive in his bladder. Two excruciating minutes later, he felt a strong urge to pee. He did not waste it; he relaxed, and with the ease of someone who has had years of practice, sent his own yellow flood into the eager diaper.

He breathed in deeply as the warm sensation spread around his crotch, engrossing him with its almost supernatural heat. The more loosely taped diaper allowed his erection to grow slightly. He stepped out of the tub, laid his towel out across the floor, and began to rub the stained, expanded front of his freshly soiled diaper. Twice, he felt himself grow close to orgasm, but he stopped himself–for two reasons. First, he wanted to prolong the pleasure for as long as he possibly could. Also, though, he wanted to try something new today, while his parents were gone.

He removed the second diaper that he had soaked with his urine, and, after allowing his erection to calm once again, reattached the first diaper. The effect was exactly as he had expected; the diaper was still warm, and the gel padding was still molded to the shape of his crotch. The sopping wet gel provided the resistance against the reforming erection that he needed to get the tapes reattached, at which point turned to his stomach and began to thrust his hips, bucking up and down as he rode the deliciously soaked diaper into the floor–all the while rubbing the cushy fabric on the front of his diaper with his right hand. With every gyration of his crotch, his diaper hit the tile beneath his towel with an enormously satisfying squish. He began to shift from a pure up-and-down thrust to a wild, frantic hump; all the while, his hand clawed at the front of his diaper with utter desire.

Then, it happened; as he grew ever closer to his limit, the front of the diaper could take no more punishment from his right hand. He ripped straight through the outer covering and the plastic beneath it. The sopping gel on the inside oozed out of the diaper, falling on to his hands. His bone-hard erection, without anything else to stop it, broke through the cloth layer between him and the diaper. His motion forced his aching member down into the pile of gel that still rested inside the diaper.

His throbbing erection touched the very tip of that pile, and right then, he began to explode. By the time his tip was fully buried in the pile, he had begun to cum wickedly. He rubbed, gasped, moaned, clawed, and touched everything that he possibly could, prolonging his orgasm for as long as possible. Some of the gel in the front of the diaper exploded up his stomach; it got caught between his fingers; the warm bathwater that had been trapped in the diaper spread all throughout the bathroom. Then, when he was finally spent, he fell fully onto the towel, his entire body a shaking mass of pleasure.

“That… was amazing…” thought Patrick between breaths; he reveled in the new sensation, finally standing up to survey the damage.

It was bad, to say the least. His towel was entirely covered with bits of the gel that had resided in the diaper, and some of it had made its way on to the floor as well. It was messy in even the strongest sense of the word. He sighed, enjoying the afterglow of his experience as he began the undesirable cleanup process.

As he mopped the goop off of the floor with his a large roll of paper towels, his thoughts drifted, as they often did, to Kate. What would she think, he wondered, if she saw him like this? She would think he was disgusting, a freak, he knew; he didn’t like it.

He had tried, since he and Kate started dating, to stop wearing diapers. He had returned the baby powder and pins to their original place, and had sworn that he was not going to take any more of Emily’s diapers. It had lasted about two and a half weeks, which impressed him in hindsight. However, eventually his thoughts had become almost overwhelming, and he fell back in to his habit. He hadn’t tried to quit since then; it had nearly ripped him apart when he had attached his feelings for Kate to an absence of diapers. That hadn’t been healthy at all, and he wasn’t even considering doing that again any time soon.

Despite this, though, he had resolved never to mix his feelings for Kate with his love for diapers. His own sexuality often scared him, and he was so different when he was with Kate. With Kate, his feelings and desires felt natural and warranted–both the physical touches and the shared emotions. He felt gentle and caring. When he was alone with his diapers, however, there was always the slightest of naggings in the back of his mind that he was utterly abnormal. Diapers, to him, always made him feel the littlest bit perverted and the littlest bit like an animal. It wasn’t enough to limit his enjoyment, but certainly enough to make him think about what was important to him. He had long since given up making the choice between the Kate and his diapers, and instead decided that he would make his decision if it was forced upon him.

He put the last of the mess into the trashcan, and called his friend Matt. Although Emily’s comments from earlier had been harsh, blunt, and more than a little rude, he realized that he had been using Matt as an excuse to hang out with Kate more often than he actually saw his friend. It made him feel bad, so he took a quick shower, changed clothes, grabbed his guitar, and called his friend up.

Kate awoke much later than Patrick did. The first thing she did when she woke up, just as she did every morning, was open her blinds. She found that it did three things: it woke her up, it made her smile on the inside, and most importantly today, it gave her a fresh perspective.

The second thing she did was hurry toward the toilet. Years of bedwetting and a small bladder in general ensured that she was on the edge every morning when she woke up. For a moment, she considered trying to get one last use out of the already soaked goodnite; in the end, she assumed that it was too likely to leak all over her pants and decided against it, hurrying to the bathroom. She shut and locked the door behind her, pressing her ear against the wood to make sure that no one else was awake upstairs. After confirming that it was quiet, she made her way to the trashcan on the other side.

Kate had always been very careful about hiding her diaper secret. As her family lived fairly close to a small strip mall, she had long since been able to buy her own diapers. Whenever she went to the drug store to purchase them, she brought a backpack with her, so as not to be seen on her way home. She made certain that the store was always empty. She never left receipts or grocery bags lying around, and she tried to make use of her own personal stash only when there was no other option and disposal was easy.

She possessed the thin build of a girl who ran at least fifteen miles a week; she was quite happy that she still fit into Dylan’s S/M size goodnites (even if they were a little boyish). She would use these whenever possible in order to make disposal easier.

Even when Kate threw away the diapers she had taken from Dylan’s bottom drawer in the bathroom, she always made sure to be subtle. Dylan, much like Jake, did not like pants; as such neither of them had ever mastered what Kate considered the “subtle art” of ripping a goodnite down the side to remove it. Kate thought that it felt so much better to take it off that way–it was almost like have a reverse diaper change. However, when she used Dylan’s goodnites, she always removed her pants and slid the pullup off instead of ripping it. She had never even come close to being caught, and she did not intend it to happen any time soon.

She pushed the used diaper to the bottom of the trash, covering it up with a few Kleenexes before finally relieving herself on the toilet. She cleaned herself with one of the wipes that they kept handy in the bathroom, which Kate had often solicited use of for purposes beyond her parents’ intended scope. She put her pants back on, retrieved her phone from her room, and made her way downstairs for breakfast.

As she poured herself a bowl of cereal, Kate began to wonder what was going to happen between herself and Patrick. They had been together for nine months. Nine months and twelve days, she corrected. He was the most perfect boyfriend that she could ever ask for. He had his own friends and his own interests, to be sure, but he also cared about what she was interested in. He always got along with her friends, and never had a bad thing to say about any of them. He was wonderful. When he wrapped her up in his arms, Kate never felt anything but total safety and love.

He was a diaper lover. Kate was almost sure of it. There was no other explanation for the situation. He couldn’t be a bedwetter, because he would have surely told her about that. Plus, she knew about Emily’s situation.

Kate had known Emily to be a bedwetter for quite a while now, unbeknownst to Patrick. Kate and Emily had initially become close at country camp during the fall. The girls team would camp out at a state park, for two nights and three days–no showers. Kate and Emily had decided that, if Kate was going to date Patrick, they should at least get to know each other.

Get to know each other day did. They were by no means a perfect match for eternal friendship, but they got along with each other quite well. Besides that, they had their shared experience. On the second night, Kate was feeling very underhydrated, and had plenty of water before she faceplanted on to her pillow and instantly fell asleep from exhaustion. She woke up three and a half hours later, with Emily’s hand on her shoulder.

“Kate?” Emily asked.

Kate rose from her slumber slowly.

“What?” she mumbled.

“Kate… um… I-I think you wet the bed,” Emily said with a grimace.

Kate shot straight up, and indeed realized that she was utterly soaked, along with everything around her. It had even made its way over to Emily’s sleeping bag. Kate burst into tears.

“Oh no… Don’t cry, Kate. It’s fine, I promise. I’m not upset at all,” Emily consoled her.

“B-But I… I-I totally soaked your sleeping bag, a-and I wet the bed! God, I thought I was done with this ages ago,” Kate sobbed, burying her face in her hands.

“Kate, I promise, everything is fine. Here, look,” said Emily, as she rolled down the edge of her pants to show Kate her diaper.

Kate ceased crying. Half of her was overcome by the sudden gesture of trust from Emily, and the other was her inner diaper lover waking up to the situation.

“E-Emily…” she said, utterly shocked.

“I’ve never been dry at night,” Emily announced. “Diapers are an every night thing for me. Believe me, this isn’t bad at all. I’ve been dealing with stuff like this for years. Come on.”

Kate said nothing, and followed Emily’s lead as they scooped up the items that had gotten wet, put them in trash bags, and cleaned out the inside of their tent. After a moment, though, Kate began to open up.

“Thank you so much, Emily,” she said as they wiped the floors down. “Especially for trusting me with your secret. That’s a big deal. I won’t ever tell anyone, not even Patrick.”

“Oh, don’t worry about Patrick, he knows everything about me. He’s pretty much my best friend,” Emily said off-handedly.

“I still won’t bring it up,” Kate promised, “with anyone.”

“Thanks for understanding, Kate,” Emily replied. “I don’t know anyone else who still wets the bed, except the kids I babysit for.”

“Your secret’s safe with me,” Kate said, holding her littlest finger out. “I pinky promise.”

Emily passed up the pinky and instead pulled Kate, wet pants and all, into an enormous embrace.

“I big-hug promise,” Emily countered, with a huge smile on her face.

Kate remembered the night in vivid detail. It wasn’t every day that one ran into a high school girl who wore diapers, after all. Once sentence in particular stuck out to Kate, though: “I don’t know anyone else who wets the bed.”

Why would Patrick use diapers if he didn’t wet the bed? There was only one answer, and Patrick had certainly reacted the same way to the confrontation that Kate herself would have. How could her boyfriend, her best friend, be someone so wonderful and yet still be the source of her darkest, most secret, and unfulfilled desires? It made her head spin to think about.

She was scared, too, of something going wrong. What if she told Patrick her secret, and then they broke up because of it? As the picture of ultimate social, familial, and personal humiliation went through her mind, the fear immediately told her, “NO!”

And she agreed. She would not–no–could not tell Patrick that she shared his desire for diapers, however captivating and thrilling the idea could be, unless she was sure that he would never do anything to hurt her, ever, even if they did break up. That secret could destroy a relationship if it was out in the open. And, what better proof than wait for him to tell her about his desires first? She grew a little bit giddy at the notion. The more Kate thought, the more waiting for him to say something seemed to be the best idea.

Satisfied–both by her thought process and her cereal–Kate went back upstairs to find Jake. She had to make sure that he followed through on his side of the bet. Their bet was long-standing and continuous, reaching back to the very first day that she and Jake had discovered their mutual interest. Their parents, both of whom were avid skiers, had taken a trip to Colorado over the second half of Christmas break four and a half years ago, when she and Jake had been out of pullups at night for just a little over a year. They had stayed with their grandma for six days, and from the perspective of Kate the diaper lover, they were some of the best days she had ever had.

It began with a packing error. Her parents, much to her delight, had forgotten to purchase more pullups for Dylan before leaving. He was only five and a half at the time, and despite the physical growth that made his body stature a splitting image of his father’s–namely, tall and big–he had not developed the responsibility to tell his parents when he was running low on pullups. Her mother had forgotten to purchase pullups on her final shopping trip. After dropping Kate and her siblings off at their grandma’s house two and a half hours away, Dylan announced to their grandma that he only had one pullup left.

“Well, I knew we’d be making a trip to the grocery store while you kiddos were here,” she said with a laugh.

“I like the grocery store, Grandma!” Jake exclaimed excitedly.

Kate groaned inwardly. Being the young fifth grader that she was, she thought her younger brother was the most evil person she had ever met. He was annoying and immature and overall just a big stupid, she thought to herself. It wasn’t like he was Dylan, who was at least cute; plus, Dylan was still in diapers at night–that had recently become a bonus.

The thought of the trip to the store had consumed Kate for almost the rest of dinner. She loved going to the grocery store: there was all the delicious food, all of the fun of pushing a cart, and most importantly, the chance of a trip down the diaper aisle. Kate had always dreamed of being locked in a grocery store overnight, so that she could just… surround herself with all of the enormous packages of diapers, and try them all on, one at a time.

That night, as Kate sat in bed, her desire to wear diapers again, which had been made manifest about six months after she was dry at night, took hold of her by force. She had been trying to fight it, because something in her felt that it was wrong, but she couldn’t resist it anymore. She began to play the fantasy games she used to play in bed after putting on her Minnie Mouse pullups at night. She pretended that her Mom and Dad had decided to put diapers on her for a car trip like they had done for Jake several years before, when he had to pee in the middle of a traffic jam. She pretended that she was her little brother, trying to hold it.

“Jake, you’ve done such a good job holding it,” she said. “but I don’t think we’re gonna make it out of this traffic in time, sweetie. Can you put one of Dylan’s diapers on yourself?”

“I’ll try…” he said.

Kate had watched with what she hoped was well-disguised envy while Jake had struggled to adjust the tapes of Dylan’s size 6 pampers against his skin. As Kate looked on at him, she seethed with jealousy–she would have already had that diaper hooked up against her skin, she would ha…

“I got it, mommy,” he said, and a look of relaxation spread all across his face. The memory of the soft, surpressed “Ahh” that Jake had uttered would not ever leave her memory.

She began to breath more heavily underneath the covers of her grandma’s bed as her imagination grew wilder and wilder. Oh, how she wished she was Jake on the car trip, how she wished she was Dylan tonight! How she wished that she was still wearing diapers–at night, during the day, everywhere. Oh, if only. Maybe it could be possible; maybe she could wear diapers whenever she wanted! She imagined it, lived it, beneath the safety of her covers: the diaper changes, the smell of baby powder, the feeling of a Pamper’s soft cotton between her legs, the warm rush as she opened her legs and flooded her diaper…

And it was at that moment that she snapped out of her reverie–she had indeed been living it. Her bed and her pajamas had become soaked; she had wet the bed while awake. She was scared, and she didn’t know how to explain to her grandma that she had imagined being in diapers and peeing the bed. She slowly and silently began to cry.

She looked over at the clock through her tears. It was twelve twenty-five. She tried to calm herself down, and slowly but surely she realized that the best way out was to lie about it. Kate knew, at even as young as fifth grade, that her obsession with diapers was something that she had to keep entirely to herself. But, the more she thought about it, the more she thought that things could work in her favor.

She allowed her tears to well up again, fighting down the excitement that was bubbling up through her chest, before tiptoeing down the hall to her grandma’s bedroom. She brought herself over to the side of the bed, and tapped her grandma on the shoulder.

“G-gram-ma,” she cried, “I-I w-wet th-the bed.”

“Oh honey,” her grandma replied, adding a little groan as she raised herself up. “Come on, let’s get you all cleaned up now, honey.”

They went back to her room, stripped the bed silently, and got Kate out of her wet clothes.

“Kate, honey,” her grandma began, “last time I was over at your house, you weren’t wetting the bed anymore. What happened?”

“I don’t know, Gramma,” she said, trying not to betray what had really happened. “I… Well, I guess I just had another slip up…”

“Another slip up?” her grandma asked, concerned. “You’ve had other accidents since then?”

“Um… Yeah,” Kate replied.

It hadn’t been entirely untrue–there had been two other accidents since then, but both of those were within the first two weeks after she had been weaned off of her goodnites.

“Oh, darling, I don’t even have a plastic sheet on this mattress… I’ll put a towel down on the couch, and you can sleep on that for the rest of the night while your bed airs out, okay?”

Kate nodded.

“And we’ll pick you up some diapers from the store tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about this.”

Kate could barely contain her excitement. She put on her best sad face.

“I’m sorry Gramma,” she said remorsefully. “I didn’t mean to wreck your mattress.”

“It’s fine, darling,” she said.

Her grandma set up a makeshift bed on the couch in her living room, and kissed Kate good night on the forehead.

“See you in the morning,” her grandma said.

Kate slept soundly the rest of the night, and woke up before her little brothers the next morning. She took a shower and put on her clothes for the day. A pancake breakfast awaited her in the kitchen, and all the while, she could not wait for the trip to the store. Her grandma told the kids to go play while she did the dishes, and Kate was happy to oblige. While Jake and Dylan busied themselves in the back yard, Kate snuck off to Dylan’s room, until she remembered that there were no more diapers.

She walked around the house for what seemed like hours–though in reality it was only twenty minutes–before their grandma announced that it was time to leave.

As they arrived at the store, Kate’s heart began pounding in her chest. Her social anxiety began to set in, and she wondered what people would think if they saw goodnites in their cart.

“Alright, kiddos,” her grandma exclaimed. “Let’s go after it!”

They made their way through the store, picking up bread, jam, deli meat, fruit, vegetables, snack food–Gramma always bought candy–and, just before they got to the final ailse in the store, diaper aisle, Kate’s grandma turned them toward the front of the store.

They got in line. Kate didn’t want to say anything, but she was so hesitant to leave when she was this close. She desperately wanted to acquire diapers, but did not want to betray her desire. They got all the way to the front of the line, and they began pilling the groceries on the conveyor. After they piled the last item on, just as Kate was about to cave, her grandma spoke.

“Oh, shoot!. I knew I forgot something. Kate, will you take the cart and go grab Dylan’s pullups, please dear?”

“Yes, Gramma,” she replied.

There was a brown paper sack in the cart, which Kate had not noticed. Then, her grandma whispered into her ear.

“Get whatever kind you need while you’re over there, and put them inside the bag. I’ll handle the cashier, so don’t you worry about a thing, hun.”

Kate smiled brightly, nearly whistling as she made her way over to the diaper aisle. She never dreamed that things would go so well.

And then, there she was. Kate couldn’t believe her luck. She could have ANY diaper that she wanted. ANY diaper, and a whole package of them, too. She looked around, trying to make a choice in a matter of seconds that she had spent well over six months imagining.

She grabbed the 4T/5T boys pullups for Dylan first, and put them in the cart. Then, she looked through the rest of the available diapers. There was so much to choose from. There were baby diapers on one side, and in the aisle right next to them, there were adult diapers! She knew from experience that her recently changing hips would not fit into Dylan’s pullups–she had been in the smallest size of goodnites when she was potty trained. She looked for something bigger, and she was for a moment sad; then, however, she saw, tucked away at the end of the aisle, the goodnites.

They were different than she remembered; in fact, they were much different. Instead of the plain, white background, she saw that they had specialized designs for both boys and girls. The girls’ design was incredible, in her eyes. It was a bunch of butterflies; so perfectly cute and babyish, and it was then that she realized that she could purchase the largest size possible. So, she grabbed a pack of eleven L/XL girls goodnites, and put them into the bag. True to her word, her grandmother had taken care of the cashier. She scanned her brother’s pullups first, and then scanned Kate’s goodnites without ever taking them out of the bag. Kate smiled delightfully at her grandma, thankful for all of her kindness.

As soon as they unloaded the groceries, she found the bag that contained her and her brother’s diapers. She noticed with a cringe that she had not been the one to bring them inside. However, her package of diapers was fairly well hidden beneath Dylan’s bright blue Mickey Mouse pullups. She quickly took her precious package of diapers out of the bag, ran to the guest bedroom, and hid her prize on the back side of her bed.

The rest of the day passed in a daze for Kate. She didn’t think she would be able to bear it anymore when her grandma finally told them to get in line for the bathroom and get ready for bed.

Jake showered first, while her grandma gave Dylan a bath in her own bathroom. As soon as Dylan emerged from behind the door, Kate jumped into the shower. She was done in under ten minutes. She put on her towel, and was in her room a hop, skip, and a jump later. Trembling, she ripped open the plastic packaging, and pulled one of the gigantic diapers out of the package.

She realized that she had left the door unlocked, and quickly rectified the situation. She pulled her pajamas out of her bag and sat down on the bed. Her blossoming body had never before looked so young in her eyes as when she pulled the elastic leggings of the diaper aside, lay down on the bed, and pulled it down from her pointed-up legs to the tops of her hips. She shuddered with the feeling.

Her grandma came into her room about fifteen minutes later to kiss her goodnight. Kate was already in her bed, trying her best to wet the diaper before she was even asleep. She didn’t even noticed that her grandma went to the other side of the bed to grab the plastic packaging of the diapers.

Half an hour later, the whole house was totally silent. Dylan and Jake were asleep in the room that they shared, and Kate’s grandma’s snores could be heard through the wall from Kate’s room. Kate did not move, but lay still on the bed. She still had not succeeded in wetting the goodnite. She had spent the past twenty minutes relishing the sensation of the soft cotton against her skin and the lovely sound of the plastic interior layer as she massaged her diapered are, but she could not force herself to wet. Then, a small bump caused her to stop instantly.

She listened, and for a moment Kate did not hear anything else. However, just as she was about to resume her adventure, she heard her door creak open. She turned her eyes away, trying to steady her breathing.

The soft patter of footsteps stopped at the foot of her bed. She wondered who was in her room, but something told her not to react. There was some movement, a shift of weight, and then the little feet moved closer to her edge of the bed. She closed her eyes, and tried her best to act asleep. Then, she distinctly heard the rustle of a diaper being picked up. She opened her eyes at once, and what she saw shocked her.

It was Jake.

“Jake, what are you doing!” she hissed?

“Ohmigod you’re awake, I-I… I, uh… I’m, um, just uhh…”

Jake looked at his sister, the fear in his eyes evident.

“I… I wanted to wear one…” said Jake shamefully.

Unlike his sister, he had not thought to lie about it. Kate, for her part, could not believe her ears.

“You… you like wearing diapers, Jake?” she asked, trying not to sound as hopeful as she felt.

“Well… um, yes,” Jake admitted shamefully. “You’re gonna tell, aren’t you?”

“No!” Kate denied immediately. “Never. Jake, I like wearing diapers too!”

She showed him the diaper, which, after the shock of Jake entering the room, she had finally been able to soak.

“Wow…” he said.

The rest of the week, they stayed up every single night, wearing the diapers and occasionally using them. They were all gone by the end of the week, though, much to Kate’s dismay. She and Jake had talked about their feelings at great length since then, and he had confided in her that his desire to wear diapers again had resurfaced about six months after he had stopped wetting bed, and that he had almost always been fascinated by diapers. Between the two of them, they had discussed everything about their diapers except one thing–and that subject was a taboo, one that they had never breached.

Kate knocked on Jake and Dylan’s door, happy to see that it was Jake who answered.

“It’s in your bathroom’s trash can on the bottom,” she began.

Jake immediately went to check. He returned about fifteen minutes later, shutting the door behind him.

“You really soaked it,” he stated. “I’m… wow, you’ve set the bar high. I’m kind of nervous.”

Her game with Jake didn’t always have the same rules. The only rule was that with each action, they became a little bit more daring. After both of them had gone, either one of them could choose to go first. However, whoever went first got to set the rules for the other. That was their system, and so far, they hadn’t ever been caught. Kate, however, had noticed that Jake recently was taking a more and more voyeuristic approach to their escapades, and it made her nervous. Normally, it was all in good fun, and within the privacy of a bedroom–at the very least the privacy of their house–but Jake had pushed the boundaries further for the last series. Now, though, it was Kate’s turn.

“You don’t have to be. I’m pretty much only going to make you do what I did,” she said, “with a few tweaks.”

“Alright, shoot,” he replied.

“You have to start at bedtime, and you have to wet it before you wake up. Then, you can’t take it off until mom gives the warning for dinner.”

“That’s pretty intense,” said Jake, an excited expression creeping into his eye. “I think I can do it though.”

“Good,” Kate replied. “You better.”

She stood up.

“I’m going to get ready for today,” Kate said. “Does one week sound fair to you?”

“I can do that in a week, sure,” said Jake, with a cocky grin.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Kate left the room with a smile. She wondered how Jake would react–if he would try to do it on a weekday, to help evade the attention of their parents, or if would do it tomorrow, when both parents were home. Either way, that day would certainly be an interesting day.

Re: “Just Kate”

Keep it up - some clumsy phrasing (don’t over-think your sentences and make them contrived), but it remains a break from the usual kind of thing.

Re: “Just Kate”

this story is very well written and besides that, the content is something I’ve never seen before.
also, I know it’s completely different but the little “bets” that Jake and Kate have going on remind me of the relationship between the main characters of Cruel Intentions. anyway, I very much look forward to the continuation of this story.

Re: “Just Kate”

Hey everyone, I just wanted to state my intention of continuing this story. I’m struggling with writer’s block and the time-eating wonders of a full-time construction job. Thanks to everybody who has been reading this!