Just another new member.

Hello all, I’m thefluffystitch. I’m 24 this year, currently waiting for my enlistment for national service for my country.just like some of you, I used to be an adult baby but since last year after I have discovered another kind of fetish called babyfur, that is being a furry and an adult baby. I don’t find any sexual appear of furries but I really enjoy the cute babyfur arts and I thought to myself how cute and cuddly if I was like them, so I when ahead and join in some furry community like Furaffinity and SoFurry. My fursona is a Red Panda cub called Kevin and I’m writing some kind of personal fantasy story/origin for him.

I’m not an expert in English but I do try my best to write/type grammatical correct, I started writing my own fantasy early this year, somewhere in march and now after discovering this site that is intended for ab/dl writers to share their works and help each other improve, I too want to get some feedback so that I can improve my writing. ;D

Re: Just another new member.

Welcome. Meant to reply to this earlier when I released it from the moderation queue.

I’ll be honest. Your English and grammar are better than some of the native speakers on here. :slight_smile:

Heck I only spotted two issues in this post and one can be easily explained by a keyboard that has a flakey spacebar and shift key.

Just a heads up, but you should save this email address: issues@abdlstories.club

I noticed you are based in Singapore and unfortunately we do get a lot of spam and attempts from your provider so the server’s automated defenses sometimes temporarily ban entire segments of your ISP. You’ll know when it happens because the site will appear to be offline. If it does let me know at the address above and I’ll get it straightened out as quickly as I can.

The same applies if you get a message saying you’re banned when you try to login/post. Use that address instead of the one in the ban message and I’ll get it fixed. It shouldn’t happen since spammers are usually temporarily blocked by IP at the firewall instead of the board level but there are still a few IP based ban rules running around and you may accidentally trigger one if your IP changes. Just be assured that unless you get an email from me telling you so you haven’t been deliberately banned.

EDIT: Hah, make a comment on grammar and totally had to fix a wrong your to you’re in my own post LOL!