Just a Doll: Chapter 1

WARNING: This story contains huge spoilers for the video game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Chapter 1

An egg-shaped pod slowly began to open, steam flowing out of the cracks as they were made. Xemnas, the leader of a group known as Organization XIII, stood in front of this pod, and beside the man was his trusted scientist Vexen, who the latter had a wide grin as the pod before them was about to reveal his latest and surely his most successful creation he could ever dream to make. What Xemnas and Vexen were doing was something they had to keep from everybody else; they were creating a full replica of a boy who had the ability to wield an extremely unique and powerful weapon, called the Keyblade, that could unlock the hearts of even entire worlds. They extracted the mentioned Keyblade wielder’s memories, and stored them in this newly formed replica, in hopes that it would create an entire clone as a result. Vexen was positive that this would indeed be the case, and that Xemnas was to be pleased by his days of work. Xemnas was always fascinated by the Keyblade and it’s capabilities, as for one it would be the source of returning his, and the entirety of Organization XIII, heart back to himself. Organization XIII was made up of a species known as Nobodies; creatures that are the result of the empty shell left behind when someone with a strong will has their heart stolen. Xemnas wanted to be whole once again, and going to any means possible was not out of the question.

As the steam began to clear, and as the pod finally opened up entirely, Xemnas and Vexen stared at the replica inside as it floated in the air. However, this replica had absolutely no signs of anything to define it by, besides the feminine shape it sported, which that alone was puzzling considering this was suppose to be a male clone. The replica’s face was literally blank, having no eyes, mouth, nose, or anything of that sort. It was like someone had scraped off all the features of a doll. Other features such as hair, nails, and papillae were also absent, and this surely was not what Xemnas suspected to witness at first. Slowly turning his head towards Vexen’s direction, he asked, “Why does the clone appear blank? I instructed you to create an exact copy of Sora.”

“Fear not, Superior.” Vexen reassured Xemnas, now going up to the pod and retrieving the replica. “An identity will come to it in a few short days, just under 48 hours if my speculations are correct. In the meantime, I must inspect this replica with further examination, so to double check and see if this will indeed work to our advantage.”

Placing the replica onto a metal examining table, Vexen fetched a small device in a shape of an awkward trapezoid, and placed several suction cups attached to various wires all along the body, and soon after started up the machine they were attached to, which kicked on with a metallic humming noise. What this machine intended to do was detect the activity within this replica, to make sure that the memories that were going to give life to the replica remained in place. As the examination went on for more than twenty minutes, the machine suddenly sparked, which made smoke flow out of it, much to Vexen’s surprise.

“Strange. I was almost certain my device was in top shape.” Vexen pondered as he proceeded to pry open the back of it to see what went wrong. Xemnas was not the least bit worried of this himself, as the sudden event actually made him grin. He knew the reason for this, and that reason was due to a certain memory they extracted from the Keyblade wielder Sora. This memory was so powerful that a mere machine found it too much to handle, and ended up breaking from the intensity. The memory was surely going to give the replica great powers, one that could possibly exceed his own.

“No matter. Only positive results came through during this examination, so I can at least say that it is a success.” Vexen said as he merely let his broken machine alone, and proceeded to take off the wires attached to the replica. “Everything is in order within this shell, and with positive results comes positive experiments. Your perfect replica will soon come to life.”

“Indeed it will.” Xemnas said with another grin. There was not a single thought in his mind that this would prove to be a failure. Even if it were to, he was not short of a plan B or C. With all sources of a threat to his precious replica out of the way for the time being, nothing would be able to harm it. He would inform the rest of the Organization of this once the replica was ready, and add another Keyblade wielder into his ranks. The thought of collecting hearts with them on his side at two times the speed was overwhelming, and his heart would have surely stopped for a few moments if he had one. The force known as Kingdom Hearts that he so desired to receive would soon be in his grasp, and waiting for as long as needed would be worth the time.

The replica was given its own room to rest in, as the other Organization XIII members had as well. Within the predicted time of when it would begin to shape its own identity, the replica was given a face and will to call its own. This replica was also given a name; being that this was the first attempt that Vexen had done regarding cloning somebody else, the replica was tagged as “No. i”, and with Xemnas changing the names of each member that was brought into the ranks due to a past memory, that tag had birthed a true I.D. for the once empty shell, Xion.

Xion woke up in silence, not making a single sound besides from the rustling of a long black cloak that was put on the replica while she began to form a new being. There was a figure standing over her, the figure being Xemnas, his face blank of emotions. Xemnas was pondering over the face that Sora was a male, yet a female clone was the result from placing the boy’s memories inside of it. Perhaps this was the result of the powerful memory that Vexen was unaware of that had destroyed the machine a day earlier. Either way, it didn’t matter, as the clone would surely inherit the ability to wield a Keyblade soon enough, though knew it would take quite a while for Xion’s abilities to take effect.

Xion herself only had one thought in her mind; who was this man who stood before her. She wasn’t aware of what she was, or where she was. She didn’t even have any will to ask as such. Maybe this person would tell her. Xion didn’t have any purpose to really do anything, since she was oblivious of the true meaning of her existence. Xemnas only motioned his head to follow him to Xion, which she didn’t disobey at all. They began to walk through long, white hallways, with gigantic sheets of glass on the sides of the walls to peer outside. This would give Xion a chance to at least determine what this place was like besides just a large castle; what she saw were large, blue building all aligned in random order, some stretching into the sky far beyond the others. It was certain that where she was now was much higher that the tallest building that she noticed, and it also seemed that there were lights on in some, though they shown dimmly even from how dark the sky above was now, and very little were on to add to this. Xion wondered why this was so, as a place with this many buildings would surely have people to be in them. She shoved this thought aside as something she would figure out later, as a more important question was still in her head.

Xemnas and Xion soon came to a large entrance way, two large door concealing what lye behind it. Xion was going to walk ahead to see just what might be behind the doors, as some curiosity suddenly kicked in, but Xemnas pushed her back. Turning around to face the replica, Xemnas grabbed the hood of the cloak that was attached to the back of it and threw it forward to conceal her face. “Thought I see an identity of you, some of the other people living in this castle will not yet. You mustn’t take off the hood until this is so for the rest, for your face is still empty to them. We cannot reveal what you truly are.”

Xion obeyed Xemnas, now seeing that he must have more authority over herself judging by the demanding order he just gave her. Xemnas grinned slightly as he saw how loyal his clone was, and soon turned to face the doors that towered the both of them. Walking up to the hulking metal, Xemnas pushed them open with ease, despite them looking to be a few tons just by themselves. Xion now peeked at what was held in this room, and immediately took note of several things; this room was much whiter and more bright then everything else she witnessed in the castle. There were also tall thrones, thirteen of them with various heights, with each one filled with another person except for one. These people must have been who Xemnas had mentioned before. Xemnas suddenly opened up a pitch black portal in front of him, which he stepped inside. This had lead Xemnas to be seated in the one empty throne that was left, and began to do a mental head count, so to make sure nobody was absent for the special announcement he was going to make.

“Good tidings, friends.” Xemnas’ voice boomed in the echoey room. “Today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear the coat”

After this statement, and now that everybody in the room was aware of her existence now, Xion slowly walked into the center of the thrones to make herself known, her hood keeping her face well hidden from them all just as Xemnas intended. She looked up at one of the thrones, and first saw a blonde-haired boy, who gasped a little as she did so. This person looked familiar to her, for some very odd reason.

Xemnas saw that the two were looking at one another, and that this was the first person besides himself that Xion saw. The man thought this as a sign of the deeper connection that they doubtfully were oblivious of what they had, which was something that made him grin. He would definitely be patient for the two’s true purposes to be set in place, and saw that nothing could go wrong with his flawless plan. He would think of this later, when no others were around, and eventually spoke again, which grabbed everybody’s attention away from Xion. “I would like to state something I surely hope I can make pellucid; I wish to ask that no harm will come to our newest member. She is to be untouched by all aside from me, unless permission is given. If I find that somebody amongst our ranks has so much as scratched her, dire consequences will befall them, as well as those who do not report it who have witnessed as such. Now that my news has been made acknowledged, I bid you all dismissed.”

Everyone exited the room in the same way that Xemnas entered within a short time, leaving only him, Xion, and another man, whose name was Xigbar. He had a sort of devilish grin stretched across his face, as if amused by something devious. Turning his head to Xemnas, Xigbar said, “So this is the poppet you were talking about? Impressive.”

“Xion won’t be anywhere near impressive if it isn’t trained properly.” Xemnas pointed out, though had no doubts regarding what Xion could be capable of doing. “I am assigning you to teach it our ways, and what it shall do to serve our numbers. I am assigning Roxas with training as well starting tomorrow, so he will be taught the same.”

“Heh! Sounds easy enough.” Xigbar chuckled as he turned his stare back at Xion, whose head was now draped down towards the floor. Aside from Vexen and Xemnas, Xigbar was the other person who knew of the replica program that they were now running, and began to ponder about what this would bring; success or failure. Whichever one it would be, Xigbar intended to make this process fun on his part the whole way through. “If that’s the case, then I’ll just have to put the poppet back to bed. Can’t have a tired Keyblade clone sulking around all over the place. I hate grumpy kids.”

“Keep in mind what I said not just a few seconds ago.” Xemnas warned, putting emphasis on his words to express the seriousness of his sentence. “I want Xion to be in perfect condition, and knowing your true nature, you would not think twice about ruining that.”

“Me wreck a project like this? As if.” Xigbar said in a slight sarcastic tone, keeping his stare upon Xion. He saw that Xion was in a female form as well, not only Xemnas and Vexen. This only amused him instead of make his mind begin to fill with puzzling questions. He couldn’t even begin to start to what he would experience with a fake copy of the Keyblade’s chosen one. He wouldn’t harm Xion, mainly due to Xemnas’ order, but the powerful leader didn’t mention what kind of harm. “However, Xemnas, I don’t promise it will have a stable mind in the end.”

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I assume this is fan-fiction of some type, for I have no clue in the world what is going on and I obvious should know things I don’t. You have a start to a story, but obviously not for me. Good luck.

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I intended for people not to know certain things. While it would make it easier to understand, you don’t necassarily need to know the series in which this is based off of. This isn’t my way to convince you to read the whole way through, however. I’m just explaining.

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OMG this is soooo good! but then again I like kingdom hearts. I really REALLY like your story so far I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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I can’t get over the fact that this is fan fiction either. I will be stopping even though I think the idea of a female clone is intriguing. I don’t know the Kingdom Hearts source material.