Julia has an Accident

So I wrote this story from a the first person perspective of the main character from a larger story I plan to do, which will be in much greater detail depending on how well this is received.

My name is Julia and I had a really embarrassing accident in my pants just before the March Break. I wet myself during a bathroom break in 3rd period class at school. I just couldn’t believe I had done it, it was my worst nightmare. I mean I sometimes wet myself when I’m laughing, but lots of girls I know do this so I never think much of it. But this time I just couldn’t hold it.

I guess I waited too long to ask for the bathroom as I was copying down a note. I hadn’t gone at lunch because I didn’t need to. I only realized how bad I had to go when I started moving, then I almost lost it, but I held on. I don’t think too many people noticed me squirming as I left since I sit close to the door, but I felt embarrassed already. I held on until I was in the bathroom. I tried to stop it, with my hands. At first I put them on my butt for some reason, then I tried between my legs. It still happened. I could see myself going in my pants in the mirror, and my face turn the colour of a tomato. I cried. I didn’t wail or anything, but I felt tears.

After only maybe 2 minutes I decided I needed to get help. I didn’t even go to class I just walked, or rather waddled for some reason, to the main office of my school, a grade 9 girl who had just missed the toilet. For some reason I kept my hands between my legs. I don’t know why because I wasn’t holding anything now. I guess I was just in shock. I got some looks from students on the way, but I didn’t have far to walk. It could have been worse but it was still super embarrassing to see people I know look at me, wonder, then come to conclusion that I must have actually peed in my pants.

I got to the office and they then sent me to the nurse, who usually only handled the special needs kids. By now my teacher had been notified of what happened, thankfully I knew no one else in class could’ve known due to the way the intercom system in my school works: it uses telephones. I got to the nurse and I was asked to call my mother to bring me some extra clothes. I was told that if she couldn’t they would give me one of the diapers reserved for some of the special needs kids and a skirt. I told my Mom this but she said she couldn’t come help me, but that she would make it up to me. I was really upset at this point, crying a lot more. The nurse offered to help change me, and I just let her at this point. It was weird because she changed me like a baby: out of my dirty clothes and into a diaper that needed to be wrapped and taped onto me, then into a skirt. All on a changing mat. I am pretty small so I guess it wasn’t too big a deal for her. She was super nice and made sure over and over I was okay with it, I was just done though. I still remember the mostly white diaper being placed underneath me and being pulled over top of my private areas. It had cartoon characters on it but didn’t feel very bad.

At this point I was given a note to give my Mom and my pants and underwear in a plastic bag. The nurse specified that the note is supposed to be given out to students who have an accident, but is usually only for special needs kids. She said this not to embarrass me but just so I knew she was not sure whether to give it to me or not, but would just to be sure she followed her job description when a student has an accident. I walked back to class with quite a loud diaper and an actually nice looking skirt on. By looking you couldn’t tell I had a diaper, but I felt the noise might give something away. I brushed it off though because it isn’t anyone’s business to wonder what I have on underneath my skirt.

I got back to class and got a lot of looks. I knew no one could have found out because of my teacher, but between the new clothes I had, a plastic bag, and the inevitable word of mouth of texting, people must have known I had an accident. I sat down and finished class.

I noticed during this time the note I had been given for my Mom. I read it instead and noticed that it said I would have to wear training pants, not diapers, supplied by the school for the remainder of the week, regardless of the day (it was Tuesday). It was my parents choice if they wanted to give me different trainers, but they had to be training pants or something akin to diapers. There was also a specification that mentioned I should wear training pants for the remainder of the year, but that was also up to my parents. I thought about the diaper I had on and how it felt around my waist. I couldn’t believe this….

The thing is, as the day went by, I felt better about the diaper. I mean I think I have a diaper fetish. Now. I kind of liked being with the nurse and how nice she was to me, and also how comfy the diaper was. I decided I’d have an “accident” in the diaper after school before my Mom came home to see how I felt about this note. It didn’t feel bad, I liked how it felt.

When my Mom came home she apologized and asked if I was alright. She knew I had a diaper on but not that it was wet. I said yes and that I was fine just listening to the note for the rest of the week to avoid trouble. She tried to tell me she’d have none of that and that she’d embarrassed me enough already. So I pulled an act to make it look like I needed to use the bathroom, squirming and what not for the next 5 minutes of talking, about just normal stuff.

Finally my Mom noticed and told me to go to the bathroom, so I pretended to have an accident right there. I couldn’t cry but I put on a decent act I think. When my Mom told me to go the bathroom I was really squirming around, bending at the knees and tilting to the side. My Mom just commented that I should to the bathroom if I need to. I started to move but then pulled the same act I had in the bathroom that same day. Hands on my butt, then in between my legs as I started moving. I stopped dead once I put my hands on my butt.

My Mom calmly said maybe I should give these trainers a shot. I had “accidents” all that week, and still on the March Break. My Mom bought me some Pull-Ups for home. I won’t go in my pants or on my bed because I wouldn’t like that. I don’t have accidents in front of people due to how shy I can be, but I do put on some theatrics for myself. I guess the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me wasn’t so bad, but I didn’t like going in my pants. That part was still embarrassing and awful.

I like the diapers. I still get a weird vibe from people at school. I hope it’s just because they only know I wet myself once. The nurse is already my favourite teacher too. I feel awful that I’m kind of using her but I guess what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. I’m not gay or anything like that either, I’m straight and have a loving boyfriend (who won’t learn what I have under my clothes for a long time) but I guess my feelings aren’t for her, but the way she treats me.

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this was really cute story is there going to be more to this story I hope

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If there is it will be third person, likely longer and more detailed (i.e I will describe what characters look like, among other things), and will go on a bit longer.

But I don’t have time to make that commitment yet, which is why I did this short version. Positive feedback unfortunately isn’t enough to get me to write more of this.

If I do though, consider this a preview

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I like it very much, but the end is to fast. I hope that this is only the preview.

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A great story.

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Its a very cute idea i would definitely like to see it elaborated on, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Having someone just to diaper you at school must have been cool in a way.