Julie’s holiday

Before we go into the story: who’s Julie.

Julie is a Dutch girl, living in Rijssen (a small town in the Netherlands. All places exist, none of the characters exist.) She was normally potty-trained and did not want diapers after she was potty-trained. But at her eighth, a big accident happened in front of all her friends. She was playing on a small, free, public playground and she had to poop. Unfortunately, she did not know where the bathrooms were. It was too late to go home, so she played until she shits her pants in front of all kids. All kids laughed, and she got terribly upset. A little days later, she got to the supermarket and saw diapers. She knew what happened and see – there was the link. She thought her need was insane, and later, that she was insane. At her 14th, the class made fun of everything what they found on internet. Diaper lovers and Adult Babies also came. She laughed, but at home, she went searching and find what she hoped. It was not insane to wish for diapers. Now that knew that she did not dare to ask her parents. The summer break right before her 16th birthday was now. At my 16th, she thought. But time would tell it would be in only a few days…

Summer break only takes 6 weeks in the Netherlands. But Julie did not care. She helped her parents to make everything ready for the trip to Austria. 7 PM they must be at the train station. Fifteen minutes before the train, they were there. The trip went well and Julie, her father, her mother, and her sister Emmy slept well in the NightJet, and all arrived in time at Ötztal Bahnhof, the station in Austria. From there, they went with the bus to Ötz and rent a car for two weeks. They travelled by car to a hotel in Längenfeld, where they would live during the holiday. She helped her parents and noticed some cloth diapers. It could not be the truth. But her mother says to her: ‘Are you wondering why there are cloth diapers? I will tell you. You almost shit your pants last holiday, and it was not the first time. You can be in diapers, or you would clean yourself if you wet or shit your pants. Okay?’ ‘E-em… I – I loved d- diapers so I will wear them…,’ she stumbled. ‘Okay, it is fine. I am glad I made your dreams then. But I am afraid what Emmy would say, because she will also wear diapers. She does not have a choice.’ ‘Yeah, good question.’ Emmy was terribly upset she must wear diapers. She cried, but mom let her alone and said to Julie: ‘You’ll see, at the end of the holiday, she asks me to wear diapers at home too.’ Both laughed.

They did not much that afternoon and went to bed. Emmy and Julie had a separate room from there parents. Emmy was still a little bit angry and shared her anger with Julie. Julie said: ‘I think at the end of the holiday, you will have much less anger and embarrassment. You will have even fun with it!’ Emmy was sad her sister did not share her anger.

That Sunday they planned to go on mountain bikes to cycle to Gries and then walk to the Winnebachseehütte (it still exists, I have been there!). First, Julie and Emmy needed to go in diapers. Emmy was angry, but she accepted and let mom put her a diaper on. Julie went in diapers by herself. When Emmy was done, she looked a little bit less angry. She said, but still with an angry voice: ‘Not bad at all. But it is still embarrassing. I think only if the dyke breaks by itself, I will pee in it.’ They went on the bicycles and climbed up to Gries and then to a few houses above Gries, where they parked them on a fence and locked them. They had amazing views and Emmy totally forgot she was in diapers. Everyone took many photos, but the trip felt like it was just half an hour, while they took over three hours to walk. At the restaurant, the Winnebachseehütte, they got amazing food and drinks. After an hour, they went back to the bicycles. At the tree line, Julie must go poop. She squatted and let everything out of her. It was a big mess, but she enjoyed it with all her heart. She did a great pee too and extremely liked the feeling of both. She did feel some embarrassment, but it did feel right. She cried a little from the happy emotions. Her parents and sister were after Julie and after she drunk some water, she joined the team. But Emmy looked a little bit painful. ‘What’s up?’ Julie asked. ‘I need to pee and poop,’ Emmy said, halfway crying. ‘You should go, like I did. Do you need badly?’ ‘Yes’ ‘I think it would then be no choice. Nobody of us want you to go on mountain bike when you are halfway breaking.’ ‘I – I think y – you’re r – right…’ She said, crying and squatting. When she had peed and pooped, she looked much better. ‘It is also this time less bad. I – I like it!’ Emmy said with an embarrassed smile. Everyone laughed, also Emmy with a deep red face, looking at the ground and avoiding any eye contact. Julie said to mom: ‘You’re right I think.’ Both giggled.

They were by the mountain bikes, and the sisters moved up the saddle. When they were moving from Gries, Emmy gave an embarrassed smile to Julie and whispered: ‘Nice to feel it spread in your diaper, isn’t it nice?’ ‘Yes, its is,’ Julie replied. ‘And you were literally screaming that you must put diapers on, you knew?’ Emmy’s face became deep red, and she pointed more to the ground. ‘It’s so embarrassing to think about!’ Her embarrassment ebbed away when she came to the hotel. Julie and Emmy went to their room, for a short gaming session. They sat on the floor, feeling their poopy diapers insanely well. After they made progress on a build in Minecraft, their parents arrived, and Emmy got cleaned. Julie cleaned herself and after a few minutes, and they continued to play Minecraft. Both got a new diaper.

After they got dinner at the restaurant, Emmy straight went to bed. Julie went to her parent’s room, where they talked a little bit about what happened this day. At 9 PM, Julie and her parents also went to bed.


Emmy got a nice dream. She thought she was 5 years old (she was 10), and she was walking with her parents and Julie, who still was 16 years old. She only wore a diaper and she had to pee. She was incredibly happy and peed in her diaper. She woke up in shock when she felt wetness. Then she realizes she had a diaper on and then she realizes her mom standing next to her bed. ‘We need to go to the restaurant, but we let you sleep, because you were very tired yesterday afternoon and you had a really nice dream, wasn’t it?’ ‘Yes, uhm… I even peed myself…’ ‘You have a diaper, you know. Better in your diaper, than in your bed.’ Emmy peed herself during all the conversation and now the stream stopped. She got out of the bed, realizing she only had a wet diaper. Mom laughed and petted her. ‘You’re very cute in your wet diaper,’ she said, and Emmy felt like a little child. She putted on some jeans and a T-shirt and went to the restaurant. Julie and Dad were already there. She saw Julie in diapers too, only some jeans trying do there best cover the diaper up. But it was clear when you looked at her butt.
This Monday it was rainy. But dad already came with an idea. He found an escape room in Innsbruck. They all liked it and they liked to do ‘The Wizard.’ So, they booked and could come in two hours. First, the sisters cleaned their diapers and put others on, then they went to Innsbruck. They did an excellent job, but Emmy was so focused on solving the puzzle that she wet her diaper without knowing. They solved the puzzle and were happy. When they left the escape room, Emmy laughed a little embarrassed. ‘What’s up?’ asked mom. ‘Uhm… I made a wet accident in the escape room,’ she said with a smile, ‘and I didn’t notice.’ ‘It is okay you know?’ mom said, ‘you’re just experiencing lots of new things and then you pee your pants, or nowadays your diaper. But… That’s much less cleaning and much less negative feelings for you. Maybe we should expand the time in diapers?’ mom said. ‘Yeah, we definitely should!’ Emmy and Julie answered at the same time.
The vacation went on without and extra special moments, just always some messy diapers.
They enjoyed the diaper even when vacation was over.
Sorry but didn’t have more inspiration…