joys of being in diapers

I am thinking about doing a article on the joys of being in diapers. So I was wondering what everyone thought they were.


Re: joys of being in diapers

Since I love diapers so much, it’s sorta hard for me to narrow down all the things that are great about them, but I’ll try:

  1. Never having to go in a toliet and be able to go where ever you are when you need to go!
  2. Know that wearing them makes you sorta special, and different from other people.
  3. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror in your diaper and looking sooo cool.
  4. Being able to wear them out in public and say to yourself “I’m wearing a diaper, I’m fifteen, and no one knows!”.
  5. Being able to show them off to other people (I’m sorta a loner, so I don’t do that often, but I thought I’d include that anyway).

Hope that helps!

Re: joys of being in diapers

Ummm………I think I look sorta cute in one. Is that weird? Other than that I’m an exhibitionist so I enjoy being outside in one but not necessarily around other people.