Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

Judy and Sam

Chapter 1

When Judy walked in to the administration section of her late father’s marketing conglomerate, she was aware of the looks and whispers she was getting. She strode on towards her father’s old office, and there she found Sam in the company of two men who had met Sam as he got off the company plane. They were the auditors who had rung her a week before, while Sam was still in Venezuela looking at costs and prospects for a new Central American office.

There wasn’t much to say. Apart from one quick, thankful glance, Sam didn’t speak to her on the short drive home. Judy could see his hands shaking as he fastened his seat belt, and decided to let him stew for a while.

When they arrived home, Judy was brief and succinct.

‘Sam, I suppose you know that your career as a financial controller is over, at least in this country, is over. And I’m not planning to move anywhere else.’

Sam looked broken. He sat in one of the big leather armchairs in the living room, shaking his head.

‘I don’t know why you did it, Sam,’ Judy said, ‘And I don’t care. It’s a good thing you were caught, that’s all I can say. It’s only for my dad’s sake that you are not going to jail. One more thing, Sam. I know about the second scheme you set up. So does the chairman. That one would put you in jail, dad or no dad. What a stupid risk to take. Ambition is one thing, Sam, but thinking you could jump the queue by fraud, even if you didn’t receive a cent your self, is just naïve. Childishly naïve.’

Sam tried to speak, but no words came. Judy continued in measured tones.

‘I’ve been thinking about this all night, Sam. The bad news is that you are now out of business for good. This morning, your bank accounts were frozen, and you put our assets in my name anyway. Another of your tricky moves, you genius. It doesn’t matter though. You won’t need credit cards or assets any more. The good news is that I’m not going to throw you onto the street, though most women would. Your life is going to change, for a while at least. Probably for a long while.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Sam quietly.

‘Go and have a shower,’ Judy said. ‘Then I’ll explain your new life to you.’

Sam didn’t spend long in the shower. He was too chastened, and wanted to at least show Judy that he was prepared to turn over a new leaf in his personal habits, however late it was to do that.

Just as he stepped out of the shower, Judy arrived. She had a towel bundled in her hands and put the bundle down next to the handbasin.

‘All fresh and clean?’ she said. Good. Hop back in the shower, and put your arms up,’ ordered Judy.

'‘Judy…’ said Sam, reaching for his towel.

‘Shut up, Sam. Arms up please,’ Judy repeated.

Sam looked at her incredulously.

Judy reached over and smacked Sam very hard on his bare buttock.

‘Ow!’ said Sam. ‘What the hell…’

‘I said, arms up, Sam. Do you want another spank, even harder?’ said Judy.

Sam raised his arms uncertainly.

‘Judy…’ he began.

‘Shut up Sam,’ said Judy, and turned to unwrap the towel she had brought in.

She took from it Sam’s razor and a can of shaving foam. She applied the foam to Sam’s armpits, and to his stunned surprise, with a few deft strokes of the razor, shaved his armpits bare.

‘Wash that off,’ said Judy. ‘You’re not very hairy anyway, are you? This won’t take long. Face me.’

Sam felt he didn’t have much choice. His bargaining power was at an all time low.

Judy smooshed shaving cream over his groin, and in a few minutes had her shocked husband devoid of pubic hair.

‘Now, rinse off, Sam,’ she said.

Sam realized that whatever she was trying to do, she meant business. He could not only feel his buttock still stinging, he could see as he looked down the angry red, hand-shaped mark she had left.

The day’s event were fast catching up with Sam, and he felt his eyes watering. He was glad he was in the shower so that the unbidden tears didn’t show. He looked down at his privates and quickly looked away. He was as bare as a baby.

‘Are you punishing me or something?’ he asked.

Judy didn’t answer him.

‘That’s a lot better,’ she said. 'Now go and get dressed.

He went to the bedroom, and opened his underwear drawer. It was empty. So was his wardrobe. There was nothing of his left in the bedroom, not even his hairbrush.

She is going to throw me out, he thought. Where could he go, he wondered. He had never felt so utterly powerless.

Sam wrapped his towel around himself and went back to the living room.

‘My clothes, Judy,’ he said.

'Oh, sorry Sam. I meant go to your new room, ’ she said.

‘My room?’ asked Sam. ‘But… Are you chucking me out of the bedroom? What do you mean, ‘my room’?’

‘You can still come in to my bedroom,’ said Judy, noting Sam flinching as he tried to process tat bit of news, ’ But you will have your own room. As you should. It was the guest room looking west. Off you go and get dressed.’

Sam shrugged. He had a few worse problems on his plate at the moment than a weird wife.

Sam walked off in silence. Whatever had got into Judy, it was best just to ride it out. After all, it’s not every day your husband is caught with his hand in the till for over a million dollars. Twice. His life would change, he knew that, but whatever was going on now would just have to be humoured, at least until he could talk some sense into her.

He reached the guest room, and opened the door.

A moment later he was back in the living room, towel-less and angry.

‘What’s going on?’ he said. ‘Who’s in that room?’

‘You are, Samuel,’ said Judy. ‘And so are your clothes. They’re your posters on the wall, your bedclothes and your bits and pieces. Welcome to your new life.’

‘What in the fuck are you talking about?’ said Sam.

None of it made any sense.

‘Sam,’ said Judy. 'You have proven yourself to be completely irresponsible and untrustworthy. You’ve taken some extremely stupid risks, without a thought for your own future or the people around you. You have behaved, in a a word, immaturely. So, Sam, we are just going to align your actions with reality. You are now, as far as I am concerned, twelve years old. That is a twelve year old’s room. I had good advice on it, from Tom next door. He’s just twelve, and I think he did a good job on selecting the décor. The clothes are all your size. So go and get dressed please, before I get angry.

‘You’re insane,’ said Sam.

‘Goodbye, Sam,’ Judy said, smiling sweetly.

‘What?’ said Sam.

‘Goodbye. You can leave if you like. I’d suggest the YMCA, or maybe a church. They might take you in. Off you go,’ said Judy.

‘Just a fucking minute,’ said Sam.

‘Sam, please don’t swear. You’ve sworn several times now. If you stay, those words will cost you. Are you staying or leaving?’ Judy said.

Sam turned on his heel and went back to the guest bedroom.

To be continued.


Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 2

Judy and Sam

Chapter 2

Sam was truly at a loss for words. He stood in the middle of what had been their ‘second best’ guest room. The tasteful modern furnishing had gone. So had the drapes, and the decor. The walls were now an electric blue, studded with cartoon posters, mingled with posters of young pop stars - he supposed - of both sexes, whom he didn’t even recognise.

The single bed was in a kind of plywood racing car cradle, and sported a Power Rangers quilt. On top of the painted chest of drawers were models of dinosaurs and transformer toys. A plastic baseball bat and a big water pistol leant in a corner.

Gingerly, Sam opened a top drawer in the chest of drawers. It was the drawer where his underwear was, or used to be, in the master bedroom. In Judy’s room, an unwanted voice in his head told him. The drawer was full of brightly coloured underwear, he saw as he held up a pair of large but childish looking briefs. More Power Rangers, he noted. His fingers rubbed the fabric of the pants. Something else was wrong, and he looked more closely, the pants had a plastic lining, and felt slightly padded.

I’m not wearing these, he told himself. He opened another drawer, looking for some jeans. There seemed only to be shorts in various colours. No shirts, either, just t-shirts, with God knows what printed on them.

There were no shoes, either. Just sneakers and sandals.

Sam shivered, and his hand went to his newly shaven crotch. He felt his scrotum, now tightly contracted behind his shrunken penis. It felt strange to be so bare down there. That crazy bitch, he thought.

He slammed the last drawer shut as he heard Judy’s call, asking if he were dressed yet.

‘Of course I’m not, Judy,’ Sam replied angrily, and stomped out of the room, heading for the bedroom from where Judy’s voice had come.

He swung the door of the main bedroom open to confront his wife. Judy was in panties, pantyhose and a bra. She turned away from him, covering her breasts and crotch with her hands.

‘Sam, would you mind knocking, please?’ she said with annoyance. ‘I’m getting changed.’

‘Judy, for Christ’s sake,’ said Sam. ‘I happen to be your husband. If you…’

‘Sam, you are twelve years old,’ said Judy. ‘I will not have you barging in and embarrassing me like this. Naked too. Just who do you think you are? Go and get dressed immediately. Go on!’

Sam felt as if he were about to cry again.

‘Sam, go on. Or do you want a spanking? You’re not too old for that. Go on. I don’t want to talk to you until you’re properly dressed.’

Sam backed out of the room.

Back in ‘his’ room, he decided that he had to go along with Judy, at least this far. He looked again through the drawers. Leaving the underwear where it was, he pulled on a pair of stretchy shorts, the plainest t-shirt he could find and went barefooted into the kitchen to find Judy already there, about to make dinner.

‘Where are your shoes, Sam?’ was her only comment. ‘You’re not a street urchin.’

Sam gritted his teeth.

‘Come here, Sam,’ said Judy.

Sam felt relieved. Perhaps this bizarre joke was over. He smiled and walked towards Judy.

As he approached her, Judy reached out and pulled the waistband of his shorts outwards.

Looking down, she said, ‘I thought I couldn’t see any panty lines on you. Why aren’t you wearing your undies?’

Sam decided to have his say.

‘Because, you crazy bitch, the only ‘underpants’ in that room are plastic lined, padded kids’ underpants, that’s why. And I’ve had enough. Where are my clothes?’ he said.

Judy looked serious.

‘Sam,’ she said, ‘let me get a couple of things straight. First, in this house you do not answer me back. Never. That’s number one. Second, you do as you are told. When an adult, especially me, asks you to do something, you do it. Perhaps when you are a teenager, a little wilfulness might be forgiven, but you are still a child. You do as you are told. As for your underpants, you need to wear what I have bought for you. Do you remember a conversation we had recently about marks on your underwear - stains in the front and dirty marks in the back?’

Sam did remember that demeaning discussion. What were a few skid marks, he thought. And plenty of guys dripped a bit too, after a piss. OK, sometimes he held on a bit long, if he were playing golf or something, and got a bit damp, but again, so what? That’s what washing machines were for. And wives, he thought smugly.

‘I don’t know what you’re smiling about, Sam,’ continued Judy. ‘If you find wearing dirty, soiled underwear funny, then maybe you need to be in pull-ups, like those kids on TV. You’re not too old for those, either. I’m going to watch your undies for a while, and you will be back in pull-ups if you don’t change your disgusting habits. Now go and put some underwear on before I get really cross.’

Judy had pretended to be so serious that at first, Sam felt like laughing, but her performance was so sustained and convincing the he almost did believe that he had disgusting personal habits. As it was, his hairless privates were itchy against his shorts. Maybe wearing the ridiculous underpants would help.

Sam returned to the guest bedroom and glumly pulled on a pair of the padded, plasticised underpants. Instantly, they brought back memories. He had still been regularly getting his pants quite damp when he really was about twelve, not that Judy knew anything about that. He was still wetting his bed occasionally at that age, too. He winced at the memory. The padded pants felt quite cosy, just as he remembered them. But there was nothing good about this idiotic charade, he told himself as he put on a pair of.the childish sandals he found in the wardrobe in the room. He looked in the mirror. He looked like a large child. He tugged his stretchy pants this way and that. He couldn’t achieve anything like a manly bulge, and gave up. He was just at home, anyway. At least no-one would see him. If they did, the only conclusion would be that Judy had gone mad.

When he returned to the kitchen, Judy complimented him on how nice he looked. He grunted in reply, and she gave him a plate of fish fingers and a glass of juice.

‘You can have this watching TV as a treat,’ she said. ‘Not that you deserve it. Don’t make a mess. I have some work to do, so I’ll eat later.’

Sam shrugged. He enjoyed eating with Judy, and felt slightly put out, even under the present odd circumstances.

‘What work?’ he asked.

‘Just boring accounts,’ Judy replied, tidying away some things in the kitchen. ‘Nothing you’d be interested in.’

Sam slumped on the couch with his dinner. Nothing that I’d be interested in, he thought. He had been the chief financial officer of a Fortune 500 company. He remembered what Judy had said about his own bank accounts. He realised that he didn’t know where his wallet was, let alone his normal clothes. He hardly tasted the fish fingers, and finished his juice in a couple of swigs.

He settled back to watch the television. He switched from the cartoons that had been on to a current affairs channel. A few moments later, Jusy appeared and took the remote from the coffee table, punching its buttons as she did so. The cartoons were back.

‘I’d rather you didn’t watch those violent news channels, Sam,’ she said. ‘Please don’t change channels next time without asking me. I think I’ll keep this with me. Do you want some more juice?’

Sam was tiring of her little game.

‘Judy,’ he said, ‘I don’t know why you are doing this to me, but I’ve had enough. I want my clothes back, and I’ll be sleeping with you tonight. end of story.’

Judy looked as if he’d threatened to rape her.

‘Get out!’ she said. ‘I will not have you talking like that in my house. Get out.’

Unbelievable, Sam thought.

‘OK,’ he said, standing up.

Judy had marched to the front door and held it open for him. Sam felt that he had to see this through. He went to the door, and with a pitying glance at Judy, he stepped out into the early evening gloom, and Judy slammed the door behind him.

Sam looked around. The first thing he saw was his neighbour, Tom’s mum, running towards her house after her nightly exercise. Sam ducked behind a bush, not wanting to be seen dressed like her own 12 year old.

There followed a succession of people - walking dogs, pushing strollers it just driving past. Sam crouched behind his bush. When there was a suitable gap in activity, he went back to the front door and called for Judy to open it. He received no response, nor did she answer the intercom or several solid knocks.

Some local children approached on the footpath, and Sam ducked behind his bush again.

An hour later, Sam was getting cold. He couldn’t drive anywhere - the garage was locked and he had lost his company car anyway. He didn’t even have a house key, and the emergency one was missing from its hiding place. He had no money, so he couldn’t get in a cab and go to a hotel. He didn’t have a phone either, so he couldn’t call one. The last thing he wanted to do was give in to ?Judy and her insane game.

Sam even considered going to Tom’s place and telling his mother that he and Judy were practising for some play or something, and he had accidentally locked himself out. But then what, and would Judy back him up? Not in her present deranged state of mind.

To make matters worse, he had to pee. His pants had no zipper, and he would have to pull them down. He tried that, but was caught by a car’s headlights as he knelt behind his bush. As a result, he wet into his pants a bit. He stood up, exasperated. At least his urge to pee was lessened a little.

How long had it been, he wondered. No watch, either, he thought. Frustration, cold and a feeling of helplessness overcame him. Why had he been stupid enough to leave like that? Maybe she was partially right. He wasn’t immature, of course, just impulsive. He felt so sorry for himself. His eyes began to water again, and he couldn’t stop the tears. He never dried, he thought. She was really getting to him in his troubled state with her psycho games.

Sam went back to the door and knocked softly.

‘Is that you, Sam?’ Judy’s voice answered.

Sam felt elated.

‘I’m sorry, Judy,’ he sobbed, the tears flowing easily now. ‘Please let me back in.’

The door remained shut and there was silence on the other side.

‘I’m freezing,’ wailed Sam. ‘I’ve got nowhere to go. please Judy.’

She had beaten him, this round anyway, Sam thought, not entirely convincing himself.

‘Please!’ he sobbed again. ‘Please Judy!’

The door opened slowly. Sam stumbled into the warmth and light.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, wiping his eyes. ‘I’m sorry for everything.’

Judy stood back a little.

‘For a bright young man, you have just been incredibly stupid and naughty, haven’t you, Sam?’ she asked him. ‘Where did you think you were going? You have nowhere to go but here, do you Sam?’

‘No’ said Sam. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘And you’re wet,’ said Judy, cupping her hand to Sam’s crotch and squeezing the padded fabric slightly. ‘I can see you’re wet from here. How did you get pee on the outside of your pants, for heaven’s sake?’

‘I was trying to go behind the bush,’ said Sam. ‘Then a car…’

‘Well, never mind,’ said Judy. ‘It’s nearly bedtime anyway. I’m still not very happy with you, Sam, but I know you’ve had a rough day, and you were out there for a couple of hours. I just hope you’ve learned your lesson. Do you think you have?’

Sam nodded.

‘Good boy,’ Judy said. ‘Now, take off your wet shorts and trainers, and then it’s bedtime for you, I think.’

Sam thought for a moment. It hadn’t been that long ago that Tom’s mum was coming back from her after work run, surely.

‘What time is it?’ he asked.

‘It’s almost 7,’ said Judy. ‘I think you should be in bed a little early for a few nights, just until you’ve calmed down a bit. You can go back to 8 o’clock later, if you’re well behaved.’

‘Seven o’clock!’ Sam objected.

‘Sam, please don’t start,’ said Judy. ‘I’m trying to be nice to you because I know you’ve had a hard time. I don’t want to have to get cross with you, OK. So please stop fighting me. Now I think another quick shower would be in order, then I’ll help you get ready for bed. No story tonight, and I think you might need your pull-ups. Have a wee first, but I think we’ll put them on, just in case tonight.’

‘Pull-ups?’ said Sam, turning to look at Judy.

‘Sam, I warned you,’ she said.

Sam felt the menace in her voice, and peed a little more into his padded pants.

He relaxed his body, and let Judy take him to the bathroom, where she pulled down his wet trainers and shorts, and sat him on the toilet, waiting while he peed. Then she helped him into the shower, dried him off and pulled some pullpups over his lags and settled the strange garment around his hips. Sam felt a rush of odd emotions and memories. They also felt warm, he decided, and didn’t object to Judy’s businesslike handling of the matter. Next she took some blue and red Spiderman pyjamas from under his pillow. Sam looked at the pyjamas with surprise. He hadn’t worn pyjamas for years. He turned to his wife.

Judy caught his look, and said ‘Sam, please don’t be difficult about your pyjamas. I’m not having you sleeping in the nude. You…’

‘But Judy,’ said Sam, ‘You don’t wear…’

‘Sam!’ said Judy, holding out the pyjama pants for him to step into. ‘How I sleep is no business of yours. I happen to be an adult. Now, hop in please.’

Sam silently stepped into the waiting pyjama pants, and Judy tugged them upwards and over his pull-up.

‘There you are mister,’ she said as Sam put his arms up to receive the top Judy was holding. What was the use, he thought. He was worn out, and just wanted to get into bed, pyjamas or not.

Finally, he got into his bed. Once again, Sam remembered the feeling of snuggling into his bed wearing padded panties. It felt nice. It felt secure, he thought, especially after everything that had happened. He smiled up at Judy.

Judy kissed him on the forehead, and Sam drifted for a while between sleep and wakefulness. He really did feel about twelve again.

There were even fluorescent stars on his ceiling. Sam tried to play with his penis for a few minutes, but the padding got in the way. He was asleep by 7.30, and dreamt of his childhood. In the early hours of the next morning, he soaked his pull-up, mumbling in his sleep and turning to get comfortable in the swollen panty.

To be continued.

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Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 1-2

Sally Kat, this looks promising. I look forward to reading more about Sam’s regression at Judy’s hands.

Please bring more. I think you have another winner here.

Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 1-2

Hmm. I’ve got a few horses running at the moment. I want them all to finish. I like this one too. It’s good when you can entertain yourself as well! ;D

Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 1-2

This is a new direction that’s very interesting. Forced regression isn’t a normal component of your stories but it’s fun. Thanks SallyKat

Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 1-3

Judy lay in bed that night, feeling pleasantly empowered. She felt that she was doing the right thing.

Spilling the full story to the authorities about Sam’s financial chicanery would undoubtedly have meant a jail term for him, disgrace for Judy and the family’s venerable company - a lot of unhappiness all round. This way, she was in control of Sam’s punishment and rehabilitation. It was a weird idea, perhaps, to ‘grow him up again’, but it was an idea that appealed tremendously to Judy. She realised that there was something in her makeup that was being fed by the situation she had engineered. That was a good metaphor, she decided as she spread herself out in the now spacious bed. She could feel herself being nourished. She hoped Sam would wake up wet. It would help her plan to treat him absolutely consistently like a preteen. There would be no let up. Smiling to herself, Judy drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Sam woke early. As he gathered his thoughts, it occurred to him that he had had a very strange dream. Although the reality of his misdeeds at work couldn’t be denied, Judy’s bizarre behaviour was something else. Sam was lying on his back, with his eyes shut.

He opened them slowly, to see the stars stuck to the ceiling. He put out one arm and felt not Judy’s warm body but the hard edge of his narrow, racing car bed. Sam’s heart seemed to leap in slow motion to his throat. He twisted his hips slightly. It was there. His pull-up. Gingerly, he felt the bulging padding beneath his pyjamas with his fingertips. He couldn’t have, he thought. He had. What’s more, his pyjamas felt damp, and so did the bedding beneath his rump. Oh, God, he thought. What will Judy say?

Sam climbed carefully out of his bed. He felt the weight of the soaked gel in his pull-up between his thighs, and he had to reach into his pyjama pants to pull it up in order to walk. He shouldn’t be wetting his bed, he thought. Something was very wrong. He had always discussed things with Judy - except his scheme to siphon cash from his painful old father-in-law’s company. He needed to talk to her now.

Sam made his way to the main bedroom, and pushed the door open.

‘Good morning, darling. Did you sleep well?’ she asked the childishly dressed young man standing uncertainly in her doorway.

It was clear Sam’s pull-up had leaked badly. Judy could see the flannel of his pyjamas sticking to his loins.

‘Something’s wrong, Judy,’ Sam said in a plaintive voice. He even sounded like a child, Judy thought.

‘Did your pull-up leak, honey?’ she asked, propping herself on her elbow and pulling the sheet around her shoulder for modesty.

‘Judy, it’s not that, I mean, I wet my bed,’ Sam said.

He looked absolutely miserable.

‘I know, darling. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of girls and boys your age have little problems at night. I think you might need a diaper. Something that won’t leak,’ Judy said.

‘A d…diaper?’ Sam said, his voice breaking. ‘You don’t understand, Judy, I wet the bed…’

‘Sam, don’t go on about it. I do understand. And I think you do too. A diaper isn’t much different to what you wear already. You’re twelve years old, Sam. Some children still have accidents, even into their early teens. I really think you need to be in a diaper at night. Now, hop into the shower, while I get up. Do you need a hand?’ said Judy.

‘No! And I don’t need a diaper! Are you mad? And I’m not twelve, Judy. Stop saying that! I’m an adult!’ said Chris.

He was almost shouting at her.

‘Sam, please lower your voice. I won’t be spoken to like that. And please stop lying about being an adult. I know all little boys want to grow up, but you are not an adult. We’ve been through that. What would your friends at school think if they heard you telling such ridiculous lies?’ Judy told him.

Consistency, she told herself.

‘Judy,’ Sam said, at least lowering his voice, Judy thought with satisfaction.

‘Sam, look at yourself. Look in the mirror,’ Judy said.

Sam looked in the mirror. He saw a slightly built boy in Spiderman pyjamas. They were quite clearly wet, and their wearer was clutching the wet bulge between his legs. Embarrassed, Sam quickly moved his had away from his groin. He seemed to have no control over what was happening, and he was near tears again.

‘See, Sam? A boy in a wet pull-up, and wet pyjamas, who has just got out of a wet bed. The sooner you accept who you are, the easier life will be for you. Now go and shower. I’ll fix your bed up this time, and I’ll help you get dressed once you’ve showered,’ said Judy. ‘Now off you go. And think about what I said. I want no more silliness from you. Go on. I’m about to get up.’

Sam tried to think of a logical rebuttal of what Judy had said. She was his wife, but she wasn’t acting like one. And he was a 34 year old man… Sam looked down at his wet pyjamas as he walked to the bathroom. He had to tug the sagging pull-up upwards again. He certainly wasn’t acting like a 34 year old man. He didn’t even feel like one at the moment. Was Judy mad, or was he? He realised it was a serious question now.

Things didn’t become much clearer for Sam as he showered. He stared down at his hairless crotch, and thought of Judy’s full bush. He used to have hair there, didn’t he, he asked himself. He was sure he did. But what if he never had? He was too tall for twelve, anyway, he thought, then admonished himself for even thinking of reasons why he was grown up. But his brain wouldn’t stop. He wasn’t really that tall, he found himself thinking. Growling at himself, he poured some shampoo into his hand and vigorously lathered his hair. He gave it a good rinse, and stepped out of the shower.

Towelling himself dry, Sam felt nothing but pity for himself. Then he felt himself peeing. Shocked, he quickly leapt back into the shower recess. He closed his eyes, and kept peeing. At least that felt pleasurable, he thought, and was sorry when he stopped. It hasn’t been accidental, he decided. His body simply let go because he was already in the bathroom. It didn’t class as an accident, or even anything to worry about.

He was about to leave the bathroom when his stomach gurgled. He swallowed hard, and was about to ignore it when he felt a surge of pressure low down in his body. He had to move fast to get to the toilet, lift the seat and plonk himself on it. His bowel movement was a pleasurable process, like his peeing. He should have gone earlier, he told himself, getting back into the shower recess and washing himself rather than wiping. He didn’t want Judy thinking he was dirty or messy.

Sam stopped while he was towelling himself dry for the second time. What was he thinking? Why should Judy see how well he wiped or not? He realised that he was expecting Judy to be with him while he was dressing. What was going on in his head, he wondered?

When he got to his bedroom, Judy was there. She had already stripped the bed.

‘The mattress isn’t too bad,’ she said. ‘I think it will dry out by tonight. You smell nice, sweetie. You’ve used that new shampoo.’

‘It was in there,’ said Sam.

Judy had laid some shorts and a top out on the foot of the mattress.

Sam didn’t want to start another argument, so he let her help him dress. Once he had his brightly coloured top on, Judy went to the chest of drawers. Sam cringed. He knew there were no underpants in there, just the padded ‘trainers’. He groaned inwardly.

Judy turned around, with a white pull-up in her hands.

‘These will be OK for today,’ she said. ‘We can go to the mall later and get you some diapers. At least you’ll wake up in dry bed and PJs with a diaper on.’

‘Judy, I don’t need…’ said Sam.

‘Sshh, honey,’ said Judy.

She held up the wet pyjamas Sam had just gout out of.

Sam couldn’t think of anything to say.

‘Now come on, baby, into these please. I have a feeling your daytime control is getting a bit rocky, and I know you’ll feel a lot more secure in these than worrying about wetting your pants all the time,’ Judy said.

Sam was about to tell her she really was mad, when he remembered his understandable but still unexpected pee in the bathroom. If by some remote chance he did wet during the day, it would make things much worse for him. At least this way, he told himself with a strange leap of logic, he could say that he wet because he knew he had pull-ups on. That sounded quite reasonable.

Judy soon had Sam in his pull-ups, and Sam was quietly pleased that he really didn’t have to worry about a small daytime accident, even if they were a bit puffy feeling. Once dressed, he turned himself around in front of the mirror on his wardrobe door. He could clearly see he had pull-ups on under his yellow stretch shorts, but as Judy reminded him as she saw the look of concern cross his face, no-one would be looking for a boy in pull-ups, so they wouldn’t notice.

This too, sounded logical to Sam’s beleaguered mind. His front looked a bit unmasculine, but as Judy also said as he gently felt there with his fingers, who would be looking at his crotch?

For the first time in a while, Sam was grateful for Judy’s wisdom.

To be continued.

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Another amazing chapter SallyKat. Thanks for all the writing.

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I really like this one :slight_smile: keep up the good work!

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Judy and Sam Chaopter 4

Just a short chapter. More to come.

At last, with Sam dressed, Judy left his bedroom. Sam sat for a few minutes on his newly made bed. He looked at the posters on the walls, and at the toys and models placed around the room. Was this really him? He thought of his corporate job. He drove a black BMW and he wore a suit and attended board meetings. But now he was wearing shorts, sandals and a padded pullup because he couldn’t keep his pants dry. Judy, who was his wife, he was sure, said that he was not old enough to wear proper underpants. Either, I am going mad, thought Sam, or Judy is pulling a long, complicated trick on me for God knows what reason, or… or I am actually what she says I am. 12 years old, and just making up what I think has been my life. He felt a chill run down his spine, ending with the sweet feeling of peeing. Sam didn’t mind, because Judy had put him in a diaper.

Sam wandered into the kitchen to find Judy making breakfast.

‘Scrambled eggs, honey. One piece of toast, or two?’ she asked.

Sam looked around. Everything appeared to be normal.

‘Two, please,’ he said, then he had an idea.

Judy had mentioned something, and Sam knew he could trip her up on it and expose this charade.

‘Judy?’ he asked.

‘Yes, sweetie?’ Judy answered.

‘It’s Wednesday, isn’t it?’ Sam said. ‘Why aren’t I at school?’

Got her, he thought.

‘Oh Sammy baby,’ said Judy, walking over to him and hugging him close. 'You poor thing. ‘You don’t remember, do you? I didn’t want to bring it up because I thought it might hurt you, but, honey, you had a breakdown at school. You really don’t remember? I rushed there from work when they phoned me, and found you in a terrible state. You went straight to hospital and you were under observation for three days. You’d had a rare kind of complete mental collapse. Your psychaitrist…’

‘My psychiatrist?’ interjected Sam.

‘Yes, honey, Dr Phillips, said that recovery may be slow and possibly incomplete,’ said Judy. ‘That’s why you are wetting, darling. Dr Phillips said it was quite likely. I’lll be home schooling you for a while. One of the other mothers had a similar thing happen to her daughter after her hsuband was killed.’

‘Wait a minute,’ said Sam. ‘“The other mothers”? You’re my wife, Judy!’

‘Oh, Sam,’ said Judy. ‘It must be so hard for you at the moment. Dr Phillips said you have delusions about being a grownup working in an office, possibly brought on by watching Ad Men on TV. You used to love watching that. But Sam, I’m your mother. You must know that.’

Sam had his face buried in Judy’s shoulder. He could smell her perfume, and felt her bra strap beneath his cheek. Then he felt himself wetting again. What if she was right, he thought.

Judy released Sam from her embrace with a pat to his padded behind. She stood back, and looked at Sam.

‘You poor darling,’ she said.

Sam’s response was to start crying. One hand went to his crotch.

‘Oh, Sam, do you need a change?’ asked Judy, watching as Sam struggled to make sense of things.

Sam nodded.

Judy glanced at the scrambled eggs in the frying pan.

‘Honey,’ she said. ‘Let’s have breakfast first. A few minutes in a wet diaper won’t hurt. Then I’ll change you into a nice, dry one. OK?’

Sam nodded again. It would be so easy to believe her. Delusions, he thought. I was a grownup working in an office, wasn’t I? He did used to watch Ad Men, too. He knew lots of it by heart. He did work in a marketing company too, didn’t he? What if he didn’t? How could he tell?

Judy had guided Sam to his chair. Sam sat on his now wet pullup, and felt that the former cushion had become a squidgy pad. He looked glumly at his Lion King mug, into which Judy had poured some orange juice. He felt the need to pee again, and released the last contents of his bladder into his diaper. He realised while doing it that he had had no choice. He was going to pee anyway. What if he really was twelve, and Judy was his mum?

Sam looked across at Judy, and was overwhelmed with a feeling of love for her. How he needed her, he thought.

To be continued.

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Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 1-4

I really like the mental manipulation. Thanks SallyKat

Re: Judy and Sam Chapter 5

A month had passed. Life for Judy and Sam had settled into something of a routine.

Sam was wetting every night now, thanks to some extent to the mental conditioning Judy relentlessly applied to him, but also due to the diuretic she had been adding to Sam’s drinks ever since her little scheme started. He was having daytime accidents as well now, and after some arguments and even a childish tantrum or two, Sam had accepted that he now needed to be diapered 24/7.

The diuretic came from Judy’s friend and disbarred psychiatrist, the former Dr Phillips. Jill Phillips had for various good reasons developed a grudge against men in general, and unfortunately for her had decided to express it in her work. The results, for her male patients and their concerned wives, were shocking, to say the least, and sadly, permanent I most cases. When Judy had met Jill, they soon discovered a few feelings in common, and when Sam became so vulnerable through his troubles at work, the women decided to implement their program of remaking Sam.

Judy would homeschool Sam for a few hours each day. It was easy enough. Judy deliberately avoided any subjects Sam knew much about, and gave him unfamiliar topics at a reasonably advanced level. Naturally, Sam was struggling, but Judy assured him that the material was ‘quite basic’. Sam accepted that and was trying hard. The explanation for his difficulty was clear to him - he was only twelve, after all.

Today, Jill was making one of her visits, ostensibly to check on the progress of her ‘patient’.

Sam was sitting at his painted desk in the ‘school area’ Judy had set up for him. He was dressed as usual in one of his favourite t-shirts and a pair of elasticated shorts over his plastic pants and diaper. His regular wetting had meant a change from pull-ups to diapers, and at home, for economy, he now wore washable cloth diapers. He had hated them at first, calling them ‘baby diapers’, but after spending a week in no diapers at all as a punishment for complaining, and having to hand wash all his wet clothing, he had accepted the cloth diapers, as he had had to accept so much else. The smart businessman was disappearing, and Judy felt a little tingle every time she noticed real regression in Sam’s behaviour. Sam was actually beginning to think like a pre-teen at times, and he had certainly begun to accept Judy’s authority over him. He still didn’t call her mum, though. Jill said that would come.

Jill turned on time, as always. Sam had finished his schoolwork for the day, and waddled to the door with Judy, as she insisted, to meet Jill.

Jill was a well-built, even masculine woman who favoured form fitting clothing. She was 5’ 11", and a former sportswoman. She towered over Sam.

‘Hello, Sammy!’ she said, hugging Sam and almost lifting him off his feet. ‘How’s Jilly’s favourite little boy? Have you been good?’

‘Yes,’ said Sam quietly.

He had soaked his diaper while he was working on his schooling, and hoped Jill wouldn’t notice. He just wanted to be changed.

‘That’s a good boy!’ said Jill. ‘I’ve got a present for you,’ she added, giving Sam’s bottom a squeeze before she released him from her hug.

Jill handed Sam a small, brightly wrapped package.

‘I think you might have a wet didee, Sammy. Do you need a change?’ Jill asked.

Sam looked up at Jill, then towards Judy, who had gone to the kitchen.

‘I was going to ask,’ he said.

‘Jude, I’ll do him,’ said Jill.

‘Would you, Jill?’ said Judy from the kitchen. ‘I’ll make coffee. His new plastic panties are in the drawer. He needs a new pair.’

Jill had changed Sam before. She always pinned his diaper too tightly, he thought. And she made him feel babyish, though he was getting used to it, or perhaps he no longer noticed it. He didn’t like thinking about that too much. It made him feel funny.

Jill had him on the low changing table Judy had installed in his bedroom. She removed his pants and diaper, and suggested he take his top off too, as it was a little wet at the back, she informed him. So Sam lay naked on his back, as Jill chatted away and got together his diaper changing requirements.

‘We’ll just wipe your little wee wee,’ Jill said, attending to Sam’s penis and balls with a baby wipe.

Sam twitched at the cold of the wipe on his tender skin.

‘Don’t worry, baby, Dr Jilly will soon have you all done up in a nice, dry diaper,’ Jill said, using the ‘nursery voice’ she reserved for speaking to Sam. ‘That will be nice, won’t it, Sammy?’

Sam nodded. Jill brushed his blonde curls from his face. She and Judy were letting Sam’s hair grow out. Doing so offered a few interesting options for the future. With his childish, androgynous clothing, Sam often looked quite feminine as it was.

‘You have such lovely hair, Sammy,’ said Jill. ‘I think you would look especially pretty with a ribbon in it, don’t you?’

‘I’m not a girl, Jill,’ said Sam as he lifted his bottom for Jill to place his diaper beneath him.

Jill laughed.

‘Not physically, honey, but at your age, children, whether they’re little boys or little girls, are really the same, don’t you think, Sammy?’ asked Jill.

‘I’m not little,’ objected Sam. ‘I’m twelve.’

Sam swallowed, and stared at Jill for a moment. Jill felt a flood of pleasure course through her body.

‘Success!’, she thought.

She couldn’t wait to tell Judy.

‘Of course you are, Sammy,’ said Jill. ‘You’re a very big boy. Now, honey, let’s just get your plastic panties over your diaper, and then you can go back into the other room and play with your blocks or trains, OK?’

Tears began to form in Sam’s eyes as Jill spoke. He liked Lego - his ‘blocks’, as Jill had called them, and he had a model train set. Why shouldn’t he have?

Sam wanted to be a big boy, but he got so confused. He was in diapers because he needed to be - he knew that as much as anyone else. He was twelve, but he had the strangest dreams, even when he was awake. Jill had explained why that was happening, that he had been quite sick mentally, and to try to shut the dreams out and think of all he happy things in his life, but he still got upset, and he didn’t really know why. Jill and Judy said it was just because he was young, that all girls and boys felt funny sometimes.

Sam went back to the kitchen, holding Jill’s hand. He needed it at the moment. Jill had put him in an extra thick diaper, because, she told him, they might go out later. Sam had found it difficult to walk with the bulk of his diaper. His shorts were stretched over the thick diaper which protruded at the leg openings and the waist. Sam thought he had peed a little already, but there was no room for the diaper to sag. It was too big and thick.

‘Hiya, Sammy,’ said Judy as Sam waddled into the kitchen. ‘How’s my big boy? Did you thank Jilly for changing you?’

Sam turned and looked up at Jill.

‘Thank you Jilly,’ he said.

‘It was my pleasure, honeybunch. And what a polite child you are! You know, I look after one little girl, just like you, and she’s a real grump. But you’re just a little sweetie, aren’t you?’ said Jill, giving Sam an affectionate kiss on the forehead.

Sam couldn’t help feeling happy. On an impulse, he stood on tiptoes and kissed Jill on the cheek.

Jill laughed.

‘I said you were a sweetie,’ she said. ‘Now, are you going to open your present?’

To be continued…

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Judy and Sam. Chapter 6

Judy had the parcel ready for Sam, and gave it to him.

‘Remember your manners, Sammy,’ said Judy. ‘Have you thanked Jilly?’

‘Not yet,’ said Sam.

He turned to Jilly, who stretched out her arms.

‘Thank you, Jilly,’ he said as he received another bear hug from the big woman.

Both ladies watched as Sam unwrapped his present. A moment later, he held up a yellow, dress-like garment. It appeared to have a high, shirred bodice, and a big teddy bear appliqué below that, as well as a large double sided pocket in front.

Sam looked at it with his mouth open. It appeared to have no legs, or even leg holes.

‘It’s called a smock’ said Jill, looking at Judy, who had helped Jill choose it. ‘Its for wearing when you’re playing. It will be very comfortable and it makes changing your diaper much easier too. You’ll look lovely in it. Try it on, honey.’

Sam looked dubious.

‘It’s a dress,’ he said.

‘No it’s not, sweetie,’ Judy said. ‘That’s why it’s called a smock. Girls and boys both wear them. Go on, put it on.’

Sam still looked uncertain as Judy helped him pull it over his head.

‘You don’t have to wear a t-shirt with it,’ she said, but you can leave yours on for now.’

Judy turned Sam around, tugging at the hem, making sure it was even.

‘There,’ she said. ‘You look very sweet. You don’t need those silly pants on now, either. Let’s take those off.’

She lifted the hem to Sam’s waist and pulled his shorts down over his puffy diaper.

‘I think you’re a bit wet, honey, but that can wait,’ she said, resetting the hemline around Sam’s bare legs. ‘Now, how does that feel?’

Sam waddled forwards a few steps. The very thick diaper still made walking difficult, and he wobbled a bit. Both ladies put out heir hands go help him.

The smock did feel nice, Sam thought. And it wasn’t too girly if boys wore them too. He liked the way the material swung as he walked and brushed around his legs.

‘Go and have a look in the mirror, Sammy,’ Judy said. ‘The big one in my bedroom.’

Sam waddled off to the main bedroom. He turned as soon as he got through the door and looked in the big mirror. He hadn’t looked at himself full length in a mirror for a while, and he was surprised at what he saw. With his longer, wavy hair and the pretty, pastel coloured smock, he looked like a pretty little girl. His diaper was very obvious, but he had become used to the idea that he was well padded in that area.

‘Hello,’ he said to himself and smiled.

The little girl in the mirror smiled back. It gave Sam a very weird feeling. Sam stood still for a moment, lost in thought. Then he turned and waddled back to the living room. As he saw Judy and Jill again he realised that he had just stopped peeing. His mind felt quite mushy. He was wondering why he looked like a girl, and if it mattered, and he was also wondering when he had started peeing. He couldn’t think of answers to either question. It made him feel a little lost. He made straight for Judy and wrapped his arms around her, burying his head in her soft breasts. Then he heard himself crying.

‘Oh Sammy,’ Judy said. ‘You look lovely, but it’s all a bit much for you, isn’t it, darling?’ she added, patting his padded rump.

Judy left her hand there for a minute, and looked at Jill.

‘I think you need a change, honey,’ she said. ‘You’re very wet. Come on, angel.’

Judy led Sam to his bedroom, where he continued to sniffle as she changed his sodden diaper.

Back in the living room again, Sam brightened up as Judy got out his box of Legos and settled him on the floor. Soon, he was playing happily while Judy and Jill chatted about various things that didn’t interest him.

‘I can’t thank you enough,’ Judy was saying to Jill as they sat at the other side of the room from where Sam was engrossed in his playing.

Jill reached into her bag and produced a small bottle of liquid.

‘Here it is,’ she said, with a glance at Sam, who was now muttering to himself as he played. ‘It’s quite tasteless, and will help the transition. A teaspoon in a meal will be plenty. You’ll have to help him accept it though. Remember the ‘script’. Dinner would be best for the first time. After this bottle, there may be no need for more help. Are you OK, Jude?’

‘Just squirming a bit,’ said Judy, smiling at Jill whose eyes were on the tight crotch of Judy’s designer jeans. ‘Strange source of pleasure, as I said before.’

‘Not that strange,’ said Jill with a smirk. ‘One of my current clients has a lovely little three year old at home now. I spoke to her this morning. She rang very excited to say that Patty had started crawling. Two years ago, she was considering leaving him. He was a horror. Now, he loves her more than ever, and I think he’d be violently ill if she gave him even a drop of alcohol.’

‘You’re amazing,’ said Judy. ‘I’m still not sure how far to go with this one. It’s going well now, and I’m sure this will help,’ she added, looking at the little bottle on the table between them.

Jill left after they had shared lunch. After a goodbye hug from Sam, Jill stood at the doorway with Judy.

‘I noticed a slight deterioration in his fine motor control at lunch, which is encouraging,’ she said. ‘It might be time for a bib at meals, and a sippy cup too. He struggled with a few polysyllables as well. I’m not sure he’ll be twelve for much longer, but you’ll have to be careful about it. Getting him into a smock was an important move. I have a couple more I’ll drop in later this week. You might look for a nightdress, too. Just something simple. And maybe a soft toy for bedtime. He’ll be a bit upset tomorrow morning, no doubt. Probably a good time to give him something nice to cuddle in bed. Did you get something after we talked about that?’

Judy nodded.

‘I did,’ she said. ‘and thanks so much, Jill.’

Judy leaned over to her friend and kissed her on the lips. She felt their breasts rubbing together, and put her arm around Jill’s back, pulling her closer.

A moment later, the two women stood smiling at each other.

The next morning, Sam woke when Judy came in and opened the curtains. He turned over in bed, and as he climbed out, he felt the unfamiliar weight in his wet diaper. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, then realised as he took a few steps from his bed. He was twelve, he thought. Too old for that. He looked desperately at Judy, who was getting a fresh diaper ready for his return from his morning sit on the toilet and shower.

‘Mummy!’ said Sam and burst into tears.

To be continued.

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 6

This is getting soooooooo good SallyKat. Thanks so much for more chapters.

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

Judy and Sam Chapter 7

Sam felt confused, shocked and embarrassed as he stood in the centre of his bedroom.

He knew he was twelve years old. He was looking forward to becoming a teenager at his next birthday. He was still in diapers, but that was just because he had accidents. He was still a proper twelve year old. But now he had pooed in his diaper. He had never done that before. He knew that babies did that, but he was big, and he sat on the toilet for that.

Judy looked at what appeared to be a very upset young girl in boyish pyjamas, her hair falling over her face and her hands clenched at the bulging crotch of her diaper. Judy felt a familiar warmth in her own satin pantied crotch. She was almost overcome by a rush of maternal feeling. It was now clear, at the inner most level of Judy’s being, that she no longer had a husband, but was responsible for the welfare of this poor little child, so distressed by what was really just a routine event.

Sam rushed to Judy, and hugged her.

‘Twelve,’ he sobbed. ‘I did poo in my diaper, mummy. I’m sorry.’

Judy held him for a few moments. She brushed his tangled blonde hair from his face as she looked down into his frightened eyes. Her job was to reassure the poor thing that what had happened was OK, that a messy diaper was just part of who he was, and that he was just as loved and cared for as he had always been.

‘Sammy,’ Judy said. ‘It’s alright. You’ve just messed your diaper. It’s quite OK, I don’t mind at all. That’s why you are wearing your diaper. Mummy still loves you, honeybunch. I’m here to help you. All little girls and boys mess sometimes. It’s just the same as wetting. No big deal. Now, let’s get you cleaned up. But first, I have a present for you. A new friend for you. How would that be?’

Sam stopped in mid-sob. He liked the word friend. He looked wonderingly at Judy as she reached behind her. Sam hadn’t noticed the big open paper bag she had brought into his room.

Judy produced a large, soft looking teddy. Sam stared at it. It was a pale pink colour, and it had on a smock, almost like Sam’s. It had big rounded ears which were pale blue inside, and it had shiny eyes and a big embroidered smile. There was a bright red ribbon tied around its neck.

Judy released herself from Sam’s embrace and offered him the doll. It was quite a large teddy, and with its head level with Sam’s, its brown-padded feet came down below his chest. Sam examined the toy, looking at its smock, then lifting the smock away from the teddy’s legs. He blinked at what he saw.

Judy smiled. She was pleased with the instant calming effect the toy had on Sam.

‘Her name is Teddy,’ said Judy. ‘That’s a little girl’s name as well as a boy’s, just like Sammy.and she’s wearing a diaper, just like you do. Do you like her? She’s your new friend.’

Sam clutched Teddy close and wiped his eyes with his free hand. He looked up at Judy, his eyes radiant with happiness.

‘Thank you mummy,’ he said. ‘She’s lovely. I wanted a friend so much. Thank you mummy.’

Judy silently thanked Jill for her wisdom.

‘That’s OK, honey,’ Judy said. ‘I’m glad you like her. I think you two will get on very well. Now, let’s get you changed and then we’ll have some breakfast. You can bring Teddy and she can have breakfast with us. Would you like that?’

‘Yes!’ said Sam happily.

He had messed in his diaper, but it didn’t matter. Judy had said it didn’t matter, and now he had a friend just like him. Judy wouldn’t have given him Teddy if he had done anything wrong. Sam was almost glad he had woken up messy as well as wet. Holding Teddy under his arm and with his other hand holding Judy’s, Sam waddled to the bathroom where Judy changed his diaper. It was a bit different this time, with Judy wiping his bottom thoroughly before powdering and re diapering him. Through the the process, Sam had chattered happily about Teddy as Judy got him into his plastic pants and put his smock on.

As they sat to have breakfast, Sam was pleased that both he and Teddy had on the same sort of bib. If it had just been Sam by himself in a bib, he would have objected, he thought as Judy tied the colourful item around his neck after putting a similar one on Teddy. Now, the best thing was that he and Teddy still looked the same. Judy even made a special little piece of toast for Teddy, but she wasn’t really hungry, so Sam ate it for her.

After breakfast, Sam and Teddy played on the floor. Sam was explaining to Teddy how Legos worked when the phone rang.

Sam pricked up his ears when he heard Judy mention his name.

‘Fine,’ Judy said to the caller. ‘Sam woke up with a messy diaper, but it didn’t matter. No, he’s very happy. He has a new friend. They’re sitting here now. Yes. Teddy. She’s just like him - she wears diapers too. Oh, no, he is looking after her just like I look after him.’

Judy chatted on for a few minutes, then hung up. She came over to Sam and Teddy and squatted next to them.

‘You said I was messy on the phone,’ Sam said questioningly.

‘Yes, honey, because you were, weren’t you? That was Jill.,’ said Judy. ‘She can’t wait to meet Teddy. She’s coming over later, won’t that be nice?’

‘Yes,’ said Sam.

He liked Jill. He moved to reach another Lego and felt the familiar soft warmth of the wet towelling between his legs.

‘I’m wet, mummy,’ he said.

Judy ruffled his soft blonde hair.

'I’ll change you in a minute, sweetie. I’ll just tidy these dishes away.

Judy cleared the few plates from the breakfast table, then led Sam and Teddy back to Sam’s bedroom. She put him in new plastic pants. Not his usual translucent ones, Sam noticed, but pink ones with little Teddies on them.

‘They’re just like Teddy’s,’ Judy explained as Sam fingered the soft plastic. ‘See?’ she said, holding up the skirt if Teddy’s smock. ‘Only her’s haven’t got little teddies on them. They’d be too small, wouldn’t they?’

Sam laughed.

‘Thank you mummy,’ he said. ‘I love you.’

Judy felt fulfilled. The arrogant, dishonest man she had lived with had gone, replaced by this darling little child. She found herself wanting to change Sammy again. She loved caring for her like that. Caring for him, she corrected herself. Not that it seemed to matter, she thought. Whatever Sammy was or was becoming, she or he was a sweet, sweet child.

To be continued.

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Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

Keep up the great work, Sally, and I will keep up with my end, i.e reading and commenting.
I look forward to the next chapter to see how far down the sissy trail they go.

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

i loved this story up to the point where i realised that, yet again, a “boy” was going to be treated as girl. Why? He’s a boy! Please leave him as one.

It is truly a really good story and i hope you’ll keep it that way

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

Sorry to continue being grumpy, especially as i had a great del of pleasure reading your stories. The thing that i was really loving about this one was that he was being treated as a 12 year old boy and, for me, that was perfect. i am a boy and Mummy treats me as if i was about 12. So, here at last was a story to which i could relate directly. And now it’s all (it seems) about to become yet another sissy baby story….WHY? There’s already a lot of them (and obviously a demand for them). But not everybody wants more and more of the same. Please keep it as a different kind of tale. Please!

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

And,since then, nothing! Sorry! Was it something i said?

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

Best I can tell, SallyKat mostly does stories in this sub genre. Evidently, that’s their thing. If the dude just wants to keep writing that sort of thing, that’s fine. I can’t really be disappointed in their chosen style; especially considering that they’re well written.

I too, don’t have interest in Sissy stuff, I wouldn’t discourage someone from writing it.

I do agree, there are very few stories about boys, that don’t include Sissy. Kind of a shame.

Re: Judy and Sam Chapters 1 - 7

Apropos my reply to Freddie for ‘A Cautionary Tale’: I will try to finish this one too. As for my (and I’m only one person, not a ‘they’, and I’m not a dude) tendency to stick to a genre, well, that’s the way it is. i can vary things a little, though. I’ve tried in the past with differing results. To write, i have to have a few things happening at once - the time to write, a story in my head, and the urge to do something about it rather than work in the garden or clean the house. Sal.